The Wall Of Stuff

July 31, 2010

I shot this video on the 25th of July (so just a day shy of being able to submit it to the Life In A Day project, such is life) which means that time has passed since I made the video, six days to be exact. Six days I’ve been living in London. Six whole days! By tomorrow it’ll have been a whole week! Whoa man, this being independent thing is crazy. I’m still not completely moved yet, I’m heading back to Bath on Sunday to pick up the last of my things, and then that’ll be that. I’ll be all moved out and stuff. Lordy.

I should mention, although The Wall Of Stuff 1 is no more, I will be making a second wall right here in my new London based bedroom, with all of the classics that you know and love from the last wall (minus the ones that got destroyed when I tried to take them off) and a bunch of new things too. “The Wall Of Stuff 2.0″ is the tentative title, though I’m also considering “The Wall Of More Stuff” or “It’s Just A Wall, Stop Caring So Much About What To Call It, Charlie”.

My Flat + My Flatmate :0

If you’ve already been following the video progress of my flatmate, the esteemed YouTube weblebrity known as Nerimon (I just call him Alex) then you know what our place looks like already. For the uninitiated though, see that picture at the left? That’s what our flat looks like. Just like any boring, normal flat really. But it’s quite nice, and we like it a lot. It’s lovely living with Alex too, we spark off each other when it comes to creative stuff, which makes getting on with our jobs much easier, and he’s just generally just very nice to be around.

Though I may have moved, I am still the same Charlie, and my plans to dedicate as much of my time to videos as possible have not wavered. If anything, this move should lead to me being more driven, because now I have to earn money to pay for food and rent and stuff. I’m very excited, it’s all go from this point onwards :)

  • Lewis

    his job is youtube, he gets paid to make video’s because he’s a partner

  • Ally

    oh lol that makes sense then…i wish i could make money by making videos for youtube haha

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts exactly, I have a few lying around!

  • shinystar19yay

    This is so great! Have fun in the new flat!

  • Ally

    are you saying you have never had a job before?

  • Heather

    NOOO you're wall is gone, probably forever, unlike starting a whole new wall, with so much more on it… oke not gone forever…
    what are you gonna do for living?
    goood luck!

  • Steve Hanmer

    Looking forward to seeing the new wall. :)

  • Claire

    this is now one of my favorite charlie videos. made me laugh so much.
    have a great time in your new flat!!

  • Claire

    also what happened to the train tickets?

  • Amanda

    I hope you and Alex have an exceptional time =) It's a pleasure to be entertained constantly by you two and I'm very eager to see what your bright futures hold.
    Thank you, truly.

  • Celine

    You are so funny :D

  • luluu

    Congratulations on moving out!

  • Daisy Hanrahan

    This is all must be very exciting for you Charlie, I hope you have a great time living with Alex. Oh my god I just thought of you to having christmas together…

  • Imogen

    Will you still be keeping your wall of train tickets?
    I like that wall.

  • Julia J.

    Good luck with your grown-up life, Charlie.

  • TARDISlover

    Will we ever see the hundreds of train tickets?
    The video made me sad but happy. I am excited about Wall 2.0, but the classic wall is, well, classic.

  • demilo_jenny

    The copy/paste thing – it's priceless. :D

  • Gabi

    aw charlie i love your wall – but looking forward to seeing the new one too :) i hope moving out and living in London is everything you hope it will be and that you are very successful and do well in anything you choose to do :) (and keep on making videos)

  • Marry

    I like the last minut:))it makes me laught very much:))
    You're so cool :X>:D<

  • Volfos

    He makes money off of Youtube Partnership (I think), so he works for Youtube.

    Which means we get to consume him… I like to consume people soul first, what is your taste´?

  • livivication

    That's great Charlie, maybe this means you'll pop up more frequently in Alex's videos and vice versa.
    Hope you'll do well on this independent thingy ;)

  • Lisa

    moving out is the best thing I ever did ;) .. so congrats! I wish I had Alex as my flatmate too

  • Annie Nymous

    Aww, Charlie's all growed up! Good luck with the flat and life and stuff. I'm about to move out myself, and it's pretty scary, gotta say . . . :P

  • Moriah

    HAHAHAHA Yes! Gary Glitter!
    GoooOOoOoOoood luck!

  • Iamzanet

    good luck:)) hope you have a great time in london.. one day im gonna move there too maybe..

  • Amanda Baird

    I sure some people, specifically some girls tho not me lol, will have thout it was really cute and brave and stuff of you showing that picture of you…… naked….. on a potty ¬_¬ :L loved this video couldnt stop laughing at you singing “Mrs Nerimon” and the video of Alex's 'relationship' with a pig too funny whot on earth inspired him to do that :D seeing as my brother just crashed into me with his bike leaving me with a broken hand that really cheered me up <3 as usual :L

  • Sprocket the mad, foul chicken

    Oh my. This is quite the picture you have put in my heard. WHYY DAISY HANRAHAN WHYYYY?!

    *awkward squid noises*

    Anywho, Charlie, you rebel. Taking the guest passes from BBC. I'm suprised Big Brother and his Five-Oh puppet aren't after you, Cuz.

  • Rina_potter13

    i love you charlie.. and i love your wall.. and good luck.. #indonesiaissocoollikeyou :)

  • Amanda Baird

    A GOOMba :L

  • Keladryie

    Love the photo :D

  • Veronica


  • Alice

    Have fun living with Alex in London. I'm so jealous xD

  • Michelle Fried

    that was kind of depressing :( but living with alex could lead to the start of something good ;)

  • Katie Swan

    You're wall was the most awesomest wall I have ever seen. It's sad you took it down! But alas, I'll live. Good luck living in London :) You're so lucky, you're living my dream! Minus the Alex but that wouldn't be bad either. Katie x

  • Shanik

    Hahaha My friend went to Bath on Wednesday, and he's been looking for you all over, but you've moved, and he's coming back on sunday, when you go back! On the plus side, we may see you in London :P. So sad to see the wall go, but it's so cool to be sharing with Alex! you two are epic… wish you could've come to the gig on the 14th as well.

