My Crib 2

February 12, 2011

At the beginning of this year, the only resolution that I gave myself was to try and focus on quality over quantity when it came to my videos. There were definitely moments in 2010 when I felt like, given the schedule I had forced myself onto (trying to upload a video every week or so) I was 1) making videos just for the sake of trying to keep up to quota and 2) uploading videos that I wasn’t always completely happy with – stuff that I knew I could probably have completed to a much higher level had I given myself more time.

A couple of weeks ago, I almost broke my resolution, and ended up shooting a video which was just an update on various things that were going on in my life at the time. To put it simply, I knew I needed to get something up that week in order to earn some cash, and the video had no real purpose other than that. I watched it back, realised how boring, vapid and useless it was, and then deleted it pretty promptly so that I could move onto something new. It was at that point that I also set a new rule for myself: If I was going to make a video, it had to be something that I actually found fun, and that would be fun to watch. It can be too easy to lose sight of why I even make YouTube videos sometimes, which I think is a bit of a common problem for partners who hold YouTube as being both a hobby and a job simultaneously.

There are definitely some people on YouTube who have decided to let the job aspect of their channels overtake the hobby side, and I don’t have a problem with those people at all. Some of them make absolutely brilliant videos, on a schedule that they stick to religiously, MysteryGuitarMan being a great example. There are also people who definitely opt for quantity over quality, and again I have no problem with anyone who wants to do that. Sometimes I really enjoy watching videos that have lower production values, so long as the content/person in the video is engaging. But none of that works for me. I’m not on YouTube to try and pull in eyeballs, I’m on here to try and make stuff that I’m really proud of.

I’d love to be able to make a short film at some point in the near future (something that I’ve already started work on actually, though it’s early days) and then maybe even a feature film after that. To feed that ambition, what I’m trying to do currently is stick with the exact same style of videos that I feel I’ve always made, while also doing my best to use those videos as a training ground for new ideas and techniques. My latest video, My Crib 2, is an example of that. I basically wanted to use the challenge as an excuse to play around with camera lenses, to practice composition, writing a shot list, cool transitions, directing a cameraman (Michael did almost all of the filming for this video) and to have a go at some more advanced rotoscoping (the effect at the start of the video where I come up in front of the titles). It was really fun for me to do, and I feel like I’ve come out with a much better piece of content as a result.

Just to be clear: I don’t mean to imply by any of this that I’m going to be changing my schedule to one video a fortnight or anything like that. I am still going to keep the once-a-week plan at the front of my mind, but I’m also going to allow myself more free time to work harder on a video if I feel like it’s going to benefit it in the long run. I’ll try to provide both quality and quantity when I can, but I’m going to prioritise the former over the latter. I have received a lot of emails from people, especially recently, saying that they’d like me to make videos more often than I do, and all I can really say to that is sorry, really, but that’s just not the kind of YouTuber that I am. I’ve never been like that. In theory, any videos that I do post from now on should be of a better quality, and more worth your time, so I hope that makes up for any noticeable drop in frequency. And as always, thanks for watching :)

  • Anne

    It’s always nice to see your face in a video, so I get your point, but sometimes a vid with nothing much in it is also nice. :D

  • Amanda

    You’re amazing :)

  • Souhire

    Oh Charlie! We’ll always love your videos even if they aren’t very frequent! I personally felt that My Crib 2′s editing skills were wondrous and for that, THANK YOU! (:

  • RaeRae

    “Nericool location” :D

  • Crazycake

    could you please write larger, I could barely read it! :P

  • Kara

    Can’t wait to see a short film from you, however long it takes to make!

  • Amanda Baird

    Sounds like a plan :) All I care about is that you keep making videos because quite frankly they always bring a smile to my face :D kudos btw on uploading “forging an identity” without Alex knowing was very amusing :L

  • emy

    I think you did a great job with the techniques in this video! :)

    And your flat is ridiculous clean. Really.

  • Katie

    I’m really liking the new techniques and the new camera you’re using. I loved your older videos but these are definitely more enjoyable to watch as they look so much more professional. Love you Charlie! :)

  • songsfrompaul

    I sort of have the opposite problem – I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my music, so this year I’m doing my best to stick to a weekly schedule and publish videos even if I’m not 100% happy with the result. It’s going pretty well so far – I only missed one week in January due to having the flu.

  • Sean Bates

    Keep the great videos coming!
    We love them all, no matter when they come out

  • nour

    i really liked the transitions in this last vid, good job :)

  • Anonymous

    Charlie, I understand that you want quality over quantity and in many ways I totally agree with you, but really, it would be sweet to just watch a few videos during which you just talk about what’s going on in your life. Or rant about something you believe in or something you saw recently. And this has absolutely nothing to do with quantity; we can all wait. But if you just post something really simple, I’m sure no one would mind (even if you post it after a month). All in all, I still respect what you’re trying to do but simple things can be kickass too :)

  • shannon

    charlie, you are amazing. and i’ll never stop watching your videos even if you only post them once a year. =] haha

  • Tiredofdogs

    It gives a new perspective on the video hearing you were looking at different ways and angles to use the camera, taking it from a sort of video lots of people do – a room tour, to something of a higher standard i see

  • Jennifer

    So long as you’re happy with the product, that is what’s important :)

  • Jessie

    I agree with what you said in this post and even if others don’t, they shouldn’t complain because you are still producing quality, entertaining videos. You should keep pursuing this movie idea — your motivation is really inspirational! I hope it all works for you. I will be in London in April which is really exciting to me :) Have a lovely day! xx, Jessie

  • Matthew

    I know from experience how important quality is compared to quality and with this video you show some serious quality. You must make sure you’re happy with what you’re doing and don’t lose sight of what your channel was about.

  • Mihaelabm

    But you have a second channel for not so good videos-charlieissoboredlike.Use it until you do a better vedeo for charlieissocoollike.

  • Guillermina

    Hey, you should make whatever you’re happy with. And this one did look even cooler than usual. :)

  • Emma Claire

    Charlie I think everyone will agree when I say that no apology is needed here. We should all just be glad that you make videos for all of us to enjoy and not ditch us for something completely different…so, thank you!!!

  • Rosa Kremer

    The editing in your last video was amazing, so just keep up the good work^^
    And we (ad least I) will wait for your other videos, so just do what you think you should do!

  • Ashley Marshall

    “It can be too easy to loose sight of why I even make YouTube videos sometimes,”
    It should be ‘lose’ not ‘loose’

  • Emily

    Thank god. I thought you had died or something on the blog

  • Yes

    fair enough

  • Deb Knapp

    Honestly, Charlie, I enjoy watching your videos no matter what format. The videos that you think are “crappy” are entertaining for the rest of us. Don’t get yourself down. You are doing an amazing job, and your viewers will watch anything that you post. :)

  • JustALittleDotty

    Don’t worry, it’s worth it; the transitions/editing in ‘My Crib 2′ was AWESOME.

  • Lexi

    The video was great, you’re so talented !

  • Kirby

    yayy!! im so happy you put up a new video! they always make me smile :)

  • AwesomeDude<3

    Me and my friend… we discovered for a time ago that you started to loose your muchness D:
    And it’s good you discovered it yourself :D <3
    Keep up the good work<3<3

  • Miyapiya3

    You are just so passionate about your videos. I admire you even more now.
    Thank you for making videos :)

  • Grace

    Well, if you’re going for quality over quantity, I think you succeeded w2ith this vid. The cinematography was much better, and I like the different effects you were experimenting with. Keep it up!

