Happy Things #2

August 3, 2011

NB: I wrote this blog post a week or so ago, but due to the insanity that was VidCon, I completely forgot to put it up. Sozlol. Here it is anyway:

Even though I managed to throw all of my bad feelings from last week out of the window, I’ve successfully filled up the empty space that they created with a bunch of new annoyances that are making me feel like rubbish. I’m usually pretty good at not letting negative comments get to me, but after finally getting everything together and making a new video (above) I’ve been met with more disappointed faces than I’m used to. It sucks that I can’t make a video wanting to share something that I’m really, really proud of, without seeing a bunch of people telling me to shut up about my music and just make funny videos again. I know it’s not all of you, but the negative always sticks out more than the positive, and I can’t really help that.

However, I’m not here to whine at you about my YouTube woes. I’m here to cheer myself up by telling you about all of the nice things that have happened to me over the last couple of weeks, so lets do that. Firstly: I’m in America. And I quite like America, I do.

My now apparently annual excursion to the US started on the 7th when I arrived in what is easily the hottest state that I think I’ve visited so far, Georgia. Maybe it’s just my quaint, British temperature gauge, but my first words after stepping out of the airport were something along the lines of “It feels like I’m constantly standing next to a barbecue, or that I’m sitting in a sauna. Oh god, how hot are the actual saunas here?” They also have mosquitos, which is another new thing for me. I have discerned from these two things that Georgia is in fact Edward Cullen: Not only is it hot, but it also wants to suck my blood. Bracing the heat, I visited Atlanta and went to the Georgia aquarium, The World of Coke, The Bodies exhibit, and Dialogue in the Dark. All of which I’ll now go into more detail about.

The Georgia Aquarium is mostly just like any other aquarium that you’ve ever visited, with one notable exception: it’s the biggest one in the entire world. The largest tank has three whale sharks swimming around in it. Three whale sharks, guys. Three of the biggest fish in the entire world, right there in front of me. In the middle of Georgia, a state where there isn’t a single natural body of water anywhere, and there they were. The World of Coke is right next door, which was equally fascinating to me for a completely different reason. If you’ve never heard of TWOC, it’s basically the Coca Cola company’s attempt to do what little they can to turn their sugar water drink into entertainment. I like coke, but I have no idea what possessed the company to make anyone sit through a 6 minute animated musical about what happens inside of a vending machine, featuring some of the creepiest characters in existence (they didn’t have eyes). I loved every second of it, just not for their intended reasons.

The next two items might seem like sad things, but I can assure you that they are happy ones: I went blind for half an hour, and I saw a bunch of dead bodies. You might have heard of the Bodies exhibit before, but for the uninitiated, it’s essentially the best human biology lesson that you’ll ever get. The bodies of real men and women, who offered themselves up to education, have been sliced up and preserved so that you can find out what we’re really all like under our skin. I won’t post pictures, it’s something that you have to want to seek out, but I thought it was brilliant. It definitely gives you a heightened sense of awareness, one that’s encouraged me to try and take better care of myself.

Then, right next to the bodies exhibit I found this thing called Dialogue in the Dark, which basically gives you the opportunity to discover what it’s like to lose your sight. You’re given a cane, a brief lesson in how to use it, and then you’re directed around pitch black rooms by a tour guide (who’s an actual blind person). It was one of the strangest and most enlightening experiences I’ve ever had, and I feel confident now that, the next time I see or meet a blind person, I’ll be to understand them much better. Being blind is really, really hard by the way. I was the one who accidentally stepped into the road and got run over by a car when we were crossing the road.

As you might have gathered from my latest video however, I’m currently in the company of Chameleon Circuit, and not in Georgia anymore, but in California. I’m here for the rest of the month in the build up to VidCon, which I’m speaking at and at which Chameleon Circuit are playing. Needless to say that I’m not ready for any of these things yet, the talk, the gig, or VidCon itself. But hey, I’m in California, with my friends, making videos and playing music. Any moaning from this point onwards isn’t really very justified. Ok. Feeling better now. Hopefully the next time I speak to you all, I won’t be trying to perk myself up!

  • tardiscoffee

    Aaw, Charlie! Don’t let the mean comments get to you – that was a brilliant video :’) I hope you’re feeling better :D Oh, and you were great at VidCon by the way *cough cough removing trousers cough cough* 

  • http://twitter.com/fusionet24 Scott James Bell

    Ignore them Charlie. I loved the video, found it entertaining and fresh. It’s good to have new and odd videos that stand out. It helps emphasis your style and also gives your normal content a break. Do what makes you happy, make things that you would want to watch like you normally do and I’m sure the audience will love it!

    And my, my you’ve been never busy. I hope that you do new and interesting things over the next year and can’t wait to meet you next year.

    Keep on smiling :)

  • http://twitter.com/leahwalukones Leah Walukones

    Seriously Charlie… don’t let the bad comments get you down. Just think how boring those people’s lives have to be that they actually spend their time belittling youtubers… Not so impressive.

  • Ezeewezee

    Aw Charlie, don’t worry about those people- you have a million subscribers, statistically some of them will be selfish like that! Don’t let them get to you- I, and most certainly many others, loved the video and I’m waiting for Still Got Legs to arrive now! I’m actually really proud of what you’ve managed to achieve, and if they aren’t pleased for your achievements, it doesn’t matter because your more loyal fans are, and so long as you’re proud of what you’ve done then it doesn’t matter!

  • Ellie Best

    Shame about all the people who aren’t appreciating the Chameleon Circuit videos; I love ‘em! Glad you’re having fun, though. :)

  • Rebecca McCreary

    This means a trip to Georgia is in order for me. Bodies exhibit plus whale sharks equals an excellent adventure.

  • Mariko B-K

    Still Got Legs, honestly, was one of my favourite videos you’ve ever made. It was incredibly well done and it was so much fun to watch. You’re being you and that’s why people like you- please don’t ever stop. 

    I’m so excited for you and all of these crazy things that you’re doing- the future is bright for you.

  • Linzi4ev

    Charlie ignore all the haters): I love your funny videos AND your music(:

  • Bekn Dignum

    Ah man, it saddens me to hear that you were receiving such negativity for your video. That’s absurd. I’m not going to rant about it annoying me because I fear that my comment would become your first paragraph with all the Charlie-Niceness replaced with fury. I guess it might please you to know that I really enjoyed the video and I absolutely adore Still Got Legs. Very well done to you, sir. 

    Also, I watched your vidcon set on youtube (because I wasn’t able to attend *sadface) and you guys were on top-form. Just incredible.

    I’m going to leave now before you suspect me of being some kind of fanboy. Goodbye, Charlie, I’m glad you had a nice time in America. :D

  • Cewh2006

    You shouldn’t need to worry about what kind of videos you post. As long as you’re happy with what you make, then that’s the best thing you can do. After all, “fun is a necessity.”
    Glad you had such a great time over here in America, too.  :D

  • http://twitter.com/lifewithconor Conor

    Ignore those other people.  We don;t want you to stop making music :D  especially whovian based music :D

  • Eline

    I am jealous on the fact that you are in California right now, with friends. Playing music in the sun. You know the whether in Holland. It sucks. And because it is summer vacation and all of my friends are gone i am a bit lonely but he, i still got youtube haha, You are the best Charlie. And i hope, that ones i will meet you.  

  • Kelsie A.

    Well i’m glad you’re feeling better :) Nobody likes a sad Charlie. And, also, I love every video you make :)

  • Kirsten

    Don’t let those mean comments get to you, you are a wonderful person and there are so much people who love you and your music! Just make videos you like, it won’t work to make videos you don’t like :) 
    Remember Charlie, most of your fans love you and love what you are doing and get excited whenever a video pops up in their subscribersbox! 
    Keep doing what you are doing!

