I’m Scared

November 13, 2012

Uploading this video was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever done in my life. And I jumped off a crane once so, you know, that’s probably a big deal. You really do feel like you’re taking a big risk when you open up about yourself and how you’re feeling, so I’m hugely pleased to find that this particular risk seems to have payed off, and that it was in fact probably the best thing that I could have done for myself right now.

Given the overwhelming amount of encouraging emails, tweets, texts and video responses that I’ve received recently from friends, family and those of you who I don’t know personally, I should be feeling on top of the world right now. And, I am! … Almost. On one hand, I feel more confident about myself and my ability to create good things than I have done in a long, long time, but on the other hand, it seems as though this isn’t the kind of fear that I can just switch off. I still feel a bit vulnerable, and worried, but I’m much more in control of it now. That, and I also feel ready to get through it. I can see the other side, and undoubtably the thing that’s helped me the most has been your support.

Honestly, I think it was the video responses that got to me the most. For me, this experience has been a stark reminder of how powerful Video Blogging can be. It’s easy to see Vlogging as being the lazy man’s version of creating for YouTube, because when compared to putting together a sketch or an animation for example, Vlogging is vastly easier in terms of time and production. But I think there’s something incredibly important about the real connection that you can make when you just talk directly into a camera and decide to share it with the world. I was so incredibly pleased to see so many faces, to hear that we’re all going through this struggle together, and to be reminded of how terribly UN-frightening you all actually are!

With that, I wanted to share just a very small handful of the videos that I received. These ones in particular are those that had the biggest impact on me when I watched them – those with really important messages embedded in them that really allowed me take big steps towards getting back on track. I hope you can take the time to watch them, and that if you’re feeling scared too, that they might help you as much as they’ve helped me.

See you in my next video. I’m sure you won’t have to wait quite as long, this time :)

  • Samantha

    … feel better soon Charlie

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=720604767 Khaielaash Manokaran

    We love you Charlie! You can get through this, and I’ll be supporting you every step of the way.

  • Melissa


  • @ThatAlexLau

    Awesome Charlie. YOU’RE AWESOME

  • Ella

    Good luck with everything and I hope it all gets better. We all have so much love and respect for you matey!

  • http://twitter.com/AneesahSha Aneesah Sharif

    aw bless you Charlie! I am so glad you’re feeling better :-)

  • j.h

    glad to have you back charlie! keep it up, we love you :D

  • http://twitter.com/AneesahSha Aneesah Sharif


  • agustina

    you are so genuine charlie, don’t ever lose that. really happy that you’re back!! lots and lots of love xx

  • http://twitter.com/JoHiggs1 Jo Higgs,

    Don’t feel scared Charlie, you need to relax 1 million of your subscribers care about you and will stick with until then no matter what, screw the haters x

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1600917177 Ayelet Avraham


  • SoberLeprechaun

    I loved your ‘I’m scared’ video, because as much as people pretend to not give a crap, secretly, deep down: We all do. We give many craps ’cause we’re social beings, and nobody wants to be alone.

  • g000000die

    this fear won’t go away easily Charlie but with the amazing people you have in your life , I assure you that it will be fine after a while .. I am speaking of experience myself and I knlw where you come from . *dramatic music is on *I am a senior in high school and not exactly popular for my looks or humor but I still stand tall because I know that at the end of the day , people’s judgements might effect me now but it is ME who can judge myself better than anyone .. I am going off topic but the point is : don’t you DARE underestimate yourself Charlie and I am sure you are still the same. *staring intently*
    waiting for your next video :)

  • http://twitter.com/E_Dubs93 Erica White

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I’ve felt (and do feel) similar to how you’re feeling right now. And I know it’s not fun feeling this way. I really hope you can find a way to believe that we all really do like you and support you 100%. Lots of love and I hope things start looking up soon. xo

  • James Johnson

    Charlie, you gave me the inspiration to sit infront of a camera.. you are brilliant, don’t let your talent fade away! I’m sure you will see that it doesn’t matter what people think of you but you will see what you think of you.

    I hope you will see that you are just not a human being but a role model to everyone around you and that you should have pride in what you make, what ever that is be it, music or a video.

    I wish you the best with everything you do. -James

  • Glen

    I don’t know if you play games but try making a small gaming channel or a vlog channel to get comfortable with uploading a lot, i think that’ll relax you on posting the videos

  • Afiqah Fee Z

    I’ll always support you Charlie <3

  • http://twitter.com/amazednosity Katie

    Charlie, you really are AMAZING. We’re all scared and anxious about what people think :) you are a role model and an inspiration to thousands, just let that sink in a sec. xx

  • http://twitter.com/TGBTsunglasses BehindTheSunglasses

    You are such an inspiration for me and a lot of people Charlie. And I’ve got so much respect for you that you did this video. You’re really awesome! <3

  • Janelle

    Michael is right. 1 Million subscribers isn’t an accident, Charlie. It’s because you’re you.

  • Kayla

    Charlie, you have a huge fan base of friends who are here to support you!! Good luck and lots of love!!!

  • Giaco

    Charlie i really understand you! I’m a Youtuber too, and a musician. I have some people that watch my videos and so, it is some times quite difficult to entertain, you have my total support Charlie!
    Regards from Perú!

  • Kimmy

    You were my favourite youtuber 2 years ago and you still are now. <3

  • drowingincoursework

    Hey Charlie.
    I know i’m an unknown, but I really do hope you start to feel that creativity come back and you start to feel as un-scared as you’ve ever been. I’ve been watching your videos for a while, about 3/4 years – I think – and I love them. I really do. You were my first youtuber and you are still my favourite (despite now being subscribed to around 200 channels). I love the amount of effort that is blatant in your videos and how funny/intelligent/random/brilliant your videos are.
    Thanks for being nothing but you, it’s always lovely to see your face in my subscription box :)
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    - Emma

  • EMcCaleb11

    Charlie, you are absolutely right in thinking that everybody feels this way at one time or another. I know that I struggle with it everyday. Michael Aranda said it all in his video response. You are one of a kind, you have such a bright and charming personality that literally millions of people adore. Either people will like you or will not like you, but what matters is those who do like you. I always look forward to your videos and what you have created to show us. I always find something in them that makes me smile even if I don’t feel like smiling. You are a true blessing to this world and this website. This video was wonderful, it gave us all a true look at who you are. You aren’t just this perfect youtube god, you are a human, struggling with all of us in the same way. You are amazing and you should never forget that!

  • The Doctor

    Man, we love you.

  • Kate

    We love you, Charlie!! We will always be here for you.

  • l

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better, Charlie :)

  • http://twitter.com/AmberRoseCurtis Amber Rose Curtis

    You’re the first you tuber I subscribed to and gave me the inspiration to do film at college :) Thank you..

  • demetra

    Great video responses! And they all speak the truth! Really glad you feel better Charlie:)

  • Kayleigh

    So much love for this. Glad you were willing to share with us, that takes so much courage and I’m sure most of us can understand what you’re feeling. As long as you love what you’re doing that’s all that matters, we love you anyway :D Also, love the video responses… They say what I wanted to say about this better than I did :P

  • Sandra

    I really loved that you made the video, and all that it brought. Thanks for being brave in the midst of being scared. We all really love you, and I agree so much with the second video on your playlist and all the things she said. You also helped me to accept my weirdness, and you made me a nerdfighter, you made me love Doctor Who, and you’ve learned me to accept people for who they are. So yeah, thank Charlie, I hope you never ever quit, even though, if you ever do, that’s completely your choice too. <3

  • AngryHippi3


  • Inès Junin

    I love this video responses! It might be exactly what we all think about your video and all! You were my first youtuber and you were an inspiration to a lot of us! I thank you for all the videos you made! You are still the person we all fell “in love” ;) with! Thank to you I discovered Dr Who and am not scared to be myself! So thank you again! We love you! ♥

  • Amelia

    We all love you Charlie. No matter what you do :)

  • cjd_

    Hi, Charlie :) Your honesty is so refreshing in a world filled with people behind masks. It would be so easy to tell you to stop thinking about what others think of you, just like you said, but doing it would be something else entirely. It is hard enough to try and entertain people on a regular basis like you do; it is even harder to try answer to yourself when you feel like you’ve failed. Let me tell you that you haven’t failed, not us nor yourself. Being scared is part of the process and I genuinely believe that. But having fun is also part of it. At the end of the day, if you have fun doing what you love to do, we will have fun with you. That is pretty much the only advice I can give: have fun. I like to write, which I view as a solitary activity, and it is frustrating to be solitary all the time. I bet trying to come up with what to vlog about is the same. I always tell myself when it gets really depressing at 3am and I haven’t come up with anything substantial to write about and I’m ready to give up that my goal is never to just write something great. The goal is to have fun with it and greatness, hopefully, will follow. Find whatever it is that made you enjoy doing this in the first place and start there. We’re not going anywhere.

  • Ingvild

    We don’t expect amazing things from you all the time. We love you for you, and just seeing your face is a great pleasure! You just take your time Charlie. If you make videos, we’ll be here to support you all the way. If you decide a break is what you need, we’ll be here when you come back.

    I am really touched by the video you made, and one reason is because you open up so much. It feels personal. Not any vloggers I follow get that personal with their subscribers, because there’s a difference between their private and their professional life, but we’re here to hear about YOU, Charlie. We’re not just your “customers;” we’re also prepared to be your friends if you need us. You have given us so much the past years, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we want to give you something back, if you’ll accept it :’)

  • Szaapoobaa

    It’s amazing how your video affected other people. So many Youtubers started talking about their fear. Charlie, you’re a great person. Believe in yourself. People really like you! Lots of love from Poland.

  • unknownperson

    Charlie you are awesome, a lot of british youtubers are famous, just because if their looks, but you have content, I actually learned a couple of stuff feom you and at tge same time, youkeep me intertained, thank you!

  • Alice

    Those responses are just so smart, clever, kind and just so thoughtful. Also your video was amazing Charlie and I agree with everyone else, I like you just so much more now I’ve seen you’re human and also have pros and cons just like everyone else. You feel so much closer to me now and I like you even more.

  • Sandy

    a few weeks ago I was talking to my sister about being scared about people seeing my work, because I hate it when people judge my creativity. It’s something that’s so personal, and you put so much of yourself in your work, so you end up being dead scared people wont like it, cause that would in some way mean they don’t like you.

    She’s a an illustrator, and she told me that she used to be scared too, but one day she realized that: why would it matter that some random person wouldn’t like what she made, when most probably, that person wouldn’t be anything like her? Said person wouldn’t be into the same music, they might love a colour she hated, and have a completely different style. (of course people of a large variety loves your videoes, but you get the picture)

    It’s like I read this poster once that said, “You might be the richest and juiciest peach on earth, but there’s still gonna be people who don’t like peaches.” and that’s just the way it is.

    Love you always Charlie, <3

  • kasey

    we can’t be creative all the time, 24/7, and no one is forcing you.
    we don’t want to make you feel like you have to be someone better all the time.
    we love you for who you are, and that is the best thing about you, that you are not scared to show us what you’re like, what you dream about and what your fears are.
    just…let it be :)

  • Anonymous

    (Following comment may have a few mistakes (especially with grammar). If
    you find some, curse my German roots/ my English teacher for me. Thank
    “… friends, family and those of you who I don’t know personally…”
    I love how you tried to avoid the word “fans”… if that was your intention. ^^

    I hope you get well soon. You already heard/ read it about a million
    times, I’ll make you read it another time: Everybody is scared. Even if I
    don’t want to admit it to myself, I DO care about what people think
    about me – everytime I make a witty comment (which happens a lot) I just
    do it to make people laugh so they like me.
    You actually helped me
    to fully realize this. I don’t know if this discovery will help me some
    day, but either way – thank you for that.

    I don’t think this kind
    of fear can ever go away completly – we will always care about what
    people think about us. But I find it a good idea to “reduce” this fear,
    and I wish you good luck with that.

  • Kritika

    Aw, please don’t think like that, Charlie. Your million followers were earned, and we all love you and your videos! You’re videos are really inspiring and I’m sure you’ve inspired a lot of people to start Vlogging too. You’re amazing, Charlie. Stay that way. xx

  • Letícia Eduarda de A. Prado

    You’re more than a cute accent… You are an inspiration for all of us. It’s hard for all of us to admit that sometimes we don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to share our real ourselves with the world, but you are the one who has always done that… You are the one who has the ability of making other people happy no matter what you’re doing, because that is what makes YOU happy. You are the one that reminds us that we are all human beings, and that all of us have the right of feeling scared.

    But now it’s my turn to remind you that you are not alone.


    A brazilian admirer

  • Letícia Eduarda de A. Prado

    Michael is so right

  • Sam Davies

    My respect for you has increased so much more, if that is even possible. You’ve just sat down and admitted what a lot of people refuse to admit themselves. There always comes a point, however often or irregular, where things suddenly stop moving and become slow. I just want to tell you along with the many other people who have or are about to that I want you to never give up on what you’re doing. You’re so good at it, you inspire people with your talent. Michael is so right, what a fantastic video response. YOU’RE fantastic, please never forget that. It sounds pretty gay, but I’m just about to quote Dr. Seuss because this quote couldn’t even be perfect in my opinion:

    “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

    Be proud of that :) Good luck

  • http://twitter.com/Abiamazinglikex Abi Peachamxx

    im really sorry that i cant think of anything incredibly smart or meaningful to say to you.
    but just know charlie, that we all love you so much.
    thats why we have stayed with you for this long. thats why you have 1million subscribers.
    you are feeling sad, or insecure, just know that out of the 7billion people on this planet, you are better that AT LEAST ONE.
    …plus a lot more.
    because the fact is, you are very, very above average.
    and that is why we love you.
    so dont listen to those people who out you down.
    they dont know anything :)


  • Catherine

    In the past you have made videos of things that inspired you, things that interested you and your charm and genuiness shone through. If you create things based on what makes you happy it will make others happy. You cannot second guess what will please others all you can do is create things that please you. It takes courage to create but you have that courage. You demonstrated that by publishing your video blog. I wish you every success in the future what ever you decide to do. As a middle aged mother you give me hope for the future. My daughters love your videos and so do I.

  • Aoife Moffitt

    Hi! :) after i watched your ‘I’m scared’ video i wrote you an 11 and a half page letter in response to the things you said! i stopped halfway and just thought wow, this letter will probably definitely never get to you so what am i doing!!! well its that i care a lot as there are so many similarities between us with shyness and i also smile all the time in serious situations or just all the time when i’m talking to someone! :) so if you do read this… well.. a summary of the letter could be: “you are a wonderful person for all the things you’ve done and for being as nice as you are” :) okay bye! :) Aoife

  • gigi

    chhhahaaarrrllliiieee!!!! please don’t be sad :( everboy feels this way sometimes. alll the people here care about you, i don’t even know you personaly and i care about you. even i’ve felt like this resently and i did nothing about this, and i lost my best friends. personaly i know that it dose get better. if your stuck with ideas for vidios then ask your 500,00 twitter followers or your many mnay subscibers to help you out :) because we willl! because we all love u no matter what you do :D <3 x

  • Laura

    I know that with aaall of comments, videos, tweets… One more message isn’t too much, but I want to write a little comment for you, although probably you don’t read this.

    ‘m not a big fan of youtube, or vloggers… But I see you since three years more or less, and
    I just wanna say… You are incredible, Charlie. I’m spanish and my english is terrible, but you make spend the time in front of your videos and see them so many times until I understand every word :) And I don’t care if you only talk about whatever or you do a gag… Because you are so natural, nice and funny!! But above everything, you are just you! You’re allowing us to see you as you are, with your complex, and this makes you so close to us.

    I wanna say a lot more, but it’s difficult… So, Just don’t forget all of this words that everything gives to you because it’s the truth! n_n

  • Marianne

    You are an amazing and adorable person, Charlie! Don’t let your talent fade away. I Love you<3 Good Luck with all this :)

  • Marianne

    You are an amazing and adorable person, Charlie! Don’t let your talent fade away. I Love you<3 Good Luck with all this :) !

  • http://twitter.com/bjaofsuburbia Luke Renwick

    Awww Charlie, you’ll always be awesome. No matter what you do. We’ll be here no matter how long it takes <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/caitriona.meehan Caitríona Meehan


  • Marina

    LISTEN, Charlie. As Mickeleh said in his video response, I think that you have to relax. Make videos for your friends and your self and then for your viewers. Don’t have a schedule. This is just my advice. Plus, if you feel like it, you can do more music till you get back on track. :)

  • Eleonora

    Hi Charlie,

    From someone who often seeks out and watches your videos, despite not really subscribing to any YouTube channels or ever “hanging out” on YT, and hardly ever comments on videos in general.

    As the responses have amply demonstrated, what you’re going through is entirely human. In fact, it is the idea that seems to be floating around in contemporary Western society that we should strive for 24/7 happiness that is not particularly human. Both our moods and our creativity, like the economy! :P, go in ups and downs and in cycles and to be honest, it’s great that it goes this way!

    But when you’re having doubts about yourself it doesn’t always help to know that it’s a human condition. It offers some relief to know many people go through it, but you can’t help but think, like Sammy Jo says, that no-one else but you really know what it feels to be you. There’s two pieces of advice that I want to share because they’ve helped me keep the cycle of bad thoughts at bay.

    The first one is taken from cognitive behavioural therapy. It is based on the principle that to get over period of low mood, instead of acting on the thinking, you should act on the behaviours. From what we can glimpse of you and the people around you (especially your mother, but probably your friends too) from your videos, you seem to have a good propensity for this way of living already: I’m thinking of your calendar for ticking off exercising/working on the script etc., but also the pragmatic-cum-happy-go-lucky attitude that is part of why the joy of watching you is imponderable. Don’t see the way out of this as “How can I stop feeling like this, how can I ease the worrying”, but as “What can I do that will make me feel better? And happier?”. Do the things, big and small, that make you feel happy about yourself and empowered by your own actions. Do them with and for the people that you love and that love you. Instead of the spiral of negative thinking you can build your happiness and wellbeing brick by brick. Change the actions and the change in thinking and feeling will follow.

    And the second piece of advice is, should this turn into a longer low mood period than you’d hope, and should it start affecting your life more than you find acceptable – embrace it. You’re not any less you, you’re not any less real, human, interesting and full of things to say just because you’re not feeling 100% happy. See the low mood as one of those situations that you just have to deal with – didn’t you have a song about having acne? Do a “Duet with my fear”, engage with writer’s block as a character for your videos, turn the current mood on its head and beat it at its own game, the way you know best how. It’s never been more liberating for me than when I accepted I just am a person that needs more sleep than others at this time of my life. Gone were the guilt-tripping, continuous comparing myself to others, turning it into a reason to make myself unhappy, culpable, and for self-deprecation.

    So I guess my advise is: whether your feelings are universal to humanity or unique to you, they’re important to you because they’re YOUR feelings. Embrace them as part of the colourful and varied experience that life is, and if you want to change things, try changing actions not thoughts.

    All the best for the future. I won’t pledge my universal support because, to be honest, it’s the support of your loved ones and those you look up to that counts. That’s why Mickeleh’s suggestion is a really good one!

    PS: Sammy Jo’s video is a jewel.

  • Julia

    Charlie. Without you I wouldnt have found Doctor Who!

  • Linnea

    I just want to thank you for bringing a very important topic up for discussion because I feel exactly the same way, sure I don’t make youtube videos but I do experience similar emotions as you do in my everyday life. I’m a very anxious person but I think that a lot of people get scared and nervous no matter if they have a good or bad self-esteem. So, thanks again this made me feel much better about myself :) You are awesome and I’m looking forward to the next video. Best Whishes!

  • Abigail

    I’m not too good with words but I just wanted to say I feel the same way. My advice? Keep making videos because they definitely do make people smile. Plus if it makes you happy, there’s a good chance that that happiness with rub off on others as well :)
    I wish you lot of luck <3

  • YetAnotherObsessiveFangirl

    Charlie, I know that everything I have to say has already been said. By many people, I am sure. They probably said it a hell of a lot better, too. But I’m here to say it anyway.

    There are tons of people out there that love you, are completely obsessed and will hang onto your every word, no matter how you feel about what you are saying. And that continues through everything that you do. We’re not just here because we like your videos. Although, I’m sure that’s a bonus. But no. We are here because we like you. So that means that even if you post something that you are not entirely happy with, or if you’re just unsure whether we will be, don’t worry. Or at least, try not to. Because we’d be happy to hear from you even if you just sat with your back to the camera doing nothing.

    I know that it is not as simple as just getting over this little niggling feeling in the back of your mind. I also know how hard it can be to talk about something like this. To even admit to yourself, sometimes.
    You’re not alone in feeling like this. Everybody has at some point. And they will again in the future.
    Even though you think that you’re scared… You’re actually the bravest person I know. Simply standing up and saying “Yeah, I’m here. This is how I feel” reinforces this.
    The fact that you have posted all of this for the world to see proves how strong a person you really are.
    For this, I respect you even more than I did previously.

    I dearly hope that you begin to feel better about yourself and about the things that you do.
    Just remember that we’re all here for you. No matter what.

  • Jeanna

    May I suggest that you (Charlie) just take a break from trying. Just stop and don’t try to come up with anything. In that time pray and go about everyday life. Use that free time which you would usually be using to come up wih something new, to go jogging or visit a friend. Anything to just get out and away. I hope and pray that is helpful.

  • http://twitter.com/HiThereMaria Maria Cegla

    Charlie because of you I started watching Doctor Who and you gave me inspiration <3 You are the best!

  • EmilyWemily

    I’m so happy you are feeling better Charlie. I know I don’t really know you and you don’t know me, but I feel weirdly proud that you are getting through it. I can’t wait to see your next video. Well done :)

  • http://twitter.com/AxmanAdam Azman Adam

    Thanks for sharing , because I feel more comfortable knowing that I’m not the only person who feels this way, i guess in that we’re all together, and thats comforting.

  • http://twitter.com/motionocean Siv

    Really, really honest videos. Courage.

  • Diane

    Charlie, you’re awesome, don’t ever forget that :).
    I’m scared as hell too sometimes. And it sucks, but hey, at least we’re not alone in that! So don’t worry, you’ll be okay. And as you can see: people do love your video’s. But maybe more importantly: people love you!

  • Riz

    I like you Charlie. And that will never change. Unless you kill my mother.

  • http://twitter.com/towniejess Jessica Wood

    You shouldn’t switch off your fear all together, because sometimes fear is a good motivator. That fear came to you for a reason. Once you weed through all the insecurities and figure out what you were doing that make you so unhappy with yourself it will go away. That being said, you are brilliant and it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there with the possibility of being trolled all over by the internet. Kudos.

  • Cody Alberts

    Vote up for anyone else who read this in Charlie’s voice!

  • Cat

    Charlie people love you because you’re you. And were all lucky to stand in your light

  • Kristen B

    Charlie we’ll support you always. You inspire a lot of people including me. You gave me inspiration to embrace my nerdness and accept who I am. You are really a great person and have helped all of us in a certain way. I’m just glad I’m not alone in feeling this way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RobertSimpson58 Robert Simpson

    Charlie, your past 16 year-old self is literally what I am going through at this current stage, I do stuff to impress people because thats what I want to do, I want to impress people with what capability that I have, You’ve always inspired me to do my best, and I really hope that you don’t get lost in an impenetrable bubble of procrastination, because really, you are such an amazing Human Being, PLEASE KEEP GOING!!!! you’ve inspired me to make youtube videos too :)

  • natalie

    charlie, you are an inspiring. genuine, kind, smart person. I feel like adjectives aren´t enough to describe how awesome you are. I just wish you could realize how awesome you are too.

    I could keep going on about how funny, interesting relatable and sweet you are but I
    am going to end saying this: you don´t have the abilty to make me hate you. you just don´t. And I think its the same for pretty much everyone who watches you.
    Hope you get happier and you have my full support.


  • http://twitter.com/lmaotrebol trebol

    I am glad that you are okay again Charlie, i don’t even have words to tell you how worried i was about you, i wish that i could made a video for you but i am too shy… you don’t know how i really want to meet you but now i am happy that maybe you will read this and aknowledge my existence (i really really hope you read this!!) so yeah… you are in the heart and mind of a 17 old mexican girl, bye Charlie <3 P.S. sorry for my bad english

  • Jill

    Yeah… I’ve made a Wall of Stuff :).
    Michael’s was sweet.
    We love you, Charlie. Because you’re you. <3

  • Alaska-Nyota

    very very very cool responses ! but you should add Hanks !!! well … in case you like it :)

  • Greenlantern66

    The only thing that scares me is the thought of you no longer making videos…

  • Alaska-Nyota

    Charlie, I hope you noticed the big bubble of love that surrounds you. It’s always there but maybe more visible since you made that video. You’re safe. Even if you fall, the bubble will protect you and never let you down. Don’t underestimate this bubble. Lots of love. xxx

  • lulila91

    charlie, we all feel like that from day to day and the fact that you have the courage to say it out loud and put it on the internet is incredibly inspiring. thank you

  • gwen

    you’re so cute, we all love you so don’t worry so much<3 :DD

  • Katie

    Charlie, please know you’re not alone.
    When I was younger I wanted to be a writer. Then somewhere along the line I started comparing myself to everyone else I’ve ever read, and decided I wasn’t good enough. I never show anyone what I write, because I’m so afraid that they won’t think it’s good, and then they’ll think that I’m stupid and a terrible writer. And that shouldn’t make me afraid, but I’m human, so it does. I remember I showed something to a close friend once, and even when she said it was good, I pretended someone else wrote it. Publishing anything take bravery, and you’ve already shown plenty of that. Please don’t let your fear get in the way of you making videos, because I love your videos and I think that would be a real loss. And, from what I know of you from the videos you’ve posted, I don’t think it would make you happy either.
    Thanks for everything you’ve given us already. :)

  • SecretFiri

    I don’t know what I can say that is different from what everyone else has said already. Through the message I sent you. Through the videos they posted. Through the comments they posted and through this comment. Everyone has said the same thing. Just be you and don’t worry, being scared if human. Also, we love you.

  • Aisling NiFhoghlu

    Charlie I had so much I wanted
    to say about this video but now I just can’t form it into words. I
    have never been so proud of a person I hardly know- and one 6 years
    older than me at that- nor have I cried at a youtube video so
    congratulations! We all love you, as Michael said, for you and all
    1,690,069 of us who are subscribed as I write would not still be
    subscribed if we thought the quality of your videos was less than
    satisfactory or the quantity mattered enough that we’d hate you for
    not posting as much as some others? I mean yeah we’d love more vids
    but that’s not what matters to me and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.
    We love you for what you do and you don’t have to change your videos
    for our benefit if it’s not what you want. Well that was a longer rant than intended!
    Anyways, hope to see a new
    video soon. Love, a faithful Charliebot :)

  • James

    A few points:

    * One of the things I like about you as a Youtube creator is that you generally work to your own rules and schedule, and unlike many others are not particularly driven by a desire to do what you think your audience wants if that conflicts with what you want. The result is that your stuff is generally quality stuff that is well thought through and respects the visual nature of YouTube as a medium with visuals that are often complementary to your content, even something as mundane as a straight vlog.

