An Explanation

September 25, 2010

You can’t just tweet a picture of yourself hanging out on the TARDIS with Neil Gaiman and expect people to move away from it without even a hint of curiosity. Apologies if you’re neither a Doctor Who nor a Gaiman fan, but admirers of one or the other, or both, will understand the gravitas of this situation. You will find the picture in question below.

Not even photoshopped

If you follow Neil on twitter then it’s completely possible that you might have been able to work out what I was up to, but I didn’t see a single @reply guessing it correctly, so I’ll tell you. No, I’m not going to be the next Doctor, neither am I appearing with a role in the episode that Neil’s written, nor any episode for that matter. As cool as that would be, I’m not really an actor, I’m a video blogger, so what do you think I’ve been up to? Well, I’ve been making video blogs behind the scenes of Doctor Who, that’s what.

If you’ve ever watched Doctor Who on the televisionbox then you’ll know that, straight after the show, you can hop over to BBC 3 and watch an episode of Doctor Who Confidential, a separate program looking into how the main show gets put together. Recently, after seeing my video blogs and my very public admiration for Doctor Who, the Confidential team got in touch with me and asked if I was up for hanging out on the set of Doctor Who, doing fun Doctor Who related things, and turning that into a series of online videos for the BBC. Needless to say, retaining my urge to squee like the fangirl I am, I said yes. As I mentioned, Neil’s written an episode of Doctor Who, and while he was down on the set watching it being filmed, I grabbed the chance to interview him, and to get this photo.

Lovely person, reader of this blog, who ever you may be, thank you. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be in this position, being able to watch my favourite TV show being put together, being able to meet the cast and crew, being able to make videos about it, essentially being able to do what I love, and being able to call it my job. It’s been a great chance for me to spread my video-making wings too, the Confidential team have been really good to me in terms of giving me full creative control over the whole thing. I’m just having so much fun, and I’ll genuinely never be able to thank you enough.

Sorry for having to sit on this news by the way, to be honest, when started, we weren’t really sure if things were definitely going to go ahead. Bringing someone like me on board can seem like a fairly risky thing for the BBC to do, and I obviously wouldn’t have wanted to mention if later on down the line I had to come out with a “yeah, that’s not happening anymore” and fill you all with disappointment. It is definitely going ahead now though, I have the thumbs up, and my Doctor Who related videos will be gracing your internets very soon. Plans might change, but at the moment we’re hoping to release six videos in the six weeks building up to Christmas. I shall keep you updated on further developments!

  • Bea

    i am insanely jealous! love you charlieee.

  • Julia Karr

    Now that is cool!

  • Tess

    I really really hate you right now.

  • kelsey

    OMG! sooooo awesome!!!!

  • alicia

    And we’re all *very* excited.

    And the Neil fans are green with jealousy. I’m purple.

  • Scott

    That is awesome! I have only been following you a few months now, but I can say from what I’ve seen you are truly a very talented, creative person. All the best to you in your future endeavors!!

  • may anne

    i havent got a clue what doctor who is, because i live in singapore, but it sounds absolutely exciting! i will be watching your video about doctor who even though, as i said previously, i havent the foggiest idea what its about.

  • Laura Killeen

    I am so freaking jealous!!!!

  • mee rim


  • Vanessa

    You’re absolutely amazing, Charlie! You deserved it! :)

  • Michael Midnight

    This is great news Charlie! Tardis, Gaiman, and Doctor Who Confidential! Can’t wait to see the new episodes and your behind the scenes videos!

  • Jordan

    So. As i am a Doctor Who, Neil Gaiman, AND Charlieissocoollike fan girl, i found this to be rather epic and amazing! I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait to see the behind the scenes stuff! I’m sure everyone will love it!

  • Carissa

    Charlie, that is absolutely magnificent news. Congratulations on doing something so completely full of awesome. I love the Confidential/behind the scenes stuff almost as much as the show itself (which is a LOT), so I’m looking forward to it. :)

  • Maria

    Wow! That’s so amazing. You deserve every little bit of it, you talented guy you. :D Even though I don’t watch Doctor Who (I know, I know..), I’l definitely tune in and see what you’ve got in store for us.

    Good on you for living your dream. You’re such an inspiration!

    Hugs from Denmark!

  • yanni

    Wowww!!!!! What a great creative job!! I’m so happy for you, Charlie!
    And you could have been a wonderful doctor, in my opinion :)

  • Sarah Buchstaber

    That is the coolest thing ever!!! You are sooooooo lucky!!! I’m totally looking forward to seeing those videos!! Good luck!!

  • sarah

    dear lord, that it is amazing and a half.
    what an insane and awesome convergence of events …
    gaiman? dr who? gaiman AND doctor who?
    i’m not sure it gets any better, and i’m mad excited that you get to experience it first hand.

  • Gini

    Yay! That is such an awesome thing for you! I can see why you would be excited!! I’ve actually only just started watching Doctor Who (because of you. :P) and as nerdy as it makes me, I have to say it’s actually really good! So jealous of you being able to do something like this! Enjoy the opportunity! (I love how I am writing this at 1:25am because i’ve been watching it and the angels are freaking out my mind…)

  • NoOtherNamesWereLeft

    Congratulations, Charlie!

  • David

    Very nice! You are one lucky person Charlie McDonnell!

  • Em

    Congrats!! That is amazing :)

  • Natalia

    holyshizz, i am so jealous!
    i hope you’re having a blast there.
    and shit, that is fucking awesome.

  • Casey

    That is so awesome! I am simultaneously intensely jealous and really looking forward to seeing your creation.

  • Leigh

    well congratufuckinglations. *not jealous at all*
    This isnt thanks to us, this is karma. You make nice things for free on the internet and the internet will make nice things for you too.
    You’re welcome! :)

  • NobodySpecialAtAll.

    I’m insanely jealous of your life. You must promise me to enjoy every second. xx

  • Tiffany

    Oh my Charlie. You’re extremely lucky, and I’m green with jealous rage right now. Haha. I couldn’t even manage being on set of Doctor Who. And for you, a huge doctor who fan; I’m a big fan but not nearly as big as you, but it must have been a dream come true. I hope you enjoyed it, and embraced it. Who knows if you’ll get a chance like that again, ya know? But with your talents, you might get the chance.

  • Abbie

    omg sooo jealous!!
    really pleased for you though, you deserve it, deffinately <3 *squee's like the fangirl I am*

  • Ash

    Ah, this is fantastic, can’t wait to see them :)

  • Annabel

    Ahhh, this is awesomely cool, I am insanely jealous!!!!
    OMG! do you get to meet (or have you already met) Karen Gillan?
    ahh, you are standing in the TARDIS, ahhh, I may start hating you I am so jealous

  • Malak Fatani

    isn’t it like a dream came true i mean for the biggest Doctor Who fan

  • may anne

    commenting again because i forgot to mention this – i hope i too can find a job which i can proclaim to the world (or the internet anyway) that i love! i’m really glad that you found one, because you are someone whom i enjoy watching tremendously and you’re sort of an inspiration to me. :)

  • Clarissa

    I don’t usually watch DW Confidential but I’ll be sure to catch this one! Congrats Charlie!

  • alinde


  • ava loves cloning Charlie

    I’m so happy for you! when your happy, I’m happy! I hope this doesn’t interfere with your oher videos (the alex and Charlie format). I say this as my own opinion but you’ve changed in the past month or two. just sayin. DFTBA

  • Karina

    OMG! I am so excited Matt Smith and Charlie McDonnell . . .can life get any better than that! I bet its going to be SO AWESOME. I wish I was you!

  • Twilord

    Congradulations. You deserve no less. Good luck.

  • Kelsey

    Nice!! :) You’re really lucky!

  • Ryan

    Well done mate! Hope you do well!

  • shiko

    Great news!! have fun and do you’r best

  • Naomi

    Wow! I’m so jealous! I love doctor who. I would love to walk around the set every day!

  • Dara

    *is amazingly jealous*

    Good job, Charlie! I can’t wait to see the videos!

  • cooliotherapper4real___maybe

    Way, WAY awesome. I’m happy you get to do something like this. I believe you’ve earned it. :)

  • babasko

    /fangirlswoon. thud. outch.

  • Ray

    I’m truly happy for you Charlie :)
    There’s nothing better than doing what you love and excelling at it ;)
    Looking forward to the videos!
    YNFTBA (You Never Forget To Be Awesome) <3

  • Hande Guven

    I am completely in love with Neil Gaiman and his work, addicted to Doctor Who and a big fan of Charlie, so this means a lot more than I can actually explain. I had a semi heart attack when saw the picture on twitter. Thank *you* Charlie,really.

  • Jennai

    Wowzers!!! jealous doesn’t even come close to wat I’m feeling right now! Very excited/happy for you though =D can’t wait to see them!!!

  • Nicole

    Charlie, I am officially jealous! Congrats to you on this wonderful opportunity!! I look forward to the result! :D

  • Monkie

    OMG! I’m so jealous, Charlie!!! Yes, I still love to watch you (Not in creepy stalker kind of way, though! PROMISE!!!) but now I have MORE reason to watch and be creepy stalker! XD <3s!!! The Game.

  • Alexa

    That’s awesome, Charlie! I’m so happy that all of your hard work has paid off in so many ways! I can’t wait to see the videos!

    Did you see any of the actors?

  • Jenni

    wow, i am insanely jealous. congrats charlie, you deserve it!

    are these going on the actual confidential show, or just going on the internet?