  • Chelsea

    Wall of Stuff 2.0 sounds good. since it's on the web and stuff, it feels right.

    i assumed since you and Alex were roommates (flatmates. whatev.) that you had moved at the same time.

    ps. you guys are so skinny. ok, random, i know. but you are. (i can say this because i met you both at VidCon. which is weird. which reminds me, i have video editing to do *video edits*)

  • Veronica

    What thin you gonna miss the most of ur bedroom?

  • sydney

    just wondering – what exactly is your job, charlie? making music??? you've never actually said it anywhere

  • Emily Wright

    You're so awesome :D
    When's your album coming out? I'm craving more Coollikeness :P

  • Listentotheband

    How do you earn cash? Why cant Alex be my flatmate? : (

  • andrea medrano

    *high five* You're all grown up haha :)

  • Helenasdaisies

    YES at least when i go to london in a couple days i can hunt u down:) i go every summer and i usually live there the whole summer, but i could go until august this year:( my grandma lives in ealing though…. so just out of central london…. I WILL FIND U!!!

  • Alex

    don't name it “the wall of stuff 2.0″. it reminds people of Bieber.. hahaha
    buuut yeah, charlie, have fun living independently and always remember that your cool… like! (see what i did there)

  • Paty

    I gasped when I saw the empty wall….but you couldn't have thought to maybe have a bag or box to put all the wall stuff in? Instead of just throwing it on the inverted table…? No? Ok. I did like the story of your mole… :)

  • Petra1324

    It's not just a wall. It's never just a wall. Trust me, I know. ;)

  • CarolPT

    oh my god. you've been in london this past week? me too! i was on vacation, cause i'm actually from portugal. aaah, why didn't i see you? when i was in london i thought “it would be really cool if i could see charlie, maybe i would come with a badge. but he's in bath so that is not going to happen”.. and know you tell us you are in london? aaarrgh!
    well, that's okay :) i really enjoyed london, it's a beautiful city. good luck to your new life :D
    btw, what's your new job?

  • Sarahlouise

    No! Not the wall! … I guess i'm okay with it though, as long as you're still around Mr.McDonnell.

  • Maria

    My vote goes to… “The Wall Of More Stuff”!

  • Michael smith

    i would love to be your flatmate ………hint hint ^^

  • ross freeman

    It's making videos

  • Avery Freniere

    I know how you feel charlie! Ill be moving into my dorm next month. All the freedom of being away from home…I can't wait for it!

  • Ty Stanage

    Ah, good luck with the rest of the moving out…I'm in the process of doing it myself–it's a pain to see what to keep and what to just toss away.

    Unfortunately, my mom did the worst of things…she gave my Gamecube away! I was going to start getting into the Zelda games I never completed, because all of my friends are all like, “lol Zelda is best game everz” and I am just sad because I've only played Link's Awakening on the original Gameboy. :(

    Again, good luck…this video only made me want to be in my new apartment even faster (only two weeks, yesss!)

    P.S. Nice tags: the wall of stuff train tickets other things all gone sob :(

    Also, I thoroughly enjoy that Pink Floyd's “Another Brick in the Wall” is a related video.


    good luck with it, ever think about buying two cheap digital cameras and doing some 3d VLOGS??

  • Nicole Hylton

    Charlie, I have an idea. If you'd like to retain The Original Wall Of Stuff (or at least what wasn't destroyed, lol) you could use your videos as a reference for when you go to put up The New Wall. In other words, look at the background of your videos (like My Crib, for example) to see what went where, that way you don't have to remember as much. 8D

    Just a thought; something you may want to consider for “THE RESURRECTION.” xD

  • annah

    The Wall of Stuff 2.0?
    Why not just go all the way and call it iWall 2.0
    le sigh. :)

  • Elise is so cool like

    awesum flat charlie!!!if i could send u a house (or flat…) warming gift i could!!! happy living! :D

  • Ava Feneberger

    Yay! Now that you and Alex live together I am expecting videos in which the two of you are next to eachother becuase you two are my favorite YouTube people. Your whole group is really. you Alex Tom Ed and then Hank and John who aren't really in your Brit clan. Lots of love!!!

  • Emmusical

    Dear Charlie,
    I am in face a teenage girl :) currently living in the USA. I just purchased a copy of Chameleon Circuit, and I love it! Especially Exterminate Regenerate, and Type 40. I was just wondering which songs you were featured in, and who else is in the band with you. Oh my god you are the best!!!!AHHHHHHH. sorry I just momentarily had a nervy b from knowing that there is a tiny chance you might actually read what I'm writing (!!!!!!!!!) :O

    Sorry for that randomness :)

    all the best,


  • UglyShlagg22

    The Wall Of More Stuff sounds good, Charlie.
    Congratulations on moving in :) I watch nerimon so I'm sure Alex will be a very good flatmate xD
    Erm, peoplez, his job is…
    This. He gets money from the t-shirts and all that shit >.<
    I understand he has a music career as well, (I like your songs about Doctor Who :)).
    M'kay xD

  • Slewy7_17


  • alissadale

    My friend and I have been wondering FOREVER why we saw a picture of Edward on your wall and wondered if you were secretly a Twilight-lover. Whew! Thanks for clearing that up. :o)

  • Alissa Dale

    My friend and I have been wondering FOREVER why we saw a picture of Edward on your wall and wondered if you were secretly a Twilight-lover. Whew! Thanks for clearing that up. :o)

  • Kathmi123

    i always wantd to know about the stuff on ur wall, know i know it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just wantd to say Charlie is sooooo cute like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love ur video nd think no words can discribe how amazing you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    nd dose the fact ur moving out mean we wont see ur mam any more! =,(
    o well, love you charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xkillerstilettosx

    I've spent 4 months tracking down where ur house was… now i have to track ur new flat urgh this stalking buisness is getting fustrating…
    jk lol have a good time Charlie

  • Carys Pollard

    i suggest something like:
    ” The wall is back; but moved” or something along those lines
    aww, Charlie's growing up :D

    so, what do you plan to do now i.e. more music, get a job? etc. although im sure we'll get an update soon :)

  • Dianamore

    aaw you're a big boy :3

  • Ruthduke321

    While I was reading this, I felt sort of nostalgic. I'm moving out of my own home in several weeks and heading off to college (eeek!) Reading this blog and watching the video of you going through snipets of your life made me realize to appreaciate what I have while also making me feel a little better of going through the next phase of my life, as you are now.
    Best of luck in the future and continue being your lovely self!

