VidCon & FirstTV

July 16, 2010

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So, VidCon is a thing that has happened. Never heard of VidCon? Well, it was only the biggest and baddest online video conference/gathering that there ever was, and you missed it! Gutted. I gave a few talks, played a few songs, made some new friends, gave a lot of hugs, dived into a few ball pits, and took my pants off. Yes, I took my pants off on stage, and yes, I’m still completely teetotal. I’m still not quite sure how I did it.

If, however, you had already heard of VidCon and didn’t need it explained to you, apologies for that last paragraph. Massive respect goes to Hank Green (the main organiser) and all of the team that worked on the conference for managing to pull everything together so well. Sure, there was room for improvement, but seeing as it was Hank’s first go I think he did a brilliant job, and I can’t wait to see how he can build upon it next year … if there is a next year. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed, and I’ll be sure to swoop up the opportunity if he chooses to invite me again.

The most overwhelming thing about the conference though was how many people seemed to know who I was. I did my absolute best to meet as many people as possible when I had spare time to do so, and fortunately everybody that I met was very lovely, friendly, and not creepy in the slightest. There were, however, a few times when I’d head down to the lobby to meet up with a friend for lunch, bump into someone who wanted a photo, and then look behind them a few minutes later to find that a “meet charlieissocoollike!” line had formed all on it’s own. The moments where I had to turn people away so that I could go and get some food were incredibly hard for me to handle, I wanted to give everyone the chance to meet me, but I just didn’t have the time. If you were at VidCon and didn’t get the chance to say hey, I can’t apologize enough :(

Another Thing

As well as VidCon being as thing that has happened, another thing has happened that I want to inform you all about, and that’s FirstTV. I’m extremely lucky to be in the position that I am, I’m thankful for it every day, to live in a world where opportunities get handed to me as often as I do. As a 19 year old without much life direction, when I was approached to audition for a job in traditional presenting I thought “hey, sure, I’ll give it a go”. After all, I wasn’t ever going to know if traditional presenting was the job for me unless I tried it out, so when the producer of FirstTV was kind enough to give me a shot, and a job, I jumped in.

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However, it was only after the first day of shooting that I started to feel out of place. Reading from a script didn’t feel right, no matter how much I tried to make it my own, it just wasn’t the show for me … so I decided to quit. Everybody that works on the show is downright lovely, and we all became friends very quickly, which just made my decision to leave all the harder. But hey, when something doesn’t feel right, logically or emotionally, all you can do is use your best judgment.

I don’t regret my decision to join the FirstTV team, albeit very briefly, because without that experience I wouldn’t ever have known that traditional presenting just wasn’t for me. For the FirstTV team of the future, I wish you all the best of luck, and for anyone that’s interested, you’ll be able to find the next four episodes, appearing one by one (all of my stuff has already been shot) on their website: – I actually break a world record in the first episode, surely it’s worth watching just for that :)

Thanks again to the FirstTV team for the opportunity, to Emma, Nick and Fran for being such lovely ladies and co-presenters, and to you, for your continued support while I try and work out what the hell I want to do with my life. I’ll know at least by the time I reach 30, I promise. <3

  • Moepoe

    I just saw the video, and I could easily see how uncomfortable you were. Its good to see that your not sticking to something which just isn’t right for you. You’ll find the right one in the future! :)

  • thegreengirl89

    Thank you so much for you reply. I wasn’t sure if this was creepy or not, I was just trying to be honest. It does comfort me to know that my post isn’t creepy. Plus it is good to know that I am not the only one that feels this way. (^ _^)

  • Ruth Duke

    Haha, defintely :)

  • Just sayin..

    Wow Charlie! I just posted my comment on your last post as I could tell how uncomfortable you looked. Its amazing how self aware you are. A good move to quit but I hope you find the right format and media to launch for yourself that feels right for you! Good luck

  • Blub the Fish

    ur just cute :)

  • Rhema

    Good for you Charlie! I wish I could've been there. One of my dreams is to meet you one day.

  • Steve

    Glad you had fun, Charlie. I need to send a important email to you over the weekend…. Which sounds as mysterious as I intended.

  • Robert Leat

    i just watched the first episode, congrats on the world record , i hope they do vidcon again next year

  • Izzy2414

    Well done Charlie, you did the right thing if it didn't feel like the right decision. Hope you had a wonderful time <3

  • Mechi Rodriguez


  • Kayla :D

    I wish i could have met you at vidcon! There better be a next year!!

  • MarehMonster

    I'd love to go to VidCon.. but considering where it is I don't have the money.
    one day D;

  • V_Simberly

    What do you mean you took your pants off on stage? o_O

  • XxMango123

    haha i saw that whole take your pants off thing xD that was hylarious!
    and i wish i could have made it tho but live feed comes in handy (:
    but FirstTV? awesome!
    i cant wait to see your four episodes :]
    hopefully you find something you want to do soon <3

  • Tashasutcliffe


  • Rob

    The only thing good about first tv was you. The other 3 annoyed me.

  • Lydia Price

    Ahh charlie, which i was there. The thing about the pants is so strange..? lol. Glad you enjoyed your self but missing you on youtube in the UK. Make a video soon please? Just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge well done on achieving what you have, you really deserve everything Your such a genuine guy and truly grateful for your life. AND YOUR ENGLISH woooop! :D Love you Charlie McDonnell xxx

  • Kendra

    I couldn't be there, but I watched you via live steam, which was pretty amazing!

  • Paloma

    Charlie, now I admire you even more. You're completely right, when something doesn't feel right… you must do what you want to do, not what you think you have to. And, heck, I'd be right there at the “Meet charlieissocoollike!” line. XD Hugs! :)

  • Guersss

    he did! he was wearing another pants underneath :P

  • Chi Tang

    It is reasonable that you don't have idea about the way of your life at your age. I know you will know it very soon! I hope you by having more opportunity on doing different things will help you to know what you really wants.

  • Moriah

    i'm sure they were both wonderful experiences and you have to try new things–if you don't, what the hell is going to make life exciting

  • Princessspaz

    I'm sad I couldn't be at VidCon but I can't wait for next year! Watching you take your pants off on stage via livestream basically made me laugh like a crazy person. I literally scared my roommate out of the room.

  • Morgan Pap

    I'm glad to see you're branching out and trying to make a name for yourself other than youtube. I think you've got a great talent for being personable and charismatic, however, I watched the first episode and I don't think I'll continue the series. I'm sure you will make a greater impact on the world by persuing other projects.
    Best of Luck and I am excited to see what comes next.

  • Nour Al-Tawheid

    i didn't get to go to vidcon, but i'm try'n to watch every video out there about it :)
    taking ur pants was actually funny, and clever ..
    am watching firsttv now, ur GREAT ! but u kinda seem not the charlie we're used to..