  • Eline

    I mean weather. LOL. 

  • Anonymous

    Finally! Waited for years now.. or it feels like.

  • http://messedupplaystation.blogspot.com Francis

    So the speech…did you either perform it through song or do a live Challenge Charlie? Also, you think Edward Cullen is hot?

  • http://twitter.com/im_a_leader Ashby B

    I laughed graciously at the Coca Cola musical thing because I thought you were talking about cocaine until you said Coca Cola so I was not expecting that

  • Team Charlie!

    people should not drag you down, charlie. you are proud of your music, and it should stay that way. 

    reading about you saying how different Britain is temperature wise, made me even more curious about a lot of the differences between Britain and the US (i am somewhat of an Anglophile ^^)! You should post a video informing us of british culture, popular restaurant chains, etc!!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaronleconte Aaron Le Conte

    This was one of my favourite videos, the production value was awesome. It must be hard to see comments from trolls, especially at your size. Haterz gena hate. Glad your feeling better and hope you had an awesome vidcon :)

  • Katherine

    I’m sorry people aren’t respectful or understanding.  You want to share with the world something you have put months of time and effort into, which to an intelligent, reasonable person, is completely justified!!  Yeah, not everyone may be interested in your music, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it! If they don’t like it, they should just be quiet and wait for the next video.  Personally, I loved Still Got Legs and was ecstatic to see a video all about it, so thank you very much.  Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Abbie

    i love hearing updates about chameleon circuit -they’re my favourite band and i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one, but there will always be people who want pure comedy (although i thought your latest video was rather amusing) but you cant please every demographic so make videos about what you like and your true fans will like them too!!

  • helives23

    Charlie it’s so cool ur in America! A word of advice try not to read the negative comments if u can it’ll help u allot!

  • Meghan

    I live in Georgia and it would have been nice to know that you were here!!! also you came in July…the hottest month of the year….just be happy you didn’t go to south Georgia heat stroke seems to be popular down there……..|:

  • Becca

    Hope you were able to pet the Sting Rays at the Aquarium.  They’re quite fun and pretty friendly.

  • John Smith

    yo mama!

  • RubyConverse

    I bet that I’m not the only one who also hopes next time you won’t be needing to cheer yourself up! Some people are just grumps, and some people are just jerks, and I understand that comments that kind of hurt or make you sad stick with you longer and more clearly than the ones that are nice. I was especially sorry to hear that you met at leat one big jerk at VidCon.

    I really enjoyed the Chameleon Circuit video- and not only because of the adorable kitten, I promise. Both your videos and your music always brighten my day, and for that I thank you.I hope that you have a bit of downtime before your next fantastic project! And thanks for being awesome. ^_^

  • http://incoherentramblingsmadman.blogspot.com/ Billythewhp

    Compare the people dissing you to the people dissing Rebecca Black. Yeah. I don’t think you have much to worry about. Still, sorry humanity is filled with jerks. We’re working on it.

  • kat

    I love all of your videos, including the Chameleon Circuit ones, because it’s combining two very awesome things, you(band)+doctor who! :) please keep posting more! I listened to it the other day, and it’s very creative what you guys did. It was great :D The other people are just jerks. It’s very easy to say mean things when you’re hiding behind a computer. I think you’ve got a lot of guts to post videos for the entire world to see. Those other people suck. They’re probably just cranky and hungry and weren’t hugged enough as a kid. Just think about the rest of the loyal followers that think you’re super awesome. You should visit the east coast of the US also! Oh it doesn’t hurt that your eyes are so “dreaamy” too hahahaha. Keep it up! 

  • http://incoherentramblingsmadman.blogspot.com/ Billythewhp

    (Oh, I really liked the Chameleon Circuit video, by the by.)

  • Katie

    Hey Charlie, if you’re reading this then I just wanted to say don’t let the haters get you down! Your new video is really great because not only is it informative about Chameleon Circuit, but it’s entertaining as well! Just keep making videos that you like, and remember that you didn’t get over a million subscribers for nothing!

  • Jamcop108

    Got the album, it was awesome XD

  • http://twitter.com/sheisapirate Juliana G.

    Hey, Charlie! Don’t care about what those people say… They’re probably just unhappy and want to make others feel the same way they do. I think your videos are amazing, and hey, since it’s your channel, you’re free to talk about anything you want. And I’m pretty sure there will always be a bunch of others who will enjoy watching you. You really shouldn’t let those people get to you, you’re way more than that! Just be the amazing person you already are and don’t worry about the rest, ok? And, btw, I really admire you!

  • http://twitter.com/katyiscoollike Kaitlyn Jeanette.

    I loved the video; just saying. (:

  • http://blue-eyed-hippie-63.deviantart.com/ Kris

    Charlie, the people who tell you to shut up about your music are jerks!  You are a great musician (as are your friends) and it’s something to be proud of and flaunt, not to be kept on the shelf and collect dust.  You are someone that many people look up to.  You are a wonderful lad, keep up your work, may it be music, making funny videos, or just being you. :)

  • Tracye1014

    The georgia aquarium is absolutely fantastic. We just moved to the greater atlanta area and we went there for my niece’s birthday. It was amazing! And yes, I do not believe there’s anything hotter than a georgia summer, with the exception of a florida one.

  • Elizabeth

    It makes me sad that people don’t appreciate you videos. I loved the one about Chameleon Circuit, and it actually helped two of my friends who recently got into the band sort some things out (like who was actually in the band) :) I know that it’s hard to ignore all the bad comments, but just remember that there are plenty more people who appreciate everything you do for us. And just make videos that you love because we will love them as well. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YPW3SSTSF5EYPPJ2OBNLMZ2YEM Darryl Lamb

    I just paid $22.87 for an iPad 2 (64 GB) and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $674 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, CentHub.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Katie-Auer/503815097 Katie Auer

    you and chameleon circuit are the best! what other kind of music lets me jam out and geek out about doctor who at the same time?

  • silvercircuit44

    i thought your video of still got legs was brilliant, because it was about chameleon circuit AND it was funny! it makes me sad to think of you being sad so cheer up, buttercup! =D

  • Lai

    Like everyone else said, don’t let those people put you down. Take all the criticism and let it help you make great videos like this one!

  • http://twitter.com/elopatto Eleanor Lopatto

    I remember when I met a few Brits up in Minnesota, they would always wear ridiculous amounts of bug spray because the bites would swell like grapes. British people + mosquitoes = endless entertainment.

  • Kay

    Wait, they don’t mosquitos in England?! I’m so moving there! Haha love you Charlie! <3

  • Danielle

    Hey Charlie! Don’t take the hate comments personally. You have the right to talk about your music (which is AMAZING! I can’t stop listening to it!) You never dissapoint with music, videos or anything else you do. Just appreciate the ones who leave nice comments! Your time in America sounds like it was spent quite well. I can’t believe you don’t get attackted by mosquitos in england?! I have many bug bites! Your vidcon talk was very awesome and I wish i could’ve came to vidcon! Keep up the good work! <3

  • Maddie :)

    I dont care what kind of videos you put up. funny ones , ones about ur band, vlogs ANYTHING you could jsut sit there and look deeply into the camera and i dont care i just want to see you :3

  • Danielle

    I hate mosquitos! I’m moving to England! lol

  • Abbyoliviasage

    I love you Charlie! your videos and music is awesome!