  • Natassha

    Aww,kinda sad to see you tear down your “wall of stuff”.However looking forward to see your new wall in your new flat! Since you're living with nerimon now,we should be getting to watch some great videos from you guys! :D

  • Jeanette

    Great video :)

  • Jenna Tackett

    Charlie's all grown up and whatnot :) I feel a little proud.

  • Stay_the_night

    I love every video of you :)
    You're very amazing and special person!
    Let's do as muc hvideos as you can, cause you're best with that! :D:D:D:D

  • melina123


  • Maren

    Ey! You never told us you had dated anyone, Charlie. How many have you dated?

  • princess_marzipan

    congratz charlie!!! :D

  • anmol

    congratulation charlie! cant wait to see the new wall !

  • username1117

    You need a Boston subway card for your wall, they are called Charlie Cards! Perhaps its time to get a P.O. Box.

  • Wilsonn Shugart

    THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I feel, somewhat strangely, like I've grown up with you, Charlie, in the back of my mind on on my YouTube screen. You're such a wonderful person, I can feel your excitement and enthusiasm pouring off the page as I read. Good luck, really, the best.

  • TheTenthDoctor13

    Hahah Charlie saw TAKE THAT! MUAHAHAH!

  • Andromieda

    …are you SURE your the same charlie? i have a feeling your an android.

  • XxMango123

    awesome (: i hope that the move went well :D
    i just moved recently too D:

  • joolie

    Lots of luck in the big city Charlie!! Can't wait to see 'The Wall Of Stuff 2.0' :)

  • Sophia

    You saw David Tennant's Hamlet?! Was it amazing, was it beautiful, was it EPIC? And how did you come across a SIGNED flyer? What is the story behind this?!

    sorry, freaking out, Doctor Who freak and Hamlet freak at the same time means I start hyperventilating whenever David Tennant's Hamlet is mentioned…

  • Rikke Jensen

    i had a wall too, once! – but it was more like.. i drawed stuff directly on the wall, and then i had to pint it over): very sad!
    -are you moving out of the room, or are you.. moving-moving out?

  • joetx

    charlie grows up

  • joetx

    charlie grows up

  • Katie

    Good Luck, Charlie! (Ironically, I think that is a Disney Channel show) I understand how you feel. Unfortunately for me, it was my brother moving into my room. We repainted to fit his masculine needs, and I have restored my wall. Alas.

  • JeremyHillaryBoobPhD

    ooer i'm moving to london for uni in about 4 weeks and i'll be on my own as well. at least your family is relatively nearby! mine will be at least an 18hr flight away if its direct. D8

  • wizzard7

    Congrats on your recent independence. Wishing you all the best.

  • Jess

    Even though I never see you in Bath, I feel slightly lonely knowing you're not here anymore… :(
    But best of luck in London; I will be moving there too in a year's time, love it! :)

  • Zahra Croft

    Awwwh! Sounds exciting. Both of you, moving out, you're all grown up! ^_^ *pulls cheeks until they go red* :P Good luck! xoxo

  • kellie

    I live quite near Bath, only a train journey away. It's quite sad knowing London is a lot bigger and my chances of finding you have seriously decreased. Anyway, good luck!

  • Lydia Ding

    thats actually quite a good observation. i'd happily send my charlie card to charile :P

  • Fillerosa05

    do you have a job?

  • Anya

    you know, it would've been easier to just tape the whole “wall of stuff 1″ into one big mass and transported it that way….if you get what i mean…but whatever. i love your wall, and can't wait to see what the next one will look like. good luck with…life!

  • Jessieissocoollike

    food is always a good thing to be able to pay for! i just started my own wall of stuff after you inspired me, so thank you for that. have fun in london!

  • Julia

    Loved the video, but my favorite part has to be that you know the Doctorin' the TARDIS song. I was really not expecting that to pop up anywhere unless I was the instigator. :)

  • zaynah

    I'm just relieved that the wall of stuff will be reincarnated… I was a little worried!

  • Oller

    Actually “anya” in hungary means mother. :)

  • Steph

    Oh my Googly Lord, Charlie! That's a big wall of stuff! I never realised how gigantic it was because you can never really see it in it's entirety on your videos.
    Also I am shocked by the amount of twilight-related stuff on your wall. Shocked, and amused.
    I really enjoyed this video, actually :) I think it gave us a really good insight into your life, because these kinds of wall-type thingies always reflect the people who make them, I s'pose.
    And I can't remember the last lime I laughed as hard as I did when you sang 'I want to me Mr Nerimon'. I don't know why it was so funny. It just was.

  • Becca(:

    i must say, i like the third title a lot (:

  • Jen

    as “end of an era” this was, it was very much 17 year old, brown-haired, old school charlie video. reminded me of charlie randomness, or never from concentrate(with bits) LOVED IT. re-doing room atm, slapping up a wall of stuff myself. my best friend made me a team coollike poster for christams with charlie's face on it :)

  • Guro (Norway^^)

    Now we have less chances to get some of your pin badges :( If u haven't get rid of them yet, though :p

  • Bethan

    Take That ftw.

