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February 28, 2013

Well hello, curious person! I’m glad that you’re interested in hearing about all of the Lifescouts badges that I’ve collected so far. I’ve included a little story about how I earned each one, but be warned: some of them aren’t super interesting. I’ll be quite impressed if you make it through this whole thing…

Go Skydiving.

My most recent badge! I assume that if you’re reading this post then you’ve probably already seen my Skydiving video, but just in case you haven’t, I’ve popped it below. To sum up though: I jumped out of a plane and it was nice.

Visit the Empire State Building.

The first time that I ever went abroad without my family was on a trip to NYC back when I was 17. Although I wasn’t able to go up the Empire State Building at the time, I have still seen it in person! Spoiler alert: It’s quite tall.

Fly in a hot air balloon.

A friend of mine actually owns a hot air balloon, so I’ve been up in his lots of times! As a result I’ve also been part of his balloon’s crew, which is the team that set it up before it flies, follow it in the sky, and go to pick it up wherever it lands.

Learn to play the guitar.

The guitar that I use nowadays is actually the only one that I’ve ever owned – it was given me to my Dad years ago, and was his old one. This was also the first instrument that I learnt without taking lessons!

See the sunrise.

I’ve done this a bunch of times in my life just by virtue of having to be up really early in the past, although none of those occasions have have stories behind them that are really worth telling. The sun just came up and it was pretty.

See the Mona Lisa.

I saw it for the first time when I went to Paris back in 2011. I enjoyed the Louvre a lot, but the Mona Lisa was a bit hard to appreciate, given all the people surrounding it and the thick later of glass covering it…

Learn to skateboard.

Although I never learnt any tricks (not for lack of trying) I did skateboard a lot when I was younger, usually just to get from A to B. I never really skated at the skatepark either – I much preferred playing around on the board when nobody else was watching.

Bungee jump.

I did this back in October 2010 with Alex and made a video about it (which is below). I loved it to bits, the adrenalin rush was incredible, and the experience of doing it was definitely one of the main reasons that I wanted to try Skydiving.

Go on a picnic.

As with the sunrise badge, this is something that I’ve done many times in the past, but not something that I have any particularly interesting stories about. Mostly I’ve had picnics on the beach with my Dad, which probably means that I’ve eaten a large amount of sand in my lifetime…

Learn to swim.

I’ve no idea when I learnt to swim, but I’ve definitely done a LOT of swimming in my lifetime. I used to go every week back when I was in school, and I still do it pretty often nowadays too, although running is probably my preferred method of exercise nowadays.

Go fishing.

I used to do this fairly often, I even had my own fishing rod! One time I remember in particular was when I didn’t catch anything, but my sister somehow caught enough fish to feed the whole family. They were super delicious, too…

See Big Ben.

When I was young, me and my family went on holiday to London (which is a very strange concept to me now that I live here) but that was the first time I ever saw Big Ben. Nowadays I see it pretty darn often, but always try to appreciate it when I walk by.

See the Eiffel Tower.

As with the Mona Lisa, I saw this for the first time on my trip to France back in 2011. I’ve now been up it twice, the second time being on my Contiki trip that I went on back in October. He’s some gif proof that I’ve been there:

Visit a zoo.

I’ve been to a few Zoos in my time (my memory says that Bristol Zoo was the coolest) but the one I’ve been to most often is Newquay zoo, which is the nearest one to where my Dad lives. I must have been there about 5 times…

Go horse riding.

I’ve done this a few times, although it’s only ever been a very tame version of horse riding – the kind where someone walks by the horse to guide it. I don’t remember being particularly enthralled by it. The horses were nice, though.

Hold a snake.

I actually had a brief phase recently when I decided that I wanted a snake, and so I went to go and hold a few at a reptile store. They’re lovely things, but I wasn’t taken enough buy them to actually purchase one, unfortunately.

Own a pet.

Technically I’ve done this – my parents had a cat called Lenin who they said was “my” cat, although I didn’t see him much because, when we moved house once, he refused to move with us and stayed with our grandparents instead.

And that’s all for now! If you want to know more about Lifescouts / would like to see the full list of badges so far, go here: Happy lives to you all.

  • Terri Tikkanen

    I really like the name Lenin for a cat.

  • Terri Tikkanen

    I really like the name Lenin for a cat..

  • your buttmiror

    charlie lets lick eachothers butts

  • Luke Oxley

    I live near Newquay…. You should tweet next time your there !!

  • Robert Durham

    I never knew you were a balloonist. Which balloon do you fly with? What events have you done?
    P.S. Don’t worry I’m not a spotter.

  • Laura Krawczyk

    The gif with the umbrella is hilarious.

  • Laura Krawczyk

    Happy life to you too, Charlie.

  • Аитоϊϰє††є ϐєℓℓε.

    This is awesome, Charlie! :D I can’t believe you’ve done all this stuff, definitely an inspiration. And also well done Alex for thinking up this scheme-y thing :)

  • scaryphone

    WTG ! you rock man !

  • Douglas

    Actually not very long at all…. The umbrella gif made me giggle! Is the Empire State Building taller than the tower Big Ben is in?

  • michelle

    LOLS.. if i should earn a badge, i would have 11 of your badge.. i haven’t done the skydiving, hold a snake, skateboarding and ride a hot air balloon.. really want the hot air balloon though…

  • Emma

    Yeah. The Empire State Building is 1,454 ft. (443m) tall; the tower Big Ben is in is 316 ft. (96m)

  • Bailey Bingham

    Do you still hold the Guiness World Record for typing the fastest ABC’s on an ipad? ;)

  • Toni-Marie Mac Donnell

    I had a hamster called Lenin! He was mental.

