Happy Things #1

July 12, 2011

I’m feeling slightly stressed out. Last week I tried and failed to make a new video on two separate occasions, so I’ve decided to write a couple of blog posts about some nice things in an attempt to cheer myself up. This is the first of those blog posts.

To start us off, the big project that my fellow band members and I have been gradually chipping away at for the last however-longer-it’s-been has finally been released out into the world. Still Got Legs is no longer mine, or any of the other band member’s, but yours. I’m so proud of it, more than any musical project that I’ve ever been involved in, and I really hope you like it too. Though if you don’t then that’s obviously fine.

To everyone who pre-ordered a copy of the physical CD it’s on it’s way to you now, and if you check your email inbox now then you should also find a free digital download of the album so that you can pop it onto your computer right away. For everyone else, physical copies are still available at DFTBA.com (you’ll get a free digital download there too) or you can just go over to iTunes if that’s your thing. Lastly, like with my solo album, if you’re on the fence and would like to try before you buy then whole album is streaming for free over at bandcamp.com

However, the news of the album being out isn’t the only thing that’s cheering me up. Alan (DFTBA’s head honcho) posted these photos on his dailybooth recently that made me smile from ear to ear, one with the CD and poster insert (oh, and there’s a T-Shirt too) and another with all of the boxed up pre-orders ready for shipping. I think the second photo is especially brilliant, as it’s hard evidence of the fact that this is actually all happening for real. It’s so strange to have something that you’ve been hiding from the world for months to finally be in the hands of others, but so heartwarming too.

Check out those legs aw yeah

Oh, and there’s also this thing where (at time of writing) we’re number 4 in the iTunes rock charts, and number 50 overall. Thank you so much to all of the people who have commented/tweeted/emailed me and the others passing on your reactions to the CD, and to those who’ve already purchased a copy of it. You’ve made this whole thing so much more than worth it, and it’s so cool that we can achieve this kind of thing on our own, without any help from the mainstream music industry. Your support has been amazing, thank you a hundred times for making this happen.I can’t wait to play all of these songs live at VidCon.

I’m definitely feeling happier. But there’s more to come.

  • Anonymous

    Still Got Legs turned up in the post today. No word of a lie, I jumped up and down and screamed/squealed/laughed hysterically for about 15 minutes solid. I love it so much and I’m so grateful that you are all working so hard on this project. To us, the ‘consumers’, it is most definitely worth it! Thank you so much to all of you! <3

  • Ch Polak

    I love the songs of still got legs… :) 
    I’m from Austria… if you like to know… :D …really like your channel and the whole youtube video stuff you doing. And now i also like chameleon circuit and the songs are really really good…!!!!
    Yours Chrissy

  • ;)

    You should say that this is your “proper decent” website ;)

  • Holly Grant

    I love the music. Listened to all the songs. Please reply to my email! It’s quite important. It’s from grantypenguins@hotmail.co.uk
    Holly Grant

  • Jocelyn M.

    honestly charlie, i love the band, its quite good :D and your videos are amazing and quite inspiring seeing how u can be yourself and not give a care most of the time of what others think of u because you just want to have fun (along with Alex and Micheal) :) just want to say is, thank you charlie for being..well charlie :)

  • Mackenzie(:

    you’re the reason that me and my friend started watching Doctor Who and now i’m totally addicted!! (: i love all of the songs and i know what most of them are about.this album is amazing and thank you ever so much for making it for everyone’s enjoyment (: 

  • Nicole Haynes

    Sorry your feeling stressed. Here’s a two-parter joke :)

    Part 1

    Q. What’s pink and fluffy?
    A. Pink Fluff :)

    Part 2

    Q. What’s blue and fluffy?
    A. Pink fluff holding it’s breath :D

  • Jasmine Adams

    A random comment suggested you should be the next Doctor . . . I died at the thought (cuz that would be insanely amazing)
             P.S. Mr Pond is my new favorite song ever in life so thanks for that :D

  • Dan

    Love this new album! Can’t wait for my poster to arrive!