  • Ty Stanage

    As a 19-year-old college student, I'm in the same situation you are–it's really hard to decide what you want to do with your life, and a college degree only gives you a piece of paper saying that you may or may not be more qualified than some other guy to work at some job you may or may not enjoy for the rest of your life.

    I can say from experience, that the only thing college does is force you to make a decision faster on what you want to do with your life–this is not always a good thing–because you're making a decision in a very short amount of time under a large amount of pressure, it may not be what you will truly _enjoy_ for the rest of your life. This, by all means, doesn't mean that you can't decide what to do with yourself–you, for example, have been out there in the world doing trial-and-error to try and find your fit, which is more than I can say that I have done. This college bubble sucks a lot of the time.

    I think once you stumble upon something that truly interests you and you will enjoy doing it the rest of your life, then this is what you must pursue (it may seem obvious when I say it here, but a lot of the time we pass up the best fit for something that we can settle with).

    You obviously love entertaining people, and you are obviously good at it. You've even completed the first step in finding out “what you want to do with your life” – you've gotten so good at something that someone is paying you to do it. Now, all you need to do is take your love for music, entertainment, and acting and take it to the next level. Opportunities will definitely come your way, and as soon as you find your way out, I highly suggest you take it.

    I, too, am looking for the “out,” the way in which I can beat the “house” (casino analogies FTW) and enjoy the whole process. I wish you luck on your search, but as for now, I think we both need to continue to enjoy our lives as teenagers (well, I only have five days left, so good luck with that as well).


  • PuppetAn

    Haha, I really whish I could be at VidCon… or somwhere close so that I could at least see you in real life, because I still can't believe you're real. Even though you obviously are…
    I'm kind of glad you don't really have a direction planned out yet, because then you would probably have less time for stuff like youtube and music and all that; this sounds a bit selfish, I'm really sorry.
    I'm looking forward to your next video :)

  • Emma Markman Morris

    I agree with you when you said that you don't look comfortable there. You didn't seem your youtube self.

  • Chelsea

    glad you had fun at vidcon! especially since you had all those crazy fangirls mobbing you. the rest of us genuinely felt bad you had to deal with that! hopefully next year you'll get to have a more normal time! ^_^

  • thegreengirl89

    It seems that every time I read your blog, you manage to inspire me some way. Though, I am not sure why, maybe it's because I like the way you write or because you seem like a very nice and very polite guy. :) Sometimes after reading your blogs, I have a six hour painting or writing session because that day you inspired me to be my best at the things I love to do. Sometimes you inspire me to stick with my beliefs no matter if others don't like them. Today you inspire me to try new thing and not let new opportunities pass be by, so that is what I am going to do. So thanks again Charlie for just being you and inspire me to be the best person I can be. I hope this isn't creepy, :-/

  • zehra


  • VlogMunkey

    Not to be of any offense to FirstTV, but my judgement after watching a little bit of it–it's slightly lame.
    You're better than that, I think.
    Good choice!

  • Ruth Duke

    Not creppy at all:)
    I think this rings true for alot of people, including myself

  • Ruth Duke

    Not creppy at all:)
    I think this rings true for alot of people, including myself

  • Ruth Duke

    Staying true to yourself is the best way to go I think
    Good for you :) :)

  • Sharon

    Charlie, you are so ace.

  • yanni

    dont worry charlie. youll find what youre looking for :)

  • chlooooe

    Charlie, you DO know that if you get a job on national tv sometime in the future, people won't believe me when I scream at the tv that I know who you are and they won't believe I've known who you are for years and think I'm just a tad weird, yes?
    Take your time with what you want to do, just think about how great life is going for you right now, live life as it comes <3

  • Chloe

    You didn't look very comfortable there. Good choice. :)

  • ThatGirl

    You definitely did look uncomfortable there, but you've made the right decision and you will find something when the time is right (:

    Sounds like you had a great time at VidCon. Although it must have been overwhelming/scary being mobbed by fangirls xD Hopefully they'll bring it to the UK next time!
    Would you every think about organising another London gathering? Cos if you did it would be brilliant (:

  • chwaf

    that firsttv show was so cheesy. what were you thinking?! SELL OUT
    only joking..but that show was really bad

  • Jon Turner

    Wow Charlie, think you might actually slow down a bit for a while? Or do you already have the next project/activity lined up and ready to go :P I hope we can see another video in the not-to-distant-future, though I'm sure you're still working out the jet lag from your last adventure :)

  • Cinthya

    I don't think you should give up on traditional presenting. That show might have not been the right but I know you'll find something awesome that will fit your sensibilities. And if not, you'll create something. Beyond that, we're always going to be here to watch your videos :P

  • Fuzzysox

    i think you did the right thing considering how unhappy it made you.

    does anyone have any idea when he will be uploading the footage from when he went to see toy story three way back when? it was on his boredlike channel.

  • HomeToast


  • Purplepenguin18

    Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlie!!!!! When are you coming back to LA? I couldn't go to Vid Con and I really really really really want to meet you and it sounded like a blast!

  • MissAnna

    I love the fact you're so English about everything! (I'm English too, so I understand…) It's nice knowing you realise how lucky you are, because you really, really are. Carry on doing what you're doing 'cause we all think you're brilliant. B)

  • Timea

    You turned down that job… :)
    This is what I like about you.

  • Laina

    UGHHH I'm so jealous. Wish I could've gone to VidCon but I had to fly out for a seminar the day before it started. But I'm glad you had fun. <3 I reeeeally hope it happens again next year so I can go! 8D

  • Carys

    I think you should audition for the 12th Doctor. I really do. You'd be awesome.

    And I wasn't at VidCon. Really wanted to be there, but alas, I have no money. It was really quite out of the question. But well done, for handling life so well, and being a joy to watch from afar, on the Internet. The Internet loves you.

  • Chelsea Clark

    I have no idea what I want to do with my life either! But you've made more headway than I have at 21.

    I will never stop being sad that I couldn't be at VidCon, but I'm glad it was great for you and everyone else who went.

  • Levernebredosian

    Dear Charlie,
    I have just watched yout FirstTV show, and let me tell you you were quite stiff. The girls, all of them looked more natural (on a TV kind of way) I mean you could definitely tell you were not enjoying yourself, as least not as much as your youtube videos.
    Regarding your decision of quiting your job, i think it is for the best. You are getting so many opportunities,but there is obviously a reason behind it, you're worth it!
    Thank you for being awesome!

  • mavreekangel

    wow I'm glad vidcon was awesome – it's sounded great! I wish I could have gone >.< then again, while I love to meet people, I'm pretty shy and don't know if I actually would have met anyone…the panels would have been fun though.

