Happy Things #1

July 12, 2011

I’m feeling slightly stressed out. Last week I tried and failed to make a new video on two separate occasions, so I’ve decided to write a couple of blog posts about some nice things in an attempt to cheer myself up. This is the first of those blog posts.

To start us off, the big project that my fellow band members and I have been gradually chipping away at for the last however-longer-it’s-been has finally been released out into the world. Still Got Legs is no longer mine, or any of the other band member’s, but yours. I’m so proud of it, more than any musical project that I’ve ever been involved in, and I really hope you like it too. Though if you don’t then that’s obviously fine.

To everyone who pre-ordered a copy of the physical CD it’s on it’s way to you now, and if you check your email inbox now then you should also find a free digital download of the album so that you can pop it onto your computer right away. For everyone else, physical copies are still available at DFTBA.com (you’ll get a free digital download there too) or you can just go over to iTunes if that’s your thing. Lastly, like with my solo album, if you’re on the fence and would like to try before you buy then whole album is streaming for free over at bandcamp.com

However, the news of the album being out isn’t the only thing that’s cheering me up. Alan (DFTBA’s head honcho) posted these photos on his dailybooth recently that made me smile from ear to ear, one with the CD and poster insert (oh, and there’s a T-Shirt too) and another with all of the boxed up pre-orders ready for shipping. I think the second photo is especially brilliant, as it’s hard evidence of the fact that this is actually all happening for real. It’s so strange to have something that you’ve been hiding from the world for months to finally be in the hands of others, but so heartwarming too.

Check out those legs aw yeah

Oh, and there’s also this thing where (at time of writing) we’re number 4 in the iTunes rock charts, and number 50 overall. Thank you so much to all of the people who have commented/tweeted/emailed me and the others passing on your reactions to the CD, and to those who’ve already purchased a copy of it. You’ve made this whole thing so much more than worth it, and it’s so cool that we can achieve this kind of thing on our own, without any help from the mainstream music industry. Your support has been amazing, thank you a hundred times for making this happen.I can’t wait to play all of these songs live at VidCon.

I’m definitely feeling happier. But there’s more to come.

  • http://charliemcdonnell.com/ coollike

    I am excited for you all to correct my spelling/grammar in the comments ;)

  • eve han

    Hi Charlie!

  • http://twitter.com/GeorgeActionPig George Lyddiatt

    It’s brilliant! (the album AND blog post I mean :P)

  • ray :)

    You sing amazingly on Kiss The Girl, I’ve never heard you sing like that, Ed is a genius for writing and Michael produced the album so well, and it’s amazing, Thank you <3

  • http://shabsy.blogspot.com Shabna

    AW glad to see you feeling happier charlie. As for the video thing, take all the time you need. We’d much rather see something that you love rather than some video where you’re not really yourself. Congrats on the album by the way :) x

  • Lucy Bell

    Gotta say, It sound H’amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to break it to you, but your not Number 50 on itunes any more…

    You’re Number 31. 

    I guess the curse of Chameleon Circuit has been broken :)

  • Ellie

    More? :D

  • GemMayBre

    I listened to the whole album this morning on Alex’s blog, it’s so good! I can’t wait to order it for myself! I especially liked Mr.Pond and Still Not Ginger! 

  • http://twitter.com/GeorgeActionPig George Lyddiatt

    *Goestolookformistakes* XD

  • Ocampo Rigel

    1st! haha! congratulations charlie. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucinda3 Lucinda Delas

    I can’t stop listening to Travelling Man! You guys did a great job on the album, and Michael did fantastically producing it. I love it, definitely the best purchase I’ve ever made!

  • http://www.facebook.com/warrishan Michelle Tay

    And I can’t wait for you guys to play all those songs live at VidCon, haha(:

    Will grab a physical copy of the CD soon <3

  • Splashamash

    The text is very small :O Lucky I don’t have bad eyesite :O

  • guest

     Please don’t be down. Your videos always brighten me up when I’m down, I wish I could do the same for you. The album is wonderful I’ve been listening to it for hours it’s really great and all of you guys should be proud. Congratulations. Please be happy Charlie! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000044008288 Amanda Cailin Equils

    I don’t suppose there’s any way I could get my copy signed by everyone, is there?

  • Tahirah

    Congrats!! The album really is amazing, I’m soooooo happy that I preordered it :)
    When I first heard it last night I got really excited and had to force myself to go to sleep instead of listening to it over and over xD

  • Jamie Hornsey

    The album is fantastic. But that’s just my opinion. It should be yours too. 

  • Anonymous

    The reason it’s such a success is because it’s so good. It spreads virally and everyone buys it and yay. :D

  • http://twitter.com/kyaralove Kyara

    Charlie, you’re so talented. Hopefully whatever block you’re having won’t last long. The album is fantastic, and I’m not just saying that. 

  • Ellie

    Pff. I NEVER do that… <..>      <.<   Like, EVER.

  • Ali R

    Charlie,I pre-ordered the album, does that mean I get the poster and lyric sheet?

  • http://twitter.com/l_barzotto Laura Barzotto

    I’m really sorry I spent so much last months and I won’t be able to buy your new CD. :(
    But I must say that I have your “This is me” and I really really really loved it. It’s the only CD I have that I bare listen to the whole album so many times that even my neighbourhoods should be angry with me. By the way, I like how your videos are becoming more sci-fi. Exciting!

  • Anonymous

    Charlie! I am so proud of you! I can’t wait for ‘Still Got Legs’ I think i’m going to preview it right now. You have really inspired me, and also have gotten me into Dr. Who….keep up the great work!!

  • yeon

    wow but i don’t have ipod :( what should i do?

  • http://twitter.com/vkat14 Victoria Espinoza

    fish fingers and custard really are kind of tasty– thanks for being awesome CC :)

  • Elsie

    The album is amazing! You guys have all done such a fantastic job on it and you can tell how much work has been put into it :) My favourite track at the moment is Kiss The Girl, but to be honest they’re all brilliant! :D 

  • http://twitter.com/imalive1234 Riss

    love the CD im begging my parents to buy it 4 me!!

  • jLeigh

    Aw. Hope you feel better soon Charlie!! Take all the time you need. We don’t mind :)

  • http://twitter.com/superzombiepowa Shabnam

    I’m listening to the album right now and I’m totally in love with it. You guys did a fantastic job!

  • http://twitter.com/black_euphoria Kay Lester

    :) excited  for some more music from you :) xx

  • http://twitter.com/EilidhGow Eilidh Gow

    I totally love “Still Got Legs” its such an awesome album, im definitely buying it!!!! My fave songs (so far – I’m still listening to it @alexdaymusic.com) are: Regenerate me, Mr Pond, Knock four Times, Big Bang 2 and Eleven. I love you guys and I can’t wait to actually get it on my iPod and computer and everything, also it will be awesome to have a proper physical copy to play in the car, and stuff… Some songs are are bit slow but for most its fine (for example, travelling man is really good). Also excited for the poster that comes with the album which will be cool. I think im gonna buy your t-shirt its really cool!!! Love you guys xxx

  • http://juicygrassblog.wordpress.com/ Fartais Alexandra Valentina

    Nice! Your are all so talented and you do deserve this. Congratulations!
    Greetings from Romania!!

  • Pete

    Don’t worry about video making. With 3 blog posts and an album out, im sure we can wait :)

  • http://twitter.com/digitalfare Kali

    I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve listened to the album. It’s great to hear you’re doing well in iTunes charts. I’ll be waiting by the mailbox for my physical copy. :)

  • http://twitter.com/naveregnide Evan Edinger

    It’s always depressing to spend a lot of time creating what your next video will be and then going through with it only to find that you dislike it. It’s hard not to be disheartened, but hey. Your album’s selling like wildfire! Good luck on your next video. I’m glad you hold yourself to higher standards. You really are the pixar/valve of YouTube. 

  • Marisa

    Aww I love you Charlie! <3. I'm listening to Still Got Legs right now and I think it's very good! :) You guys did a great job on the album :D.  I think your amazing Charlie <3.