    * Having said that, anyone who is in the business of creating content for an audience, as you are, is almost always doing so with at least some thought as to how their content is being received. You can’t but help wonder how things are going down with your audience. For this reason, your feelings are normal and natural. As you say, that’s part of what it’s like to be human.

    * It seems to me though that you are your own harshest critic. Your concerns about what an audience thinks are more a product of your own high standards than any reflection of what is really out there. Your feedback is almost uniformly positive so your feelings are probably a reflection of your own feelings, rather than what is coming back from your audience. If your stuff was low quality, you wouldn’t have the same following that you do.

    * An interesting question for you to ask is whether you want simple reassurance, or whether you want genuine, honest feedback about how you might improve your work and be the best you can be. If you want reassurance, take the time to read the copious comments from your fans.

    * However, your fans are generally going to support you. There are probably plenty of people who will gladly sit and watch you sip tea and pick your nose for two hours given the chance. So they’re probably not the greatest source of honest criticism.

    * A good way to improve yourself may be to get a job in the industry – by which I mean working as an employee rather than self-employed. If you pick the right job you will get lots of experience, and learn an awful lot of skills. You needn’t stay there forever but it will assist greatly in improving your craft, and you will get a lot of constructive feedback on your work. You will get a much better idea of what your true peers (people with similar talent and interests) really think of your work, and if your workplace is supportive, how you can improve it.

    * Another thing this may help is with your perfectionism. You seem to be someone who is keen to make something the best it can be – which can be good, but can also mean you sometimes spend too long obsessing over the finest details to get them just right. I can be a bit like that. Working to the constraints of professional deadlines can assist in developing a realistic outlook and prioritising issues for resolution. Your colleagues will also let you know what problems are worth spending time on, and which are less important and are acceptable. Perfectionism can be great if you have the luxury of no budget and time restrictions, but can sometimes hamper output. As a perfectionist you will probably find working to other people’s standards and deadlines frustrating – but it is a learning experience and will probably be good for helping you manage these feelings and develop a broader outlook.

    * Of course a problem with a job is that you are delivering on someone else’s project, and if you are a very personally driven person it may be frustrating having to go in a direction that you may not want to go yourself, or working on something you don’t really have your heart in. This can be a downside but weigh this up against the upsides.

    * I know you’ve tried some presenting work and were not comfortable with it – the sort of job I have in mind is something behind the scenes in production which seems to be your true love (and a significant talent of yours).

    * What this is all directed towards is constructive suggestions about how to manage your concerns about the views of others, and become more productive. It’s mature of you that you have pretty much figured out what seems to be an issue for you, and it’s probably a sign of your determination to be the best you can be to question how you might resolve the issue. There’s no question that you have exhibited significant talent for filmmaking and it’s something that you can work on. The fact that you have asked your viewers for assistance in this regard shows that you’re able to take on board comments from outside and use these to improve yourself and develop your talent further.

    * This doesn’t mean that you should change your approach to filmmaking, particularly personal projects. I think it would be a shame if you dropped your standards and churned out one-shot quickies with little visual thought just for the sake of producing regular content. It is the feelings that you express in this video that are part of the reason you produce such quality stuff – they are part of who you are and are part of your talent. You just need to know how to control and manage them.

  • Vlogmansam

    You’re like the batman of nice. I was gonna say superman, but I think we all know that batman is way freaking cooler.

  • http://twitter.com/everydayjess Jess

    I love your videos, and not because of their originality or editing or subject, but because I like to hear your voice and listen to what’s important to you. And I’ll gladly wait however long between your videos. Because I like you as a person, and I like you enough that I will keep coming back whenever or whatever.

  • Nick

    I’m so glad to read that you are feeling better. (I know you probably gets this all the time but:) you’re one of my greatest role models, and I love you!

    I’ll keep praying for you :)

  • Karolina

    I am so happy I found you on the internet couple months ago. I loved you instantly. Is it because of your dorkiness, your cuteness, your excitement about various stuff, or something else? I don’t know. Probably a mix of all those. Your videos can really brighten up my day, and that had happened several times before. You proved to yourself and to everyone that, if you’re determined to do something and if you believe in yourself, you will do it. No matter what. I watched almost all of your videos, and it makes me somehow so proud that, since you were a teen, you were aware of people in need and you were involved in so many charities. You’re a true role model, and you give hope in the mankind. You too should be proud of yourself, like your friends, family, and your online friends are. Charlie, you’re one amazing person, and you need to know that. If I ever see you in person, besides yelling “I FOUND YOU”, I will slap you and make sure you’re never insecure again!
    I suppose I just repeated what most of the people here said, and I hope you now realise that you are and you’ll always be loved and that THERE’S NOTHING TO BE SCARED OF.

    Sorry if my English is too bad, I’m from Croatia, so I’m not a native speaker.

    Hugs, Charlie, to you and to everyone!

  • Lily

    Hello, Charlie. I would like to make a video, but I cant do that. Well, I’m embarrassed to be honest. Still, the script I wrote for a non-existent video:
    I know it’s been more than a week, but I hope that before you get this video. Sorry, it’s late. But better late than never.
    Perhaps you never spend the three minutes to look at my answer, but it is a matter of luck. My luck.
    My thoughts in my head just cant live like this at all possible – how its to make a video, which are then seen by people a thousand times. Million times! First and foremost it is impossible hard. Yes, it is simply unimaginable. I want to tell you that we, your followers, and I in particular realize how hard it is. Because millions of people are watching and watching and watching you! Your videos reviewing over and over. People put on pause and examine every detail in the video. This is so. And we know it. None of us does wants to cause you harm.
    Charlie, you’re really deep in the head. In my head and in heads a thousand other people. This is serious. It’s a big responsibility, that’s what you’re afraid. And its rightly.
    I also want to confess, confess to you that I – the biggest coward in the world. I’m afraid of everything that surrounds me. Now I created a new channel to put only one this video. So it is impossible to be afraid of public opinion, but it is. I’m afraid that I might be stupid, that people will say “the camera has not been created for her,” which eventually all of my friends know about it.
    But you know, or guess, that you have trusted people. People who worry about you and everything like that. I’m afraid I do not have such people. I’m afraid to be alone.
    Well, in the end this work, I want to express my incredible gratitude to you, Charlie. I learned about your channel in YouTube relatively recently, three months ago and now I have no idea how I could live without you! It sounds silly, but it is true. I do not know you, but I can only watch your video. This is all that is possible for me. But this connection means a lot. I want to believe that you do your job with the same idea. Because I believe in you, Charlie. I watched all of your videos for a couple of days. And it was a blast for my brain.
    Thank you, Charlie. I really love your channel. Thank you for these moments. I do not believe that we will ever meet again, I am realistic, and maybe this is my only letter Charlie MacDonald in history. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you very much.
    I do not want that you were in sorrow and I know it will pass. I’ll wait for the moment when you will be free in your head.
    PSI want to apologize for my English and I hope you understand what I mean.I’m from Ukraine and do not speak English very well, as we would like, but I have a lot to teach. If something is wrong – guilty Google Translate :)
    Best regards, Lily Dementieva, Ukraine.

  • Lily

    And you make us a little happier, Charlie. This is very important

  • andrea

    You had me at hallo :-) as an creative person myself i have learned to “kill my darlings “. But I was forced to do it because i did so many things I wasnt happy with. then a friend saw some of the works i wanted to throw away, and said that they all looked brilliant.. i guess what im trying to say is that you should just show people your works i, even if they are work-in-progress ones. we will love your videos no matter what. after all you have made over 1 mio people smile :-)

  • Hope

    Charlie, I dont think you realize that we all don’t think of you as an entertainer- we all think of you as a friend! All of us are scared by something all the time, but the great thing about friends is that they teach us not to be scared. I think the great thing about youtube is that we can all help each other breach that terrifying wall called “self consciousness”. You’ve helped a lot of people do that, and even if you don’t put out amazingly wonderful content everyday, we’re still going to love you- even if you’re just drinking tea and rambling. Cuz that’s what friends do Charlie.

  • Abby

    Charlie, you are amazing. Don’t ever forget that. You are an inspiration to me, as well as the random go-to thing that will ALWAYS make me smile, that will lighten my day. You are one incredibly awesome human being. Thank you for…being you.(:

  • Matt

    Charlie. Likely, my response will get lost in the mountain of support you’ve received. However, I will proceed with what I feel I need to say…

    I started following you at least 2-3 years ago. I recall how amazed I was that someone of your age was so… so… natural and creative, in a medium that was still growing. For me, it was startling because I am a 50+ year old creative (Art DIrector) that is used to your sort of talent only coming from those that are a bit older and more experienced.

    Basically, you were (and still are)… fresh.

    What I would like to impart to you (being that I have been in my line of work for more than 25 years) is that… What you are going through is perfectly normal. I deal with it frequently, especially since those around you (us) feel that we can conjure our creative magic at will.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat at my computer, knowing full well that I need to “do something” (usually what I am needing to do has a delivery date). You have no idea how many times I’ve been in a meeting, with a dozen people looking straight at me waiting to “say something creative” that will solve all their problems.

    The brighter side of this is…
    1. When you least expect it, you will find your creative sunshine
    2. You are likely UNDERESTIMATING the things you are currently creating, and labeling them as “garbage” (we are always our worst critics).
    3. Regardless of how “you” feel, you truly need to accept the fact that you are, willingly or unwillingly, a bit of a celebrity. People want to hear from you regardless of what you have to say. (besides, as I said above, it’s likely better than you think).

    Bottom line. You have certainly brightened many of my “uncreative” days. I am certain that you will rebound once more.

    All the very best.

    -Matt in Atlanta, GA, USA

  • Robyn234

    Charlie, I’ve only recently just des covered your channel. I knew of you and had seen 1 or 2 videos a few years ago. And all of a sudden a few months ago I remembered your name and so I thought why not check his videos out? In all honesty you’re the reason I became a viewer of YouTube. I found your videos and was hooked on everyone of them, I’d managed to watch the whole contents of your channel in just one day, hours of general enjoyment and pleasure. I was just so fascinated by what you created and found your videos purely entertaining. As I’m not a usual YouTube viewer I’d been unsure how often people upload new videos, so I wasn’t aware of when you would next upload a video. And when I found this video as a recent upload, it really touched a nerve. I hate seeing people feel this way, and even though I am no YouTuber, I generally feel this way in life on a daily basis. The point is, you are not alone, everyone has the feeling that they need to please everyone, and may sometimes feel like they are not good enough. But just look at how many people have been on board over the whole charlieissocoollike experience over the years! Or even people like me who have only recently catched on, but after watching ALL of your videos in just one day I felt a relationship and a bond with you and really connected and apart of your life, which I never thought I could feel such a way about just someone behind a camera! And I would be delighted to see more of your fun science videos, and your cute cooking shows and crazy challenging episodes!  I can imagine it will be hard to beat this feeling you’re having,  But please, please do feel better soon. On behalf of your millions of fans from all different places, we love you Charlie.

  • http://twitter.com/mendystar1 Mendy

    Charlie. I love your videos. Not just for their content but for the emotions you put behind it. While watching I can tell how much you work into it and I and I know everyone else was proud of you. Proud of what you accomplished. What you shared. I fell in love with your personality and even if you don’t know me or ever meet me, I want you to know you inspired me and you allowed me to relate to you in ways I’ve never been able to before. So thank you Charlie.

  • Anna

    Hi Charlie. I’ve just recently found your channel (being a Doctor Who fan, I heard about Chameleon Circuit and thus found you). I’m only twelve years old, which some people make fun of that age for “twelve year old girls being the only subscribers”. But I have a life, obviously. I watched your “I’m Scared” video and somehow, I realized what I want to do with my life. I decided I want to write and act, but before anything happens, I want to make YouTube videos. Vlogs, in particular. I am rather smart for my age, and people expect me to do something scientific or mathematical with my life, like getting interested in technology or medicine. Honestly, I don’t want to do that. I want to follow this path that I came up with. And you being scared of what people think of you is me too, in daily life. I’m scared that my parents will be disappointed with what I want to do, scared that my friends won’t care about me if I decide to do this. Ultimately, I am scared of what will happen to my life if I start making videos. Will more people like me? Will less people like me? Then basic worries run into my head: am I funny? entertaining? clever? interesting? And seeing you post this video, I realized that these fears won’t go away, no matter what happens. I will always worry about what people think. And if I post videos, my main goal shouldn’t be to get a certain number of subscribers. Because then, really, people will just be subscribing to me because I am telling them to. Not because I am funny, or smart, or anything. I don’t really know where this went, but I honestly don’t want to erase anything because even typing this, it has made me feel better. Thanks for being you. I’m one of your subscribers, and you are the reason I even thought about being a YouTuber. Again, thanks.

  • Naomi

    I reckon this video will have helped thousands of people realise that if even you can feel scared of being disliked or spoken about, we all do. Also that everybody worries about their abilities to reach their goals. So no, you’re not alone. I am too worried about what everybody thinks of me to even begin on youtube, despite very much wanting to, so I admire you for your creative (and therefore personal) confidence. It’s only natural that with success comes a bit of fear; most intelligent and funny people would struggle to create the sheer volume of high quality, and unique, videos you have over the years so really there had to be a moment where you began to feel differently, to feel you’re struggling to keep it up. I actually prefer some of your more recent videos as you speak more as what I can assume the real Charlie is like, and you’ve definitely not become less humorous! I basically agree with all of what Mickeleh said in his video, give yourself some time and remember it’s only you who feels this struggle- your fans still enjoy all your videos. And thank you for confirming that even a guy like you, who I’d assume is never spoken about negatively behind his back, worries he is- you have made the rest of us feel less alone!

  • Chloe

    We love you charlie!

  • B

    Your amazing!! And literally in my brain… You’re always going to be socoollike and remember why you love doing things always in life! Whenever you get down bring yourself back to that feeling you had when you were showing your school friends your magic tricks! Get that feeling- and create!!!!! We will always love you Charlie! -B

  • http://twitter.com/jabbablinkss Thomas Leone

    charlie is going through what we all went through one time in life…he will get over his fears…it just takes time and doesn’t happen overnight…

  • Any Marry

    That’s the point that I said on comment in your video. You’ve people around you that loves you for who you are, for what you did/do… and people that wants to know what is in your mind. The fact is everyone has his own fears, their own dramas. And it’s part of life live those moments. I don’t why. but my mom always says that everyone has ‘the year’. And I do believe in moms! I’m having my. And you’re too. That’s no need to be rushing, or feeling guilt. Anyone gonna makes you feel better that yourself. Even if they had screamed it in your face. But they gonna try to help you and that’s good. You’re a luck person Charlie you’ve friends, family and people that dont know you that cares about you, about your thought, about your feeling. And have saw your video makes me remember that everybody has feelings. Each one with your way to feel and to showing it. If the world had a little more of this, little more of caring and sharing the world would be a way a better place to live. And the last comment is: Don’t try to pleasure everyone. Don’t try to be perfect. You’re what and who you are because of your qualities and failures. “Be who you want to be, do what you want to do” And makes the past, present and future be just one thing… because it is. peace, love and music (: xx

  • Victor

    I’m glad you got a confidence boost. And of course you’ll still be a bit scared; that means you care about what you’re doing. ;-) Keep ‘em comin’! Greetings from Brazil.

  • http://twitter.com/jabbablinkss Thomas Leone

    I will also say that friends will tell you to ignore what others think about you…my sister told me this in my college years and that credo has helped me out ever since…

  • Haley

    Charlie. I like all of your videos. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I love almost all of them. Of course, there are going to be a few videos that I think are slightly less awesome then others. But it really doesn’t matter if your video is one of your best or one of your worst. I like you for who you are, not what you do. You have the rare quality of being able of making people smile whenever they see you. More than that, you actively seek to make others smile, to improve the overall happiness of others. Your kindness, unbridled enthusiasm, and general joy are what I enjoy most about your videos. I offer you this not to order you to get over your insecurities, for I know the impossibilty and foolishness of such a request. Instead, I merely urge to remember that for many of us, the lovable creature making the videos is just as, if not more, worthwhile and entertaining as the actual content that you work so hard to create. Though I doubt you will read this, I hope that you can feel the millions of people sending you love and encouragement, and the sincerity of our affection.

  • Naomi

    Facing a fear isn’t easy but admitting it to yourself and people around the world is a big thing for someone to do. It takes time to combat those things we worry about most but the good thing is is that we can do it even if it takes little steps. You have so many people around you who truly care and love the person you really are, not the person that you think you should be. You are an amazingly talented and a good person, try to be true to yourself :) Thanks for being you Charlie, you always find a way to brighten up somebody’s day!

  • shadi

    Charlie I am so glad that you are feeling better! I just want you to know that you are loved from all over the world.. you have inspired so many people and have touched peoples hearts with just being you..so we will love any video with you in it..even if its just you talking about your weekend. So keep making videos and know that we are all here to help you through anything. We all love you Charlie :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/MannickYermet Yannick Mermet

    Charile, my first ever youtube video was of yours. The “how to be british” video. That was my first experience of youtube. Since then i’ve been a huge follower of your videos and i believe you are the most truthful, genuine person ever and to be honest, i wish i was more like you. I’ve been scared too, too scared to actually make, plan or even attempt a video, especially to allow a group of strangers to watch after. You sir, are a great inspiration to many youtubers. When people who were the first youtubers, the name i hear most is yours and yours alone. I wish you best Charile, and as a fan, shall always support you!

  • Leila Ortiz

    Hola Charlie, I’m speaking to you from Puerto Rico as your fan. Even if I watch most of your videos, I’ve never thought of contacting you because I felt it was so stupid to be another fan that writes down how she likes your videos and all. Besides, I know its impossible for you to read all your fan mail. Still, I feel that I should write you about your latest video (the one you said your scared) because I feel that you have misconceptions about your fans. WE LIKE YOUR VIDEOS. They are perfect to making overemotional people like me laugh. Its okay to be worried if people are going to like you, I worry about it all the time. But remember that people will like you as much as you love yourself. Sometimes we get so scared because its taking too much time to become the persons we want to be, that we don’t appreciate the person we are now.

    Finally I just want to tell you that I wish you could read this, because that way you would know how thankful I am that your youtube page exist. Because of you I like Doctor Who, because of you I have songs in my itunes that are about real life and not about the idiotic idea of love, because of you after a really, really bad day (which I spent feeling sorry for myself) I can laugh. And finally I want to thank you because you made the “I’m scared” video, because you made me realize that even though I’m scared I can also keep following my dreams.

  • Esti

    I don’t know if I’m right, or terribly wrong, but if you’re interested, here’s my opinion;)

    I think what causes your fear is the lack of intimacy and connection between you and your audience. Content that your posting now is for sure good- in some ways even better than the content you were posting in the past- but it’s lacking this interaction that your earlier videos had. That’s really all that is in my opinion- just interact more with people- like you did now- and it will be okay;) You wil get tons of satisfaction and motivation from that- and in fact that is really pretty everything people wan’t from you- to be a part of charlieissocoollike community, as they used to be. So make us and yourself this favor and do something that involves us – your viewers. Rebuild your community and do stuff inspired by interaction with other people- because you’re very good at this;)
    Good luck!:)

  • Simran

    Charlie, we all love you for who you are. We don’t expect wonderful things all the time, because what matters to us is that you’re happy doing what you’re doing and seeing you is awesome! We just want you to be happy. You are so much more than an ordinary person, because you are so inspiring and I think we all appreciate the fact that you were so genuine in this video. So don’t give up, Charlie. Just believe in yourself. And we’re always gonna be here for you, no matter what happens. :)

  • Stuart

    Charlie, I admire you a great deal. I have to do a fair amount of public speaking on a regular basis, but I could never pluck up the courage to post myself to a website like YouTube. That you have that courage, even in the midst of your ‘dark night of the soul’ (if I can use that term) speaks volumes as to the depths of your confidence, even if it feels broken at the moment.

    You asked if what you are feeling is simply part of the human condition, and I’d have to hazard a guess at ‘yes’. Even somebody as charitable and joyful as Mother Teresa could say: “there is nothing but emptiness and darkness”. Many, many people experience a dryness, a fear, and a creative lethargy. The good news is, though, that the darker the night becomes the closer we are to the dawn!

    Charlie, I approach things as a person of faith. I’m not in the business of converting people, I find that to be quite wrong, but I can’t help seeing the world through that particular lens; a big part of that is seeing in every person an inalienable dignity. You have that dignity, as do I and every other person fortunate enough to view your videos. The quality of your videos is a purely subjective thing – you may think them poor, we (the viewers) may think them fantastic… ultimately that’s irrelevant. It has no bearing on the fact that you have infinite worth as a human being. That worth is not contingent upon anything, let alone YouTube videos. Remember that, Charlie!

    You’ve done the right thing in posting your latest video. Again, you’ve demonstrated extraordinary courage! And whilst we, your fans, can offer you some small degree of support and comfort, I’m sure that you are surrounded by good friends and family whose actual physical presence in your life can offer you so much more – lean on them. God bless you, Charlie.

  • Amy

    Charlie, I watched your video on the day I was diagnosed with OCD and GAD and you have no idea how much it meant to me that you could be scared in the same way that I was feeling scared – you made me, sitting by myself in my room on the other side of the world – feel less alone with my fear and anxiety in that moment, and for that I cannot thank you enough. You and your videos have been a source of entertainment and inspiration for me for a while, and now you inspire me more than ever. Thank you for your candid message – keep being wonderful :)

  • Robzy

    Charlie, I’ve only recently just des covered your channel. I knew of you and had seen 1 or 2 videos a few years ago. And all of a sudden a few months ago I remembered your name and so I thought why not check his videos out? In all honesty you’re the reason I became a viewer of YouTube. I found your videos and was hooked on everyone of them, I’d managed to watch the whole contents of your channel in just one day, hours of general enjoyment and pleasure. I was just so fascinated by what you created and found your videos purely entertaining. As I’m not a usual YouTube viewer I’d been unsure how often people upload new videos, so I wasn’t aware of when you would next upload a video. And when I found this video as a recent upload, it really touched a nerve. I hate seeing people feel this way, and even though I am no YouTuber, I generally feel this way in life on a daily basis. The point is, you are not alone, everyone has the feeling that they need to please everyone, and may sometimes feel like they are not good enough. But just look at how many people have been on board over the whole charlieissocoollike experience over the years! Or even people like me who have only recently catched on, but after watching ALL of your videos in just one day I felt a relationship and a bond with you and really connected and apart of your life, which I never thought I could feel such a way about just someone behind a camera! And I would be delighted to see more of your fun science videos, and your cute cooking shows and crazy challenging episodes!  I can imagine it will be hard to beat this feeling you’re having,  But please, please do feel better soon. On behalf of your millions of fans from all different places, we love you Charlie.

  • Aaron, @atakuzier

    Charlie, don’t ever give up. We all face a world that wants to destroy us and tear us all apart, but never let that stop who you are. If God brought you this far, he can and will take you so much further.

  • Claire

    We do all secretly feel that way! Oh my goodness! You just explained the inner workings of my brain! Charlie, you are a funny, intelligent, lovely young person and you genuinely are entertaining whether you try or not! I have not come across a single piece of your work I don’t like! “Charlieissocoollike” is an incredible accurate channel name because like, Charlie, you are SOOOO cool. You are a truly kind and sweet person and if you lived in my neighborhood, I would abduct you into my group of friends… You are an incredibly likable person! And Thank You! Thank you for making these videos because in them, you are just being you, and in being you, you are the best person ever!!!!!!!!! So thank you and keep being amazing… You don’t even have to try! :) <3

  • SteveMN

    I’m going to take a different track on this. I wonder if your anxiety isn’t based on feeling a change, a transition, coming on in life. You are at that age when life does transition. Think of a university students facing graduation. 4 years of parting and studying, and now real life loom on the horizon. My advise, embrace change, because change never stops. The more you resist what you must do, the more anxiety you have. The more you embrace what you must do, the less the anxiety is. Now I could be wrong, and I’m more than willing to be wrong, but I could be right.

  • Ben

    The reason why you have been flooded with video responses, comments, tweets, emails and the rest, is because you’re opening up to people and showing us all who Charlie McDonnell really is. You do this in all of your videos, in fact – it’s impossible not to show a bit of yourself in something you have created. Who Charlie McDonnell is, is what brings millions of people back to your videos and has allowed you to become a highly popular Youtuber. It’s not just about whether your content is entertaining, clever or thought provoking enough, which the majority of the time it is. It’s important obviously, but, ultimately, like your friends and family, all your fans want is to see you on their screen, talking to them, and spending some time with Charlie McDonnell.

    Furthermore, we all experience the fear of not being liked or valued any more, on some level. I get worried about being disliked by the cashier at the supermarket, if I don’t strike a conversation with them or I even if I take too long to pack my things. As a creative person with a very large following, the fear that you’re facing will inevitably rear it’s ugly head and make your job very difficult. But anyone with a job will worry that what they’re doing isn’t good enough, and it will also complicate their capacity to get anything done.

    It’s OK to be scared. You more than most, have begun the process of overcoming it, because you have openly recognised it and want to fight it. But it really is fine to feel that way. However, I hope the responses you have got, will ease the struggle and loosen the grip this fear has on you, and we will soon see you appear in that box :)

  • elia

    Thank you Charlie. You made me laugh with things like a purple man with a ukelele, you learned me things about science and now you made me cry. Just because you talked about how I feel. It must have been though to do that, but you really helped a lot of people like me. You’re not the only one who is scared, and above all: you’re amazing, just because of who you are!

  • Hope

    I am going thought the same thing as you; I didn’t really want
    to start this like that but oh well. About six months ago around my birthday I
    left my dad’s and step mum’s. When I was with them I was told horrible things
    about myself and that I should change, this had a massive effect on me for my self-steam
    and just me as a person but still, I felt so bad about myself and still I didn’t
    want to leave because I felt so bad for my dad. I didn’t have the choice in
    this matter but secretly to my dad I wanted to leave and left because he didn’t
    give me medicine I was told to have; it was the scariest thing I have ever done,
    and my brother had already left which made me stay for another 3 years but eventually
    when I did leave I went thought depression. What does this have to do which
    you? Well when I left and moved into my mums/brothers house I thought my life
    would be perfect. I thought that once I had left my life would turn into the
    best thing ever, but to my surprise I was wrong.