  • Josephine

    If you find it hard to come up with ideas then just ask your fans :D
    We have many ideas and many requests that we want you to do^^
    - And then who could be better to know what intertains the viewers than the viewers?? :3

    Maybe you need a small vacation, and I’m sure that your subscribers will understand :3
    – CornerOfMystery :D

  • Shambala92

    I agree with that Charlie.. Quality is always better than quantity. (Almost everywhere, so it does for YouTube). You will become a real director one day. :)))
    For the end, I really like “My crib 2″, not only because it’s funny one also I like the camera. (Sorry for my English, I hope you’ll understand)
    Thank you for making videos! :)

  • Lkoops18

    I really appreciate this message. :D As a person fairly new to the whole Charlieissocoollike fanbase, I felt a little sad that you weren’t posting a new video every so often. Now I understand that if you don’t post a video in a while, it’s because you want us to enjoy your content and you want to enjoy making it for us. <3 You're awesome Charlie

  • JamieUK

    I’ve never worried about the quality of your videos, Charlie. I have subscribed to a lot of people on YouTube (no really, over 100 probably) and every time I see that you’ve posted a new video I genuinely get excited because to me, I honestly think you are the best YouTuber out there. I don’t know if I only think this because I too am English, and am glad to see that someone from my own country is famous, but I’ll always watch your videos! Thanks for entertaining me for the past few years, Charlie. I promise I’ll never stop watching you ^_^

  • Alex Connolly

    Better late than never.

    That’s seems a cold response, but it ain’t meant to be so. I’d be happy with a video a month considering the quality, enjoyment and sheer effort that goes into each one.

    I like that, here, you’re not really making excuse: you’re giving us truth. I don’t think its fair that people often demand videos from working YouTubers: it is not fair. A average person would be annoyed if a person they didn’t know personally suddenly hounded them to do work when the boss hasn’t set a deadline.

    Okay, not a great example, but the notion’s there.

    Best of luck in Film Making. If the ‘Challenge Charlie’ can prove anything, it’s that you usually achieve what you set yourself on doing, no matter how potentially gruelling.

  • Mathilde=)

    Hey Charlie:) for what it’s worth, I love the new effects you do with the camera and the text and stuff:) Don’t ever stop being yourself and doing what you love! You’re reallu good at making fun videos with awesome quality! Thank you:)

  • Karla

    Aw Charlie :)
    It’s true that we miss you a lot when you don’t post stuff, but I (as many others, I suspect/hope) am perfectly aware of the fact that you always try to come up with the best for us! And that is really nice.
    PS: THREE consoles? Woah, such nerds :D Loved your flat.

  • Louise

    I think its fine Charlie. Quality is definitely more important that quantity as my English teacher is always telling me. But to me and I am sure all other subscribers agree, each and every one of your videos is enjoyable to watch (:

  • vicky

    During the last month I was wondering when you were going upload a new video, and I was wasn’t disappointed with it or the blog post.

    I think its really nice that you care so much about the quality of your work, it shows that you really care about how your viewers see you and that you want the quality of your videos to remain excellent (wow, I sound like some sort of critic here).

    If you were posting just to update, it might get boring, and thus loose fans. However, with you it is always fun, interesting and often unexpected which I think is why people love you so much!

  • Francesca Mempin

    *deep siiiiiiiiiigggghhhhh* <3 <3 <3

  • Daryja

    If we get videos as good quality and well thought out as my crib 2 I know I will personally not mind if you don’t post frequently because I know you have put alot of effort, thought and love into what we are seeing. I will know that you are proud of what you put up so I will enjoy it more knowing that what you put up is the best that it could be. :)
    DFTBA Charlie, your videos and especially you are amazing. :)

  • Joana

    It’s really important that you like your own videos, because if you like them then certainly your subscribers will like them too :)

  • Rena :DD

    When you said “this is my bed” i thought, “i want to be in that bed.”

  • Brittany

    I’d much rather quality over quantity. Doing videos you like is the best idea because those are the kind of videos we all fell in love with! Yay for not selling out :)

    Love from Canada!

  • Alymarie

    Sounds cool charlie – those things you’re trying to do are the best part of film (cool transitions, diff lenses), they are are the freakin besttttt – at school my thing was trying to tell a story but through the most obscure angles possible

  • nab

    Loved the video. Passion is an important thing.

  • Fedespury

    I like you Charlie, no matter what kind of videos you do, I even love the ones that you don’t actually like :D but your passion and your determination make me like you even more. Good luck <3

  • 8D_xD

    I really think it is a good plan :)
    The only ones able to make videos based on quantity and quality are wheezywaiter and the vlogbrothers, in my opinion.

  • Edward Hsiao

    A good alternative is to ‘feed’ us fans some videos that you had guest appearances in!It might sound like redirecting your fans to an alternative channel to watch but heck I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better than producing sub-standard videos.

  • Lauren Stevens

    Charlie however bad you think your videos have been, I have to say that each and everyone of them has be worthwhile and a joy to watch, as they are all really entertaining/funny etc. And to be honest, a video a week is more than good enough so you shouldn’t feel pressured into doing anything more than that. :)
    Also i would love to see a film of yours, it would be pretty epic, and you know, if you need anyone to act in it, I’m free to do so for the foreseeable future. :D
    Anyway, its really lovely to see how much you care about your work/hobby and then quality of it. If I were mum I’d be proud of you. but luckily i’m not- as that would be weird, as your older than me. :)
    Keep up the good work!

  • Abb

    “any videos that I do post from now on should be of a better quality, and more worth your time”

    First of all, I think anyone here can agree that your videos are almost always brilliant no matter how pointless they seem because of your great camera presence and generally funniness. I’ve never found that watching any one of your videos was a waste of my time. In fact, they quite often made my day.
    Secondly, I think all that you said here was amazing! It’s always nice to make something you’re proud of. I think all of your viewers would be willing to wait for you to post videos.
    That being said, “My Crib 2″ was an awesome video and the shooting and quality definitely showed. I could tell that you were trying to make it to the best of your ability and fiddle around with new things as well. I definitely think this is the right thing to be doing if you want to make short films or full-length movies. You definitely have the talent. I wish you the best of luck!

  • David Stephen

    I’m glad that you’re making videos as often as you are, you used to have 3 month gaps between them! right now, it’s good. I think the people e-mailing you are new fans of yours just used to the US you tubers who post a video at least once a day on one of their 7 channels.
    I loved your last video, and I often enjoy the humour you bring to them.
    Keep on runnin’ you’ll not regret it.

  • cecilyseed

    I like how honest this blog post is so I now I can appreciate(sp? oh well) the wait between videos. If you’re ever stuck though for videos though, there’s always like a million ideas on Challenge Charlie…(:

  • Peter Miles

    Hi Charlie,
    You must do what is right for you and not to pander to the masses, sure it would be good to see lots of videos but I would rather see one less often knowing that you enjoyed making it and that it was not a chore.
    I hope that your plans work out in all aspects of what you do.

  • Ansley

    If you don’t want to make a video, why don’t you update us w/ the little things here? I love reading your blog.

  • Harri

    Quality is great, your videos are interesting and really clevery put together. but i just like the sound of your voice and the fact your pretty hot. so i prefere quantity… jst saying :D

  • Jennifer Clark

    I’ve found that when people release things constantly it can become a chore to follow them. Like Tom constantly making EPs. (Just kidding. There’s a good chance I would buy a recording of Tom farting if he decided to sell one, which makes me wonder about ‘Smell’ on Explorers 6. He wouldn’t, would he?) Back on topic, I like that you sporadically upload videos because that way they remain something to look forward to.

