The Other Charlie

February 13, 2012

This video was REALLY fun to make. I like being detailed, even if I know that most of the details that I include might go unnoticed, it’s still fun to include them in the hope that they’ll add to the authenticity of the overall video. Now that I’m all done with this project, I thought I’d mention some of the neat things I did to end up with the finished product.

Firstly, if you see a shot with Evil Charlie in it, that shot has been mirrored in post. And that’s pretty much as far as the visual effects go in this video. I knew that I wanted everything about him to be the wrong way round: His mole, the direction his fringe goes in, his wall of stuff, his computer etc. But that also meant that if I knew there was going to be text/an image on the screen during any of Evil Charlie’s parts, I had to make sure it was in reverse. That way, when I reversed all of Evil Charlie’s shots later, everything would look like it was the right way round. My first port of call was to go to a T-Shirt printers and get these guys made:

My new Pogo Shirts, in person.

Needless to say, the guy who printed these for me was a bit confused when I said “You see how these designs are the wrong way round? That’s how I want them”. The red shirt is obviously the one that I needed for Evil Charlie, but I also got the mirrored No Pogo shirt for my friend Bing to wear when he was sitting in the background pretending to be an unconscious Good Charlie. You can hardly even see the flipped No Pogo shirt in the video, and although it probably would have been fine if I’d just given him my normal non-flipped shirt, I wanted to make sure I was covered, just in case. Next up, my alternate wall of stuff:

The bits and bobs that I made for the Wall of Evil Stuff

As you can see, I didn’t go mad and recreate every single item on my wall, but what I did do was pick the ones which looked like they might be easily visible on screen and recreate those. Some of them are in the video (mainly the “Evil Alex and Charlie Evil Format” and the “Win”) but most go unnoticed. Again, I don’t really mind that – I think it was better to be safe and have them just in case they did end up visible on camera. After the wall was finished, all I had to do was add the evil fairy lights, cover one of my video lights with some red tissue paper to give the room an evil red tint, and voilà!

Evil Charlie's Office! Woo

So there you go. Hopefully someone who isn’t me will find all of this stuff interesting :) By the way, if you’re up for seeing a little more behind-the-scenes footage, Bing included some clips in a video that he made on the day, which you can see here. Thanks and bye and things!

  • Rhiannon L

    You’re just ridiculously clever, Charlie. We accept you as our lord and master.

  • Harriet

    I noticed it :) I was actually really curious as to how you did it, so thanks.

  • Elisa_eds

    I loved the video, although I kind wanted to know the list of happy things :( But Evil Charlie was in it’s own way a delight to see :D 

  • Zoemew

    I found it incredibly interesting. Thank you for putting this amount of effort into your videos. I just love this and I really do appreciate how much work has gone into it. 

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  • Aisling M O’Reilly Haynes

    Wow. I was wondering about the flipped stuff. I now have an uncontrollable urge to buy a flipped shirt… just to wear normally… for the luls.

  • Kelsey

    Why can’t television shows have great ideas like this instead of using really bad special effects? You get like 4,000 life points for this or something.

  • Anne Beatriz

    You’re a crazy dude. That’s why everbody loves you.

  • Julie Gorustovich

    Great video!, I really enjoyed all the details and I love the Red pogo shirt :D

  • Katie McAninch

    These are some really creative ideas! Since I am a theatre major I love hearing about the little details (and the big ones too!). Great video!

  • Christian Pill

    I thought about that too… that you really put your desk, the ewall of stuff etc to the other side of the room and so on… BUT

    Whats about the window shade … the mole etc…
    I look at your face to see whether you used make-up-artist-like-magic-tricks… but you did not… your mole was real…

    So thanks for explaining how you did this video!

    Really Great and I do like details as much as you do!

    Best regard!


  • Alice

    sweet! g’job

  • Annabelle Snaith

    i really want to know how you come up with these ideas! i noticed the stuff on the wall and thought it was reallu clever! you baffle me:)

  • Meghan

    My favourite part was that the Evil Handbook was written by Evil Abed. 

  • Charlie’s babe<3


  • Rob Morris

    Dedication :O

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  • Anonymous

    When I first saw evil Charlie I thought he was one of the Flesh who had been working with the Silence….
    Also, is it wrong that I really want a backwards shirt?

  • Joss Hobson

    I was really confused at the ‘WIN’ poster. I was thinking to myself “Why on earth does he have a poster on his wall that says ‘NIW’..? “

  • Alex

    This made me smile, thank you very much for the video as well as the informative blog. I can go to sleep no longer confused. :)

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  • Mia

    Why didn`t you just get Alex to help you with the video? I mean, he`s just a few steps away from you. I`m guessing when he made his 10 facts video, you were filming this one?

  • Alex

    Also, I thought the knocking was for sure a dead boy with a gas mask looking for his mummy….I was let down! But still amused… :D

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  • beth

    I noticed the “win” and “evil format”, I could tell the alex picture said something different but couldn’t read it. Interesting to see all the other stuff that was backwards as well. Your hard work is much appreciated and thats what makes your videos so great :)

  • Giselle

    I think a lot of people (including myself) found it interesting how you made the whole reverse world happen! :D It’s cool to see all the detail & work put into each video. Thanks!
    P.S. I really want to steal those fairy lights.. *__*

  • Zoe <3

    Wow! You put loads of effort into making your videos. You are a true inspiration and you’re truly amazing!

  • Olivia Nielson

    That is so cool what you did to make it look real! I can’t speak for everyone else, but I think it’s pretty darn awesome that you add in those little details just because. It makes it a lot better from a production standpoint when you go the extra distance to think about that. 

  • Anonymous

    I found this interesting, Charlie! Great video

  • Marta & Maria :D

    You are so clever!! you are really original! How do you come up with this fantastic ideas? You are the best Charlie!!

    Kisses from 2 huge fans from Portugal :D

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  • KyrnelOfTruth

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    Probably one of my favourites :) 

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  • Sfarley5910

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