My (Slightly Less) Public Breakup

June 23, 2013

So, I’ve a bit of sad news for you today. Me and Bryarly broke up.

The reason? Pretty simple really, and exactly the one that you’d expect too: distance. Everyone talks about how hard long distance relationships are to maintain, and although we certainly had a good crack at ours, in the end it just became too difficult for the both of us.

As far as breakups go, ours was just as rational as it was emotional, it was very carefully considered, and we ended on very good terms too. Both of us just wanted the best for each other, and I’m honestly very proud of how we handled the whole thing. It was intense, so naturally we weren’t able to revert to being best-buddies instantly, but I’ve high hopes that we’ll remain close friends in the future. Which, yes, is the kind of thing that you’re meant to say in these situations, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

After making our relationship public, Bryarly and I were pretty overwhelmed with how lovely you were about the whole thing. We were both braced for hate, and instead we got support. With that, my hope is that you’ll be considerate enough to do the same with this news. Relationships are delicate things, and the decision to make ours public was always going to be a risk. Obviously I can’t stop you from taking sides, or making assumptions, or reading into things – it’s all natural human curiosity. All I ask is that you keep those thoughts to private conversations, not public posts (I’m looking at you, Tumblr) and that you give us the space to move on so that we don’t have to feel any worse about what we’ve already been through.

Thanks a lot for reading. Here’s to the future and all that :) And if you’d like to read Bryarly’s POV on this, she wrote her own blog post which you can read here.

Lots of love,


  • Happiestredhead

    You and Bryarly are brave. To make a relationship public when you are famous, especially famous on the scathing a cynical internet is a big step. To also break up and announce it to all those out there is also incredibly brave. I admire you greatly.

  • andymiddlename

    I wonder why neither of them could move… :(

  • Angela Johnson

    I guess this is being an adult.:(

  • Katie Mcgough

    Although its sad, I guess it was for the best. If things were becoming difficult them yeah.. I guess it shouldnt be forced. But your fans are always here for you and (if you needed to) we could all meet up and be a shoulder to cry on! :) x

  • Anna

    I was in a long-distance relationship once and it lasted for exactly one month; it was a complete disaster and it ended badly. You guys did so much better than we did, and I loved the work you did together. Friendship is sometimes harder than love, but I’m sure everything will work out for both of you. Love xx

  • Ruby

    I doing long distance at present. Different continents :( And we intend to continue this for two more years.

    Hope you’re doing alright, Charlie.

  • Ruby


  • FZA.

    Im sorry I did not work and Im really that you guys are still in good terms. Stay strong, time heals the pain. :) x

  • maudiemuse

    awh charlie:( we’re all here for you! and we understand that you want to keep things to yourself about why, stay strong:) :)))) added some chins for ya

  • AngiespeakdumbEng

    what doesn’t kill makes you stronger, stand a little taller, doesn’t mean i am lonely when i’m alone

  • Toni


  • Blanca Lopez

    i am sorry about that charlie, i am happy that it was a good break up ^.^ hope you get better both of you ^.^

  • Rafaela Corrêa

    Complicated have fellings about another person , i hope you really happy in the future . I like you , i like your videos, you makes me happy. Thanks for everything Charlie .

  • kimberlee

    I’m impressed you’re able to share such personal info to the world. I’d rather crawl into a hole and become a hermit. Good work guy! :)

  • Horan

    I’m sorry to here. At least you’re both happy(:

  • Horan


  • Rachel

    Just wanted to share a hopeful message here. The first (and only) guy I have ever had a serious relationship with are still wonderfully close friends. I know people say that it gets more difficult to stay friends the closer the relationship was and maybe that’s true – but it totally can be done. My ex and I still talk every week and are very close. He gets along well with my current boyfriend and we can all hang out and have a blast. Actually, they both came to visit me at the same time this past summer and it wasn’t awkward at all.

    Anyways, my point is that you shouldn’t let what people say you can and can’t do about being friends with your ex stop you. I know first hand that its possible to stay close with someone you were in love with even after the relationship is over. The important thing is that you still care about them.

  • Mo0w

    I have been wondering a few weeks now.. But I’m sad to hear that you broke up. But I’m sure you both find the best boy/girlfriend you deserve and be happy you parted in a good way! Best of luck to both of you :)

  • Andrew

    I’m sorry to hear that happened. I know how you feel; I also recently left a long distance relationship. I’m glad to hear you both remained friends. :)

  • Holly

    I reckon that one day when you are not so far away from eachother you’ll get back together. You two were just so close to perfect as a couple. Im sorry I only found out today!! To the future, Charlie!!! Xxx

  • Grace

    You two are so amazing at how you handled it all !! :)

  • Caitlin :*

    I’m very sad you broke up, but it was for you and Bryarly, so I don’t mind. And you know you’re got lots of people supporting you. Congrats for making it public, that’s a bit risk and you did it. That shows how you cared for each other. But it didn’t work out and so long as you are happy, everyonne’ s happy.

  • Karis

    My heart dropped when i heard about the breakup:( but so long as you’re both happy, thats all that matters:(

  • Karis


  • Ana

    I realize I am late in discovering this, but I hope you are coping well. Maintaining a long distance relationship takes a lot of work. My boyfriend and I are only 4 hours apart but we have had months with him in London and me in Atlanta and those we some trying times. It is really impressive that you and Bryarly managed to stay together for years with a long distance relationship between countries. Neither of you are bad people and I hope you both move on to greener pastures. Stay strong.

  • kiki x

    i can’t believe i’ve only just seen this. i’m sorry to hear about it Charlie, but seeing how close you two were before, I’m sure you’ll stay friends. It’ll get better :) xx

  • Katie

    :( I’m sorry to hear that Charlie. I hope you are ok xx

  • Sydni

    hey sorry about that i understand charlieee but i think everything sorts out itself in lifr and someday she will be able to make choices to either live close to u .with u .or just stay near her family .im proud u two (i think) took it a good thing .most people r so hard on eachother .good boy .lol bye charr

  • Iris

    I’m sorry to hear this Charlie. Stay strong :) x

  • Kat

    loljk, ilysm I hope you’re okay Charlie<3

  • Guest

    I can be your moral support :-) I’m mean if you don’t want it that’s fine I mean you don’t know me but ya

  • kia is ninja

    If you would like to know who is weird enough to write this I’m on Twitter @kiarodriguez111

  • Vivi

    hey, I saw a video about U in Weibo, Do you know Weibo? U R so cute!

  • Maddy

    Dont worry Charlie|| <3 you xx

  • CaringFriend

    I totally understand, and no one should take sides, its awesome you two were able to end on a good note. You are amiable and that is very admirable. :) – @AdventureTimewJ

  • idontwanttobenoseyicareaboutu

    i understand too did you ever kiss if so was she good at kissing

  • kubenchik

    what the hell? is it even your business to ask questions like this

  • sailor1234

    how does the song go? Cheer up Charlie!!

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  • TheMangaka

    Hi :) well, it’s just great to hear that you managed to keep your friendship :) distance can make relationships very hard to maintain but it’s ok as long as both of you don’t suffer :)

  • Singapom

    Handled very well.

  • makuta

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