Too Many Questions!

April 13, 2010

Thank you so much for your questions everyone, sorry I couldn’t use them all. I mean, I could have fit some more into the video after I realised how fast I really was at answering questions like this, but I just didn’t have the willpower to do any more filming or editing. I spent ALL of today, from the moment I woke up (excluding time for eating/peeing) in front of the screen editing this beast of a video. Editing like that does stuff to your brain, 148 questions will do.

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There is a fun story to accompany this video! Just for you, dearest website peoples. In the clip of me at the Apple Store, notice the girl on the computer behind me in the picture? In the last frame of the video that I shot there I managed to catch a great moment of realisation as she notices that, hey, isn’t that the Purple Tea Ketchup YouTube guy? She’s now the owner of an ‘I Found Charlie’ badge, actually one of the two badges I gave out on that trip to Bath. I like it when that happens, it’s fun meeting people ^_^

  • Deano

    A strange thing to say but/ I have touched that brown hoodie xD

  • Deano

    A strange thing to say but/ I have touched that brown hoodie xD

  • TansuDiri

    that was such an overwhelming video ahh

  • TansuDiri

    that was such an overwhelming video ahh

  • Sofia Sampaio

    I loved the video, it is amazing

  • Sofia Sampaio

    I loved the video, it is amazing

  • Sara

    i like her facial expression d:

    and you look hot btw.

  • Sara

    i like her facial expression d:

    and you look hot btw.

  • Will Dixon

    Probably the single greatest photo ever.

  • Therése

    love the video! kind of made me dizzy though..!

  • Therése

    love the video! kind of made me dizzy though..!

  • Will Dixon

    Probably the single greatest photo ever.

  • TheChrisD

    Wow, that was an awful lot of editing!

    Also, favourite accent: Irish = win. Although you'd probably not like mine though…

  • TheChrisD

    Wow, that was an awful lot of editing!

    Also, favourite accent: Irish = win. Although you'd probably not like mine though…

  • anika

    That girl's face is priceless.

  • anika

    That girl's face is priceless.

  • Robin

    She looks… scared

  • Robin

    She looks… scared

  • Luiza Oxley

    great video!

  • Luiza Oxley

    great video!

  • EoinB

    I am Irish! Find me and I'll speak for you…? I WANT A BADGE! Come to Ireland, Please?

  • EoinB

    I am Irish! Find me and I'll speak for you…? I WANT A BADGE! Come to Ireland, Please?

  • Kate

    I had something to say..but I can't remember..
    By the way, I'm irish ;)

  • Kate

    I had something to say..but I can't remember..
    By the way, I'm irish ;)

  • Ag

    The girl's facial expression: O_O
    Haha great video :D!

  • Ag

    The girl's facial expression: O_O
    Haha great video :D!

  • hannah2694

    I went to the bath apple store on the day it opened by accident didn't know it was opening that day just happened to be in bath on the day it opened :D got a free t-shirt from there as well wooo free stuff!!!

  • Siv

    aw, must've been great for the girl ;)

  • ElliaMoon

    That was completely AWSOME! Great good. I could even understand it. By the way, if you came to the US more people here might get to own a 'I found Charlie badge, but sadly I will never get one. You are great also. Okay, bye for now!

  • Line Røsæg

    hahaha, how fun! I want a badge too :-)

  • claude

    your video can also hold the title as the 'worlds most nauseating youtube video'

  • galacticdraco

    I want one of those badges…
    Like really really…
    But even more than that, I'd love to meet Charlie McDonnell in person…
    Now that'd be cool…

  • Lea

    haha i love this video its amazing!!

  • shabangles

    Eeep. I'm jealous of that girl. Charlie, come visit Cardiff! I'll give you a tour of the Doctor Who exhibit, it'll be fun! :D

  • mois

    OMG!! I need to find you… I really really really want i badge… Grr! I will not fufill my life till i get one!! So be warned Charlie… Im coming!! <3

  • anonymous

    Hahahaha, look at that face

  • HiMyNameIsZoey

    That was brilliant!