  • Gabriel Illescas

    You’re living your dream buddy. Don’t let haters get to you. They will hate. Btw i listened to obe of your songs, and its REALLY good (think its called count the shadows). C ya man

  • http://twitter.com/#!/mimivarguhz Mimi Vargas

    Don’t let the negative stuff get to you Charlie, you have more supporters than haters ;)
    and no, do NOT “shut up about your music” because that’s something you love doing, and you’re exceptionally good at it by the way :)

    I love you and the music you make. I listen to Still Got Legs every day because I absolutely love every single song on that album, and I haven’t watched a single episode of Doctor Who! ;)
    (I’ve been meaning to, but that show doesn’t air where we live)

    Always smile and keep happy, Charlie! :)

  • Julia

    Charlie, i love your videos, ALL of them! I also love Still Got Legs and Chameleon Circuit as a whole, so please dont let the negative comments get you down!!  :D  I hope Vidcon went well for you! :)  Looking forward to a new video about what YOU want to talk about and not what THEY want you to talk about!!  :D 

  • Cnschooling

    All your videos are amazing, whatever you do you can make anything entertaining and funny :) anyone who puts you down is just jealous of your talent

  • Liviy

    You are such an amazing person and you’re music related videos and all your other videos are amazing. You are dedicated to perfection and i can really see that dedication shine through in your videos. Them haters are going to hate but just remember for ever hater you have got at least and gazillion screaming fan girls that love you to bits and pieces. Just continue on sharing your work that you put 100% of your effort into and you’ll keep getting positive feedback. Feel better and keep on being the crazy kooky, pants-shedding charlie we all know and love. :)

  • Summer

    You might have alot of people posting mean comments but I want you to know that meeting you at vidcon was the best thing ever! It was the highlight of my whole year. The picture that I got with you is my Facebook profile pic haha
    You are an inspiration! My friends and I (who also went to vidcon) are now going to make a YouTube channel. I went to the chameleon circut meetup, you playing portal (haha), your talk, and the concert. You are truly an inspiration to everyone :) thank you!

  • Diana

    That sounds so interesting, I’ll have to find the Body Exhibit when it gets closer to me and Dialogue in the Dark, you’ve made me really want to try it now!
    Keep up your amazing job of making great videos about whatever you want to make them about. Just try to ignore the haters as best you can, I know it can be hard :)

  • Maggie O.

    Hi Charlie (:  I know it’s hard to try to not let mean or ignorant comments get to you, but there will always be some kind of negative comment on one of your awesome videos. The important thing isn’t that these comments exist or what motivates these people to write mean things but rather that there are an overwhelming number of people who truly enjoy every video you make, regardless of the content. Every one of your videos makes me and hundreds of thousands of other people really happy. For the record, I absolutey LOVE the new Chameleon Circuit album but even for those who don’t the majority of your viewers appreciate that it’s a part of your life that you choose to share and so they respect that and often enjoy your videos about it. Please don’t focus your energy on the negative comments you may get because for every mean comment, there are hundreds of more positive ones. We love you Charlie. and :DFTBA

  • http://twitter.com/NerdNatasha13 Natalia Sluzky

    You should come visit the bay area and have a little nerdy gathering

    Also I had to go to the Bodies exhibit when I was in High School and thought it was incredible…if only the people I went with aka my classmate weren’t total idiots *facepalm*

  • Anonymous

    Don’t let them bother you! I loved the video very much. Anyways, I’m glad you had a great time in Georgia and California…wish I could’ve come to VidCon this year to see Chameleon Circuit…come to the East Coast soon! But hope you’re happier, because you deserve to be happy(:

  • Kailey

    That bodies exhibit sounds awesome, glad you had fun.
    I quite enjoy all of your videos, be it about music or just a silly one, they’re all amazing. Keep up the great work, obviously there are people in the world who wouldn’t know entertainment if it bit them in the ass…..pardon my language. >.<

  • http://twitter.com/NerdNatasha13 Natalia Sluzky

    Also I loved last weeks video and don’t let the idiot people get you down. Your real fans love you for who you are a nerdy guy who loves singing about Doctor Who and it doesn’t get any better then that.
    I’m actually going to go order the cd, now that I have money again after the little thing called LeakyCon that drained all my accounts

  • Emilyy

    Now that surprises me, I found your Still Got Legs video hilarious and very entertaining, maybe i’m biased cause I love the band anyhow, but ah, you’ve still got WAY more likes than dislikes Charlie :)

    Keep being awweessooommeeeee!!!! <3  :D

  • http://twitter.com/PaulaNMejia Paula Mejia

    I find it utterly ridiculous when people tell people what to do in their videos. It’s like telling people how to live their lives.

  • http://twitter.com/kaylahhahvee Kayla Varney

    People really should appreciate you more. I mean I didn’t know anything about your second album until I saw this video.  So to me it was very informative.  Haha oh I live in Mississippi by the way and yes it is just like Edward Cullen, always trying to suck my blood, but that is the South. (I don’t think he’s very hot, just saying.) Anyways, don’t let the negative get to you because honestly you’re better than they are.  Just stay positive and be happy you’re with friends who love you, and always let the good times roll on without the haters! :)

  • G60237nr

    Did you really get hit by a car?

  • ACompanion

    That bodies exhibit is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I thought it was interesting in that they preserved the bodies so perfectly. The technology is super amazing and kind of blew my mind. (I was twelve at the time. It’s understandable). As for the Dialogue in the Dark, the experience sounds completely fascinating. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to lose something so precious to me, like my hearing or sight. And, I’m sure you had a good time at Vidcon. You’re Charlieissocoollike. I’m willing to bet that there wasn’t one person who didn’t like you there. Cheers! 

  • Guest

    Not a real one..

  • Melissa

    (This comment is brought to you LIVE from Inside Edward Cullen! Or the state of Georgia, whichever works) 

    My bite-covered legs and sweat-drenched t-shirt empathize with your experience of the great state of Georgia. I’ve done Bodies and Dialogue in the Dark (probably at the same place that you did). Also, if you think the Georgia Aquarium is cool… the Tennessee one is cooler. Now, I am a lifelong resident of Edward Cullen and I can say with absolute neutrality that the TN Aquarium is much better. It’s in Chattanooga, which is also loads and loads of fun. 

    Also, if you think Atlanta is hot, never ever go to Savannah. Or anywhere in South Georgia, for that matter. 

  • Alex P.

    I am totally upset and distraught that you were in Georgia and I didn’t get to meet you. :(
    Oh well.

  • Ladymicah

    Dear Charlie, I am sorry that people are annoying. However! I’m happy you came to Georgia! You’re right, the heat sucks!!!!! XD! Too bad I didn’t see you! If you ever come back you should totally go to Moon River Brewing Comapny in Savannah, GA. IT’S AMAZING!!!!! Also, come to Marietta, GA. Then I might see you. I can’t wait to see your next video and PLEASE keep us up to date on Chameleon Circuit! Your band rocks, screw the haters!
    Micah Rio Swint

  • Sarah

    Just to let you know, I like all of your videos – and I mean that! You can see the amount of effort that is put into your work, whatever the subject. People who don’t appreciate you talking about Chameleon Circuit, which I suppose is sort of a job for you as well as a hobby, which you enjoy, then they should shut up about it.

  • Jade U.

    Charlie, those people who want the “funny videos” instead of your musicy ones are idiots. They don’t realize that your musicy videos are also hilarious. I hope you know that the majority of your subscribers love all your videos and love you (you probably already know that part lol) and I hope you just make the videos that your proud of instead listening to a couple people telling you what to do. I love chameleon circuit, everyone I know does, and I really hope you continue to make music in the future.
    Charlie, (I almost typed Hank!) DFTBA.

  • Anonymous

    So, at VidCon, you said you’d be travelling ALL OVER AMERICA? Um…. Will we be able to get those little “I found Charlie” pins if we see you and point and yell in your face?

  • Celia

    Don’t listen to those people! They could never make videos as cool as yours, and yet they’re sitting there behind their computers typing mean things. You have so many more people supporting you, and we’ll always love you and your videos no matter what. So keep up your good work, and don’t let those people get to you :) All the stuff you’ve been doing sounds really interesting! Especially the blind experience. I’ve listened to the new CD and it’s great. You guys are awesome.