  • Hanna

    Wow… I think my brain just shriveled up and died from sheer jealousy O_O
    But, unlike you, I have done nothing whatsoever to deserve such an awesome oportunity, so yay for you, because you truly have :D

  • Julia

    That is amazing! So jealous, and can’t wait to see the videos – I can’t think of anyone better to cover Doctor Who. DFTBA.

  • Harriet

    Forgive me, but I hate you so much, Charlie. My jealously is absolutely overflowing. However! I am, of course, so insanely excited to see the videos! There is no such thing as too much behind the scenes on Doctor Who, never ever.
    How mental that you actually get to do this! If it were me I know I’d be mute with excitement, or at the very least, entirely incoherent. It’s all so exciting I can barely contain my geekish joy – bring on the Christmas special.
    Good luck! I cannot wait to see these gems of videos!

  • Jessica

    Good job Charlie! Good luck with the videos! I’m sure they’ll be brilliant.

  • Lydia

    I am COMPLETELY jealous of you! I’m a HUGE Doctor Who fan, and a HUGE Neil Gaiman fan!!! And now those two things combine with you, who I am also a HUGE fan of?! Amazing!!!

  • Komal

    That’s AMAZING!!!!

  • Ceecile

    *Seething with jealousy*

  • sooooooo0

    YAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! My favourite vlogger and my favourite show being combined into this huge explosion of awesomeness!!! I’m so, so happy for you Charlie. You’ve worked for this and you really do deserve this. And you in the TARDIS!!!!!!! It’s the background picture on my computer now.

  • Joanne

    Wow! I’m really excited for you, Charlie. This is so great!
    Good job, I can’t wait to see the videos. :)

  • Nicole-o

    HOLY CRAP MUFFINS! I am EXTREMELY jealous. But, you were actually the one who got me started on the Doctor, so I can’t complain…
    You get to be the exception all the time, don’t you? ;)

  • Ella

    That’s AWESOME, Charlie!!! I think there will be a lot of people who will become insanely jealous of you once they’ve read the above. You are an amazing vlogger and it’s no wonder that BBC have got you on board. I can’t wait to see the videos!

  • Izzy

    SO jealous~ :D
    What I’d give to be in your shoes right now. :)

  • Jordan-Brooke

    Congratulations Charlie, that’s so amazingly awesome!!
    I am extremely jealous. I hope you have an amazing time shooting these, and I look forward to seeing them!! ^.^

  • Emmaf

    Neil Gaiman AND Doctor Who? I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again–you JAMMY DODGER. Will the interview with Neil be online or televised?

  • Sarah

    Charlie, i am way to excited for these videos.
    so does this mean you know things about the next season!?
    GAHH! if only you could tell us now..

  • Eda K

    I feel very happy for you <3 And also for all of us, too. Because, yeah, we'll get to see more of Doctor Who related stuff from you [and also more in general], since this is rather official serious business.
    However, can't wait for the videos.
    Good luck in putting it all together as YOU like it.

  • Mizufae

    Amazing! This is greater than great, beyond delightful, fantastico brilliant! Do you think your videos will end up on the DVDs? Oh god they will be SO FUN to watch I’m sure. And your hair will be so red in them, and they’ll be for FOREVER. I’m so glad you’re having this whirlwind crazy fabulous life; it makes living vicariously through you much better.

  • Jennifer

    Now they just need to cast Felicia Day as a guest star and your life will be complete! Seriously though, you deserve every good thing that’s happened to you and I look forward to seeing your work, since it’s certain to be fantastic.

  • nutterz13

    that is so cool like

  • Ally

    Gosh, Neil Gaiman AND Doctor Who… I am so jealous of you right now. But I’m glad that someone else other than the YouTube community has discovered your amazing videos. I look forward to watching them!

  • Chloe

    Oh good, he didn’t steal the TARDIS while you were in it. That might have been bad.

    Though er… you are perfectly within your rights to say ‘fanboy’ in regards to yourself, even if girls do emit rather high-pitched squees. (Or ‘fanthing’ even, if you identify as an it.)
    I am looking forward though to this thing with Neil Gaiman though. Even if I do suspect there will be a lot of excitement and squeeing because of the fact that both of you are, well, fanboys of Doctor Who.

  • Ella James

    Oh my time-lord.
    you lucky dear!!

    You must be the LUCKIEST boy on earth,

    Say hello to Matt and Karen from Me! “shifts eyes” Ella, from Australia.. . ;D

  • Reema

    You have probably heard this too many times, but I am really jealous of you right now! But you definitely deserve it for your video blogs and songs about Doctor Who. I can’t wait to see the vlogs, ahh. Love you Charlie, and THANK YOU for making me laugh every time one of your videos pop up on my subscription box. You deserve everything you get.

  • Corina

    So excited for you! They couldn’t have picked a better person! I myself, had never heard of Doctor Who until I watched your videos. And when I saw they had the DVDs at a store I live near, I was so excited! But unfortunately I live in Texas and I had no one around to be excited with lol. Anyway, good luck! You totally deserve it :)

  • Danny

    lucky charlieboy you !!
    but I’m glad you having fun though cause you bring us fun every day <3

  • Jaslyn Cantu

    What. A. Lucky. Duck.

  • Emily

    wow!!!! oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god (et cetera ad nauseum) thats so cool!!!!!!!! i love Doctor Who and now you’re gonna be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is one of the best moments of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • octollama

    my god, charlie, why do you get all the cool things?

  • Kathy

    This is very exciting! And about time that you got this chance, it’s a perfect match!! Can’t wait to see these videos!! Congrats!!

  • Elise

    Did you met Matt Smith and Karen Gillan on that day?

    It was actually you who made me addicted to Doctor Who and I still like it!
    David Tennant (<3) is one of my favourite actors, thanks to you ;)

    Keep on blogging or vlogging or whatever it's called…! :)

  • Danni

    Your awesome knows no bounds.
    I’m gonna go ahead and do the fangirl part for you…
    This is amazing!!! I’ll bet Alex is jealous if you met/meet Karen Gillan :P

  • Sara

    Everyone is so jealous. Well done Charlie, it must be absolutely incredible. I cannot wait fr the new season of Dr Who, and I cannot wait to watch your videos also.

  • Kelsey

    YOU. ARE. SO. F-ING. LUCKY!!!!!!

    I would kill to do something like that…congrads by the way :)

    I can’t wait to see the videos :D

  • MargotMilevaZ

    That is just about the single most epic picture I have ever seen, three of my favorite things in such a tiny space. When will the videos be released?
    (And Mizufae, I agree with everything you said. (If you come back to this blog post and reread the comments, in your head, were you saying “FOREVER” in a “FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER,” voice? Because that’s how I read it.))
    (And Chloe, the “fanthing” comment was epic.)

  • Ciara

    Hey Charlie!!! that is so cool!!! congrats!!! im so jealous!!!! i love doctor who!!! my friends thinks its weird for a teenage girl to like it so much!!! but its not as big in Ireland as it is in England!!! i wish i could do that!!! good luck!!! did you meet Matt and Karen!!!! you lucky duck!!!! LOL!!! :-)

  • Johanne

    HOLY… SOMETHING!!! that’s just too amazing!! :O
    congtratulations! :D.. and good luck :D

  • Vic

    :O I really need to start vlogging- I want your life.

  • Aliccccce

    You. Are ridiculously lucky. Though I am looking forward to these videos.
    They’re still doing confidential, right?

  • Amy

    WOW! i’m so jealous! I love doctor who!!! You deserve it though so many great videos, can’t wait too see the doctor who ones!!! :)

  • Thiefree

    Your life is inexplicably rad.

  • Rainbow_Blues

    I’m not going to show my little brother this, because he will find a way to beam himself into your body. :O Much jealousy, also many congratulations, this must be so epically amazing for you :D

    Lots of loves from Rainbow_Blues :D


  • Erin M

    OMG you’re so lucky!! But u deserve it! Good luck and I can’t wait to watch them!! I love dr who and you!! This is a dream come true :)

  • Lovely reader of blog.

    Bloody hell.
    Neil Gaiman and Doctor Who.
    That is brilliant. I’ve recently just finished reading ‘American Gods’ which has placed him as my top author, and, well it must be a dream come true to actually be granted access into the world of Doctor Who.
    Have you met Karen Gillan? Is Alex insanely jealous? Both questions I’m sure will be answered some way or another.
    Also, *moment of excitement for Neil Gaiman writing a Doctor Who episode!?*
    Congratulations Charlie.

  • Malene

    This is amazing. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see them

  • Becky

    You squee like a fangirl….I didnt no fangirls squeeed ……That is so cool…I am so jealous being a complete Doctor Who nerd (thanks to you, i thought i was getting to old then you made me realize i was being stupid) hope you have fun and tell Matt I say hi and would like his hand in marraige LOL(but its not really a joke). You should take something from the set (that they dont need anymore) and give it away as a prize for some sort of comp…cause that would be cool.

  • Escuro-sama

    …You lucky, lucky bastard. That is just so damn cool! Congrats! =’D

  • Candy

    Lovely person, writer of this blog, Charlie – you’re welcome. :)

  • Ellen


  • Jeannie

    *squee* Even more reason to be excited for this Christmas. *sings* OOO EEE OOOO……

  • InWhichAbbey

    Honestly, I just want to say thank you… for thanking us all. You didn’t have to, you never have to. But, I’ve noticed throughout the time I’ve watched your videos, read your vlogs, and observed you on things like Stickaid and in VidCon recaps, you never forget that you’re blessed.