  • Caroline :)

    I love teenage rebel! Omg what if you were the next Doctor :)XD??!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mikaela-Skog/685488527 Mikaela Skog

    I so have a nerdy crush on your band though as a swedish person who for many years were robbed of the pleasure of doctor who thankfully my dad got together with a british lass who set me straight. It is more of the old school doctor who but any who :) (see what i did there? I know….solid) Liked the new album, would totaly buy it if the money in my backpocket could afford sadly the case is not so and getting it sent to sweden might not be the best.I guess i will jsut have to wait untill i’m back in edinburgh and you will just have to come and play a gig? Awesome! Settled then!

  • Jackie

    Me too! From california(:


    I Love You and Your Music Bravo My favorite song is either big bang 2 or everything is ending I <3 doctor who and cant wait till august to see the next episode lets go kill Hitler I cant wait :)  so excited 

  • Arahsnorchos

    Hey! Would Chameleon Circuit ever consider having a listening party in Toronto, Canada? I’m sure I’m not the only one here who enjoys your music! :)

  • Amethyst

    you guys are so awesome :) i will admit i have a bit of a nerdy crush on you and your band :P would you ever consider a show in Longview, Texas? probably not…. :P aah well. Laterz :)

  • Vantphuong

    Yes! I finally get to talk to you! Well if you read these comments anyways, but, bye! From a little girl…..

  • StEpHhHh

    Chameleon Circuit NEEDS to go on tour! Especially in the United States!
    I have the biggest nerdy crush on you and your band <3
    Can't wait for the next video :)

  • Alanna

    I think its really admirable of you to not put up a video that your not 100% happy with! its ALWAYS worth the waiting for one of you videos, by the way loving still got legs by the way, cosmic =)  DFTBA 

  • http://thethoughtofbabble.blogspot.com/ Misty Featherland

    Cheer up, Charlie! We all love you! <3

  • Kari

    Marry me, Charlie?

  • Audrey

    You may have to get in line…

  • Ella!:)

    Charlie, we know that you’re choosing “quality over quantity” But most of us, really dont mind how good the video is! You’re a genius! Most of us dont care if the video is a major amazing video because ALL of your videos are entertaining and somewhat educational at the same time sometimes! Some of us just want to see your happy smiley face and your Sweet glowing personality at-least once a week! If you aren’t comfortable with the video you made, i think you should probably just let it stay on The Tubes for a while and see what your us;your viewers think! But thats just my opinion! Keep being awesome Charlie!

  • Farah Shamma

    Okay, Charlie. So I wasn’t going to do this and honestly almost didn’t. Mostly because I didn’t know where to do this, and because the chances of you seeing this may be slim-ish. But, wayever, I’m doing it. Anyway, I think it’s “TIME FOR ANOTHER CHALLENGE CHARLIE!”From where I come from (the UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah. Yes, I live in all these place at once), it is the Holy month of Ramadan. So here I am, fasting while typing this. (my throat is kinda parched at the moment. 3 more hours to go).My challenge to you, Charlie, is that you fast an entire day. You can’t eat anything, or drink anything AT ALL. Starting from just the beginning of dawn up until sunset, when sun goes down almost entirely. Mayhap you can create a video about your experience, or what you have learned about the month itself. It’s been a while since you’ve done a challenge, and doing this one would mean a lot. So, right. I have a final to study for and a project to finish (yes, finals and fasting. Great combo!)

    Good eve and good luck!

  • Eillas727

    Me too in New York!! Keep replying so we can get Chameleon Circuit touring in the US!!

  • Alyssa

    Charlie, people in the music industry are saying that album sales are no longer a good gauge of popularity since so many people pirate. But I think it says something even more important! All of your fans respect and support you and the rest of Chameleon Circuit so much that we believe it’s worth paying for, even given the choice the internet now gives us to side-step paying. Love you Charlie! Keep making great music and great videos :)

  • Carla

    Is there a line? I’m getting on it.

  • http://twitter.com/appletreemia Mia Harvey

    I spent my last iTunes money on the new Chameleon Circuit album when I was supposed to be spending it on the soundtrack of West Side Story so I can rehearse the songs as I’m in WSS at the moment.

    So you see that I care. <3
    However, Charlie, I need to ask a question. 

    Are you really human?Humans surely are not physiologically capable of being as talented, *cough*goodlooking*cough*, funny and sweet as Charlie.

