Forever Yours

December 3, 2011

When I first had the idea for this music video, I quickly dismissed it as being way too ambitious a concept to ever pull off. There was a good chunk of stuff of which I had no clue how to accomplish on my own: gun effects, good zombie make-up, making Alex fly around like a super-hero … it was all going to be too hard, too much of a jump from everything I’d done previously, and there was no guarantee that it was actually going to be any good either. However, after week of failing to think of anything better to do in it’s place, I just decided to go for it. And not only that, but apparently I actually finished the thing too.

Here’s what I learned during the process of making this video: if your ideas seem like they might be too farfetched to make a reality, just try to make them a reality anyway. A big part of this is finding people who are more talented than you and getting them involved. We were a relatively small crew compared to the size normally needed to get something like this made, but as someone who usually does everything on my own when it comes to making videos, this felt like a scarily massive production. But this is how you learn new things, pushing yourself to places that you’ve never been before.

Watching this video back now, there are things that I’d do differently with hindsight. It’s not my perfect Forever Yours music video. But I wouldn’t know what to change about it if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve gone though the whole process and actually come out with something watchable on the other side. And because it is too late to alter anything now (I promise never to pull a George Lucas on you all) the best I can do is take all the things I’ve learnt, apply them to my next big project, and then hopefully keep on progressing from there.

This was a hard one, and I won’t be able to make anything of this style for a while (I’m no freddiew). But I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s watched it, liked it, left a nice comment, shared it and all that lovely stuff. I mean, I’m always happy when you do that with any video of mine, but seeing the reaction to this one has been a particular joy due to all of the hard work that went into it. You’re awesome, and made all the stress of film-making worth it in the end.

The Zombies on their break in Nandos (Photo by Scott Jackson)

Ready for an influx of hyper-links? People who helped make this happen: Alex Day, who wrote the song (which you can get on iTunes, by the way) and for putting up with me when I told him to lie in front of a cardboard grave so that I could cover his face with leaves. Emma Duke, for acting too well, and who’s totally our music video “girl” forever and ever now. Toby Dale, who did the majority of the special effects for the video, helped me a lot with all of the ones that I did, and for just being the loveliest guy to have around. Ciaran O’Brien, for being the mastermind behind the camera and an absolute joy to direct. Adam Hickey, for all of the brilliant zombie make up – the crux of this video wouldn’t have been possible at all without you. Scott Jackson, for helping Adam with the make up and for all of the awesome behind the scenes photos. And finally, Lex CroucherKayley HydeMyles DyerBecky Smith, and Toby Dale (again!) for allowing me take you all to Zombie school and back – you were all positively disgusting.

Here’s to the next one!

  • Catharina Rudolph

    You are so awesome! =) 

  • charlieissocoollikerulez

    Whoa, epic!

  • Riabobochan

    You are so inspiring!

  • Elizabeth D.

    i love this music video, and the song ^^ i think it was all effort well spent.

  • Eleanor-cough

    i just go told im awesome…. thats epic. It was a really good music video charlie, definatley worth it!!! <3 love your videos!


  • Myles Dyer

    I used to be a zombie in this music video, then I got an arrow in the knee.

  • 12reids

    You really deserve all the good praise, well done to you and everyone else involved!

  • Wizard Reject

    LOVE this vid and you! Keep em coming :) xx

  • Zoemew

    I thoroughly enjoyed Forever Yours. I greatly appreciate all the work that went into making it the amazing production we have today. I can’t stop rewatching it. ^_^ 

  • Hayley Esterline

    I believe this is my favorite video that you have ever made. :)

  • Karis M.

    Loved the Video! Twas amazing :) 

  • Anonymous

    It really was an ambitious video to create but I think you pulled it off and showed as much dedication and effort to your videos as you always do. However, I think Alex is a little too optimistic with this song. I don’t believe it’s how music sounds anymore and would be at home on a kid’s party mix CD. The video also didn’t seem to have any clear narrative to it. Still, an enjoyable video.

  • Cynthia Mae Downs

    well you did a really awesome job on this! the hard work paid off in many ways ^_^ 
    p.s alex’s song is awesome!