    My dad wanted contact
    with me which was horrible, high school is a bitch because people are and me
    and my brother started falling out, which never happens. Then I started just
    living for no reason what I mean is I had no reason to carry on but still did,
    which seamed easy to me. After a while I started getting use to my new life;
    but then it hit me. My dad’s birthday came along and depressions struck again,
    I was on the seta for a whole week doing nothing because of how sad I was.
    After another month or so I started seeing a therapist who likes talking about
    my feelings and I have had 3 of them and they do nothing. Once I
    started talking about what had happened to me I realised what a different
    person I had become, more confident, I felt good about myself and this person I
    hated. I realised what a twat I had become and how I wasn’t the same anymore,
    and how confident I was now, I hated the person I was/am and had to live with
    the fact that I will never be that wise person again, and that may kill me a

    So finally my point….

    I understand what it feels like to be scared that everyone
    is juging you for the person you have become.

    I understand that you may not like that person because you
    think everyone else doesn’t and this person isn’t good enough

    And I understand that you may feel upset because of all
    this. And feel you can never become the person you were.

    But you are such a good person Charlie, you can see that in
    every video; you made me feel like it was ok to be “too nice” because it feels
    good. You make such a big impression on everyone and I don’t think I know how
    good you are! I think that no one comes
    online just to see how good your videos are or to see “the old Charlie” which
    would be stupid. We come here to see you! We come because we like you, and we
    see such a good person that overwhelms some of us! Some people don’t have the ability
    to over think like me and I think like you, and I realised what an amazing quality
    it is. In you I see a funny, brilliant man who has great taste in TV (Doctor
    who, Lost) and films. When I first started watching you I had to show my
    brother and we were there for about 1 hour watching you make us laugh because
    of how brilliant you are. Please remember we don’t come online just to say “Dance
    monkey boy!” We come on because of the brilliant idea’s you have. So even if
    you think that your videos are stupid and rubbish remember I am ALWAYS going to
    stand by you and watch and I know others will too. So please give the best shot
    at making your videos and watch how many people love them! Oh and say hi to Brady
    and Alex for me :’) so good luck Charlie and please if this didn’t help you make
    sure to find something that does because your amazing Charlie, You really are. Oh
    and loads of spelling and grammar mistakes because I am on a rant :D

  • Thing

    Charlie, I know you’ve got thousands and thousands of comments, tweets, messages and video responses already, but let me just be on out of those thousands. You are incredible, and you are admired by a HUGE amount of people for your personality, your humor, your intelligence, your creativity… and so on. I love to watch your videos, because I can identify with you. When I watch your videos, I feel like it’s okay to be an introvert, a bit of a nerd, a little silly and stuff like that; as long as you’re being yourself. And watching this video made me feel that it’s also okay to be scared and insecure. Because I am, too, everyone are! And the fact that you talked about this in a video only made you seem more human, which is nothing but good. As all those people in the videos say: people LIKE you. And there’s a reason why they do. You’re amazing! You may not be “old Charlie” anymore, but hey… that’s not a bad thing. Old Charlie was great. New Charlie is just as great. It’s okay to feel insecure, and scared, and sad, but just know that people genuinely (you taught me that word, by the way, since English is not my first language) think you are amazing.

  • Pablo

    Charlie, I have been watching your videos for a while now and I think we are both in opposite stages creatively speaking and at the same stage. I have made a quite a few short-films, however, I can’t find it in myself to create any good material with which to make my own YouTube videos, which has lately become a very attractive prospect for me. I see now that, among other things, that is because of the reason you have explained in your “I’m Scared” video. I wanted to thank you for such an indirect and unintentional explanation of what I myself am experiencing through your own dilemma. I’m not saying that your admittance of inadequacy has inspired me somehow to begin making video blogs, but it has led me to a new point of personal understanding. I believe understanding gives way to knowledge, and knowledge yields wealthiness of character; which undisputedly is part of a creative person. So, again I thank you, I hope you get to read this message of gratitude and I look forward to having some new charlieissocoollike feel-good experiences in the future, and I think I’m not alone in that sentiment.

    P.S. Having a genuine recording of Stephen Fry to end your videos with makes you like very much cool.

  • Georgia

    Charlie, I have to be honest when I say that I have never seen one of your videos before. Today, after hearing so many things about you from others I subscribe to, I decided to see for myself. This video you just made was the first video I saw, and I subscribed immediately. Because straight away, from this one video, I saw you being completely honest with those who consider you very important in their lives, a quality which is rarely seen now, even among YouTubers. In fact, this video is the last straw in convincing me to try making videos for myself and seeing what others make of me. And though you may not know me, this is one of the single most terrifying things I could do, because I am very shy and insecure about what others think of me. Everyone has their ups and downs, and I encourage you to take a few moments for yourself to pick yourself up off the pavement and continue to do the wonderful things you do. There’s a reason why you have so many subscribers, and don’t ever forget that you have an enormous support base ready to help you when you need it.

  • Grace.

    Some day, sweet as a song
    Charlie’s lucky day will come along
    Till that day
    You’ve got to stay strong Charlie
    Up on top is right where you belong

    Look up, Charlie
    You’ll see a star
    Just follow it and keep your dreams in view
    Pretty soon the sky is going to clear up
    Cheer up Charlie,do
    Cheer up Charlie
    Just be glad you’re you.

    Now Charlie I Feel Horrible Becuase I Rember sending You An Email Saying Dear Charlie I Challenge You To Make A Video Every Wensday For A Year………Now I See How Scared You Are I Feel Cruel For Putting You Under Pressure So What Im Trying To Say Is…Im Sorry

    From Grace,Aged Ten

  • Chloe

    Hiya Charlie! I’m so glad you’re feeling better, I could really relate to everything you said in your video and when you start to doubt yourself like that I understand how difficult it is. I would never wish those feelings onto anyone, especially someone as wonderful as you! You should know that you are such a lovely, genuine guy that deserves to always be happy. Keep smiling! Much love xxxx

  • Lee Skittrall

    Honestly, I can see where your coming from, I’m scared prettymuch 24/7, there are so many things I want to and wish I could do in my life, one of them being making music covers on YouTube and I just simply can’t, because I’m worried about what people may think, whether people will like them, like my singing or even like me, I am forever stuck in a vortex of, well unaccomplishment, I even managed to get as far as starting a new channel, but so far haven’t managed to post anything, I’m scared too

  • Sophie

    Although I don’t like that you’re scared, it is reassuring that other people in the world are scared too. But it’s also crazy, because you seem so talented, genuinely lovely and funny. I’m 18, still go about daily life lacking confidence, anxious and knowing that not everyone likes me or my music. But as everyone has said, we are just human and it’s natural (and the fact you’re scared, shows how genuine you are!). I hope that you start feeling better soon and don’t forget that millions of people you’ve connected with via youtube are here for you! :D

  • Greet

    I once read somewhere that there is this Secret thing, and once you’ve heard it and really thought about it then you know there’s no need to feel self-conscious. And The Secret goes like this.

    The way you’re feeling now, walking around thinking “What are these people thinking of me? Are they looking at me? Do they think I look weird? Did I just say something stupid? Do they think I’m pathetic?” etc … Well, that’s the way everybody feels.

    That means everyone is walking around on this planet, focused on themselves and on how they think they are being perceived — so no one’s looking at you! They’re all busy looking at themselves and doubting themselves.

    So now you’re in on The Secret, and now you know that there’s no reason at all to feel self-conscious. People like you, people want to be like you, and other people are actually thinking “What will Charlie think of me? Did I just do something stupid in his presence? Will Charlie like the way I look?” etc.

  • me

    To be honest you could just leave your camera on and possibly drink a cup of tea and i’d watch it without editing, so you don’t have to worry :P

  • Claudia

    I remember the first charlieissocoollike video I ever watched. A friend of mine posted ‘A Song About Acne’ on facebook and I watched it out of curiosity. My first reaction was who is this guy? He’s the bravest, funniest, beautifulest person in the world.

    And I never watched another of your videos.

    Until, earlier this year when I watched the ‘VidCon signing Madness’ video. Unsurprisingly my first reaction was very much the same, but I had no idea it was the same guy from the acne song until I had spent several hours going backwards through your videos. I couldn’t believe that on two completely seperate occassions I could find your videos and feel so drawn to you in 4 mins. Since then I have held the up most respect for you and everything you do. Glad to see I am not the only one. Be brave.

  • Tcheu

    I already commented under Michael’s video and I would like to add somthing here: you don’t know me, but what you have to know is that I’m French. Why am I saying that to you? Because I dicovered vlogging with you and Liam, and you are what gave me enough strength to publish a few things. NOT French vloggers, not friends, no, what gave me the courage to share a little bit of myself with this scary world is you, because you’re such a model for lots of people. You are smart, funny, cute, and even if I don’t know you personnaly, i guess you are a very kind person. I wish I were as talented as you are… But I’m not, and still, it doesn’t prevent me from sharing some of my silly ideas. I’m totally unknown on Youtube, and my very few followers (11 to be precise) are certainly people I know IRL.
    Anyway, no real advice there, only a few words to tell you that you are not alone, and no matter what you do, it will always be good, not to say awesome, because YOU are a good, not to say AWESOME person.

  • Melissa

    Charlie, I recently stumbled upon your channel (literally about a week ago) and I have watched so many of your videos because I love them. I love what you do and how you do it. Some videos are random, but I like that, it shows that you are real and just experimenting. I liked the video about meeting real life Charlie. You started describing introverts, and I realised for the first time that there is a word that describes me. Because what you were saying applied to me in so many ways. I’ve never considered whether I am an introvert or extrovert until then. I often don’t speak to people because I just don’t know what to say. I am happy with spending an time by myself (maybe just watching a whole lot of your videos). I like my own company. But there is nothing wrong with that. And I do have friends and visit them and whatnot.

    People get scared sometimes and for different reasons. I like the fact that you were able to post this video (I’m Scared) because it allows others like myself to realise that we are not actually alone.

    I would love to meet you one day. Which would probably never happen though, because I’m down in South Africa (yes, you have fans here too!) whilst you are in London.

    Please don’t stop making videos. The truth is that there are a lot of people that enjoy watching your videos and listening to you talk about stuff. Which is why you get so many views and have so many subscribers.

    I hope you have the time to read this abnormally long post. I don’t usually comment on things, especially not an entire essay :P

    Keep being yourself, because I think you’re pretty great.

  • Julie

    You are an amazing creator and to lose your talent and insight to this very new world of entertainment would be devastating

  • Eilis

    Just wait until YOU feel better. I mean you are a person after all, things do get on top of us sometimes. As for the short film, just wait until you get inspiration and then you’ll make a masterpiece. You seem to be such a nice boy despite all the fame and that’s what I like most about you Charlie, so take care, we all love you <3

  • hduehdue

    Hi Charlie!!
    You’re awesome, you have no idea how many of my friends (in India) really like you and your vidoes…Just continue to be the amazing, creative person you are

  • http://twitter.com/SeruvialBrookes John Smith

    You are also my reason for making you tube videos as well, thank you Charlie x

  • Tabitha

    Charlie, I’m writing this half-way through watching Michael’s video and already I agree with him on every single point. When I click on the ‘youtube’ link, the first thing I do is scroll down to see if you’ve uploaded anything new and then I get really excited when there is something new! I’ve bought quite a lot of your songs too, just because they’re so random and creative and also because you just have this way of making me smile every time. You have this unrelenting, inspiring enthusiasm for everything you do and that you can be so open about yourself on camera for millions to see and still come across as completely down-to-earth is what keeps us all coming back.

    Everyone has their ups and downs; the fact that you can admit, not only to yourself, but to thousands upon thousands of people, that you’re scared is admirable. There will always be critics but what matters most is that You are happy. If you need to take some time out, we will still be here if/when you come back.

    Seriously, I have so much respect for you and what you do, you make people happy just by being Charlie – don’t ever feel that you aren’t good enough, you have more talent and imagination in your thumb than most people have in their whole bodies.

    We love you Charlie! The proof is in the comments, the emails, the video responses – the list goes on! At the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy: We believe in you, you just have to believe in yourself. Xxx

  • Pauline

    To be honest, I don’t know a solution for your problem, but you’re a person with many qualitea’s (see what I did there). I believe in you with the most imponderable joy.

  • Alleexm

    I recently experienced something really similar. I noticed that my personality in general has changed quite a bit in the last few years, and I did not like these changes at all. I tried to fix it, but it’s futile. I’m just not that person anymore, no matter how much I want to be.

    My Advice: If you think you might like to try doing something else, do it! If you think you need a break from making videos, take it! Our opinion shouldn’t mean anything to you; do things to satisfy yourself.

    You say you want to make people happy. You have been! But there are other ways you can do that too! Write a crappy song on your guitar and go play it at a retirement home. They’ll LOVE the company, and it’ll give you the confidence boost you need.

    As for me, I recently ran for president of my school’s NHS. I’ve been running charity programs and devoting all of my free time to trying to help people. So, although I’m a different person now, I can still love myself once again.

    Thank you for being such a contribution to the world. Don’t stop; it would be such a waste to not have a Charlie’s entertainment. And thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it was helpful.


  • Tayla

    Charlie you just need to go on a vacation or something, just take a step back and look at your life look at all these comments people are taking their time to write you, we are writing to you because we love you the way you are. You shouldnt have to stress so much about making a video. next time you should just get your camera turn it on and just start talking about anything that is on your mind and I guarantee you we will love it. We like your videos but we love you and your quirky personality.

  • http://twitter.com/HauckTim Tim Hauck

    Thank you! I’m pretty sure we all feel like that to some degree (at least I know I do, and so do a bunch of other people who responded to this video, and now we know that you do too). Know this: just becasuse our joy in watching you (getting to know you, to some small degree, really) is “imponderable” does not mean it’s non-existant. Opening yourself to us (and sometimes to the “uglieness” of the internet) is really brave. You have brought joy to many. And if “many” is too imponderable, you have brought joy to one-me, so thank you, I consider you, Charles Joseph McDonnell, a friend.

  • Mush

    I think we can all relate to this feeling Charlie. We tell ourselves when we are creative that its just for us, it doesn’t matter if anyone else gets it. But it does. It’s always good to when someone else likes what you’ve created – makes you feel like you’ve connected to another person, that the feels that inspired the creation are real and not insane making. Still the trick is to do stuff that you know will at least entertain and satisfy yourself in the first instance. You’ve got good instincts for what’s good, so trust them a but more. Look at your first videos and the joy of acting the eejit that is so readily apparent in them. And use that however you can to help u thru the doubt.

  • http://twitter.com/mshunz hanny gultom

    get your initial spirit again charlie.. scared is indeed a friend of other emotion inside of the people, like happiness, but again control it.. just try even you are scared, it’s just your mind, only in your mind.. you are genius at heart, natural talent since you were born.. It won’t disappear, it stays forever in you, right there.. even your suck video is still genius suck and funny, you are original, and you are you.. you are my virtual aspirin you know.. :) hehe.. love from Indonesia..

  • Sarah


    I’m not a huge part of the YouTube/blogging/vlogging community, but I have followed you for about 3 years now (the only other account that receives that sort of dedication from me is jennamarbles) and I must say, I have loved every minute of it! I am not a YouTube subscriber per se (it seems I’m about five years behind on that social media scale..), but that only tells you how many more fans you have out there who, like me, may not be official subscribers.

    You have such a quality about you that people gravitate towards; we simply cannot NOT like you! One may categorize me as just another teenage fan-girl, and in all honesty there have been those days when I fantasize about bumping into you during some vacation or lifelong journey that has somehow led me to England, but it’s not just blind obsession (I apologize for the potentially creepy spin but it was necessary to include). Certainly your looks are to die for and you’re probably the most delightfully charming person I’ll ever hope to meet, but even just sharing a connection with you through your videos is an absolute pleasure. You seem like such an awesome person, and I (along with any one of your fans I’m sure) can only dream of someday being your friend. The best we can do is be your cyber-friends, and oh how loyal we are! No matter how long we must wait, and no matter how down-in-the-dumps you may feel at times, we will always be here for you. So, without further ado, I offer you some final words of encouragement: chin up, Charlie :)

    PS – you don’t need any old moustache for people to think you’re snappy (a little biased I suppose coming from someone who likewise cannot grow one…), the mug will compensate plenty :)

  • Savannah

    Charlie we all love you! I don’t think it matters how long you take to make a video or whether the video is well thought out or just a spur of the moment. Of course we would all like to see you more and watch really cool videos but wel’l always be here no matter what. We support you, we stand by you and I think it’s safe to say that we ALL believe in you.



  • Kristy

    Charlie, I just love you. I know so many people have already said that and that we’re scared, too, and that you’re not alone, but it’s all true. Honestly, watching your video made my heart break a little bit because of how much I want you to be happy, but I’m so glad that you did make that video. I think you were really brave to post that video, truthfully. And, as terrified as I am, too, it makes me feel a little better to know that I’m not alone with these feelings, reading all the comments on your video and watching your video. You’ve always been able to put a smile on my face, even when I feel really bad. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for doing all that you do. Thank you for sharing all that you did with us. Whatever happens, thank you, and I hope you feel better. I think you’re amazing, and that’ll never change, and I know that millions of other people feel the same. We love you. ♥

  • betty hall dougherty

    *does little dance*

  • http://jilliebee.wordpress.com/ Gillian

    In the words of Chowder, “I believe in you. You just have to try and trust your gut.” We believe in you. <3

  • Adriana

    Hi, I don’t really know who you are Charlie, I’ve never watched your channel before, but found this video by accident and it was really something significant for me. Made me thinking a lot and I guess it’s gonna make a change in my life. I always was too scared to do something creative just because I was afraid I won’t be good enough and others won’t like it. You made me realise it’s not really so much important if they will like it or not, it’s more important that I will like to do it. Thanks. Take care!

  • Xman

    Charlie, To us, it doesnt matter if you sit talking to a camera, or jump off a crane to entertain us, we’re your fans. We all subscribed because we enjoy watching your videos, no matter what you chose to put in them. You’re in control, we’re just the consumers! Whatever you do, and whatever you make, all your “likers” will be enjoying your work. Hope everything is okay soon, glad to hear you feel a little better. Good luck man.

  • Peter Edwards

    Charlie i just sent you an important msg via the contact form. I care abt u, so please look at it xx

  • Barbi

    whether other people like your creations or not shouldn’t be something to be afraid of, the world is big, there are many different kind of people in it and you can never please everyone, lots of people will love whatever you do, some will like it, some won’t, and it’s ok cause you don’t have to please everyone, the only thing you should care about is doing what makes YOU happy, not the rest of the world, it is your life and no one is gonna live it for you, who cares what others think about it? who cares if some people don’t like it? did you enjoy doing it? does it make you happy? is this what you want for your life? those are the things that should matter to you. You just did the hardest thing, you made yourself as vulnerable as ever, i bet you feel much lighter now, like a floating feather, i know the feeling, i’ve been there, now you just need to take chances and worry not, because people who like you, like myself, we like you because of who you are, you are one amazing person, you have inspired so many people, you are honest, you are genuine, you are kind, you have a giant heart, so if someone doesn’t like your work it doesn’t mean they don’t like YOU, i can’t promise i will like your work, but i can promise i will always like YOU.

  • http://www.facebook.com/taina.morais.98 Tainá Morais

    Charlie, you probably will not read this, anyway ..
    You have inspired me in so many moments. Just for you know,English is not my first language, however, I tried to learn just to watch your videos, just to be able to understand you, just to feel better when the world was against me. I can say, surely, that you are the best at what you do.
    Just like you and everyone else, I also get scared. When this happens I see your videos, listen to your music and I just forgot my problems and fears. I wish I could be close to you to say that everything is gonna be alright, maybe i could sing and make you laugh…
    Anyway,YOU ARE AMAZING Everybody in Brazil loves you!

  • Jen

    You’re the first person I ever subscribed to and are the reason I signed up to youtube! There are many writers and artists that go through similar periods of uncertainty and self-doubt. It’ll be ok. Trust that you and your work are liked and even loved.

  • alex

    wow normally i would write on youtueb but obviously there are too many comments for you to risk not seeing. well, i am not scared currently, but in the spirirt of honesty, i am going through drug withdrawal. it is hell. i am guessing you feel similarly. i have been lying here in pain musing quizzically about the notion of me being wheeled around in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. it brought a smile to my face. the humor of it. i realized something. i am identifying with my sickness. i need to stop. like right now. and so do u. much love.

    (i hoep this thing doesnt allow delete cuz im such a p^&*)

  • Juliane

    Dear Charlie

    Here’s an idea (that probably someone else already thought of, but you never know): How about you make a vlog every week or every two weeks, and everybody will know what to expect: Nothing fancy, just a little update on you and your life. Also, I remember you saying in your crisis week where you uploaded every day that you had missed vlogging. And then you have all the time in the world to create more sophisticated content that needs some real work, without any pressure from us fans because we are already happy getting your vlog videos. I imagine pressure partly derives from knowing that people wait for the new video, that problem would be solved. :o)

    Good luck with everything!

  • julia <3

    love you charlie always <3 xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Max Tosh-Wilson

    Charlie, I’ve always looked up to you, you’ve always been the that when i watch on youtube and when i saw how scared you were, it frightened me, i always thought never got scared especially at your fans and I just want to say, everyone gets scared and the fact that you’ve shown us your feelings has really opened up the community even more. what i’m trying to say is don’t be scared of us not liking your videos because people will be even more scared if you don’t make any videos at all.

  • PenguinBoy

    Bro you seem rather depressed, it might be worth going to your doctor and telling him/her whats going on in that cranium of yours. Keep your bottom jaw elevated things get better.

  • Audrey

    Charlie, we love you because you’re you. Your personality is what pulls us in and keeps us coming back. I’ve been watching you for over 3 years, and not once have I ever been annoyed or bored with you. My SCIENCE teacher used your Fun Science video about sound in one of our lectures, and everyone was screaming ‘Oh my God, it’s Charlie!’ and when he stopped the video early, we all quoted your Stephen Fry outro. So in your videos, just be yourself, because that’s who we all love, you don’t have to please us any further.

  • Natalie

    Michael is completely right. Being scared is a completely human thing to feel…
    For the last 2 years I have put off making YouTube videos for the simple fact, that I am scared of what people will think of me. Now that is the kind of scared that I would consider the worst……

  • Delaney

    It’s really strange how the universe works sometimes. I’m sitting here staring at a study guide for an exam that’s tomorrow and a blank word document that should be a 15 page paper on the limits of social media in organizing popular uprisings and democratic transitions thinking instead about how I’ve managed to screw away most of this school term and alienate perhaps the person I care the most about along with everyone else.

    In order to give my mind a break from the constant pressure and anxiety I clicked on your YouTube channel and found this and realized, I’m terrified. I’m terrified of my last year of university, the fact that I hate my job and I’m always broke, that I’ve fallen for someone who could pick up and move across the country at any moment and by June I’m supposed to somehow be a self sufficient adult with a career.

    And I can’t speak. To anyone, ever. I just don’t. I don’t know why, it’s just the way I am. So, typing this response to you, a person somewhere between a close friend and a total stranger, is as close to therapeutic as I’m likely to get.

    So thanks. And relax. Michael’s right, we’re all scared.

  • storywriter

    Aw, Charlie.. I have an anxiety disorder, so I completely get where you’re coming from. This may sound slightly negative, but I think that no matter how many terrific, supportive responses you get right now, the sort of adjustment you’re looking for needs to/will happen organically. It’s something you have to decide to work on for yourself, and I think you know that. You’re a brilliant, funny, smart and creative guy, loads of people think so. You just need to start believing it. Much love! -Jess

  • H

    Charlie, you are an inspiration and have taught me so much. Without you, the timeline would not be wibbley and wobbley. You introduced me to the Doctor. You have taught me so much about science and I prefer to think that we have grown a bond, between you and all of your fans. Be here. We all want you here.

  • KellyErin

    Charlie you are AMAZING and I can honestly watch a video of you doing just about anything, because you’re always hilarious in your videos :3 You are amazing and don’t forget that all your fans think you are, no matter what you do :3

  • GretchenG

    Charlie, I am willing to bet that every girl that just watched this is wanting to smack you. U are really handsome and you shouldn’t be insecure. What I think is that u should stop thinking about what people think, and think about what makes you happy. If that’s making videos, then do it. Just be who u want to be and u can make it.

  • GretchenG

    Charlie, every girl that just watched this is wanting to slap u. U are really handsome and I’m really sorry u feel like that. What u should start thinking about is what makes u happy, and what u want to do. Hope it works out.

  • A


    I’m quite sure that my response is going to get lost in the millions of other encouraging messages you’re going to get from people. But I just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone in this.

    Some people call it an affliction, others give me weird stares when I tell them about the stupid little fears I have. But the reality of the matter is that /everyone/ goes through this at some point in time. The sadder reality is that some people go through it to a much greater degree than others do. It is so easy for some individuals to simply go out there and /be/ themselves. They never have to care about who they impress or offend, because they are always assured that someone will love them (bar any great grievance). This is the truth about life. Regardless of what you do, or who you are, or what opinions you hold, someone will love you and respect you for them, or at least respect your right to hold them. For the people who live without caring who they impress, they take this as a given and get on with their lives.

    For the rest of us though? It’s not nearly as easy. Such unconditional acceptance and respect was hard for us to come by in our lives. I wasn’t the “cool” kid in school. People didn’t hate me, but I was never fully accepted either. I spent the vast majority of my childhood wishing I could be something that I wasn’t. That I was cooler, smarter, or braver, or something more than what I already was. The worst part of that was that I wasn’t wishing this for myself. I didn’t want to be more successful for my sake. I wanted it because I thought that if I was, I would be better liked by my peers. I still struggle with that today, even after being told again and again that I am what I am, and that I should accept it and move on. I’m 18, I still haven’t gotten the message. I’m still constantly afraid of the exact same things you talk about. “What are people saying about me? Is it good? Is it bad? Do they even talk about me at all?”

    I think many people are like this because they spent so much of their lives wondering just /why/ it was that people didn’t seem to accept them for who they were. That if such acceptance wasn’t present, then something about them must be at fault, when in reality, they were probably awesome the way they were.

    I don’t have all the answers. I don’t think anybody in this world does either. I think it never truly goes away, but what changes is how we process it. And Charlie, words can’t express how happy I am you made this video. I’m glad I’m not alone. And you aren’t either. Please realize that as a loyal viewer, I think you’re pretty fucking awesome. You’re hilarious, and your videos make me smile so wide after watching them, because in them, I see someone who goes through the same things I do, but has found a place to truly express themselves without fear. And please remember that for as long as you continue to make videos, Youtube (and the Tumblr fangirls) will always be there to make sure that you can keep doing so.

    tl;dr: You’re awesome, everyone goes through it. As long as you make videos, I’ll keep watching. Even if I’m the last person left. :)

  • Michael

    Every video response I see makes me love your videos more. Because this video of yours could have been me talking. It made me realize what I made me subscribe the first time. And it made me connect more. Because that could be me right now. That is how I feel. And we want you to keep being you, if for nobody but you. We will keep loving you just the same, because we love you for who you are.

