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February 13, 2012

This video was REALLY fun to make. I like being detailed, even if I know that most of the details that I include might go unnoticed, it’s still fun to include them in the hope that they’ll add to the authenticity of the overall video. Now that I’m all done with this project, I thought I’d mention some of the neat things I did to end up with the finished product.

Firstly, if you see a shot with Evil Charlie in it, that shot has been mirrored in post. And that’s pretty much as far as the visual effects go in this video. I knew that I wanted everything about him to be the wrong way round: His mole, the direction his fringe goes in, his wall of stuff, his computer etc. But that also meant that if I knew there was going to be text/an image on the screen during any of Evil Charlie’s parts, I had to make sure it was in reverse. That way, when I reversed all of Evil Charlie’s shots later, everything would look like it was the right way round. My first port of call was to go to a T-Shirt printers and get these guys made:

My new Pogo Shirts, in person.

Needless to say, the guy who printed these for me was a bit confused when I said “You see how these designs are the wrong way round? That’s how I want them”. The red shirt is obviously the one that I needed for Evil Charlie, but I also got the mirrored No Pogo shirt for my friend Bing to wear when he was sitting in the background pretending to be an unconscious Good Charlie. You can hardly even see the flipped No Pogo shirt in the video, and although it probably would have been fine if I’d just given him my normal non-flipped shirt, I wanted to make sure I was covered, just in case. Next up, my alternate wall of stuff:

The bits and bobs that I made for the Wall of Evil Stuff

As you can see, I didn’t go mad and recreate every single item on my wall, but what I did do was pick the ones which looked like they might be easily visible on screen and recreate those. Some of them are in the video (mainly the “Evil Alex and Charlie Evil Format” and the “Win”) but most go unnoticed. Again, I don’t really mind that – I think it was better to be safe and have them just in case they did end up visible on camera. After the wall was finished, all I had to do was add the evil fairy lights, cover one of my video lights with some red tissue paper to give the room an evil red tint, and voilà!

Evil Charlie's Office! Woo

So there you go. Hopefully someone who isn’t me will find all of this stuff interesting :) By the way, if you’re up for seeing a little more behind-the-scenes footage, Bing included some clips in a video that he made on the day, which you can see here. Thanks and bye and things!

  • Stephen Kearns

    Me and my friend have a new youtube channel check it out

  • Dita

    cool…..the details made it seem less amateur and more professional :)

  • Amanda Corey

    sweetie, its been over 6 months. you need to update. Thank you very much.

  • puglove

    happy b-day!! :)

  • Sophie

    Oi. Charlie. Post. Here. Or Youtube. Don’t care, really. Just plz 2 post something, soon plz?

  • biny

    I’m sorry that you got splashed in the face with water by yourself

  • Kat

    Question: Not to do with the above but Why are you afraid of My little pony?

  • Maya Moiseyev-Foster

    OMG!!! I just paused at “The Evil Handbook of Evil” and noticed it was by Evil Abed! Yay Community!! XD

  • Anna Shigle

    You’re amazing, and clever Charlie! I just love your written blogs, never get bored of reading them.

  • Juliet

    Charlie, what are you talking about in the i’m scared video, you are not making bad videos, even though this was a while ago, and you had a different, awesome haircut, you are truely the same charlie. You have all the good ideas for videos. Don’t be scared of what we think, we dont matter. Just be yourself and be creative:):):) We all love you. This video is like your best videos, next to the videos where you sing about doctor who.:) You should do more evil, and nice charlie, and some more doctor who stuff. Science is fun, their are a bunch of things charlie, just do what you want to do, were just the audience, we dont matter:)

  • Mari TheDreamer Lohitai

    Wow that’s super neat

  • John Chavez – Gonzalez

    I love the details. This is one of my favorite videos you have produced. And haha I did notice, it was fun going back and forth between Good Charlie and Evil Charlie’s office and see what was the different and what stayed the same. Evil Andy Wallpaper on your mac = Awesome!

  • Laura Krawczyk

    I love how Charlie misspelled “Meat Cruellike”

  • Laura Krawczyk

    I wonder who played the role of Good Charlie when the Evil Charlie had him tied up on the floor…

  • Annabeth

    Is it weird for me to say that I love you? xD I’m usually not the fangirling type.

  • Sandra

    I love this video(:

  • Giovanna Paterno

    Hi Charlie I love your videos you r the best and have great hair:) I know u like science so here are some funny ones that my sister saw on one of John greens brothers YouTube posts… Never trust an Atom they make up everything, when do I tell science jokes? Periodically I told one yesterday it had no reaction. And I love your science videos Charlie they r great I want to go to London just to get a pin

  • Lolly >.<

    I wonder what is number 9 on you’re list….

  • Your mum

    He didn’t, it’s just team cruellike backwards, idiot.

  • Your Dad

    He even said ‘My Friend Bing’. Maybe if you were considerate enough to read what he wrote instead of being a giant douche and just commenting you would know and wouldn’t look like an absolute retard.

  • just-naya

    This was a fun entry to read! It’s so interesting how much effort you put into this simple skit (well, not so simple haha)

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