  • http://twitter.com/loreto_og Loreto Olivares

    Charlie, your fans love you no matter what. You were my very first youtuber that i watched like… 2 and a half years ago and you’ve never defrauded me. Your album is great and all your work is great… so don’t be discouraged!! hahaha you are awesome (:

  • Sarah

    Congratulations Chameleon Circuit!!
    41 in the iTunes albums charts.
    Way to go guys!!
    You totally deserve it for all you hard work!!!! :)
    Keep up the good work!!!

  • Jessylowe

    i like listening to your music when i’m stressed out or whatever, never fails. maybe you should laze around and listen to still got legs for a bit, it’s pretty good y’know..
    haha, ‘pretty good’ being the understatement of the century there, you should all be so proud of yourselves, it’s incredible, i’m so impressed :) 
    if i was as talented as you lot are, i’d never stop smiling. or bragging. just remember about 28456294729 people all over the world think you’re amazing and for good reason

  • Katie

    I’m so glad the album is finally out! It’s amazing, better than I even imagined in all kinds of ways. Don’t be so worried about failed videos, you’ll get your stride back :)

  • Elisehfl

    I think you should be happy :)

  • Lexxie

    I’m glad you’re happy now, Charlie. No need to stress, your videos are always worth the wait b/c they’re quality and brilliant. Don’t let people pressure you :)

    Still Got Legs is brilliant. It’s probably my favorite album at the moment. I’m absolutely blown away by it. 


  • Leaaaaah.


  • Laura

    The new album is AMAZING. I love all the songs, especially Kiss The Girl. I wish I could go to VidCon and see you play live!

  • Red Red Sky

    Had the song on repeat on alex’s site from this morning (waiting for pay day), and it’s absolute genius, regardless of it being about Doctor Who (but that just increases its awesomeness =D) Love all the tracks and can’t wait to get my grubby mits on the actual CD =D

  • http://twitter.com/_rachellynn Rachel Lynn

    Um, I’m streaming the album right now on bandcamp (since I can’t afford anything at the moment) and it’s kind of amazing. Or really amazing. Congrats!

  • Jo-anneroerdink

    I hope you know all your fans want you to be happy, because you’re such a good person. And if you need some time to get happy, I think that’s okay, because you don’t deserve to be down. 

  • http://twitter.com/HASkittles HyperActiveSkittles

    as soon as i have money i am buying a copy of both this and the first album and this is me you rock charlie


  • http://twitter.com/HASkittles HyperActiveSkittles

    this album is amazing i can’t wait to have money to buy this and the first album and this is me


  • Marit Bieber

    Just listened to the stream and you guys are sooo talented and hot.
    Gonna buy a cd right away!

  • http://twitter.com/gelingeling ling

    I listened to the album for the last 20 hours and I can honestly say that it makes me very happy. So thank you for the music.

  • Gennie

    I think Still Got Legs is topping the “Happy Things” list for a lot of people right now! I was only going to listen to it once at work today…I’m currently listening through for the fifth time.

    I can’t wait to get my pre-order in the mail and show off my CC t-shirt to the world! xD

  • Belieber


  • Michella

    I haven’t gotten my pre-order yet, so I REFUSE to listen to any of the links you guys posted. I want to hear it when I get my cd. But I have faith in you guys that it’s amazing.  :) I know how you feel, I’ve been trying to write my next chapter (which is the big reveal type thing) and I don’t like anything I’ve written. cheers

  • http://twitter.com/FinalNameLeft Maria Jørgensen

    Charlie, I love the album, it’s really great. I love the lyrics, the references, the music (OMG, the sound is amazing, Michael Aranda is a genious! The arrangements are really superb (although I do “disagree” with a few of the choices made, the overall experience makes up for it completely!)) – I love everything about it! You really have something to be proud of here, all five of you!
    And I know something that’ll cheer you up too: you know how you wrote in this blogpost that the second picture includes all of the preoders? Well, you’re wrong. I saw that photo on twitter a few days ago, and immediately preordered a copy myself (which has been my plan all along, I just forgot..!), and I saw comments on both pics from people doing the same. So those are not all the preorders! Just sayin’.
    So cheer up! Much love from Denmark.

  • http://twitter.com/LittleFlecks Carlie Miller

    I don’t even watch Dr. Who and I love this album. You can tell that a lot of work went into every one of these songs and it shows. I’ve been listening to it on repeat at work all day, and its made my day so much better.

    Looking forward to hearing you guys play these songs at VidCon!

  • Sophie:)


  • Audrey

    You’re adorable ;)

  • Emina McQueen

    love the album , specially songs The Big Bang Two and The Doctor is Dying . You’re just soooo amazing . Love it love it love it  !

  • Aubrie

    This is possibly the nerdiest thing I’ve ever heard.

    I love it. :)

  • sham bonobo

    my favorite track off the album would be teenage rebel and mr.pond :)

  • Fletching

    Well that’s pretty exciting! Don’t worry about the videos, I’m sure everyone would’ve loved them anyways. I just started watching you on the tube (how I like to call it) a couple of months ago and you’re so funny. I love your friend Alex Day too. You guys are awesome! You should do another video with him once you get back. I hope you’re having a good time in the US. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to go back to England and maybe I’ll even be lucky enough to get one of those “I found Charlie” buttons! P.S. You should consider doing a digitour in the US sometime next year. 

  • Herbert

    Way to go Charlie!!

  • Sindi

    thank GOD i’m going. aughh i’m so excited!

  • katetruth

    I’m wait impatiently for my digital download e-mail… I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out, but I’m trying. It’s better than my patients for waiting for the physical CD, which I’ve asked my parents numerous time about mail delivery which they have no answers to. Can’t wait! Too excited!

  • Anonymous

    dont worry charlie be happy look at all the accomplishments you’ve made:
    1) you’ve hit a million subscribers :D
    2) still got legs is #7 on the rock itunes chart and #43 overall :D
    3) you’ve gained a new viewer within a week (me) and i’ve already watched all your videos :D
    I know you know us fans will support you all the way and we’ll always be here :) always remember that quality counts over quantity. be calm and DFTBA :D

  • IloveyouCHARLIE…x

    Depression… I can’t be at vidcon:(x

  • Sophie

    i absolutely LOVE the new album! its amazing. (also, my name is sophie, so its fun to hear charlie say “i love you sophie” in kiss the girl.) :D
    great job, chameleon circuit! its because of you that i fell in love with doctor who. cant wait for more! :)

  • Paytonryhan

    Yay! I can’t wait to get my copy!!

  • http://kittyweasley.tumblr.com KittyWeasley

    Don’t worry, be happy! You’re doing great!

  • Sophie:)

    it makes me feel all happy inside hahahaha!

  • Unicorn

    Why didn`t you just read all of that to us on a vlog? Then you would have had a nice video :P I tend to enjoy the videos in which you just talk about stuff the most. Your newer ones are awesome as well, but still. Don’t stress yourselves over a video. I think your fans are happy to watch whatever you put up. :D DFTBS

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1783124129 Alex Cole

    I had work experience this morning, so the first thing I did when I woke up at 6 this morning was pop this straight onto the ol’ iPhone. And on the train, people stared at me like I was a madman, who couldn’t stop smiling. I listened to the whole album from start to finish twice on the journey, and it was honestly 86 minutes straight of smiling. I can’t tell you how much I love it, all the work has paid off. Big congratulations to you and the rest of Chameleon Circuit, Charlie! :)

  • http://twitter.com/MoniqueViloria Monique Viloria

    You’re doing a fantastic job, Charlie! Trust me there is a lot more to come in your life. This is just the beginning [[[[[[[[:

  • CoralinAmphigory

    d’aww.  It was a genuinely good album.  I’m so happy you’re seeing all this success.  