  • @Rebekka_Hansen

    I must say that i was extremely impressed with the music video. I am completly in love with the song, And it was a brilliant idea with the superhero! (I am i big fan of superheros) So thank you to you all for making this! You guys have massive skills ^_^

  • Nicole Silvernell

    you’re amazing charlie! and the video was definitely entertaining. you had me wondering how you got all the special effects done in such a short amount of time

  • Drew

    Hey Charlie! I know you probably won’t read this, but I just thought I’d tell you that, not only is this my favourite video you’ve ever made, it’s my favourite music video I’ve ever seen.

  • Courtney Burn

    This has go to be the coolest video on YouTube :) Was so awesome, well done !!

  • Indy8149

    This was a great video, it seems like a weird idea when you think about it, but when you watch it, it kind of fits perfectly.

  • Spencer Letten

    You were as good as freddiew

  • Johnny Salas

    Awesome video Charlie! WELL DONE!! =D

  • DragonSky

    Charlie this video is awesome ! I really liked it ! You’ve done such a great job that your video is unbelievablely wonderful :) I can’t stop watching it !! Oh and cool music Alex by the way ^^

  • randomnomics

    I always wondered why people get through, though, and thought confused.

    “… if your ideas seem like they might be too farfetched to make a reality, just try to make them a reality anyway.” <— I really like that, very inspirational.

  • Kailey

    I LOVED the forever yours video. I shared it in my art class on music video day, everybody loved the special effects and your smile after killing a bunch of zombies got lots of laughs! I love these big projects that you’re doing, they’re well worth the wait!! :D

  • Shannon

    the video was amazing!

  • LillyFlechsig

    It was so funny. When you killed all of those zombies and had the biggest grin on your face, I DIED laughing! 

    Seriously you’re reading a zombie’s point of view…. 

  • Anonymous

    This has to the best music video I’ve seen in ages, let alone best youtube video. Seriously, well done! Keep up the amazing standard, and here’s to the next one!

  • Zoli

    I think is very well done! Congratulations!

  • Kayley

    Charlie’s Zombie Academy is the only school I would happily attend again. T’was a good day :D x

  • Fallenangels666

    yeah congratz u guys is a great vid, and i couldnt stop laughing aswell, i hope to see more like it in the future

  • German One

    I wanted to watch the video because I was curious but as almost always, the german “GEMA” thinks we Germans should not be allowed to watch it. Bah.

  • Emma Duke

    Congratulations my dear Charlie :) Love your token ‘video girl’ forever and ever :P

  • Alinacarrot

    Well done, Charlie! It’s the best video you’ve ever made! It was such a joy to watch it :) Keep working! :) you’re on the right path!

  • Kay

    Zombies make great pets, they already know how to play dead! aha ahahaha…

    Anywho, Charlie I love this video. You did well! Thank you for all of your hard work put towards our entertainment:)
    I go “cool!”

  • grinq

    Congratulations on the video, which i adore by the way (and, as you can probably see, I’m not the only one). It is truly awesome, both song and the video!

  • Youssra Anouar

    Your video is just beautiful!! :)

  • Emilyyy<3

    So proud of you guys, the video was fantastic xx

  • Laura Overhill

    I loved your video! You have always done amazing work but I think you might have topped yourself there. Can’t wait to see anything else you have in store for us. :D

    keep calm and youtube on.

  • jml2 jml2

    well done, I’m so glad you went for it

  • Lexi

    This video is great in the cheesiest, greatest way possible. Props for the Community awesome handshake btw. Really though, this video is great and fun and adorable. Maybe it’s not perfect, but it is really obvious how much work went into it and that means so much. I’m proud to watch your videos, Charlie.  Keep up the amazing work. <3 

  • Tinkerebellheather

    Love it Charlie!! Great job! :)

  • Brit

    You should try a proxy site. I recommend vtunnel. The quality of the videos isn’t quite as good, but maybe you don’t feel so left out =). I know what I’m talking about – I’m from Germany, too.