  • Gabriela Sosa

    Don’t worry Charlie, we’ll love you no matter what. =)

  • Dalia

    i noticed that this video was not necessarily better quality but i guess more enjoyable. I smiled the entire time which may not be exactly what you care about but i guess my point is that it was an awesome video and one of the few of your videos that im pretty sure i can watch repeatedly without getting bored.

    on a completely unrelated note- I am a girl and i have access to the internet so obviously what else is there for me to do but watch coollike videos? :D I was watching some of your old ones and I saw the video “hi :)” again. Is there a reason that you just don’t vlog anymore? you say in the video that you feel like all of your videos then had to have a point and thats why you made the hi :)
    thats kind of how your videos are now arent they? always have to have a point? i think you should do a video in which you just vlog if you’re up for it :D

    SORRYSORRYSORRY for the long post :D
    i asked you on twitter about this but because im not sure you saw my tweet i have decided to ask you here :D if you did see the tweet and just want ignore me or disagree or whatever then don’t worry! :D i won’t be annoying and mention this to you again :D
    DFTBA :D

  • Grace Elizabeth


  • cupcakekelly

    I agree charlie!!!! ur videos are always great! Thanks for explaining tho cuz i was like where is charlie?! for the last few weeks! As long as u didnt disappear off the face of the earth Im happy! :)

  • Lois_J

    As boring as it may seem to you, we actually DO like to know what’s going on in your life Charlie, but I agree that maybe youtube isn’t the best place for that, there’s twitter and blogging for that kind of thing. I can only encourage you to progress with trying to improve the quality of your videos, it can only lead to bigger and better things for your career in the long run! good luck! :)

  • coollike

    I agree completely, though I also love it when those guys put the extra effort into their videos. Craig’s choose-your-adventure videos, or Hank and John’s Thoughts from Places videos for eg :)

  • Hope Lappin

    I am glad your being completely honest in this blog. I often agree that for some YouTubers it is more a case of quantity rather than quality. I think that if anybody is a fan of you as a YouTuber they will not mind if they miss out on one of your videos for a week :D

  • Rae B

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with! To know that you are truly putting so much effort and care into these videos is inspiring! =)

  • Courtneys2309

    That is really admirable of you, Charlie. But I promise you, quality videos where the content is merely an update on your life will still be found very interesting to us viewers. After all, that is part of vlogging! However, I understand your wanting to make things your proud of, and I, as a view appreciate that as well. So just keep doing what you’re doing and you know your viewers will always love you and your wonderful talent and dedication to quality!

  • Jessie Owen

    I’d noticed your new video My Crib 2 was a little different to your others! Different in that you included the sort of fish-eye lens thing where it’s rounded, panning, voiceovers, transitions, focus switching and the epic HDness. It all seemed really professional rather than just experimenting :D nice one, Charlie.
    Looking foreword to what’s coming up on the coollike channel. Also, love your blog. :)

  • edlyn

    your emphasis on quality and making things you are proud of makes me admire you even more. i love you charlie, and look forward to your brilliant future (not that it isn’t brilliant now; as you said you are already creating and walking towards your dreams :)

  • Manxiboogle

    I admire your principles, and loved the camera work on your latest video; please don’t change charlie :D

  • Victoria Elson

    I think your fans would happy if all you posted was a video of you getting dressed in the morning tbh.

  • aliten7

    That was one of the best videos i believe you have made in a while. I don’t know if you were trying to make it funny, but it had me laughing! thanks for that pick me up!!!

  • Michael Markman (Mickeleh)

    Onward. Upward. Word.

  • Jeaneva

    Even though I would like more Charlie in my subscription queue, I appreciate your dedication to your art as well as your honesty. Also, the idea of a feature film directed and made by you has got me super excited. Keep up the great work! 8D

  • Brianna

    I did notice that the quality of My Crib 2 was MUCH better than before, not that your previous videos weren’t great or anything :)
    I think opting for quality over quantity is a great idea and I support you!

  • randomjellybeanz

    Charlie, I can honestly say that whenever a new video of yours pops up, on your main channel or charlieissoboredlike, I am delighted and excited and it makes my day. Do you think you could make vlogs more often…’A Day in the Life of Charlie McDonnell’ maybe? Anyway, I <3 your videos and I <3 how much you care about them. :D

  • Ian

    I think your fans appreciate your personality and humour more than they do the content of your videos—I mean, most of the time I just forget about the content all together. It’s your witty remarks and snarky attitude that keep me watching. What I found with My Cribs 2 was actually the opposite of that, though. It was probably one of my least favourites of your videos simply because of that. I did, however, think the camera work was an example of some of your best.

  • Tyler

    I’m not going to say you’re right solely for the reason that your audience is going to like you no matter what, because frankly, they won’t–you know that as much as I do.

    However, this is not a comment ripping your motivation for making videos, either; in fact, I think it is a great idea–but not just because you’ve convinced me by writing this blog post. Nay, it’s because you ARE making better quality videos, and not just giving excuses to the vast majority of your audience who says “I mean, I’d prefer quantity over quality, so long as I can see your FACE and hear your VOICE llolol!!!!111one”

    You’re taking the same step that great writers, directors, and producers take: putting all they have into a smaller amount of brilliant content rather than putting out a piece frequently solely for the fact that making more movies does mean more profit.

    Look at John Green. He writes a book, pores over edits, and it gets published every three-ish years, give or take. He has said himself that he takes FOREVER editing the novel so that he can truly be proud of the final outcome, even if that means it takes two years between when he first finished the book to when it hits the stores.

    Look at Martin Scorsese. The MINIMUM time between two full-length feature films (that aren’t documentaries) that he directs is around two years. Why do people continue to watch his films? Because they’re freaking amazing, that’s why.

    Look at James Cameron. The time between Titanic and Avatar was 12 years. That’s a little much…I mean, really? 12 years for another feature film? Granted, he is one of the richest men in film right now, but still…I didn’t even care for Titanic or Avatar, either…He’s an example of waiting a little TOO long.

    Anywhere you look, you’ll find more examples. This last video I thought was a huge step up–most notably the transitions, the zooming, and the lenses – all made for an enjoyable experience that you obviously enjoyed.

    Do what you want. Some people, despite what they say, will leave. So be it. As long as you don’t wait until you start looking like James Cameron or Martin Scorsese, I think you’ll be fine.

  • Sarah

    As much as I believe we all do appreciate and agree that your videos are amazing, Charlie, we fell in love with the vlogger. Anything you post, even those in boredlike are always incredibly fun to watch even if you have no plan in them at all.

    I think it’d be good to see more vloggish videos – perhaps in a seperate channel like boredlike in the future. I’d literally cream myself with excitement.

  • DanielleLavy

    I appreciate this. You are an artist. You can’t rush art. The new video was great! Your editing skills and the amount of effort you put into your videos are one of the reasons I truly enjoy them. I mean, personality and looks help too, of course. But…good movies don’t just come from great actors or whatever. They take time and editing and preparation. Keep doing what you are doing, Charlie. Most people that I read comments from said they liked the quality of the last video a lot. :)

  • Jeanphi Druet

    just thank you for your videos. do as you want !

  • Maddison Whiffin

    I agree with DanielleLavy – don’t rush it, this is a seriously good video, which shows that it just gets better the more time and effort you spend! I don’t know how many of these comments you get round to reading, Charlie, but if you do end up reading this one I just want to say that I am AMAZED at how you can sit infront of a camera talking or doing silly challenges, and make a career out of it :) Seriously, thats cool ;) A couple of friends of mine are thinking of starting group volgging and the ‘challenge charlie’ thing has been really good inspiration :) Keep it up Charlie, you are spectacular and I love your music! Genius :) x

  • Sara

    Why can’t you put on ” bloopers ” on YouTube? I mean, if you have any, haha ^__^
    It would be fun to watch! And i loved the latest video you did ( Crib 2 ). And im probably gonna stare at the picture on your closet all the time now, why did you mentioned it Charlie?! Hahah!
    You should have your own comedy show, seriously…

  • Graham

    Sounds great! I love me some quality.

  • your just a cool guy charlie

    don’t care what you say or do—juts watch you for your engaging smile and humour and self-deprecation—refreshing. but mainly your smile!! great teeth!