  • http://twitter.com/MrsClarissaDay Clarissa Day

    You should do concerts in LA for people who can’t go to Vidcon. Just a little suggestion. XD

  • http://twitter.com/JarScottPeters Jared Peters

    Yay for happy people and happy things of happiness!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=699874490 Lauren Flower

    I actually want to hug you so bad right now!! Don’t you worry about the videos- we’re your fans. We stuck by you for five years and even if you talk to the camera with no special effects or any point to the video at all, we will still love it. You put too much pressure on yourself Charlie, you can be and are amazing without even trying to be! Just talk to us- there’s no pressure to blow our socks off every time with an incredible video, normal vlogs make those ones even more special. Anyway, you probably got the point now so I’ll round up haha :)

    Listening to your album now by the way; it’s totally amazing! Well done to you and your bandmates.

     With love to you all the way from England to America- good luck in Comicon! :D

    Wow- Big bang 2 just came on and I had the most massive beaming smile come to my face, I LOVE that song!

  • Briana Dixon

    Another reason to cry my eyes out that I’m not a VidCon. Thanks for that lol. :)

  • Miriam

    I’ve not listened to it yet, but I’m going to head over to bandcamp to have a looksie – I’m sure it’s brilliant!

  • Lidia melibosky

    I really REALLY love how Still Got legs ended up. I have listened to it like 14 times already. I believe it’s an amazing album even if you don’t now much about Dr Who. You can tell it is made out of awesome ;D 
    Congratz, charlie, to you and to alex, ed and liam, you did a great job. ^_^

  • Anonymous

    Wowowowowowww not only have you created an amazing album, which is meaningful to both whovians and normal people alike, but in the entirety of the ONE DAY it has been up, you have reached #32 in the charts!!
     Chameleon Circuit, you have my approval *round of applause*

  • http://www.ashleyharnett.co.uk Ashley Harnett

    Congratulations, Charlie.  Fab work from you and the other guys in the band :)

  • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/RachelsAUnicorn Rachel :D

    It’s such an amazing album! I just bought it. You’re doing great things Charlie, don’t sweat it if you have an off week.

  • Mgmaylan

    Okay, I bought it. 

    I wasn’t going to, but then I read this and then listened to the streaming. I’ve decided I want to support you, because if I was in your position, I would love the support. And I love what you guys have done with this album. I’ve been putting off watching Doctor Who as well (The newer ones, anyways), and I think I’m going to now have to watch it.

    I will anxiously await the arrival of my newest CD of yours. You guys are brilliant. 
    Thank you for adding talent to the world. Please keep up the wonderful work! :)

    Much love, 

  • Dina

    It’s an amazing album, I love it! I need to get an iTunes voucher so I can buy it! ;D

  • Cheas

    I. Love. This. Album! XD I’ve listened to it over and over, chameleon circuit convinced me to watch doctor who with their last album and now it’s my favorite tv show! Don’t worry about not making a video lately, just these blog posts keep us fans happy. Thank you for being so amazing! :)

  • Cheas

    I. Love. This. Album! XD I’ve listened to it over and over, chameleon circuit convinced me to watch doctor who with their last album and now it’s my favorite tv show! Don’t worry about not making a video lately, just these blog posts keep us fans happy. Thank you for being so amazing! :)

  • Anonymous

    #22 :O!!!!!

  • Slynia

    This album is brillant! I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to be next month, when I’ll order the two Chameleon circuits CD!

  • Mary George

    Still don’t have my email ;_;
    Ah well. I heard it at the listening party, I can wait :D

  • Bowsnozzle

    This album is simply amazing, I love every song on it! Fantastic!

  • Amanda

    What a brilliant surprise – been waiting on the edge of my seat for my pre-order and look! A digital version to download in the meantime. THANKS! I can’t wait to get home and… okay, no. I’m going to wait. The anticipation is awesome. Congrats on the success!!!

  • http://twitter.com/tictactoe103 fabiha khan

    THE ALBUM IS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Therefore you deserve to be happy!! as for your videos each and every one of them has always been awesome and will continue to be, we will patiently wait so you don’t need to worry :D

  • Diego

    Charlie, as a subscriber of yours, I can tell you, you are the man who’s videos I’ve been watching for the longest.
    You are the guy who introduced me to learning english (as silly as it might sound, it’s true)
    I’m so very proud of you, and I hope you not only make a huge profit, economically, but, I hope you can feel that all this hard-work was actually worth it.
    Yours Sincerely, Diego.

  • Leigh

    Congrats! I’m so proud of all of you guys!  All the work you put into this album definately shows. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1451230050 Sarrah Ann Taylor

    I’m IN LOVE with the traveling man!!!! It’s my fav!!! I like them all but the Traveling Man’s just wow!!!

  • Elllie

    The Album is fantastic! Don’t worry we’ll all wait for your videos….

  • Alisha

    Love the album Charlie. Thanks!

  • Eira

    Such an awesome album i don’t even know… how awesome it is..what?
    You are all so stupidly (new word) talented and you are all just… stupidly awesome. 

  • Thedoctorlovespotter

    I cannot wait to get my copy in the mail! I hope I get it before I leave for Leakycon! Are you going to be there?

  • GnomeRat

    You don’t have to make videos. As much as I enjoy them, it’s something that I can live without. I doubt you’re at the point of quitting, but people have slumps, they have phases of life as well. Perhaps you’re in a slump, perhaps the video-making era is over for Charlie. One thing is for certain though: Charlie’s life is up to Charlie. You’ve been immensely successful with videos and you’ve had many opportunities as a result of that success, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful at something else. Maybe it’s time for university, maybe it’s time for a break, maybe it’s time to volunteer, maybe it’s time to write a book or even weave ponchos. Whatever you do, you’ve got a community to support you :D

  • Dood

    why you so dislike anything mainstream.

  • Dood

    why you so dislike anything mainstream. Q. right or left?  A.left domestic or cross? cross. aw yeah

  • Rachel

    I LOVE this new album. Different from the first album, but it sounds more like a group collectivally than just solo artists writing seperate songs and putting it into one album.  I also like how if you aren’t a fan of doctor who, you can still get enjoyment out of the album. Overall, great work Chameleon Circut!!

  • noorgansjustawesome

    Happy things are the best kind of things. (:

  • Sarah

    I have never seen a single episode of Dr. Who, and I’m rather picky about what music I like. But this new album is really incredible! Like other people have already said, I’ve listened to it several times, and found it hard to keep from smiling the entire time. 

    Needless to say, I am going to order it right now, and tell my friends about it as well, because it is really, really good. Every song just flows so well into the next, which I think is part of the reason why you just want to listen to the whole thing on repeat. 

    Also, thank you and the other people in the band so very much for putting so much work into the album and sharing it with us. You all deserve all the success you’ve had and more. 

    And finally, I am glad that there are so many happy things in your life that you cannot fit them all into one blog post. That is something else to be happy about! 

  • Wincoote322

    I hope you come back to England in a more relaxed frame of mind. Try to remember that your reputation will always be based on your best videos, not on your worst ones. No creative person does their best work all the time, from Shakespeare and Mozart all the way down the tree. 

    So try not to think about what people will think of each video when you are working on it. You are well established, and you have a loyal following. If you produce a dud once in a while, it just doesn’t matter, providing you also produce some successes, and so far you have always produced a lot more of the latter. And don’t take your own doubts about your work too seriously, because you are obviously at the very self-critical end of the spectrum, and past evidence is that you are sometimes too harsh in your initial assessment of your own best work, e.g. Duet with Myself. 

  • Wincoote322

    Possibly because it is nearly all over hyped rubbish designed to part idiots from their money?

  • Beatlesforever100

    Oh Charlie! It’ fine if your’e not making a video as often! (I really hate when people like rape your videos with comments abut how you dont make them enough) Also, I’m totally PUMPED for Still Got Legs! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabbys Gabby Nicole Sepulveda

    I’ve never watched Doctor Who and feel slightly out of the loop when it comes to whole Chameleon Circuit thing, but in support of Charlie, I’m still going to give it a listen. 