    And what’s even more, is that it’s not just luck. I mean, yeah, maybe some good timing here or there, but you have worked to be exactly where you are today. In fact, your work ethic, and hilarity is such a main factor in your life’s equation, that even if you had stopped thanking the people who support you years ago, it’d be fine. There are so many crazy fans, that I can’t imagine how you are able to keep your head on your shoulders.

    Which is why I just want to say thank you to you. Thank you for bringing us incredible content so consistently. Thank you for putting up with the downsides of the fame you have. Thank you for taking this opportunity, with this Doctor Who vlog series; I’m so excited for it. I mean, more content by Charlie AND that content is Doctor Who related? Epic. But, I know that even though it’s a dream, and a lot of fun, it must be a whole lot of extra work. And, just finally, thank you for letting yourself grow and change as a person, while you stay true to your values, and remain grateful and humble. Thanks for just being you, really. Thank you, for being you.

  • Olivia

    Here’s my initial reaction: OH MY GOD.
    That’s amazing. I wish I had access to Doctor Who Confidential here in America. I love those. Unfortunately, while I watch the episodes online, I have to wait for the DVDs to be on Netflix before I can get my hands on Confidential.

  • Jared Peters

    Hi Charlie, I too am a regular user of YouTube, under the name of tardis1996, I am also THE biggest fan of Doctor Who ever! After seeing that picture of you on the TARDIS I was biting my nails to see what it’s all about. I’m really excited about you having an look into what goes on behind closed doors and then giving it to us! I think the BBC saw just how many views you get on YouTube and knew they could do something with that. I think they have chosen the right person and I know you’ll do us proud.

    P.S I’ll actually have to kill myself if you get to meet Matt Smith :)

    (You’ll have to get the cast to give YouTube shout-outs, just like in your Vlogs!)

  • Allison

    That’s amazing, Charlie. You deserve it :D I can’t wait to watch the videos!

  • Anya

    I totally guessed it! But I @replied him, not you. That is really the coolest thing ever, I have to say. Congrats! Hope you get to play one of your Trock songs for DCW

  • Jeneva


  • jessica

    As much as I hate you right now, I’m so happy for you.!
    Like – I couldn’t stop smiling for about 30 minutes after I saw that picture the other day Even though I didn’t know why you were there, I remembered how happy I was when I went to Cardiff (much more of a Torchwood nerd, for some reason) and thought, “Hey! Charlie’s on the TARDIS! He must be so thrilled!”… Yeah, I guess it’s not the same thing because you’re on the ACTUAL TARDIS (JERK!) and I just went to the city; but I’m from America so I was excited. :D

    Anyway, this blog made my day! Best of luck to you, Charlie! :D

  • Mélanie R.

    CONGRATS!!!!! This is so great! I’m sooooooo happy for you, this is pure AWESOME! :D

  • a.

    lol, as a non-fan av Doctor Who I recalled his name just for Coraline.

  • Elyse

    My favorite vlogger, author, and TV show… together… I don’t even…

  • Carrie

    Oh, Charlie McDonnell, I’m trying really hard not to hate you right now. That is such an amazing opportunity.

  • Ellen

    I’m so excited for you! And also for a Neil Gaiman episode of Doctor Who! This is fantastic!

  • dienah

    im not british so i dont know what r y talkin about here but still i loke you charlie *silly smile

  • Sarah

    Charlie!! That’s BRILLIANCE!!! I’m so happy for you!! :D

  • Ali

    Oh my god Charlie! That is sooo awesome. I can’t wait for these videos!

  • Ashley W.

    That’s so amazing! I’m a fan of all three (Doctor Who, Neil Gaiman, and you), so this is really, really cool. Congratulations!

  • Noa

    Wow. I am so excited for you, and I’m guessing you are ten times more than I am! What an opportunity to get into the BBC, it will open so many doors for you in the future. You deserve all of this because of your hard work and I’m sure you will have so much fun doing it!! I can’t wait to watch it ;)

  • G.E.

    COR! Saw this pic and faintly recognised Neil’s face, then remembered that he wrote the book i’ve just finished reading! It’s ‘Good Omens’ by him and Terry Pratchet. Was painfully jealous that you got to go to the set of the TARDIS, but now I know you standing with a co-author of one of my favourite books. You really are killing me. <:) Well, i'm really pleased that you are enjoying yourself, cos if I didn't get that brilliant experience i'm glad someone else did. Btw if you haven't read good omens it is a GREAT read (in my view XD) Have fun!

  • Rebekah

    Hell we were even talking about you and Neil over at John Green’s live show yesterday. Not John though, I brought it up in the chatroom and people seemed quite pleased, and of course curious. Anyway, I’ve always thought you’d be a great addition to the Confidential team, they them selves do great work, even if their choice in background music is sometimes questionable. I’m so happy for you Charlie, and I hope this job continues on for a lot longer, maybe even long enough to interview past Doctor’s like Chris and David, I bet if you asked Noel Clarke nicely he’d talk to you too…. he’s a good guy, Billie’s a bit of a stretch though, sadly.

  • Amber

    So. very. very. verrrrry. jealous.
    but i suppose congratulations are grudgingly in order…. ;D
    Cant wait for mentioned blogs leading up to the christmas special, my excitement will grow with each video. :3

  • Ingveldur

    Wow you lucky bitch. That’s really all I have to say about this. Hah but this is great! Have great fun while you’re at it :)

  • Eva

    I’m so happy for you!!!

  • Sara

    This is incredible. I’m super impressed and very much looking forward to those videos. You’ve done a lot to deserve this and I’m sure you’ve done something incredibly interesting with it :-)

  • J.B. Dazen

    Not an actor? Too bad you left that trail then. A few years ago you seemed to have lots of fun acting. Would’ve been totally amazing to see you in an episode :-). But of course this is amazing too. Congratulations :-)

  • Alex

    Charlie, you are the most amazingest person I have ever seen. And now DOCTOR WHO have seen it! TWO OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS/PEOPLE, IN THE WORLD, ON ONE THING! AAAAGH! :)
    All I really want to see now is Matt Smith teach you how to fly that TARDIS, then I’d yay like an excited fangirl again- despite being a male… :L

  • Alana

    That is just too completely awesome. I’m 90% thrilled for you and 10% jealous. ;-)

  • Saya

    Congratulations, Charlie! I’m sure everyone is so happy for you, the fact you are able to do something that must feel like a dream.
    Have lots of fun, make lots of laughs, and shoot lots of video.

  • Crimsong19

    Charlie … my reaction when I saw this in my Reader feed was “Wha? Gah! GAAAAAAAAAAAH! *brain explodes from the levels of awesome*”. But I read through the post … and I believe that congratulations are in order! I eagerly await your behind-the-scenes videos!
    - Jason

  • Maya

    Holy crap, that’s a whole new definition of “best of two worlds”, isn’t it? The word “awesome” can’t even begin to cover the ultimate, absolute, sheer wonderfulness of this entire thing! I mean… Neil Gaiman and Doctor Who and-and-and-everything! It’s… well… yeah. It is. 8)

  • E

    Have fun, Charlie :D

  • melina

    OH WOW! Did you meet Matt Smith? What’s he like? What’s he like? What’s he like? :D

  • Rhema

    Well that’s awesome for you, Charlie. Yah, when you posted that picture I had no clue what it was about. I’m not a Doctor Who fan or anything so I had no idea about anything. However, I am very happy for you that you can travel and get on the cast of your fave show with our [the viewers] help. Keep on keepin’ on.

  • Wan Ting

    Not a fan of Doctor Who, but because of this I am really seriously considering picking it up.

    (Sidenote: Neil Gaiman looks a bit like Tim Burton.)

  • pg

    omg charlie! you lucky bastard! good for you! I’m a huge Neil Gaiman and Doctor Who fan and that picture right there is made of so much awesome, i’m worried my computerscreen might implode and get sucked into the vortex!
    awesome! can’t wait to see those videos!

  • Umarah

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  • Ellyn

    Will they be available outside the UK? Unfortunately I’m on the wrong side of the ocean for most BBC web videos to play.. will you upload them on your YouTube?

  • Ansley

    You are unbelievable. I can’t wait!!!! Quick question tho. Does this mean spoilers for the American who fans?

  • ILoveGallifrey

    Charlie, this is INSANE!!! I’m so glad that you’re getting to do this, it’s amazing! You definitely deserve this, so I hope that it’s an amazing experience. I can’t wait to see the videos! :)

  • 10thPlanet

    I’m so excited to hear this. I absolute LOVE your videos, Charlie, and so I’ve decided to post this on the blog I work on. (

    What sort of purpose will these videos have? Will they be about general nonsense on the TARDIS set, or is it going to be more serious with interviews and the like?

  • Rose

    Oh wow, Charlie that’s amazing! Although it is a real shame! I’m sure you would do fantastically in a Doctor Who episode! :)

    But I’m so, so, so pleased for you! I’m sure it’s like the change of a lifetime! I’m sure I can speak for all of us and say that we’re all really proud of you!

    I can’t wait to see these videos. I’m sure the will be amazing. AND I’m gonna be keeping my eyes pealed on the Confidential for that red head and see if I can’t find Charlie larking around in the background!

    I can’t say how jealous I am that you get to meet the cast and crew (especially Matt, Arthur and Karen!) I hope you are having a wonderful time!

  • Lin

    THAT IS THE COOLEST THING!! You’ve just made Doctor Who even better, if that’s even possible. I’m so proud of BBC.
    Doctor Who followed by Charlie? This is too good. TOO GOOD.

  • Lindsey

    Oh Charlie, you’re definitely not a regular guy anymore. In the past I’ve avoided becoming a fangirl or thinking of you as more than a person (there’s a John Green quote somewhere that would go great here), but you know what, you are officially among the unreachable people of awesome. I mean, there are only so many amazing opportunities a person can have before they go from lucky to privileged.