  • SeenaBond

    Hah! That picture is pretty cool(like?)! Love that girl's expression.
    I'm moving to London in September and I'm quite hoping to accidentally run into you at some point and thereby get a badge.

  • AmzyBoosh

    Wish I could find you >.< Iman eed to go to where you live!
    Gah you like Tim Minchin. You are even more cool than I thought you were ;D
    What's your favourite Tim Minchin song?
    Wait that's a question. Which you wont answer…
    n'ah well. (: ;D <3 x

  • Caitlin

    I like how she is kind of pointing at you and is like “Oh my jesus! CHARLIEISSOCOOLLIKE!!!!!”
    OOOO did she shout “i found you” in the store?
    Well done Charlie you win! I want to challenge you now and then make you do another one with the more questions. :)

  • alexandriamorris

    That little girl in the back with the apple picture, makes me laugh and I don't even know why.

  • Linzi

    Hey… my best friend is ginger and looks like Amy Pond, we sound more Scottish though. Shes single though! ;)

  • lalucyification

    That just confused me so bad ^^

  • galacticdraco

    So let me get this straight…
    Not only that she got to meet YOU, received a badge from YOU, but the whole thing was actually recorded and uploaded to YOUR youtube channel and website by YOU, and when she has grand children she could still show the video to them?

  • Samm Leigh

    I am so happy that you've seen the Room!
    What a wonderful Tommy Wiseau impression at 1:15 haha.

  • Sam

    You so wish you were Doctor Who, sidekick fetish! :P

  • LaurawrMarmite

    EPIC WIN but Charlie I must say… once I get enough subscribers for a decent amount of questions. IMA PWN YOU :)
    Thanks for answering my question though, I feel privileged :)

  • HerArtSheLoves

    Outstanding video. The reaction on her face is priceless.

  • I still don't know how you could answer so many questions… although I didn't quite get some of the answers…

  • Jayden

    I want a “I FOUND CHARLIE” badge!!

  • Jane Ganberg

    Oh, there was my question, i am the happiest person in the world!!!!Thank you Charlie!!!!!

  • Beth

    This video kind of made me go a bit crazy…my brain hurts :)

  • Beth

    This video kind of made me go a bit crazy…my brain hurts :)

  • CabbageGabbage

    Ariel and Amy Pond… maybe Charlie has a little thing for redheads?

  • CabbageGabbage

    Ariel and Amy Pond… maybe Charlie has a little thing for redheads?

  • Emily Wright

    Wow o.O
    You answered some of my questions! Yay!
    I feel so dizzy after watching that though that I found it incredibly hard reading the blog post :P
    I went to Bath the other day looking for you, but you weren't there D;
    I will find you one day though, bewarned ;)

  • Emily Wright

    Wow o.O
    You answered some of my questions! Yay!
    I feel so dizzy after watching that though that I found it incredibly hard reading the blog post :P
    I went to Bath the other day looking for you, but you weren't there D;
    I will find you one day though, bewarned ;)

  • diegovigouroux

    HAHA great! hey i send you an email i hope you read it charlie!

  • diegovigouroux

    HAHA great! hey i send you an email i hope you read it charlie!

  • JesRichyy

    lol that girl's done an epic photobomb :P
    lucky she got a badge though x

    I loved your video, you were so fast I could barely understand you!
    I have a feeling the 'ninjas or pirates' question was mine, I remember asking someone it :P

    Keep up the good work Charlie
    (p.s – you have the same name as my dog, he's priveliged to share the same name with you)

  • JesRichyy

    lol that girl's done an epic photobomb :P
    lucky she got a badge though x

    I loved your video, you were so fast I could barely understand you!
    I have a feeling the 'ninjas or pirates' question was mine, I remember asking someone it :P

    Keep up the good work Charlie
    (p.s – you have the same name as my dog, he's priveliged to share the same name with you)

  • muireann

    I have an Irish accent! ;)
    Well done Charlie! Great video once again. :D

  • muireann

    I have an Irish accent! ;)
    Well done Charlie! Great video once again. :D

  • Loucas xD

    148 questions, that's A LOT. it's too much for my brain. I feel a little bit consfused. o.O

  • Anonymous

    ditto! hahaha there are no words for that movie.