  • Doug Johnson

    Charlie, what’s your email? I promise this isn’t like a weird stalker thing, but I’m at kind of a bad point in my life, and I was feeling kind of down. You always make life look a little better. Do you think you could let me know so I could talk to you? I’m sure you’re really busy, being you and everything, but if you have a second, I’d really love to talk to you 1 on 1. So much of what you’ve said in your videos has been inspiration for what I do, but it would be so cool to actually talk to you. Thanks. IF you don’t have time, don’t stress it. Just if you have a free second. Thank you just for being you. You’re amazing, Charlie!

  • Krishnaa

    Charlie, you shouldn’t do things with the thought of pleasing other people! You should do things because you want to, and they make you happy. So many people try to change themselves to become what they think they should be, but you sitting in front of your camera and being yourself is an inspiration to all of us who are trying to fit in, and just giving us the thought that we don’t have to do anything that we don’t want to. That in itself makes us happy. Just know that people will always love you, no matter what.

  • [name]

    I know everyone is telling you that you’re brilliant and don’t worry and I agree completely with them… but that being said, I know this type of fear very well. When I was watching your video it was really weird for me because you were basically putting into words a fear that I had felt so often. I told myself two years ago that I was going to write a story, and that never happened because I can never seem to get my head around anything at all. I think that the reason I can’t do it is because I don’t want to be judged and because I do not trust people that don’t already know me to not think I am deranged.
    Basically what I’m trying to say is that what you are feeling is completely normal, and I really don’t know how to make it go away. But what seems to help me is when I make something for a particular person instead of for an audience. Those pieces are the best ones because I am not scared to channel who I am because the person already knows me and understands me. Try doing that maybe? It might bring out some pretty amazing talent which we all know you have :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/lizahychan Liza Chan

    Charlie, support you no matter what!! It’s your attitude that touches us!! Never give up!! Looking forward to a happy and confident Charlie soon! :D:D Remember to smile! :)

  • http://twitter.com/josephinear Abril

    Charlie we are all scared. Everyone is scared of being judge or about what people may say, or even worse,what they might think about you.But what you have to do is to hold your head high and as long as you are happy with whatever you do, you shouldn’t care about the rest.
    The only people who are going to judge you are going to be the ones who are not happy with what they have and they wish they where as awesome as you are. People who don’t have any goals, who can’t think by themselves, who can’t dream of a better life.
    Just remember that if you are happy, the rest doesn’t matter. Just be you and everything will be fine

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.mcguire.56808 Matt Mcguire

    Charlie, you’re a swell human being, you have inspired me to start making youtube videos.

  • Sriram P C

    Please google for “charlie kaufman bafta lecture” and listen to it (if
    you have not already). It is a 70-minute lecture by the screen writer
    talking about creation.

  • Ana

    Hi Charlie :)

    My name is Ana and I’m only 14 years old.
    I’m not sure if you’re going to see this, but I really hope you do.
    You might not believe it, but I’m brazilian. Yes. Your AWESOME work came all the way from UK until Brazil.

    I’m a very insecure person, in many ways. I’m insecure about my personality, about my appearence, about my capacity, etc.
    I actually cried watching your video because I could not believe that someone so genuine, creative, unique and gorgeous like you had the same insecurities that I have.

    I just need to tell you that you help me a lot, without even knowing me. You made me realize that we all feel this way and that we can’t feel ashamed of who we are.

    And I just want to tell you that YOU don’t have reason to feel that way.
    You’re the most unique, special human being I’ve ever known. I have all your songs in my iPod and I know all the lyrics. You have the most beautiul smile I’ve ever seen and, no kidding, your smile REALLY can make my days much better.

    I love you so much, and not just because you’re cute, but also because you’re one of my biggest inspirations.

    “I wanna say thank you for brightning my day and I hope that I could do just the same for yoooou, yooou ♪”

    - With love, your Coolliker :) xx

  • Biny

    Charlie. Without you I wouldn’t be able to be me. I wouldn’t know doctor who or silly amazing music or I wouldn’t have really realized how truly crappy the twilight book series is and I wouldn’t be anything I am. You may find me saying this completely stupid, but you’re one of my best friends, even though you have no idea who the hell I am. Micheal said that no matter what you do at least one person isn’t going to like you’re video, and he’s right. Even if one of you’re videos suck, which is not very likely, the people who like you aren’t going to stop following you because that’s only one video. So cheer up, Mr. Charlie man, please.

  • Isabel

    You are forever indebted to Charlie. :-)

  • Isabel

    Dearest Charlie,
    DFTBA DFTBA DFTBA DFTBA DFTBA DFTBA DFTBA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, All Nerdfighters everywhere.

  • Shady Grove

    I really don’t know how this could help, but for Celebrity day in my middle school last year i dressed up as you.
    I drew a mole on my face, wore your shirt, talked like you all day and brought a ukelele to school.

  • Marissa

    Charlie is where I first heard of Doctor Who as well. Or maybe I had heard of Doctor Who somewhere a long time before and Charlie was the tipping point.

  • Nina

    I started watching vlog channels because of you, Charlie. You’re an amazing person and my view of you will never change. I’m sure anyone who has ever taken the time to subscribe to your channel and watch your videos would say the same. You’re right, part of being human is being scared or anxious at times, you are definitely not alone- there will always be people there to support you and lift you back up into your happy place when you are down. Making yourself vulnerable isn’t a bad thing because people value honesty. We all love you, and I thank you for always being so genuine. Part of that love involves not having expectations, and I want you to know that none of us expect you to do, say, or be anyone who you are not comfortable with- we support you 100% for who YOU are, and not who you think you need to be for us. I hope the days get better for you, Charlie, and when they do, we will all still be here to hold you.

  • Rich Paschall

    I am glad you liked my video enough to share it. I was a bit afraid to share it, but then I thought no one will see it amongst the many already sent. That made it easier to just speak honestly into the camera. So now you know how so many different people feel and yes, you are not alone in the way you feel. Smile and keep us smiling along with you!

  • Hilary the Australian

    I can’t say anything better than all the wise people who have made video responses already but I really want to say that I think a reason you’re feeling this way is because you’re one of the most influential people the internet has ever seen. This latest video, as scared as you probably were in posting it, has only furthered everyone’s already gleaming opinion of you. In complete honesty, your vibrant, unique and genuine personality inspires such a large number of people, that it must actually be quite stressful. A lot of people really struggle with fame, but a lot of people don’t have such a supportive fan-base which they can turn to, and essentially, your viewers are mostly so nice because you’re so nice to them. There’s a mutual respect between you and your audience, which the rest of the world has picked up on. I guess the whole thing can be a bit of a vicious cycle, and this comment won’t be seen, but I just wanted to take this opportunity (like so many others have) to say how much you mean to me. And that whatever you want to do, we will understand. Thanks for so many wonderful years.

  • Ellie

    The other day, my sister and I were walking around our school. We
    went to the dunn bros coffee shop that was within the school, and we
    (innocently) Creeped on one of the employees. He was cute, and dorky
    (like us). As we walked away, my sister said “I like him cause he
    reminds me of Charlie.” The Charlie she is referring to is you, Charlie
    McDonnell. My sister and I love you, and really admire you. I’m really
    bad at remembering which year things started, but do you remember the
    video you posted about how never to use Treseme (♪♫ treseme, da-da-da♪♫)
    shampoo, and then put a hat on afterwards? Then you started singing
    Grease lightning right after that? I have liked who you are, and enjoyed
    watching your videos since then, and I have loved them ever since.
    Doesn’t matter if your going through a rough patch. Everyone goes
    through them. Point it, you don’t need to be scared. Just be you, and
    everything will be okay.

  • Cathleen

    dont feel like this is something that you have to snap out of right away. With the overwhelming number of people responding you might feel pressure to just get over it immediately, but just know that this is going to take some time for you to sort out with yourself, and yet it is absolutely possible.

  • efacbsl

    I am happy to read this. you are a very inspiring person and i think found an incredible way to jelp people. Try to remeber the good things and let the bad fade away.
    with much care, Ryan @EFACBSL

  • erin

    this made me think of you


    I hope you feel more confident soon.

  • Lilly


  • http://www.facebook.com/ohohjulian0730 Julius Adrian Secretario Nativ

    Honestly Charlie, YOU are my inspiration! You’re everyone’s inspiration. I’m one of the million people who liked you because of not only your YouTube videos but your whole being. There so many things we like about you. You’re an amazing person. We’ll always be here for you. If you’re scared, then we’re all scared for you feeling that way. You are not alone. Please consider the people who believe in you. We are your believers and we love you.

  • LeoDora

    You make me smile and have interesting, wholesome, and hilarious… and it certainly doesn’t hurt you are adorable!

  • pickAname

    I’m happy that the video responses helped you…I tried to show my support through written words, I hope it helped somehow.
    I’m so damn shy I can’t even turn on a video camera and make a video response for you.
    I’m happy you’re better :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/idachoiyou Ida Choi

    Hi Charlie !
    i’m your one of a korean fans. :)
    i can’t write english fluently. so.. i just want to tell you this. and it’s simple.
    Don’t be so serious! we don’t want you to make videos which have perfectly good quarlities.
    at least to me! i just hope you are happy, enjoying your work. and this is everybody’s hope i think.

  • Marley Turbyfill

    Hallo Charlie. I think your videos are awesome. I love all your videos, and don’t be afraid to make more!! When I’m depressed, or in bad mood, I watch your vids to make me happy :3

  • Hannah Faith

    Charlie. You have been an insperation to me! Its gonna sound weird, but YOU saved my life! You are amazing! YOU ARE NOT ALONE, WE WILL STAND BY YOU!

  • Katie

    You are amazing Charlie. Don’t forget that. As a great doctor once said, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” We watch your videos because we love you. You make us laugh. I always get this little spark of happiness when I see that you’ve uploaded a new one. The videos make my day. And that is because of YOU. In the 4 years I’ve watched your videos you have never let me down. Keep being yourself because that’s the person I want to see <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/idachoiyou Ida Choi

    Hi charlie !
    i’m your one of a korean fans :)
    i can’t write english fluently, sorrrry.. but i just want to tell you this.
    Don’t be so serious ! and Don’t push yourself !
    we don’t want you to make videos which have good qualities. at least to me. and i hope you’re happy, enjoying your works. and that’s everybody’s hope i think.

    and you’re not alone. you don’t have to be scared. you have your fans all around and your best friends. so cheer up charlie! love you so much xx :-)

  • Alexandra

    I love you Charlie, and I know millions of people say that, but like wow you are something special and I really hope we get to see more of you!

  • jess

    Keep going charlie :) you’re pretty much the only channel i regularly watch because you’re great!! you’ve got fans the world over, from me in wales to the usa, if that doesnt show how much you’re loved, i dont know whar will!! everyone wants to be accepted and liked, its part of being human. YOU CAN DO IT!! pob lwc :) xx

  • http://twitter.com/dawnxjay Dawnheart

    Charlie, I dare you to count how many times the word “love” appears in the comments of this post, the comments from YouTube on the scared video… and if you are still feeling down, then count all the times the word’s appeared in all of your videos!!

    If that isn’t proof that people like what you do/you, then what is?

    Yeah those videos were back then.. but we will still like you!!! We’re not that fickle. :)

  • Ale

    Hi, Charlie. I really wanted to give a reply to your last video, and, since I haven’t got a YouTube account, I thought this should be proper. I love your videos, I’ve been following you for a while now and I’m not even from England – I’m from Buenos Aires, actually, far away from you. So, what I wanted to tell you, and I hope you read this, is that I really wanted to sort of be your friend after watching it. Because I totally understand the way you feel and I thought that maybe my words, as tiny as they might seem, could help you, if you worried so much about what ‘we’ may think of you. I don’t think admitting that you care about what other people think, saying it, or posting a video about it makes you weak or little. I think it’s quite the opposite, it makes you brave! because, as you said, with much confidence, people just want other people to like them. All the things that you said are true, but I suggest you to be just a tiny bit more confident. Don’t compare yourself with the way you used to be, because things are never the same (trust me, I’ve been there). Try and be happy, and be the best of you! because the only thing that matters from the past is that you’ve proven to yourself that you can. We all support you in everything, I don’t even need to tell you, I’m a girl from the other side of the world! Be confident and don’t worry that much, even though you’ve worried all your life… Make a change, so! try worrying a little less, don’t pay that much attention to things that people say, accept the critics but don’t be so hard on yourself, because sometimes people talk too much and they’re not always right. And, mostly, don’t put pressure upon yourself. It happens to me all of the time, really. And it’s never good! You will be able to write, and to do videos and stuff at a time when you’re going to feel inspired. There are always hard times, and there are always times when the inspiration just doesn’t come. But you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Try to enjoy and look on the bright side, the quicker you do so, the quicker you’ll feel better. Thanks for everything Charlie! xx

  • Gabi

    Hey, I was a recent viewer of your viewers, but it didn’t take long for me to absolutely love them and you (don’t take that in a creepy way xD). Then I saw this video and I just wanted to say, it’s okay. Everyone’s scared, like all of your fans have said. But you do something about your fear and have the courage to address it, and you’re so genuine and good to your fans. You shouldn’t be scared to tell us what you think is a flaw; it makes you human and amazing. It’ll all get better I promise.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yeonggyeong.park.7 Yeong Gyeong Park

    i just love you making videos! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Katie

    Charlie it’s true …. you are an inspiration to millions and it was no accident that your video was shown to my science class, it was because of your personality and how well you deliver information

  • M

    Best advice I’ve ever heard on this topic is: Feel the fear, then go for it.
    It works. Don’t ask me why, but it just does. Hope you feel better, and just know that we enjoy watching your videos because we actually like you for who you are, your ideas, your humour, your down-to-earth self. You’re one of the first vloggers I started watching, and I never stopped :)

  • Tara

    Lots of people are afraid of not being liked. And its a stupid thing to be afraid of but I think its just a human instinct and we can’t help it. But Charlie, you’re one of the best youtubers I know of. And to be honest, yeah, your last few videos haven’t been the best, but they’ve still been pretty damn good. So, listen to the video responses and read all these comments from people who know that you have nothing to be afraid of. Because even though a lot of your fans have never met you and a lot of us never will, we all love you and will stick by you.
    Love you Charlie :3
    From Tara xxxxxxxxx

  • Lilly Nichols

    charlie if worried about peoples perception of your videos try a sample group or focus group of peers before you post also watch Jenna marbles i don’t think a single f*** is given in her videos and she’s great maybe you will get some inspiration

  • Nicole

    Dear Charlie,

    We are all scared. What you did by posting this video, however showed that you are brave, and that you are just like anyone else. I’m really bad with expressing myself so please excuse me if I end up not making any sense. I’m applying to university, and that is scary. I always worry what people think of me, I like to pretend that I don’t care what everyone says, but I really do in fact care.

    By making this video you have showed me that I am not alone and I already feel stronger and have more confidence. You have managed to connect with thousands of people so far with this video and it has spoken to all of us.

    Thank you, and listen to your good friend Michael, he’s right!

    Lots of love from a Greek-Brit-New Zealander!

    And remember – you are not alone.

  • Giulia

    I own Charlie so much, he changed my life in so many ways, and one of them was introducing me to Doctor Who, which brought a huge baggage with it. It made me do the choices I made and is helping me to sculpt my personality. It leed me to watch other shows, read and listen to new things. If I ever met Charlie, all I want to say is “Thank You”.

  • Cathy

    Because of you, what feels like the whole of the youtube community, have been able to post videos, some in response to you, some not, that they too feel the same. They offer their support and understanding of what you are going through, because everyone goes through this. I just hope that all this support can make you realise that we all love you charlie, and you should never have to worry about the content of your videos, or what people think of them, because everyone loves them and everyone loves you. All these comments and response should let you know this, and should let you know that we will always be here for you. Just remember to be happy with what you do, and who you are. because we all are.

  • Rose Gemini

    Charlie, it’s like yuo’re album’s name; ‘This is me’

    If we didn’t like you for you, why would we be here?

  • aliweknow

    Words cannot describe how much you mean to me, Charlie, you’re literally one of my favourite people in the world, and you deserve to be happy and successful in your career and social life <3

  • Ashley M.

    The fact that you let these private feelings be heard to millions of people is amazing. It takes a great deal of courage to say your feelings and deepest fears to one person, let alone millions. You have touched many people with your words, videos, advice, genuine personality, and lessons . It is a special feeling to have knowing there is someone who admits they are scared of everything I am and so many others are scared of. Thank you for this video. Your words give me strength to continue on in this up and down life.

  • Orna

    I wish I could say that creating something isn’t scary and getting over this fear is easy. I know what it’s like it have something like an idea or an opinion that could be put out there but to be afraid to show it. Other people could hurt it or brake it and make me feel bad about something that brings entertainment. But creating something, either with words or with a camera, obviously brings happiness to you. Wanting to please people is a basic human need but we can’t please everyone. That doesn’t mean you should stop, not at all. It means that you keep going with creating, for yourself and for the people who do love your work, who are numbering in the millions. You have inspired people before and you will do so again, even if you doubt yourself. I really hope that everyone’s positive responses have helped you.
    I was also going to say “Good luck Charlie” but then I realized that I am not the Disney Channel.

  • Jimonthego

    Wow, now I am scared too. Now get over it and just be you, doing what you do best, being you. That’s why we love you. You’re you and there’s nobody that does that better. Now get to it.

  • Michaela :)

    Keep on believing Charlie. You have gained so much respect from that video. I know you probably don’t look at these comments at all anymore… so let it be a nice suprise in the future for when you read it. Everyone battles the same sorts of feelings about their equivalent situations. I think that to be a succesful youtuber that you are, you have really got to be brave to post what you have that is so un-ordinary. That in itself means that you are obviously doing the right thing in trusting us with that insight. If you can trust us with something like this, and get the responses in which you have gotten from so many friends…I think it is clear to say that we will stick with you while you go through the time of ‘finding yourself’. :) Make mistakes, try something new… be daring.. go exploring, find what makes you feel most comfortable! Please do us a favour though and never stop being so relatable and genuine. Your friend. Michaela

  • hockeygirl10983

    charlie, its ok to be scared. people are people and they will judge, just take it as a grain of sand. your opinion of your self is most important. i know it is hard to see or create but some people out side of you can already see it. many people here on youtube love you and your work. even if that sounds a little weird. i personally am a runner, but recently joined a marching band, because that is what i pain myself to be good at, anyway its like a huge family that will always be there to help and support. so just think that inside the hugeness of youtube, there is a family of some sorts, that will continue to support you. so keep going!

  • http://twitter.com/MandaMcPandaK Amanda Kate McIntosh

    Charlie, I am a writer, so I totally know the fear you struggle with. I worry that people won’t like what I have to say in the way I have to say it. What I have come to grips with is that there will always be haters and fans of what I write as long as it from my heart. And you have no problem being heart felt as proved by your most recent video. I don’t have the guts confidence of skill to make a video but I hope this post helps. Keep your chin up man.

  • ShockDart

    “You block your dream when you let fear grow bigger than your faith..”

  • Caitlin

    Charlie, you are amazing! Always remember that!

  • The Airship

    I think I’d be more worried if, having achieved what you have, you weren’t scared. A bit of self-doubt is normal. It’s what makes the creative process so maddening, frustrating, exhausting but ultimately so rewarding. So don’t worry. You’re fine. You may not feel like you’re fine but you are. Above all keep talking about it. On here, on video, to us, to your girlfriend – even if she does prefer David Tennant to Matt Smith. As the Doctor says: ‘Scared is good. Scared isn’t Dalek.’

  • Emma

    I think everyone feels like they want to be liked by everyone and they might be embarrassed or uncomfortable or scared to share something with the world. I know how that feels, I play clarinet and every single time I audition or play for someone else, I feel nauseous and my hands get sweaty and shake. There are so many different things I could say right now about why you are the youtuber who I check every time I get on youtube. (Also, I guess now that I subscribed to you channel half an hour ago, I won’t have to check anymore ;) ) I’m pretty sure you won’t have time to read all these comments, or watch all the video responses on youtube. But I will say one thing about sharing with an audience. I always feel more comfortable when I’m performing with a group, and even more so when it’s with my friends, because I know there is always someone there who can back me up and will be there for me if I do something wrong. And you have that too. You have your family and friends there in England, and you have a whole community of Youtube watchers who will always be there for you, even if your work isn’t the best it’s ever been, even if you have a huge zit on your face, even if you don’t post for three months straight, even if you’ve never met 99% of us face to face, and even if we’re spread all over the planet. My friend at school draws Quali-tea stamps all over her homework, and I saw one one day, and was like, YOU WATCH CHARLIEISSOCOOLLIKE TOO?!? It was a great moment. And even if you don’t hear all those great moments (and really, how could anyone expect you to, I’m in America, it’s across an ocean), they still happen. Sorry this post is so long… and I have to do homework, so I don’t have time to make it eloquent. :) Much love, and good luck!

  • GeorgiaBassett

    I wrote this as a comment on your video, but I realised the likelyhood of you actually seeing it is very unlikely. So I am going to try and send you this message as many times as possible so you can read it and see that you aren’t alone.

    This issue is, with the large amount of followers and support you are always going to be worried that you’re not pleasing the new followers and the old ones at the same time. But what you have to remember is that people are here for ‘LOLS’ we’re here because you are a very human person, that we can relate to. We understand how hard it is, and us(as supporters) will always be there for you. I hope you see this comment. Stay strong Charlie, Life will get better.

    I’m so sorry that life isn’t good for you in this sense, that it’s stressful and filled with pressure, but i just want you to know that I look up too you. Always have, I always will. You proved to me that I didn’t have to be somebody I’m not to be cool, liked and have friends. And for that I am eternally grateful.

    Thank you, you have touched my life and you didn’t even know it. Even if you lose everyone else, you will always have me(a random subscriber) to like you and think you are awesome.

    Sincerely yours,

    Georgia Bassett

  • Bailey

    We all- your subscribers- love you for you, no matter what. Don’t think that because a few people don’t think you’re perfect means that you cannot succeed at what you like to do. You are incredibly brave for putting yourself out onto the internet, something many of us, including myself, have had yet to do. And sure, there will always be people who dislike everything, or want to be bullies and pretend to do so to get your goat, but have you even seen the sheer number of compliments in each comment section of every video you make? You’ve gotten countless marriage proposals from complete strangers, for goodness’ sake!
    I guess what I’m saying is exactly the same as everyone else, but that doesn’t matter. We like you for you. Don’t forget why you made videos- for you primarily, and for those of us who can appreciate them properly.
    Love you.

  • Grace

    Michael is right, Charlie. People look up to you and see you as an inspiration. That will not change whether you make videos once a day or once a month. I think the fact that over the past year, you haven’t been posting much has made each video you did post all the more precious, because now we know that you still found the courage to do that. We are all scared. But you give us confidence and inspiration. So we are here to give some of that confidence and inspiration back to you so that the cycle can continue.

  • Riya

    Charlie, wow. You just seem so calm and collected (and a little strange) on the outside, and yes, it made me laugh, it made me smile, it made me happy, but this video, it made me realise that even the best of us can get scared sometimes. But as Michael said, 1 million subscribers isn’t an accident. You achieved that. Whenever you feel lost, just look at your subscriber count, and remember that every single one of your subscribers are behind you, and love you.

  • Daphne

    You deserve a lot of respect. You did here something what is so much more than only making video’s to laugh, You have said something what a lot of people don’t dare. I think almost everybody or everybody will have these feelings. Don’t let those feelings stand between you and the things you want to do. And I realise this again too now. The toughest part is to have lack of everybody and just do great things. But I know you can do it. Be yourself and if you want to make video’s, don’t let others stop you!

  • Matt Matoustar

    harlie, everybody loves you, don’t be scared…

  • Iria

    You’re the best and you will ever be. Congratulations for have reached so many subscribers, you realy deserve it. I’ve been watching your videos since 2009 or so and I am not tired, I will never be!!!

  • Marie, DK

    I think it is very natural and universally human to feel terrified sometimes – or even most of the time. I don’t, however, think that the answer is to stop caring what other people think. I don’t think that’s possible… without a great deal of denial, which is never healthy. I think instead, you should let yourself care – don’t judge that feeling, just feel it. And sometimes that’s hard and you have to take care of yourself – without judgment, which so often leads to self-loathing.

    We care. Everyone cares. That’s what it is to be human. I think the challenging thing about being creative – being an artist if you will – is that, you have to put yourself in a place where you’re in tune with that caring. Because you can’t create meaningful things without empathy.

    The most important thing to remember is; to care about yourself. To love yourself and be lenient and patient with yourself, just as you would with a friend. Far too often we judge ourselves by a much harsher scale than we do our fellow human beings.

    I think it’s really brave of you to share this video. Thank you. It’s good to know, that I’m not alone in feeling confused and scared about life.

  • Karen Chan

    Hi Charlie,

    In your video, you brought up the fact that you’re very anxious about what others think about you. I have the same problem. I always say that I don’t, but deep down, I care about if people judge me a certain way or not. The way that I try to get over that is I try and look at my goals and see how I want to get myself there, not how other people would want to see me get there. So, once again referring back to your video, you said you want to make and do things that make other people happy. Just think about that goal, and if you can see a certain outcome, aim for that, and do your best.

    Also, I find that sometimes when I stop trying so hard to do something and give myself a break, I’m able to find inspiration somewhere to continue what I first started. So try and take a break, or do something comforting for yourself once in a while. I hope my message thing made sense. I just want you to know that I care about you, and I genuinely hope that you feel a lot better about yourself, and everything that you do! :)

  • Rach

    hey charlie!! so this is random, I never post on things like this and just happened across your page this evening! look like you have lots of support from this page anyways but I just wanted to let you know that I have been talking to a few people recently who are feeling the same way as you and I really hope you are freed from feeling the need to please people and the fear of disappointing others because that isn’t what life’s about! I would just advise you to keep good people around you that love and want to encourage you! I also am a fan of prayer-but I know that each to their own, everyone ain’t into that but it helps me! so anyhoo peace out, big love xox

  • Kayla

    Wow. I love that you opened up like that. That at least shows courage. I understand completely what you mean aboutnot being able to switch it off. So how about this. Use that vulnerability to make yourself stronger. It’s okay to be scared. If you’re nervous, be nervous! You should make a video about insecurities and how to deal with them. Put a light twist to what so many struggle with daily. We believe in you! :D

  • The Doctor Donna

    I hope you read this, because I really want you to know this:
    1. You are the reason I’m now interested in science.
    2. You’re the reason I understand why I procrastinate(I loved that video) and why I’m slowly becoming more focused.
    3. You’re a fourth of the reason I was crying tonight(I blame you, BBC, David Tennant, and The Doctor Donna.)
    4. I really do enjoy your videos. I could sort of tell you were being a bit different this year. I was almost afraid you were planning on leaving Youtube. I’m glad you made this video, and I really hope you can start to get over your fear. I know what you mean when you say you want people to like you, although its a bit different from me. I want people to like me, but at the same time, if they dislike me, I want them to know it doesn’t bother me. It bothers me if they think their dislike bothers me. It’s a bit dumb, I know, but oh well.
    Oh, and lastly, I was listening to some of your Doctor Who songs, and since I’ve started watching the show, I actually got them. So amazing. I just. Agh. I needed that after watching The Journey’s End.
    Because that Rose thing was just weird.