    I hope you don’t read this negatively; it’s is just how I’m expressing my jealousy this morning. :)

    Oh, and if you’re interested, the Third Doctor’s screwdriver has gone on sale. It won’t be this cheap forever, and they’re running out.

  • rachyyy

    wow that’s so great!! :D i am really jealous of you right now and i can’t wait to see the videos (Y)

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    Props to you for being able to make money doing something you love! Unfortunately for me, I personally love sleeping… and I haven’t found a way to make money doing that yet =/

  • xXsam71394Xx

    OH. MY. GOSH.
    I’m so excited for you!!! XD XD XD Congratulations!! I’m looking forward to seeing your video blogs of things behind the scenes at the DW set! XD XD XD
    Oh gosh- this is awesome! Congrats again!!

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    omg insanely jealous ive seen every ever episode of dr who – true die hard fan – i wanna go :’(

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    I love Doctor Who and watching your videos and now they can be combined, which is absolutely wonderful :)

  • Sophie

    i don’t feel quite so sad that i always go over to bbc3 after doctor who now :D
    did you get to meet the doctor who actor people?
    you’re amazing <3
    that's it really

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    I saw the massive reaction on tumblr about this picture and was just like ‘WHAT WHAT WHAT HOW AND WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN MINDEXPLOSION’ and came straight to your blog, and I’m delighted about this :D I can’t wait to see these videos, I’m sure you’ll do a brilliant job.
    And thank YOU Charlie, for making amazing videos for us and just generally being awesome. <3

  • Simone

    Wauw. You are so, so lucky!
    I really hope it turns out to be just as awesome as it sounds, so good luck, and I can’t wait to see them (being a Doctor Who fan myself) :)

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    omgosh NO WAY. I’m soooo jealous of you and happy for you at the same time!! Congrats!

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    Charles Charles Charles, I am so proud of you!
    Of course the BBC was right to hire you and I’m sure that you’ll do a brilliant job.
    Can’t wait to see the shows, lots of love and luck! –Jess

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    Exciting! Congratulations, Charlie, and i can’t wait to see those videos!

    (WIsh there were a DWho special to tide us over ’til Christmas, though. I’m starting to go through withdrawals.)

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    As jealous as I am, I’m really proud of you! :D
    Your life seems sooo cool and I hope you can continue having fun, meeting really awesome people, and going to new and exciting places. xD

  • Rafaela

    Charlie, you continuously blow our mind. i have no words to say, because i’m only an insignificant fangirl, and i try to keep that clear in my mind, but sometimes it’s so hard because you constantly do awesome things and make us feel special and… argh i feel such a silly fangirl.
    just so you know, i live in an alternative universe where you play a part. and you know what the worst part of that day-dreaming is? most of the times it seems REAL. so, be aware of the fact that we love you and, for some reason i don’t really understand, or maybe just because you are you, we will love you for a long, long time. Thank you. <3

    this was very weird. kaythxbye <3

  • cocktails42

    So, Charlie, does this mean you are no longer going to be making a weekly vlog strictly for YouTube to entertain your fans? Or will you manage to work that into your increasingly busy life schedule? (Or maybe you’ll still make them for us, but just less frequently?) If you continue doing your vlogs in addition to the Dr. Who work, I’d like to suggest that you focus them on subjects other than Dr. Who–so that you don’t become so identified with the good Doctor that he drowns out charlieissocoollike.

  • Lara

    Why is that not my life? O.o Congrats though, that is absolutely amazing, Neil Gaiman AND Doctor Who….gadzooks.

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    SQUEEE, It’s just SO COOOOOL! like!

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    I HATE YOU! :P … Just kidding, I’m just green with envy ;)! Of course you deserve all this and more because you are you and a decent, funny and marjorly talented person! I’m sure you’ll enoy the ride! So what “I hate you” really meant is “WHOOO, CONGRATS, that’s awesome beyond belief! :D!”

    Oh, say hi to Matt from me, will you? ;))^^

  • Celine

    That’s brilliant !
    Quite amazing, working with the BBC =)
    And, what’s more, for Doctor who.
    Video blogs from you about the making of doctor who episodes. THAT’S news !
    And please, please, let it be available for outside the UK !

    And again, wow. I’m quite stunned, such a great thing for you, and for us, future watchers !

    And applause to the BBC for doing this, too !

  • Roxo

    I knew you would like Neil Gaiman! It’s still weird two separate people I watch on the internet are in the same picture. Yay for mr. Gaiman!

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    I’m so happy for you! You totally deserve this!
    I can’t wait to see the videos, I love DW!

  • Kimbar

    Wow! That is fantastically awesomely amazing!I love Doctor Who – that show actually saved my mother’s life at one point in time so we’re both massively obsessed. Plus, my cousin got into the show and immediately after watching all the episodes decided to go out and get a Doctor Who related tattoo on her neck. That is so squee-worthy! I can’t wait to see the vids you make about it =) I’d say I hope you’re having fun, but that’s a stupid thing to say because how can you not be!?

  • Kjersti

    WOW, Charlie, you’re on lucky bastard O_o I’m sooo happy for you, and hope you’re as happy as I am, even though it wasn’t me who was there (Y)
    Love you <3<3<3

  • Anya

    I’m slighty jealous of you Charlie, yet slighty jealous of Neil also. Scratch that-I’m jealous of the photographer. I’m glad you’ve gotten to experience this, it’s about time. Thank you for all of your hilarious videos sweetheart. I appreciate them, as do many others. :)

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  • JustJaneri

    How cool is that? I’m proud of you Charlie, I’m happy for you and I’m FREAKING JEALOUS ! Congrats !

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  • Ali

    Okay so, this blog kind of almost made me cry, which is *ridiculous* since I don’t even know you personally, but there you go. I guess because you’re getting to live your dreams and do all this cool stuff, and that is amazing. Congrats, Charlie! You deserve it. :) Can’t wait to see the videos!

  • Becca(:

    is there anyway people in the states can see the doctor who confidential episodes as quickly as the people in the UK can? not sure if this questions been asked already, i just didn’t have the patience to go check, yet i’m sure it has numerous times.

  • Siv

    aw, I’m looking forward to see that! :)

  • Elise


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    In fact you’re way too easy to love
    What 19 year old can get a fame
    I guess it’s fate, that you’ll gonna find your soul mate
    You’re going to live in love, with your babe
    Making perfect YouTube videos

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    i’m extremely happy for you charlie and it’s a win-win for us. you make great videos for us and we get you this opportunity. but this doesnt mean that you wont be making charlieissocoollike videos as often does it? ):

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  • Cara

    I’m so excited that you have this opportunity! I wonder, though, if the videos aren’t going up on your YouTube page (or are they?), will those of us in the U.S. be able to watch them? Also, your link to Neil’s website doesn’t work. I can’s wait to see the videos!

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    Gah, two of my huge loves; Doctor Who and Charlieissocoollike, TOGETHER AT LAST!!! XD

  • RandomJellybeanz

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    My personal world just imploded into a glittering array of happiness. It’s like a party in my head right now.

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    And oh, you are awesome to! + Dr.who ftw! :D

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    Well if it wasn’t for you, then we would be insanely dull viewers watchin fred and double rainbow all day. So thank YOU for bringing hope in the world of video bloggin. (and now we can use you to watch doctor who behind-the scene footage so we both win. :P )

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    Hope you have a blast making the videos, Charlie, and I can’t wait to see them! :D

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    I’m so happy for you, that you have this amazing opportunity. You really deserve it, and all of us thank you back for all of your wonderful videos and selfless help to charity which is making the world a better place. So have fun, make some videos, learn a lot, and have a great time!

  • Karen

    Congrats…Neil Gaiman, Charlie, Doctor Who…’s like a dream come true!!!!

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    Wow. Charlie, I am so unbearably happy for you right now. I know what it means to you to be able to do this. And I can’t stress how very jealous I am. Doctor Who is my all time favorite show, and as a person aspiring to one day be a director, I’m very envious of your new behind the scenes job. But man, seriously, this news just made my day, because I know it’s gotta be a total dream come true for you. I am so glad you’re able to have this oppurtunity. And I’m so looking forward to your videos. Honestly, I can not wait! Best of luck to you Charlie. :D

  • Sam

    This may or may not have given me a heart attack.

  • Kim

    I watch Doctor Who now because of you! I don’t know why, but I love it. It’s hard to explain, but I think you know what I’m talking about.

  • Allyson

    I am very happy for you Charlie. Well maybe more jealous since there is no way I will ever get to do that, even though that is my favourite show. Can’t wait to see those videos and can’t wait to see more of you around YouTube. Also thank you for being honest, there is not many people like you around anymore. Best of Luck!

  • http://non camila

    hey, how was it? I mean to spend time with people that you admire and regulary watch on TV? I’m shoure it is really cool. Would you tell me about doctor who? I live in Uruguay and here we don’t have doctor who. Thanks anyway
    Sorry about the crapy english, I’m just learning how to do it, my regular language is spanish
    Keep doing this, it is amazing.

  • Erin

    Oh my gosh that is so awesome! I’m a little jealous but mostly happy for you and so excited to watch the videos! :)

  • Midoriko

    When I saw this picture it was like something out of a dream. Charlie and Neil Gaiman hanging around in the TARDIS? Nuh-uh. Can’t be real.

    Fangirling over. I am super excited for you! This is a pretty amazing opportunity to be involved in something you love so much. I am, of course, insanely jealous, but mostly too busy being happy and excited. Can’t wait to see the videos!