    Also, Charlie, just know that none of us expect anything from you, except to be yourself. You don’t need a scripted video to be funny, just as you don’t need the mainstream music industry in order to create great music. The worst pressure a person has is the one they put on themselves, so don’t worry. We love you no matter how long it takes you to get your thoughts out on video. :)

    That being said, it’s great that you find so many things to be happy about. It’s good to just sit and think about happy things once in awhile.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000902033921 Katie Held

    Charlie, the new album is AMAZING. Simply AMAZING.
    I’m really glad I pre-ordered the CD.
    You guys worked really hard on this, and you deserve every single thank you and compliment you get.
    But I have 2 words I’d like to say before I post this.
    Geronimo, and Allons-y!
    ~Katie, a devoted fan:)

  • http://twitter.com/epicherogo hero catherine major

    Charlie where r u in America , my friend Ali and i have been pondering this ever sense we here u were here, (about a week ago), I have already put meeting u on my mental bucket list, (yes i no very weird).
    -your loving fan
    Hero Major

  • findingfeathers

    Hey Charlie:) I’m a new fan and I just wanted to say, yes the new album is amazing!  I’m also glad you are feeling happier.  Watching your videos and listening to your music made me feel much better today when I woke up feeling awfully crummy this morning.  That’s all for now…

  • http://twitter.com/Ladysugarquill Guillermina

    I’ve been listening to the album. It’s awesome! :D

  • Dana M.

    The new album is quite amazing. I like all of the work you do but this one is defiantly one of my favorites. I had thought that Chameleon Circuit’s first album was amazing but this was even better. I am hoping for more of your stuff in the future. :)

  • Anonymous

    Charlie, you should definitely do more of these blog posts.  Not only are you amazingly good at making videos, but your blogs are full of off the wall awesomeness as well.  I’m one of those try before I buy people that you mentioned, but unfortunately I haven’t had the time to listen as of yet.  I plan to before the week expires, though.  As for the videos, Charlie, I just want to encourage you to have fun with them.  Don’t worry about going over the top.  (While it is good to push yourself to go beyond where you have been before, you don’t want to forget how to enjoy making videos either.)  So just remember to have fun and I hope you are enjoying the US while you are here!

  • http://liliaismystarbucksname.com Linnea

    I bought both Still Got Legs and your other album (“Just Me”?) and I LOVE them! Makes my day so much better when I can go around listening to Doctor Who songs and sing “Dopamiiiiin. Doooopamin”. Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/candiegirll Candace Robinson

    1) After listening to this album with so much emotion and tallent put it, all I can think is, I NEED TO WATCH DOCTOR WHO.
    2) If you do what you love without the need to please everyone or sellsellsell, then it will be worth it all. You guys get that, and it reflects in your work.
    3) YOU ROCK.

  • Pamela

    YAY! Another person converted. Trust me, once you start watching Doctor Who, you’ll wonder why it took you so long, and the Chameleon Circuit songs will be made 10 times more awesome.

  • Tahirah

    Ahh Charlie the new CC album is amazing!! You should record a scripted video but don’t edit it and upload it with all the pauses and ummms and everything in it. That would be the best….bye:)

  • Chelsea Beam

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been super stressed out! But, think of it this way… whatever video you end up making eventually will be the video that the first two were trying to be! (If that made any sense. :D) 
    Video making should be fun – there shouldn’t be any pressure on it, you know? :)

    But, WOW. :D
    SGL is AMAZING. I just can’t stop listening to it.
    You guys should take a moment and just bask in the fact that you’ve made something that is going to be well-loved by a lot of people. :)

  • Savannah Grace Perry

    Hey Charlie.I just want to say New album is  AMAZING!!!I’ve been listening to this..<3

  • crymsonblue

    Congratulations!  The album is so wonderful!  I love the diversity, the different moods and melodies and the gorgeousness of it all!  Beautiful.

    I’m also glad that you’re letting us know how you’re doing.    As someone who struggles alot with writer’s block, I completely understand that pressure – I find when I try to do something creative on demand – it can be really hard sometimes. 

    So, I have a suggestion - if at some level you’re nervous about what would happen if you put out a video that isn’t top notch – well, there really is only one solution for that!  You should definitely put out a video that isn’t top notch. Confront that nervousness. Go for it. 

    So, with that in mind – I don’t know if this would be helpful, but I have a challenge for you Charlie, should you choose to accept it.

    My challenge is:  Make a very silly video.  If it’s medicore and not all that good, then gold star for the challenge!  Yay, Charlie!  If you put out a good video, that’s a C grade.  You only get an A grade if it’s mediocre.

    Can you do that Charlie?  Can you do something really silly just have fun and if it’s medicore,that’s even better?  I don’t know.  This could be your greatest challenge EVER.. 

    Okay, so that’s my challenge for what it’s worth, but whatever you do, I hope you know that you have my full support!

  • Canadianna

    Just bought it off iTunes in Canada (enjoy your share of the 20 pence they pay you?) even though I can’t listen to most of it because I haven’t watched all of series 5 yet! Spoilers! XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000009411654 Dianne Martínez

     I hope your stress go to a vacation to “Baker town” so Victoria Sponge can steal it from you. “Still got legs” is brilliant, as your fan I feel really proud of you guys…I just can’t stop listening “Kiss the girl” I love it! Now I have to order a physical copy to just to get that T-shirt because I love you guys…Good luck and stop worrying about what you’re next video is going to be about, just enjoy it as you always do, remember: If you’re happy we’re happy :D…..and by the way I got a litle secret: I’ve only watched Doctor who on youtube, and I now can tell that I understand why you love it so much. Adios :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/kari.lucero Kari Lucero

    Hey Charlie, the album is AMAZING!  :D

  • Bluegiraffe666

    “Travelling Man” send shivers through my body every time and makes me smile so much. c:
    Thank you Chameleon Circuit for gifting the world with this magnificent album.

  • http://twitter.com/jaceyslayer Jacey Slayer

    If only I could go to VidCon and see you play!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000009411654 Dianne Martínez

    same here!

  • kelseymerrie

    I seriously love this album, and can’t stop listening to it. I’m so excited to receive my physical CD so I can listen to it in my car, and not to mention I’m quite excited wear my shirt. Congratulations to everyone involved with the creation of Still Got Legs. You guys made an amazing CD. And thanks for letting me nerd out about Doctor Who even more!

  • Gotcha

    The album is absolutley amazing. It’s what I’ve been listening to literally all day. Really great job, you deserve the support. 

  • http://twitter.com/sarah_jane0705 Sarah Jupp

    I’m so glad you’re feeling happier Charlie, I know it’s hard to relax when you’re stressed sometimes. Especially when people are saying “Don’t be stressed!” haha. Although, having said that, I do hope you don’t stress out too much more any time soon. There’s so many who people out there who think you’re absolutely wonderful, and even though we love your videos, we’d prefer that you were happy and relaxed than stressed. A massive congratulations on Still Got Legs btw – I’ve been posting on tumblr all day and night about it, I am ridiculously impressed. The musicality is mind-blowing, and the way it’s all come together is so inspiring.

    In summary, Charlie; you’re pretty damn groovy.

  • Wadey

    Charlie! Still Got Legs is amazing. (and it’s now number 26 overall) :)

  • Jo Walshe

    It’s just a little bit of genius really :)

    On the happiness, Harry Potter comes out on Friday! I don’t think sadness can be possible?

  • JustALittleDotty

    Au contraire, Harry Potter coming out is a thing of sadness- the very end! There will be may tears. 

  • Kate

    I don’t think I can really say anything different from what has been said already. This album is incredible and has been playing non-stop for the past two days! I’m so glad that CC managed to overcome all obstacles in their way which threatened the release of this album! I managed to get my little sister to listen to the album and she absolutely adored it, and is going to try and watch old episodes of Doctor Who which she had previously avioded, which is a shame because it meant she missed a lot of Tennant! Thank you for the wonderful album, and don’t worry about your videos. Trust us, we love you for you, not for perfect vids x

  • me :)

    Still Got Legs is one of the best albums i’ve heard in a while, and i’m not just saying that because i like the band :) and a little confession: i’m not even a whovian, and i don’t watch much dw. but i still like the album, because it’s good music. heck, it’s GREAT music. congraz on the new album! looking forward to the next! :D
    and oh, one more thing: i’m replaying the whole album again! for idek how many times.