    I'm reading all the other comments and I didn't think the show was bad – I saw it for what it was: aimed at the younger audience. You didn't look TOO uncomfortable, but I'm glad you were able to give it a shot and then walk away, and I'm glad it was a good experience ^_^

  • Samissocoollike

    When I saw your face on the cover of First News, I actually freaked out. And I made my mum buy the paper just for the front page :) I think you quitting was for the best, and that Youtube is your thing and thats what you should carry on doing :) Watched your segment at VidCon, it was very very very awesome :)

  • Anusha Baker

    I think it's great that you stick to your beliefs and what feels right! Whatever happens Charlaay, it happens for the best. You know we're always going to be here to try and understand you and support you all the way. Glad you had fun at vidcon!Wish I could've been there :[
    Much love!

  • clickmyface

    Hey Charlie,

    Read this:

    You've got to find what you love, and that is as true for work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking, and don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it, and like any great relationship it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking. Don't settle. – Steve Jobs, 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech

    - Luke (clickmyface)

  • Jordan

    love how you squeezed dr. who into it ;P

  • Juliette Hacking

    I just thought I should comment, No reason. Go Charlie!

  • Hadley

    When something doesn't feel right, don't do it. I think its great for you to stick to what you feel is right and not do anything that you don't think isn't.
    Watch a bit of the one on their website and it just didn't seem like something you would do, but hey, I don't honestly REALLY know you… Maybe you will end up doing something like that.
    Anyway hope Vidcom was amazing. If there is one next year I'm positive you will get invited… Just try not to take your pants off(:
    I saw on Dailybooth you went to DisneyLand and I envy you for that… besides for the whole Indiana Jones ride.(:
    Hope you had fun and good luck figuring out what you do what to do. I say you got until your 50(:

  • dreamforever91

    I loved you cooking Broccoli soup :) You looked so annoyed when you said 2Your knife is a lot bigger than mine”. lol. do you cook in your flat with Alex?

  • raisinbrandy

    Don't forget, Charlie! Not even John Green knew what he wanted to do with his life for a long time. Remember how he said he didn't even know what to major in in college? Lots of people have no idea what they want to be when they grow up, especially when they're around your age.

    Don't worry, Charlie, because you have nothing to worry about. You'll figure out what you want to do and who you want to be soon enough <3

  • Nickh

    Hi Charlie, personally I think it's a great shame as I really enjoyed the first episode of first TV, Definitely going to tune in for the next one

  • Dylan =]

    I watched the show and the best bit was when you were cooking- “Your knife is bigger than mine.” It was the one time I laughed out loud =] It's cool that you quit, very respectable! And oh how I wish I could have gone to vidcon… but alas, I had to stay home… Maybe next year? Well, Charlie, I hope you will be able to end up like Shane Dawson, making youtube videos for a living, because it is clear that that is what you really love <3 Cheers! DFTBA


  • angelenroute

    Dear Charlie,

    I began watching you at the dawn of five awesome guys and like everyone else, became instantly hooked to your face, your voice and above both of those, your sweet, charming personality. You are smart, you are talented, you are funny, and if those weren't enough (they are) you are a genuinely good person. Despite said talents though, I have seen so many people get eaten up by the fame machine and spit out like something foul into the streets. And here's how I know you will not fall victim to the same fate: You are neither aspiring for super stardom nor are you filled (or even filling) with the ego that recognition can often bring. You are just Charlie. You are us. You are everyman–and to everyone's enjoyment including your own–you are still everyboy with so many years ahead of you.

    I will always watch your career from the sidelines, cheering you on and supporting you and your causes whenever I can. If you dye your hair or have bits of you kissed for charity, you will make me smile and open my wallet. But the in-between, regular vlogging, sweet smile, sweet voiced Charlie will always be my favorite part of following you. Your fame is an inspiration, but your you-ness is a constant delight. Thank you for all you've done and said and sung so far, and know I will always be here enjoying the ride and cheering you on!

    I was at 888 but couldn't make VidCon or any other gatherings you've been at, but I hope some day to meet you and give you a hug and get one in return some time I'm in London or you're in New York, where you will always have this friend here to host you or show you around!

    Warmest wishes and big online hugs!

    With love and namaste,

  • Daisyann

    FirstTV is an awesome show and I for one love it. It's just what us older kids need! It's a shame you've missed out on the opportunity to be a part of it. I think you might have grown into it. You quit too soon.

  • Sam

    You seemed very uncomfortable in the couch scenes, but more natural everywhere else, it is quite obvious you don't like reading from a script and I completely respect that about you, because you would rather just be yourself. Good job on the show though, and congrats on breaking a world record!

  • Dani

    I Wish I could've met you. You seem like a great guy. I love your songs alot! and you're hillarious! Your videos make me laugh so much! Well i hope I get to meet you one day :)

    -Peace,Love,and Weeping Angels
    Danielle from Arizona

  • Rye_encoke

    where are the pics of you pants-less?

  • purplegirl117

    Charlie, you did great every time you were on the VidCon stage. When you spoke you were funny and witty while still sounding intellegent. On a different note, thank you *so* much for signing my ukulele and taking a picture with me, it really means a lot. (You're a big part of the reason I even started playing ukulele in the first place.) I tried to catch you when you didn't look like you were about to go do something, and I really hope I did. All weekend I avoided going up to anyone I wanted to speak to if they were already talking to someone or looked like they were heading somewhere in a rush, because I'd hate to be that annoying fangirl who interrupts the person at a bad time.

    Also, you're taller than I thought you would be. I ended up sitting behind you for about 20 minutes Friday morning, and I could barely see the stage. But it's okay, I managed.

  • Siv

    aw, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy that :p
    but I'll need to watch it :D

  • dualdestiny

    Yay for vidcon! One of these years I'll be able to go, hopefully you'll be there too.

  • Elise is so cool like

    awww, charlie ur sooo sweet. i really wanted 2 see u @ vidcon, but i couldn't. :( but i bet u were great :D
    its really sweet that u try to meet as many people as possible, because obviously, those people look up to u in one way or another, and u try to make their day a little happier by meeting them. hoping to see u there next year,
    Love and Rockets,
    Elise <3

  • Love10s4ever

    He took off his pants but he had pants under neath his pants if that makes any since.

  • Jess

    ever since i started watchin u i got hooked by ur funny and great video blogs!
    ur gd at:
    music (ukelele, guitar, u have an immense singing voice, makin songs….)
    art (that paintin of ur brother all weirdified is amazin by the way)
    video games!
    makin video blogs (obviously!)
    breakin world records (i screamed when u did it and freaked my mum out!)
    stuffin ur face with marshmallows (13 ordinary marshmallows! impressive!)
    wearing all ur clothes in style!
    drinkin half a bottle of ketchup without puckin (well done by the way!)
    doin a wine gum experiment without makin everybody fall asleep!
    eatin baby food (grandpas lunch not good – but those marly biscuit things – delicious!
    PAINTIN URSELF PURPLE ( i did that today with my friends!)
    makin balloon animals and hearts!
    makin mind-o-hat-o-matics! (was that it?!)
    readin twilight
    best “how to be english!” videos
    eatin fish custard!
    and EVERYTHIN else!
    and to add to all that ur funny
    AND to add to all of that ur sooooo cute and gorgous (luv the hair by the way – all of sons of admirals together look immense!)
    AND to add to all THAT an amazin and great person in general
    it's no shock everyone wants to meet you and be their friend!
    LUV U! :D

  • Emmasuraya

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww charlieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • aliceissocoollike

    Yea.didn't seem like your thing at all.It didn't show off your talents properly.