  • Dee W. Hale

    And this is when I hate living in South America instead of Europe…

    You go have all the fun for us, kid =D!

  • Madison

    you should be the next Doctor Who. that would be sooooo awesome. i would totally not miss a single episode, i watch from time-to-time just not every episode, like i said i wouldn’t miss a single episode

  • Heather Maxwell

    The fangirlie squee I just let out just shook my house (not literally). Seeing as how there is an entire ocean separating me and the set, (I live in Canada) i’m glad you got to go and represent all us Whovians. I can’t wait to see those videos. :D

  • Funman08

    Did you get to see or even meet the gorgeous miss Amy Pond??

  • Roman

    I think I will join you in your fangirl squeel…
    Congrats, and it’s a times like these that I wish I lived in England…(well mainly Doctor Who) but anyway, good on you

  • mavreekangel

    Oh wow! Charlie, that’s amazing and wonderful! Congratulations! I hope you tell us which ones you’ve done!

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    First of all, great channel on youtube, Charlie. Also, congrats on all the success you are achieving.

    Best Wishes!

  • Megan

    Look how far you’ve got, Charlie!
    I’m extremely happy for you. And being a person who is also obsessed with Doctor Who I can imagine how much this opportunity means to you.
    You must be a very happy person as you not only do things you like but also get paid for them. Your example is very inspiring! Thank you!

    Hope to see the videos soon.

  • TheStrapafainer

    oh my god, I am completely jealous.
    But I am glad very much for that you have managed to live through this experience.
    It has that haver been incredible!!!

  • PuddingInGreatPain

    That is so cool!! I love doctor who much to the confusion of my friends (minus two who quite like it) and i love you (in the non creepy way i mean in the i like watching your videos and if you were to stop i would be sad and angry like how i would be if doctor who was to stop but not in the ‘i love you, i am now stalking you’ way) so its the perfect match woooo!!!!!

  • Helen

    That’s so brilliant Charlie!!! I’m incredibly awesomely happy for you and VERY jealous. Best of luck with the backstage videos, you deserve every success you get!
    By the way,did you gasp and say “It’s bigger on the inside?” on entering the console room? Did you get a pic of you being all Doctor-y at the console? And if not, why not? Abuse your privilidge for goodness sake, man! :P

  • Gabriel

    BRING ON THE CHRISTMAS!!! (But Halloween first please!)

  • Noel

    Wow Charlie and I have something in common, I’ve met Mr. Gaiman too. He lives in Minnesota not too far from me and run into him once when I was out and about.
    No one cares, I know lol

  • payal

    OMG! soo nott fairr…. wishh i was there on board im a big big doctor who fann.. :((

  • Emeal

    Charlie I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I would actually give anything, ANYTHING to get onto the TARDIS set! When I saw you in that picture my mouth fell open and I had to compose myself for a few minutes before reading on :O
    This is immense, for you actually be involved Directly with Doctor Who! Wow, I can totally imagine how you must’ve felt when the BBC contacted you! That’s so awesome!
    I can’t wait to see the videos, can you do a video tour of the TARDIS??
    Love your videos vair muchly :)
    PS- I think you should actually be the next Doctor :D
    PPS- I know this is totally unrelated but please can you make The Big Bang 2 available to buy on iTunes? It’s such an immense song :)

  • fabiha

    i have to say this is going to be absolutely awesome!

  • Jeanette

    That’s awesome, good for you!! :D
    But I’m really jealous .. :)

  • Katelyn Mason

    Congrats, Charlie!

    This really shows that eating fish custard on youtube will lead to very important things. I hope you have a great time! I do think you should ask to be an extra in an episode though. Maybe you could have a Find Charlie game in your blog and make the appearance really inconspicuous and see who notices you! It might improve the show’s ratings with your fandom.


  • Cara

    I’M SO JEALOUS!!! >< I wanna meet the cast and crew!! Can't wait for your videos, i love doctor who, and Confidential. I'm sure ur videos will be awesome =D

  • Valentina

    Congratulations charlie!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy for you!!!!!! we all know how much you love doctor who and i´m pretty sure this is like a dream come true right?? 8D
    it´s great to work in something you love!!!!!! HAVE LOADS OF FUN!!!!!! ^^
    can´t wait to see those videos!!!!!

  • Sam

    Wow, this is totally awesome. I would love to get to go behind the scenes of my favorite show(Firefly). Anyway, I hope you have tons of fun doing all this. I would also like to internet high five the person who congratulated you via the phrase Mazel Tov, cause a Hebrew congrats is just more fun.

  • Amy

    youu are the luckiest person in the world.
    well done
    ” )

  • Evelyn

    OMG That is SO COOL!!! I just, like, had the most majorly big spaz attack ever!!! I’m totally freaking out right now!!! (wow i’m not going to calm down any time soon)

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  • Regina

    I actually squealed like a fangirl when I saw this.

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    OMG! Do you get to meet the cast like MICHAEL GAMBON and MATT SMITH?!

  • Alice

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    Wow, Charlie!! Thats great news!! I’m really happy for you, and so excited to see the videos :D
    Congratulations <3

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    I am so excited I am commentless. Commentless I Say!!!!

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    Oh wow, that’s so cool! Congratulations. :)

  • Hanna

    I love your videos Charlie, but I have to say that at the moment my jealousy is impeding that love.

  • Adila

    WHAAAAAT! That is so awesoooome! You get to hang out with the Gaiman!! Whoaa! What at the odds that two of my favorite (celebrity) people actually meet. Darn… I wish that it could happen to me too. =)

  • Bob

    Charlie is sooooo WHO like! Awesome!

  • Lettuce Head

    Good for you! After all the videos you’ve made, while accomplishing many followers, you’ve well earned it!

  • Kathryn

    no freakin way!! that is the coolest thing ever! i wsh i like actually know you like have talked to you or something so i could tell a couple other doctor who fans like yeah i know that guy.. but sadly ( well not really) they know you of too, course :P congrats on everything though! ^_^

  • Sophie

    My jaw actually dropped.
    You are one lucky bastard to be present with possibly one of the greatest and coolest writers in the world and possible the most brilliant TV show.

  • jack richardson

    :0 iam so wishing i will wake up as you one day :( Congratulations to you whats matt smith like in person iam like adicted to him i have a hand drew scatch in my room and yes iam a guy :P anyway welldone cant wait to see the videos :) xxx

  • Anna

    Damn right you squealed like a fangirl! Absolutely, incredibly jealous of you but well done! And if anyone deserves a chance at something like that, it’s definitely you. Congrats, dude! Also. WHAT. NEIL GAIMAN. That entire episode is going to be the death of me from squealing, I KNOW IT.

  • Lea

    Hey Charlie,
    wow, that’s really exciting news!
    I was just wondering: Do you know where the BBC will upload your videos to? It would be great if they could upload them to Youtube, because I’m from Germany and the really cool stuff on the BBC iPlayer isn’t available outside the UK – one of the many things I really miss since I came back from my year in London :D

  • Haley

    Oh my god, that is fantastic!! Ahh, I am so jealous :D So, will the videos be uploaded to youtube, or the BBC’s website, or what?

  • Mariam

    Cannot wait :)

  • supa fraga

    So, does seeing the set kill any Doctor joy for you when you see the show now? not that you thought it was real before, but, you know..

  • Mary

    aww that’s cute, and you really don’t have to thank us, we should be thanking you for making so funny videos and just being there and being yourself aka a lovely person =) maybe we’re even?! ;)

    anyway, that’s really really cool, congrats charlie… strangely it makes me happy that a guy I’ve never talked to before is happy… oh well, it’s a great world xD
    lots of love

  • Holly

    Wow!! You only just are the luckiest guy alive!!
    Just a few hours ago I was thinking, ‘can’t wait to see what Neil Gaiman does on Doctor Who!’ and then look where you are!!
    How I envy you :(
    Lots of love XD

  • caitlin

    Yeah, i just cried. I want to have your life Charlie, you get everything :( *what age am i again?*
    Have fun nenyways :)

  • Lisa

    Wow. Totally, totally awesome!

    I’ll be looking out for these new vids (<3 Doctor Who!)

  • Megan

    how exciting! (: im very jealous. <3

  • Scarlett

    i. am. *JELLIN’

    congrats C:

    *a jell-o related form of jealousy.

  • Megan

    OMG! That is so exciting! That is a wonderful opportunity, and one that you truly deserve! I wish you nothing but the best as you work on this! I am over the moon for you and this opportunity! Congrats!!!

  • Erica

    Jeez! You lucky lucky ducky! :D

  • Elaina

    Oh My Galifrey thats AWESOME!! I am indescribingly jealous, due to the fact that i dont live in England and probably will never receive the oppertunity to do something nearl as amazing. But i hope you enjoy the memories!

  • NonSancto

    Congrats from Argentina!

    Just to be in the Tardis must be awesome, being part of it must be…. really awesome!!!

  • Annie

    you are extremally very welcome because that is just about the most awesomly amazing thing ever!

  • Wednesday

    I just shed a tear. This is so beautiful.

  • moyisawesome

    Did you tell Karen you (and Alex) have a cardboard cut-out of her at home?

  • *~Sophie~*

    Oh wow, that is the best thing in the world! I am actually rather jealous…!
    well done! x

  • Maja

    Any chance you’ll be at BBC 25th of november? My class from Norway is going on tour at BBC, and it would be so cool if we ran into you :)

  • Megan

    This is exciting… Very exciting :) Say hi to Matt Smith for me!!

