Happy Things #2

August 3, 2011

NB: I wrote this blog post a week or so ago, but due to the insanity that was VidCon, I completely forgot to put it up. Sozlol. Here it is anyway:

Even though I managed to throw all of my bad feelings from last week out of the window, I’ve successfully filled up the empty space that they created with a bunch of new annoyances that are making me feel like rubbish. I’m usually pretty good at not letting negative comments get to me, but after finally getting everything together and making a new video (above) I’ve been met with more disappointed faces than I’m used to. It sucks that I can’t make a video wanting to share something that I’m really, really proud of, without seeing a bunch of people telling me to shut up about my music and just make funny videos again. I know it’s not all of you, but the negative always sticks out more than the positive, and I can’t really help that.

However, I’m not here to whine at you about my YouTube woes. I’m here to cheer myself up by telling you about all of the nice things that have happened to me over the last couple of weeks, so lets do that. Firstly: I’m in America. And I quite like America, I do.

My now apparently annual excursion to the US started on the 7th when I arrived in what is easily the hottest state that I think I’ve visited so far, Georgia. Maybe it’s just my quaint, British temperature gauge, but my first words after stepping out of the airport were something along the lines of “It feels like I’m constantly standing next to a barbecue, or that I’m sitting in a sauna. Oh god, how hot are the actual saunas here?” They also have mosquitos, which is another new thing for me. I have discerned from these two things that Georgia is in fact Edward Cullen: Not only is it hot, but it also wants to suck my blood. Bracing the heat, I visited Atlanta and went to the Georgia aquarium, The World of Coke, The Bodies exhibit, and Dialogue in the Dark. All of which I’ll now go into more detail about.

The Georgia Aquarium is mostly just like any other aquarium that you’ve ever visited, with one notable exception: it’s the biggest one in the entire world. The largest tank has three whale sharks swimming around in it. Three whale sharks, guys. Three of the biggest fish in the entire world, right there in front of me. In the middle of Georgia, a state where there isn’t a single natural body of water anywhere, and there they were. The World of Coke is right next door, which was equally fascinating to me for a completely different reason. If you’ve never heard of TWOC, it’s basically the Coca Cola company’s attempt to do what little they can to turn their sugar water drink into entertainment. I like coke, but I have no idea what possessed the company to make anyone sit through a 6 minute animated musical about what happens inside of a vending machine, featuring some of the creepiest characters in existence (they didn’t have eyes). I loved every second of it, just not for their intended reasons.

The next two items might seem like sad things, but I can assure you that they are happy ones: I went blind for half an hour, and I saw a bunch of dead bodies. You might have heard of the Bodies exhibit before, but for the uninitiated, it’s essentially the best human biology lesson that you’ll ever get. The bodies of real men and women, who offered themselves up to education, have been sliced up and preserved so that you can find out what we’re really all like under our skin. I won’t post pictures, it’s something that you have to want to seek out, but I thought it was brilliant. It definitely gives you a heightened sense of awareness, one that’s encouraged me to try and take better care of myself.

Then, right next to the bodies exhibit I found this thing called Dialogue in the Dark, which basically gives you the opportunity to discover what it’s like to lose your sight. You’re given a cane, a brief lesson in how to use it, and then you’re directed around pitch black rooms by a tour guide (who’s an actual blind person). It was one of the strangest and most enlightening experiences I’ve ever had, and I feel confident now that, the next time I see or meet a blind person, I’ll be to understand them much better. Being blind is really, really hard by the way. I was the one who accidentally stepped into the road and got run over by a car when we were crossing the road.

As you might have gathered from my latest video however, I’m currently in the company of Chameleon Circuit, and not in Georgia anymore, but in California. I’m here for the rest of the month in the build up to VidCon, which I’m speaking at and at which Chameleon Circuit are playing. Needless to say that I’m not ready for any of these things yet, the talk, the gig, or VidCon itself. But hey, I’m in California, with my friends, making videos and playing music. Any moaning from this point onwards isn’t really very justified. Ok. Feeling better now. Hopefully the next time I speak to you all, I won’t be trying to perk myself up!

  • Dalynn

    So there I was, reading a blog post from last year on Charlie’s website, and I just happened to get a glance at the date right? And then I did a double take at the date. Because, guess what! This blog post was posted on the exact day I turned fourteen last year. :D

  • Zite Cannottell

    ….oooo sorry charlie about the negitave reviews, i personally love all your vids :P u r so lol

  • Nea

    okay, so I just feel I need to write this down.

    I don’t believe in fate, but last week I stumbled across the album, and fell for it completely, and then today I just happened to see one of Charlies videos while scrolling through youtube… Maybe not fate, but at least weird.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001820386253 Charlotte White

    I rather liked it…silly trolls… 

  • http://twitter.com/Nurilen Nurilen Yakobistan

    ahah! bet you visited Georgia to see your gurrrrlfrend XP

  • crescentbloom

    bahaha i agree!! its absolute perfection

  • crescentbloom

    Charlie, i hope you felt better! because you are too awesome to feel sad :) sorry i didn’ comment back when you first posted this but your music is fantastic and i love it even though i don’t watch Doctor Who and i just purchased a copy woot woot! So yeah, you did convince me however to watch the first episode which wasn’t too bad. BYE

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