  • Scott Jackson

    I’d once more just like to say thank you Charlie. It was an awesome day and was so nice meeting you and the rest of the gang! I’m glad you like the photos! Was a pleasure taking them and putting them up as I know how much I personally like seeing behind the scenes stuff and I think your fans have too! If you ever need a personal know where I am..haha! Love the finished product and it’s nice to have my own memories to go with it! Scott :)

  • Lolkind

    i can’t watch it in germany :(

  • mjw

    I don’t often laugh out loud when I’m alone, but I did watching this video.  Several times in fact. Well done, and I look forward to what you’ll come up with the next time you think of a bigger idea than you say you can handle.  No pressure, no need to rush it, I can wait…it’ll be worth it, of that I’m sure.  

  • charlieyou’resocoollike

    You are the best. I recently discovered your videos and I think they’re amazing. So you just got yourself a french fan yay! I am now addicted to tea and I became a fan of doctor who as well :)

  • Evan Edinger

    :] It was awesome Charlie. Can’t wait for your next big thing!

  • Suttiemusic

    Well I would like to say that there is absolutely nothing I would change about this video. I loved it!! :D looking forward to the next one!

  • Jade Stokes

    you shouldnt worry, it’s perfect:)

  • Adam Hickey

    I just want to quickly say thank you, to you, Alex, and your mum, for letting me know about the project, and allowing me to be a part of it. It was a pleasure to work with you and the group, and was so much fun (and cold :D). It has really inspired me to try out my own projects. I am very grateful. Thanks once again :)

  • Lucy

    I had to analyse 4 music videos for my media coursework and I chose forever yours. It is such an amazing video :D

  • Sol

    Charlie, the video was amazing! I’ve watched it about 50 times -not even kidding

  • Morgan Grace

    This has to be my favorite video of yours. It shows off how incredibly talented you are! <3

  • Guest

    I’d love to watch the video, but I can’t watch it in Germany because of copyright reasons… Isn’t there some possibility to upload it somewhere else too? :/

  • Jess (yusmiffins)

    You did such a great job on this video and we all really loved it and appreciated the hard work you put into it! It’s absolutely a work of art!

  • Sammie Woolley

    One of if not my favourite vid you and Alex have made! I love the video and the song, its perfection! 

  • Viviam Ávila

    I know how it feels to accomplish something that was stressful, and so hard to evolve. It’s amazing the satisfaction with your own self, even if there are lots of things that you’ll find that you could have done better. We are never completely fine with our work. But I feel honored to be a viewer of yours, and be able to watch and enjoy the final result of your hard work. Don’t feel bad for the stuff that you could have done. There is a way to go, and in that way you will be able to fulfill your projects even better than now, with the knowledge collected for you all the way through. Congratulations, and thank you for your dedication. 

  • Shannongalgani

    The video was amazing Charlie, personally I think it was perfect, your hard work really payed off, and I can’t stop watching the video, anyway (in the less-creepyiest way possible).
    Good job to all of you :)

  • Ava_ghadimi

    I loved the video. You are One talented guy Charlie. Keep up the good work

  • Allie

    Definitely wasn’t what I was expecting when you said it was something you had been working on for practically three weeks straight–it was better! Fantastic job to all of you!

  • Anonymous

    OMG Charlie… Since i bought alex’s song like a week ago it has made it’s way to the second most played song on my ipod (the first being Tom’s Indigo, and the third being Big Bang Two) this vid made it that much better :-)

  • Rhiann

    I love that you continue to challenge yourself Charlie! It’s obvious how much you care about the product you present to your audience. Thanks for being awesome! :)

  • Deanna Morgan

    You’ve got amazing talent Charlie, the vid was great!! So glad your hard work paid off!

  • vi

    Congratulations to all of you! It was obviously a big project and the result is really sharp. I’ve been watching your videos for years, Charlie, and I’m happy to see you’ve improved a lot since then. I hope to see more of these – I know it will allow you to improve even more, and it will also be a great delight to us, your viewers!

    Just one more thing… Could you put the lyrics of Forever Yours in the video description or somewhere else? Since English is not my first language, I find quite hard to watch all those special effects and, at the same time, pay attention to the music. I know there are others foreign who watch your videos, so I think it would help them too. Thank you!