  • Katelovescharlie

    I really liked all the effects or what have you that you did in this most recent video, I respect that you want to be proud of the work that you make, and I say keep doing what you are doing because I love it!

  • Lieselot

    I think people don’t always realise the hard work of making those videos and “hey”, everyone deserves some free time. I sometimes too get disappointed when there keep being no videos, but than, I just turn of the computer to do something else (like shopping).
    I would also like to say that your videos are the only ones I really enjoy watching, because of some reasons: 1) you have a good camera, 2) you have of course a lovely face, 3) your videos are funny, 4) the videos are well edited and 5) every one of them is a masterpiece (well almost ^^) There is of course no way you will have read this, but it feels nice to have said something sweet about you! (and it’s a good way to improve my English. greats from Belgium! :)

  • Amy M

    I really did notice a lot of the technical bits. The match on action and all that good stuff. It was appreciated. Sure, I love seeing new Charlie as much as I can, but the quality jump adds a whole new entertainment level.

  • Bookluver

    I dont mind this change in videos at all. I extremely enjoyed watching this video. The transitions were fun to watch and i thought that the quality of funnyness was definetly still there.

  • dualdestiny

    Thanks for caring about us enough to let us know…

    Oh yeah and showing us your bed ;)

  • Daniela Peralta ♫

    >>>>>> It’s awesome the way you care about this, the way in which you wanna grow, and the will you have to accomplish anything you propose yourself! That amazes me every time, and not only makes YOU proud, but all of us, Charlie. We’ll never stop waiting new and brilliant things from you, because that’s how you are, keep going, and never leave us! :)

  • Anna Guariento

    :( When I read this, I felt like you were saying you were considering going off YouTube. I know you weren’t saying that, but I felt like you were doubting your whole “Career On YouTube” thing. Please don’t, you make me and thousands of other so happy when you make your videos. I don’t mind if you don’t make them so often, but please, never go off YouTube. If you’re just doing it for the cash and don’t enjoy it, I can see that, but I sincerely hope you do enjoy it and you will stay on YouTube till you’re too old to walk :)
    I Love You Charlie!!!
    :( Please don’t leave. It would break my heart.

  • Shannon

    I think it’s really smart of you to use your hobby to develop new skills you want to have. I admire that a lot. Keep up the good work, Charlie.

  • Kendall Vahl

    Hey Charlie,
    I’ve been an avid admirer of your work for about about a year or so now, and I must say that this video is probably the best so far. As soon as I finished watching it I noticed how different it was from all the rest of your videos ( using a number of different lenses and adding in clever transitions ) I’m very impressed, to say the least. I’m a film / cinematography major over here in the states, and to be utterly honest, I haven’t seen anything this clever in awhile. You are truly quite talented, my friend. I applaud your decision to make the videos a once a week thing. What I really wanted to ask you though was what kind of camera you’re using. I’ve been shopping around and can’t seem to find the right one! Help would be greatly appreciated, sir :)

    - Kendall

  • Anonymous

    with this video, do you realise how much tumblr weirdness you have just sparked off? 0.o

  • Faith Susan Halick

    You know what you should do? Make a second channel. Your charlieissocoollike channel can be for your quality videos, and you can do a twice weekly vlog on your second channel.

  •!/Amiefeline Elliecia (Trok Fan #1)

    I agree with Melina, The Alex/Charlie slash will abound in the fact that you have a flat together. Anyways loved the video and hope you keep bringing them out. Soon I will put up my first video blog, when I get the bravery.

  • DoraTheBrit

    You’re doing a great job, if improving quality was your goal, cause it’s definitely been my immediate thought nowadays when I watched your vids – I thought, wow, Charlie’s turning into a pro what’s that all about?? Especially after you’ve got a new cam. So well done, keep it up! :)

  • Anonymous

    I actually think “tumblr weirdness” is in your top 20 videos of all time! It was creepy, yes. But actually funny!

  • Alex

    Make a 2nd channel with dailyvlogs like some people do, like Tobuscus (:

  • Lydia Ist Fuller

    I completely admire your integrity. It’s obvious when a YouTuber is uploading half arsed videos for the money and it does make me want to turn off, so keep up the quality! =)

  • beni

    I really like your new video, it’s great that your choosing quality over quantity cos I think in the long run you’ll benefit more from it, especially if you want to get into directing. But don’t be put off by just doing a vlog sometimes. I think a lot of people are fond of them, like myself cos it’s like the old days when you were just doing this in your bedroom cos you were bored. It’s nice to have a balance, maybe a second channel is a good idea, one where you’re not so conscious of what you put up.

  • Ruby Bauckham

    OMG I WANT TO MARRY YOU EVEN MORE NOW…ok i forgive you but only because you AS SEXY AS YOU ARE! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Emma Snyggingen Öhgren

    Damn, you’re cute.

  • hillary

    Challenge Charlie!
    Sing Happy Birthday to me with a ukulele ! I turn 17 today!

  • Kidsdino8s

    Good for you.

  • TheSophMB

    I still see the creativity you also used to have in your older videos and that is very important, I think. As long as they are creative and as long as you DO videos, that’s completely fine. Your real fans will understand that and I definitely do!
    Thanks for uploading all the videos in the past and thanks for all the videos which will come in the future. You are adorable.

  • Terri Mitchell

    I’ve been watching your videos for years now and I think it’s wonderful watching you grow and move on into the future. I can’t wait for the next Chameleon Circuit cd. If it it out by September, I will buy it for my daughter’s 18th birthday. Maybe, you could even sign it for her?!?

  • Sydney

    I actually like that you post videos less frequently. Not only are they better quality videos, but when I see your videos in my subscription box, I get so happy and excited, and I get more excited when it doesn’t happen as often. :)

  • Sara

    THANKS for writing and making videos for us Charlie Mcdonnell ! :D
    You are so funny, and so damn cute!

  • Cakeykhan

    Charlie i will miss you! =( See you every 2 weeks then ok =)

  • Alicia

    you go glen coco. you know people are going to support you no matter what. and look at you, sticking to your values, making videos for you.
    you’re such a good person.

  • Lady.B’re so cute ^.^

  • Maggie

    Charlie, there was never a point that I thought your videos were lacking in quality, or were slowly becoming less interesting, and I’m sure the majority of your fans would agree. You may be putting too much needless pressure on yourself. Your fans enjoy the videos you put up because they know how much pride and effort you put into your work, and truly enjoy the result. Don’t feel like you need to change, Charlie, we all love every video you put up, and we love you for being so good at what you do. So thank you for the videos!

  • Elise

    the quality was definitely not taken for granted either. among other things, your false match-on-action at 3:17 was brilliant and definitely did not go unnoticed.

  • Sabina

    You’re so sweet Charlie. It’s lovely that you feel an obligation to your viewers, but don’t ever forget that you don’t actually owe any of us anything. I consider myself a fan of yours, but I don’t expect you to keep me entertained on pain of death- you’re a Youtuber, not a gladiator!

  • astonished_nerd

    I do love to watch your videos. You’re funny so I would probably end up enjoying them anyway, despite from their quality. But yes, I share your way of thinking. And I like to watch videos the maker is satisfied with, so I’ll look forward to them. ;) (And sorry for my weird English)

  • Kali

    You should make the videos you want to make. You’re good at making videos–that should be enough for your viewers.

  • Hannah J

    I can see your point that you’d rather make 1 super fab video than 4 or 5 that are sub standard. It’s cool :)

  • Miss Mel 23

    Good on you Charlie!
    We’re with you all the way!

  • Joy!