  • Siv

    wow, you did the record!! :D

  • Amanda Baird

    i was gutted that i wasnt able to go to VidCon >_< hurry up and put another video up on youtube coz tbh im getting bored :L

  • Allison

    Love to hear more about vidcon Charlie! I'm very happy you had an awesome time!

  • Gabby

    Charlie, you're a winner.

  • thisisnotjohbee

    Sorry the presenting thing didn't work out for you. But I thought you were brilliant at VidCon. I only caught the last two songs of your set, but luckily those two songs are some of my favourites. I wish I could have ACTUALLY been there, rather than watching online from the other side of the country. I hope the west coast treated you well and you had an awesome time at VidCon.

  • Stella

    I can totally do your party trick!

  • Carys

    “You can lick the spoon if you want.”
    Charlie- “Do I want to?”


  • Emma

    That blonde girl makes me so jealous! Charlie you're the best :D

  • Claire

    That show was a bit odd. But maybe I'm just not used to Brtisih TV. :)

  • claire

    British* :O

  • mihiella

    omg. you took YOUR PANTS OFF??? o.O why wasn't I there xD
    when we recover from the shock… ok congratulations on your breaking “the world record” and on joining the FirstTV. To bad you left it so quickly.
    love ya :) <3

  • Lewis

    Thanks for the link to FirstTV, I've now bought the Dot Robot books ^_^

  • woah_its_sabrina

    I watched the FirstTV show, and I can move my hair without touching it like that too! :D It's a shame that I had to miss out on VidCon though, but I'm really happy that you had such a great time! I hope I can go next year if there is one! and congrats on breaking the world record by the way (: you're awesome Charlie <3

  • pame!

    he took his pants off!!!!!!!!! but he had pants under the pants he took off

  • Mary Serafim ♛

    I watched the video on youtube !! You were perfect !! The best part was : “yeah charlieissocoollike is ending :/ … WHEN I DIE” ahhahahaah loved it !! You had nothing to worry about !! Because you are always perfect anyway !! Congratilations !!

  • melina123

    “However, it was only after the first day of shooting that I started to feel out of place. Reading from a script didn’t feel right, no matter how much I tried to make it my own, it just wasn’t the show for me … so I decided to quit. Everybody that works on the show is downright lovely, and we all became friends very quickly, which just made my decision to leave all the harder. But hey, when something doesn’t feel right, logically or emotionally, all you can do is use your best judgment.”
    —that's one of the sweetest quotes by a “famous person” that I've ever seen!

    keep up the good work charlie:)

  • DanniLovesHearts

    I've seen the videos from Vidcon, you looked like you had an amazing time, I wish I could have gone! I will go and watch your brief presenting now – well done for sticking to your ideals about making projects your own and going with your gut!

  • ingveldur

    Good to hear you had a lovely time at VidCon. Unfortunately I couldn't be there as I live in Iceland and well… it's not an option to go to LA.

  • Lydia

    I wasn't at VidCon, but wish I was. Glad you had fun, though!

    As for the FirstTV thing, I don't blame you for quitting. If you're going to do something long-term it has to be something you're comfortable doing…… even if being a cashier at Wal-mart is what you're comfortable doing. XD

    This might be a big “duh,” but have you ever considered video-editing as a profession? You're rather good at it, and I think you'd do well.
    You'll get it figured out, Charlie. No worries. ;)

  • Kayla :D

    Sooooo whatever happened to face replaced? Maybe you could work on that a bit…..

  • Murray

    You look SOOOO uninterested on the FirstTV show…. your poor co-host is struggling to breathe the life that you're leaving behind into it!!

    It's good you realised it's not your thing, keeping up could possibly have hurt your career, especially if you're that sullen in later episodes.

    Congrats on the record though

  • Will Obeney

    It's apologise not apologize! You're British, mon! Speak like us fellow limey folk. Shame about FirstTV, but it sounds as if you're having fun in life.

  • Steve

    You look kinda out of place in FirstTV. I mean you look like you where feeling a little bit out of place. Well I only watched the first episode now. But if it's in every episode like that I am not so much interested.

    Mostly in that scene with the cooking it came to my attention that you didn't feel like you would enjoy your time there so much.

  • Will Bush

    I want to know what kind of speeches you gave at VidCon (Also if you could respond to my email 'Clone video help!' Sorry for advertising… an email…)

  • Miranda Felix

    I'm glad you had fun. I am really upset I wasn't able to attend VidCon, seeing as how Nerdfighters and the like really bring me a sense of unity. But, I a also searching for my place in the world and I hope you find yours as much as I hope I find mine.

  • Bethany Wright

    Oooh, don't make promises you can't keep! I've met plenty of adults who have divulged (in trying to make me feel better about my own lack of direction) that they still don't know *what they want to do with their life*. It's a fairly huge question and sometimes life can sweep you up, and you don't have time to stop and think “Is this what I really want?”

    Having said that it's not a fate I would imagine for you, or that I would wish on anyone! You just never ever know. And your '…by the time I'm 30' comment made my insides wince. :P

    Anywho, glad you had a good time at VidCon, and that you got the chance to try out a job you'd been curious about for a while, I believe!

  • Eloise

    So gutted I wasn't at Vidcon, it really did look amazing – hopefully I can next year if I start saving now! Wait, you took your pants off? English pants or American pants, there is a very big difference
    Just watched that FirstTV thing, my favourite bit was when they referred to Piers Morgan as a living legend, haha :') I loved how with all the guests, your previous connections with them were spoken about, like you were the one that was the celebrity :P
    But yeah, you really didn't seem like *you* on it, at least now you know that it's not for you x

  • 2KaleidoscopeEyes

    Hey Charlie,
    It makes senses to me that you did not feel comfortable on FirstTV. You own your talent, present your own work in your own way and enjoy doing it. To be a piece in someone else's script, without the flexibility to use the creativity and spontaneity that has made you a success on YouTube was probably never going to work. Especially without the ability to self edit. Wishing you well on your quest for purpose… If I have any ideas I will let you know.

  • Bambam

    Charlie, FirstTV is great but you don't look as if you like talking to other people. Maybe you're better just talking to a camera all on your own for You Tube. But you can't really do that forever. It's a shame you can't make something like FirstTV work for you. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun once it finds its feet completely. And you'll need to go onto something sometime!

  • Alinta

    Hello Charlie from a stalker in Australia. Pity about the FirstTV job, but at least it is now a job you are not interested in doing.

