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September 25, 2010

You can’t just tweet a picture of yourself hanging out on the TARDIS with Neil Gaiman and expect people to move away from it without even a hint of curiosity. Apologies if you’re neither a Doctor Who nor a Gaiman fan, but admirers of one or the other, or both, will understand the gravitas of this situation. You will find the picture in question below.

Not even photoshopped

If you follow Neil on twitter then it’s completely possible that you might have been able to work out what I was up to, but I didn’t see a single @reply guessing it correctly, so I’ll tell you. No, I’m not going to be the next Doctor, neither am I appearing with a role in the episode that Neil’s written, nor any episode for that matter. As cool as that would be, I’m not really an actor, I’m a video blogger, so what do you think I’ve been up to? Well, I’ve been making video blogs behind the scenes of Doctor Who, that’s what.

If you’ve ever watched Doctor Who on the televisionbox then you’ll know that, straight after the show, you can hop over to BBC 3 and watch an episode of Doctor Who Confidential, a separate program looking into how the main show gets put together. Recently, after seeing my video blogs and my very public admiration for Doctor Who, the Confidential team got in touch with me and asked if I was up for hanging out on the set of Doctor Who, doing fun Doctor Who related things, and turning that into a series of online videos for the BBC. Needless to say, retaining my urge to squee like the fangirl I am, I said yes. As I mentioned, Neil’s written an episode of Doctor Who, and while he was down on the set watching it being filmed, I grabbed the chance to interview him, and to get this photo.

Lovely person, reader of this blog, who ever you may be, thank you. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be in this position, being able to watch my favourite TV show being put together, being able to meet the cast and crew, being able to make videos about it, essentially being able to do what I love, and being able to call it my job. It’s been a great chance for me to spread my video-making wings too, the Confidential team have been really good to me in terms of giving me full creative control over the whole thing. I’m just having so much fun, and I’ll genuinely never be able to thank you enough.

Sorry for having to sit on this news by the way, to be honest, when started, we weren’t really sure if things were definitely going to go ahead. Bringing someone like me on board can seem like a fairly risky thing for the BBC to do, and I obviously wouldn’t have wanted to mention if later on down the line I had to come out with a “yeah, that’s not happening anymore” and fill you all with disappointment. It is definitely going ahead now though, I have the thumbs up, and my Doctor Who related videos will be gracing your internets very soon. Plans might change, but at the moment we’re hoping to release six videos in the six weeks building up to Christmas. I shall keep you updated on further developments!

  • Luke

    I just started watching you this last moth and have already watched all your vids :) I think you’re so hilarious and innocent (besides the stolen mars bars!) Please continue making the videos!

  • Luke

    sorry *month* not moth :)

  • Chopeharris

    Love your stuff.  Just found you this week.  Friends and I had planned on watching a dvd, but pulled up your sound video and kept watching vid after vid after vid.  We laughed out butts off.  We are an eclectic, bohemian kind of group, from kids your age to old grandmas like me.  You are a joy to hang out with (metaphorically), very smart, very down to Earth.  I had seen the Gaiman interview from the Guardian, it took me a couple of vids to put 2 + 2 together.  Good for you!  So jealous!  Mr. Gaiman is on my list of the top people I’d like to meet before I die, and now you are too.  

  • Arnav

    you rock!

  • Arnav

    same here!

  • Amy Hornsby

    This is so cool! Good job Charlie!

  • Cohocrules

    is Doctor Who scary? i have never actually watched it and just only leaned about it within the past four days of me finding you out. would you say that it has killing or murderers or blood or anything resembling scary in it? because if it does, than i probably will not check it out on account that i don’t want nightmares.

  • Sarahtheseaprincess

    it depends on how much scary you can handle. it’s not gory and the Doctor always saves the day but there are definitely moments that make you jump. that’s why it’s cool.

  • Mike

    Charlie, how did you manage to pull off a job as a runner for doctor who? That’s so cool hanging round the set

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