  • eugeeeeeene

    haha yeah i totally need to thank charlie and his band for introducing dw to me! i’ve only started watching the series and i’m thinking why didn’t i start watching it sooner? (and it also 100% changed my view towards the series — i used to think it was one of those cheesy tv shows but boy was i so wrong!)

  • Katie

    you have combined my 3 favourite things in the whole wide universe (see what i did there :D)doctor who, youtubers/vloggers and music.
    i can not thank you and the rest of chameleon circuit enough.
    this means the world to me, because its everything in my world.

  • http://twitter.com/thefrizztar Izzy L.A

    I cannot agree with you more! Doctor who is like you said, my life… and now that it’s been combined with youtube and music… it’s a dream come true, as sad as it seems. And it seems very sad. It IS very sad. I love it. 

  • Lene.

    Hey Charlie. I have a challenge to you. And it is that you should talk about Norway in the whole movie and maybe try and speak a little Norwegian. And you think for sure that I am Norwegian, and well yes I am:)

  • episode613wasalie

    Charlie – I LOVE that you guys added in that clip from your fish-fingers-and-custard challenge to “Still Not Ginger.” It made me laugh.

  • Audrey

    The new album is amazing, definitely have to get it. Oh and Charlie, take all the time you need for your videos, I really appreciate how much effort you put into them. 
    Lots of love from Australia x

  • Yasmin

    =)) you are so talented so keep up the good work!!!

  • happy meal

    mcdonnell’s happy meal

  • Elizabeth Pan

    Another Hurricane Charlie :)

  • alex_glew

    the album is brilliant! i had a proper OMG moment when i first listened to it and i’ve lost count the number of times i’ve listened to it all the way through! thank you so much for making it!

  • Candycandycrazed

    Poor Alan

  • Lauren Stevens

    Glad your feeling better Charlie, as I can’t actually picture you sad or stress. The Album is AMAZING! The last one was so good a thought you’d have a tough time stepping it up, but this one is actauly BETTER! Well done, don’t stress about making videos we’ll still be here when you get back, and have some time off for once now the album is out! :)

  • sophielovesbacon

    I cannot be happier than I am right now that this album is out. You are all so talented and I’m so glad that I have the privilege of owning this album! Keep up the awesome work! :) Can’t wait to see what else you all come up with. :D

  • Sean H

    i like the Big Bang 2

  • http://twitter.com/Hollysaysboo Hollyissocoollike

    Thank you for that cheery blog post Charlie <3 When is the VidCon? :) thanks x

  • Poppy Q

    You’re adorable, Charlie. I’m glad you’ve cheered up, and your band definitely deserved the success it’s got… Chameleon Circuit is definitely not cursed :D 

  • Anonymous

    hmmmm i wonder where you got your name…..? 

  • Emma :)

    Hey hey, don’t stress over videos. :) We don’t mind waiting for them, some of the best of yours have come after a bit of a wait…. Also, you could never fail at a video, just seeing you pop up on screen and talk to us for a bit is quite enough. :D
    LOVE the album btw, I was laughing for ages after listening to your fish fingers and custard comment in Still Not Ginger :D xxxxxxxx

  • Angela

    Charlie..this album is crazy amazing!!! You guys have done such a fantastic job! I’ve listened to it like nonstop for the past two days it’s that good! 
    About your videos- take your time(: From reading all these comments it seems you have a good support system (obviously) of people who all don’t mind waiting, and it’s important that you feel good about what you’ve made. I know that whatever you end up posting will be great!
    P.S. my favorite song is…I can’t decide. They’re all so good! ;)

  • Flavia


     You’re doing an amazing work there. All fans are really proud of you! (You should be, too)
    You have talent to be singer, producer, actor, whatever you like (even runner, if you want!)
    Be who you are.

    Flavia, from Brazil (yeeah)

  • Olivia Spore

        Happy you’re happy :D. Can’t wait to hear the album. Have fun in L.A. at vidcon, I was supposed to go (got my ticket and everything) but it turns out I can’t afford to travel to L.A. :( But, that’s Ok.  There’s always next year, right?     And about the videos, don’t stress! We’d rather have amazing creative videos than rushed ones, take your time. I, not to mention thousands of other people thousands, have been watching your videos since 2008 and don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon. :)

              <3Olivia (Washington D.C.) 

  • Beatlesforever100

    I started watching you last summer and I had no idea what Doctor Who was. I thought I wouldn’t like it at all, but I tried watching it. Today, it’s my favorite TV show, and am currently listening to the awesome of Still Got Legs. Thank you, Charlie.

  • Macarena M. Couve

    what’s your opinion about “GOOGLE+”????? :)

  • http://twitter.com/bluetardisgirl Alice Ward

    It’s such an amazing album, listening to it as I type this. Personal favourites: Kiss The Girl, Mr. Pond, Travelling Man and Teenage Rebel :D It’s also nearly my one year Charlie Fan-iversary! I’m a nerd like that. V. well done Charlie, Still Got Legs is something to be proud of!

  • Christine Farsi

    Still Got Legs is FANTASTIC. It is obvious how much you all worked on it, and to a spectacular end. Can’t get enough! It’s been on repeat since tuesday!

  • Paulinna_56

    The album is amazing!!!!! I love it!!!! Every single song, I can’t stop listening to it :D  

  • Jo Walshe

    Yeah I realised that about 5 minutes after I’d posted this. Shush, no one else noticed… It’s all fine :)

  • Annika342

    Can’t wait to HEAR all of you at VidCon!

  • Cribbsbailey

    I’m listening to the album as I write this, and I know all the words already, I love it

  • Alex

    Nightmares is my favorite song so far(:

  • Kjersti

    I I’ve pre-ordered it, and I won’t listen to it ’til it comes, ’cause it’s something worth waiting for… Or something hahaha, briliant….

  • Karina

    I’m trying really hard to write something coherent, to keep the squeaky sounds to a minimum (and failing completely). I’m listening to the album for the first time right now, and *…* I have no words, it’s  just amazing and I still have ten tracks to go! I love it, Charlie, I love it so friggin’ much. Wish you and the other guys could know how much I love it. Ok, I’ll stop rambling now. Just… thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Edchaser23 Eddie Chase

    It’s amazing charlie. I fing loved it. You guys have gotten so much better since your first album. 
    Do you guys have any plans to do music videos for this album?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1113316364 Katie Hrenchir

    I bought my copy two days ago, and then about an hour later my older sister called me to tell me not to buy it because she had already ordered it for my birthday. I guess I get two copies! xD

  • QueenOfTheAubergines

    Saving up my pocket money at the moment- my dad said he’d order it for me tonight and I’ll give him the money tomorrow. I’ve listened to it all on Bandcamp and it’s freaking amazing!

  • http://twitter.com/shjasinchan Shjasin

    charlie do u have facebook pages?

  • Jummi

    Haha, the fotos are lovely!
    Congrats for the release of that awesome album! And thank you for giving us this piece of joy!

    Now I’m excited to find out what else is to come. :)

  • Hazzi

    Good luck for future albums!! It’s great music and I also really enjoy your youtube videos!! They have really helped me with my GCSE’s — I am talking about certian one like Light and The Moon, not the purple man and drinking ketchup! Thank you for making these videos, I have loved every one of them!!

  • Hannarrr

    I love the album :) and also, where is VidCon to?

  • Irene Keet

    I absolutely loved Travelling Man on first listen! I’ve ordered the CD + shirt, and I’ll be wearing it proudly =)

  • Tudor Sandu

    Hi Charlie, just wanted to say that Still Got Legs is amazing!

  • m.i.l.l.i.e.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful album, I think that you’re amazing and such.  :)

  • Rowanlovesmeerkats

    Hey, just wanted to say I loved your interview on Radio 4 extra about Chameleon circuit and all the tracks are awesome! First time I’ve heard of you all, thanks to everyone for the new album and I’ll definately be buying it :)

  • 93DiagonAlley

    Hey Charlie, just wanted to say how sorry/bad I feel for you. Being stressed out can’t be made easier by all of the frantic messages (myself having written one as well) asking where you’re new video is. DFTBA (like you ever would!)