  • Confused

    Surely the point is to like his videos because of the content, not regardless of it?

    “Oh Charlie, I like every single video you’ve ever done because they all have YOUR FACE IN THEM! As far as I’m concerned you could just sit there and talk about dirt for half an hour and I’d still love it.”

    Mean people should stop being mean but this new attitude of “every single thing you do is perfect just because you’re the one that did it” totally baffles me and seems counter-productive to his creativity.

  • http://twitter.com/RockerchicLLM ☆Izzie Fizzy☆

    You shouldn’t let mean comments effect you! You’re music is brilliant and you should be proud of it and be able to share it with other people :)

  • Lightning Cow

    Charlie, you have the right to promote your own music on your own channel and those other people can just shut up

  • Sara

    Georgia is hot! The southeastern US is very hot, I’m from there. But it’s also very humid, which I think makes the heat more bearable. I live in Texas now, and it’s sooooooo much hotter than the Deep South, because it’s so dry. People here are like “OMG IT’S SOOOO HUMID HERE” and I’m always like “Sit down you don’t know what humidity is until you’ve been to Georgia or South Carolina.” Glad you had fun!

  • wecoollikeyoucharlie!

    Charlie, don’t feel rubbish! Don’t even care about those comments!! I know, the negative comments always stand out more, but look at this the way I look at it..let’s say you have 100 comments and 98% of all was people saying how good, hot, funny etc you are..and what’s left? only tinytiny 2%. And those 2% should you just ignore. Cause you’re cool and you’re TOTAILLY AWESOME! (avfm refrence)
    Whats avfm you might think..well it’s something that always cheer you up! So every tima you feel down or sad check this out: A Very Potter Musical or A Very Potter Sequel
    I promise, it’s hillarious even if you don’t like Harry Potter :D

  • Angelica Echevarria

    Omg.. I wish I could’ve met you and screamed “I FOUND CHARLIE!”

    And the bodies exhibit was amazing, I went on a field trip for my anatomy and physiology class.. We made fun of the bodies xD

  • http://twitter.com/MeleGirma Mele Girma

    Funny, I’ve lived in Georgia my whole life (20 minutes from Atlanta) and haven’t been to any of those exhibits. Such a shame. 
    -But it’s not funny how those comments you’re receiving are bringing you down. I’ve realized lately that making art isn’t about pleasing your audience… because there will always be someone, somewhere who will not be pleased. It’s about making work you’re proud of in the end- whether it be in the form of a funny video or some Doctor Who tunes or, in my case, stop motions. 
    So yea. Just continue shaking it off & making art you’re proud of. 
    It’s inspiring. 

  • Kate

    Dont listen to the people who tell you what to do in your videos. if they dont like it they can go to hell but its your channel so do what you like and your true fans will always support you!! x

  • http://twitter.com/samashies Samantha

    Be glad you’re not in Georgia right now. It’s currently 97 degrees outside! I didn’t even notice that we have more mosquitoes than other places, and am extremely jealous that mosquitoes are a new thing for you. I think next time someone asks me where I live, I’ll just tell them Edward Cullen.

  • http://twitter.com/Lover4Otters Smidge Guyton

    Dear Charlie,
    Sorry to hear about your music. Also……..WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US YOU WERE COMING TO GEORGIA! Sorry, I just really want to meet you and get on of those cool buttons.
    Sincerely the girl you wants to meet you one day.

  • Alyssa

    Of course you would be the one to get imaginarily (is that even a word? Oh well I just made it up so it is now) hit by a car. You are definitely one of my favourite people.

  • Lisseth Majano

    I love your honesty. As much as anyone may tell you to ignore the ‘haters’, it’s probably one of the most difficult things to do. Because you are a perfectionist, you really do want to please all of your audience. But, that’s also one of the most difficult things to do. There really are blood- sucking parasites who all they want is for people to do things their way. However, there are thousands of us who love you. You’ve become sort of an online family member for many of us (me), and as such, we (me) support you in every single area: as a musician, science teacher, or stripper. I’ve said this before…you are a beautiful human being. You have a simplicity about you that is to be envied. :) Sending you lots of encouraging, warm, and tight hugs from LA. Btw, Porto’s Bakery will cheer you up anytime. Next time you’re here you really should go. I’d make a darn good tour guide. ;)

  • Jelizatort

    Charlie you are amazing, don’t let those jerks bring you down. :)

  • http://thesepagesarenotforyou.com Rebecca59145

    I wish I had known you were in Georgia! I live in Atlanta and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in the theater next to the Bodies Exhibit. We loathe mosquitoes–I never knew England didn’t have any. Another reason to visit England!

    About the negative comments: tell Maureen Johnson. I’m sure she’ll be able to “take care of them” 

  • Selina

    Charlie, I’m sorry that your being yelled at for making videos about your music, bit I for one am interested in whats going on. Because although I do like the hilarious videos you make, I also love your music and am a very big fan of Chameleon Circut.
    Hope things get better, and you dont have to deal with all of those unhappy feelings! :)

  • http://twitter.com/kypinhiding Ari

    I watch your videos because you’re an interesting person. If you started only showing what other people told you to show, you’d be just another celebrity whose personality and self was censored and modified into an “image”. I’m not saying fan input is bad, but you’re way cooler doing what YOU want. That’s how you got popular, after all.

  • http://twitter.com/kypinhiding Ari

    I watch your videos because you’re an interesting person. If you
    started only showing what other people told you to show, you’d be just
    another celebrity whose personality and self was censored and modified
    into an “image”. I’m not saying fan input is bad, but you’re way cooler
    doing what YOU want. That’s how you got popular, after all.

  • Kayla

    if your still in that area you should go to disneyland there is no way you cant be happy there

  • Sarah

    Maybe it doesn’t mean anything to you or maybe you won’t even read it, but I know how it feels when people hate on you. It just makes you feel bad. And no matter how many people say otherwise, that one negative comment always trumps the positive ones. So me saying that I really like your videos and music and pretty much everything might not make a difference. But I hope it can. It was a really good video. I liked learning about Still Got Legs, as I have been listening to it nonstop for a month. And it’s the only album i’ve ever gotten close to learning all the lyrics. Please don’t let the haters bring you down.

  • Etymtree

    Charlie, I love your videos because you are an interesting person, not because you are funny. If you were funny ALL the time, then you would inevitably run out of very funny things and just be minorly funny or just not really funny at all. I really like your music-related videos because it is great to see how Chameleon Circuit is doing. (Also I’m sure your many stalkers like to know what you’ve been doing with your life etc.) Continue making videos that you like! 

  • http://twitter.com/katieschef Katie Scheffer

    Personally I very much enjoy Chameleon Circuit and thoroughly appreciate informative videos about the band.:)

  • Aspie232

    I agree with what a lot of people are saying here.  I find your videos entertaining because of your personality, Charlie.  It’s kind of nice to hear you talk about something you enjoy and I really hope you’re feeling better. 

    The Coco-cola musical sounds kind of amusing, lol.

  • Verito193

    You’ve to ignore all those mean comments of all those selfish and jealous  people that just think about themselves and their needs.

     I  really like the way you express yourself . I think you’re very smart, talented and creative, you should be proud of who you are and what you got yourself. There is a lot of people who love you  the way you are, forget the other ones.

  • Hannah

    ohhh charlie, I love you very much, and all of your videos you have ever done! Don’t get glum over some dislikes. grrrrrrrrr to them.

  • Mette

    Charlie, we All love you because you are YOU. And you should post the videoes You like. And if some jackass doesn’t like them, then he or she should just stop watching your videoes.

