Forever Yours

December 3, 2011

When I first had the idea for this music video, I quickly dismissed it as being way too ambitious a concept to ever pull off. There was a good chunk of stuff of which I had no clue how to accomplish on my own: gun effects, good zombie make-up, making Alex fly around like a super-hero … it was all going to be too hard, too much of a jump from everything I’d done previously, and there was no guarantee that it was actually going to be any good either. However, after week of failing to think of anything better to do in it’s place, I just decided to go for it. And not only that, but apparently I actually finished the thing too.

Here’s what I learned during the process of making this video: if your ideas seem like they might be too farfetched to make a reality, just try to make them a reality anyway. A big part of this is finding people who are more talented than you and getting them involved. We were a relatively small crew compared to the size normally needed to get something like this made, but as someone who usually does everything on my own when it comes to making videos, this felt like a scarily massive production. But this is how you learn new things, pushing yourself to places that you’ve never been before.

Watching this video back now, there are things that I’d do differently with hindsight. It’s not my perfect Forever Yours music video. But I wouldn’t know what to change about it if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve gone though the whole process and actually come out with something watchable on the other side. And because it is too late to alter anything now (I promise never to pull a George Lucas on you all) the best I can do is take all the things I’ve learnt, apply them to my next big project, and then hopefully keep on progressing from there.

This was a hard one, and I won’t be able to make anything of this style for a while (I’m no freddiew). But I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s watched it, liked it, left a nice comment, shared it and all that lovely stuff. I mean, I’m always happy when you do that with any video of mine, but seeing the reaction to this one has been a particular joy due to all of the hard work that went into it. You’re awesome, and made all the stress of film-making worth it in the end.

The Zombies on their break in Nandos (Photo by Scott Jackson)

Ready for an influx of hyper-links? People who helped make this happen: Alex Day, who wrote the song (which you can get on iTunes, by the way) and for putting up with me when I told him to lie in front of a cardboard grave so that I could cover his face with leaves. Emma Duke, for acting too well, and who’s totally our music video “girl” forever and ever now. Toby Dale, who did the majority of the special effects for the video, helped me a lot with all of the ones that I did, and for just being the loveliest guy to have around. Ciaran O’Brien, for being the mastermind behind the camera and an absolute joy to direct. Adam Hickey, for all of the brilliant zombie make up – the crux of this video wouldn’t have been possible at all without you. Scott Jackson, for helping Adam with the make up and for all of the awesome behind the scenes photos. And finally, Lex CroucherKayley HydeMyles DyerBecky Smith, and Toby Dale (again!) for allowing me take you all to Zombie school and back – you were all positively disgusting.

Here’s to the next one!

  • charlieissomyhusbandlike


  • Cohocrules

    That was deffinately odd. i have to admit that i have never ever seen anything like that. the make up was wonderfully done and realistic; ill probably have nightmares now. you are a wonderful singer, suprised that no one has sighned you yet. i guess thats lucky because if you were sighned, we wouldn’t get anymore videos from you.

  • Annaherzl

    Charlie is such a genius! I love his songs and videos!!
    (Well, I had to watch the video three rimes or so and Than I understood the background :D )
    The song is really great (thx alex) and I enjoyed it very much ^ ^
    Charlie you have fans in Germany so when you decide to make a tour, come to Germany please  ;) :D

  • KeepSmilingandSing

    I cannot stop either watching the forever yours video or listening to it, but everytime I do it reminds me how proud I am of it. I’m proud of Charlie for directing and acting in such a good video, and for being the most awesome best friend to Alex. I’m proud of Alex for writing and performing such a beautiful song that still brings me to tears.
    To put it simply, I love it :) x

  • Stephanie Starr

    This is wonderfully ridiculous. 

  • Katie

    this video is amazing ;3

  • Katie

    ys, odd but greaattt  i love charlie and alex  xxx ;)

  • Jaimie

    I really like it, especially the part where you and Alex did that community hand thingy ;p

  • Sally


  • Gábor

    Normally I don´t like music videos, but this one I can watch again and again and again.
    Funny and with good music.

  • Les

    Love it Charliee xx as always x

  • galifreyangirl11

    my sister, her friend, and i decided to watch a bunch of music videos, and i suggested this one. they asked who this song was by. i said to them it was alex day. they didn’t know that that was nerimon, so they went along with it. but right before the music video played, they saw that it was charlieissocoollike’s channel. they immediately turned it off, because they don’t like how obsessed i am with your music. i made them watch it, anyways. afterwards, they were trying to play it again, but i stopped them for nerimon’s “she walks right through me”.

  • GeorgesEpicLego

    I think that was done on purpose to represent the bad quality and homemade-ness (if that’s a word) of the video. It was done with the old, not very good camera which probably says something as well :)

  • Shello_Jello4

    I love this video!!

  • PunMoose

    Why is the video suddenly private?

  • MrCentimeters

    I know, I feel like I am the only one who has noticed

  • omnomcheese

    Because charlie isn’t friends with alex anymore after he heard alex emotionally manipulated a number of fans into sleeping with him

  • Elizabeth Drew

    i dont even know what happened. I miss this song though…

  • ..

    we’ll never forget how it feels to be young….

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