    If you ever come to Australia, you have to be on Hey Hey its Saturday (which is on a Wednesday) and sit on the Red Faces Panel. As far as us Aussies know it is scripted… to a point, the script usually gets thrown out about two minutes in and is only used as a general guideline. Part of Hey, Hey's charm is the complete bamboozlement that appears on any stars face that is not from Australia that comes on the show.

    You, however, will love it.

  • Kayla

    I love that you're teetotal. It's refreshing.

  • Kristiina1099

    I have to say, i really enjoyed your vidcon presentation. I think it was the best presentation of whole vidcon 2010. Stripping your pants off on stage was brilliant. That was class A showmanship. No one expected that. Im not sure who enjoyed it more, public or you. You looked so seductive ;).

    GZ for setting a new world record. How could you type so fast?

    I actually liked your FirstTV performance. You looked a bit bored during few segments, but when you made an effort you were in your element and definetily outshined your lovely co-hostess. Maybe time and place was wrong for hosting FirstTV, but dont make final decision based on only one try. If you get another good opportunity to host a tv-show, you should take on the challenge.

    My all time favourite tv-host is Conan O'Brien. I adore him. He has red hair also :). He is incredibly funny and quick witted. However, I found some time ago videoclips of his first ever tv-show which he hosted. He looked quite awkward and very uneasy/unfunny there. He has improved astonishingly. Its process of learning. I mean your early presentations werent as good as in Vidcon. You have improved also quite immensely. You have the spark inside you and thats what matters. Just keep going and you will make it. /hug

    P.S IJustine said in one of her tweets that you look so dreamy. Perfectly legitimate quote for your homepage quote sheet? You are complaining there that you need more quotes :).

  • Leah

    I hope that when I met you, I wasn't interrupting your lunch. You were munching on an apple when I talked to you.. Sorry!

  • thegreengirl89

    Now that response deserves a HUG because I think many of us feels the same way you do. (^ _^)

  • shineekiwi

    Charlie is (also) so cool like <3
    I enjoyed reading your stories happened to you in VidCon and FirstTV !
    Good luck Charlie and I look forward to seeing another awesome video here soon :)

  • Sophie

    wait, so I could see you in the next Guinness book world of records? That's mental!

  • Jessica Hahn

    I love you. Marry me?

  • Tayla

    is there anything that you CANT do?!?!?!?!?!

  • czery

    I really like the spontaneity in your youtube vids and believe there is not much place for that at FirstTV. So: great decision to quit!

  • Natalit

    Hey Charlie I watched the whole of the FirstTV thing and I have to say the only good thing about it was you. So who knows what a disaster it'll be without you!!

    I do think you should give presenting another go but maybe with a show that you have some interest in I.e. A Dr Who fan show or a music one. Etc…. Oh yeah I deffo think you should present solo next time I think that was the main problem

  • Abigail

    Charlie, I have been watching your videos since February 2009. No, I didn't leave when your videos got boring, or when you didn't upload for a while. :) There's three things I want to tell you:

    1. Thank you for being awesome!
    2. DFTBA!
    3. I love you more than you can imagine, and even though I live in Arizona, I can feel that someday we'll meet.

    See you next VidCon!

    Abigail <3

  • Tarni

    Lol, wow you stuck out like a sore thumb in that show
    Definitely wasn't you
    Soo looking forward to the next vlog/music thing and very gutted that i didn't get to go to VidCon

  • Chrissie

    you looked so uncomfortable on that show; only because i know how you're really like. if i didn't know who you were it wouldn't be that bad. good choice quitting. at least you know it isn't for you.

    question: have you continued dying your hair red or has it not grown out yet?

    love, chrissie

    PS: tell alex to come back to vlogland. he hasnt posted for more than 2 weeks!

  • Jb Ace

    Whos the blonde girl sitting next to Charlie? she isnt “Claire” is she, because i was listening to Mrs nerimon and it said, “we'll be like charlie and clair” anyone know?

  • Jake Tannery

    I agree. Not your thing, Charlie. Cool that you broke a record, though! One more awesome notch in your… thing with awesome notches.

  • Savannah

    I'm pretty sure it's just a random girl, because Kristina Horner sang Mrs. Nerimon and that is definitely not Kristina Horner.

    Also, the Claire and Charlie thing is a reference to Lost (a TV show) :D Nothing to do with any Charlies of the coollike variety.

  • Mollziwollzi

    I watched the episode and ur right – scripts rely don't suit u! I luv u Charlie x

  • Crookshanksthecat

    I watched the first episode, and I can do the hair thing too! I think you should stick to doing your own thing, sometimes shows are a bit too scripted…

  • nickh

    Seems a shame Charlie. I thought you looked great on screen and I liked the other bits of First TV too. I'm definitely goin to look out 4 the next episode

  • Roryh98

    Hi Charlie, I thought First TV looks really different and fun. A real shame that you are thinking about leaving. I loved the twins interview with Jedward and Emma is really great too

  • Joh

    Hey Charlie, My favourite bit on First TV was when you broke the world record for typing on an ipad. Despite not getting it right a few times you stuck at it!! Shame you may be leaving, I thought you and Emma made a great team

  • beany

    Charlie, just watched First TV – I thought it was awesome, I loved it. And I thought you were great, shame you have decided to leave.

  • Bwicked

    Have you seen the long version of the Jedward interview? if you click the bottom right of the FirstTV player, it flips and you can watch longer films of your best bits. Planet Jedward or what!!!

  • BBoy

    FirstTV rules! And Charlie, you could have been its king…

  • Alexis

    Loved the hair moving thing – You're a man of many talents, Charlie McDonnell!

  • BobbyV

    Hey I checked out the First TV show. Why would you quit? Looks good. I know what you mean about gut feelings though. If it doesn't feel right, then it wasn't meant to be.

  • V_Simberly

    OK, That’s breaking my mind a little less then :)

  • emicat

    I'm partway through watching FirstTV, but I don't really have time to watch it all at the moment. Umm… I don't actually have anything to say, but I always have to comment on your blog posts! I LOVE YOU CHARLIE!!!!!

  • Alice

    I think you made the right decision Charlie, the jokes and laughter didn't seem natural and it all seemed a little trivial compared to some of things you sometimes do. Still, well done, couldn't have been easy and you made a good presenter none the less :)

  • Roxyssou

    I just need to say that, and there's no nasty intention behind it…
    But I'm french, and when I read 'Vidcon', sounds like 'Vie de con' which means 'Life of a silly guy'…
    :') Just sayin >.<'

  • Kjersti Mansaas

    Congratulations to the world record!!! The hairmoving thing, I loved it, laught my pants of xD Or something :D And as always, you're the boy of my dreams, Charlie<3

  • Heather

    Vidcon sounded really fun :D I'm really curious now about what you can do there
    And you made a good choice about firstTV, although you already know that, seeing all the comments, I also have no clue what I'll do later, I'm 16 now, and need to decide over 2 years, I hope I'll leave this country(holland) and go to somewhere else, doing stuffs I like… I hope you will find something great to!