    QUESTION (like you’ll see this even, ha!): why did you change from your alarm clock that runs away on you?! That was such a mint alarm clock. :(

  • Mak

    Hi there. I’m fairly new to the youtube community, it has been only couple of months since I’ve started to subscribe to channels. But every time I see new video from you in my subscription box, I instantly want to watch it right away, even if I have other, more pressing matters to go through. Quality over quantity works for you. Keep it going. I enjoy how *you* translate in things you do, create, how you play with certain idea. I love good basic self-expression (Alex Day, lead the way! =), but I find that presentation makes it stronger, more precise, focused, and aware of itself, and eventually form of expression in itself (yep, went a little over the top with that one). You have that element of surprise, *doing something in a new way* kind of thing going, which I like too. So if we see you less, I’m okay with that, if more videos like MyCrib2 are coming.
    And also, I’m getting a bit affected by your charm, so we need to take a little break, time off, but don’t worry, I will call. :)

  • Anonymous

    I noticed, and loved, the extra effort you put into your most recent vid! I like that you keep the essence of what made you famous – your quirkiness, your fast cuts etc- and have also at the same time improved your editing skills and bettered your art. WELL DONE!! :-)

  • Maiken Berntvik

    You know, I wondered that too.. huuh

  • Sophie

    I think it’s great you want to try and make your talent shine even brighter than it already does. Im only in 7 grade but I think I would like to become a film director, and your videos give me some insight. Thank you.

  • noorgansjustawesome

    I appreciate that. Good for you for putting things up because you’re proud of them, not just for the sake of putting them up. That said, I had noticed your past video was especially well done. Bravo.

  • Kristiana<3xx

    I’m following in your footsteps Charlie :)
    This totally relates to my videos. I went for the “put up as many videos as you can” theory, which hasn’t worked and this post thankfully stopped me from putting up another extremly boring video :)x
    Thank You Charlie :)xxxx

  • Elaine

    I loved the way this was shot. I’m glad for one that you are aiming for quality over quantity. I find it fascinating to watch you grow as a creator and artist. Jolly good. :)

  • Jigsawjones

    Off-topic: is it weird at all now, having an Amy Pond cut-out in your living room, when you actually know Amy Pond?

  • Signemacd

    Watching this, I noticed that everything Charlie is no good at, I happen to be good at, and vice- versa. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing.

  • JoyfulJoyful04

    Good on you Charlie, I’m glad you’ve come to this realisation, I think most people watching your videos would perfer to watch quality Charlie, and things that you are truely happy with :) Thankyou so much for being so amazing xx

  • Erin

    I just wanted contribute to the praise for the cinematography of this video. It looks fantastic, well done.

  • Aliin Brena

    well, here’s my opinion, quality+quatity=charlieissocoollike.

    you don’t need to change anything you’ve been doing awsom. so…don’t stop being amazing

  • maria from portugal

    Quite a fan of yours and I must say you took my breath away with this (both the blog entry and the video). I think what I love the most is that you don’t actually care about what any of your viewers have to say, as long as you know who you are as a youtuber and what kind of stuff *you* want to do. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you want us to not feel like we’re wasting our time, but your priorities lie with yourself. I think it’s brilliant and you’ve inspired me. Thank you. Also, you’re not the only one. I prefer quality over quantity as well, so I’m glad you’re doing things that way :)

  • Anonymous

    Eh, I’ll take quality over quantity any day. This video was sort of pretty awesome. :)

    Really impressive how such a mundane thing like an apartment tour could be so interesting to watch!

  • Nicky Moore

    when are we going to see Charlie Pimp My Ride… or Charlie Pimps A Ride… whatever works really.

  • Ida

    I never comment on anything I read or watch on the internet so me commenting here is quite rare. I just felt that, for once in my life, I should share my thoughts, but now I think I shouldn’t have as I seem to end up explaining why I’m doing it…

    Anyway, I think it’s great that you have decided to stick with quality! Your latest videos have been really enjoyable and you have improved a lot. I’m not saying that your older videos are bad because they aren’t. Not at all! They are very good but your recent videos are better, I can see that you have thought about the contents of the videos seriously and put a lot of effort in making them. I wonder what your videos will be like in the future if you keep evolving like this! Pretty awesome, I guess.

    I’m sure your fans enjoy every single video you make but you shouldn’t make things just for other people but for yourself. So if you feel like evolving and putting more effort in the things that you do, then you should! It’s always great to see people improving and especially when they are enjoying the things that they do.

    Thank you for sharing your creativity and your awesome personality with the whole planet Earth. Please keep on being yourself and doing things as you please! (Obviously, duh.) :)

    PS. I’m sorry for expressing myself so poorly! I’m not a native English speaker so I’m not sure if my text is easy to comprehend. D:

  • Angie McCoy

    pasty thighs and you don’t drink? yum yum sign me up!

  • Cláudia

    Your videos are so cool and I like to spend my time watching them haha And if you want to make a film in the future,go ahead, because you’re really good on it! Congratulations!
    P.s.: I liked your new hair and, for some reason, I love you haha ^^
    PS 2. I’m from Brazil, so I’m not sure if my text is easy to comprehend…

  • Cláudia again

    oops, I posted “so I’m not sure if my text is easy to comprehend…” like Ida, sorry Ida hehe

  • Megan

    I do photography a lot and I can totally relate to this post because I’ve often wondered if I should start a 365 project (posting a photo a day for a year). It just seems to me that it would be pointless since I would be rushing something out just for the sake of it. So I completely agree that quality > quantity and I’m glad that you’re putting so much effort and thought into your videos instead of just cranking them out.

    And I loved the transitions here! Good work :)

  • CJL

    Stop making excuses just do whatever you want, you’re an old boy. This whole blog post is an apology and I dont like that.STOP WPOLOGIZING! Whatever you do your fans on the internet will still love you because you’re handsome and smart and you r not even aware of it at all. You could call it the charlie formula: handsome+total ignorance of that fact+irrational shyness+cleverness=charlieissocoollike phenomenon Its like a disease; the CHARLIEISSOCOOLLIKERITIS. I challenge you to make a video about that phenomenon!!

  • Elizabeth

    As an artist, I can relate. Lately I’ve been too busy to upload any artwork, and even though I could probably whip up something decent, I wouldn’t be happy with it. Usually when I end up posting doodles (unless they’re actually good doodles like human body practice that turns out right but I rarely do those) it’s because I’m just trying to keep up with quota as well.

    I personally appreciate the effort you’re putting into the quality of your videos :) I’m not going to lie, I didn’t quite like the Tumblr video :( I thought it was just a bit dull in its presentation. Just a teeny bit. But Crib 2 was great! Two thumbs up! Loved the transitions particularily :D
    TAaCF was brilliant too :D
    I look forward to your future videos, I know you’ll blow us away!

  • Paulinna_56

    awww!!! Charlieee!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D you are so sweet and cute!! I’d like to say a few things (with the little hope that at some point you get to read this comment): 1. I loooooved the video!!! it was funny, and entertaining, and just very very nice and lovely in every single way, it always puts a smile on my face when i go to youtube and see you’ve uploaded a new video :D 2) I think it’s great that you think this way (quality over quantity) because, as I said before, it’s always nice to go to youtube and see you’ve uploaded a new video, and the stuff you do is very very good, you’re one of my favorite youtubers and i can sincerely tell you that if we’ve subscribed to you is because we think your videos are worth watching, and the fact that you actually care about the quality in your videos is awesome (i’m sorry i can’t find another word haha). 3) I love your blogs, i really enjoy reading what you have to say :)
    and last, but definitely not least, 4) “I’m on here to try and make stuff that I’m really proud of.” i wish i could give a thumbs up for this particular line in your blog. I am proud of you and the stuff you do, if that helps/makes you feel better :) :D <3
    Charlie McDonnell, you are awesome!!! <3 and i hope you never change!
    sorry if this was kind of long hehehe

  • Some Random.

    I’m proud of you. Even though i don’t know you. I think its nice to see someone genuinely trying their best. Especially with these videos, Charlie, it shows that you actually care enough about us to produce something we’d enjoy. Respect.