  • stupidfangirl

    are you playing any other gigs while your in LA?

  • Val

    Charlie, please don’t feel bad. All of your fans love you so much and don’t care if things you do aren’t perfect. None of us are perfect and we all have bad days. I’d give you the biggest hug right now if I could. I hope that you will feel better and that these “happy things” blog posts help you. Seeing you sad makes us all sad too. So smile, eat a cookie maybe, and feel better. Congratulations on the album, I am so happy that it’s out now and doing well too. It is, by far, the best album ever created of songs that are all about Doctor Who. You should be very proud my friend. So don’t forget that every one of your viewers is behind you on this and ready to give you a big hug whenever you need it. Much love, Val

  • rociio.hc

    Do not feel stressed out Charlie. We support you and love you :). Nevermind if you can’t do a video. Do not effort too much… it will just come up by itself, you’ll see.
    Kisses… I’m Rocio from Argentina! :)

  • :)

    The album is amazing! YOU ARE AMAZING <3

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be discouraged!! Remember when you wrote a blog post about wanting quality over quantity? Your last videos have been so good that I’m sure everyone will be willing to wait for your next one until you feel inspired. A stressed Charlie is the last thing anyone wants. :)

    But still, congratulations on the album. :)

  • http://twitter.com/converselove9 zahra hussain

    AWWW dont feel stressed out man. its okay. we all love you and support you.<3 i checked out your album and IT TOTALLY ROCKS. you ROCK. <3 <3

  • http://twitter.com/converselove9 zahra hussain

    well at least yur feeling better and hopefully yu’LL take everyones BEST wishs to heart get better (happier) ^ ^ 

  • barbar

    Charlie your new album is AMAZING. It’s been 3 days and I can’t stop listening to it!!

  • http://twitter.com/SwagModeBieber Dasha Anderson™

    I love you Charlie. ♥

  • George Gore

    Charlie, you are the best video blogger and musician in the world! ;D

  • http://twitter.com/wellybeans13 noelle schrock

    AHHH I love ♥ <3 your album soooo much!! :) :) :) :) :)  the part in still not ginger where you talk about the fish fingers cracks me up every time…. even after listening to is like 7  times :) ;)

  • Nicole

    Charlie, try not to worry too much about not having a new video yet, Australia’s most subscribed vlogger (Community Channel 900000+ subscribers) hasn’t had a new video in 3 months so you’re doing better than her! You’re both awesome :) :) Love the album, its amazing!

  • Toco87

    Charlie, you don’t need to feel stressed about not having upload a new video. We are your fans and we love you anyway! As long as you are happy we’re happy :D 

  • Sophiebange

    charlie, the last thing you need to do is be stressed about making a video. the internet will enjoy any video you make! heck, you could just sit in front of a camera holding a cat for an entire video, and i can guarentee that there will be 0 dislikes!! :D lol

  • Guest.

    don’t feel stressed charlie! everyone loves you just as much and will wait.

  • Genii_Bean

    I just want to say Kiss The Girl is hilarious. I had to go back and watch The Lodger because of it. And every time I hear you in Still Not Ginger I giggle. It’s a fantastic touch for fans of not just Doctor Who, but you as well. Still Got Legs is just blowing me away. A thousand gold stars. :)

  • Steph

    The album is absolutely amazing!! You guys did an awesome job!!!:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=549020520 Pragya Krishna

    It’s an amazing album, Charlie, worth way more than just $10.

  • Sean H

    Oh no! your world record for fastest typing of the alphabet on an ipad (6.31 seconds) has been BROKEN!

  • Ronnie Mcphiful

    Just agreeing with everyone else, Still Got Legs is beyond awesome, and I got to be the lucky one who got the album with an extra poster, so i get to look at all your faces while reading the lyrics :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002634633454 Anna Burger

    I’m really proud of you (I sound like your mum xD) that you finally finished editing the video. We’re waiting impatiently!! :D

  • http://twitter.com/converselove9 zahra hussain

    CHARLIE!!!!!! i love you but I am in the uk almost EVERY summer except for this one and i have NEVER seen you which is really unfortunate!!!! soooooooooooo could you travel to like AMERICA!?!?! i know its stupid so its was just a suggestion because i really love you and your videos. you rock. you are such a genuine and true person you know! so i want you to ‘COME TO AMERICA NOW’  i am sure other people would suggest you do that too. or come to the big apple soon okay because all of my friends and i love you!

  • luzia.kuendig

    is there ANY way to buy one of these ‘duet with myelf’-tshirts you sold about a year ago? I happen to be in the UK for the next two weeks and I wont be for a longlonglong time after this, I guess.
    I’d literally give anything for one of these shirts .. :(

  • Heloisa_barrio

    Charlie I come from Brazil and I loved your album when is the tour???? =D

  • Stupidstupidratcreatures

    Okay…um…. Charlie, you may be as embarrassed as you want- but- um- basically last night I was asleep and had-um-a dream about you. *deep breath* normally I am a weird and shy enough person to keep this to myself but something told me to post this on your website… I am so stupid I probably sound as mad as a Victorian hatmaker but I would like to talk to you personally without all these people watching/listening/stalking so if you can will you email me?
    Oh and Charlie? I suggest Chameleon Circuit write a song about Idris ._.
    okay leaving now

  • http://twitter.com/teacrew Talia C.

    can’t wait to get the new chameleon circuit album! just wondering, would you guys be doing any concerts as a band? as in a chameleon circuit concert? just wondering, cause it’d be really awesome to see you guys perform trock music live! :D :D

  • guest


  • Priya

    Charlie, your new album is awesome! :D Errr this is a week late, but don’t be stressed out! Your videos totes help other people be less stressed so it’d be sad for us to see you all not happy lol. Also, this has nothing to do with this blog post thingy, but I really enjoyed that you used cookies to demonstrate time travel. Definitely a good way to teach :)


    My Favorite song is probably either everything is ending or big bang two and i get all the references this is why i love it :) 

  • JimbobMcNally

    The new album is actually fantastic, it really showcases you all as musicians, fantastically produced and a great finished sound, ive bought 2 hard copies already :)  Congratulations fellas

  • FansFromAmerica

    Just bought my copy on iTunes and listened to it all night! Great work, it really is a brilliantly done album. 

  • TorchWhoNerd

    I’d just like to say you should write a song about TorchWood

  • Chipper

    Charlie. I know you are inundated with all the fan mail and the likes but I really wanted to express how much I LOVE your videos, blog and music. Seriously man your vids are always a sure fire way to pick me up if I have had a rough day at work or if life is getting me down in general and lately things have not been great. I just want to say that I know what its like to be stressed out and I can’t even imagine the pressure of over 1 Million subscribers can do to a person, just remember there are people that think your amazing from your very first to your very last video. Do what you love and be happy because that will make us happy too.

  • http://twitter.com/Olafurneal Krisjana Dunn

    I just listened to the album here on your website and I CANNOT wait to buy it. I was wondering about those t-shirts I know you guys have a limited supply but if they were popular enough would there be more made?

  • Biebers shawty

    I like so totally love your album,,
    It’s very different from what I normally listen (Justin Bieber) but I just love it!
    Imma buy the album right away, Is it really only 10 dollars?? Swagg

  • Belieber


    keep up the good work, and no matter what me and all your fans will always support you. 
    I understand you feel a lot of pressure, with 10 Million people watching and stuff, but your really good, I like every single one of your videos and they just keep on getting better so stop worrying! 
    haha. if ur feeling down; just call me ;)

    Love ya

  • panikmoon


  • Stupidstupidratcreatures

    3….2…1…. YES!!!!!!
    Okay so you, Charlie, and some of you, randominternetpeople, have seen the weird comment left by “Stupidstupidratcreatures”
    Leaving that comment was a bet from my friends and I had to wait 24 hours until I could correct it so CHARLIE ALL OF THAT WAS A LIE NEVER EMAIL ME AND FORGET THAT I EXIST thank you :)

  • WonkyTARDIS

    Is it possible to fall in love with a guy you’ve never met????
    :) I thought so.