  • JMdP

    It's rad that you had so much fun in America!
    Also, the whole 'not knowing what you want to do with your life thing' seems to be working out pretty well for you so far, so I wouldn't stress about it :)

  • Kaaa

    be king of england,

  • Shiona Clark

    lol 30 years old and still living with your mum? that'd be horrific, no matter how lovely your mum is, so let's hope you figure it out a little before then, eh?

  • Awsomeannabel95

    thank god you didnt stay with 1st tv …it just soo wasnt u..ughh..i cud barely stand watching it nd i only did cus u wer in it x

  • Ynes

    I have to agree with you Charlie, the FirstTv-episode shows you're not feeling comfortable. Hard but right decision :)

    Don't worry, I'm studying journalism and really that's not what I wanna do with my life too. One day you'll know, now you just have to enjoy life ;) but at my 30 I'd rather live on my own, though ;)

  • Sal

    Such a shame you are leaving Charlie, it's a great show and I bet you could have put your own twist on it to make it more “you” the other presenters are cool and I think it would have been brilliant if you broke more records for the show! I'll definitely watch the next 3 with you in it and then when they get a new presenter I will miss you, but I will still watch!

  • Summersun

    Thing That Has Happened sounds like a trademark. =p Since I have no life I'm gonna go look up FirstTV now…

  • request

    I was watching VidCon via Livestream, and I loved every single one of your performances, but my favourite thing was that you sang the full “I Want To Be A Monkey” song! Will it be on your album in full length? Pretty please?

  • Elain

    I’m not sure if traditional presenting is not your cup of tea, or if it was the show itself. I think you were great at the Baftas, so maybe it just felt wrong because the concept of FirstTV is rather childish (which is perfectly fine, since it’s directed at children!).
    I could picture you as a presenter of a show that explains scientific stuff in understandable ways for everyone, for example. Or any show that fits your interests more. But you’ll know best what suits you and what doesn’t.
    It was nice to see you for half an hour, though, and even cooking! :D I’m not sure if I’d have noticed that you weren’t really comfortable with the teleprompter, hadn’t you pointed it out. But it still felt considerably less natural than your videos.

    It’s kind of funny that you’re always worried that people might perceive you as a sell-out. You just quit a show because it didn’t feel right for you – how much more integrity could a person possibly have? You are true to yourself, and you don’t take any part of your success for granted. And that’s a pretty impressive attitude for a 19-year-old with a following of almost half a million subscribers.

    And on a completely different note: You now think that people should know what they want to do with their lives by the age of thirty, but you might change your mind when you get older. I mean, I’m in the middle of my twenties, and I have a degree and such, but I still don’t know if this really is what I want to do for the rest of my life. But then, I’ve always held the opinion that growing up is strictly optional, so I might not be representative for my age group. ;)
    Besides, you already are doing something with your life. Something you genuinely enjoy and something that pays your bills at the same time. What more could anyone ask for?

  • Elise

    I thought you did well with the material you were given. I think that the show itself, with it's rigid script and cheesy eliminates, were the cause of your discomfort at the thought of continuing. Good luck with whatever you decide to do next! I'm sure we all look forward to seeing you again!

  • Elise is so cool like

    Charlie, your just plain awesome. keep making awesome videos blogging! <33333

  • Catherine

    I think the show itself is too formulaic, so you gave it your best try. I personally think that you would be better suited to radio – your voice has a nice ring to it and is nither too posh nor too slummy. Radio also involves more improve and MUCH less scripted work. My friend recently did a weeks taster at BBC radio 1 and really enjoyed – might you consider something like that? So wish i could of gone to vidcon – looked amazing! And, keep posting videos that make my day xxx

  • Jake Tannery

    Hey Charlie, just wanted to say, blogger-to-(undiscovered)blogger, not as a raving fan(Which I sort of am as well), that you really do have a talent for writing these posts. I wish you'd update more often, because I am thoroughly addicted to your 'written blog'. Keep doing what you're doing.

  • asimplecadence

    Hmm. I don't think TV isn't for you, I just think that SHOW isn't for you. Don't give up on TV, I think you'd be great for it : ) You just have to find the right show!

  • Annie22

    FirstTV is such a cool idea and I think it's great. People my age (14) have been waiting for something like this. Pity you can't stick with us, Charlie. But maybe talking to younger people isn't quite your thing. FirstTV is defo my thing, though!

  • Lauren B.

    Though you didn't feel comfortable, you still did a fantastic job and looked great on FirstTV, Charlie!

  • Rae

    youre so talented! have you considered some sort of film making school? I think you would be great at it! I can so see you being a hugely known movie director or something :)

  • LUCY

    I do so wish that you would update more! I love to here about this wonderful kid called Charlie. you are most likely one of the biggest inspirations to this generation (second to Doctor Who, of course) and you're brilliant at it. keep on making us laugh,

  • Bookluver

    YES!!!!!!!!! A blog without a video!!!!! Haha congrars on the second one so far. :)

  • lnmelon

    wow! congrats on setting a world record..very impressive! great job charlie!

  • BobStock9

    Charlie, You are brilliant for being open-minded to try a new thing, and leave that thing as soon as you felt it go wrong. I hope you stay “forever young” as you impress the hell out of all of us by simply living your life now, and in your own time.

  • eLlEnMeLoN

    poor charlie! i could tell you were uncomfortable and bored :( the script squashed your randomness and charm, unfortunately.
    it's hard to imagine you anything other your original bloggerific self, but it was interesting seeing you experiment with different ideas. it was definitely worth a try.
    and congrats on your world record setting! very impressive. can't wait to see you in the guiness book of world records! (;

  • Julie

    where were you listening to mrs nerimon? can you give me a link or something?I’d like to hear it :P

  • pem1990

    Just watched the show~I had fun watching you struggling with that massive broccoli X)
    and your double-dipping as well <3

  • Raghavds6

    you are awesome ma totally

  • Alakakatie

    Charlie you are a demon in the kitchen! xD
    Its fun that your trying new things, even though you looked ever so slightly uncomfortable on screen xD
    Heh (nothing against the show)But maybe it just wasn't the right enviroment for you to be a presenter? Heh. You could host a show with the Tom, Edd and Alex xD You wouldn't have to worry about it looking like a bit of a 'Boys Club' because you would most definately appeal to girls as well (wink).

  • fishyStas

    Yeah, but if he gives radio a go we won't be able to see him. That would be a shame!

  • Tretiydenis

    Hello from Ukraine!

  • Taylor Gold

    You took your Pants Off!! :O (Kicking my myself for not going! :P, Haha!)

    Just going to press the link after I finish writing this!

    happy you had fun! Wish i was there, sounded so fun!

  • atsirk

    Charlie, you are such a swell gentleman. I love that about you.