  • Amanda

    I totally respect this. I miss knowing your videos will for sure be up, but I’m excited to know that you’ll be posting things that YOU’RE happy with. In the end you’re more important than your audience. It is never fun to do things that you’re not very proud of. I can’t wait to see what is in store! :)

  • monica in america

    Charlie, you really shouldn’t worry about the quality of your videos; any Charlie=fabulous Charlie. But, nevertheless, I really admire your integrity to continue to produce your videos for your own happiness, rather than turning it into a soul-sucking business. keep up the good work!

  • Mr Farokh Dastoor

    Bank breaking the Law
    FSA,FOS & banks cause death of a baby
    FSA to ban self mortgages
    Utter Disgrace & Incompetence ( attachment: Downing Streest, HM Treasury x2, FSA ) and more…lies and cover ups.

    Some three years on, searching for answers.None given. A Gordonstoun education with a member of the Royal family.Clean record for over 20 years in the Financial Services Industry.My email is 564 7591). If I am not around,you will all understand. SOS.

  • Yukiko Shimizu

    Hi! My name is Yuki and I’m a Junior at MIT. I’m doing some work and came across your videos. They are hilarious and I especially enjoy the Doctor Who theme videos. Thanks for spreading happiness!.

  • Miss B

    dude I really like all you’re videos but please chill out, people will still watch you no matter what you do. breeeeath.

  • Lune Fromage

    I appreciate your commitment to quality. I am an (amatuer) artist and I am sometimes gun shy about showing my work to others. My favourite video of yours is “Understanding Teenage Boys,” and the reason I like it is because you obviously put a lot of thought into that video… “Handiphone” was also hilarious though… In a sense what we create is our legacy after we die, our participation in the immortal… and you want to live on as something meaningful and grand that you put your full self into… Cheers to you for that!

  • CharlieFan

    Do what you need to do, Charlie :)

  • Nina

    hey charlie! i absolutely love your vids, i’ve been watching u for a long time now! keep up the good work, and i kinda want to relaxed vids back haha. obviously you have grown the last couple of years and youtube has become a more serious thing. but, i’d like you to know, that to me you really are brilliant. and sitting with the camera in front of you doing what you love is what you should do.
    so do want you want, i’ll like your vids no matter what. :)

  • laurendar

    Hi Charlie im Laura im from colombia and i have always had curiosity about what else you do apart from uploading videos on youtube, do you go to collegue or something?? Thanks a lot for your time :D eres lo maximo!

  • Nell

    Well said. I admire you for sticking with what you believe. It always seems to work out so don’t be worried by the pressure from your audience because they will follow you whatever. Just do what feels right for you.

  • Ukulele

    I love your videos! One day I’ll eventually start posting on youtube… but till then I love watching yours! and you may be criticizing your vidoes to much because people just want to watch you, not someone who is trying to give them what they want. Thanks!

  • Blair

    Oh Charlie. :)

  • Stashie

    I’m very glad you are pushing for quality over quantity. There’s been some youtuber’s I’ve followed who started putting up way too many videos that were not worth the time to watch anymore and as a result I stopped following them. In conclusion, kuddos to you Charlie!!!

  • Chelsea Lee

    just wanted to say that i am moving to england sometime this year (im from australia) and i am so looking forward to stalking you charlie mcdonnell ;)

  • Lily Rose S

    I apreciate that you can be both a realist and an idealist, it’s a very endearing quality as opposed to people who are only one all the time which is really irksome.

  • Shirrinha Wisteria


  • Shirrinha Wisteria


  • Crystal34l32

    Well, you can blog and tweet if you don’t prefer making a video. Expand your scope as a internet personnel and give opinion on things.

  • Magda

    I just love your My Crib 2 video so much, I actually watched it 11 times (yet). Of course I would be pleased if I could see upload more of your videos, but everytime there is a new one I’m superexcited. Take your time and put all the great ideas you have into it, cause this makes me even happier than lots of half-hearted videos. Especially this one is so amazing because of the great effects and all that stuff. It’s just an awesome thing to watch. Ahh, I think I will have to watch it again right now. :)

  • another guest

    I love the way you are ^_^

  • Laggytyping oniphone

    Don’t be a hater if you don’t like him don’t watch his videos!

  • Payton

    U mean college? Lol

  • Tova

    Couldn’t agree more. <3

  • Honest

    Overall, you are an astounding person. Side note: I envy how beautiful you are.

  • Rachel

    I see now how much you played with the focus in this video. I liked it a lot :D I’m excited to see your short film when it comes, no matter how long it may take. I’m really glad that you’re choosing quality over quantity, but remember, there’s always charlieissoboredlike if you feel you’re video is going to be a bit late. I’d love to see you a little more on that channel!

  • Annie

    That’s a really admirable resolution, Charlie. Good for you. :) Can’t wait to see more, whenever that may be. Love from Canada. :P

  • rose

    i love the techniques you use in the video and i want you’re alarm clock! i turn mine off and have no recollection of it at all, which pretty creepy. Join the October 1st Birthday Club on facebook!

  • Haley

    You’re brilliant, Charlie. Your videos are a joy to watch and I greatly respect the notion that you’re attempting to make them better. Quality over quantity is a lovely concept and I can’t wait to see what amazing things you come up with in the future, even if there is a bit more space in between than we’re used to.

    Good luck and good job.

  • Yep.

    You mean “you”? Lol.

  • Valerie

    :) your videos are always a joy, charlie


    just sayin you are prolly the only guy in this world id turn gay for….other then the whole sex thing that would just never happen…

  • Lu Oxley

    o charlie é muito fofo. onde eu encontro um desses no brasil? rs

  • Snuffkin

    Exactly what I wanted to say!

  • amyrebm

    nice pose on the bed!!!!xxx

  • Maria

    What happen to Clocky?

  • cleverphraseology

    I respect your decision about “quality over quantity” and of course I agree with it, but it wouldn’t hurt if you worked on the quantity as well, heheh. so anyways, I love the video, but I’m kind of disappointed :/ why, because we don’t know the story behind that little picture.
    Challange: Tell the story behind that little picture. oh yeah indeed.

  • Kimberley Commonname

    I did actually notice your awesome transitions. Great video =)

  • Chantelle Brooks

    I was thinking to myself the other day that you must be trying to do more quality videos, because I could defiantly tell the difference in your last video (T’was amazing)! I still do wish you would make more videos but I love how dedicated you are and how you aren’t becoming one of those YouTubers who are always making rubbish boring videos.

  • Luke

    I think she meant FTW!!!!!!!

  • Le

    Wow that is a highly professional speech right there.

  • Tristan van der linden


  • thiswashumorous

    Please take me to prom.

  • Water1Wolf

    Aww, I do wish I could just see more Charlie though… Like in a random ‘daily vlogs’ channel or something like Tobuscus does…

  • Snowfire13

    I can’t wait for the new Chameleon Circuit Album to come out! My favorite song is still Exterminate, Regenerate, but maybe it will be topped. =)

  • Lu uu

    Ciao oo
    I saw a couple of your videos are recorded in the scene, and what ever work with programs like Adobe Premier PRO archimedes or simply Windows Movie Maker, study computer graphics, directing, lighting etc. ..
    I read a little bit what I needed to express .. and I believe that everything makes sense in this mondo.personalmente I noticed more transitions editing, sound, and I must say, there are the conditions so that you can become more and more clever. (I look like a prof. sorry hehe)
    the question is above all a:
    you ok? the expression you have is very different from the video I saw long ago, it’s as if you had not gloss over”the”in CO that do.
    I hope I have noticed this in a wrong way.
    thanks for the vision and heart for making me laugh .. without any thought, as when children have returned. (hehe it really is not that adult heheh)
    saluti from sicilyyyyyy

  • Katie Dolan

    We need more people like you on YouTube…

  • Oscarsm86

    Charlie, you did an amazing job on this video, your quest for quality definitely shows, but, is it me or when you talk about “quality” you mean “technical quality”? The quality isnt just on the great cameras and fancy effects, but on the capacity of the person to commuicate in a way that is attractive and fun. You did an awesome job whe you started with a crappy webcam, and weve all seen you grow ever since.

