Too Many Questions!

April 13, 2010

Thank you so much for your questions everyone, sorry I couldn’t use them all. I mean, I could have fit some more into the video after I realised how fast I really was at answering questions like this, but I just didn’t have the willpower to do any more filming or editing. I spent ALL of today, from the moment I woke up (excluding time for eating/peeing) in front of the screen editing this beast of a video. Editing like that does stuff to your brain, 148 questions will do.

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There is a fun story to accompany this video! Just for you, dearest website peoples. In the clip of me at the Apple Store, notice the girl on the computer behind me in the picture? In the last frame of the video that I shot there I managed to catch a great moment of realisation as she notices that, hey, isn’t that the Purple Tea Ketchup YouTube guy? She’s now the owner of an ‘I Found Charlie’ badge, actually one of the two badges I gave out on that trip to Bath. I like it when that happens, it’s fun meeting people ^_^

  • Cohocrules

    That was dizzying to watch. half of the time i wasn’t even sure what the question was that was being answered. i had to watch it twice just to get the gyste of it. my brain is still recivering from that madness.

  • Kbmaul16

    charlie i love to watch your vids and want to meet u but i live in the us

  • Hana

    Charlie! you are my idol ^^

  • Toni

    you are soo cool lol it is in your name

  • Mihaela

    charlie, come to croatia!

  • Kate

    Hahaha, Charlie, You are pretty amazing:)
    ive made my own wall of stuff! hehe.

  • georgina hall

    do a trip to bournemouth :D  best beach in the uk!!!

  • nastya.becreative

    Your hair  corresponded to your bright personality…But now it is more & more better!)
    Please,tell me ,what would you do in the future, if you had not become a video blogger?What profession did you choose before you suspend your classes at the University?I’m just interested.I do not want to load you with questions, but if you will have time to that– answer.)

  • Bitches!

    Hi, We are Angela and Maria from Spain, and we are your best fans in this fucking world, sorry butWE WANT BE YOUR GIRLFFRIENDS. Bye!

  • Avarielle

    I love Legend of Zelda! and Irish accents and orangutans and youtube and pretty much everthing else on there ! nomnomnom :P

  • Eva

    I’m pretty sure that was the best thing i have ever watched ever…….

  • Aliyah

    HI my name is aliyah and there so funny they always make me laugh when i was feeling down i was wondering if you can give me a shout out in your next video:) thx _aliyah ;)<3

  • Aliyah

    When i said there i ment your videos

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