  • Littlepatch

    Aww yaayyyyyy!!!!Super Happy Fun Independence Time!!!!!!^_^

  • SimoneCecilie

    There's a good chance for you to become mr. Nerimon, now that you share a flat ;b
    No, seriously. That's really cool :D
    Btw, I like your wall – especially all the Doctor Who stuff (including the very cool David Tennant autograph)

  • Cassidy Nicole Fishe

    Yay! Go Charlie! Moving out is one of my main goals in life. jk. But for real right after highschool I'm getting out of my house. ^_^

  • jazzijaza

    will you be coming back to Bath very often?
    becausee i go there like twice a week, and i always are looking out for you :)

  • HanaSmile :)

    i love this video .
    annnd , do you have a facebook account or is that person an imposter ??

  • Elly

    a dumper, eh?

  • Suhir_rox10

    you are attractive..


    which night did you go see Take That on?? I was there too. With my mum. :P

  • Simon Adriaensen

    Funny and expressive video Charlie! I think your plan to really focus on YouTube just started off well!

  • Miriam

    You and Alex should start posting joint videos (as well as individual ones, of course). It's so awesome that you're living together, that apartment will probably be given over to the United YouTube Museums when you die (so keep it in good condition!)

  • khushboo

    dear charlie,
    are you a psychic? i just got my braces and wasn't feeling to well and then i saw your video and it made me smile <3 thanks for posting this video today!

  • Almita

    If I ever will have a wall as half as interesting as yours, I will be happy. The collecting of fun stuff starts… today.

  • franny

    I totally get the independence thing. When I turned 18 a couple of months ago my parents shoved my birth-certificate in my face and told me that it was now my job to keep it safe. Tis weird, actually being handed your identify.

  • Rubbishatmakingnamesup

    Does this mean that you're done with your album?!?!?

  • Jon Turner

    This just means you're going to have even more fun recreating your new “wall” over in London! Ps, you need some Very Potter Musical/Sequel art up there — get on that! :P

  • Nikitaaa

    I'm pretty sad that this 'The Wall Of Stuff' is going, I just started making my own 'Wall of Stuff' today, although it's going to be on my wardrobe door instead :P
    I already have two of the doors covered in Taylor Swift pictures, a concert ticket and bunch of 'things' to do with Taylor Swift, so this should be good as it will be really random 'things' I feel the urge to keep. You are so cool like Charlie. :)

  • jasminstarr

    hi i live in london too and i had a wall too tip , make it a door not a wall cos then u wont get told off for riping pait off ur rented place…. my youtube name is jazzyisme (my name is jasmin ) . if u get bored in london i no lots of places to see awsome live music and get frozen yogurt
    peace and love jasmin

  • Kelseyann49

    you're awesome

  • charlotttee

    for some reason this made me sad. but at the same time im so jelous :D

  • Katie

    its so awesome that you and alex are living together!

  • YouGottaBeJoking

    You realize, of course, that we now all expect to see a video of you putting all that and more back up on your new wall in your flat, right?

  • Tegel4Ever

    So, who's cleaning the place? ;-) BTW I think you should use 'Wall of things'. Just sounds better.

  • Ivy

    That was actually a little sad to watch you take all of the stuff down. None of it is rubbish though which is very good! Woooooo!

  • Hadley

    So you want to be Mr.Nerimon aye?:)
    God, I love your laugh.

  • corie

    no there’s some other actual account named charlie mcdonnell and it isn’t the page link from youtube :S

  • Julia

    i think “the wall of stuff – resurrected” could work nicely.

  • Rebecca

    :D i have a wall of stuff to well the stuff is on my mirror but it has the usual stuff on it pictures of friends tickets from when i went to see toy story 3 at the film festival a fan from the Chinese pavilion in disneys epcot and a few more but its know where as good as yours >.< XD

  • Charliesbiggestfan

    You and Alex are awesome, so It's cool that you guys are living together. Good Luck with moving ^^

  • Alimarie_11

    I'm excited for you Charlie!
    Good luck with your new-flat-life!

  • Beca

    Whereabouts in London are you?

  • Laura

    I simply love you Charlie. I've been watching your videos a LONNNNG time and its kind of sad to see you move out :( But I look forward to future videos!

  • Dadadancinfool

    rebecca i dont give a fuck about what on your “wall of stuff” :D

  • Siena

    I like “It’s Just A Wall, Stop Caring So Much About What To Call It, Charlie”.
    Even though the wall is very important to me and all the others in your army of teenage girls. :)
    -lightbulb- If you wanted to take over the world…

  • aidanthejones

    I think 'Wall 2.0' doesn't really suit a wall. 'The Wall of More Stuff' is far more suitable.

  • gopal clark

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAY charlie moved to london!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY p.s charlie, look up borehamwood! the coolest place (near) london

  • HanaSmile :D

    HEEY !! CHARLIE !!
    do you really have facebook ? is it really you !?!?!?!
    annd , good luck living on your own !! <3
    you are very attractive, and caring :D

    E – MAIL MEE !!!! <3

  • Emily

    I'm glad the wall is coming back! I was so sad when you took it down, but now I'm happy! Yay! :)

  • Carrie

    You should put a crack in your wall.

  • agirlfrombrazil

    you need to update your bio :)

  • Lij

    yeahhhh charlie do you have a facebook? if not, someone's pretending to be you

  • Ansley

    I'm glad you made whole video about this and gave the wall the respect it deserves. =) May your next wall be even better!

  • Sophia


  • Invictusheart

    I vote you name it “It’s Just A Wall, Stop Caring So Much About What To Call It, Charlie” and make a title of it to go on top.

  • AVeryIronicGoose

    Wall 2.0:
    for 365 days, my wall will be giving complete control of it's live to the internet!

    Also, you should make more videos…. every week day?

  • Hannah

    i've had a wall like that going since the 8th grade and i had to take it down last week. i figure 5 years was a long enough life span for it. still quite heartbreaking though…

  • Amanda N

    Do you want a new Dr Horrible flyer thing? I've got like a million of them. I could give it to somebody at the Sons of Admirals gig on the 14th.