  • Frida Erblad

    I love it when you post new videos! But I have to be honest, sometimes it is a bit challenging to keep up with what you say. Have you ever been told that you are a fast-talker? But I have to admit that I actually like the challenge! Haha … Keep up the good work, love your work!

    Frida from Sweden!

  • Bresands

    Personally, I really appreciate your aim for quality. The transitions and lenses were in fact awesome, but your excitement and just having fun with the video is what I know I love seeing. I’d rather wait ages to watch your videos and know you’re happy with them than see constant uploads where you’re not enjoying yourself.

  • Rhiannon

    I loved your latest video, when I watched it I appreaciated the transitions and I could tell a lot of work went in, it my new favourite.

  • Ana Horvat

    hyy……..I like your videos…they are so cool…….when I’m sick I love wtching them…because…well thoose videos are the only thing that can amke me happy when I’m sick………soo…I have a little challenge for you….why don’t you make a video about how much do you know about CROATIA….I live there…btw…..anyhow I’d really like to see a video about that….. :))))))))))

  • Ana Horvat

    this last post is from me…I made a mistake by putting the wrong name…Ana Horvat….byy

  • Geraldine

    Hello! I’m Geraldine from Argentina. I think that is good to have ambitions and always try to keep then alive, so good for you! And also let me tell you that your videos not only are funny and entertaining, they also have an interesting production what makes them more serious so we can realize that you are not like a common YouTuber but you are so cool like!
    PS: As a challenge, could you sing any love song for saint Valentine’s day and dedciate it to me? Please? I’ll undersand if you don’t want it but you can also dedicate it to all your teenage girls too. It would be lovely!

  • Julianne

    I really loved this video, it was very interesting to watch… Even the 11th time

  • virgoend

    No matter how long you making the video I can wait :)

  • Ali

    So I’m taking a film class and over the weekend my teacher assigned us to find a video of any kind that demonstrated different panning, angles, shots, direction using focus, etc that we could share. Needless to say I’m using your latest video as my example :) Good work Charlie!

  • lilbluberry

    Charlie McDonnell, I challenge you to make the weirdest recipe in your “Cooking for Blokes” cookbook!

  • SuperYam

    I love the fact that you want to make sure that the quality of your videos will be high but I also think a random vlog every ones in a while won’t be too bad either… I didn’t watch the video you chose not to upload (obviously) but I doubt it was that boring, it sounds like old school Charlie and it’s kinda nice…
    I know you want to be completely satisfied with what ever you do but you need to remember that this great videos with cool camera shots weren’t always there when you first started and we still stayed because you are awesome and funny either way (:

  • Nanda!

    Olá, Charlie!

    Well if you weren’t 100% satisfied with some of your past videos you should take your time to make something you’re completely proud of… Right?

    Apparently you want to make an entertaining video, something funny and enjoyable for your fans to watch but I’ve always thought your top priority should be, well, YOU enjoying the whole process of making these videos. If not, it’s just some kind of job, I guess.

    I think I can speak for all your fans when I say that we want you to have fun with this, too. And to be proud of it.

    … I’ll stop saying obvious things now. lol

    Sorry for the grammar (if something’s wrong). I’m from Brazil and I haven’t completed my English course yet. fail


    - Fernanda M.

  • =^. .^=

    Really great video. Of course, all of your videos are really great. You have a way of being funny and charming and can make anything interesting. By the way, the random Doctor Who monster in your bathroom is an Axon. Yes I am a geek, why do you ask?

  • Kirstyholden

    :) Nice Crib…All Your Videos Are Great :) You sooo cool and it was soo intreting to watch…Even the 5th time :D x

  • Guest

    Love the additional effort! Great vid, excellent effects. What editor did you use to get them?

  • Kelseyy

    I just have a question, i was watching your videos, and you said that you are maybe a homosexual. I was intrigued by this, i am a teenage girl around your age, and i have a massive crush on you. You are hysterical, honest, very cute, and it seems you are an al around nice guy. I can see all this just from your videos, i wonder what your like in real life! Well i was just wondering if you were gay, or bi or something, just to make sure im not crushing on someone who wouldnt crush on me back ;). Well please answer this question in a video or something. Thank you! You are amazing!!

    xoxo, Kelsey <3

  • Funkyjunkyemail

    Charlie McDonnell, I challenge you to cook an elaborate meal.

  • TheStrapafainer

    maturating, refining yourself is a good idea!

    could be that some people don’t like the way that you choose, but in the other hand it’s sure that some people like this way!

    just this is your decision, and i think that if you’ve got so many people following you, you are doing a good job!

    let’s go!

  • guest

    he’s not, do your homework kelseyy!

  • Duckpondwithoutducks

    Watch his video Tumblr Wierdness to get a clear answer to your question.

  • Mortadelle

    There’s just one teeeny tiny thing I’ve noticed with YouTubers’ videos – they tend to cut short on reactions. I don’t think I need to point out a specific video of yours or anyone else (if you really want to, get in touch w me and I’ll dig up a few noticeable examples). I once heard someone from the moving images industry say that action is great, but ppl like to see reactions. When someone says something and the reaction of the other person is cut short, it feels like bad editing or like you really really wanted to put the reaction in but something else happened and you had to cut short.
    If you’ve got pals in the TV or movie industry, talk to them about this detail. I’m sure they’ll give you good pointers.
    Otherwise, this video kicked ass big time. I was blown away! This is a whole new level! Keep it up! Loooooove it!

  • Monika

    i challenge you to tell me where your house actually is.

  • Rachael

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    And I challenge you to wear a saree and make a vid out of it ^_~

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    Or anyone with a canon 60d can you advise me?

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    CARL :-)

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    I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t feel so pressured and wanting to make things perfect all the time! Just take your time and be yourself! You are AWESOME ;)

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    Anyway, I’m glad you’re taking ambition into this. I’ve seen way too many youtubers get so caught on their “I’m a youtube partner!” business they forget their original meaning: making art. I can’t wait to see what you’re future brings. I have faith! (So you may NOT find my lack of faith disturbing…to add a poorly added Star Wars reference….)

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    learn more about film because that’s where the money is! Have you gone to any University to study film or acting yet? You do have the talent to be a film director, actor, singer, so try them all and figure out which direction your heart tells you to go! Find a great film school if you don’t want to go to a University! Anyway, I wish you the best and that you will succeed at what ever
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    Charlie boy!

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    sorry about my english, I’m from Uruguay and we speak spanish so this is a bit hard for me, but I really enjoy your show, keep doing it. Camila

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    PS: i also worte you a pm via youtube

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    I’m not dissing your videos, because i love them and i think they are excellent. But, just saying sometimes a vlog-format can be good and don’t be tooo self-critical. Its like when you paint a painting and get too carried away.
    I miss your old videos which were just random and funny :D X

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  • Jolie

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    Don’t get me wrong. This is what I think.

  • Dieblobb

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    Also, I love your’s so lovely!
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    Here is some example of what you can say:
    Hej, jag heter Charlie McDonnell – Hi, my name is Charlie McDonnell
    Jag bor i London med min rumskompis Alex – I live in London with my roommate Alex
    Hur mycket ved skulle en vedhuggare hugga, om en vedhuggare skulle hugga ved – How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood
    Sverige ligger i Skandinavien mellan Norge och Finland – Sweden is in Scandinavia between Norway and Finland

    It would be very funny if you could do this :)

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  • Kathyandoce

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  • A.C.