  • Phoebe

    You answered my questions.. I think :P They were probably asked by loads of people :)

    But – omg – why won't you marry me? You said no :o


  • jessyJAR

    How lucky is shee :|

  • pienieisoke

    Charlie thank you for answering 4 of my questions! I loved the way you responded, the best was
    Questions or answers? Both, wheehweh! 01:26 – 01:27 haha

  • Sorrel

    OH MY GOD THE ROOM!!! I haven't even finished watching the video, I had to stop and say how awesome you are for mentioning The Room. Giggity! *insert creepy Tommy Wiseau laugh*

  • Amy Lambert

    The girl in the checked shirt behind you looks as if she has just realised who you are (:

  • Jasmine

    I bet you totally made that girl's day. I'd probably have the same expression. O.O…. Getting a badge would be so awesome…but unless you're coming to Florida anytime soon… Anyway, great video. =)

  • galacticdraco

    I know you said you aren't going to ask anymore question but I just have to ask this: Why do you regret dyeing your hair?!

  • Andrea Aldrich

    My goodness. I had to go back and re-watch some parts just to catch it all! Lots of words in a very short amount of time.

  • stalker^^

    we have many strange common xD

  • bmh

    Doctor Who and the Beatles I have in common with you!
    (why did I just use inverted syntax? O.o)

  • Brenna


  • Jason

    WOW that was intense!!! Haha! That ROCKED!

  • Marco

    Must be fun to hear your name yelded by someone saying they found you. It's great that you're actually okay with it xD Maybe it doesn't happen that often?
    The girl's face in the picture is priceless xD

    Fun video, but fast, really fast. Had to go back a few times to make sure I heard the answers/questions right. Damn you untrained ear against fast talking brits D:<

    It was really fun to see a red-head Charlie answering questions Machine Gun style xD

  • simisanerd

    that hurt my brain… O.O

  • Eva Kariuki

    i almost lost count :L

  • rebecka

    that was awesome, wall-e is awesome

  • popoker9

    you dont ask @ this question.. are you gay? ya love alex..right?

  • popoker9

    you dont ask @ this question.. are you gay? ya love alex..right?

  • kristin

    video = uber fast i still don't think i caught all of the q & a's i'll probably have to watch it a few times
    little girl's face = AWESOME! :)

  • sepidehtje

    the look on the girls face is EPIC!

  • ashley

    just one more question? ive been wondering since “exterminate, regenerate”… what kind of headphones are those?

  • Gwyn.

    hahaha love it! :D

  • Rosianna

    You did not just say “who da man.” Oh Charlie.

    Also, I will fight you for that date with Amy Pond. She's mine! It's entirely irrelevant that I'm a heterosexual female and Amy Pond is entirely fictional.

  • olaaa

    Yaaay! Nice work, Charlie. I won't aks you more questions, but I'm still waitng for your e-mail response. (If you manage at all…). Well, it's pretty fun and you're defenitly a man (you know). You took the record!
    Acording to this gril.. she was probably shocked, wasn't she? She's looking like that in the pic. Haha..

    So, take care Charlie, man! ^_^

  • PurpleLlama167

    uhhhmmm…. wow that was confusing

  •!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=618697700 Octavio De Gregorio

    would u marry me? ahahahhahahahaha why not?

  • Olivia garratt

    Doctor who reference – ♥

  • ava

    haha that was INTENSE. good job!!

  • ava

    haha that was INTENSE. good job!!

  • Mónica Who

    NO, he's marrying me : isn't that right charlie :3 ?

  • Mónica Who

    NO, he's marrying me : isn't that right charlie :3 ?

  • Iinoratheexplorer

    Haha charlie you are so funny! Congrats. On your 148 questions!

  • Iinoratheexplorer

    Haha charlie you are so funny! Congrats. On your 148 questions!

  • catalina17

    You look great on the picture!
    hope i was the girl who spotted u at mac store!!
    Btw loved the video.

  • catalina17

    You look great on the picture!
    hope i was the girl who spotted u at mac store!!
    Btw loved the video.