  • Robin Gallagher

    I’ve watched this video countless times! :D definitely on my top three of favorite music videos. Great job, Charlie!

  • Elinious

    Ah new blog post! Fantastic! With some of my fav bloggers not updating very often lately (including you and Alex) I’ve had to put up with not having much to read online. Well worth it though, with VLR being back and this video <3
    I have to say I admire you for having the balls to try. Not many people realise that sometimes it's really fucking hard to go after things you want. Some people are more natural at it than others. Myself, I am not. I am kinda weak in that respect as I tend to get too comfortable in my comfort zone. I really do need someone to inspire me sometimes, like some YouTube friends have been doing lately and you are doing right now. Thank you!

    About the video, I love it. I remember the day you first got featured and had to think about that when I saw the video… How different things are today haha :)

  • Fawksthephoenix1

    I LUVED the video….I liked it AND favorited it! I also emailed
    Alex like a month ago about helping him get his song to the Christmas number 1 and he finally emailed me back! Ironically, on the same day you put the video of his song on your youtube channel. So, yeah great video, and I am VERYYYYY happy you finally made another post!

  • Alex Schulte

    I was actually thoroughly impressed with this video, not just with the effects, but the small things – like changing hair lengths to show the passage of time – awesome!

  • AMWKrakoff

    I have watched this video countless times, and it is abolutly brilliant. Certainly takes a creative mind to come up with a concept like that! The music was amazing I have been singing it since, and the make-up and effects were awesome! Absolutly amazing, Charlie.

  • Kay

    i love you. oh, and blog more!! :]

  • Japanimefangirl

    I’m in love with this video!
    Awesome work Charlie!

  • Kathryn Olivia Chinetti

    All of my friends and I loved this video! Keep up the good work Charlie!

  • tessiebear

    Charlie, are you by some chance a Community fan? I saw the high-five thing you and Alex did in the video and that is what Troy and Abed do in Community. If you don’t watch it, I highly reccomend that you do :)

  • Mae

    I love you and Alex so much you’re so amazing ugh

  • Amy

    It was a brilliant video, never doubt yourself!

  • iamchiib

    I thought you all did an amazing job. ^.^ I cant wait to see your next big project!

  • Jamie

    The video was really good Charlie! We all noticed and appreciated all the work you put into it. Can’t wait till the next one (:

  • Smile

    The video was so, so fantastic! Well done, I really hope it gets tons and tons of views because you really deserve it :)

  • Ofcoursesirimanelf

    This video was quite different than most of your usual ones. But I liked it very well done. You get my seal of approval

  • Braden Bierkos

    Great Video

  • That Person….

    Oh my god I want to watch this over and over again :D

  • Vashta Nerada In The Shadows

    Absolutely brilliant video, Charlie! Congratulations! I can’t stop clicking the replay button on this video haha! :) 

  • ‘Aamil Aamil

    Why did he make this drug!!!

  • Taylor

    wow, I really liked the video! Nice job :)

  • EricaZS123

    The makeup was fantastic! I thought the comic book style emotions and actions were very clever. Great job!

  • Allison Valenzuela

    Hi there! I only recently discovered you and your band. I’m from Iowa, what can you do? lol I’m a graphic design student and I definitely know how hard it is to make videos, especially with the special effects your video has. I was really impressed. For what it’s worth, I think you have a bunch of really talented friends and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Just a little advice; Don’t beat yourself up so much if someone doesn’t like what you’ve made, be proud, and make the next one even better than the last. Good luck!

  • Georgina Holmes2

    I loved the little cardboard comic book style actions!! Genuinely enjoyable video :)

  • Molly Blue Dawn

    I love the way you did the flying effects!  Somehow, it really captures the feeling of flying, like in the best dreams!  (The zombie effects are very impressive, too, but I don’t usually dream about zombies…)  And I especially love a story about friends and the things friends actually do together, which is so much of what life is all about!  A truly original and wonderful idea, beautifully executed!

  • Socorrolime

    This video was so cool! It really made my day! Thank you!

  • Jessica Beutler

    I love the video. It’s been added the videos that I watch all the time. 