  • Andrew Manning

    Try Rock climbing or even better ice climbing for your next badge challenge!

  • Jesse Layt

    Wow, that’s lots of badges – you rock Charlie! p.s – you need to get the Sydney Opera House badge soon – I would love to see you there!

  • Elly Lim

    I’d love to collect badges too!:) and it’s so funny that you actually made a gif of the umbrella bit hahaha

  • Molly

    I have always wanted to go for a balloon ride. I would love to see a video about that!

  • bubblegumCharlie

    So amazing Charlie!!!!! And incase ur wondering. Yes! I did read the whole article

  • BeingBritishIsAwesome

    LOL, loved the skydiving one. I think I’d probably do all of the badges except bungee jumping. Too freaking scary :)

  • Genevieve La Pomme

    Lifescouts should have a login so everyone can tick off all their badges. Cyber badge collecting for poor people like moi :P

  • Kellie @Delightfully Ludicrous

    So you’ve now bungee jumped AND sky dived? Perhaps you should go base jumping next and get the trifecta in plummeting sports. There’s got to be a special badge for that.

  • Siv

    Woop! I’ve actually done a few of these myself!

  • Cyprian Cejrowski

    i wish my life was as intresting as his :)

  • Amy Pond

    oh charlie……

  • Catia Pereira

    I read it all. Yay! Do i get a badge…? ;)

  • Katie Putt

    Did you go to the top of the Eiffel Tower because I went to France recently and yes I understand what you meant by the Mona Lisa. :)

  • sky

    lol… if there was a badge for reading nonstop for a day, i most likly will be able to get that! i <3 reading, but the problem is, i get in trouble for reading TOO MUCH.

  • Jessica Ailes

    I will have earned some of those just for having done the activity in the past. Still, it’s really inspiring. Your skydiving video made me gasp, and yet, it’s still something I hope to do one day. I love your videos; keep up the great work!

  • WhatAlexLau?


  • Schmidt

    Had absolutely no problem with reading the whole thing

  • Naomi

    You have not LIVED until you’ve tried galloping on a horse. Seriously.

  • Lauren Campbell

    Got a bit too excited when you said you’ve been to Newquay zoo, even though it is a bit crap.. I live just outside Newquay XD

  • Llamas are epic

    my mom laughed at the gif with the umbrella

  • teg

    sorry, but. BY not buy. :)

  • wheresmyweasel

    Why do you remind me of Julia Roberts?!

  • Chloe :)

    hahahaha i am definitely using that gif :’D made me laugh so much :P

  • candy

    :D my first comment on your website ( i think I’m the only one of your subscribers that didn’t know you had a website for 1 years ) any who.. i think i would only get the:

    own a pet

    visit the zoo

    see the eiffel tower ( but not the mona lisa xD )

    see a sunset

    see big ben.

  • CommonElevenDoctors

    Oh, this site has disqus?


  • pxiu ✡

    i enjoy watching your videos and reading your blog posts so much !!!! :) you’ve made my day ! ^_^ much love from malaysia

  • Daisy

    good day

  • AprilIsTheBestMonthEver

    You have done so many extraordinary stuff and the most exciting thing I have done is step a foot out of my house! xD

  • Ivy

    I like your videos so much. Much love from CHINA!!!!!!

  • Chloe

    I have been to Bristol Zoo and it is the coolest!!!

  • Yentl Hermans

    I WANT TO SEE YOU ON A HORSE! PROOOOVEEE ITTTT. Pics or it didn’t happen :P

  • Kate

    i was having friend drama and like i just watched most of your videos and i just can’t stop smiling so thx! :)

  • Elizabeth

    You are so amazing Charlie! <3

  • Donia

    Charlie you are my role model and you are the coolest guy in the world

  • amelia


  • A Fan

    Charlie I checked the website and there a lot more that you have now, like balloon animals (you made that video), juggling (you made that video), and unicycling (you made that video… the Challenge Charlies paid off, didn’t they?)

  • Mystery person

    Wow awesome charlie oh and I really like your videos!Keep your stuff clean good job charlie!

  • Dasy

    Mystery person is right!your stuff is very appropriate unlike some you tubers Thats how you get more fans!My mom likes you and my dad and my brother!you rock!

  • Elizabeth

    u should get the balloon animal badge

  • KrazyBoyKeith

    For a Nintento geek, I am very surprised that you do not have the video game bagde mentioned.

  • fabs

    Hahahah my cat is called Lenin.

  • Fezzes

    “the thick later of glass” you mean layer don’t you. Not to be pedantic, but it might be appreciated hehe.

  • Emily

    I promise that this wasn’t the only thing I noticed in this amazing post, but the fact that you have spelling errors made me irrationally happy. I put you on such a high pedestal and it’s so lovely to see that you’re a normal human too :) We have so much in common and my dream is to someday meet you or even just talk to you over the internet, even if we only have so much as a 2 minute conversation.
    Make it a good day :)

  • Nehir

    I’ve read it all and I find all of them interesting. I don’t find your cereal video interesting though, so that’s my line I guess :)

  • I Don’t Like Things That Talk.

    I didnt read the whole thing because reading isnt my specialty, or my friend. I cant go skydiving till im 18. Dont mock.

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