  • emmawalshh

    i love youu:)

  • emmawalshh

    i love youu:)

  • sharla

    That picture is so cute, the realization on her face, I didn't know you like the Beatles, you just got cooler, if that is possible :P

  • sharla

    That picture is so cute, the realization on her face, I didn't know you like the Beatles, you just got cooler, if that is possible :P

  • Jillz

    Loved the video, but I think you sort of cheated …
    Most of your questions were short, one word questions/answers. John's are usually longer. You need a redo.

    … or maybe I just want to hear you answer more questions. :)

  • Jillz

    Loved the video, but I think you sort of cheated …
    Most of your questions were short, one word questions/answers. John's are usually longer. You need a redo.

    … or maybe I just want to hear you answer more questions. :)

  • lexiconsiglio

    hahaha thats girl's expression is priceless….. :)

  • lexiconsiglio

    hahaha thats girl's expression is priceless….. :)

  • Frederik

    where can i buy that T-shirt
    it will makes my like cool :D

  • Elinor

    And she's just about to point at you. :L

  • bev

    is there any way to get like… a scirpt of that!!! you go too fast! :D

  • Nud

    the vid is sick,man and that girl is hilarious, haha

  • LindseySubtlyInked

    Oh, don't regret your hair, it really does look fantastic.
    I'm going to have to watch this a few more times to catch all that >_<

    You da man, Charlie. You da man.
    (Never saying that again)

  • jensternator9000

    when u move to london u r gonna have to buy SOOOOO many new badges. :D

  • katie

    i asked him 199 and will you marry me ;p

  • storeybook

    Dr. Horrible. :)

  • Cecil.

    aww~ i wish i could find you, it would be like a dream come true xD …<3

  • Jasmine

    that was really really wierd xD .. the expression on that girls face ..freak me out
    Can we still challenge you?

  • themustardmaster

    Ha, that girl's got her raping face on. Watch out!

  • MauraEllen

    The Beatles is also my favorite band (really original, I know). But I still just about died of excitement when I found out that it is also your favorite. This is most likely because it is so very rare to find a Beatles fan (/Sarcasm).

  • Spooky Trixy

    Wow that was insane!!!!

    And woot Irish accents!!!!!!

  • Livvy2

    I think you should make this an annual thing and each year try to fit in more questions

  • Jon Turner

    Two thumbs up for your amazing editing skills – like the fact you use final cut pro! Thoroughly enjoyed that video :)

  • Linn91

    Aw, haha.. that's awesome!

  • Kira

    just look at that girl in the back of your picture! gosh, you must be scary :p
    amazing video! although sometimes it was impossible to understand what you're saying .

  • Cali

    note to self: become Irish.

  • Joanna Sotiriou

    small facts about Joanna:
    1)She is commenting for the first time (yeeeeeeeeha)
    2)She actually finds Charlie quite cool (and sexy ;) )
    3)She prefers facebook (plz explain the point in twittering! )
    4)Tonight, she is sleeping with the night light on after seeing this girl's face. Not creepy. Why would I say that?

  • Emma

    I honestly wish I had the chance to randomly run into you and get a badge. Since I live in Wales though, it's unlikely. The best I get is a lot of sheep and the occasional squirrel, which isn't as nearly as exciting. Shame ^^ But awesome video and I'm freaked out about how many of your answers were the same as mine would have been :/

  • sylvain_rondeau

    Actually looks good on you mate! Brings out your eyes :-)

  • SaelaLei537

    haha you've seen The Room? That was such a bad movie! They couldn't even be bothered to find a rooftop so they built one and green-screened the city around it! :P The “best” scene was the flower shop scene. The timing was soo bad! I wanted (as a friend of mine said) to get drunk and die ^_^

  • OliviaW

    If it's at all possible (and if you don't want to do this, I honestly don't blame you in the slightest), could you please post all of the questions and answers? I want to know what you said, but you were speaking too fast for me to figure out the words.

  • Amy Flynn

    Will you be in Bath, walking around as you do, on Thursday the 15th April between the times of 2pm and 5pm?
    If you are, yay! If not, my friends birthday wont be complete (or my life, but thats another story!).
    Much love, (the virtual kind of course!).