  • Tatirod94

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  • cori

    Why is this not available in Germany :’( I was waiting for so long for a great video (it must be great when you see this comments below) and now…

  • Camilarusailh

    Charlie McDonnell, you pressure yourself too much!!<3 The video was ammazing, you should be thrilled xxx
    PS why don't you ever reply to your emails?:(

  • Tara

    This was the perfect video for the song – don’t stress yourself out! It was great ^__^

  • Sarah Brand

    I loved your video! I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it over the past couple of days.  <3

  • Andrada94

    You always have good ideas! I don’t think that any of us would have thought that a story about 2 friends fighting zombies will make such a great music video for this song. It offers a new perspective :)

  • Dana Smitz

    can*t watch it. Not available in Germany :/

  • Erika Olsen

    I could watch this video over and over again. The song is really good and the video is just so worth watching over and over!

  • Thea

    This was amazing! I have already watched it like 100000000000000 times :D. I can’t wait for the time when your directing huge Hollywood movies lol, I no that’s your dream and all.
    I loved finding out wat u thought of the video and I would be really interested to find out the story behind the film!

  • -M-

    This is the best song EVER!! :D I bought it on itunes and it is my ringtone, can’t stop listening to it!! I want this to be the xmas no. 1 <3 Love you

  • will

    download stealthy for firefox. it’s free and it works then. :) this also means you get to watch the hamilton video.

  • Anonymous

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  • lgwiseman


  • Lena Kutsche

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  • KhrisTinna

    It’s been worth it :) I’ve really enjoyed the video, the song is freacking cool and you’ve all been so resourceful! Congrats XX

  • Anonymous

    Charlie, you did an amazing job, well done! <3 (crew as well)
    And of course Alex is awesome for writing this lovely song, I have it on the repeat^

  • Sonnennnnn

    Charlie: Fans in Germany (like me) can’t watch your video because of copyright reasons… That sucks…

  • Candie Jean Westberg

    This film were amazing! Many a brilliant thank you:s to all of you, and to you Charlie for not giving up on what you believed in! Cheers xxxx

  • Adam

    Well done! I can’t stop watching it, really excited to find out what the ‘next big project’ will be:)

  • Nawedy

    With hindsight, we all would change things, but there would be no hindsight if we hadn’t done them in the first place. 
    So congrats for taking the challenge, as impossible as it seemed, and making this awesome video for all of us to watch. 
    Hasn’t Pixar called you yet? ;)

  • Esllava

    Yes, a new blog post ♥

  • Alex Jean :)

    I loved this video so much I put it on my iPod <3 It was, unfortunately, illegal and I wish there was a way to pay for it (like iTunes or something) in order to support my favorite vloggers Alex and Charlie <3

  • Dana Smitz

    thanks =)

  • Becca x

    A.M.A.Z.I.N.G <3

  • H P M91

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  • Iris

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  • Emma :)

    It was really really good :) The zombie make up was fantastic :D And such a cute bromance going on between you and Alex in it :L Tumblr must be buzzing with gifs of you guys :’) 

  • Frida from Sweden

    I love the song, and the video made it even better, though I didn’t think it could! :)

  • Rach

    It was absolutely amazing!!!! I watched it again and again and it still makes me smile every single time. To put it simply…I loved it! :D

  • Hello

    Germany decided I can’t watch this clip. I might go to another country just so i can watch this

  • Maria Modica

    I have this christmas video project coming up, and as you I am better off working independently, that’s how it’s always been. But for this next video project I know I’m going to have to work with a group of people! And it’s scary because I hate asking people to do this and do that, I love directing, but just the idea of bossing people around bothers me. But I’m really glad you wrote about this video experience to your viewers. It gave me, and a lot of people i think, an appreciative idea that, if Charlie can do it then you strive and accomplish any new video obstacle too! 
    Thank you 
    Big fan!

  • Sara

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  • Kay

    On charlieissoboredlike, you should post a behind the scenes video. :)

  • Cristina

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  • SAH

    It’s a brilliant video and song, great work, but I also had the problem that it is blocked in my country(germany). I needed to watch it via a proxy server because the GEMA thinks it infinges music rights.