  • Katie

    I like “The Wall of More Stuff”. :)

  • Tahna

    YAY charlie YAY

  • Tahna

    Yeah because I followed it from his youtube page…

  • Lisa D

    I think unconsciously you wanted to keep the presents so you dumped the girls.

    Finding Nemo turtle vs Bachlorette #2….

  • Harmeet

    That makes two of us moving this week! :o
    Good luck in your new place!

  • tegan williams

    you filmed this video on the day I turned 18! It's nice to know that while I was busy drinking my life away, someone was doing something constructive. How delightful!

  • dualdestiny

    Congratulations Charlie.

    I'm definitely looking for the “Wall of More Stuff,” although sorry to hear about the girls and the presents. Don't put those back up. It's too sad.

  • kim

    Maybe you could call your new wall “Wall-E” just because it's cute, not because it makes any sense.

  • corie

    oh yay im happy the wall will be returning :D

  • mycrayonmelted40

    Your finally moving out! Your hair is getting long, but don't cut it yet.

  • Itsmollymarie

    Haha i totally just read this whole thing in a brittish accent. :)

  • Dreamanithing

    your hair is so pretty:) it goes well with your eyes i love it!

  • JMdP

    You're rather good at art – that Harry Potter picture was very rad.

  • JMdP

    Ha, brilliant

  • Josh :)

    you need to do a new 'my crib' now :) ps your awsome

  • asimplecadence

    Every time I watch one of your videos, it makes me sincerely want to get to know you.

  • Sam

    Who was the hotty on the potty?

  • Joelle

    The Harry Potter drawing is kinda sick though, so according to me he should put it back ;)

  • anhandfriend

    oh my gosh! thats so crazy youre officially an adult!……..hahahahahahahahhahahahaha my sister is older than you and shes still home lol. well good luck on the independent thing :D

  • Kristen

    Well, both a Finding Nemo turtle and a Harry Potter painting are pret-ty rad, so I guess you'd rather break up with your girlfriends than lose the gifts, heh. I guess to break the pattern, all you have to do is not buy girls presents :) It's a good excuse. Also. I can't believe my spell checker underlined “Nemo” in red.

  • Kristen

    Wow, I just posted an identical comment… Great minds think alike :)

  • Starkid

    Ah Fail!
    * “My Crib 2.0″ haha

  • Andrea Schmitz

    Congrats on moving out! Welcome to the world of BILLS AND TAXES…or not taxes…I don't know anything about taxes…welcome to taxes anyway, even if it's not yet. Not sure if I can even say welcome as I'm not there yet…there's not an outgoing way to say welcome.

    Maybe the first thing on your new wall should be a picture of your old room. :)

  • Hello

    Ive seen that harry potter painting on google!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristen =D

    This video was kinda depressing because I have a massive bulletin board on my wall covered with pictures, drawings and other random stuff I've collected and been given throughout the years, and the thought of taking it down makes me want to cry. I can't wait to the Wall of Stuff 2.0! =D

  • Meghan

    *sad face* This video was depressing, but it was cool to see what you had up there XD


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  • rashelxx

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    you got a bit boring there for a bit and even tho your vid was called feelng inspired i was left feeling very uninspired, but you've come back with your usual charm and coollikeness, sad about the wall but never mind its time for wall of stuff junior, the new and exciting wall of stuff :)

  • Sarah

    I wish I had the money to move out of home and share a flat… also, you're the same age as me, so now I kind of feel like I'm running behind schedule >< Hope you have an awesome time though; it seems like so much fun living on your own :D

  • Mithredat

    My friend and I have been calling this wall the Charlie Wall, and been telling each other “Oh you should get a Charlie Wall too!” Which I haven't, cause my walls aren't really suitable for it.
    Did your mum not go “You're ruining my walls!” ??

  • Joni

    You could start this thing where people can send you stuff to put on you're new wall and you could make a video about it every time you've gathered some stuff (or select out the stuff you like the best, if you have too much). The problem is you would have to give an adress. :)

  • Laurawin

    Just wondering, are you gonna do 'My Crib-volume 2' -video of your new apartment someday?

    Because I have no life in the real world.

  • kayythen

    You can get people to email you cool picturess :) then you pick the best ones and put hem on your walls :) x

  • kayythen

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    Congratulations for moving out!
    And I wish you good luck for the future:)

    Greetings from Finland

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    Love. I have a similar thing going on in my room except it's everywall… And my mom hates it cause I use thumb tacks not tape. But really, she should buy some tape, then, I wouldn't need thumbtacks. The Other Difference is that the stuff is just mine and a poster. I'm not coollike enough to have people send me things to put on my walls…='( teehee. Kay Bye!

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    I love walls of stuff, I´ve got a wall of stuff too and every time I look at it, I remeber all the nice experiences! I wanted to ask you something, and now I forgot it… yeah I konw: who gives you the money to buy a flat and live in london? Or do you get money because of video blogging?
    :D I hope you´ll understand my bad english, I´m just from germany and I´ve never been in england before… I should visit London it shell be a beautiful city

  • Fitz18

    Hi Charlie what website have you got your's registered on and congrats on moving out

  • Carolinemckenna101

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  • Gabriel L-G

    No, he's a YouTube partner. He earns revenue from views.

  • Dobre_andrada

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  • Linda

    oh god it's such a sad vedio though i don't really want to tell in this way…:-(
    i had a wall of stuff,too and i love my wall!
    many stuffs on my wall are just understood by myself because these have my own memories.
    to take out ALL of them is definitely a sad job,i think…
    but you did this job and still made this into a vedio to bring us fun.
    so,good job charlie!:-)
    though i've already missed The Wall Of Stuff 1,hope “The Wall Of Stuff 2.0″ can show up soon!
    good luck to you!

    and i have to tell you,while i saw this vedio,i cried!
    haha i know this is weird,and i still can't find out the reason for i cried now.