  • xxxxx3

    that picture of you is pretty finnnee ;]

  • Hannah Jane Keeler

    You The Man <3
    But You Reected My Marrige Proposal So Your Not The Man No More Sorry <3

  • overhere!123

    that pic is some good stuff

  • groovytoastgirl

    Hey you should come to Slovenia :) I want an “I found Charlie badge”! :)

  • Carly(notsocoollike)

    Well done! *places John Green Question Crown on your head* What? A metaphor? Oh…

  • randomgalxxx

    is it just me or were u eating for the majority of that video? xD

  • wowieeitsemmy

    i wish i could get a badge. that would be the coolest thing ever. :D

  • Larissa

    she looks a bit like Molly- mememolly


    I love you Charlie :D

  • missjanaerays

    Aw, you will go to prom with me! I guess it's just too bad I live in Minnesota, then.

  • charlotte sowsbery

    i went to bath the other day but didn't see you, darn it! that girl face and the beast of a video was halariousness in a can! thank you! :)

  • aelamik

    how short are you?!
    I've been creating a fiction of that you're tiny (:

  • Hannah

    I feel like someone has probably said it, but “Wanna say, love your hair. . .”

    I am absolutely in love with Dr Horrible.

  • Hannah

    (I actually don't like the hair all that much, but any Horrible reference is good with me)

  • ThatMacLad

    Yes! I was question number five! OMFG! XD

  • lynnzee

    HEY! your mum's name is Lyndsay my is too… probably not spelled like that —> LYNDSAY….. though its still pretty kool :D

  • awkwardanimals

    ah charlie i love this video its hilarious

  • lynilu

    Q2: Charlie has been my favorite name since I saw All Dogs go to Heaven as a little girl.
    Q3: Stay that way! :p
    Q4: I had my 19th birthday 2 days ago.
    Q5: Wall-E is fabulous, is there a Disney movie you don't like?
    Q7: Most of my friends avoid Twitter for some reason, what's the reason you prefer it?
    Q8: Why orangutans? Anything to do with Darwinism?
    Q9: I'm caught in-between flight and teleportation. Why flight?
    Q11: Plain Mac'n'Cheese or with something like bacon or some other additive?
    Q12: Don't you mean… Happles?
    Q16: Chicken or the egg? I would say egg do to the process of evolution.
    Q17: UK size 8?
    Q18: Well you're a teenage boy, so does it taste like marmite?
    Q19: Was it good? You should have shared!
    Q20: Why Ninjas? It was a hard decision here, but I went for pirates.
    Q21: Like all Zelda games?
    Q25: I can't figure out what this question is. :(
    Q26: Protest what?
    Q27: Favorite autumn activity?
    Q29: Does anyone ever call you Joseph?
    Q30: Best friend or good friend?
    Q31: Me too!
    Q32: Of course!
    Q33: Yes, but why?
    Q34: Maybe?
    Q35: I didn't get to buy it. :(
    Q36: Yes! Pineapple, pepperoni, and onions on pizza?
    Q37: Yes! Favorite place to be out?
    Q38: How much fun?
    Q39: Indeed. Blech.
    Q40: Short or long showers?
    Q41: Red here! But that's close to natural.
    Q42: Aw, biggest regret? It's not so bad, quite handsome. ^_^
    Q43: Favorite mario game?
    Q47: Hahahaha, her expression.
    Q48: Yeah that was pretty gross, Charlie.
    Q49: Yay, tea!
    Q50: Favorite drink?
    Q52: StarWars Moffs, or am I misunderstanding. If it's StarWars, that's awesome.
    Q54: Has there ever been a time when it hasn't woke you up?
    Q55: Is that a weasel or a ferret?
    Q57: Mine too!
    Q58: Was it fun?
    Q59: Like fish?
    Q60: Why?
    Q61: Golden Girls? o.o
    Q63: I'm an Aries, I suppose that means we're supposed to get along well. :p
    Q64: Head n Shoulders? Will you sing the song “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes”?
    Q67: What was it's name?
    Q68: Biggest fight with siblings?
    Q70: Favorite Ariel quote or song?
    Q71: Who?
    Q72: Yes!
    Q73: Plan on getting married later in life?
    Q74: Favorite song?
    Q75: Yes.
    Q78: Present you want now?
    Q79: Nice. xD
    Q80: Awww.
    Q82: Does time keep you?
    Q83: Favorite day of the week?
    Q84: Ever throw any away?
    Q86: Favorite person with an Irish accent?
    Q87: Did you say lamb soup?
    Q88: Like chocolate milk?
    Q89: Milk with orange juice? (Blended with ice and a bit of sugar. ^_^ )
    Q90: Butter or jam on your toast?
    Q91: Where? :o
    Q92: Favorite one?
    Q93: Cup, cake cone, or sugar cone?
    Q95: Favorite song?
    Q96: Your bed or any bed?
    Q97: What kind of film?
    Q98: What would be different in your favorite alternate?
    Q102: Yay! But I'm homeschooled I don't get a prom. Go to a dance with me? (Can you dance?)
    Q103: Yay!
    Q104: What about special occasions, like weddings and the like?
    Q106: Favorite quote?
    Q108: Who? Favorite quote?
    Q109: You should visit your favorite place then, Charlie. ^_^
    Q111: We don't have that in common. :p
    Q112: Favorite pair of shoes?
    Q113: Yay!
    Q114: Philosophical?
    Q116: With or without milk?
    Q117: Why?
    Q118: Why?
    Q119: Well that's good for me! :p
    Q120: Stare?
    Q122: Why?
    Q124: Play me?
    Q127: Favorite way to eat it?
    Q129: Why?
    Q130: You want the power of flying but don't like flying? …In planes? Why?
    Q132: Yes! <3
    Q134: Why?
    Q135: Favorite color?
    Q137: Favorite song to play on the ukulele?
    Q138: First thing you learned to play?
    Q140. You sure?
    Q141: Aww, on the actress or Rose Tyler?