  • Hope OW

    SO, this has nothing to do with what you just said, which was awesome, but I just saw that your name is Hope and my name is that as well, so high-five. Good Day!

  • http://www.facebook.com/andreea.valentina.581 Moraru Valentina

    Charlie,we’re all scared.

    You shouldn’t think that if someone dislikes your video we all hate you. The truth is,we like you for yourself,not your videos. Yes,your videos are fun and I enjoy watching them,but if a video is not as good,I’ll like it anyway because you made it.

    I’m also scared. scared I’ll never be good enough for anything or anyone.Scared that people secretly hate me.I shouldn’t be.

    I have to understand,and you have to understant, that in this world there are going to be people who like you,and people who don’t.

    In your case,Charlie,I am certain everyone loves you. You’re just this fun,brilliant person which I would love to have as a friend but I still am thankful that you decided to be a youtuber.

    Because of you I discovered the Vlogbrothers and I am forever thankful for that.

    Charlie,I love you.
    We all do.

  • Erin

    I feel exactly the same about everything at I do. It’s ridiculous and I hate it. But I think that it’s really important that you know that everybody who watches your YouTube videos loves what you do no matter what. Don’t let anxiety keep you from doing what you love and what makes you happy. Also, there are psych people you can see that will be able to help with your anxiety, it’s what I do and it’s helping a lot. <3 hope you're feeling your old self again soon. :)

  • http://twitter.com/Joha_Anniie Johanny AlvaradoRios

    Look Charlie.. all this people is right we just love for beign YOU. Just imagine.. I’m from Panama a country that maybe you don’t even know about it’s existence or maybe you just know about the Panama Canal but here in these country you have a lot a fanss like in many others and we like all your videos the oldest and new ones.. we don’t judge is one is better than the other we’re just like you’re there beign YOU which enjoy us….Because of you i created a youtube account just to suscribee and notice when you post new videos and everything… I’ve made a lot of speeches about you at school. And, well, the thing is that we LOVE you just for beign you which is always going to like us .. like them said is just your personality posted on those videos what make us like them. THANKS for giving us those AWESOME, FUNNY, INCREDIBLEE, FULL OF LAUGHTS moments :D Believe in you and keep creating with no fear :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mintelizabeth Elizabeth Mint

    Michael is correct. And if you lost again, try to travel by yourself.

    Go and see what the world looks like, meet as many people as you can, and find yourself and confident again.

    My suggestion is come to Taiwan, if you need I’d love to be your tour guide!!:)

  • brella

    Michael hit the nail on the head. I’ve recently discovered you this year but your personality is what keeps me clicking on the next video and looking forward to your next one. I love your videos and will always love them. We all get scared sometimes, it’s ok :) You are one of my favorite youtubers. Thank you for being honest and will pray that you find comfort from this fear! .

  • Keephur N

    Oh geez, I go through this phase a lot. I don’t vlog, but I write, draw, paint, fold paper, etc. and the “not really feeling it, gods my recent stuff isn’t all that good, why do I bother” strikes, and then I have a doldrums, a low point of creating. I look back, try to figure out what worked before and go from there, but then it feels artificial, a forced recreation of something genuine that is no longer, and that’s also horrible. I used to dwell on it a lot, worry and hyperanalyze it and see no foreseeable end to it :: thinks about that phrase for a moment, shakes head, moves on :: and get nowhere. Then without notice, something caught my fancy, my mood changed and I was creating again. The cloud of self-criticism, comparing myself to my past work and not finding it worthy, lifted and I just created. It wasn’t the same as before, the circumstances were different, but the act felt genuine again. It happens, it will happen, you have to work through it each time. But you will. I have, you will.

    You might be focusing on the wrong thing: rather than trying to please everyone all the time, just do your thing. Whatever inspires you to vlog. I’ve done a few things that made people enthusiastic and they wanted me to continue indefinitely, but I know when it runs its course and despite what people want, there are other topics to cover. This doesn’t please people, I still get requests to do the old stuff. If I’m in the mood, maybe. But I don’t let myself feel obligated to relive past glories; I have other things to create. Besides, past glories may only look better because of nostalgia. If you enjoy the act of vlogging, let that get you going, rather than “I want to please others”. Imagine having to bicycle past a street teeming with monsters keen to maul and maim you, but you know how well you can cycle, so you trust in your abilities and skills, and despite the monsters, you run the gauntlet. The monsters in this case are your doubts. Trust in your ability to vlog and run the gauntlet.

    Finally, I’m a recent follower. I only came across your vlog in August this year, when I first saw the episode about My (being your) Public Relationship. I enjoyed it quite a lot. I haven’t gone back through the Compleat Complete Vlogs of Charlieissocoollike to compare it against your earlier stuff, but it was without a doubt entertaining and enjoyable. Then this episode came up and I found it very easy to relate. From my viewpoint, you’re doing well. Keep at it.

    P.S. As Ze Frank would say, FIDLI.

  • http://twitter.com/SpiritMuse SpiritMuse

    I don’t know about everyone else, but you just described exactly what it’s like to be me.

    I don’t follow your videos regularly (but then I don’t follow anything on YouTube regularly), but I’ve seen a few. You always seemed to me very cool, funny, clever, the kind of person that you can say “I want to be like him when I grow up!” But of course, I never could, because I’m not that good, or even brave enough to try. Comparing myself to you, I always fell short.

    But now you’ve posted this… And it turns out, somewhere inside, you’re just like me. And I’m just like you. I cried when I watched that video, because 1) I feel your pain and 2) it gives me hope. It gives me hope for myself, that maybe one day I really can “grow up” to be like you. After all, you did it. You have all the same insecurities that I do, and still you dare to put yourself out there (whereas I don’t). I know that probably makes me sound overly dramatic or like a child, but I can’t help it, this is just how it comes out. And I suppose I am both of those anyway.

    I’m not going to tell you not to be scared, or not to worry, because I know that probably won’t help – if that’s in you, you can’t just switch that off. But I want to share a realisation I had a little while ago. I still forget it half the time, so it doesn’t help me as much as it might, but maybe you’ll find it worth thinking about.

    I never had friends growing up. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve found a group of people where I fit in, who I can call friends. But now, of course, I have no idea what to do with them. I have no experience of how to have friends, so I worry often that I’m doing something wrong, saying the wrong thing, and they’ll think I’m a rubbish person, and won’t want to be my friends anymore.

    But you know what? I never expected them to become my friends in the first place. So I never did anything special to try and win them over. I was just me, and this is what happened as a result: I have friends, and they like me. So I must be doing something right… right? And I figure, if I keep on the same way, things should turn out alright. I mean, what I’ve been doing up to now has brought me this far – if I keep doing the same thing, it should at least let me stay in the same place, and maybe bring me even further.

    So this way, at least this particular worry of mine is manageable. Usually. :)

    I do apologise for the wall of text. It kind of came out a bit longer than I had thought, but this is how my mind works.

    I guess in the end I just want to say:


  • http://www.facebook.com/katsuo.yukiji フルワント ドウ

    it’s non sense to you to scared, you’re go worldwide now. I’m from Indonesia and it’s my first time i saw a person who told his real feeling on such well-known webisite like youtube and making the video about it. I think you are the bravest men i ever seen in my entire life. you’re not a shy person, you just need more confidence on yourself, and we’re all here to support you. for the first time i saw your videos, i just think that you’re absolutely cool. you can do everything without worrying what everyone think of you. but thanks to let us know your true feeling. it’s not about you sometimes do “not really good jokes”, but it’s about how you make more that 1 MIllion people get inspired by you, so it’s really non sense if you said that you are afraid. at least that you’re braver than me, i even feel awkward when i stand in front of the camera.

    P.s. sorry for my bad english thehehe……………

  • JudyIsOnFire…NOT

    Hi Charlie!

    I know that it’s hard not to be scared especially since you are subjected to the judgment of so many people, right? But the thing is charlie, we can’t please everybody. Not everybody, yes. but the UP side here is that SOMEBODY will always care. there’s always that somebody who will love us simply because we’re us. and I know it’s kind of hard to see that right now, but remember this, we will always, always have our family and friends behind our back. It’s okay to be scared now but don’t be scared forever charlie. Sometimes, we just have to face our fears to become much cooler persons. When you get pass this, you’d I can see you renamed as Charlieismuchcoolerlike yes it’s such a long user name but that is how I see you and you deserve it.

    Best of luck and more videos to come! Please my friend is such a huge fan of yours. He introduced me to you btw and I’m Scared is one the first videos I’ve seen. see? That’s the first video I’ve seen and I like you already. Why? cos you’re honest and sincere.
    so, Keep it up!

  • ERINtheBeast

    It takes a great deal of confidence to put yourself there as an individual. Whether it be youtube videos, your music, or a relationship. Youtube is full of jerks who will say rude things just to make themselves feel better about themselves. Charlie, of course, we all know that there is no need for you to feel this way. Of course you’re scared. Everyone’s scared when they put a video out.

    I am terrified. SO are you? This makes me love you and your vids so much more. This makes you relatable.

    WE <3 you, because of you. And you are so right, and it's ok to be scared. We ALL are. You deserve to be where you are.

  • Ilona

    you are great Charlie. I tripped and landed on my face today in public… hope that makes you feel better haha! and wish me luck on writing my novel… I’m feeling writers block… but your videos make me laugh lots. and this does spark humour in my writing too :)
    have a goooooooood day!

  • Lauri

    I am scared too, I have experianced many troubles and negative situations recently, but I thnik you and michael helped me a bit to get back on track too, thank you, charlie, we’ll always love you anyway (:

  • Wendy

    I think Micheal is a perfect friend for you! I don’t understand how you say that you feel alone when you have a friend like him. Personally, I wish I had a friend like that.
    Go to him for help and I’m pretty sure he won’t mind and I’m 100% sure that he will help you out!

  • ray ray

    Just remember “charlie is so cool like” it’s you n that’s all that matters

  • Dr Dalim

    So glad you are feeling better and that the community helped you as we’ll as your family and friends love the ones your with and let them love you

  • inspiredrandomperson

    amazing these videos are so insirational AND ABSOLOUTELY 100% CORRECT

  • Caleb

    It’s so incredibly wonderful to see people on the internet (and really, in life in general) who are dedicated and truly passionate with what they do. Of course, there will be times where we all become discouraged in what we do and lose faith in it. Still, it’s inspiring how excited people are when that shows. I think just embodying that and doing what you love sends a strong message to the rest of us. To the world, really.
    Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Enjoy what you have with you now, what opportunities come your way. Do what you truly feel is the best—the most fun, the most substantial, the most meaningful—for you, not for us.
    Subsequently, that’s what we’ll enjoy to see. To see you happy, you doing what you want to do with your life.

    “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
    – Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

  • Bella

    Hey Charlie. :)
    I’ve only existed for 23 years… But hey! Here’s what I’ve learned:
    If everyone likes you: You are a people pleaser. This means you have no backbone. This is bad. (…and unhealthy)
    If nobody likes you: You are an asshole. This is bad as well. (…unhealthy!)
    However: If you have a group of people who like you, and a group of people who dislike you: You can rest assured that you are still being true to yourself. This is good. (…and healthy.)

  • Christopher

    Charlie, the only advice I can give is don’t try do make video that you think WE would like to see. Make videos that YOU would like to see.

  • Christopher

    Charlie, the only advice I can give is don’t make videos that you think WE would like to see. Make videos that YOU would like to see.

  • Danielle Kellett

    Charlie, I love you so much, and hearing your story and how far you’ve come in every aspect just inspires us, because in reality, we are all feeling like this. We all feel like this at some point in our lives. We’re going to love you and your videos no matter what you do, you could sit there and talk about how cool it is to watch paint dry, and I’d still watch your videos. You probably won’t read this, but if you do I hope it makes you smile, because I truly love you and you’ve made me smile and laugh on days where I’ve just wanted to breakdown and cry and forget everything. You are amazing okay? Do not ever let anyone ever tell you any different, especially yourself. I love you, Charlie!<3

  • Matthew

    It’s hard to stop caring about what other people think, but for me when I realize that I’m scared of what other people think of me I stop and think about my simple interactions with those people around me and I ask myself these questions. Have I been honest with said people? Have i tried to build on these relationships within my realm? Did I try bring joy to at least one person today(that includes myself)? And lastly did I dance today? So after analysing these questions and answering every question yes, I realize there is nothing more I can do and nine times out of ten that puts my mind at ease.
    However I tend to say no to the question of me dancing today. So I go and turn on a good song that would cheer me up and dance because in the words Nietzsche “We should consider everyday lost on which we have not danced at least once.” So if I still feel crummy in the end, at least I’ll be refining my wicked dance moves. Hope this cheers you up.

  • Stella

    Charlie, we love you for who you are, and because you are you. Remember that we love you so much.

  • kajal

    I just want to tell you that it’s okay. I know it might not mean much from some stranger on the Internet, but I do seriously mean it. I watched your video, and I couldn’t help but notice how correct you are. We all are scared, and it’s just comes with the package of being human. So you aren’t alone – whether that matters or not. I know I feel the same way. I perform, and I audition, and I do so many things where I know, for a fact, I’m going to get judged. And there’s that mean little person in my head telling me always that someone is going to hate me for being me, and someone is going to dislike how I am. But the best way to overcome that is to realize that there are so many different types of people in the world, and one opinion, or maybe two, should not be the reason for you to let go of everything you strive for. It happens. And we all are afraid of what people think. I changed my whole personality a couple years ago because I wanted people to like me – funny thing is, they actually didn’t like me quite as much anymore.
    So I decided I would be myself – and there still are people who mock and make fun, who tell me I’m not good enough, who make me feel like I’m not worth what I want – but I won’t let them bring me down. And neither can you. You have a million, more, people watching you, rooting for you, looking up to you – and they love you. You and me, both, need to see the big spectrum, the spectrum that is filled with love and passion and perseverance. Let me tell you, being scared is natural. It all is. But it’s only natural when you don’t let it take over you.
    You are fantastic YouTuber, you make funny, excellent videos – but moreover you make people happy. So thing of the wide spectrum – because I’m pretty sure there are more who love you than don’t.
    Hope you feel better :-]

  • http://twitter.com/gacaminof Guillermo Camino

    Hello Charlie, I could not pass to leave a little comment, I am not frequent user of youtube and I do not dare to publish any type of content, but somehow deeply admire the person of a few we have seen grow Through his videos. I think regardless of the content you post, there are things that matter more than that, we love the brightness of your eyes and the sincerity with which you do your videos and I think there is the real value of them, feel that without anyone in your life, we are important, find a human being like all of us he has no problem in putting their views and thoughts with a very good quality level to run on youtube, not all do it, and you are excellent at it. I understand how fear can be afraid make us feel insecure and miserable, but do not worry, do not be afraid.
    The only thing that I can share and that is true in these situations is: Learn all you can of this time, learn about yourself and all things around you, and be sure to listen all people who loves you and who have lived it again. A BIG HUG FROM COLOMBIA CHARLIE, thanks for all the stories of five minutes, which, far from be entertainment are……. creativity, love, sincerity, quality and above all spontaneity. You are one of my most beloved unknown. A thousand blessings. Charlie.

  • Ashleigh

    Charlie, I have been watching your videos since 2007. All that time, even if you changed your the same Charlie I love <3

  • roady43

    Take your time, take a brake. Over 1 million subscribers can be a big pressure, even if we all love you. Any other person would need a good administrative management and a consulting team behind, to handle such a big fan club. Friends are there and supporting you but actually the weight of expectation might be to heavy without professional aid. Keep being yourself and do what you need and what you think is the best for you now. Concentrade on your studies and your talent – a big future is yours!


  • http://twitter.com/AbsolutMery MeryMery

    Charlie, you’re special. Take your time cos it’s normal be scared sometimes, but, please, don’t leave us. We need u.

    All the best for the best youtuber* =) From Spain ^^

  • Juliet

    Charlie, your awesome! Don’t listen to any haters, their just jealous. I love your videos sooooooo much:) You have been brave, just to start your channel, and to talk to a camera,and then the video is seen by millions of strangers, and its not any of your fault that they might not like your videos, they must be blind, and def, because all your videos are great. Take the good from the bad, because with you we know its always there. Because of you a ton of people can talk about their feelings in a video. All of your likes are what people want to like, mickeleh was right, people are sticking stuff on their wall and calling it the wall of stuff:) Your videos are always positive. By the way, the first time I started watching your videos, I loved them, the way you were, then when I found out you love doctor who, I flipped out! I absolutely loveeeeeeee doctor who!!:) Your videos helped me and my brother kinda come together, because we both love doctor who, and now we both love your videos:) Also because of you I found wheezywaiter, which now I love:) charlie don’t be scared, if people don’t like you and your videos, then forget them, because you have 1,000,000 people standing by your side. We love you the way you are. Your creative, funny, cute, kind, positive,yourself, and real. Your special:):):)::):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • Mi rae Kim

    i’ll love you forever as a friend!
    if you are ok..
    and i’ll support you too!
    you gave me a lots of things
    when i saw your video, i felt happy, going smile and what’s the possitive!
    thank you to back!

  • Kayla

    That was such a brave thing to do, to tell the whole of the internet “I’m Scared.” It’s completely normal, Charlie, and I know it’s not easy. I’ve cried myself to sleep countless times for similar reasons as you (though I’m not youtube famous). Do what makes you happy, because the people who you don’t please aren’t worth your time anyway. I’m sorry you’ve been going through this, and I wish I could give you the biggest hug in the world.
    And honestly, you’ve been an inspiration to me, if that’s any consolation. You’ve had an impact on so many people’s lives without realising it, and that, truly, is a remarkable thing. I hope you regain your confidence soon, lovely, because you deserve happiness.

  • Annabella

    With everything you’ve accomplished, Charlie, it’s honestly overwhelming the response that has come from your “I’m Scared” video. And, even more surprising for YouTube, the response has been almost completely encouraging. I’ve always thought you could do anything if you put your mind to it. Your bravery and honesty in this video proves this. Despite its sad nature, it’s always going to be one of my favorite videos because of all the beautiful responses and safer vlogging community it’s created.

    I guess what I ultimately mean to say, and what everyone else has been saying, is that I really admire you, for all you’ve created and what you say in this video specifically. You’re awesome and I hope you continue sharing your awesomeness with the world because we have faith in you.

    Thanks, Charlie.

  • Cara

    You’re one of my top 10 favorite people, and I don’t even know you…so…take from that what you will.

  • http://aplethoraofme.wordpress.com/ Jaime

    I just got around to seeing this post today (thank you, NaNoWriMo?), and I had to post my own response. I don’t think its as poignant or remarkable response as those posted by Michael Aranda or Hank Green, but like your video it is honest.

    I’m happy that you’re already feeling a bit better.

  • Lais Piragine

    Charlie you are very cool! look what one video that you post do ! so many people are worry with you and many people wanted show you that everybody are scary! everybody had your fears, just stop for 5 seconds and you can see how you made a lot of people win yours fears to talk with you like me, I’m a brazilian girl who learn the most par of my english with your videos and i’m here , mys fear is talk in english with who knows and I win my fear today becaouse of you ! and many others are doing de same and this is because of you proudof your job dude!

  • http://twitter.com/nethra_george Nethra George

    Charlie, you’re the best. Coming from INDIA. You never cease to amaze me or any of your followers. <3 from a fan of 4 years now. :)

  • Cassie

    Dear Charlie,
    I have been watching your videos, pretty much, since I first discovered youtube. Back from your ‘How to make tea’ video, way back before you got a fancy camera and started using editing sotware to make your videos even cooler than they already were. I have loved watching yor videos purely because they were you. Like me, you were another english teen passing your time (probably to avoid doing homework), and I could relate to you in so many ways. Your videos don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t need to be scared about what we are all going to think. I think I speak for many people – whenever you upload something, I watch it, regardless, simply because it is you.
    We all feel low sometimes, and when we do it is very easy to forget just how many people there are out there who care about us. We all care and love you for who you are!
    Keep smiling :)

  • Jay

    Charlie, You have been a savior for me. You always lighten my life, when I come home, from a day of dealing with endless battles, and I sit down to my laptop, and just watch, as your fun and delight fills me with endless joy. I have to honest, It is what keeps me going everyday, to think back and think, yeah it’s okay, I can go home and be happy again with one click of a mouse. So please, I understand how you feel, everyday I spend as people scrutinize, and how I try so hard to please everybody. But I have come to realize, as many have said before I, that you can’t do it. I aim now everyday to please one person, and when I do, I reward myself. What I’m trying to say is, just be you, because although you don’t realize it, we need you.

  • Anonymous

    It was really interesting to see that almost the whole community around your channel stood up and let hear their supportive voice in some way. Be it simply through a YouTube or Twitter message or with a personal video response. What happened here was actually pretty rare. One would only do that for a person they might not even know in person if they really like what you do. Not only because of your video’s, but also because of who you are.

    Don’t let anyone say otherwise. You make great video’s no matter what you do. I always loved them and still do. Just stay yourself and continue doing what you love to do.

  • jenny macrae

    Darling Charlie,

    This is pretty late in the day, considering the date on your “scared” video. But…

    My 15-year-old son and I adore the charlie-ness that comes across in your videos, which we discovered thanks to a student of mine who hates Twilight and showed me that video. Like so many others, we want to be your best friend. (At least I do, and I can only assume he shares that response.)

    What I’d like to share with you is a thought I’ve had recently about myself at 19 and myself now. When I was 19, I was confident enough to put myself forward in ways that I no longer dare. I had experienced a horrid early adolescence socially – over-smart, over-serious and arts-dedicated, I was a total misfit, bullied brutally every day. I had massive social anxiety as a result, which persists to this day.

    Nonetheless, when I struck forth creatively in my late teens and early 20s, it never occurred to me to say, “Wow, this might not work out, I’d better not try.” And, of course, most of what I DID try DID work out (some of it pretty impressive for any age, let alone 19), because I was very talented, although with the inexperience of youth.

    These days, I really need to put myself forward more in my career and personal life. But I second-guess and look ahead to the possible negative results, and it paralyses me. I look at my real dreams and hopes and talk myself into thinking they are nuts. This is the burden of experience for someone with talent and social anxiety, enough intelligence to see possible outcomes, and not enough confidence to set them aside.

    If your surreal success with YouTube DIDN’T lead to existential angst, it would be more surprising. (Side note: Creating and posting videos as a creative lifestyle is so odd, to me, someone who remembers being excited when my family got our first VCR. Today’s world of reality shows and social media brings about a lot of funky stuff IMHO.)

    But my point is that you have created a situation of success at a very young age (early 20s now, correct?) and you are obviously a genius, and it’s natural to question all of this.

    Everybody feels funny about themselves. Everybody feels like nobody loves them. Everybody thinks the world revolves around them and sometimes we wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t take note of this obvious fact.

    But not everybody feels what YOU are feeling, because we are all unique, and because brilliant people think too much so that the pain can be worse, more crippling.

    You have given us moments of laughter at times when it was in short supply. I’m sure that this is the case for many of your millions of viewers. That said, your way forward could be any number of paths, with or without “making videos for YouTube.”

    You’re a star. Now, get over yourself.

    Follow your heart, make sure that your connections with your real-life friends and family are central, and have confidence that whatever you choose to do, you will do it with your whole heart.

    Try not to question your creative work. Just do it, setting aside the self-doubt that MUST come forward especially for you, who made yourself a star in what seem, objectively, like such unlikely terms. The time to worry about the whys and hows isn’t while you’re creating.

    You are lovely, lovely and lovely – a gift to your family, to your friends, and to those whose days you have brightened with your perceptive and charming observations and silliness. Whatever you do in the future, if you are letting that light shine, you will be a Great Success in the most important ways possible.

    (Now, to get myself to hear the message I’ve just tried to give to you…)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ghebri.elle.3 Ghebri Elle

    What do you see in these comments, or in what your u friends and parents told you?
    I see LOVE.

    Love is real, real is love – John Lennon
    He spent so many years worrying about what other people thought about him.. But then he realised.. There was nothing compared with the love of the people he loved as well.
    Enjoy the love, Charlie, in every shape the Love enter into your life.
    Have love, spread love, live love.

    Sorry if my English its quite a shame.. I’m Italian!
    Take care of yourself


  • joe

    Charlie i’m scared as well i feel alone i need somebody too love i need somebody i need a human i can talk too but i made everybody around me think i’m a strong powerful guy with no emotion and they all see me as a confident leader and i cant handle it i’m lost alone and scared and i need somebody like me fast but I’ve kept this inside so long i only realized myself after id watched your video i know im just repeating whats been said but thank you, i might be able to fix this now but i need to find something or someone like michael said be scared explore it the solution will become clear and you can reach the end.

  • Sarah

    First of all, it was a really good idea to share how you feel. So many people care about you and support you as you can see from all the video responses and stuff. It’s upsetting to think that you would feel the way you said in your video. There will inevitably be that worry that people won’t like what you do, it comes with being human. You’re not alone there. The people that matter are the ones that love what you do. I thought posting right on your website there would be a better chance of you seeing my post, because your YouTube videos get new comments on an hourly basis. Every time I post a comment, it get’s buried because so many people are commenting on how great your videos are. Which sort of backs up my point, actually. Which is that you have had a positive impact on so many people. And remember, you need to be able to love yourself! (But not in that way.) I hope that this made you smile ^.^

  • Tara Lonergan

    Don’t worry Charlie, don’t be scared of people who feckin’ love you. You don’t owe us anything. We don’t mind if it takes you a long time to make videos, because we know that you’re working your arse off to make it as good as possible, and you’re succeeding. You have an incredibly supportive fan base who understand that you feel you’re under pressure to please us, but you don’t owe us that pleasure because it’s your decision to give us videos, not anyone elses. Just try and slow down a bit and give yourelf a break, and try and get your life inback in gear. We understand :)


    I’ve always wanted to ask you a favor, but I kinda always though that you’ll never read it, or mind it. I usually watch your videos and I think you are so creative, talented, and a good person, which is even more important. I’m from Catalonia, a region in Spain (Barcelona is the capital), you might already know this but, since thousands of years ago a lot of catalans are fighting for the independence from Spain. Now we are making us hear more than ever, but many people want our voices to disappear. I thought that you could make a video, not only about the catalans people situation, but also about democracy and the rights of our society. I’m sure you have your own point of view about so many things, and it would be great if you could let us know. Thank you

  • Giovana

    I’ve watched your video talking about how you’re scared, and I genuinely don’t understand why you feel like this. I know everybody has flaws and we worry about ours more than anything, so you are probably worried about yourself.