  • Daniel Schröder

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  • Juli

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  • Hufflepuff Chick

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  • R Dernister

    It’s nice to be young, naive, and happy.   Enjoy it, kid.  It’s fun watching your life.

  • Allura Grace

    I cried, not because it was sad but because im a wimp, and a sucker for good friendships!

  • Natarsha Terreiro

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  • Anonymous

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  • aly

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    can’t stop listening to the song


  • Ben Stainton

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  • DragonSky

    Ok so to sum up the situation; “Forever Yours” is the best video in history. FACT :D

  • Genna

    This video was fantastic! I dont think you could have done a better job :D

  • bob

    for a challenge, u could learn all ur subscribers and make them into a song (maybe too many)

  • Flora Spread

    i love you charlie and this weeks was really good:) ya did really well for just an idea:)

  • Seatiger

    Great Vid.  You and everyone involved should feel great about the work you did.  I will pick up the song off iTunes on the 18th to see if Alex can become #1 for chirstmas. 

  • Gilgix

    Hi Charlie, Congratulations again! This great video
    shows your leadership skills. Great song!

    Handsome Charlie please do some sport, I do not want
    to see you over weighted. Cheers. Your fan #1  :-)

  • lizadorable

    It’s incredible to think that you started on YouTube to procrastinate like any other teenager and evolved into this amazing artist who, I’m sure, has managed not only to produce great work, but also inspire all of your followers (especially when you throw a particularly serious blog post into the bag as well, that always helps). Things like this give me hope for our generation =) Plus, you can never go wrong with zombies and superheroes! 

  • OwlCityDragon

    Wielding guns is cool :)

  • Live the dream

    ” if your ideas seem like they might be too farfetched to make a reality, just try to make them a reality anyway.” I live in famine and drought ravaged Somalia, feeding my dieing children is too farfetched to make a reality; but I’ll make it a reality anyway. Because I deserve it.

    You’re a pampered prick.

  • Anon

    Why are you spending time and money on the internet if your children are dying?

  • Georgia

    Y’know I think someone like Charlie is inspirational, he’s come from an average background and using a cheap camera and a bundle of talent has made some incredible things which have made me laugh or given me insight.

    Who do you think you are coming onto HIS website and calling him a “pampered prick”. I could insult you back easily for there are many things I would like to call you regards your hateful comment but I won’t.

    PS: I loved the video.

  • Holly

    I totally agree with Anon.  I love this video. If your children are dying, then what are you doing leaving horrible comments on the website of someone who deserves better than people like you commenting on their amazing video?!

  • Elizabella

    What on Earth are you doing on his website then, being all terrible and judgmental? =.= If you didn’t pause to go here, read the entire thing, and comment, you could have done something to help you’re children or anything else equally as productive.

  • Hopeless Case

    lad dir einfach stealthy als addon herunter, dann aktivier es, indem du auf den kleinen gleiter klickst, der rotgefärbt sein müsste und rechts von der adresszeile zu finden ist. lade dann die seite neu und voilá… du kannst das video sehen. hat bei mir jedenfalls funktioniert… :)

  • Hopeless Case

    @ all germans who can’t watch it: ladet euch einfach stealthy als addon herunter, dann aktiviert es, indem ihr
    auf den kleinen gleiter klickst, der rotgefärbt sein müsste und rechts
    von der adresszeile zu finden ist. dann müsst ihr die seite nochmal laden und voilá… ihr könnt es sehen.

  • Matias

    I loved this video! I’d like to see how did you do it! (behind the scenes, backstage) Greetings from Argentina :)

  • Alex Jean :)

    Omg! off to buy it now…! Boo ya!


    Darling, if you haven’t realised, using the internet generally costs money unless you’re leeching off someone else’s wifi or broadband. What are you doing leaving hate comments on a person’s PERSONAL WEBSITE (not even YouTube) when you could be looking for a job to save your children from dying? I’m sorry about your predicament, but you don’t have be nasty to people who didn’t contribute to the situation just for the sake of it.

  • Mandy

    I absolutely LOVED the video! <3 It was so great Charlie! And the best part was I was one of the first hundred too watch it! It was really fabulous Charlie! 

  • ThatGinger

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  • Riss

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