  • Niicolaa^_^

    i just got a new card as form now this is the first thing that is going to be on my card :D i really do admire the effort and time put into this album, i believe the next lot you do should be in vinyl as it would be PERFECT!! or is that just me..

    i dlo love the new album, and can you get a physical form of “this is me”?

  • Etymtree

    Aww, don’t worry Charlie! Still Got Legs is AMAZING, and I think even better than your first album (if that were possible). I love how you capture the emotional landscapes of the characters and make me remember bits of the series that I’d forgotten (Mr. Pond = Rory’s bit in Vampires of Venice = Tenth Doctor’s Not-Having-Any-Companion-Because-Of-Davros Thing = Rose Not-Concerned-About-Her-Own-Safety Thing In World War Three, etc etc). Anyways, well done! I particularly love “Everything is Ending” (who’s the girl singing?), “Kiss The Girl”, “Sound of Drums”, and “The Doctor Is Dying”. Keep up the good work!

  • Etymtree

    Arp… I just read your video and found out who did the vocals on “Everything is Ending”. I feel so stupid *sobs*. 

  • Joelle

    I’m so happy for you Charlie, and for the rest of the band as well! The album is amazing, I’ve been listening to it all the time ever since I got it! It’s absolutely brilliant, and I sure hope Chameleon Circuit records a third album at some point :) I would have loved to go to vidcon, it kills me not to, but I will be with you there will all of my heart :) <3

  • L (not the detective)

    Thanks for putting up the album to listen to – I wanted to listen to it before deciding to buy. So now I’ve had “Regenerate Me” and “Everything is Ending” stuck in my head for days, as soon as I get paid, I’ll be buying the album on dftba. ;) I can’t wait to stockholm all of my friends into listening to it. Keep up the good work (and tell that to everyone else), the album is seriously amazing!!!

  • Le

    Well done, Mr. McDonnell.

  • Annika342

    This is a fabulous album. All of you sound as though you continue to improve and expand your range and ability as musicians. Every new work you come out with is just better than the last. The music is catchy, the lyrics engaging, and you all did an exceptional job. Be proud. It deserves to be on the charts. Can’t wait to hear you all at VidCon!

  • coolliker

    Amazing album, I can’t get the songs out of my head, must have listened to the whole album 100 times since its been out!

  • I am not Andrew Llyod Webber

    “Doctor Who” the Musical ….! You’ve got to write it, using your songs!  I’d love to see it at the West End. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/KnighInc2000 Christopher Coe

    I’m still waiting on mine I had pre order it, I live in the UK and it’s been a over a week it said it was shipped. but yet it not here. Can any one shed soem light on this?

  • Ali R

    I got mine yesterday and I live in the UK too,so I’m sure yours will come soon.

  • Hannah :D

    The album is AMAZING! right up my street- I just love it, every single song eventhough I’ve never actually watched an episode of doctor who

  • http://www.facebook.com/KnighInc2000 Christopher Coe

    When did you order it? I was month before the release date, pre order it.

  • Аэлита Шереметьева

    Thank you so much)

  • http://twitter.com/kimiswasi Kim Pedroso

    I like listening to Mr. Pond and Kiss the Girl.

  • Allie S

    Still Got Legs is FREAKING INCREDIBLE! Every song is amazing- the “oh my god he’s wearing a fez” line makes me smile every time I hear it, and The Doctor Is Dying gives me chills- you guys are brilliant musicians!!!

    Thank you for making kick ass music!

    Yay Chameleon Circuit!!!

  • Lindy

    Still Got Legs is FREAKIN AMAZING.  I’m an American who just discovered your youtube channel this past week….don’t ask me how that’s possible. :)  

    I literally can’t stop smiling when I listen to your music.  Like, to the point of devolving into OMFG THIS IS AMAZING HE IS SO TALENTED :SLKDJFO:SDJF:OKSJDF:KSJDF.  Hahahaha.  I agree with the poster below me….”oh my God he’s wearing a fez” (x4) = LYRICAL GENIUS.  
    I can understand the stress, too. :( I’m a writer, and lately I’ve scrapped dozens of pages because, even though they were pretty good, they weren’t what I wanted.  Your problem (a really common one, for a lot of artists!) proves how awesome you are.  Your videos are basically an art form, and you’ve got a high standard for how they turn out–and that can be frustrating!  But it pays off.  :)  Thank you for sharing your talent with us!!!!!

  • Robin Cowart

    Hey dude, you got a major shout out at the Dr Who panel at Comic Con this weekend. Someone mentioned you when questioning the panel, and a rather large cheer went up from the rather large crowd. I was very happy to learn im not the only one nerding out over who rock.


  • http://twitter.com/Hjetj Harriët Veltman

    Whenever you come to Holland, please contact me in any way because I need you in RL before I die hahaha!

    My twitter is @Hjetj:twitter , just in case (a)

    I love Still Got Legs, but my mom won’t let me buy it.. will it be in any store? I will come to England in september..

  • RachelJ

    S’been a while since u’ve written something.

  • dane

    been a fan since blink season 6 yeaa its amazing but i dont have 2 tell u that

  • dane

    im a huge fan!!!!!!!!  WHY DO I FEEL LIKE IM THE ONLY FAN IN THE STATES!! can someone state where they are i feel so very alone

  • griz

    I’m a fan in the states too! Charlie always cheers me up! :)

  • jamie

    I just came hear to say I changed my poster name to jamie

  • jamie

    I recemend you make a vidio I mean Im only an 11 year old girl so you dont have to listen to me but pleas do

  • carolis

    Charlie! why you no make videos more often? :c
    p.s: you should really come to portugal sometime :b

  • jamie

    I live in Tennessee. Hope I didn’t spell that wrong:)

  • Anonymous

    Still Got Legs turned up in the post today. No word of a lie, I jumped up and down and screamed/squealed/laughed hysterically for about 15 minutes solid. I love it so much and I’m so grateful that you are all working so hard on this project. To us, the ‘consumers’, it is most definitely worth it! Thank you so much to all of you! <3

  • Ch Polak

    I love the songs of still got legs… :) 
    I’m from Austria… if you like to know… :D …really like your channel and the whole youtube video stuff you doing. And now i also like chameleon circuit and the songs are really really good…!!!!
    Yours Chrissy

  • ;)

    You should say that this is your “proper decent” website ;)

  • Holly Grant

    I love the music. Listened to all the songs. Please reply to my email! It’s quite important. It’s from grantypenguins@hotmail.co.uk
    Holly Grant

  • Jocelyn M.

    honestly charlie, i love the band, its quite good :D and your videos are amazing and quite inspiring seeing how u can be yourself and not give a care most of the time of what others think of u because you just want to have fun (along with Alex and Micheal) :) just want to say is, thank you charlie for being..well charlie :)

  • Mackenzie(:

    you’re the reason that me and my friend started watching Doctor Who and now i’m totally addicted!! (: i love all of the songs and i know what most of them are about.this album is amazing and thank you ever so much for making it for everyone’s enjoyment (: 

  • Nicole Haynes

    Sorry your feeling stressed. Here’s a two-parter joke :)

    Part 1

    Q. What’s pink and fluffy?
    A. Pink Fluff :)

    Part 2

    Q. What’s blue and fluffy?
    A. Pink fluff holding it’s breath :D

  • Jasmine Adams

    A random comment suggested you should be the next Doctor . . . I died at the thought (cuz that would be insanely amazing)
             P.S. Mr Pond is my new favorite song ever in life so thanks for that :D

  • Dan

    Love this new album! Can’t wait for my poster to arrive!

  • Caroline :)

    I love teenage rebel! Omg what if you were the next Doctor :)XD??!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mikaela-Skog/685488527 Mikaela Skog

    I so have a nerdy crush on your band though as a swedish person who for many years were robbed of the pleasure of doctor who thankfully my dad got together with a british lass who set me straight. It is more of the old school doctor who but any who :) (see what i did there? I know….solid) Liked the new album, would totaly buy it if the money in my backpocket could afford sadly the case is not so and getting it sent to sweden might not be the best.I guess i will jsut have to wait untill i’m back in edinburgh and you will just have to come and play a gig? Awesome! Settled then!