    PS. Hurry up and go to San Diego so I can find you and yell out your name randomly. ^_^

  • Emily Kirby

    I'm feeling a bit of vertigo right now. O_O

  • Stephanie

    Ha Ha, the Apple Store girl's face is hilarious!

  • Amy

    I just recently discovered your vlog and must say that I love it :)
    Also, congrats on beating John's record!

  • Ayşenur Ordulu

    Hey Charlie!

    If you come to Turkey, we should meet u! please come here :( i like you and your videos so much!

    and charlie with red hair is excellent!

  • Sarah

    Ok, hi Charlie:
    Congratz: On beating John's record. *cough more questions *cough
    Thank you: Fir using my question for number 136 and my favourite instrument is ukulele too!! Yay similarities :P
    Hugz from edinburgh xox

  • rebecka

    the video was hilarious! thank you! and the girls faceexpression is brilliant! I'm gonna find you one day!

  • cait

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE booth that photo :D
    You need a new one…

  • em

    aww look at the girl behind you she looks shocked :o lol

  • Shannon

    & I wish I was that girl :)
    You should just make 'charlieissocoollike' buttons for us people in the States.
    I know I'd buy one :)

  • amjade

    seriously charlie, i live in Swindon, just down the road from Bath, can you come to prom with me :) xx

  • Lydia

    Awwww….. I was kind of looking forward to hearing who your favorite Doctor Who companion was……. Should I guess Rose then with that whole bit about Billie Piper?

  • Laufey

    I answered the questions and our answers were 37% the same… get a life you say? okay, I'll look into that in the near future.

  • Riley

    haha wow! you caught that girl's face at exactly the right moment! snaps for charlie!

  • Cho Cho

    ocarina of time… is probably one of the most beautiful inventions ever… invented…
    50 points for you.

  • Susanna


  • heathermoir

    You. are just wow. FIT :D and that video. AMAZING :')

  • Lauren

    I had way too much fun with that.

    Congratulations to you for actually GOING THROUGH all of the questions, beating the record, and managing to capture that girls face at the EPIC moment of her realization…..

    I salute you.

  • arianaojeda

    Do you like the latina's girls?(: please anwers.. your hot :D

  • jess17124

    ahahahah i feel bad forr herrr!!!! i would be sooo dyingg of embarassment thoughhh!!! and the badgee thingg is sickk!!! likee the ideaa of doingg thattt!!