    I highly enjoyed this bloggeroo. <3

  • Sabine

    awesome! BUT! that outfit your wearing in the first tv pic…the black skinny jean, yellow tee with rain and chocolate, and the grey hoddie with the blue trims is EXACTLLY the same outfit you are wearing on the sons of admrials atrwork thing for Here comes my baby…..i bet you diddnt even notice!

  • Sillynerdysmiley

    do you mean pants as in american for trousers or pants as in pants LOVEU

  • Sam Burton

    you defiantly didn't look as conformable there as you did on your own videos. was it because of the way they wanted you to say things, or because it wasn't natural to you, or what?

    just a question for my wonderings. ^^

  • Carys Pollard

    you certainly didn't look as comfortable as normal :/ maybe it just wasn't your type of show, maybe if you did a few different ones, you might not find it so bad :) its worth a shot don't you think? :)

  • Diego_rockman48

    i agree, if you dont fell comfotable, you have to quit, i support your decision, and i like to know new people! have a nice week! and im 18 and i didnt know about what im going to do with my life, i have a plan but is not posible or a little bit, so relax and, KEEP DOING VIDEOS! HAHAHAH


  • Haaaaannasuuuuuuuu <3 <3

    i love your music : ) kepp it up <3 <3 <3

  • anhandfriend

    You're awesome and I wish I could have gone to Vidcon to meet you!!!! Come back to the states often! :D

  • Julie

    trousers. he actually took it off :D

  • daniel

    on the cbbc mb there is a chameleon circuit fan club and i am in it i am loving blink and exterminate regenerate

  • Hermioneluna19

    CHARLES. i saw you at Westminster Station down at the Tube today in London!! i really wanted to point and yell “I FOUND YOU!” but you seemed in a rush. but goodness, it was lovely to see you, even from afar!! i hope you had fun going wherever it is that you were off to.

    vidcon sounds like so much fun!!

  • italktoekans

    you spelt apologise in the American way?! x

  • Hamish

    It was the right choice to quit FirstTV.
    I love VidCon, it was soooo cool you got to play!
    PS- I live in your city!

  • Abby Scripka

    I wish that I had been there!!!!!!!!!! send me like a message saying when vidcon is PLEASSEEE!!!!!!

  • Amy

    *hugs charlie* and there's another hug that you can add to your Hug Bucket ;)

  • Caroline

    hope you had fun!!!!!

  • Nola

    nola- “omigod, i love him!” *slaps hand to chest*
    seriously, ur the nerdiest person on earth hahaha

  • BongioLala on youtube,

    You are the best of the world :D

  • woah_its_sabrina

    Oh and Charlie, for the record, next time you decide to take your pants off, I think it should be on a youtube video ;D

  • libsey

    Im travelling round south east asia and am in malaysia atm, went into a mcdonalds for the first time in a few months (been living in shaks etc in cambodia for a while) in chinatown, and as i walk in, they are blaring out “ive got nothing” on the radio!!!!! i was jumping up and down like a mental, singing along, so overcome with glee that people were staring and one malaysian man behind the counter said “you go DJ girl!!!” haha. just thought youd like to hear that! hope you read this and it makes you smile just a little bit… :-) Lovemuch! Liz.

  • An Amanda Creature

    Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. I mentioned you in my last blog, because your fabulous song about acne always makes me feel, like, cool. Tarmuch, love :)

  • Xeluther

    Charlie! Your'e on music tuseday on youtube!!!

  • Sherlock Holmes

    ur soooooo cool

  • Bleahperson

    Although I only attended one day of Vidcon, I was extremely ecstatic that you performed with Michael Aranda. Your performance was lovely and your speaker session was very interesting and fun. (Don't let the trolls bring you down!) Thanks for taking a picture with me and for signing my Chameleon Circuit cd. Also, for enduring the lines of fans waiting for pictures and signatures. DFTBA- Jasmine

  • mrfuzzykittens

    Sounds like you had an awesome time! but then again, who doesn't in California? :)

  • Supermegainsanemonkey

    Oh my god Charlie, you looked SO uncomfortable on that sofa!
    You can tell (i'm comparing you to the twins [whose names I don't know, sorry]) because you were sitting on the very, very edge of the couch compared to the 2 girls who were as comfy as if they were sitting in their own home. But I guess that gets better with experience or something….
    But anyway on everyone else's note, I totally agree that you are absolutely grand on youtube, it's your natural habitat so to speak. But keep doing what you love whether that be making youtube videos, being on television, or begging on the streets of Bath, (just kidding about theta last one ,duh, please don't do that! :/ ) You'll always have an army of loyal fans who love all your videos and love all that you do (think of us as another part of your family except a lot bigger and anonymous). Because in the end your the one who's happiness is in question and it won't matter how many times you fell on your face just that you eventually found your muse.

    Sorry about rambling a bit (it was a very lengthy comment), but if you ever do look at the comments on your posts (I'm sure fans will) (by the way, not ranting on you don't take it offensively because you have a life too) I hope you enjoy all the stories, comments, and pep talks, documented here as a token of our appreciation to all the work that you do.
    Thank you for always make people laugh, putting a tune in our heads and a smile on our face.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart (truly)
    -Helena (supermegainsanemonkey)

  • nomity nom nom

    So I'm really not a fan of first tv, like…really not a fan. Is it creepy that I'm watching it anyway just so i get to see you? :P Oh and your list was amazing, wish i was there

  • Smithers567

    Yeaa…I wouldn't want to work for Piers Morgan either (anyone Fry thinks is c**t, I'm right there with him). Good job on the record though!

  • Daggerman2009

    Oooooh! so THATS where you've been! i thought you got tired of making vidios : ( but now i get it : )

  • Emmusical

    Dear Charlie,

    Hi! I am in fact a teenage girl :) living in the United States. I just wanted to thank you, not only for your videos, but for your funniness (is that a word??) and your positivity. After a hard day, watching your videos can make me feel better, even under the hardest circumstances. I really love hearing what you have to say on the concepts of “celebrity” and so on, and I think you really are incredibly good at singing and playing the Ukalali (or however you spell it) :) I hope you will keep making videos, and keep being yourself, because I think that that's the best things about you, it seems like you are comfortable with being yourself, and that can't be said with many many people out there. I hope someday I can see you and cry “I FOUND YOU CHARLIE!”
    The short and short of it is,
    your very funny, down to earth, musical, AND you put a smile on my face.
    Thank you Charlie,

  • jess (:

    i found your videoblogs yesterday…mainly cause ive been blogging for about a year now, and love it very much. i also love talking. the two together led me to videoing my blogs. i then found yours at about midnight last night and spent the next well over an hour watching it. so thanks for leaving me so tired today. i then went on to tell some of my friends about your awsomeness today, only to find they already knew about you. keep videoblogging…they are awsomeeeee :)xx

  • melina123

    you took of your PANTS, PANTS>?
    or the american trousers “pants”>?
    if it is the second one – be patriotic!:P
    if it's the first one – what the>?