  • Jackie

    Me too! From california(:


    I Love You and Your Music Bravo My favorite song is either big bang 2 or everything is ending I <3 doctor who and cant wait till august to see the next episode lets go kill Hitler I cant wait :)  so excited 

  • Arahsnorchos

    Hey! Would Chameleon Circuit ever consider having a listening party in Toronto, Canada? I’m sure I’m not the only one here who enjoys your music! :)

  • Amethyst

    you guys are so awesome :) i will admit i have a bit of a nerdy crush on you and your band :P would you ever consider a show in Longview, Texas? probably not…. :P aah well. Laterz :)

  • Vantphuong

    Yes! I finally get to talk to you! Well if you read these comments anyways, but, bye! From a little girl…..

  • StEpHhHh

    Chameleon Circuit NEEDS to go on tour! Especially in the United States!
    I have the biggest nerdy crush on you and your band <3
    Can't wait for the next video :)

  • Alanna

    I think its really admirable of you to not put up a video that your not 100% happy with! its ALWAYS worth the waiting for one of you videos, by the way loving still got legs by the way, cosmic =)  DFTBA 

  • http://thethoughtofbabble.blogspot.com/ Misty Featherland

    Cheer up, Charlie! We all love you! <3

  • Kari

    Marry me, Charlie?

  • Audrey

    You may have to get in line…

  • Ella!:)

    Charlie, we know that you’re choosing “quality over quantity” But most of us, really dont mind how good the video is! You’re a genius! Most of us dont care if the video is a major amazing video because ALL of your videos are entertaining and somewhat educational at the same time sometimes! Some of us just want to see your happy smiley face and your Sweet glowing personality at-least once a week! If you aren’t comfortable with the video you made, i think you should probably just let it stay on The Tubes for a while and see what your us;your viewers think! But thats just my opinion! Keep being awesome Charlie!

  • Farah Shamma

    Okay, Charlie. So I wasn’t going to do this and honestly almost didn’t. Mostly because I didn’t know where to do this, and because the chances of you seeing this may be slim-ish. But, wayever, I’m doing it. Anyway, I think it’s “TIME FOR ANOTHER CHALLENGE CHARLIE!”From where I come from (the UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah. Yes, I live in all these place at once), it is the Holy month of Ramadan. So here I am, fasting while typing this. (my throat is kinda parched at the moment. 3 more hours to go).My challenge to you, Charlie, is that you fast an entire day. You can’t eat anything, or drink anything AT ALL. Starting from just the beginning of dawn up until sunset, when sun goes down almost entirely. Mayhap you can create a video about your experience, or what you have learned about the month itself. It’s been a while since you’ve done a challenge, and doing this one would mean a lot. So, right. I have a final to study for and a project to finish (yes, finals and fasting. Great combo!)

    Good eve and good luck!

  • Eillas727

    Me too in New York!! Keep replying so we can get Chameleon Circuit touring in the US!!

  • Alyssa

    Charlie, people in the music industry are saying that album sales are no longer a good gauge of popularity since so many people pirate. But I think it says something even more important! All of your fans respect and support you and the rest of Chameleon Circuit so much that we believe it’s worth paying for, even given the choice the internet now gives us to side-step paying. Love you Charlie! Keep making great music and great videos :)

  • Carla

    Is there a line? I’m getting on it.

  • http://twitter.com/appletreemia Mia Harvey

    I spent my last iTunes money on the new Chameleon Circuit album when I was supposed to be spending it on the soundtrack of West Side Story so I can rehearse the songs as I’m in WSS at the moment.

    So you see that I care. <3
    However, Charlie, I need to ask a question. 

    Are you really human?Humans surely are not physiologically capable of being as talented, *cough*goodlooking*cough*, funny and sweet as Charlie.

  • Emily O’Connell

    I really love the music that you make and although positive comments don’t always out way the negative ones, I hope you feel happy knowing that loads of people all over the world love your music just as much as I do (which is a lot). 
    Thanks a lot Charlie you really make a lot of people happy!

  • Claudonthemoon

    You might want to try watching your video; “Defending Video Games” and Listen to your younger self! Listen to what you said at the end, it pretty much describes what you need to remember to feel like :) (Your music is awesome, and your videos, well, they’re amazing!)

  • Caoimhe999

    Your band needs to come to Ireland ill be the one in the front row

  • Abcdefg

    that’s realy good

  • Sabeera D

    My thoughts exactly, Rock on Charles

  • Sarah

    I really like your new album, i really do, showed my dad and he went and bought the album :)

  • Ginny America

    Hey Chuckles, clearly you’re overwhelmed. You’re famous man. You’re getting at least one million views per video. You feel people have expectations of you, and of your videos. It’s true, we do. But who gives a fuck about expectations? Not you. You started vlogging because you have things to tell the world. Not your fan base. The world. I watched Charlieissocoollike because he was charming, and real, and not the vlogbrothers. Yes, it’s wonderful to have a such a large group of people that support and love you, but it’s also difficult. Maybe the reason you’re procrastinating so much is because you’re trying to please us. Maybe you need to sit down, turn on the camera, and just talk. Talk about what the fuck ever, don’t think about who you’re going to piss off, who might unsubscribe, who might be let down. Think about yourself for once, and how happy vlogging used to make you. Choose your own path, not the one you believe your fans have chosen for you. I love you man.

  • Mstrmce

    Yes, good job

  • Helloiamdain

    찰리 나는 한국인이야 한국알아?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000430678397 Emma Oliver

    Charlie, Don’t listen to the people that are telling you those things. You should do whatever you want to do. Your songs are amazing, and your other videos are hilarious. You are my favourite youtuber, and I check your channel everyday eagerly awaiting a new video. (Although I don’t get upset when there isn’t one!) And I know that the negative comments hurt. But that’s, what? 20-30 people that don’t like you, compare to the 1,200,000+ people that DO like you. Also, congratulations on your place on the itunes charts. You Rock! :D

  • Miss Squiggles


  • Miss Squiggles


  • 时间轴


  • Anonymous

    oo girl dem sum naaice legs

  • pandaman

    charlie if you are having trouble coming up with ideas i have a few questions that i need answers to (well not really NEED itsmore like want)okay here it goes i would like to know whats the difference between a bush and a tree and why and banana tree isnt astually a tree but a large bush, why dont goldfish have stomaches, why an orange is supposedly a berry and not a cirtus, and finally i would like to know who created the alphabet( i know this is kind of random but i want to know) 

  • Brian

    I saw Dave L once at DFTBA Records in Manhattan IL.  My friend Grant took me there but
    the office wasn’t open at the time. He met Dave once and the lady in the picture too!
    The DFTBA Records office across the street from the Manhattan post office. He has
    emailed you many times but you don’t respond. What’s the deal Charlie? I get
    the feeling you don’t answer any youtube emails at all. I am’ a nice guy and so is he
    so why haven’t you responded to your emails? Great Song and Video!

  • That one that no one hears

    Do you mind that quite a bit of your music is ILLEGALLY downloaded?

  • Cohocrules

    You know what? i love your name. Charlie is the best name in the world for either boys or girls. i can now add you to one of the inspirational “Charlie’s” in the world. Thank you for that opportunity.

  • http://www.facebook.com/grant.farkas.12 Grant Farkas

    I like your music and I hope you would do more pop songs like Alex Day. You have a sofr voice but I guess you haven’t been fully trained. I think some voce lessons to improve your range with help you do more. I also think Alex Day could teach you to play guitar because I think you have a great voice for ballads. I have worked for major records stores like Tower Records and
    Sam Goody and know you could be a great singer if you weren’t so shy I met Alan who lives two towns over from me and
    visited the DFTBA office across the street from the Manhattan post office. I have talked to your mother a few times about stuff
    she cares about. Its weird that people your age rarely talk people who are older than themselves! I like watching youtube videos and yours always cheer me up! I like listening to what people talk about from Europe and their views on whatever!

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