    I agree! My friend and I were just dicussing that today, actually. (Because we’re nerds and, while we were doing an extensive video project, many Doctor Who quotes came about.) We were talking about the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors when I said, “You know who would make a good 12th or 13th Doctor?” (although a 13th Doctor isn’t technically supposed to exist). She goes, “Charlie McDonnell?” Let it be known you may have a fan cult starting about this.

    By the way, if you could, in some hypothetical universe, be the Doctor, what would your “additions” be? (Like how Tennant brought back the trainers and the “clever glasses” while Matt Smith used the bowtie. Although, I’m sorry, I don’t think even you could pull off a decorative vegetable, though I would dare you to try.)

  • Haley Forte

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    Take care and do your best! We’ll all be cheering you on! ^^
    PS I challenge you to try to make one of the queen’s guard laugh. OH MY GOD that would be amazing!! :D (I have tried and epically FAILED, though I did get a very mean smirk from one of them when I dropped my camera on the ground. =.= I think you’d do a lot better that I did!! :D)

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    Hurray! Keep it up! :)


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    Thank you for being such a truly special person!!
    We love you!


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    I am intrigued at the prospect of you releasing a short film! I wondered whether it would be along the same lines as ‘The Social Network’ but obviously Youtube rather than Facebook? Or perhaps a good ol’ sci-fi with Nerimon & co?
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    * split or splits ( don’t know if that’s right but u know dancers do that)
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    * wax your legs
    * Eat a water melon whit out your hands.

    P.S Fun science is awesome, now I don’t think it sucks so much!

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    My english isn´t great, so sorry if the writting isn´t correct!
    Hola´s form Spain.

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  • Dancerofhope14

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    I think your roommate is lucky Or by British, your flatmate!.
    Keep going and do your best charlie.

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    Well to be honset, I think your idea to only create a video that A) You are proud of and B) You do at your own pace is an awesome idea. If making a video on a scheduled time takes away from the pleasure of you making them, then what’s the point? We’re all your fans so we are behind every decision that you think will better you, so don’t fuss about us! I remember there was a point where on my own blog I was trying to update nightly, and some weeks I did it with no problem (what an eventful week right?) but most times I struggled to write anything.

    I guess my point is, I’m behind you on this, and I understand how you feel ^-^

    Have a nice day and, I should probably get off and get ready for school now! (it’s six in the morning here)


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    Keep making videos, especially with since theme, Charlie! (I know you are going to do it for a long time, but I just wanted to tell you )

    P.S. Watching your British videos has improved my English for IELTS Listening Task! Thank you!
    P.P.S. I know this is one of the most boring comments in the world and maybe you’re not going to read this very soon or you will never read this, but I just felt the need to tell/write you…:)

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    If it isn’t to much to ask of (of course you don’t have to do this), but I was wondering if you could bring your “I Look Better in Purple” and your “You Just Need to Love Yourself” T-shirts back onto your site. I just found out about this a while ago and I thought the shirts were really cool, but I was too late for them. Thankyou :)

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    I´m sure your spanish is just fine!
    Un saludo!
    Thanks by the way!

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    thanks so much,
    all the way from Kazakhstan

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    I’ve just read your status on twitter. Make a part of ”the new/next” video with you being sick saying whatever you want (but don’t force yourself, do as much as you can). I bet you’re funny! ^^

    Take care!

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    Btw, I have a challenge for you and it’s a really good one ;) I challenge you to put on some makeup..mascara, lipstick yo name it! ..wouldn’t it be fun? :)

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    Charlie, you haven’t make a video for a veeeeeery long time now!! We miss you!

    Btw, I have a challenge for you and it’s a really good one ;) I challenge you to put on some makeup..mascara, lipstick yo name it! ..wouldn’t it be fun? :)

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    I’ve only just discovered that I can communicate with you despite my lack of a youtube account soooo bare with me here…

    I just wanted to let you know that your videos have gotten me through some really low days, and if my friend had never shown me any of them… I might have been an emo child by now :P (not that I have anything against emo people, I mean they’re really cool)…

    Someday I will come to London for the sole purpose of finding you and shouting “I FOUND YOU CHARLIE” and then run away, so if some random brown child comes up to you and does that without waiting for their awesome “I found Charlie” button, that’s me ;)

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    P.S. I’m NOT a stalker or anything…
    P.P.S. Your american accent was absolutely terrible.

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    Ok ok, this question is a little patriotic (ah English!)

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  • Genchi54

    Hi Charlie, I just saw you on Somegreybloke and then watched some of your videos…you are adorable! I was a little depressed about all the talk of the End of the World tomorrow and your videos cheered me up. It was so nice to see a young person doing clean, fun videos that are even informative.  Keep up the videos and I will be watching here in Phoenix Arizona, USA

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    Emma, California

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    i hope i can get an answer soon.
    a new fan of your video’s and you are 

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    pd: Sorry for bad English Eli ♥

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    well, also, you know, you’ve heard it a million times probably, but actually you ARE cute, in fact, you are REALLY cute, so would you try to believe it at least?? ;)
    no worries, i won’t stalk you (just ’cause i can’t, i live in spain!! xD)
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  • Charlie

    Hey guys, just saying, these comments are really creepy. 

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    hello Charlie, Mr Shiny is awesome by the way:) i love how accepting you are of other peoples methods of You Tubing, it’s refreshing to be able to watch someone so layed back! please don’t over work your self and just stay as you are because you are brill! i love your style of You Tubing because it makes me feel special, in a way. You make me proud to be English:)

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    Aw Yeah :)

    P.S I agree with any girl that says you’re attractive. ;)

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    Because you have people who look at your video all over the world I have here a challenge for you: make a video speaking different languages, Italian, French, Spanish, German and any other language you want ;)
    and of course with subtitles in English to be understood by all.

  • AlexTheCatX

    YO! You rock! :D

  • whovian

    The monster in your bathroom is from the classic doctor who episode “Claws of  Axos”  in witch the third doctor (Jon Pertwee) and Jo grant. season 8. I only know this because I just watched it not too long ago.

  • Connie Braun

    DOCTOR WHO FAN FILM Hello Charlie! How are you doing today? I saw your Doctor What video and it’s fantastic. I am the chapter leader for the new movie coming out at the end of the year, called the Doctor Who 2.0 Origins, and I think you’d be great in becoming involved in this film. This movie if being shot around the globe, England being one of the shooting locations. If you’d be interested in being involved in the film, contact me. We are looking for actors, actresses, models, set designer, stunt choreographer, chapter leader in England (which means that you gather people from England, who want to be involved as well”. This is a paid position, and if you have an assistant, they will be paid as well. If you are chapter leader, you have a guaranteed speaking role in the movie. You can ‘friend’ me on Facebook, Connie Braun, and I can be identified wearing a purple shirt, with a yellow lay on my neck. This is a feature-length film. We are excited about this movie and would welcome your involvement. We begin auditions in a few months, with shooting to begin a few months after that. Have a great day! Email me at Take care and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Connie Lee Braun-Thorman

  • Princess097

    hey its princess097 here!!!! u did not tell me u had your own website!!! Sooo cool hope u can tell me more see ya

  • MLI

    BE AMAZED, CHARLIE! I made it the whole way! Impressed? B-D
    It would be really cool meeting you! But since I live in Sweden and I’m not traveling to London any time before 9th grade, that’s probably not going to happen. Anyway, good luck with your videos, your fans, I hope you won’t feel that scared about your videos again! ;-D

  • Orangemeister

    can you watch my video
    Stuff I Said

  • Orangemeister

    hey charlie can you teach me about computer stuff please or take me as your apprentice

  • louisha

    thxs for liking my friend morgans video

  • louisha

    can u do a video of u riding a horse plz I love horses just as much as I like your videos

  • louisha

    soz I keep talking but do u live in London



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