  • Amanda

    You forgot to mention that Neil Gaiman is probably one of the best writers out there :) Yeah, the big book nerd speaking. Anyway; Congratulations, it’s pure awesome!
    Greetings from Sweden :)

  • Emma

    That’s brilliant! So happy for you and you deserve it all for making us LAUGH OUT LOUD for all these years. BRILLIANT.

  • Kim

    As a rabid Doctor Who fan from the US, I am both excited for you and jealous. The closest I would have come to the TARDIS was for my 23rd birthday that happened this past Sunday. I asked for a TARDIS cake. It didn’t happen. I’ll have one some day, though!
    Also, I hoped you picked at Gaiman’s brains a bit! He’s a brilliant writer.

  • Shfargle Yargle


    seriously, fangirl over Matt Smith and Michael Gambon for us!

  • Meghan

    Neil Gaiman! Oh my god. *worshipfest* Seriously, he is amazing. always has great quotes, too.

  • Gabby

    Oh my god! That is so cool! Will Americans be able to see the videos? The BBC channel sometimes isn’t allowed to us.

  • Enrica.

    i am so jealous right now, i’m a big doctor who fan myself! did you get to meet the actors and get autographs? :DD

  • Sarah Louise

    Alright… Well then I guess you’re welcome mr. Squealing fangirl… :D congrats on being awesome!

  • Amanda

    O-o Neil Gaiman + Tardis = too EPIC for words.
    You are the luckiest human being on the planet!

  • Kristin

    I can’t believe that that is actually real! I would’ve DIED of a heart attack if that was me! Seriously, Neil Gaiman is my FAVORITE writer EVER and he wrote an episode of Doctor Who? Can’t wait to see that! This is totally awesome! Doctor Who and Neil Gaiman combined is almost too much awesome for me to handle just sitting at my stupid computer; how do you do it?

  • Dazpacket

    Charlie I am soooo jealous right now. OMG. What a priviledge. Im going to watch your career with great interest my friend. D

  • Ana Mi

    Hi Charlie!
    This is the first time I’m commenting on your blog, but I really had to say it.

    Congratulations. It is incredible to see how much you have achieved with your talent and determination ( and a bit of our support ;D )

    I’m sure the web series will be great, and I can’t wait to see it!!!

  • Beth

    OMG!! You are sooo lucky what i would give to go on the Doctor Who set and meet some of the crew!!! I would give anything for that experience!!! I Squealed like the girl i am when i saw this!!

  • Sonja

    Oh, wow, I don’t even think I can put in words how awesome this is! My parents ran into the room because I literally started jumping up and down and screaming out of exictement. xD Oops.

    Neil Gaiman is one of my top three favourite authors. That mixed with you and Doctor Who is just…JGIEWPROEPFKGBINGIWPOERKJF I really can’t describe.

    Congratulations! You are one lucky, lucky person, but you most definitely deserve it. I’m sure you’ll have ridiculous amounts of fun doing it.

    And let go and fangirl squee! xD

  • BlytheKala

    You’re so lucky!!!! I wish I was English so I could be on Doctor Who, the show is phenomenal and Neil Gaiman is a fantastic writer!

  • Breanne

    Oh my. Throughout reading this blog post, my jaw was dropped in jealousy and awe.
    Give or take a few fangirl squeals. 8D

  • Claire

    Happy Birthday Charlie.

  • Emily

    Charlie I am so fantastically happy for you! that sounds like an utter dream come true and I honestly can’t wait for you’re official doctor who videos! it will certainly make the wait before the christmas special so much more bearable…
    keep up the lovely work!

  • Mae

    Okay, this is the most amazing photo ever taken! Wow…

  • Ikchen

    Wow. That picture wins so many internets…
    You, Neil and the TARDIS *fangirls* I’m so jealous :P

  • jummmi

    You met Neil Gaiman? Oh what a lucky person you are! And you met the whole Doctor Who cast. Aw, I can’t stop the envy cankering me from inside, turning me into a cruel monster that thirsts for …
    Well… congrats!

  • Chelsea

    I’m so jealous it’s not even funny…

    Oh and…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *sends u a virtual hug as a present*

  • kelliekelliekellie

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Charles! :’D

  • mihiella

    oh Charlie I’m so jealous xD DOCTOR WHO!!! Awesome x) <3 have you meet Matt Smith or Karen Gillan? :P you lucky bastard xD ( just joking :P <3 )
    Ah, I just can't wait for new doctor who episodes and your videos. It was sooooooo long ago, when you did your last video Charlie :)
    love ya ;) OneStepBelowJonnyDeppGuy xD <3

  • Alyson

    FfffAH-mazing! You are like the luckiest little duck in the world. And I don’t even know Doctor Who that much… I can only imagine the ENVY of the Whovians. Lol

  • Elise

    Happy Birthday!!!! :)

  • Peter Gammon

    Well, I’m sorry but I cannot retain the urge like you could. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • Patricia

    Hi Charilie, I’m from Spain and I descovered your videos yesterday. I’ve seen almost all of them, I’ve laughed and enjoyed a lot seeing them, so it would be great if you could say something in Spanish, take it as a Challenge Charlie, I’d love to hear you saying something in my lenguage..
    (sorry if there are mistakes, i’m still learning >.<)

  • Dominique

    Wow! *gobsmacked* I just can’t wait for the videos – I feel so happy for you (maybe slightly jealous, who wouldn’t be, you’re behind the scenes of Doctor Who), all your blogging paid off! Happy Belated Birthday!

  • Anna Volna

    It’s awesome

  • Dani

    I can’t even begin to tell you how jealous I am/how happy I am for you. Yours and Alex’s vids always make me feel better, and you totally deserve this.

    That’d be coollike if you got to be an extra in one of them, though. You don’t really need to act for that.

  • Lia

    Wow! IN THE TARDIS!!! Did they let you fly it too? So jealous. In a good way:)
    Its great to hear that things like this can actually happen to people.
    Keep up the great work and have fun! We’re looking forward to the videos.
    Bow ties are cool!!!

  • Debbs

    Hi Charlie, it’s 5.45am Monday morning and I’ve just seen your session for the Sun with the SofA’s. It was great, but you looked so VERY sad not to be able to sing. Don’t worry I’m sure it’s the first of many opportunities and so many people know your work already. It’s just rotten bad luck and if it happens again – honey and warm lemon drinks (no I know you hate lemsip – real honey and real lemons!), also fill a sink or bowl with hot water and breathe in the steam under a towel. I gave you a plug in the Sun comment box so hopefully people will come and ‘see’ you. Well I’m off to see if I can finally sleep, night night, or should I say morning! get better soon, Debbs x

  • Nerimon Fan

    OMG Tardis AND Neil Gaiman! i think i would explode if i was in ten feet of them both at the same time. SO LUCKY.

  • Sandra the Muffin

    You are so lucky, Charlie.
    Congratulations, you deserved it! I mean, painting yourself purple, dying your hair, singing songs about Dr. Who and the list goes on… You are an amazing person, so keep being that :)

  • Jennisummers

    YOu might’ve resisted the urge to squee lie a schoolgirl but I just did! Can’t wait for the vids!

  • sophia

    oh my tardis. well done charlie! this is great news, I am very happy for you:)xx

  • sierraissocoollike

    That’s fantastic, Charlie. I hope you’re having a great time on the set seeing the behind-the-scenes of you ultimate favourite show. It really must be an honor to have gotten that phone call from the Confidential team asking you to be a part of it. Congratulations, you are one very lucky person (:

  • Kt2209

    Ok! Hi! Wooh! I envy you sir Charlie, I’m a Dr Who fan and I have a Youtube account and yet, I don’t get to go! Boo! :( Ahh well, at least i still get to see it!!! On youtube! The place to find every video in the world!

  • Zombiepenguins

    Dagnabbt! I’m so jealous. e_e Gah! But I couldn’t really hate you. Heirate mich? :p

  • eleri’ous

    Ahhh, thats so unfair!! I wanna come!, Did you meet Mat Smith to?

  • simoneissocoollike

    Wow! This is really cool!
    Hope you have a great time with it!

  • Claire

    I don’t know who that is but it sounds exciting whatever it is!!

  • Hybbantka

    Charlie McDonnell I am so very jelous right now…

  • Hannah Warren

    wow :D say hi and i love you to matt smith for me! <3 you can say that it's from a girl, or both of us if you share my feelings haha

  • pao

    Congratulations Charlie!!

  • Jo

    That sounds very awesome :)
    I always go and watch Doctor Who confidentional, it was one of my favourite things about the show actually, so I know how much excitement you must be feeling to be part of something so fun and interesting!
    I have to say Charlie, that it seems to me, that there couldn’t be a more deserving person of what you have acheived and the opportunties you have been given. You seem like a genuinely kind and honest person who has a real passion for life :) So well done to you for being the person that so many love to see being happy <3
    Congrats and love and stuff, Jo :)

  • angelenroute

    “Needless to say, retaining my urge to squee like the fangirl I am, I said yes.” Charlie, I love you so much! =) Congratulations on this momentous achievement. We loyal fans of yours may add up to a respectable number, but we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you being such a genuinely great guy! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you!!! –Sean

  • Linn Vardheim

    You are THE luckiest bastard I have ever heard of!…you are also the most brilliant.
    Can’t wait to see your videos, good luck in the making!

  • Linn Vardheim

    You are THE luckiest bastard I have ever heard of!…you are also the most brilliant.
    Can’t wait to see your videos, good luck in the making!