  • Im the only one

    Would people please stop addressing these to Charlie? He doesn't read these- I don't blame him, they're all things like love letters

  • Arielle del Rosario

    Charlie, as great as you would have been a program host (as proved with first-tv), it was almost painful watch the show suppress your creativity by scripts and rehearsal as arranged by the producers. I'm so glad that you decided to TRY it and even happier that you decided NOT to do it. I hope you find something that lets you utilize your talents and showcases your personality :) (other than youtube and your music!!!!)

  • RandomJellybeanz

    GOD. i was already really sad 2 have missed you & alex @ vidcon but to miss u TROUSERLESS ON STAGE?! i'm weeping ;) (joking!)

  • RandomJellybeanz

    God. It really says something about the world when the cutest, funniest, most charming guy I know I HAVEN'T EVEN MET!!

  • Despina

    Well, you're one lucky person Charlie McDonnell! It's great that you have so many opportunities to at least try some stuff and see what's best for you! You'll find it eventually, everybody does! And I'm kinda glad you didn't really think presenting on FirstTV was the job for you, because you can do so much more than simply this! I wish you the best of luck because you're really creative and talented!

    Oh and btw here's a challenge for you (to tell the truth, my friend asked me to challenge *her* to do this…but honestly, who asks to be challenged about something so very specific? Where's the fun in that?): perform the dance from Michael Jackson's Thriller. If one thousand inmates did it, you can do it, too!

  • Leah

    I just had a moment in which I realized that you should be the new host of Nevermind the Buzzcocks, since I'm still mourning Simon Amstell's absence. I'm not sure how exactly you'd make that happen, but do ittt.

  • Awsomeannabel95

    such a gd idea!! hope he sees this :)

  • heydearjenna

    Aw, I love you and Alex and I kept seeing all your Tweets and stuff about Vidcon. I wish I could have gone there. I didn't even know one existed for videos, but that's really cool.
    I'll probably watch the video after I eat some breakfast, or maybe during.

    I'm just glad you guys had a splendid time, and I love how genuine you are for your fans. :)


    thats really cool your lucky but you done the right thng

  • Poppy

    By 'I took off my pants' – are you turning into an american and usind the word pants for trousers, or did you actually REMOVE YOUR UNDERWEAR?

    If it is the first option then, Charlie, I am DISMAYED. You should be PROUD of being BRITISH, as, after all, everyone knows that Brits are awesome :D (no offense America – after all, you do have the vlogbrothers)

    So, Charlie, Be a MAN. Be PROUD of being a BRIT.

    <3 :D

  • sherri

    Have you thought of doing the professional musician thing seriously? You arn't a poser in the traditional muso sense of the world (you're more level headed) so you'd probably be taken more seriously then the average and left alone more to do what you actually wanted to do (my opinion anyway). I think you've got the talent to make it as an entertainer, but just finding the right niche (and you already do it incredibly sucessfully on youtube anyway – ie a million subscribers or whatever the number you have.) If that's all you want to do in entertainment then great, but I still think that you've got the talent to go much, much further.

    My thoughts anyway ; )

  • Kathleenissocoollike

    Well done on the record! It really cool that you got that opportunity, but you definitely didn't seem as “you” on FirstTV. I'm glad you did what you felt was right! Your fans will support you with every decision you make. We love you, Charlie! :)

  • Connor Norris


  • Steph

    I remember watching Hank Green on 'a talk with Dave' and he seemed to predict this kind of thing happening to youtubers given the chance to be on TV. I agree, I mean it must be weird to go from doing everything yourself, the scripting, the promotion, the jokes, the directing, the editing and more, to reading from a script.
    And I wish I could have gone to Vidcon, glad you had fun there :D

  • eatyourcakeandhaveit

    i saw the first one of these you presented and, no offence intended here, the presentation was spotless but seemed unnatural. I am glad you have decided not to go with the presenting as I think it would be a waste of you intelligence and your talent, good luck in trying to find your mission in life and keep up the videos they have incredible entertainment value and whenever you are discussed amongst my friends and i, you are always spoken of very highly, presumably for your sheer watchablilty due to your uplifting humour, content dispotition and your ability to maitain a comfortable manner while being so open and honest about your character, when behind a camera.

  • eatyourcakeandhaveit

    i saw the first one of these you presented and, no offence intended here, the presentation was spotless but seemed unnatural.
    I am glad you have decided not to go with the presenting as I think it would be a waste of you intelligence and your talent, good luck in trying to find your mission in life and keep up the videos.
    They have incredible entertainment value and whenever you are discussed amongst my friends and I, you are always spoken of very highly, presumably for your sheer watchablilty due to your uplifting humour, content disposition and your ability to maitain a comfortable manner while being so open and honest about your character, when behind a camera. Once again good luck and …godspeed? :)

  • Adam Winch-Furness

    That FirstTV show was utter rubbish. It was pretty much a comedy piss take. Thank god you didn't continue haha

  • yuetching

    Really liked what u said on===when something doesn’t feel right, logically or emotionally, all you can do is use your best judgment.=== I am not very good at doing that, so that quote inspired me and kind of strikes a cord ~~ U r so talented and dared be who u r– I admire you for that. =D


    cool vids! from Canada

  • Maria

    I just watched the episodes, and you didn’t quite look like “yourself”. I see what you meant. So I’m glad that you were able to make that decision if you knew it wasn’t right :)

  • cd

    rats! I’m sad I missed it! do you have a video of it?

  • Anne

    I think it’s good you passed on that FirstTV thing, and that you went with your feelings. You didn’t look very comfortable in that role, and it would take your time away from your important job of entertaining us with your ingenious mind ;)

  • Andini Rizky

    It doesn’t matter whether Charlie reads comments or not. He already gives so much. We’re enjoying his art and hard work for free. And it’s better he’s busy living his interesting life than replying comments. I think he does read them, just don’t have the time to reply because there are so many of them. And it doesn’t matter that Charlie doesn’t reply because when you leave comment, something inside you changes, you feel inspired, and then you can change your own world.

  • crazy_green_nerd

    Chocolate Rain…..

  • Maya

    just watched the show and it was really really bad..I’m glad you quit, your videos are so much better!

  • J.B.

    I think it was the right decision to leave FirstTV. The cast all seemed like lovely people, and you were doing a great job, but the show lacked all your spontaneity and quirkiness, that we all know and love. Good luck with whatever else you choose to do! :)

  • Anya S.

    Two questions for you Charlie:

    1. Why did you take your pants off on stage?

    2. What is it like being so well known from youtube?

  • Cohocrules

    not to be rude or anything, but thank you for not keeping in with First TV. you didn’t seem to be in your comfort zone, and when being in your maybe life long job, you should be comfortable to be your self. you were just very aquard to watch and i’m sorry but i couldn’t finish watching it.

  • Coco Cake101

    BUM CRACK!!!

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