    Go team Cool-like! :)

  • Annabelle

    Just keep doing what you love, sadly there will always be someone trying to put down creative and talented people. Take in what serves and supports you and forget about everything else :)

  • Tiffany

    Charlie. We all love you. So don’t let those stupid people upset you. Personally, I love hearing about Chameleon Circuit. I just love hearing about your life in general. Because you are an interesting person. Not just because you’re funny. So. Ignore the stupid people. Listen to the rest of your fans. Like us. 
    So, feel better. :)

  • Jttpsufan

    Charles, you are EASILY my favorite youtuber. I absolutely love your vids

  • sean

    dude your’re amazingly funny and talented. i know its hard but don’t let them bring you down. you really are amazingly epic :)

  • Cassandra

    Charlie, you’re absolutely amazing at what you do! I literally watch your videos everyday which I guess it’s creepy but it’s basically because your humor never gets old! You’re so funny and original! Keep up what your doing cause to me, you’re doing it perfectly! Oh and I love all the videos you make about science! And yes! I watched your videos on the set of Doctor Who! I can now say badgers are my favorite animal xD

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=539324337 Fran Buist

    Please don’t stop making videos about Chameleon Circuit, or anything else for that matter. Unfortunately there are always people who won’t like it, but there are hundreds, if not, thousands of us which love to hear about this crazy, awesome, amazing thing that you do. We can all be crazy, awesome, amazing nerd fighters together and when nerds take over the world the haters will be sorry. :D :D x

  • Robyn

    Sounds amazing out there, but all I have to say is those individuals who send you bad comments saying ‘more funny videos’ arn’t true charlieissocoollike fans. I love your music (its so different to what I normally listen to) and I love all your other videos. Keep up with it because your the number of your subscribers just show you are doing something right. Good luck with the album, hopefully will be downloading it soon. 
    Plus I could like to see those people who give you bad comments to make videos like you do, because I bet you they can’t because you are superbly talented.

  • Bree

    Smile, Charlie, we love you!

  • Sarah

    Keep calm its going to be totally awesome. <3

  • http://twitter.com/ahs19 ariella

    DON’T BE UPSET OVER ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS.  I know it’s hard to just ignore them…. but honestly if you love making music then it doesn’t matter what people who you’ll never meet, say about you making music. You will always be successful in anything you do when you put your true passions into your work! That measure of success cannot be judged by any other, or by the amount of people who like it. :) I hope you read this and smile! I love your smile! -Love from an American girl who is happy to know you will be in the same country as me,even if it’s just for a month <3

  • Koko_loco

    Charlie, look at how many people are saying they love you. THAT should trump all those crappy comments, no question. You are amazing ;)

  • ccaty

    What does NB stand for?

  • http://twitter.com/sarahmilan Sarah Milan

    Well in Arizona it was 111 degrees yesterday. So if for some reason you ever come to Arizona, don’t do it in the summer.

  • http://twitter.com/Emilyy_M Emily Merryweather

    Aw Charlie I love you. I know everyone says this but ignore the negative comments, you’re amazing, remember that. America sounds amazing though ahaha. xx

  • RubyConverse

    I appreciate and enjoy your brain.

  • Sjackson


  • Sarah

    This comment comes in three parts:
    1) I laughed so hard at the Georgia=Edward Cullen statement. SSSSOOOOOOOO hard.
    2) I’ve gone to the Bodies exhibit and loved it. Most awesome thing I’ve ever seen in a museum.
    3) I love ALL your videos, because I like watching anything that you enjoyed making. Be yourself, Charlie. That’s the way your true fans like you.

    P.S. I just listened to all of Chameleon Circuit’s music for the first time recently, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. You and your bandmates did an amazing job. Props :-)

  • http://twitter.com/JeslynTaumus Jeslyn Taumus

    Never come to Texas in the summer. Trust me. D:

  • Marta Ross

    Dear Charlie, you are possibly one of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure to watch on youtube and you were the first vlogger I had ever seen and inspired me to stay and watch youtube. As a result I subscribe lots of people and its thanks to you that I have a brand new view on life which no one on this earth could take away from me, and it upsets me to think that people could bring down such a lovely person XD Please keep up the amazing science videos and personally I think doctor who is one of the best creations briton can offer the world, so those who criticise obviously don’t have the capacity to appreciate such genius <3

  • http://twitter.com/raachel13maarie Rachel Owart

    i live 15 minutes away from altanta. 
    in other news, i believe there are more people who love you than dislike you, and those people probably hate everything. 

  • Sofia Irina Sutkowski

    Hey! don’t let you get down by worthless people who says bads things to you. Because all that you do came from yourself, and it doesn’t exist a better thing that to be ourselves. Because to be free, to be ourselves make us happy, and life is to that, to be happy!! We don’t have nothing to loose and we have to much to live! So smile beacuse you are pure, honest, smart and you have a big and beautiful heart. Life is giving you wonderful experiences because how you are, so keep being like this!! Love, Sofia

  • Hemenuispatriot

    I’m really happy you have done all these wonderful things and have the ability to perk yourself up like that. All the things you did sound awesome!
    I know you don’t need a downer, but the bodies exhibit may have used the bodies of Prisoners from Asia who supposedly did not donate their bodies to science officially. This is a big controversy and I don’t consider myself an expert at all, but If there is the slightest chance that these are men and women whose bodies were not given back to the families upon death, then we shouldn’t say they were people who had knowledge of where their bodies were going. I’m not advocating for not going because I am a major science nerd and would most likely go to te exhibit if it came to where I live, but it’s just something you should know for future reference. Also, I love your Chameleon Circuit videos :).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002634633454 Anna Burger

    God bless the English weather!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1148223676 Abby Campbell

    “Georgia is in fact Edward Cullen.” XD I like that, HOWEVER, Georgia’s heat has NOTHING on the heat in Texas. Make sure to come in January or February if you can. Those are probably the only cold months…

  • victoriaaaaaaa

    nota bene, its italian latin for note well :) 

  • I loooove Kittens


  • Crystal Gong

    England doesn’t have mosquitoes?? Man, I’m definitely moving to England. 
    Anyways, I hope that all of the negative comments don’t keep you from doing what YOU want to do, regardless of whether it’s making Still Got Legs, portal references, or charts about wine gums. The fans that don’t enjoy what you do may leave, but new ones will always come in to replace them. You could always pull an Alex and be a bit distasteful to weed out the more negative subscribers, but I don’t think that would really fit with your channel. What worries me most about a lot of youtubers is that they create things according to what their viewers want and not what they want. 

    Also, a completely hypocritical statement here: I think the issue with the Still Got Legs video and skits and such is that not enough of your personality is shining through. That’s the reason why people subscribed in the first place. Flashier stuff doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s made of more substance.

    But don’t let that detract from you doing your skits and well-made info videos, if that’s what you enjoy doing. Just make them genuine. You’re the number 1 most subscribed channel in the UK so there’s nowhere to go from here except maintaining #1, or going down, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 
    Don’t give into the fangirls, Charlie.

  • Lollipopzebra

    Charlie dont let the crappy comments upset you. We love you <3 x
    And America sounds amazing!

  • violetcoloredglasses

    I don’t understand why people who just want funny videos would get mad about the Chameleon Circuit video. I couldn’t stop laughing after I watched it, and I wasn’t even in to CC at the time.
    Also, World of Coke is possibly the most entertaining place in Georgia. I like where they have the tasting rooms and there are little jets of Coke like they’re just normal fountains or something.
    So, you know, keep on being awesome and stuff :)

  • Who Fan:)

    You should have come to Chicago instead… Don’t let people be mean!! Chameleon Circuit is AWESOMAZING!!!!!

  • Jess

    I was at the Georgia aquarium a few weeks ago! It was amazing … My sister and I are going to get scuba certified so we can dive the whale shark tank. Can you imagine?

  • Peake

    I would strongly suggest capitalizing the “c” in “I like coke”.

  • hummel

    so, you don’t have mosquitoes in GB?