  • Nikkii x

    well, that’s just a bit cool (:

  • Nikkii x

    well, that’s just a bit cool (:

  • Catriona

    oh my god!!!
    you are sooo lucky i cant wait to watch them! did u actualy get to meet matt smith?!
    i would do anything to be in that position you definately deserve it though
    im soo excited now to see it! ahhh!

  • Gillian Pearson

    Congrats, Charlie, really happy for you and am looking forward to seeing the results !!

  • Cherry

    Congrats, Charlie! This is so fantastic! I’m really happy for you and I can’t wait to see the videos :)

  • Gillian

    Congrats, Charlie, really happy for you and I am looking forward to the results !

  • Drixie

    You don’t have to thank, if we watch you’r videos it’s because you are very talented, and good at making videos :D

  • Sandra Edwards

    I’m so happy for you!! This is literally your dream coming true, it must be an amazing feeling. I hope everything goes well and you enjoy ever moment! :)

  • Kitz

    Lucky bastard!!! Yes, I’m insanely jealous!! good for you Charlie ^.^

  • Levly

    WOW!!! literally TWO of my favourite things, Dr. Who and Neil Gaiman and one of my favourite youtubers…… just wow its like the universe is coming together and giving me a high five… so happy for u charlie!!! but u better keep us updated on this ridiculously awesome adventure ur having!!
    and also plleeeeeeeeeeeeeease have a gathering in London!!

  • Rach

    “No, I’m not going to be the next Doctor, neither am I appearing with a role in the episode that Neil’s written, nor any episode for that matter.”…you have no idea how much this bummed me out Charlie :(
    But I’m mega happy you get to blog about the show for YOUR JOB!!

  • Noel

    Doing what you love while talking about a show you love while also getting behind the scenes access to the show. I’d forgive you if you actually had squeed. lol

    P.S. I hate you you lucky bastard!

  • Sami

    I’m very happy for you, and very excited to see these Dr Who videos.
    Wonderful news!

  • grace

    :o YOU ARE SO FREAKING LUCKY!!! I wouldve killed to be on the set of Doctor Who.
    Im so happy that you got to go though.

  • Lia

    GAHHH Woahh. That is amazing. Congrats you must be so happy! That’s incredibleeeee!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    when i watched the video on youtube i replayed the explination over and over!

  • Fiona

    wish you luck in your new job! :)

  • Tatiana Caceres

    AHHH congratulations!!!!! i don’t know if we get Doctor Who on regular cable here in california but i know this is big for you and means a lot!! i’m so happy that you’re able to do what you love! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Nkns54

    Luv Dr. Who, however, across the pond I don’t get it on my television stations anymore. :( Really big boo, hoo. I really miss it!!!!

  • kristine

    Congrats, Charlie! That’s amazing.
    And who knows, maybe in a few years you will be the next Doctor!
    Hopefully. Maybe. Wishfully. That’s be cool! Okay, before I make a
    fool of myself, bye. > <

  • Kristine June

    I so envy you. I just started watching Doctor Who. I love it! Absolutely wonderful.

  • Omegamanjohnny

    This is awesome! It’s even better because I got a sonic screwdriver today :)

  • Andini Rizky

    I’m an Indonesian, I don’t know who Doctor Who is, but I know Neil Gaiman is awesome. Professional video blogger…Your job is very coollike!

  • dropapebble

    …………I don’t know if I’m more happy for you or insanely jealous that I’m writhing. Either way, congrats and at least you’re not someone I hate getting one of dream jobs!

  • Vess149

    Hey, thats gr8 =D

  •!/profile.php?id=100001230662830 Regulusblackismyhomey

    But. But. But. Us Americans can’t watch thus videos without spoilers for almost 3 months D: THE TEMPTATION CHARLIE! THE TEMPTATION!

  • Gee

    SWEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE doctor Who! :D congrats Charlie :D

  • prod-fan

    That’s so cool charlie!!!!! Hope u have fun!!

  • Tamara

    Im so happy for you! Thats really fantastic Charlie :)

  • Christine Scheller

    Well, that is far too much awesome for one picture. Insanely jealous.

  • Mz Elizabethperez

    WOW! That is totally AWESOME! Congrats! :)

  • Angellovecute9

    You would make a GREAT doctor :) And your welcome!

  • Missy Fontenot

    AWESOME, MAN! So glad that you’re getting the opportunity to do this with the whole Doctor Who cast, as well.
    As a Doctor Who fan myself, I would KILL to be in your position! And until I start making my own vlogs, i’ll be sure to check your videos when they come out.
    Can’t wait! You’re awesome at what you do, Charlie.
    Your Fan Missy

  • CK

    I am SO thrilled for you! (I’m the one that posted the ‘try out for a role on Doctor Who’ challenge, so this is even better!) Congratulations and I look forward to avoiding your spoilers! XD

  • Geo…

    Thats Toally Awesome Charlie!!! I Cant Wait!!!!!! :D xxxx

  • Delaney

    You are sooooo welcome! You totally deserve it Charlie. Try to have some fun inbetween working!!! =P

  • Jellykellybean

    OH MY GOSH(rinse and repeat about a bajillion times!) You’ve actually been on the set of Doctor Who. In the TARDIS! No freaking way you lucky duck!! =D I’m so filled with envy and excitement and joy and all out Doctor Who fangirly love right now XD I’m sure the videos will be fantastic! I can’t wait till they’re out.


  • DEE

    that’s lovely, charlie!

  • Yejin

    That’s really amazing!!! I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who, and actually I started to watch this show after I saw your video ‘Blink’ two years ago. I had never been a fan of TV shows before, I thought they were ridiculous! But Doctor Who is so so special. I can’t wait to see your videos really!! Congrats!!

  • Olivia Quigan

    What about us Kiwis!! try 8-9 months!!!! :(

  • tomrisss

    i hate you.
    that’s a lie but i’m so freaking jealous.

    well done :)

  • PurpleFace

    I can’t watch Doctor Who at all :’(
    Because I live in Norway 0.o

  • Dianaplace

    nice caption…’not eve photoshopped’

  • jojobear

    even though i don’t really watch doctor who i was SOOO excited for you when i read this.. i mean if i had been invited to the filming of one of my fave tv shows, i would hav FREAKED so congrats!!!!!!! <3 ya!

  • yolanda(:

    Oh my days. Words cannot describe how amazing this is. You and Matt Smith, my two favourite people XD This is going to be EPIC. So mightly pleased for you XD XD xxx

  • Anna…

    oh charlie, I am really really reallllllyy happy for you. that’s great news! cool like

  • Shanik Dassenaike

    i wanna be you… :D

  • LillianaNoble

    *squeeeee* Wow Charlie!!! Thats so awesome I don’t even know what to say!!!!!! And thats quite unusual for me…. I am so, so happy for you! It must be amazing, have fun! (As if I even needed to say that)

  • Vessa

    I’m as jealous as a tortoise here.

  • guest

    Since I live in Australia and can’t really be on the set of Dr Who, Charlie is living the dream for me.
    And you are so kind to share it with meeee and the rest of the world!

  • Mblovereidee

    I’ve never seen an episode in my life, and even I got exited! Can’t waaaait :D

  • Kamikaze

    Oh god, i’m so jealous right now.

  • Grace

    OH MY GOSH CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This’s completely BRILLIANT!!!!!! I’m so envious (though thinking about it, that probably wouldn’t happen to me, seeing as I live in the US… but I can still hope!) Can’t wait to see the videos and (just saying) I am freaking out right now!!!!
    ~ Grace

  • Jordyn Owens

    Probably the most coolest, most kick ass, most amazing thing ever and I am so happy for you that you get to do such an amazing thing. And a tad jealous….but extremely happy on your behalf. :] Congrats, you deserve stuff like this.

  • Jilly_m

    Congrats Charlie you are a very talented guy.

  • Rachel (= xxxxxxxxxx

    YEYYYYYYYYYYYY =D xxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  • Hannah

    I am sounbelievablysuperuberextraamazinglycrazy jealous. Congratulations, though :D You totally deserve it, have TONS of fun! You better tell us what all the actors are like in real life. ;)

  • crazy haze

    Dude you rock!!!! I am totally speechless from this, you actually had the chance to meet with Neil Gaiman and go into the F’in Tardis!! That’s epic dude!! Finally all your youtube vids on Doctor Who and you being a vlogger gave you this chance, and wow totally cool! ^_^ lol

  • Dana

    You are so lucky I’m incredibly jealous.
    Its my dream to track down all the living Doctors and meet them

  • Emma Greening

    OMFG I can’t WAIT for this to come out! It’s my two favourite worlds (Dr Who and Youtube) coming into one. This is going to be fudging amazing!

  • ShadowThePixie

    Wow you are so luck Neil Gaiman and Doctor Who I don’t know if i hate you or love you at this moment

  • Anonymous

    I… am so incredibly jealous that I can’t think of anything to say other than just that. I am so incredibly jealous.

  • Charlie Fan

    OMG! This is mad! About somewhere in august I asked the Doctor Who people on
    Doctor Who FAQ’S Page to “Check you out!” – WOW! This is wicked!
    Congratulations! WOOHOOO! I CHANGED THE WORLD!!!!!

    An Explanation: if your thinking why i did it; it was because i love your vids
    so much, that i thought it would be a good way of saying thankyou. THANK YOU!

  • =:)


  • teacup

    I saw that picture on Neil’s blog and I literally squeed out loud ‘Charlieee!’ My cats are now glaring at me like I’m some crazy person. One of my favorite youtubers and one of my favorite authors in a picture together. I love it when crazy shit like that happens :D

  • Monkeyface12

    I saw this on neil’s blog. I was like OMFG thats like TRIPLE AWESOME ! Tardis+Charlie+Gaiman. oh my!..jealous

  • Stacey

    so the 6 weeks leading up to christmas are coming up, any news or updates on when the first video will air?