    If you think your ideas are not good enough anymore, if you think your videos won’t entertain us, you may be right, but you can’t forget the fact that you have tons of fans and they are different people, they like different things, and maybe if you post a video, some will like and some won’t, as it has always been.

    But the important thing is that you are still here, doing something for us, your fans. Personally, I don’t care if a video of yours doesn’t make me laugh, just the fact that I have the opportunity to hear you beautiful British accent and see your piercing blue eyes make me happy, it makes the video worth.

    Don’t compare your new videos to old ones Charlie, each video is a different one. Things change and YOU also changed througout the years, so don’t be so hard on yourself, you will always have people watching your videos, liking it, liking you! Because believing it or not, you are very important in many people’s lives! I still want to watch your videos on youtube for a long time! I hope you come back soon, I love you Charlie!

  • Dallah

    Just wanted to tell you.. The other day while driving home there was a discussion about the word random on NPR. In conclusion of the discussion they used an audio clip from one of your videos in which you explained randomness and why you think it is so cool- “because it gives awesome things the chance to happen.” and that.. Charlie McDonnell is why you are so like cool. Because you can make statements in videos about “random” things all the while being yourself and connect with so many of us. Take a step back. The videos you enjoy making.. The ones where you literally feel like you are just having a conversation with a friend… Discussing topics and tidbits that mean something to you.. Are bound to mean something to someone over the whole wide Internet. Do this for you. Not us. :) and at the end of the day it is your life. There are so many passions you can pursue to make other people happy. :D

  • Fay

    When I saw this video I was soooo scared he was gonna stop doing youtube , I actually wanted to cry . You’re videos make my days Charlie , when I first found out about your channel I sat in bed all day & watched all 163 of videos non stop because they’e so good . We’re here by our own choice , because we LOVE you . We’re always gonna be here , no matter what (: <3

  • Molly-jane

    you have a million follows for a reason, were all here for the charming witty person you are, if your making tea, going bungee jumping or telling us how scared you are :(

    Anyone in their right mind would be scared in the position your in, it must be a frightening job putting yourself out there but your success shines through you brilliantly foolish fool. Everyone has their highs and lows, I’ve spent weeks feeling worthless and avoiding people on the assumption that their fucking crazy for being friends with me let alone talking to me (id be the worst vlogger). Sometimes you just have to take time away to realise how good life is and that people love you.

    Take a bit to chill, know that we (1,000,000 peeps) love you, and come back to youtube when you fall back in love with it, not because you feel you have to. Hope you feel better soon :P

    One cornish pirate. Mol x

  • Kaeshana

    Dear Charlie,

    I just want to say that I’ve been watching your videos for years and I’ve always been part of the silent majority until now. First of all, thank you for this video, and your honesty. I think I speak for many when I say it means a lot to us, to me. For the last 4 years, I have been studying in a country very different from my own. I’m fine now, but for the first few months it was terrifying. I had this whole culture that I was unfamiliar with and so many things I didn’t know and couldn’t do. I found my refuge on the internet, and like many others, fell in love with your videos, and you. I’ve watched your videos, you, even your hairstyle change over the years, and even though you don’t know me and we will possibly never meet, I can say I love you. Not because of some fangirl infatuation, your accent (as sexy as it is), your mole… but simply because you’ve brought me a lot of laughter, a lot of joy. I think you’re the first stranger I’ve ever said that too, but then again, you’re not a stranger, not really. So Charlie, I just wanted you to know that you are loved, by many and for many reasons, but loved nonetheless. So freak out and get scared if you have to, but always remember that. (:

  • Audrey

    Just know that change isn’t bad. Some of your videos are in a different style, but it’s still you in them. Most of us watch because we love you and think you’re inspirational. Your introvert video helped me to not be afraid to be myself, and make real friendships. I’d hate to not see your videos anymore. Just know, that no matter what we love you and that your new videos have all been very entertaining. You can’t ever please everyone but for sure, you will always have me and other people like me who will watch you.

  • Tylar

    Charlie, I’ve been watching your videos since I was 12 years-old, and now I’m about to turn 19 next month. You are my favorite YouTuber, without a doubt. I love all of your videos and music that you put out. I don’t really know if I’m trying to make a point or anything. I just want you to know that I love the person that you are, and you’ve helped me with so many things simply by being you. It might take a while, but your anxieties will slip away. You’re a wonderful human being. Just keep being you. It’s the best you there will ever be.

  • I’mScaredTo

    Lets just face it Charlie. you’re a likeable person! It’s who you are, its in your blood! It’s natural to feel scared. Everybody does. I was to scared to make a video response because I thought you wouldn’t like me. I’m scared of you! everybody is scared of each other because everybody has different likes and dislikes in a person. I know that people talk about me behind my back. It’s just what people do. We act like jerks and judge each other because we’re scared that if we don’t then people won’t like us. The fact that you can sit and talk in front of that computer screen is amazing. The way you can share your feelings like that and hope for the best is astonishing. Flabbergasting. Astounding. Words cannot describe how brave you are. You say you’re scared of us when we are probably way more scared of you then you are to us. That video made me cry. It made me realize how scared I was of people. I have always, for as long as I can remember, wanted to make a vlog channel like you but I wasn’t brave enough to put myself out there. You were Charlie. And look at just how many subscribers you have. So don’t be scared. We all love you.<3

  • Ruhit

    We love you Charlie and we always will, you can take all the time you need to make a new video of your choice, good things come in time :’) Stay Strong Charlie :3

  • Summer

    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” You’re never too old for Dr. Seuss wisdom!

  • Ana Lee Garcia

    Hi, Charlie. Well, I’m a big fan of your videos, even though I don’t spend much time on the youtube, yours is probably the only channel I visit regularly, and I don’t know why that is. It must be because you make me laugh about the most trivial things, and I realised that you don’t need to do really fancy and complicated stuff to entertain people, you just have to be true and to love what you’re doing, I suppose, and that’s what I believe you do. Of course, bad fases suck, but we all get past it eventually, that’s what I reckon anyways. By the way, I live in Brazil, and I wouldn’t be surprised to know that there are people in China or Indonesia or something, watching your videos. And being an international youtube icon isn’t something that just happens, right? So, don’t worry, whatever it is that you’re going through right now, you’ll get past it.

  • http://twitter.com/rohzana2 Rohzi

    Although everyone has a different story, I believe that we are all more alike than most people think. Even if someone says they can ‘dust off their shoulder’ (I am one of those people) usually it is still there, in waiting. In waiting for that one time you let your guard down or hit bottom to poke and pick at us when we are feeling down. I’ve had a lot of self esteem issues, in past and current, even though they bug me, I understand that nobody’s perfect. Then work on that. I’m glad that you are strong enough to actually open up a bit about yourself. Most wouldn’t even make a peep until it was bubbling over. Thank you. *hugs*

  • Kate

    “I am you, and you are me. Together, we make the perfect Charlie.”
    Remember that? It’s yours. And how right you were. You are the perfect Charlie. All your little imperfections, your weirdness, your scaredness, but also your humour, your insights, your intelligence and many more combined, makes you into the most perfect Charlie McDonnel you will ever be. Some will like this Charlie, some won’t. But hey, that’s their loss. No one should ever be afraid of being him or herself. Embracing your flaws and showing them off to the world is how it’s done. Altough it takes some bravery to actually do that. But you showed us it can be done, so now feel proud about that. Don’t let yourself down Charlie. You will get through this, might i call it, existential crisis. You will find yourself again and be happy about it. I know we already are.

  • http://twitter.com/cassaloopa Cassandra

    So, I’ve been watching your videos for a long time now…you’re actually the first person I ever subscribed to. And I know I don’t really know you, but I guess I just want to say something, without repeating everyone.

    I get it.

    You start doing something that makes you feel good, proud, popular, and just cool. Then you get to a point where you have a demand, an expectation, and the fun of it gets less and less until it’s not about you anymore, it’s about your consumers, and if you don’t put out, you fear you’ll be forgotten, but you don’t want to just do anything b/c it has to be good, it has to be what they expect or else they’ll just leave anyway. It’s a legit fear, b/c it happens…

    But, I guess this is the common theme of life. No matter what each of us do, we all want at least a little recognition, something that let’s us know we’re no talking to thin air, but that we’re impacting people, that we mean something.

    I know this first hand.
    Since I was 13 I’ve had all these fears that I never had when I was little. When I was a kid I wasn’t afraid of being silly or weird or messing up or not performing right. I used to wander around at my parents’ friends’ houses meowing like a cat because it was fun, and I didn’t care what ppl thought of me. I would draw anything I wished, every animal known to an 8 yr old home-schooled kid who watched Discovery Channel non-stop. I loved to swim and play piano and I was in karate and gymnastics, and I had the best friends! By 10 I’d been to half a dozen countries and met so many ppl and lived so much life.

    But then I grew up, lost friends and life started looking scary. I no longer had confidence in my music, in my art, in my skills in school or writing or sports or friendships or anything. I gave up on all my passions because I figured I couldn’t ever do them the way people expected so I might as well just not try. This crippled me for years!! From 13 to 20 it was all my parents could do to encourage me to keep dreaming and not be afraid of everything.
    I used to belong to DeviantArt. It was like my favourite site, and I loved to look at other artists’ work and admire them. But I never posted any of my own drawings b/c I thought I’d never be as good as those ppl. I so regret that now because I still have 4 or 5 sketchbooks full of good art! I used to write songs on my guitar and then I gave up b/c I didn’t think they were any good.
    I went through this all the way through high school and into my first two years of university. I took two art classes last year in hopes of rekindling my love for drawing, but I couldn’t let go of my fears, and it crippled my work and my grades. My professor talked to me at the end of semester because all through she could see my fear and hesitation in my work. In each stroke of the pencil she saw my struggle. I’ll never forget her kindness to me. She told me I had an amazing gift if only I’d let myself out. I didn’t change at the time, but over the last year I’ve been working with myself. I believe her.

    I know what I used to be before I became afraid, just as you know what you used to be like. That knowledge almost cripples you more b/c you think you can never live up to that again. But the thing I realized is that even though I’m not that person anymore, I’m a new version of me, and I have just as much to offer as the old me did.

    This year I’ve grown so much. I’ve made friends like I never thought I could, and I’ve gotten better grades and enjoyed my classes more. I’ve started singing and playing my guitar again and drawing just for fun. When my semester is done I’m going to start doing the things I used to love again.
    How’ve I done this? Honestly, through a lot of prayer and support from my family. But the biggest thing is just trusting myself again. I believe that I’m a smart, creative, genius of a person, and I’m the one sitting here waiting to see what awesome thing I do next, and that’s all I think about. I’m excited about me again. I still care what others think, and I want to be appreciated, but I know at the end of the day, what I choose to do is for myself, and if I like it, awesome. If I don’t, do something else. And when you do what you love for you, it touches other people automatically.

    So many of us watch your videos not for the content you give us, but for the mere fact that we get to see you again. We care about you for you, not for what witty things you tell us or do. Those are just bonuses. If I lived in London instead of Canada, I would want to know you because I know there’s a guy on the other end of that screen who’s just like me in so many ways.

    So, I don’t know if this will encourage you, but at least you know now that there’s a million of us who feel the same way :)

    Cheer up and trust yourself. You are brilliant, Charlie. Believe it.

  • Ke babbey

    What a beautiful video. Its so true, Charlie’s subscribers only subscribe because they want to and enjoy his videos. There will always be people that don’t like your videos, but there are far more that love them and can’t get enough of them! If Charlie made a video a day, that would be amazing. I love them and they really cheer me up. Don’t let silly feelings like this get you down :)

  • Stephanie

    charlie you’re such an inspiration and i love you so much, thank you for being my rolemodel x your videos have helped me so much with stopping self harm and making me happy. thanks for making me smile <3

  • Lala

    I just wanted to say that YOU are great. I’m not just saying that, there are thousands of youtubers, but something sets you apart. So what if people stop liking you? There always is a new beginning waiting for you to step in. Although I am a 100% sure that it is all in your head. Everybody loves you. You are so creative and COOL! Don’t change yourself, just because of the opinions of a few. I started watching your videos back in 2010, because I was running away from homework! Love all your vids!

  • Sleep Deprived Charlie Fan

    You were right when you concluded that everyone feels the same way as you. Insecurity is a major part of ourselves and you have the disadvantage of having them magnified as they are on display for the entire internet. This, however, also means that the amount of support and love you have is also magnified.

    I haven’t been on Youtube much of late and have fallen so drastically behind on many of the videos of Youtubers I am subscribed to, that I haven’t even bothered catching up! That being said, during the chance I got today to browse through Youtube, I scrolled down the list of new videos on my homepage, only to realize the name I was really searching for was yours and it was missing. So I navigated to your channel to find this heartrending video.

    Hearing (or reading in this case) that someone loves you may seem shallow and meaningless from people who have never met you, but know that makes it more significant. That over a million people have managed to fall in love with your sincere character – even from the slice of it you share with the internet, I can only imagine how much people who know all of Charlie McDonnell must love you.

    Please forgive any confusion, I am operating on such little sleep, it is heartbreaking! I could not pass up the need to comment on this though.

    Love (yes, love – though you hardly seem to have a scarcity of it),


  • Felisquoreda

    I nearly can’t wait to see future-charlie, but I will. Until your next video and the next and the next again.
    All of these responses are right: You are you and we like you for that. And we are all scared. Me too, that’s why I never posted a video on youtube despite knowing (or feeling I know) and seeing all these awesome people on youtube.

  • charlielover99

    charlie don’t stop making videos. have you seen the views on that? it is impossible for you to make a bad video.

  • Kelsy

    Charlie, you are so awesome. I (and I’m sure many other people as well) think your videos are the best because you are such a genuine person. You don’t need to be afraid of us! And if there are any trolls, we can handle them. :) (What you’re going through is obviously tough and you should obviously take all the time you need, but I just wanted to mention I miss your videos! Please come back soon.)

  • Kaya

    I can completely empathize with the fear of creating due to a desire to please others, and I think you are right in saying that everyone experiences these feelings. I know I’m being hypocritical when I say this, but I think you’re being too hard on yourself. There is a natural charisma and general likability about you that draws viewers like me to your channel. Please continue and do videos because they bring you joy and don’t feel pressured into creating for the sake of pleasing viewers. I think what many of us enjoy the most about your videos is that your honest happiness and enthusiasm reaches us through our computer screens. Love you and all of your work! :)

  • Nadja Velez

    Hey Charlie!

    I don’t know if you will read this or not, but I’ll leave a story about myself about this same situation you are in right now.

    Last year I was making ERASMUS in England, Leicester. I’m from Portugal and people coldness in England was a big cultural shock for me. My family situation was hard as well because my mom was in a deep depression and we lived alone with each other. I had made other friends in England, of course, but I felt like it was my responsibility to be at home with her and try to make her better. Not only I couldn’t do that, I also got depressed. My fuel is motivation , so my academic work would not progress. I was getting even more late everyday. Finally I spoke to a teacher and he gave me a month to finnish all 4 work papers I was late on.

    Now here is where it matters: my fears had created a wall. Every time I had thought of those reports I had to write, the wall had gotten bigger. At some point thinking of writing them felt unbearable. Notice: I loved the subject. I had interest on it, but fear distorts things and it seemed much harder than what it was everyday.

    So new year came, I went to london with a friend and I told my self that I would take all motivation from the trip (I love to travel) and from visiting the Museum of Natural History (A dream I had from little) and I would sit in front of that desk and I would write the reports, every single day. I did sit in front of that desk all day long for the whole month, but I couldn’t just actually “produce something”, even thought I struggled every day to do so. I would stare, start to type, erase, read, stare, …

    End of January was coming and I had very little done. I thought to my self “you know what? Even if its crap I’ll Just write something”. And I started typing. I put all effort on it, but without being so perfectionist and hard on my self. I wrote 3 of those reports and half of the forth In a few days … I didn’t want to ask any more of the big kindness the teacher had shared with me, so I went on and I delivered all of it without finishing the last, just hoping that I could pass so I wouldn’t have to pay the whole scholarship back. Until then I was terrified of failing my objectives, and that failing would change MY perception of myself: something that rarely happens to me, but it caught me in a moment of weakness.

    Even thought my previous grades on essay and other evaluations were bad, the grades I got from those reports were high enough to give me a global grade of 14 in a scale of 0 to 20. Not bad at all…


    If you hit the wall in fear of failing, stop being so hard on yourself. You can only give your best. And the moment you just let it flow and stop thinking of the consequences if it goes bad, you might actually find out that you weren’t making something that bad after all. You are what you are and its not success that defines you. Failure is just as important as success, because it makes you learn about something that is even more important than success itself: your attitude on your way to achieve it. That’s what defines you.

    I could have failed. It would be a big pain and quite a problem…. but it wouldn’t change who I am and those that actually like me, would not like me any less because of it. And neither would I.

    If you read this let me know, It would make me very happy to know so.


    get up Mr Blippid thingy, and share with me whatever it is you feel like sharing! After all that’s what you do with us all: you share a bit of yourself. Its you that we like, so whatever it is that comes for you, is good. I don’t think anyone here is judging you.

    Same way we wouldn’t care if you wined or lost a card game, we just like to play cards with you.

  • Emily J

    Hello Charlie! :D <3
    You don't know me (although you did tweet me once that I am so great full for!) but I know a bit about you! I know that you are a inspiring person, a funny person and a very very smart one too! We all get scared but that is a form of saying we are human! You are one of the reasons why I a very shy girl is going on Youtube (when I am 18 years old not many months that) and make videos. I am going to knock a wall down (emotional wall not a real one!) to make videos about myself and maybe sing in front of a camera and hear opinions from people I don't know. That is going to be so scary for me but I am going to try because I say If Charlie can then why can't I? But the thing is with me peoples opinions makes me work harder like if one of my family or friends say "Oh you are a great singer" I will actually not believe them because my brain works like that they are my friends and family and they are supposed to say the things they think I want to hear. If I make a video however I would not care about how the other people think about me because I don't know them but I would still make videos!
    Love you always!
    Emily J <3

  • http://twitter.com/RubySkyePI RubySkyePI

    You’ve had lots of advice about feeling scared, but I can offer some about facing a blank page. Writers everywhere know that this is a very scary thing. But we live by the philosophy of the shitty first draft. Don’t worry about writing something good, just write to get through the first draft. If you can finish the draft, then you can rewrite and revise and rethink until it is good. But if you don’t finish the draft, you’ll always be stuck with the blank page. Don’t put all that pressure on the first draft to be good, how can it be? It doesn’t know what it wants to be yet. Trust the process of writing, which is you keep working on it till it’s good, draft after draft. It really works… so long as you get that first crappy draft written.

  • madelynn smith

    i saw your video and just all that went through my head was how can i help and i came up with nothing cause i too was terrified then i started seeing all of the video responses and huge photo sharing things people were doing for you and i just was hoping that at least one of those things would hit you. as it said in one of the videos even if you posted a simple video of you on the toilette i would watch it share it like it and most likely post it on my blog. and whell thank you for being my first youtuber i have ever subscribed to and for being something to talk about with my friends to bring us closed together and for making things that i can watch over and over again and they will always and i mean always make my day better.

  • http://twitter.com/KaffeeklatchAth KaffeeklatschAthena

    I would like to say just a few things. When I first began to watch this video of yours when you posted it, I heard the first 10 seconds, then immediately clicked away from it, because I was, frankly, not in a very charitable mood that day(Sorry for that). Today, I feel much differently. Today, I have been a blogger for officially…. 3 weeks. This sounds like a tiny, insignificant, amount of time, and really, sometimes, I think I have not even been doing it long enough to call myself anything close to an internet personality. But I can tell you that 3 weeks has substantially changed my outlook on the internet as a whole (Backstory: I began a blog in 2009, and it was a raging failure, so I deleted it, and have been emotionally scarred ever since). This time around, I am slightly older, a lot wiser, and I have quite poured my entire being into this little wordpress foodblog. This time, I have a few followers. Not many, yet, but, as I said, I am just getting started. This time, I am happier with the quality of work I am doing, and it has improved, even in the short time I have been doing it, and I hope to continue with this trend. Sorry, I ramble. What I am trying to say is that you matter. There are people all over the world who enjoy your content, and while, I am sure that there are a few jackasses who will up and unsubscribe at the first sign of what they deem to be lesser quality, there are thousands out there who understand that you are human, and the being an internet personality comes with its own set of really unique challenges, and that ALL of us have bad days. All of us have what we think are bad posts/videos/content. If I empathized with this before, I feel like I could have starred in your “I’m Scared” video, at some point in the past couple of weeks, give or take a trivial sentence or two. I am glad to see that the people who follow you have given you the confidence boost you needed, and that your Saturn video was just as charming as ever. Thank you for not giving up, and for continuing to strive to be the best you can be for a bunch of strangers in far-off places.

    I am going to go finish a post about alcoholic cupcakes, now.

  • Charlieisdefinetlysocoollike

    YOU ARE COOL CHARLIE you dont need to be scared. saying this you made a whole video about how scared you are. all of these people think you are amazing . You need to be youself your honesty impacts people more than your sillyness you are great charlie . You made other people admit that they are scared too you should be proud of what you have done.

  • Becky

    Honestly, i know exactly how you feel. I went through what you’re going through over the past two years with school, friends, and family and all that. Just tell yourself, if you have something special, something that’s worth getting you to where you are now, then people will naturally expect things from you – you don’t have to be scared, because – like you said, what they think of you doesn’t matter. As you’re doing what it is you do, its not ‘what should i do to make them proud/happy/in awe’, but ‘how can i use this opportunity (in your case, a blank document), and make it something completely worth my time and effort?’. Be the best version of yourself, everyday. It’ll be hard, of course, but remember all those people currently in your life, that won’t turn away no matter how shitty you think you are, and i hope you’ll find that it’s not worth worrying about the shifts around you. I hope this genuine piece of word vomit helped you in some way :)

  • Anonymous

    Charlie, you are doing just fine. Keep up the good work. Create videos that please YOU and your subscribers will watch. Try not to be preoccupied with what the public is thinking about you. That’s truly not important. I look forward to seeing your next YouTube Video.

  • Whitney

    Well I’m late but it isnt something you can completeley control wiht out help. I might be reported but I have and opinion and here it is. Well, now I’m scared…Read the Bible, it can help. I’ll keep it that simple. Trusting a certain guy in the sky is how I escaped from the dark pit of doubt about a year ago. And for added support I love ya too!

  • Holly

    I think that you’re a great role model. And I respect you even more now after watching that video. I am so glad that you uploaded it, because you and all of the responses to the video have made me realise that I am not alone, there are so many more people out there that feel similar and we can overcome it. You’ve helped so many people.

    I’ve been watching your videos right from the start, and I think that you’re such a genuine and lovely person, and so do your millions of viewers. And that opinion won’t change. All of your videos are great because in them you’re you, you’re genuinely yourself and you’re wonderful. We will always watch your videos no matter what. I used to think things wouldn’t get better, but I’ve finally been inspired to get up and do something about the way I feel, and I’ve realised that I shouldn’t feel at all silly for feeling this way. You’ve been given so much great advice and support, and so many others can use that advice too, so make sure you use it because you can do it, and good luck :) I really really hope that you can be happy again soon!

  • Anne

    I think you should bring back Challenge Charlie to get you back into making videos and make you re-realise you can do it and how good you are. Let others decide what you should do, that way you can enjoy the process of making videos without the pressure of coming up with ideas. SO I challenge you to make a challenge charlie video every day for 5 days…. GO :D

  • Guest

    “Creative Cul de sac” is possibly the most incredibly brilliant way of describing the place that you’re currently in Charlie. Genius man-that-said-that! (Though i vaguely wish I’d thought of it)

    You, Charlie, I think are suffering from Writers block….that’s then caused this massive internal “what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life” “Am-I-even-any-good-at-life” panic. – I get it. I used to write and then I started worrying about what the people that read it would think. I don’t write anymore; every time I go to do so, I begin panicking that no one’s going to like it and that people won’t understand it and that I’ll just FAIL. – In reality it doesn’t really matter; I started writing because I loved it….I never started writing to get people to read it or enjoy it. And I’m pretty sure that’s the same reason that you started making these videos; because it was something you enjoyed.

    At the end of the day, we could all sit here and tell you that we love you, we think you’re great and that you’re not alone in how you feel (which i think is fairly obvious from the MASSIVE response you’ve received – because you’ve now essentially just been the only one brave enough out of all of us to stand up and admit that actually “YES, I do care what people think and I do define my life with decisions based solely on whether or not people will like me for what I do.” ) ….but at the end of the day, only you can decide that we love you and only you can believe in yourself again.

    I don’t know how you start to do that (if you find out, mind letting us all know?), but maybe start by surrounding yourself with people who make you the best version of you. Do little things in your general life that make YOU feel like YOU. – For me, that involves reverting to my teenage years and whacking a little Avril Lavigne on(almost embarrassing to admit these days) and singing along until my throat gets hoarse. Just do stuff that makes you, feel like you and eventually maybe something will catch your attention and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find that same drive that made you make videos in the first place and made you want to write a short film.

    And if that doesn’t happen,,,,Close down that blank word document and just take a break; find a hobby or draw a picture or go on a holiday or somehting. You’ll find that inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of sources.

    I mean, I’m not overly sure what kind of Short film you’re going for….but I’m pretty damn sure you could find a story somewhere within this self-doubt and the response you’ve had from it!

    Either way, have a Good Christmas Charlie….Remember it’s a New Year soon….supposedly that’s meant to mean that we all get a second chance. . .(Something like that anyway! :) )

  • Kate

    You made me a Nerdfighter, and for that I’m grateful.

  • timetravelingowl

    I wish I could tell you everything I’m thinking right now, Charlie. You have inspired me in more ways that anyone could possibly understand. You’ve given me the courage to share my work with the whole world–previously my stories, and now my videos. And you know what? I LOVE making videos. I didn’t think I would, but I do. It’s a passion I never would have found if not for you, Charlie. So I owe you a whole lot.

    Charlie, we all love you so much. I know you’ve heard this a billion times since you made that video, but I feel obligated to repeat it: we don’t care if you mess up or make a “boring” video…we just care that we get a chance to see you, and catch up with you, and see what’s going on in your life. It’s like when you just sit in silence with a friend, and it doesn’t matter that you aren’t doing anything, because what matters is that you’re together. I can’t speak for everyone here, but I know that’s how I feel.

    Thank you, Charlie.

  • caitlin

    I love you charlie!<3

  • Evoric

    Finally – This is the Charlie I know. The wonderful insightful, sensitive individual who I started watching, many years ago. I enjoy it so much when you share yourself with such truthfulness and strength. I remember the time in one of your videos you shot at your father’s house and you tried to explain to us why you were so overwhelmed by the number of subscribers you had… it was “real”. Thank you for sharing and don’t be gone so long…

  • http://www.facebook.com/julianakemi Juliana Akemi

    Well, I don’t love you.
    Still, I watch your videos.