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  • Bri

    I have a story, but first!

    When you reassembled the “Wall of Stuff” you should put up a big piece of butcher paper so that it's all one piece. That way you wont loose anything the next time you have to move.

    I recently moved to San Francisco, and yesterday in order to acquire an adorable couch with a hide-a-bed that was on the curb 3 blocks from my apartment… my friend and I pushed it… 3 blocks… in 10 foot increments.

    It's a super cute 500lb couch.

  • Amapola Santander

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  • Andrea R.

    You go, Charlie! Moving is a difficult and exciting change in life. It means you are more independent, but as well you are leaving a phase of your life and starting a new one. You seem to take challenges with head-on perseverance, so anything you do will turn out great! :D

    I wish you luck with your life transitions!

  • HarryCaseyKid

    How much does youtube give you for ads and such? can't wait for your album and all your vids are great =D Have fun living with the nerimonster

  • SamanthaJ

    Good luuucckk with the flat, Charlie!
    But I have a question for you which is absolutely unrelated and totally random.
    I know that Sons of Admirals are doing gigs in London on 7th & 14th (neither of which can I actually go to because of over-protective parents not wanting me to be wandering round Whitechapel by myself, 'cause I'm under 18 :P)
    My question to you is will Sons of Admirals ever be doing gigs anywhere near Oxford?
    Just a query :) Anyway, as I said, sorry for the randomness of this comment good luck with the new flat :D x

  • Rebecka

    bye bye wall of stuff in Bath and welcome the new wall of stuff in London! :D

  • HanaSmiile :D

    im happy for you . why do you need our e-mails ? WILL YOU E-MAIL us at any point in our lives ?
    i would like to know .im a big fan :)


  • Patia Jellison

    Charlie, why are you so amazing? Just wondering…

  • Kelsey

    It must be so exciting to move out! I will be doing the same very shortly, and I must say, I'm looking forward to it a lot.
    Also, you had said a few months ago that you wanted to finish recording your solo album before moving to London. Does this mean that you've finished recording it? :) If so, I can't wait for its release!

  • SamanthaJ

    *Forget what I said when I asked about Sons of Admirals doing a show on the 7th. I went on Tom Milsom's website and it said he was doing a show on 7th and I assumed it was with Sons of Admirals. Stupidly. ;)

  • LeeAnna Grace

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  • Becky (?)

    good luck with life charlie! i hope the move works out well for you. =]

  • Dramaramasam

    Ok, I know this doesn't quite fit here, but you like Harry Potter and I'm rereading the series.

    When I first learned you lived in the town of Bath, I wasn't sure I heard you right. But it did sound kind of familliar. Today, I realized why. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, JK Rowling makes a mention of a witch from Bath who read a book and could not stop reading.

    That is all.

  • Mshardae

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    Man, I should totally do that kind of thing. Btw, that Yugioh card, “Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy of the End,” is indeed a very powerful card. I used to have one, but now I don't. Anyways, I loved your pictures of you through the years. :) I have something similar to that. Also, I love Apple and Pokemon. Very cool video this was. I also love the ending…, “ohhhh boy…” XD

  • Marge Alim

    I also love keeping knick knacks that may somehow had made or broke my day….its pretty exciting looking back to it, though I am not posting them on our wall because we move a lot…so i use a DIARY ^_^

    Love your wall Charlie! Can't wait to see “The Wall of Stuff 2.0″

  • Storeykate92

    The Invention of Lying was rubbish…

  • Jesse Tucker

    Congrats on moving out! I'm in college now, but it was still a big transition for me because the school is 12 hours away. I thought about doing a wall myself this year in my dorm room. Looking forward to seeing the progression of your (and Alex's) new wall! You guys will be brilliant, and I'm sure the video's will get even better with you two together. I loved the “just in case you were wondering” comment, and your mother's link is quite funny.

    In Google's name, Amen.

  • kat

    hi charlie! ive recently started watching your vids and think you're a super cool guy. im kathleen, a moderatly cool girl from canada, and i was wondering, since i recently saw that you moved out, what kind of job does a guy like you have? are you going to university? not trying to be nosy or creepy, just curious. stay cool, readhead!

  • Drew

    I don't want to sound like a complete creeper but I have officially watched all your videos in the time span of 24 hours….:) your sense of humor is amazing and i hope that you continue to make videos that make not only you happy, but the people who are watching it as well. I'm glad that i found you because just recently I have been aspiring to be an artist but had no inspiration. You gave me the inspiration to move on and do what i think is right and to not care about what others think. Thanks for simply being yourself!

  • Johbee

    You just had the Wall Of Stuff and your train tickets up and yet your two walls definitely beat my three walls any day. Like, if your walls and my walls met in a dark alley for some reason (we're just assuming that these five inanimate objects would, in some parallel universe where this is actually possible, meet in dark alley), your walls would definitely kick my walls' asses.

    Good luck on living on your own. (:

  • Ikayen

    Well now you have to change your bio jigamawho about you still living with your mum.


    You do realise that now you will have to spend some of that very precious creative time doing all the things your mum used to do for you. Arrgh!!!!