  • lollylikestolol

    Look at that grin on your face, Charlie! You look like a 5 – year – old on Christmas Day!. :D.

  • LeaveMeAPlateOfHam

    You lucky, lucky bastard. I may have to come and steal your life, if you don’t mind terribly.

  • Kuelgirl360

    i love you. legit, ur ginger, ur british, and your tall. even though ur not a real gnger, i’ll love you.. !!! <3

  • draiocht

    when i first found out neil gaiman was writing an episode of doctor who… words can’t even explain how i felt… amazing author and amazing show! wow its going to be great

  • Tova

    I hate you Charlie. No, sorry, that’s not true. I’m just jealous.
    Looking forward to the videos. :)

  • Rosey

    Charlie you never fail to put a (genuine) smile on face each time i watch your videos, thanks

  • Rosey

    *on my face….

  • jessibone

    I fangirl squealed at this news…

    Will I be able to watch the vids if I’m out of the country?


  • canadian

    It’s slightly awesome that you got to meet Neil Gaiman… The Graveyard Book is probably one of my favourite books, after all :) He even came to my school last year, but as luck would have it, I was conveniently out of the country on that day! ;)

    p.s. John Green is fairly AWESOME as well, it’s so cool that you actually know him :D

    p.p.s sorry for the excess of smiley faces :D

  • TheEntertainer

    “the 6 weeks in the run up to Christmas”? That’s tomorrow! Yay!

  • Izza Jane

    You. You are standing. In the TARDIS. With Neil Gaimon. My two favorite things in the world. There is such a mix of genuine happiness for you and outrageous jealousy.

    I read that you’re probably going skydiving, too. Go ahead and live all my dreams, why don’t you.

  • Sonearage

    OMG!!!!! I’m SOOOO jealous of you!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! *Collapses on the floor from doctor who fanism*

  • MarthaMx

    Congratulations! and you are welcome, I remember when I saw a video of you the first time I kept thinking why isnt he making money out of this? this was way before youtube partners and stuff, you deserve it, I’m not exactly a charlie fangirl, altho i am a fan and a girl but you know what i mean, still I think you are very talented, funny and well just fun to watch. I’m glad you are living the dream kid.And here’s to hoping many great things will come your way.

  • marie

    and yay! more videos from you. :”>
    i srsly need to watch doctor who now.

  • ThingOne

    Oh you lucky person…did you get to meet Matt and Karen?

  • Bozwizard

    Thats amazing. You are so lucky! :)

  • Regulusblackismyhomey

    Aw D: that really sucks.

  • Clau Di

    I only found your YouTube channel, website, Facebook page.. because I was looking for some Doctor Who stuff on YouTube. I saw your Doctor Who video and it was so nice seeing someone talk about DH just like that. Your’re a great guy an your videos are awesome. So funny and creative!! I love your song ‘The Big Bang 2′ :)
    Congratulations on being on the TARDIS !!

  • Lauren Stevens

    Charlie I’m so gald your being able do to what you love, and I’m glad you did that carzy arse video about painting yourself purple or I would never have know of your existance (possibly). So dont thank people like me for watching your videos and reading these blogs, I want to thank YOU for making my life that bit happier :D

  • Maddy

    You really, I mean you really, really, really, it would be absolutly unthinkable, knowing how jealous I am of you at this very moment, and I will probably be very jealous of you in the future.

    Its funny, well no, really its not, but it is cool because this is how I found out about you, I was bored and typed in Dr Who into YouTube. And who may you ask came up? Yes that’s right! It was you.
    And then this led onto me watching your vlogging and finding what you say quite interesting and funny. I especially like the ‘Challenge Charlie’. And it didn’t make me feel as lonely in the world about my love of Dr Who.
    I live in Australia… not many people my age watch Dr Who, actually I only know my Nanna who watches it… how awkward for me.

    So as you can guess I am one of those girls, actually I don’t think there are any girls like this, who has the whole collectors addition of the Dr Who series and has seen all of them from the first one made in 1963, well I don’t think I have watched all of them… but I am getting there.

    Have fun making the videos and keep in mind, you have a lot of jealous people now watching you and waiting for you to post it.

    Maddy :-)

  • Eleanor

    So hey Charlie, it’s less than six weeks until Christmas, I have counted on my calendar. Where are these videos at?

  • Eleanor

    So hey Charlie, it’s less than six weeks until Christmas, I have counted on my calendar. Where are these videos at?

  • TARDISdw


  • Mess

    luky I loved doctor who but I preferd David Tenent he was alot beter

  • jonathan

    so… christmas is less than a month away… when are these six videos going to be released!?

  • Celestine

    HOLY MOLY! YOU ARE IN THE TARDIS!!! that is so cool! you are so lucky!

  • Jonathan

    You went… WHERE without me?! I <3 DOCTOR WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! You're so lucky…… You son of a lucky, lucky… well… Lucky.. lucky. LUCKEDY LUCK! Lucky (214 times of saying lucky later) SON OF A TARDIS!!!

  • Tabby

    Charlie, you are one of the things that changed my life completely. I discovered you, then Alex, then Tom, then Nerdfighters, then Sons of Admirals, all of which I still love as much as I did the very first time you introduced them to me. <3

  • Meawzyp

    No fair!! Seriously, can I have your job? you can have mine working in a kids indoor play area where you get to climb up the slides?!

  • beaisinthetardis

    that is so cool :) i wish i could have a picture in the tardis :)

  • Benrcrom

    Charlie, I love you (in a completely youtuber/non-gay kinda way), but wherethehellaretheVIDEOS? xD

  • Jo

    Um? What happened to the videos?

  • schandi

    It’s one week till Christmas…AND THERE ARE NO VIDEOS :(

  • Jamarama

    Guys, the videos are for series six, not the Christmas special. They’ll be out between January and April, probably

  • Ravina

    i was flipping the channels and then i see charlie mcdonnell on my tv screen and i was really surprised so i checked out his blog

  • Ben

    Videos are starting to appear, although from what I can tell Charlie isn’t posting them, but the BBC is instead.

    To keep updated, you should subscribe to liliesarelike (Charlie’s mum) who is liking the videos. And her uploads are always pretty sweet as well!

  • Shamz Star

    I didn’t even read all that, but kudos for the amount of effort you put in to keeping us updated. :) Even though you’re not reading this.

  • Daniel Kauwe

    i’m still mad at you.

  • Maylin-Janet

    sweet although he doesn’t smile much now does he?

  • Elphie Fanfic

    the ones on youtube are definitely about the Christmas special, he buys the cast presents and decorates the lunch bus :)

  • Andi

    Honestly I’m think you’re a highly entertaining sort of guy Charlie, but I’m not one of your fans (nothing personal, I was just never into the watching video bloggers thing), my best friend is however is a huge fan of yours, and she showed me this picture. And I flipped! TARDIS!?!? Plus NEIL GAIMAN!?!? You just went up about 1000 brownie points.
    I still won’t be watching you because that’s just not something I do but, good work and good job if these are the opportunities you’re getting :)

  • Natalia

    I like <3

  • Sophiexx:)

    I love your nerdyness!
    your soo adorable!

  • Rowie93_

    i just got your album in the post :) YAAAY i love it :D

  • M.

    I envy you! I love Neil, his comics were a sord of inspiration for my novels. Lucky you!
    PS: Write me sometime, I’ll love “exchange” some information.

  • Grace

    Lucky! I can’t wait for the Gaiman episode. His books are brilliant. It would be nice to see a Terry Pratchett episode of Doctor Who… or even a Gaiman and Pratchett episode. :)

  • Elvira

    You could marry mer or something, then we are quit!
    Haha, just kidding. Love what you do!

  • Maya

    What’s happening to you is incredible! These last few years must have been like a dream..You can’t believe how jealous I am of the things you’ve seen( Comic con, Doctor Who..) and people you’ve met (Stephen Fry, Neil Gaiman,..)
    I hope you’ll be able to keep doing Youtube videos for a long time! :)

  • Luke

    I just started watching you this last moth and have already watched all your vids :) I think you’re so hilarious and innocent (besides the stolen mars bars!) Please continue making the videos!

  • Luke

    sorry *month* not moth :)

  • Chopeharris

    Love your stuff.  Just found you this week.  Friends and I had planned on watching a dvd, but pulled up your sound video and kept watching vid after vid after vid.  We laughed out butts off.  We are an eclectic, bohemian kind of group, from kids your age to old grandmas like me.  You are a joy to hang out with (metaphorically), very smart, very down to Earth.  I had seen the Gaiman interview from the Guardian, it took me a couple of vids to put 2 + 2 together.  Good for you!  So jealous!  Mr. Gaiman is on my list of the top people I’d like to meet before I die, and now you are too.  

  • Arnav

    you rock!

  • Arnav

    same here!

  • Amy Hornsby

    This is so cool! Good job Charlie!

  • Cohocrules

    is Doctor Who scary? i have never actually watched it and just only leaned about it within the past four days of me finding you out. would you say that it has killing or murderers or blood or anything resembling scary in it? because if it does, than i probably will not check it out on account that i don’t want nightmares.

  • Sarahtheseaprincess

    it depends on how much scary you can handle. it’s not gory and the Doctor always saves the day but there are definitely moments that make you jump. that’s why it’s cool.

  • Mike

    Charlie, how did you manage to pull off a job as a runner for doctor who? That’s so cool hanging round the set

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