  • Matt

    Im glad u like the bath apple shop,,spent like 2 hours in there couple days after it opened,,yeh i was very bored.

  • hannahhan


  • Beccie

    Come to the Westfields Apple Shop. It's near Yo Sushi ;)

  • Alex Doubt

    ouch, headache D:
    but amazing job! :D

    that girl totally deserves that badge ^^

  • Jake Canner

    Charlie D:
    If you reply to this i will love you like you love Zelda.
    I sound like a weirdo now…
    Maybe i am…

    Funny. ¬_¬


  • Kelly

    Thanks for answering one of my questions! I left alot of them so it was awesome that you answered at least one. And yes The Beatles are the best!

  • beccaaaaa

    Haha Charlie I love you. ^.^
    This was one of the best videos yet. Congrats to you on your super amazing editing and two thumbs up on a job well done. :D

    …PS, I'm jealous of your accent. o:

  • suckmyfuckingcock

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    1. Ready? Yes
    2. What’s your name? Charlie
    3. Single? Yes
    4. Age? 19
    5. Favourite movie? Wall-e
    6. Mac or pc? Mac
    7. Twitter or Facebook? Twitter
    8. Favourite Animal? Orangutan
    9. Superpower? Flight
    10. Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs
    11. Favourite Food? Mac and Cheese
    12. Oranges or apples? Apples
    13. University? Nope
    14. Why not? Youtube
    15. Youtube or TV? Youtube
    16. When did time begin? The beginning of time
    17. Shoe size? 8
    18. Pick your nose? Sometimes
    19. Biscuit? Digestive
    20. Pirates or ninjas? Ninjas
    21. Favourite game? Ocarina of Time
    22. Favourite Pizza? Pepperoni
    23. Any friends? Yeah
    24. What’s your mom’s name? Lindsay
    25. …
    26. Forget or protest? Protest
    27. Seaon? Autumn
    28. Digimon or Pokemon? Pokemon
    29. Middle Name? Joseph
    30. Alex Day or Nerimon? Alex Day
    31. Height? 5’11
    32. Favourite Musical? Doctor Horrible
    33. Yes or no? Yes
    34. Yes? Yes
    35. Favourite shirt? This one (I look better in purple)
    36. Pineapple on pizza? Yes
    37. In or out? Out
    38. Having fun? Yes
    39. How do you like your eggs? Nonexistent
    40. Bath or shower? Shower
    41. Red or natural? Natural
    42. Regret? This (red hair)
    43. Sonic or Mario? Mario
    44. Lick your elbow? No
    45. Nose (lick your nose)? No
    46. Cheese? Cheddar
    47. Favourite store? Apple store
    48. Stupidest thing you’ve ever done? This (drinking ketchup)
    49. Tea or coffee? Tea
    50. Do you love tea? Yes
    51. Favourite Insect? Ants
    52. Hate anything? Moths
    53. Biggest fear? Moths
    54. How do you get up early? This (alarm clock)
    55. Stuffed animal? This (shows stuffed animal)
    56. Ever been to Europe? I live in Europe
    57. Body Part? Brain
    58. What are you gonna do in 5 minutes? Edit
    59. Sugar? No thanks
    60. Worst Movie? The Room
    61. Movie Quote? …
    62. Favourite mug? This (shows mug)
    63. Star sign? Libra
    64. Shampoo? This (Head & shoulders)
    65. Can you scream? Yes!
    66. Why did you do that? Well you asked.
    67. First pet? Cat
    68. Siblings? Two
    69. Can you wink? Yep
    70. Disney Princess? Ariel
    71. Dream Date?…
    72. Questions or Answers? Both
    73. Marry me? No thanks
    74. Secret Obsession? …
    75. What? What?
    76. How many teeth? 30
    77. Toes or finger? Fingers
    78. Favourite present? Playstation 1
    79. Favourite sound? (Makes sound)
    80. Ever kissed an animal? A dog
    81. Innie or Outie? Innie
    82. What’s the time?…
    83. What Date? Tuesday
    84. How many train tickets? 214
    85. Train or car? Trains
    86. Favourite accent? Irish
    87. What’s your kryptonite? …
    88. Got milk? Yep
    89. Milk or orange juice? Orange juice
    90. Breakfast? Toast and tea
    91. Ticklish? Yes
    92. How many hats? 7
    93. Ice cream flavour? Vanilla
    94. Favourite teletubby? Po
    95. Favourite band? This (The Beatles)
    96. Favourite place? Bed
    97. Ambition? Direct a film
    98. Multiverse theory? Love it
    99. …? Yuck
    100. Past or future? Future
    101. Can you say “page”? Page
    102. Will you go to prom with me? Yeah all right
    103. Smoke? Nope
    104. Drink? nope
    105. Ken or Barbie? Ken
    106. Favourite book? This (Bart Simpson’s Guide to Life)
    107. Skinny or boot cut? Skinny
    108. Favourite Comedian? …
    109. How are you? Tired
    110. Are you drunk? No
    111. Gender? Male
    112. Vans or Converse? Vans
    113. Favourite word? Yes
    114. Religious? Nope
    115. Hungry? Yeah
    116. Cereal? This (Sugar Puffs)
    117. Favourite Number? Zero
    118. New York or London? London
    119. Boys or Girls? Girls
    120. Blink? No
    121. Favourite …?…
    122. Left or Right? Left
    123. Up or down? Down
    124. Good at Tetris? Very
    125. Video Editing? … Pro
    126. Toothbrush? This (electric toothbrush)
    127. Vegetable? Potato
    128. Floss? No
    129. Vacation? Mars
    130. Flying? *No
    131. Roll your tongue? (he does)
    132. TV Show? Doctor Who
    133. Darwin? Love him
    134. Scientist? Darwin
    135. Cat or dog? Cat
    136. Socks or barefoot? Socks
    137. Favourite instrument? Ukulele
    138. First Instrument? Recorder
    139. Favourite …? Who are you?
    140. Who are you? Charlie
    141. First Crush? …
    142. Do you…? Not anymore
    143. Are we there yet? Almost
    144. Is this a question? Yes
    145. What is that smell? The smell of victory
    146. You happy? Yes
    147. Should this end? Yes
    148. How did you do? Better than I anticipated