  • miss_vicky

    I like The Wall of More Stuff. My sister has a similar piece of wall, although it mainly consists of old cinema tickets of almost every film she has been to as well as photos and other random stuff. She calls it “My ME Wall” – so you could call it The Charlie Wall, or The Wall of Charlie? Just a few ideas…

  • Paprika

    That is kind of creepy… but my sister was going to do it as well so WHO AM I TO JUDGE :D

  • Renia

    WOW! I've done the same thing on my wall! I didn't name it but ''the wall of stuff'' is really cool! It is so amazing that you are moving from BATH! I can't believe it! Anyway WELL DONE FOR THE VIDEO! And have fun in your new flat with your flatmate! :D

  • Holly

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    I want it! Bahaha…if you haven't given it away already…:3

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    i'm going to do the same.. pour wall.. :P

  • Terpsithea1996

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    I'm going to do the same…poor wall! :P

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    good luck charlieeeeeeeeeee

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  • Johbee

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    gotta love the Bromance :)

  • Radville

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  • Jo_C

    In a way it's a shame you don't give out ya address, or have a PO box or summut, i'm sure fans would love to send you guys stuff to contribute to the wall.. but of course then you'd get like, tons of stuff and that would suck…

    Good luck settling in (i know you're alreayd there) and love to you and Alex (i watch you both… not like… from the cupbaord, i mean on youtube… ) oh… dammit i sound like a stalker now XD

  • Aish

    that harry potter drawing was awesome! really good job lol. are you a hp fan too?

  • Belladory Lint

    I doubt you do, but if you had a DeviantArt, you'd be able to show off some of your artwork to the world. A lot of people there might not even know who you are and will be able to appreciate it for what it really is, not for who you are. I know Tom Milsom has one, which I was looking at the other day. You really should start one.

  • mavreekangel

    aww the wall, poor thing. But yes, will you put up a video of setting up the new wall? 'Cause I have no life and am interested in such things >.< You're drawing skills btw are amazing. I couldn't have drawn the hairy potter pic. Say hi to Alex from this random stranger!

  • Abbiesunchips

    I am so happy to hear the wall has not disappeared forever! Transitions can be tricky, but it is exciting to go out and live on your own (or in this case, with Nerimon). Best of luck Charlie–keep being yourself! Keep us posted on “The Wall of Stuff: Reloaded” and don't stop making us laugh :]

  • CommentyComment

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  • Emmasuraya

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    If you know the dace? Just wow.

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    tus videos son muy divertidos y espero que jamás te aburras de subir videos a tu pagina .
    exito y suerte en todo lo que te propongas…
    cariños para ti …. adios

  • Megansflyingmonkeys

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  • KieranGuffick

    Hey Charlie! Your videos are hilarious! I hope you have a great time in London! You'll never be bored partly because you're moving in with alex :) But here's just a suggestion for you: why don't you call it 'the wall of stuff- REGENERATED'? it still has it's foundations; it looks different but we will still love it like the doctor! Was just a thought and we are all eagerly awaiting the wall's first appearance (no matter what it is named)!

  • Badr Zaki

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  • Badr Zaki

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  • rain.on.roses.

    You make me happy Charlie. :) I'm at a lake with a friend and she just dropped her glasses in (sad day) so we watched this video to cheer her up! She had to lean in like 3 inches from the screen but it was worth it, haha! Congrats on the new flat!

  • Capital_Numbers

    You know, the last question you answered on Formspring was “Would you ever consider moving away from Bath?” You then typed “NEVER!” exactly like that.
    I guess you changed your mind then…

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    And since you asked, I am indifferent to raisins.

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  • Christine

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  • AlfieStockwell

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  • Alexa Shelley

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    P.S. Charlie you should marry me ^^

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    Charlieeee I LOVE YOU LIKE A LOT!

    Be my boyfriend!

  • RandomJellybeanz

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    Hello Mr. Charlie,
    wow, seeing all these marriage proposals and what not flyin' around, I'm afraid my comment may not be fitting here, still, I feel free to drop a few lines for you :)
    So, if you wanna know my thoughts, proceed.
    This video was actually confusing for me, as I felt I had 3 different factors to like/ dislike; here are the factors:
    1) your stuff: liked
    2) you: :)
    3) the VIDEO itself:
    Uh, what to say here. It was nicely done, sure, but for some reason the feeling it left in me was disappointment (sorry to say that…) I think I simply might have expected something else after you said in your last vid that you wanted to dedicate your time to Youtube (of course, I know I don't have any right to expect anything from you…). And you know what, I'll just tell you what is it that I missed most: your BRAINS!!. :)
    Seriously, I like your vids (either if they are 'talking' vlogs or some funny stuff), but I like them mostly because of what you say and the way you do things, and here… well, I just missed your ususal clever style… So, this vid for me was like your precious cup of tea without milk ;)
    And yeah, I'm sorry for being a little b*tchy; I realize you are busy moving out and in, and most importantly, you are free to make your own choices what you want to make a video about.
    And yess, I saved the best for last; here comes the only advice I can possibly give you: enjoy life and don't care too much about what others think!! :D

    P. S. Have fun in your new flat! :D

  • Beethoven

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  • shineekiwi

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    I'd love to go to London.. haha

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  • EllaIsoSoCoolLike

    Hello planet Charlie, I have really been a fan of yours for a Long time now! ( Aaaaaaw, im a geek ) and its quite sad to see the wall of stuff you had collected come down! :( But aaah well! dont recreated the wall of stuff in the same way, do it different to show you have moved! Thankyoou-Q!
    Ella x

  • Kjersti Mansaas

    Promis not to tell ;P

  • Kjersti Mansaas

    Hi Charlie! Hope you like your new home now :D If I go to London someday, can I come and see you guys? Heheheheh ;P And I will miss The wall of Stuff… But if you'll do another, then it will be awsome, too! Love U <3 <— As always…

  • hula

    I would love to make something for your new wall! But, I don't know where to send it too!

  • Polobayes

    Hi charlie! I am one of your biggest fans and just wanted to say hi! I think u should fill a whole wall with things your friends and family have given u, things you've collected and also things that remind u of your favourite things… what? im confusled :$ Anywho, just put everything on your wall. My friend told me that another friend of hers has started collecting train tickets. How many did u collect? How long did it tale to collect them all? Ok, enough questions Bye!!!!!!!! XXXxxx :D

  • Tonje

    Heey Charlie! <3
    I'm just a wierd fan, who is visiting you often xp
    I just want to say Good Luck, with, you know, live with Alex : )
    and earn money and like that xp

    – Tonje <3

  • sara

    i just got this from your youtube account:

    Challenge Charlie
    894 people have submitted 498 ideas and cast 25,507 votes

    pretty cool that 894 people submitted the reverse number of ideas :] thought you might appreciate that.

