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Charlie McDonnell is an English Video-Blogger, Filmmaker and Musician from Bath, who currently resides in London. Known on YouTube as charlieissocoollike (or just Charlie) he is 23 years old, and does not enjoy small talk.

After setting up a YouTube channel in April 2007, Charlie started posting Video-Blogs to a small audience, but found YouTube success after a month when one of his videos “How to get featured on YouTube” was, coincidentally, featured on the front of the UK YouTube homepage. His audience jumped from just under 150 subscribers to over 4,400 in a mere two days. Since then, after three years, his audience is still increasing by the thousands each day – all starting because he wanted to find a way to procrastinate from exam revision.

After finding success in online media, Charlie has made a few appearances on that box collecting dust in the corner of your living room called “the television”. In 2009, Charlie went on to work with BBC Switch on a project called ChartJackers, a collaborative effort between four YouTube personalities with the aim of ‘high-jacking’ the UK Singles Chart by releasing a song to raise money for charity. The single reached #1 in the UK Independent Charts, and #36 in the UK Singles Chart, raising over £10,000 for Children In Need. He’s also appeared on BBC Breakfast, The Gadget Show, Sky News, Lily Allen and Friends, and those annoying confused.com adverts.

Charlie also, occasionally, leaves his bedroom to do things “in real life”. He participated in the Euro 2008 Google Zeitgeist conference, spoke at 2009’s Tech@Google and Tomorrow’s Web conferences, and was invited to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) as well as being invited by Disney to report on events at Comic Con the same year.

He also has a Wikipedia page, so if you’d like to see more up-to-date information (although probably slightly less accurate) then you can go there.

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Twitter: @coollike
To contact Charlie, and for business inquiries: Contact Charlie