  • Kristine

    Cheer up Charlie… You are amazing!

  • Achapman87

    Charlie, why did you not tell people in advance that you were going to Georgia? I LIVE IN ATLANTA. We could’ve hung out. Or I could have at least stalked you creepily.

  • Shauni Maple

    Sounds like you’ve had/are having an awesome time in AmericaLand. :) I know ignoring negative comments is hard, but it is possible… maybe. I get it a lot on some of my old YouTube videos; my way of dealing with it is not looking at comments. Mostly works.

    So yeah. Chin up and stuff. :D play some video games, and maybe purchase the Humble Indie bundle? It goes to good causes and such. 


    -Shauni Maple.

  • Priscila Olortegui

    Yes, I can only imagine how those negative comments must have an adverse effect on the human psyche, and blogging about your feelings is a good way to release built up anxiety. I personally love your videos, because they make me smile. I’m also planning on listening to your album as soon as I get the chance. :)

  • Nixie890

    Charlie you came to Georgia! I could have forced someone to drive me there so that I could have screamed your name in your face! Now I bet you are REALLY disappointed that you didn’t tell anybody right?

  • Kynthari

    Charlie, I have yet to see you post something that is not cute and clever and brilliant. You have every right to be proud of the videos, blog posts, and music you create, because it’s all absolutely amazing and genuine. I’m sorry that people were so negative about the video you made for Still Got Legs; their comments are a disservice to you and to all the hard work you put into everything you share with us.

    On a side note, I’m from Atlanta and I’m both really excited that you got to experience a little bit of Georgia and really disappointed that I didn’t get to meet you. Maybe next time, hey? ;) If you do have a lengthy layover in Atlanta again, you might want to consider visiting Zoo Atlanta or the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Zoo Atlanta has a lot of fun animals to watch — everything from naked mole rats to pandas and all sorts of baby critters. It’s also home to a fairly extensive primate center, so that might interest you as well. Fernbank might be a little too far out of the way (depending on the length of your stay), but it has an IMAX theater and huge dinosaur skeletons and an entire exhibit devoted to quick little science experiments. I think you would have a blast there!


  • Achapman87

    Also want to assure that GA isn’t always this hot – the whole South is just in the throws of pretty much the worst heat wave on record. Next time you come, though, try not to come in August. August is always the hottest month. October has the best weather of the whole year. You can always count on October to be lovely.

  • Eclaire1117

    I wish I could have seen you “perked up” live at vidcon! 

  • Aaron

    Cheer Up Charlie*
    Everything you post is brilliant. You have all the right to be proud of what ever project you partake in.
    *All rights reserved to the writers of the song Cheer Up Charlie from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

  • Starsymphony91

    aww..charlie u’re such a great person…:)
    u don’t have to be worried about the ppl who do not appreciate ur music..its who u are…and its totally awesome….we all love u!!!

  • http://twitter.com/mysteryof Nadia Folomkina

    Charlie, you are amazing, and all those negative comments – well, that’s even somehow good, because as long as there are those kind of words on your videos, you make difference, you make people be angry with themselvesbecause they can’t succeed as much as you do.

    Please, don’t stop creating, singing, writing, doing something.
    Your fans and just people who adore you (:D) in Ukraine.
    Cheers! xxx

  • Sophie

    Do you think Geogia is hot? Try Natal-Brazil.

  • Anonymous

    do you want Georgia to leave? NONONO!

    plz give us details on your planned extended time in the U.S.!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=559098774 Mai Ikushima

    Don’t be sad Charlie! Japan loves all of your vids, blogs, and amazing music!
    Whenever I’m down, all I have to do is turn on my ipod to one of your songs, and poof! I’m happy and inspired to do things again! :D

  • Cat

    Aww.. like everyone else who lives in Atlanta, I wish we had known you would be here.

  • Deirdre

    THERE ARN’T MOSQUITOS IN ENGLAND?!?! *Buys plane ticket to London*

  • http://twitter.com/Beccie_123 Beccie Martin

    Cheer Up Charlie, The positive comments are the comments that should mean the most to you, it takes a lot more to compliment someone. I think your music, vids and blogs are awesome. Slightly annoyed you are spending more time in the US though :)
    England loves you, Stay here! :)

  • Victoria Senko

    can’t imagine why some people would write negative comments about you, you are one of the most interesting people i have ever met (well i haven’t really met you, but you get the idea). you’re videos have the most meaning and quality out of anyone i’ve ever seen, i give you props for that. keep up the good work, im still going to be one of the first people to view your vids on youtube :D

  • Emma

    Wah, lucky. I’ve always wanted to go to Georgia. Maybe not this time of year, though, if the way you described the heat is anything to go by. I’ll get there eventually! And I think I’ve added the Bodies Exhibit to something I want to see. Even if it creeps me out, I’m sure it’ll still be interesting. 

    And I figure I’ll just join in with basically everyone that commented and say: Don’t let the negative comments get you down. I think majority of your subscribers are interested in what’s going on in your life. I don’t mean that in the creepy “I want to know what Charlie ate for breakfast because I want to eat it too, and is he dating anybody because I will murder them” kind of way, but other projects you’re working on. 

    Ps. I loved the talk you gave at VidCon. I’d love to see the entirety of Hungry Witches :p

  • JediGirlCk421

    For what it’s worth. When I saw the chameleon circuit video it was the first time I heard about your music. I then listened to the album and have bought them both in solid CD form. I’m glad you made the video. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1781351352 Sarah Hunt

    It would take a few million monkeys in pink spotty space suits to match the awesomeness of Chameleon circuit and still got legs. I absolutely love the new album – it’s totally WIX dude! Charlie you are really rather cool… like. Innit.
    Big grins :D

  • http://twitter.com/CAYLLLES Cayleigh Goodson

    This is one of my favorite videos that you’ve done recently! I watched it a couple times, actually. Don’t feel bad about it- you’re music is worth hearing about. I don’t know why anyone would complain about such a thing.

  • Missyme

    Please don’t be sad Charlie. :( Just think of the many, many people who love you. :) Listened to Still Got Legs about a million times already. So, very, awesome!

  • http://thethoughtofbabble.blogspot.com/ Misty Featherland

    I was going to say something very encouraging and helpful about that first paragraph, but I read the rest of the blog post and was distracted by Georgia and whale sharks. I forgot.
    And I like the comparison to Edward Cullen. HAHAHA. See?

  • olivia skriloff

    i cont find the bit bowt doctor who

  • http://twitter.com/imalive1234 Riss

    your great Charlie who freakin cares about the haters!

  • Giulia @

    The video is really nice and you are so amazing, Charlie. Your band has done a gorgeous album, and I’m so happy for you.

    You was just perfect at VidCon, I from Brasil so I couldn’t be there, but I watch that on YouTube and just died, more specifically when you take off you pants.

    I just think you has beeing very very amazing, you’re just briliant.

    With love, Giulia.

  • http://twitter.com/storyofsarah95 Sarah

    You don’t have mosquitoes in England?  Oh, I’m so incredibly jealous.

  • Sunshine3dec

    Don’t be disheartened, Charlie, the music is lovely and much appreciated :-)

  • http://twitter.com/candacewho Candace Bembenick

    you’ve done more things in the u.s. than i have, and i live here… btw, it’s adorable how you write about happy things to make yourself happy. and don’t let the negetive comments get you down, your videos are great.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Courtney-Burn/631133548 Courtney Burn

    I love the new Chameleon Circuit album ! Best CD I have ever got I would say =D As for the haters they are a bit strange if they don’t like you’re guys music, its genius !

  • Hannah

    Dialogue in the Dark sounds amazing.  I’ll be sure to check it out.
    P.S.  No mosquitoes in England????!?  Okay, I know where I’m moving when I’m older.

