The Wall Of Stuff

July 31, 2010

I shot this video on the 25th of July (so just a day shy of being able to submit it to the Life In A Day project, such is life) which means that time has passed since I made the video, six days to be exact. Six days I’ve been living in London. Six whole days! By tomorrow it’ll have been a whole week! Whoa man, this being independent thing is crazy. I’m still not completely moved yet, I’m heading back to Bath on Sunday to pick up the last of my things, and then that’ll be that. I’ll be all moved out and stuff. Lordy.

I should mention, although The Wall Of Stuff 1 is no more, I will be making a second wall right here in my new London based bedroom, with all of the classics that you know and love from the last wall (minus the ones that got destroyed when I tried to take them off) and a bunch of new things too. “The Wall Of Stuff 2.0″ is the tentative title, though I’m also considering “The Wall Of More Stuff” or “It’s Just A Wall, Stop Caring So Much About What To Call It, Charlie”.

My Flat + My Flatmate :0

If you’ve already been following the video progress of my flatmate, the esteemed YouTube weblebrity known as Nerimon (I just call him Alex) then you know what our place looks like already. For the uninitiated though, see that picture at the left? That’s what our flat looks like. Just like any boring, normal flat really. But it’s quite nice, and we like it a lot. It’s lovely living with Alex too, we spark off each other when it comes to creative stuff, which makes getting on with our jobs much easier, and he’s just generally just very nice to be around.

Though I may have moved, I am still the same Charlie, and my plans to dedicate as much of my time to videos as possible have not wavered. If anything, this move should lead to me being more driven, because now I have to earn money to pay for food and rent and stuff. I’m very excited, it’s all go from this point onwards :)

  • Anya

    nnnnoooo! you moved the wall of stuff! well, at least you reconstructed it.

  • Lillith

    I just made my wall of stuff. It’s pretty cool! Yeah, I copied Charlie’s idea… lol

  • Rachael stone

    Does charlie have a PO box? If he does what is it???

  • Uvejvvycykfm

    PO box si vous plait? (:

  • Ani Collier

    Sellotape IS regular tape, isn’t it? :-/

  • Luna

    /Spell/otape, as in spell. It’s from Harry Potter

  • Cohocrules

    i bet that taking all of your wall down gave you an empty feeling in your stomach. i hate that feeling; especially when it lasts longer than it should.

  • Kat McDermott

    Oh my goodness do NOT use cellotape if the paint on your walls is a.) really old b.) really new c.) temperamental, because it will take the paint off of your walls. I speak from experience.  

  • deanie

    I want to go make myself a wall of stuff but I don’t have a wall :(

  • les

    em…em…em, i don’t get it ? :(

  • yayayayayayayaaaaaaaaaa

    okay so i need ideas for MY WALL OF STUFF inspired my charliesocoollike:)

  • megan ellis

    whats you PO box charlie?Xxx


    I’m a huge fan Charlie and I was just thinking of redecorating my room, and I’m like – oh remember that Charlie McDonnel video I watched a few months ago. Boom it hit me – A WALL OF STUFF! Thanks for the inspiration Charlie :))

  • Kiera

    i love your vids

  • Eli

    I wan to meet you so bad

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