    And I don’t like Dr Who, but before knowing you, I thought no one actually liked it. :P

  • Brooke

    I know i’m a bit late here, but it’s perfectly ok to feel scared. Every time someone even looks at me, I go into a complete panic attack that they are staring not at me, but at my flaws. I feel like my flaws are all people see. I don’t want to feel that fear, but it’s what i feel everytime ANYONE looks at me. Even my best friend. So i know exactly how you feel. I know exactly how scary it is. but i have faith you will get through this, and get passed this. the whole world is rooting for you, Charlie. I am too.

  • Harryissoboredlike

    charlie you are my hero thanks to you i have finally decided to try and give it ago because i want to be like you you are so awesome and so cool in so many ways that its impossable to list and due to you i have finally built up the courage to upload my first video

  • Thorn

    Charlie McDonnel you listen to me, you are so amazing. i have just realized that you had been changing my life in an extraordinary way. Now as i don’t get to see videos as often or just see you being happy it makes me feel sad too. i am on that decline of self-confidence as well. I hope you understand that you are my rock through it all. Most people tell me i am compassionate and i love seeing other people happy. It breaks my heart to see you being sad. So many people love you and care for you. They want the best for you! I know this is probably late and i feel absolutely horrible because i didnt send my letter (trying to pass school). WE LOVE YOU CHARLIE. DON’T YOU EVER FORGET!! <333333

  • mariettathearchitect

    I am not sure how this works and if you get some kind of notifications when you get a comment, but I don;t think posting a video like this is a smart idea. Instead of moaning things don’t work out, you should be trying to make it work rather than posting videos liek this and making some people pity you. After all your knowledge is VERY limited and you have made a great progress with video making, but like every young person, you need some proper guidance in your proffession. You can;t just sit and make a movie.. you should proeprly go to uni, college or whatever teaches moviemaking, learnt he mind tricks or consideration points for movie making and stuff. There is tonnes of things you dont know and you dont even know exist, because nobody told you about them yet. But those thigns can really help. And instead of posting moany videos, post soemthing more interesting please, I do like your videos, but the invention is what I like about them. Dont try to make this your life diary.

  • June R.

    Charlie I want to let you know that me and my brother have been watching and enjoying all of your videos since the winegum one,we have always genuinly enjoyed your videos and really look forward to everyone you come up with,they have all been amazing and funny and sweet and sometimes really educational,my scienceteacher in 8th grade showed us your fun science vidoes and you are kind of like an idol at my school,i cant go 10steps with out some one on youtube talking about how cute and funny you are… finding out that someone like you who is really cute and sweet feels that way about people really makes me feel closer to you because i too have those same exact thought daily, you have inspired me and my brother to do some really silly things and i thank you for the laughs we had. i hope you can over come this. just know that you are well known and well loved and i have never met a person who knew your name and didnt adore you.

  • Nadine

    I agree with Michael completely. I’ve watched your videos for about 3 years, and I can tell you honestly that you’re the only YouTuber I have watched for so long. There’s just something about you that always keeps me coming back. You’re smart, quirky, witty, and you never fail to make me smile – and I promise you, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Just please don’t give up on what you’re doing. We’ll wait as long as it takes for new videos, Charlie. We understand.

    I guess what I’m trying to say, is that… your videos make me happy. I couldn’t imagine a YouTube that I like without charlieissocoollike in it.

    Thank you for being you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/genchi54 Lorraine Coburn Genchi

    I have been busy lately and haven’t been to your site, so in a moment of boredom I clicked on to see how you are doing…I watch “I’m Scared” and wanted to give you some encouragement. Just watching you or listening to you makes me feel better…I don’t know why. I am a 58 yr old grandmother and no one would believe that I “Charlieissocoollike” every once in a while. The twinkle in your eyes and your soothing voice is like a hug from my grandchildren. You keep doing what you do and be yourself…I’m looking forward to the day that I see you on a Television show…Here in the USA would be nice!

  • Madeline Bub

    Charlie the fact that you are brave enough to get out there and say to us that you are scared of us the internet is in and of itself a wonderful thing. that means that you have that courage somewhere inside of you and i respect that. Truely i do. And I’m sort of the same as you in that way. Ive always worried about what people think of me. It’s because ever since I was younger people have made fun of me because I was different then them or acted differently then them even my friends did. So I was terrified of people thought of me. But then I met the most amazing people in 7th grade who accepted me for me. and I still thought and sometimes think all those same judgey thing like what If they just pretend to like me and I’m just annoying them or they probably talk about me behind my back. sometimes i even think what you said there that do they even care enough to talk about me at all. do they like me? But then I realize I’m wrong and I shouldn’t be thinking those things. I’m just putting myself down. Never tell yourself your not gonna be liked or that people don’t like you Charlie it just tears your own confidence down. Your awsome Charlie never forget that. Never. But Charlie its also ok to be scared because in your life time there are going to be people who don’t like you. And that’s perfectly acceptable because life isn’t perfect. Not absolutely everyone’s gonna love you. But what is important is the people who do. That’s what you need to think about. You need to remember that everywhere all over the world there are people who love you. That includes myself. You have fans everywhere. Never forget that we all care. We all love you for you. Keep your head up Charlie.

  • Murofly

    I C A N T T H I N K O F A T I T L E

    You have had so much sorptive stuff from people, they have all said (not that you’ve read EVERY single one because there are SOOO many) everything that i would want to say. So i will just say this:

    Face your fear. We cant really stop you being scared. Its not possible. Nothing we say and no explanation of why you have no reason to be scared will stop your fear. Even if you agree that you shouldn’t be scared, you will still have fear. Like when you tell a child that the spider is harmless and more scared of us than we are of it. A child may agree with that, but they will still be scared of the spider. Nothing we say can stop that. What I would do if i were you to try get things back on track where u dont have to be scared is:

    1: This is the boring bit. Sit down with a nice cupper and biscuits and watch some of your old videos. Try find out which ones people like the most and why. Read some of the comments to see why that video was liked. This may help you get some ideas for your future videos, although it wont help the fear thing… we will get to that… anyway, wether its the charlie shake 2.0, or you parachuting out an airplane as a sequel to the bungie jump thing. Try do something that you know people liked the first time because this may make you more confidant because you will asume they will like it again if they already liked it (we will probz like anything you do, but if u know we liked it once, hopefully you will be more confident doing it a second time)

    2: Make the video………….speaks for itself…
    but dont worry about the content, be as creative as you want and let ur ideas flow, dont get scared over weather people will like it or not, it will make ur vid seem forced and will not be as good. Ur brilliant as you…..peeps have already told u tht

    3: Once you have edited it and put loads of effort into it, DONT DELETE IT EVER!!! Dont just look at the final result and think that what you have done is bad and asume people wont like it and all your effort went into it for nothing, thats not true!!! You dont know that and ur deciding for us and thats nt kl!!!

    4: once you have made the vid, this is the hard part, put it on the net. You just have to go for it. Close your eyes and press upload. Maybe do it while watching tv so your mind isnt focused on the video. If you find it to hard, get someone else to upload it, a friend or something. Just get it live in a way that you are comfortable…. and if u dont feel comfortable……like the air hostess says to me on the plane, deal with it:p just get it live

    5: Be happy because by this stage we will all be V E R Y happy as the video was amazing!!! Even if u dont think so, we all do! I know that for a fact, all of ur frequent viewers will love it!!!!!! every single one!!! and if they dont, i left my email (nt that u will read this lol) and if they dont like it, i will buy you some software or something for your videos….or what ever u want as long as its nt to expensive….. but i promise we will love the video. And if it isnt the best video in the world (which it will be!) than we wont care as we will see your making an effort.
    6: repeat steps 1-5 on a regular basis until you dont even need to think about it anymore

    P.S. im SOOOOOOOOOOO exited for the christmas special of doctor who!!! i dont know if u still like it but im FREAKING OUT!!!!! cant wait….literaly if i have to wait anymore i’l like break into bbc and steal the actors and make them act out the christmas special to me…….that was a rly strange thing to say/write. Anyway, i hope you read this, (u probs haven’t :( but maybe i dont know how much time you have to read these) but if u ever need someone to talk to who u dont want the name of and want it to all be anomalous, i gave u my email………i think………i dont know how this thing works…… and btw, i know this might be weird as you dont know me and i dont know you so i dont rly know what your going through and i dont know much about you as a person aside from what i have seen from your videos, I am just telling you what i would tell a friend in your situation…if its completely wrong for u soz. oh and my email is: murofly@gmail.com NO SPAM FROM ANYONE PLZ….it wasnt smart to put that on a public site was it? anyways, plz just go for it, dont think about if people will like it, just do what you can! let your ideas flow and if u do that we will like it, i promise!

  • Janine

    I’m scared of you as well, so that’s okay, I guess. I’d never expect you to read what I write and probably deleted hundreds of comments and messages before ever sending them. Just letting you know you’re not alone, even though I’m afraid you’ll never read this. Fighting the urge to delete this again.
    I really enjoy your videos and I bet you’re an awsome person, so just keep that up and maybe you’ll get more comfortable again after a while.

  • Mariah

    “If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends) [or people on youtube, who are your friends], ‘Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?’ Chances are you are. The counterfeit artist is wildly self. confident. The real one is scared to death” — Steven Pressfield, “The War of Art”

    Charlie, I think the fact that you are scared shows us that you care, that you are true, and that you are worth watching.

    Thank you! c:

  • Isoloveyoulike

    Heyy! Charlie you have no need to be scared! We totally loveyou & your videos! And you dont need to care about what people think care about what you do! And if you do care remeber that we LOVEEEEEEEEE you! Trust me if we dint then you wouldnt be famous and i wouldnt be sitting here soending time watching your videos when i should be studying & working hard to get good grades for my admissions in college! Dont worry! Youre absolutely adorable & we love you! Dont stop now or ever or else i will have no reason to procrastinate :p
    Always ( i think youre a potterhead) love!

  • Isoloveyoulike

    Heyyy Charlie!
    Yeah sorry about the previous comment idk how to really put a proper name but ive finally come up with it! Btw avoid the typos im a lil new with my ipad
    Always love
    Aishwarya( yeah there goes my name)

  • Helena Moses

    Charlie, everyone has fear of not being liked, or cared about in life. Remember, your 1,000,000 subscribers subscribed because they like you. All the comments and video responses you’re getting proves it. You’ve helped hundreds, thousands of people that you’ve never even met because you made your videos. Like Michael Aranda said, take some time to be scared, but, after that time’s over, forget about being scared. You’re an inspiration to me, and to your subscribers and viewers.

  • Lizza

    The best thing I’ve ever read was in where rainbows end and she talks about how she thinks she has it sussed when she reaches the next step in life, each time she tinks it’ll happen but it never does. Everyone feels like a child, you have to play along in a character with the rest of the people. Noone has the slightest clue whats going on, they all feel scared they just pretend they do. my friend said tom e not knowing where you’re going is actually exciting cause I was having a massive freak out cause I ‘lost’ myself again :3 you just have to pick yourself up and pretend and talk to people who can help. I think everyone gets scared. It’s how you deal with it that makes you different.

  • Jackie

    Maybe I should be telling you how awesome you are or how Ive never met (well not really met considering this is, well, the internet) anyone so quirkily smart and funny before, because I really do think those things. But the fact of the matter is that a million comments of the same praise wouldn’t make you feel completely sure of yourself, albeit how true it is. The fact of the matter is that there are 7 billion (and counting) people in this world.

    You should never be scared of anyone not liking you because there are at least 2 million people who cant get enough of you. I mean really. Maybe Im a hypocrite for saying that,maybe everyone who is giving you advise is too, but that should also comfort you in some weird way. It should comfort you becuase despite how horrible you feel, you should know that there are people who feel the same way and are alway willing to talk to you about it. Its pretty cool to think about, actually. Maybe thats what we should be talking about, commenting about, responding with or whatever. Maybe you just need to know that you dont get a million views a video because some dictator has bound us to a desk chair with our face duct taped to our monitor forcing us to watch your videos, we watch them because you’re one of those people who can make a person feel less alone, even if all hes doing is dying himself purple and talking about saturn. You need to know that making people feel that way is doing alot more than just entertaining us and making viewers like you, you’re connecting with us in some weird unexplainable way. Half the people I know personally couldnt make me feel better in 3 minutes and 38 seconds, it takes a special kind of english boy with an impeccable view on life to do that. No matter what you ever did or didnt do, you will always be that kind of person. Thats not something you could ever loose.
    The fact of the matter is this, Charlie, no matter how often you post videos or what theyre about, you have at some point been the reason for millions of smiles.
    Thats not something we could all do. Dont let anything ever let you feel otherwise.

  • http://twitter.com/rjpaschall Rich Paschall

    Wow, the comments had me entranced for a moment. I could never read them all. They speak to your popularity and charm, so do not forget it. Because you have have evoked such sweet emotion, I am giving your blog a Super Sweet Blogging award over on my blog on Sunday. Keep posting videos and blogs, we are all still watching and reading.

  • Kaja

    If this helps; i sat an entire afternoon and night laughing at your videos. You definitely made me happy:D

  • Libby

    just one thing charlie, i love you <3

  • Rebecca Walton


    I have agoraphobia and am currently writing a mental health book about those that triumph over adversity. I wondered whether you wanted to be a part of the book with your story of being ‘scared and shy’ to becoming a YouTube sensation. All of the proceeds are going to mental health charities.



  • Jerry

    gree Michael Aranda you and Charlie McDonnell are my inspiration to me don’t don’t be a scared please remember Charlie McCainDonnell you are a good person I think you might just Have what they call writers block or stage fright you’ll be okay Charlie he was the first YouTube I song when I started watching YouTube to me you are a great YouTube and so is Michael Aranda which he doesn’t answer my facebook to be my facebook friend and in Charlie McDonnell I see you try all you’ve done I will show you videos Hunger to times I just month become and you tuber myself you inspiring to come out of settings of my life they have the same thing you have so please to a video about me help me to be become Hey You Tube just like you and Michael Aranda please I see you Charlie McDonnell 1 inspiration so becomes my farcebook friend because it would be an honor to be to be your friend Charlie McDonnell so please be my facebook and teaching how to become a YouTube and to be lick you Charlie McDonald’s you are cool you will be home if you scared do the opposite be happy it works for me I’m scared me know so please help me in return I will help you thank you Charlie McDonnell please text me back and let me know thank you so much God bless

  • Jeremy The Whovian

    Dude! If you’re reading this, i wanna let you know that the stuff that you make, is awesome! and Even if YOU think its not that good, refer back to your vid about Why you like Doctor Who! Even if its “not good” (a physical Impossibility) Its still loved!
    Also, I was talking to this girl and im playing Chameleon Circuit which i legally obtained =D (vid reference) She saw Chameleon Circuit and was like “Oh oh oh oh!!!! Uuhhhhh! Charlie!” So dude. You’re doin great, and youre everywhere. Btw from California in the US, hence the “dude”s

  • Tonka

    Charlie, please take a moment and read this:

    you are an inspiration to a lot of people. You make me smile every single time I watch your videos and you make me feel stronger. I know, that this might sound a little bit weird and all but that’s the magic of weirdness, hehe.

    I found out about you last summer (yeah, I wasn’t there from the beginning) and I really started to like you! You were a lot like me.. I found out that we like the same music, same TV shows (Doctor Who♥) and much more! I fell in love with your videos and I was very proud of you and of everything you have done.

    ”Its okay not to be okay.Sometimes its hard to follow your heart, but tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody is bruising, just be true to who you are”. That is a song that kept me on my feet when I was insecure. But it wasn’t only that song, it was YOU who kept me strong! You were here when nobody else was and I am VERY thankful to you..

    Everybody is insecure sometimes.. And its perfectly normal to feel that way! That’s why I am writing this to you! To show I care about you and that I support you no matter what you do! And I want you to feel a little bit better. At least, I’m trying.. That video of yours made me realise how much you actually mean to me. It made me realise how much I care!

    I hate to see you sad. It breaks my heart. And that’s why I want you to know that I am here for you. We all are! And we love you, Charlie McDonnell, with all our hearts.

    Please smile! Always smile.. We love your smile.. ♥

  • http://twitter.com/laviesanslair aint no wifey ♔

    Well, i think you have spent so much time making other people happy that you havent had enough time to make YOURSELF happy. I mean, you feel good doing videos but you havent had time to find what really really completes you or something :B And well, i think we all care about what other people think about us, and i just ignore them. Maybe it is harder for you but… you will find something else to think about and stuff :B

  • Name


  • abena

    The dude in the first response somehow seemed like he wanted to laugh or wasn’t 100% genuine but he is likeable and speaks a lot of sense…everyone is afraid. Charlie I think is absolutely great! Looks like a really fun person and like he doesn’t really care about what others think. Definitely great I think :))

  • http://www.facebook.com/kate.martin.9883739 Kate Martin


  • Jane

    I think you are really, truly fascinating and what makes peopel follow you is you. Just being there being yourself. See you make people love you and connect to your subscribers and it’s really amazing. It was hard to believe while I was watching this video that you have the same struggles as just about everybody (at some point). I do hope you keep making us smile and even laugh outloud with your wonderfulness and creativity and everything. Love from Bulgaria! :)

  • Danielle

    I had noticed that some of your videos did feel a bit scripted….. compared to the Fun Science, Challenge Charlie days and the simple topical videos that give us a chance to just listen to you Charlie, being the lovely Charlie, talking about nothing in particular that make us feel as though we know you.
    Just turn on that camera, give us a grin and talk to us. About anything. Everything. Tell us a joke, tell us about your friends, whatever; you know it’ll have 2 million views within 48 hours of being posted!! just go for it; we’ll still always love you, no matter what!!

  • Paul

    Hi Charlie and others,

    From one who has been through many times like this, I can quite understand how you feel. Unfortunately, success brings with it a big burden: to keep your followers happy and satisfied. And that’s a big ask and it can become overwhelming at times. And equally unfortunately, having so many people saying they love you doesn’t always help – you keep feeling guilty for not living up to their expectations, even if they say that they don’t expect them…if you know what I mean. I have a few suggestions on how to deal with the whole thing:

    1. Take a break from this stuff and do something completely different. Take the pressure off yourself by doing something purely for yourself. This might be studying something you have always wanted to study, a holiday or something that rests your brain and has few expectations of achievement beyond the very simple (I used to fantasize about being a lighthouse keeper!). This is something we all have to do at times. Read Richard Feynman’s autobiographical work to see how he had similar issues at times and what he did about it.

    2. When you are ready – and this will come naturally and not have to be forced – you will be refreshed and then you can think about if you want to do this sort of thing anymore. If not, then that’s OK. Do something different. Reinvent yourself. Creative people do this all the time and it is what keeps them fresh. Your legacy will always be there, so don’t worry about that.

    3. Seek professional help. Few people can handle this on their own. In your video you say that you don’t know what to do about it. Others do know – and there are very good people out there who can help.

    4. Read ‘Beyond Fear’ by Dorothy Rowe. This is not a self-help book. It is from a renowned psychologist who has written widely about these sorts of things. I’ve just read it and found it insightful – and it does explain why you are feeling like you are and what to do about it. But because it is not a self-help book, it does not have recipes.

    Good luck with it all, Charlie. All the best

  • Lalala

    Hey, I like your honesty. I’m a writer, and when I am creating new things, I have some reasons to do so. Wanting people to like me is one of them. But, in particular, I have this other thought: The things I create wouldn’t exist in the universe if I didn’t have done so. All people that exist today never existed before, and will never exist again. Their experience and biology are unique. The sequence of words that I choose, the story, the thoughts, have only one chance to exist, and it’s trough me. I am changing the universe, creating things that I want to exist out there. I hope you read it… I hope you can think about it too, as I thought about your words. I like you, you like doctor who, you’re cool :)

  • Yup

    Come on, Charlie. If you’d take a few moments to actually read every comment in each video you made, you’d quickly discover that you are in fact – well liked. You’ve been in this business for years now, people on Youtube aren’t subtle to tell you if you suck. Enough with this bullshit and snap out of it. I thought you were smarter than this.

  • Holly

    Don’t be scared Charlie, if anything I’m scared that you’ll stop vlogging, you have no idea how much you inspire me, I’ve loved you and your videos since I started watching in 2011, please don’t be scared, remember it’s just one on one not one on a million!

  • Maia

    Ok, so I know you posted the video “I’m scared” a while back, and I’m sure that probably hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS of people have already told you this, and I’m definitely not your most active fan, but I think its worth saying this anyway; just thinking of the possibility of you ever reading this makes me feel awesome! :)

    (English is not my first language so bear with me through any mistakes!)

    I don’t really go on youtube that much, I don’t follow any youtube celebrities at all, but I do remember many many years ago (…maybe 4 or 5?) I found you on youtube, and I had such a massive crush on you instantly, haha, and I started watching aaaall of your videos back then, non-stop (I have a truly awful memory so the fact that I even remember any of that is remarkable in itself), and I absolutely loved them! (I actually was bullied at school back then, I would go back home crying every day… but your videos would genuinely put a smile on my face, and that means a hell of a lot).

    But then I just… eventually stopped watching them. That is because that’s just what I always do, I get very infatuated with a certain “celebrity”, I focus on their stuff a lot for a day, maybe a couple, maybe even a week! …and then I just… forget about it.

    And that’s what I did with you too…

    BUT, just today, I was watching some videos and… YOU happened to appear in one of them! And you don’t realise how excited I got, even after all these years, to see your face again! haha. As soon as I saw the little… umm… “thumbnail”? of the video, I though, “is that… could it really be him?” and as soon as I started watching, when you popped up I thought “Oh my god, charlieissocoollike! Where have you been all this time?!” haha

    Trust me, I don’t think I would do that, at least not feel that, even half as much, with anyone else on the internet…(or even with many people “in real life”, you know! Haha) And I remembered you because you truly are special! You stand out! (And I definitely wouldn’t care enough to actually write a message like this, to anyone else… I really do care).

    So I found your “proper” website, and stumbled upon your “I’m scared” video, and it genuinely made me upset… To see you like that, I really didn’t like it. And the fact that I would develop an emotional connection with someone from “just a youtube channel”… in my world, that’s crazy! But it only happens because its YOU.

    And when I watched the video, I thought, yes, I genuinely feel anxious about what people think about me, all the time, whether they like me or not… its one of my biggest fears actually! We all crave love, acceptance…

    But I also thought… no, I wouldn’t care if your videos were a bit worse or better… what I would care the most about, wouldn’t be the concept of the video, the scenario or…anything along those lines… the thing I would care about the most in any of your videos would be simply… YOU!

    Because the people who actually watch your videos; we love YOU, so as long as you are YOU, we we’ll love anything you make!

    (I started watching your videos because you were really funny, but I only kept watching your videos because of you, because of your personality, because you’re actually a lovely person… There are quite a few other “youtube celebrities” whose videos I started watching because they were funny, but I didn’t carry on because maybe they seemed like they were too full of themselves/ “bigheaded” due to the fame; arrogant, or maybe they were mean to other people, etc… But you’re not any of those things, you’re awesome! Haha)

    You are amazing, really.

    So, ending this ridiculously long message now (woops.), I have subscribed to your Youtube channel now, because I really wanna make sure I don’t miss out on anything this time round! Haha

    And, if you ever decide to stop making videos (because eventually, unfortunately, it will happen) I just hope its for the right reasons. Just do whatever makes you happy at all times charlie, because personally I care more about you being happy than me being able to… keep track of your videos, although, I do REALLY love your videos too, haha.

    Best of luck with your future, and honestly, thank you for being you.

  • Maia

    I think I forgot to mention you are incredibly attractive.

  • Maia

    Ok, so I know you posted the video “I’m scared” a while back, and I’m sure that probably hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS of people have already told you this, and I’m definitely not your most active fan, but I think its worth saying this anyway; just thinking of the possibility of you ever reading this makes me feel awesome! :)

    (English is not my first language so bear with me through any mistakes!)

    I don’t really go on youtube that much, I don’t follow any youtube celebrities at all, but I do remember many many years ago (…maybe 4 or 5?) I found you on youtube, and I had such a massive crush on you instantly, haha, and I started watching aaaall of your videos back then, non-stop (I have a truly awful memory so the fact that I even remember any of that is remarkable in itself), and I absolutely loved them! (I actually was bullied at school back then, I would go back home crying every day… but your videos would genuinely put a smile on my face, and that means a hell of a lot).

    But then I just… eventually stopped watching them. That is because that’s just what I always do, I get very infatuated with a certain “celebrity”, I focus on their stuff a lot for a day, maybe a couple, maybe even a week! …and then I just… forget about it.

    And that’s what I did with you too…

    BUT, just today, I was watching some videos and… YOU happened to appear in one of them! And you don’t realise how excited I got, even after all these years, to see your face again! haha. As soon as I saw the little… umm… “thumbnail”? of the video, I though, “is that… could it really be him?” and as soon as I started watching, when you popped up I thought “Oh my god, charlieissocoollike! Where have you been all this time?!” haha

    Trust me, I don’t think I would do that, at least not feel that, even half as much, with anyone else on the internet…(or even with many people “in real life”, you know! Haha) And I remembered you because you truly are special! You stand out! (And I definitely wouldn’t care enough to actually write a message like this, to anyone else… I really do care).

    So I found your “proper” website, and stumbled upon your “I’m scared” video, and it genuinely made me upset… To see you like that, I really didn’t like it. And the fact that I would develop an emotional connection with someone from “just a youtube channel”… in my world, that’s crazy! But it only happens because its YOU.

    And when I watched the video, I thought, yes, I genuinely feel anxious about what people think about me, all the time, whether they like me or not… its one of my biggest fears actually! We all crave love, acceptance…

    But I also thought… no, I wouldn’t care if your videos were a bit worse or better… what I would care the most about, wouldn’t be the concept of the video, the scenario or…anything along those lines… the thing I would care about the most in any of your videos would be simply… YOU!

    Because the people who actually watch your videos; we love YOU, so as long as you are YOU, we we’ll love anything you make!

    (I started watching your videos because you were really funny, but I only kept watching your videos because of you, because of your personality, because you’re actually a lovely person… There are quite a few other “youtube celebrities” whose videos I started watching because they were funny, but I didn’t carry on because maybe they seemed like they were too full of themselves/ “bigheaded” due to the fame; arrogant, or maybe they were mean to other people, etc… But you’re not any of those things, you’re awesome! Haha)

    You are amazing, really.

    So, ending this ridiculously long message now (woops.), I have subscribed to your Youtube channel now, because I really wanna make sure I don’t miss out on anything this time round! Haha

    And, if you ever decide to stop making videos (because eventually, unfortunately, it will happen) I just hope its for the right reasons. Just do whatever makes you happy at all times charlie, because personally I care more about you being happy than me being able to… keep track of your videos, although, I do REALLY love your videos too, haha.

    Best of luck with your future, and honestly, thank you for being you.