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  • xxMOMOxCHANxx

    I want an “I found Charlie” badge!!!! Come to Indiana, USA so I CAN GET ME ONE!!! I'll take it as a 15th birthday present!! I love your videos!!

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  • Kathy

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  • xxMOMOxCHANxx

    PLEASE COME TO AMERICA, preferbly Indiana. I would love to meet you! Your my favorite youtube celeb!!!!! I'll take it as a 15th birthday gift!!! PLEASE?!?!?!?!?

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  • amyissocoollike

    love YOUU!! i sent in a few questions and none of them were read out!! :'(

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  • The Allygator3000

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  • Julia

    charlie!!! will you still be giving out the badges this summer?? im going to london FINALLY and i want one! thanks for being so awesome and nerdfighter-tastic! :)

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  • Kath-ryn (Not ER or RINE :P)

    Gotta say, that was epic. xD I got so confused at 'round 121, even more so the second time through, but eventually figured it out.

    You have small feet. :P If I go to some shmancy converter, it tells me “There are no values for that conversion.” …I guess all the charts stop of 12 for girls. -_-;

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    hi there =), this is my first time posting a comment, i liked your video, it made me laugh, i watched some others videos in youtube and you're funny =)… i just read a comment from a girl from uruguay :O, i'm from chile, so lets say you've already reached latin america (yey! =3) .
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  • The thing is, the amount he is currently making is possibly more than what most people working now make. As bizarre as it may sound to you, one can truly make a living from creating popular youtube videos. If he's an intelligent young man, he will most likely save his money throughout the years and have enough to live comfortably. Of course, if he doesn't make enough money, school is always there for him, but I'm sure he makes a fairly decent amount of money and will continue to do so.

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    Best regards from Minnesota.

    8:55pm, April 30th 2010
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  • Beccaroxursoxx

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  • viviana cerda gho

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