  • Emily O’Connell

    I really love the music that you make and although positive comments don’t always out way the negative ones, I hope you feel happy knowing that loads of people all over the world love your music just as much as I do (which is a lot). 
    Thanks a lot Charlie you really make a lot of people happy!

  • Claudonthemoon

    You might want to try watching your video; “Defending Video Games” and Listen to your younger self! Listen to what you said at the end, it pretty much describes what you need to remember to feel like :) (Your music is awesome, and your videos, well, they’re amazing!)

  • Caoimhe999

    Your band needs to come to Ireland ill be the one in the front row

  • Abcdefg

    that’s realy good

  • Sabeera D

    My thoughts exactly, Rock on Charles

  • Sarah

    I really like your new album, i really do, showed my dad and he went and bought the album :)

  • Ginny America

    Hey Chuckles, clearly you’re overwhelmed. You’re famous man. You’re getting at least one million views per video. You feel people have expectations of you, and of your videos. It’s true, we do. But who gives a fuck about expectations? Not you. You started vlogging because you have things to tell the world. Not your fan base. The world. I watched Charlieissocoollike because he was charming, and real, and not the vlogbrothers. Yes, it’s wonderful to have a such a large group of people that support and love you, but it’s also difficult. Maybe the reason you’re procrastinating so much is because you’re trying to please us. Maybe you need to sit down, turn on the camera, and just talk. Talk about what the fuck ever, don’t think about who you’re going to piss off, who might unsubscribe, who might be let down. Think about yourself for once, and how happy vlogging used to make you. Choose your own path, not the one you believe your fans have chosen for you. I love you man.

  • Mstrmce

    Yes, good job

  • Helloiamdain

    찰리 나는 한국인이야 한국알아?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000430678397 Emma Oliver

    Charlie, Don’t listen to the people that are telling you those things. You should do whatever you want to do. Your songs are amazing, and your other videos are hilarious. You are my favourite youtuber, and I check your channel everyday eagerly awaiting a new video. (Although I don’t get upset when there isn’t one!) And I know that the negative comments hurt. But that’s, what? 20-30 people that don’t like you, compare to the 1,200,000+ people that DO like you. Also, congratulations on your place on the itunes charts. You Rock! :D

  • Miss Squiggles


  • Miss Squiggles


  • 时间轴


  • Anonymous

    oo girl dem sum naaice legs

  • pandaman

    charlie if you are having trouble coming up with ideas i have a few questions that i need answers to (well not really NEED itsmore like want)okay here it goes i would like to know whats the difference between a bush and a tree and why and banana tree isnt astually a tree but a large bush, why dont goldfish have stomaches, why an orange is supposedly a berry and not a cirtus, and finally i would like to know who created the alphabet( i know this is kind of random but i want to know) 

  • Brian

    I saw Dave L once at DFTBA Records in Manhattan IL.  My friend Grant took me there but
    the office wasn’t open at the time. He met Dave once and the lady in the picture too!
    The DFTBA Records office across the street from the Manhattan post office. He has
    emailed you many times but you don’t respond. What’s the deal Charlie? I get
    the feeling you don’t answer any youtube emails at all. I am’ a nice guy and so is he
    so why haven’t you responded to your emails? Great Song and Video!

  • That one that no one hears

    Do you mind that quite a bit of your music is ILLEGALLY downloaded?

  • Cohocrules

    You know what? i love your name. Charlie is the best name in the world for either boys or girls. i can now add you to one of the inspirational “Charlie’s” in the world. Thank you for that opportunity.

  • http://www.facebook.com/grant.farkas.12 Grant Farkas

    I like your music and I hope you would do more pop songs like Alex Day. You have a sofr voice but I guess you haven’t been fully trained. I think some voce lessons to improve your range with help you do more. I also think Alex Day could teach you to play guitar because I think you have a great voice for ballads. I have worked for major records stores like Tower Records and
    Sam Goody and know you could be a great singer if you weren’t so shy I met Alan who lives two towns over from me and
    visited the DFTBA office across the street from the Manhattan post office. I have talked to your mother a few times about stuff
    she cares about. Its weird that people your age rarely talk people who are older than themselves! I like watching youtube videos and yours always cheer me up! I like listening to what people talk about from Europe and their views on whatever!

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