  • Maia

    Ok, so I know you posted the video “I’m scared” a while back, and I’m sure that probably hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS of people have already told you this, and I’m definitely not your most active fan, but I think its worth saying this anyway; just thinking of the possibility of you ever reading this makes me feel awesome! :)

    (English is not my first language so bear with me through any mistakes!)

    I don’t really go on youtube that much, I don’t follow any youtube celebrities at all, but I do remember many many years ago (…maybe 4 or 5?) I found you on youtube, and I had such a massive crush on you instantly, haha, and I started watching aaaall of your videos back then, non-stop (I have a truly awful memory so the fact that I even remember any of that is remarkable in itself), and I absolutely loved them! (I actually was bullied at school back then, I would go back home crying every day… but your videos would genuinely put a smile on my face, and that means a hell of a lot).

    But then I just… eventually stopped watching them. That is because that’s just what I always do, I get very infatuated with a certain “celebrity”, I focus on their stuff a lot for a day, maybe a couple, maybe even a week! …and then I just… forget about it.

    And that’s what I did with you too…

    BUT, just today, I was watching some videos and… YOU happened to appear in one of them! And you don’t realise how excited I got, even after all these years, to see your face again! haha. As soon as I saw the little… umm… “thumbnail”? of the video, I though, “is that… could it really be him?” and as soon as I started watching, when you popped up I thought “Oh my god, charlieissocoollike! Where have you been all this time?!” haha

    Trust me, I don’t think I would do that, at least not feel that, even half as much, with anyone else on the internet…(or even with many people “in real life”, you know! Haha) And I remembered you because you truly are special! You stand out! (And I definitely wouldn’t care enough to actually write a message like this, to anyone else… I really do care).

    So I found your “proper” website, and stumbled upon your “I’m scared” video, and it genuinely made me upset… To see you like that, I really didn’t like it. And the fact that I would develop an emotional connection with someone from “just a youtube channel”… in my world, that’s crazy! But it only happens because its YOU.

    And when I watched the video, I thought, yes, I genuinely feel anxious about what people think about me, all the time, whether they like me or not… its one of my biggest fears actually! We all crave love, acceptance…

    But I also thought… no, I wouldn’t care if your videos were a bit worse or better… what I would care the most about, wouldn’t be the concept of the video, the scenario or…anything along those lines… the thing I would care about the most in any of your videos would be simply… YOU!

    Because the people who actually watch your videos; we love YOU, so as long as you are YOU, we we’ll love anything you make!

    (I started watching your videos because you were really funny, but I only kept watching your videos because of you, because of your personality, because you’re actually a lovely person… There are quite a few other “youtube celebrities” whose videos I started watching because they were funny, but I didn’t carry on because maybe they seemed like they were too full of themselves/ “bigheaded” due to the fame; arrogant, or maybe they were mean to other people, etc… But you’re not any of those things, you’re awesome! Haha)

    You are amazing, really.

    So, ending this ridiculously long message now (woops.), I have subscribed to your Youtube channel now, because I really wanna make sure I don’t miss out on anything this time round! Haha

    And, if you ever decide to stop making videos (because eventually, unfortunately, it will happen) I just hope its for the right reasons. Just do whatever makes you happy at all times charlie, because personally I care more about you being happy than me being able to… keep track of your videos, although, I do REALLY love your videos too, haha.

    Best of luck with your future, and honestly, thank you for being you.

  • Ikana

    Hi Charlie,
    I’ve been watching a handful of your videos today, and I stumbled upon this one. I just wanted to share with you some ideas I’ve been working on for years, because I think they might be useful to you.
    First of all, it is true all of us do things to impress other people. Even when we think we do them because we like them, we like them because it impressed someone in our past we are fond of. This is an idea kind of hard to understand and admit, so most people negate such a possibility. But when you think about it and dig a little deeper about each person’s “heroes”, you can realize they are shaped by their vision what they would like. Sometimes, as in case of youtube viewers, is ease to make the connection. In case of doing stuff because because it is what your parents would have liked when you where a child, is too diffuse. But still, everything you do is motivated by somebody, despite you know the connexion or not. So, in the and, we are all afraid of not being liked, but not everyone is as brave as you are admitting it and facing the truth. Once you understand it is a thing everyone has to live with, it takes out a lot of weight from your shoulders.
    About the other thing you are afraid ‘not being as you were before’: I’ve been through that, and it is HARD. Fucking hard. You continue to grow up and the distance from the version of you that you liked is bigger every time. But don’t worry, there is hope. I’ve learned a lot through the years. And during my journey, I’ve been spiralling down for like 7 years before realizing what was wrong: I couldn’t let go the past.
    And yeah, past me was cool, but I was so obsessed trying to be that person again, I forgot about present me. And present me may not be cool in the ways past me was, but IT IS GOOD. It is weird to want so bad the good things in our past and how easy we forget about the shit we didn’t like back then. It’s like we want to have the good stuff from our past selves and the good stuff of our present selves and forget about all the bad stuff. And that is not realistic at all. You are someone who likes to analyse yourself, with most insight than almost anyone I can talk with in daily basis, so I am pretty sure you are a better person than you were before, than you have grown and learned in at least a 100 different aspects of yourself. So, mi advise is:
    STOP torturing yourself about things you liked about yourself. Past Charlie was cool, but Present Charlie is also cool, even if it is in a different way as doing more serious or different themed videos or projects. And there will be people who will hate the change, as they hate an steady TV show to end even if it wasn’t good any more, and there will be people who would like you as you are, and whatever you make of you. We are people and we evolve and grow and change, so it is absurd for you (or anybody) to think that the “normal” thing is to keep an steady life where nothing changes. Just keep past Charlie in the past, as the memory it is, and embrace what Present Charlie is capable of doing.
    Of course, as a vlogger, you’ll have to deal with thousands of people complaining about you changing, but don’t forget you are a person and for you to be healthy you have to be able of growing. You are not a page like facebook for people to complain about every change they make and how uncomfortable that makes them feel. So, take your time to prepare yourself mentally for all the complainers, and then do whatever Present Charlie really wants to, just looking at the future from the point you are standing right now and not from the point the 15 year old you would have wanted you to be.

    I think one of the most valuable learnings for any person is learn to adapt and embrace changes, because life changes and trying to hold onto a fixed version of reality it only brings pain and sadness. So, if people complain about you taking a direction they didn’t expect, be patient with them, as they have still not learned this lesson and they feel threatened by change. But don’t let that put a stop to who you are and who you can be.
    Remember, “chang” is good. :)

  • Ikana

    I’ve just seen immovableballad44 video response, so most of the stuff I wrote is the same… Sorry!
    (And sorry for the language mistakes like the “ease” that makes your eyes bleed… ). Thanks for your great videos!!

  • http://twitter.com/ZizZazZuz ZizZazZuz

    On one hand, you’re right. You don’t ‘need’ our approval for anything you do, and you shouldn’t let that rule your life. But on the other hand, you need that desire for approval there, because without it, then you won’t create good content. Personally, I’d advise a balance. But then, I’m not perfect. Try what works. :)

  • Taylor

    I’m really late in this BUT I think you’re amazing! My friend just showed me one of your videos and now I’m waiting for more because you’re extremely entertaining! Please, don’t stop doing what you love. You have those desires for a reason, and like others pointed out below-you wouldn’t have as many fans if you were not entertaining and good at what you are doing. I mean, I know British people are fans of you but here in America your accent (I know it’s not an accent to you but I’m American) makes you like 10x more pleasurable to watch!

  • she

    omg. you two just literally made me crying…. <3

  • Helen

    I’m just a fan ifrom China, and all I wanna to let you know is you are incredibly amazing.

  • ruth

    Charlie, I feel like I’m in the same boat as you and I don’t know how to get out. How do I make friends? How can I make people appreciate the real me? When will I feel comfortable in my own skin?

  • Şeyma Doğan

    I don’t think I can express my feelings accurately here but want to say at least thank you. For being this sincere. love you :) keep up the good work!

  • Jessica Fernandez

    After i saw this vidoe i was so inspired to talk to you, just person to person. The ironic thing, though, happens to be i couldnt find the right words to right down to you. So here i am 3 pages of written letters later and still i am at a lack of words. It happens to the best of us… even if you dont have all this perssure on you to appear to be someone you want others to like. Today i went on youtube i typed in the search box “British accents”. And when i did i watched this vidoe of a guy who at first i was only attracted and intreged by because he was good looking and british… its vain i know but its also human nature. But once i started watching all of your youtube vidoes i realized it was a guy who was… well everything. So many things can descibe you Charlie, its amazing. You make these vidoes with so many differant subjects that you share not only a peice of you life but a peice of everything for the world and make it entertaining and intersting. So few poeple can do and yet you have succesfull done so. So congadulations. I know that my voice can not touch as many poeples as yours can. In a way you give poeple the opportunity to have the mic for once. You are genuin, and acually care about your fans.

    I know you posted this vidoe months ago and my only regret is not discovering you sooner. But that should make you feel good for two reasons.
    1) You obtain new fans every single day… and you dont lose alot of your old ones either. That is proof, active proof that you are enjoyed for the recent vidoes and the old. They come together to make this Youtuber who people litterally cant stop watching.
    2) You inspire poeple… Even months after you post a video, poeple are still inspired by what you do and what you say. Its alot of pressure but its also a great honor. so enjoy it.

    You inspired me to do something i would never of though myslef confidant enough to: Put my words out there for poeple to read and listen to. They will aslo judge my comment. Thats ok too. It sucks but i cant stop it. You are the only Youtuber i have ever wrote to and the only one i plan to do so again. So thank you for sparking that in me.

    I wont be shocked or offened if you dont read this comment but i hope with my entire being you do. Because words are powerful even if they are the same ones you hear over and over again.

    ~Your never alone

  • Anonymous

    I feel like I have been watching you for my whole life, it is almost inconceivable to me that it has only been 2, maybe three years since I first watched you on YouTube. Its even more inconceivable, for me at least to think that you would be scared of us, your viewers, or that you would think that we would stop liking you.
    I created making videos on YouTube after watching you so the duet with myself video, now I can’t sing (at all) though I like to try from time to time, so making singing videos for me was out of the question! So I started making videos just about things that happen in my life. Not many people watch them but, they are fun to make and some people do watch them and follow my blog, twitter Facebook and what ever else I might have inadvertently become a member of.
    I suppose what I am trying to get at here is, even though we have never and in all probability will never meet, I see you as a friend, and as a friend, I feel like you need to be reminded that YouTube isn’t about every video you make being your best, its about a journey, you make ‘friends’ along the way and you learn things about yourself you never thought you would, thats how it works… You make AWESOME content, I have never seen a video I don’t like and common, having Stephen Fry do your outro, thats pretty sweet!
    Keep making awesomness Charlie and remember: You are alot more popular than you give yourself credit for and with good reason!
    Take Care Mate,
    LukeVlogs :D

  • Tilly

    (This might be late, but I still feel like it’s worth it to tell you) I always enjoy watching your videos because you are quirky and insightful and intelligent and I like the way you think. So take a deep breath, make a new video, and make it for YOU. that kind of genuine-ness is impossible not to like. chin up, because i think we’ve all been that shy kid doing magic tricks :)

  • An

    Imagine that you have already lost everything that you were afraid of losing. That’s what I do when I feel like that. Doing so reminds me that I can’t dictate people’s thoughts and actions. Even friends don’t belong to me, they belong to themselves. But isn’t it great then that they are here now? Isn’t great that your supported by your fans now by simply being you?

  • An

    Sorry about replying to my own comment. By “dictating people’s thoughts and actions,” I meant…being overly concerned about what people say about you, etc. Someone once told me that what people say about me is none of business. What people say about you really doesn’t concern you. They’re probably projecting…like I am now. Haha

  • Lau

    I Just saw the video and I just wanna say how important is to see you so real an true to who you are. There will always be hard times, but we are here with you and we respect you for giving us a part of yourself in each video. Thanks for that. You are such an awesome person! You just need to believe in yourself! And it seems that you feel better now, so off course that’s a prove of your strength!!

  • mumofteens

    Charlie, I have just seen this and I am so hoping that you feel better now. As a 40yr old mum of two teenagers, believe me, you have given me common ground with them. We have been watching you since 2009, and ‘Duet with Myself’ has been used by al of us to diffuse teen angst situations :-) – I have watched you grow as I have watched my own kids grow, and I hope that my own 16 yr old son turns out to be as thoughtful, genuine and honest as you clearly are. Being down happens, we all feel like this at some point in our lives , usually more than once, unfortunately, but I can tell you, it will get better and hopefully already has! I dont subscribe to YT channels, but I DO watch your videos on a fairly regular basis – my kids call it my charliefix as when i watch, i watch loads all at once! You are an inspiration to so many my dear – but the important thing is that you are comfortable with yourself, that you are happy. I hope you are now xx

  • Logan Apple

    I only recently found out who you are! In a day I probably watched 20 of your videos, just because you were funny and intellectual! You being you is great!

    I’m 13, I make video games at my computer, and every day I’m worried that someone won’t enjoy something I’ve made, or will make fun of me for being a geeky nerd! I sat in a week and watched 7 seasons of Doctor Who, and I am proud of that!

    You are a brilliantly talented person! I love your videos, and I hope that you continue to make amazing things! You have inspired me to continue something I considered a lost cause, and now I realize that it’s not!

    You’re fantastic, just as you are! Don’t ever forget that!

  • MLI

    It was really nice of everyone who made Video-Responses to Charlie, I’d bet he got real happy! It’s nice that he trusted his fans to not be mean about him being afraid, and see? He got help! :-) Can’t wait for the newest video, have fun recording it, Charlie!

  • sophie

    hey there,

    my brain knows, that concerns like “do they like me?”, “i’m not … enough” and “they probably don’t care” seem to be self-fulfilling, if i choose to run from them. but as you said, it’s not easy to switch off the irrational part of it.
    still: even if it’s frightening to face your fears, i think it’s worth it.

    and i’m happy that there are people like you who are brave enough to actually say out loud what they’re afraid of, twice: the first time alone in a room, facing a camera that won’t tell you if you’re being totally ridiculous; and the second time, when you upload it on youtube and the whole world can know about it! it seems so “emotionally baring” and risky to be honest about oneself at all (let alone on the internet), but it’s important that some people do talk about it, because it reaches other concerned people who might never have the same courage.
    i guess that’s my way of saying thank you :) i’ve been watching your videos, and they were very entertaining, but this one stands out because of its honesty.

    i know this blog post is from last year, but i felt i had to throw in my two cents, anyway :)

  • abby

    Charlie I am a young person and I subscribed a week a go and you make a lot of people happy you do great things for the world and you really need to know this . So love your self you are just that , you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hhakers Екатерина Александровна

    I’m not from English speaking country and i don’t understend much of your words. But you are so pretty and funny! Why r u, guys from other countries, so amaizing?))))))))))

  • Nicoline

    Dear Charlie

    I know that it’s awhile ago since you made the video ‘I’m scared’. I just watched it and I litteretly started to cry. I KNOW you’re not alone and I hope you see this at some point.

    At the time I’m dealing with a lot. Things like depression, cutting, eating disorder and loneliness have started to trouble me. You are one of the few people who can make me happy when I’m feeling down. I thought it was time to return that favour. I hope that this helps you in some way.

    The 15 years that I’ve been living so far have been good and I’ve stayed strong. Now I’m starting to break down. The few things that keep me up are people who inspire me. YOU INSPIRE ME! Trust me when I say that you’re not the only one who is scared. Everybody are scared. Maybe that’s even why people are ‘hating’. They might be jealous and jealousy makes you mad and when you’re angry you do stupid things. I went through a phase were I had no opinion myself so I took others opinions. Usually it would be from someone I admired (such as you). I’ve started to have my own opinions now but I don’t admire you less. The fact that you have the courage to put videos on the Internet where you are so open and honest about yourself makes me admire you and gives me inspiration. I don’t even have the courage to post the videos that I make. Which is also a reason why I didn’t make a video response. I’m too scared to show myself to others.

    I hope that this helped you in some way and even though you made the video a bit ago this could still be a probleme to you. I know it is for me but I also know that I will get through this and so will you if you haven’t already.

    Best wishes for the future and thanks for everything you’ve ever done for me.
    - Nicoline

  • Olivia

    Dear Charlie

    It’s been quite a while since you posted the ‘I’m Scared’ video, so HOPEFULLY you’re feeling better. But here goes:

    Dawn will come. I promise it will get better. It really will, trust me. No matter how alone and lost you feel, know for sure that we are all here beside you. (Well, not literally, that would be a bit crowded. But you know what I mean.) We all believe in you Charlie. You are an inspiration to so many, including me and all my friends, and please know that the bad times are not going to last forever. It sounds dumb to say it like this, but like many expressions that become clichés, there’s so much truth to it that people repeat it for its wisdom. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and yes, there really is an end to the worst times, no matter how endless they feel.

    Remember that it’s perfectly natural to be fearful of people’s judgements, we all feel that way sometimes. I do all the time. The reason a girl checks her hair in the mirror, the reason why a boy has trouble with maths but is scared to ask someone for help. It’s all because humanity is scared to get a bad reaction. But Charlie, you should be the one comforting us. Not the other way around. You’re funny, clever, kind, charming and witty, and let’s face it, the girls find you HOT! Lol.

    For 5 and a 1/2 years I’ve watched you and your brilliance with excitement and pure pleasure. I’d have a day off from school, or the weekend would start, and my mum would call to me “What do you want to do today?” and I’d reply “Watch more Charlie.” I’m sure most would feel the same if you asked them.

    Charlie you’re great,
    You’re funny and kind,
    You could go far,
    with your fabulous mind,
    We all think you’re witty,
    as cute as a kitty,
    So never forget,
    for even an hour,
    if our love was wet water
    we could give you a shower!

    That came off the top of my head, and it’s all true :)
    Lots and lots and LOTS of love,

    Olivia Brown (aged 12)

  • Olivia- again

    Another thing. I just had to add this. I adore Doctor Who, just like you. And whenever anyone asks who my fav bands are, I always answer “Chameleon Circuit!” :)

  • a different Olivia

    Charlie I just want to tell you that even though a little over two years ago I kind of quit the whole nerdfighter/youtube community, you were the first (and probably only) person I came back to see what’s been up with them. You won me over as a person, not just an entertainer. Sending you a non-overly-personal-weird-space-invading-internet-hug-type-thing. :)

  • Text Wall Queen

    You’ve already got a bajillion comments in here, but I figured one more couldn’t hurt if you were having an especially awful day at some point and decided to come back to these:

    These emotions are very human, Charlie. I’ve been watching your Youtube channel since my roommate and I stumbled across it in college, and (though I know this probably won’t cure you of these ails just to say this myself) if life ever gets to be too much, if you can’t become a constant video-producing machine (which we don’t expect you to be, friend), then we will understand. Not everyone will like you, people will say things, but that’s part of being in the public eye. It’s scary, it’s frustrating, it’s very thought-consuming, but the flip side of that is also that there will be an even greater number of people that will like you, will say nice and wonderful things, and will watch and adore you even if you made a video just describing a lump of stale bread. Knowing you, it will be a fantastic video and we will all learn something about stale bread from your video.

    I mean, there are blogs and things dedicated to you, so people obviously like you. (If you can look past the somewhat weirdness of it and see that as a good thing, then by all means!)

    In the end, no matter what we all say to console you there will still be that fear, and I am sorry for that, friend. That is the same fear we feel in all of us whenever we post something personal, or see coworkers gossiping at the watering hole or what have you. But as you can see from these comments, along with that fear is also (I hope) a feeling of happiness and accomplishment, because what you do is amazing.

    Keep it cool, friend.

  • Claudia Olin

    they’re all right…

  • pink foxes

    oh wow :( that’s really deep. i’m feeling especially bad, because i was admittedly one of those people who was starting to make assumptions about what type of person you are through these videos, and I see how ridiculous that is. Yeah, you get those Youtubers that kind of get carried away with what they’re doing and start to become this sort of personality, but i realize now that there can also a lot of pressure, especially as a funny youtuber, to keep up the entertainment value, and i hope you’re feeling a bit better lately, in spite of that. You forget sometimes that there are humans on the other end of the computer, talking to the camera, and sometimes they forget, too. But I think I can be a little more trusting with you. Ater all, I’ve been watching you like six years and you haven’t changed too much! lol. Except the bright red hair that’s been gone forever. I think I can be a bit more trusting, so don’t worry :) i have faith in your channel always being one of my favorites.

  • Misha

    I have a HUGE phobia of being recorded, hearing my voice on camera, having a voice recording, preforming in front of an audience, and any other variation of those things. I really wanted to record a video response to the video when you first posted it, and I very nearly did, but the fear took over and I didn’t, so instead I thought I’d write the basis of what I wanted to say here. Where you might see it, and i hope it give you inspiration if at any point you still need it.
    I have watched your videos since 2008/09 (not sure exactly) you were, like many other people, the fist you tuber I properly watched, as in subscribing, checking your channel everyday just in case, rewatchi old videos over and over again. I found you both intriguing and entertaining, also, 11/12 year old me had a small crush on you. This was before my phobias were a thing, so I could’ve made videos, but I s’pose being an 11 year old making videos was pretty daunting, so I didn’t. Then as time went on, I got really into watching videos, and YouTube was all I spent my time doing, I soon found Alex, John and Hank, Liam, and a whole host of other unrelated youtubers, that became like and Internet family to me as my problems began to arise.
    At the end of 2009 I was diagnose with a Chronic Illness, so I spent a lot of time indoors, because it was easier and having to communicate with people was both difficult and time consuming. So I watched YouTube all the time, but as sure as night follows day, cutting yourself off from friends and the outside world when ever you got the chance, my confidence dropped and that’s where my phobias started.
    Now as I watch your videos and other youthbers too, I find myself longing to be able to do the same, but I can’t. Every video you make I find something I could post an old-fashioned video response to, but I can’t. And it’s incredibly frustrating. (It’s become such a problem, that I failed an entire language GCSE course because a quarter of the coursework involved being recorded.)
    Watching the ‘I’m Scared’ video gave me e strongest urge to respond at I’ve had in a long time, and I debated just recording something outright and not bothering to edit it and facing the trauma of listening to myself on the playback. But then the thought of someone I know finding my channel and playing the video nd hearing my voice, made me attempt to erase the suggestion from my brain.
    So what I’m trying to sayin a very round about way is, you inspire me more than any other ‘content creator’, more than the Vlogbrothers who are perhaps the better worded, or nerimon who is perhaps a lot more down-to-earth and honest about his opinions. You inspire me because you are the nerdy kid that grew up to be in a Who band, and runs a YouTube channel from the office in his house that he brought with his best friend. You are real, and you are something that I could aspire to be like.
    I can only hope that in the few months since you posted the video, you have gained a little more confidence and your fear of us has lessened. Because your channel, (however infrequent the posts) is what makes YouTube for me. I wouldn’t have the small amount of confidence and the miniscule desire to create, had it not been for finding your channel and exploring the Internet.
    Sorry that that got a little bit deep :3 Thanls for reading if you do Charlie, (thanks for reading also, if you are not Charlie)
    Have a great day, DFTBA
    Misha :D x

  • Syrika

    Hi Charlie. I understand you’re feeling scared, but there is a way to stop feeling that and it’s through Jesus Christ. Just hear me out. You see when God created the world, he created us, humans, to have relationship with Him. He created us to want to be liked and loved by HIM. Here and now we don’t realize that when we want to be desired, ultimately the only thing that will fulfill us is to receive God’s love. That is why there is so much hurting in the world, because so many humans are looking for the answer to their problems in all the wrong places such as drugs, sex, porn, drinking, ect. I can say from experience when I gave in to God and asked him to take away my fears and take away my pain, he left me with a peace and understanding that all along I just wanted Him and He comforted me. And the only way to receive God was to receive His son, Jesus. In the Bible it tells us that because there was so much darkness in this world because of Satan and our choice to sin, God couldn’t have relationship with us meaning there was no hope for mankind. But because God desperately loves us more than we can fathom, He sent His son Jesus Christ to earth to live and grow as a human and perform no wrong and to be the ultimate sacrifice to have our relationship restored with God. So to have a relationship with God means you accept Jesus and His sacrifice and live to love God, receiving all His blessings along the way. If you don’t live for the praises of man, you will not die from their criticisms.
    I promise you nothing will ever fulfill you more than the love of the Father God. There’s nothing we can do to earn it. It was a free gift to us. The only way to receive it is to choose too. God doesn’t force His love down on people, He just hopes they will accept it. If you want to ask me any questions then you can direct message me on twitter/stellifysyrika
    I bless you and anyone else who reads this comment. I know what real love and acceptance feels like, and it wasn’t found in man.

  • smile

    Charlie am scared too that no one will like me that ill fail my GCSE’s + let my family + friends down , that ill never get to have a real childhood or family and that from 1 or 2 little joke’s it could destroy a lot of life’s and one of them is mine
    see this mate said she liked a teacher so we had a little laugh about it me n other mates about 4-5 months ago but now we have had a argument 6 weeks ago in skool that she has told on me n my mates it was only a joke n she knows that but she want pay back this could get the teacher fired and my mates n me expelled i dont know what to do and am scared

  • KittyKitty

    I think, to some degree, we all have those doubts and desires: to feel loved and wanted and popular, fame, whatever. And the fear of rejection that goes alongside those desires. I think anything I want to say here will only echo what everyone else has said before me “be encouraged/ I’m scared too, etc.” so I won’t go there. I even seen people – ok, one person, because I honestly didn’t read very many other comments- talk about God and getting to know Jesus. I, again, wholeheartedly agree with that and know that without that faith and relationship in my life, things would be very, very dark and bad for me. And if there were questions, I would be glad to help, but I’m sure there are many people that would say the same in your country, your city, so that’s not my angle either. I guess my point is to say thank you. Thank you for being so honest, for laying out there that you want to run from the very things you want because what if it doesn’t pan out? Or no one really cares? What if you can’t make a difference? Those are hard questions that everyone’s asks, but they only ask themselves. It’s admirable and refreshing to see someone so young willing to say that to the rest of the world, and not say it as an “I’m so brave, look at me” statement, but as a confession, with humility. Don’t be afraid. Be strong. Be courageous. Don’t defeat yourself with doubts and don’t be so scared of succeeding that you never start.

    ….also don’t be afraid to sound smart and mature. I’m 24 but reading this, I feel I sound almost 40, but that’s ok I think.

    God bless,

  • Maíra

    truth is so amazing!

  • Eliza

    Charlie: I think you are wonderful. But what I think of you doesn’t matter. Do not concern yourself with what others think of you, but concentrate more on how you feel about yourself. You are a human, you are alive and will continue to live and create and sometimes destroy, because that is what humans do. And as far as humans go, you’re doing a great job so far, so keep up the talent and good work. We believe in you, Charlie, but you need to believe in yourself.

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