  • Lachrymae

    Charlie, you should be super proud of what you’ve accomplished with your music. Super proud! You deserve it!

  • Dylan

    Had a smilar thin about the bodies inmanchester called the body works butthis was animals and humans

  • Gemma:)

    I went on holiday to Mexico last year and I didn’t realise just quite how many mosquitos there were. Anyway I came back looking like I had chicken pox on my legs :/ 

  • wordybird

    It’s 110′F in Texas right now so I imagine Georgia feels like a cool breeze.
    Ignore the haters, the music is amazeballs.

  • Liz

    You should do more blog posts, I like reading them. And Its fine with me if you talk about your music cuz I love your music.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1418245847 Melissa Caro Lancho

    As you probably know, you should do what you want to do. You have always loved music, and it’s been three or four years since you started Chameleon Circuit with your friends. You are proud of it. So, what’s the problem? We, your audience, will have to cope with what you show us, and we shouldn’t really mind whether the new video you post this week is about music or about how lovely your friends are. 
    It is you and only you who has the power to choose what to show us. If we don’t like it, it’s our problem. So, don’t listen to the disappointed faces that tell you to make funny videos again. Do whatever you are happy with, and that’s all :)

  • http://twitter.com/rachie1123 Rachel Gerald

    girl, it feels just about that! lol. i live in metro atlanta and we weren’t aloud to have color guard/marching band rehearsal it was so hot.

  • Beth

    I know it’s super hard to do (and you’ve heard it a million times before) but try to ignore those jerks telling you what to do and ridiculing your videos. They obviously either don’t have a life, or have their own problems and are projecting them on to you.
    Your trip to Georgia sounds awesome :) I would have liked to do all that (minus the dead bodies :S Not for me) and you truly do have lots to be happy about.
    Keep smiling! :)

  • Jacqui

    I have to disagree about that being the best human biology lesson ever. I think actually getting to dissect the bodies is better! (and it’s a load of fun too ^_^)

  • danamo

    You should feel free to use your blog and videos to express your feelings and thoughts.  I have always thought that is what this whole community was all about and the entertaining part of it was just an added benefit.  So who cares if some people don’t like what you have to say or don’t like your music….they are selfish, unkind people…..and who needs approval from people like that?!?!  ;) Kindness matters and I wish more people would realize that…….

  • Millieonaire

    As a non-Whovian I admit that sometimes I do find talk of Who-related things a bit boring, but that’s my problem. As a YouTuber, it is your responsibility to make videos that YOU enjoy making and that YOU are proud of, hence YouTube, and not UsTube. Who am I to tell you what you can and can’t publish or post? If they don’t enjoy your videos, they don’t have to watch them, you have always said that you are not so bothered with numbers and statistics.
    Charlie, people love you because you are genuine and good at what you do. I wish I had that same ability. The majority of your subscribers love you for that and, OK, they may not like every video, but stick with you because they believe in you.
    KEEP MAKING VIDEOS THAT YOU ENJOY AND ARE PROUD OF AND WE WILL STILL BE HERE TO ENJOY AND BE PROUD OF THEM. I appreciate the work behind the videos too, not only the finished product. :D xx

  • LmnMrnG

    I studied classical voice for a long time, and my success hinged on other people’s opinions – every role I was cast in was based on my voice “type” and my overall “look”.  In case you didn’t know, basically there’s a German voice “type” classification system that applies to classical singers, and depending on who is casting you, the system limits you to only one or two categories or roles – for me, I was always typecast as the flighty ingenue; it’s fun to play a silly young woman every now and again, but I soon realized that I was not ready to devote my entire creative body of work to perpetuating the idea that women are either silly, devoted or evil.  The point of my story is that people are used to labels, it makes them feel safe and it’s a rotten way of thinking.  You’re not a brand, nobody is, and the people leaving those sh*tty comments haven’t figured that out yet.  Damn the man and keep them guessing!

  • Britt

    Are you kidding me? I’m just a few hours from the ATL. I can’t believe I missed you! :[

  • Loveforfungirlie101

    Well Charlie, I enjoy your videos a lot! Im sorry for the rude people out there ive never personally listened to your music but if it is something you are truely passionate about then i beg you not to let those people bring you down. It does not matter how hard you try, im sorry but you can not please the entire world (just 7/8ths of it ;) Now finally i encourage you to go on and live how you want to! Be proud of your accomplishments! After all the only real judge of your work is yourself! Have a fantastic day :)

  • Jmr0024

    Bahaha. I love your opinion of the American South. I’m from there and I basically equate to living in a cloud of wet misery for six months out of the year. You’d think we’d get used to it, but you really never do. 

  • Molly

    I personally loved your video, i thought it was hilarious.
    Since you’re already in California, why not go on a detour to Berkeley, CA after vidcon?

  • Zia

    A few months ago, I couldn’t be bothered with your Doctor Who videos. When I was a kid, my mom made me watch the old show with her (ON VHS!) and it TERRIFIED ME. But I was bored one day, and I figured I’d give the new version a try. I have seen every episode and listened to all your guy’s music. So I guess you’ve turned me into a Whovian. And I couldn’t be happier about it :)
    Thanks Charlie!

  • Lizzy

    CHARLIE!! ugh I can’t believe I missed you! Glad you had fun, as hot as it is here in Atlanta haha anyway I wouldn’t pay attention to those mean comments… Most of those ppl r just jealous!:) if they really dont like you they dont have to watch ur vids, and should just keep their mouths shut! i don’t see y anyone could hate on you though with ur blue eyes, adorable British accent and that cute cat of all things!!!:):) we love ya!!!! <3

  • Tori

    Don’t let the bad comments get you down because u are an amazing artist and you are more than just funny videos! and if anyone thinks that ur last video isn’t funny then they are totally wrong because i thought it was freakin hilarious!…it sounds like u had a lot of fun when u were in Georgia and Cali!!!

  • Kira

    This really made me laugh because I live in GA and been to all those places. Also it’s not THAT hot.

  • Mina Armijo

    I havent been to any of the 3 places you mentioned but i live like 30 minutes away from them (thats sad). But I would have loved to have went to them and met you ! haha :)

  • Llama Lacey

    While we’re complaining about the heat, today where I live we set a new record: 114 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course).

  • Anonymous

    Why are people complaining? I thought that video was really good, and it WAS funny. But even if it wasn’t, Charlie, if you’re proud of a video, you shouldn’t let the pickier, whinier fans get to you because I know that I, along with lots of other people, love the variety and skill shown in your videos! Keep doing a great job! 

  • pluffy

    Don’t you complain about the heat Mr. coollike!
    I live in fucking Israel!
    It NEVER get’s cold around here. ho, i wanna live in the UK…
    don’t let mean people “blow your mood”(am i useing that properly?)
    you are extremely talented (and sexy:P)
    hope you had a blast!♥

  • Anna W

    You have tremendous talent and the effort you put into making great music and videos is well appreciated by the majority!  Keep informing us on your musical/etc. endeavors – they’re worthwhile and you should be proud of what you do! :)
    I saw a similar Bodies exhibit in MN.  It was plain cool.

  • titaneumice

     I actually love the heat… Just not the moist and stuffy, makes you feel sticky, heat. I’m more of a Arizonian girl, as in I love the DRY heat. Sure I don’t mind some sprinkles every now and then (and believe me, that all the rain Arizona gets) but I’m not in Arizona anymore :( So I feel your pain. About the heat. (ironically, misquitos like the moisture, but here, there nowhere to be found o.O)

  • Keariea

    Charlie I am saying this from one musician to another, you are REALLY talented. Honestly I could only dream of being able to play all of the instruments that you do and sing. I am strictly a vocalist who is currently trying to learn how to play the uke and have put hours into it and yet still can’t seem to get it, where as you can not only play the uke but you are able to write acoustic versions of your own original works. Honestly I think that you music videos are just as if not more important than your comedy videos. Just stick to your sunny disposition and do what makes you happy. 