  • Belu

    I want to be Mrs. Nerimon too !

  • Nikki

    me and my friend have decided to move to england together when we graduate college and all that stuff.
    because of you.
    and tom
    and alex.
    no biggie yo.
    you're defs my favorite.
    (more than harry potter AND darren criss.)

  • mnz.t4evr

    haha, so i was watching this…and im so used to you with red hair now, that i was just thinking, “these lil kid pictures cant be charlie….his hair is the wrong colour!” oh haha. charlie ur the best

  • atsirk

    So does this mean your CD is done? Or very close to complete? :)

  • Kirk

    I'm new here. You are quite an interesting case.
    There are several TV and radio personalities with 'premium subscribers' who pay to get 'backstage access' to have live group chat and get their questions answered by the star of the show.
    Speaking of earning money, have you considered such a subscription model setup?
    With over 500,000 youtube subscribers you could charge like $25/year or something cheap and even if you only got 1% of your base subscribed for the premium content that is nothing to sneeze at.
    Good luck in your endeavors!

  • CoolLikeFan<3

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  • hannahzj

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    your videos are hilariously great, and kind of an addiction for my friends and i..:)
    good luck in london!


  • Minnii

    You Might not read this, but your amazing, and
    I watch you everyday, and I think your cute, funny,
    agreat singer, and most of all…
    A very cool person! xD
    You ARE socoollike! xP

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    - Aurora.

  • therainbowgirl

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    Love me

  • therainbowgirl

    Oh I just realised I live in London. Well, that was stupid. P.S. TELL US YOUR ADRESS SO WE CAN SEND YOU LOVELY THINGS TO SHOW OUR FANDOM

  • Some guy

    Charlie: Your new roommate's songs are available on Spotify and through other mainstream media. Why can't fans of classics such as A Song About Acne and Chemical Love listen to your dulcet tones in high fidelity through our favourite Online Audio Song Make-Do-er-things like Spotify? I think this is a matter of global importance and that you must try your hardest to make the staff of Spotify add your wonderful 'Choons' to their listings.


    Some guy.

  • karoline

    the wall of stuff: rip :(

    charlie: nice flat … and nice flatmate

  • Laura

    HEY Oh deaR! Some of the people on here are RIDICULOUS! I LOVE it!
    Yeah so anyway, At first I was thinking that dedicating your life to making you tube videos is kind of a waste because you're obviously so very talented but then again I think that when people listen to you, you're enthusiasm is contagious so it makes them happy (myself included) and gives them something to look forward to. Sometimes people need a good pick-me-up So thanx for taking the time and making the difference. EH?

  • Katie

    Aww I have millions of those BBC passes too! My dad works there, he met Karen Gillian the other day and said she was a delightful lady. Sadly television centre White City will soon be no more! Stupid move up North.

  • Laura thomas

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  • Lazdabest06

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    twas rather funny :)

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    Keep making videos – Talent like yours does not show up often…


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    i just got a new kitten
    its a rescue kitten
    its given name was charlie too
    we're not changing it
    it is meant to be.
    he is also like, so cool

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    i m frm india n a big fan of urs….
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    btw thanks for the video saying hi!! made my day =]

    aka abi x

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    Bye Charlie! :D

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    I support you:) See you!

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    See you! :P

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    the photo of you and caitlin hill – who is she?
    i live in tasmania, australia and swear i vaguely know someone who looked like her and has the same name…. WEIRD

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    I find your videos very nice, funny. I showed some of your videos to my mum and she found you a bit weird (maybe I chose the wrong videos to show her: purple man and drinking ketchup). Congratulations for the number of fans. When do you post a new video?


    Matthias, Belgium

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    I would like to know some things dough… When do you think the new wall of stuff is going to be complete? will it be more awesome? will you post a video of it on youtube?
    Thank you for having the pacience to read this one in a milion coment. (:

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    It would be cool though, if for your new Wall of Stuff, it's also composed of things people send to you. You should think about opening a P.O. Box so that people can send fan art and other random things to you to put up on your wall. Sort of like Dan Brown's wall or John Green's shelves.

  • Hannah :)

    As I watched this, I must admit a tear or two may have crept out of my eyes as I saw the Wall I have grown to know and love ‘pass away’. But then I read this and got all excited about “It’s Just A Wall, Stop Caring So Much About What To Call It, Charlie”. It sounds so epic! I can’t wait for it. :D Oh and you really need to have a fan address, so I can send you cool things for it. Trying not to sound stalkerish here. Oh, and just so you know? You make me proud to be British :) xx <3

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    You are such a legend can’t believe you have a David Tenant autograph. I remember taking down my wall when we moved at the start of the year and all my photos. It felt so weird putting them up in a different room it’s not quite the same. If our walls are anything alike they show a huge part of our personality… i miss my old wall now :(

  • sarahh

    omggg. this is so amazing. i’m inspired to make my own “wall of stuff”. i think you’re amazing too! go charlie!
    p.s charlie is a great name. i am also weird. let’s join forces and take over the world! BWA HAHAHAHAHAHA! kidding

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  • SnootieLilCutie10

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                                         Are you jealous of my ducky fork?
                                                               ~Lolo Erin "Sunshine" Jackson 

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    love the girl who constantly leaves inappropriate comments on your videos xx 

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    Do you have a PO BOX? 

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    Get a PO box that would be the best

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  • Elizabella

    Spellotape! Regular tape works, too. :)

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    I’m a huge fan Charlie and I was just thinking of redecorating my room, and I’m like – oh remember that Charlie McDonnel video I watched a few months ago. Boom it hit me – A WALL OF STUFF! Thanks for the inspiration Charlie :))

  • Kiera

    i love your vids

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