  • Garland

    Don’t ever let the negative comments get to you. You are easily the most diverse person on YouTube and I, along with countless other people, love seeing what you’re getting up to. Not everyone’s going to be pleased with everything you do, but that’s the magic of you- you might not please everyone all of the time but you please a whole lot of people most of the time. I worded that really badly, but I meant what I said… and it was a positive remark.

  • Kacey

    Charlie, I don’t know if you read these comments or not, but I just wanted to say that I for one enjoy any video you make. It doesn’t matter if it’s a vlog, a new song, or if it’s a comedy video you’ve worked on for days, I appreciate all the effort you put into your videos. Those nameless, faceless usernames should go somewhere else if they just want to bash you doing what you enjoy. It’s not about pleasing them, or any of us, really, but making things that YOU are proud of. 

  • Relient_kfreeman

    We love you, Charlie. Thanks for all you’ve done over the last few years. I can’t tell you how much it brightens up my day to see that I have a new video from you. It’s like an unbirthday present! DFTBA!

  • Smile

    This cheered me up too :)

    Your talk was excellent and entertaining, and by all accounts so was the CC gig and the rest of Vidcon :)  So yes, good job! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jam-Blair/711692344 Jam Blair

    It’s a shame that strangers on the internet think they own you and can tell you what to do.

    Well, they don’t, and they can’t.

    P.S. — I just wanted to tell you that I got Still Got Legs in the mail today. I think it’s brilliant.

  • meeshers

    I don’t particularly like Dr. Who (though in fairness I have not given it a particular chance either :) but i like chameleon circuit’s music.  which makes me cringe just a teeny tiny little bit because it really is about Dr. Who.  But it really is good.  I’m stating the obvious here but it’s a conundrum to my poor little brain!!  Long story short, your videos are always lovely whatever they are about.  You don’t need to spend your days eating ketchup or making superhero costumes to be funny and genuine.  So just keep trocking on and we’ll all be happy!  

  • Toomersgirl

    Oh My God!!!!! You were in Georgia?!?!!! I live in Alabama. Let me tell you that yes it is hot down here but it is of the utmost importance that at some point this fall you have to come to an auburn football game. I’m serious you have to come!

  • Toomersgirl

    Okay I realize that I freaked out on my last post but I am a huge fan and learning that you were Georgia made me kind of spaz so any ways on a serious note; I am really sorry about the stupid peoplz and their comments and good luck in vidcon =D

  • Lily

    Charlie, I watched that video like 4263836262 times because I loved it so much. Don’t let those people bring you down. Just be you. I wouldn’t watch your videos if you weren’t yourself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1166620961 Juliette Lin

    Don’t listen to the negatives Charlie! You’re doing this for yourself and not anyone else; the fans are just perks that come with doing what you love to do. And I must add that the quality of your videos (and I don’t mean clarity, I mean the aesthetics & technicalities) is becoming quite scintillating! :D Comparing some of the first videos you’ve ever made to what you’re producing now, you can see immense improvements. You should be so proud of yourself, truly(: DFTBA!

  • Anonymous

    Charlie, I love your videos and I love your blogs.  I really want to encourage you to continue making  videos that meet your standards; don’t worry about how people will take them.  Another thing, when ever you feel down and want to vent, write more blogs.  Or you could write more blogs anyway because not only are you creative with your videos but you are also a very talented writer.  So just make sure that whatever you create, you are satisfied with the final product-someone will watch and enjoy your work.

  • Cheeky Snail

    Don’t listen to the idiotic fools who say your music is stupid! I absolutely love all of your music, especially Still Got Legs which is wonderfully awesome!!! Your music always makes me smile, and of a scale of things that make me smile (lowest being my household running out of bacon, ice cream, raspberries or chocolate) your music is right up the top with fuzzy cushions, Team Starkid, 70’s disco music, and caramel slice. Thankyou for making me smile and laugh so much, DFTBA.

  • http://twitter.com/steviejeanine Stevie Lee

    Great blog and all, but I’m pretty sure there’s an ocean right next to Georgia. Love Chameleon Circuit, by the way!

  • Mortadelle

    I’m one of the CC fans who’s not a Dr. Who fan.

    I’m one of your subscribers who loves your videos, period. And they’ve gotten SO good this year it’s wow. Your editing skills + brand shining new neat material = quality way up there.

    I do NOT want to marry you. So there, you know you got some objective “fan” out there :D

    Can’t wait to see what’s this thing you’ll be doing all over America with the guys. You’re a tease – pretty much a Pottermore tease. ;)


  • Karbie635

    I heart charliee

  • http://twitter.com/jennestevens Jennifer Stevens

    i’m a new follower of yours on youtube (watched all your vids, though doing so backwards was not smart). my take on this is haters gonna hate. Its your youtube channel and you should do as you’ve always done – what you want. since you care about this so much, i’ll let you in on something: just because you tell everyone about “still got legs” doesn’t make you a SELL OUT. you’re not. so what if you lose followers or get angry comments? I would be just as affected as you are, but you shouldn’t let it get you down. Just push through it because you’re doing something you love and you’re great at it.

    btw, bought your cd – can’t wait for it to actually get here, but been rocking out to the digital download all the same. welcome to america, hope you enjoy it here (despite the terrible heat – im sure where i am is hotter, but you’re not used to it and neither am i). fight on!

  • cayli mumford

    Charlie!Im a big fan of your videos and blogs! dont let the bad comments getcha down!
    You are an extremely talented and awesome opposum guy!
    Also, I totally freaked out when i read that you are in california! haha If you want to experience some heat, come meet me in pheonix, arizona!

  • Emily Sarah Brooks

    Georgia is beautiful but Tennessee is better :) I’m new to the YouTube scene and am loving your videos and blogs! Keep it up and don’t let silly people get you down- and stay cool! (Har har, pun, Charlie is so cool like, and it’s literally hot and I want you to stay cool…mkay I’m done)

  • Rae

    :) charlie try not to let the haters get to you i know its hard but there are far far more people enjoying them than hating them since you have a million subscribers its going to happen. and your story about knowing what its like to be blind i had that in my own home i had to have an eye operation when i was 8 and wasn’t allowed to open my eyes for i think 2 days? it is actually so hard for them! thank you charlie for your videos and hope you enjoyed vidcon :D x

  • Kat

    Charlie I’m a southern bell here in Texas u have not felt
    Or seen heat till you get here :) madness heat we are getting
    Triple digits all week and don’t let those dumb people inside
    Your head they know nothing about you, you are the sweetest
    Thing since sweet tea your special one of a kind and I don’t know
    I really want to meet you! I love your accent by the way and I find you quite interesting

  • Corinne

    I’m sorry that those people only think about their selfs when it comes to their own entertainment. Why cant people see that Your music is important to you? They have no thoughts for anyone but themselves. Just do whatever YOU want . Hell, just make videos about your music. If that’s what YOU want. Other peoples views of you don’t matter, but how you view yourself does. Just do what makes you happy.

  • Melanie

    SCREW THE NAY-SAYERS (or however u spell it),CHARLIE!!!!!!! :)

  • Evie

    I loved that video!!! It doesn’t matter what they think anyways. :)

  • Rachel

    Oh my god another charlieissocoollike fan lives in Alabama?! I want Charlie to come here so much!! Charlie, you make me smile and laugh EVERY time I see one of your videos, whether I’ve had a super crap-tastic day worthy of some tears or a pretty good one. Don’t let people get you down with harsh comments because you have such a large amount of people ready to defend you because you are so freaking awesome, Charlie. DFTBA <3

  • Ace

    Atlanta has nothing on Austin, TX! We’re predicted to have temperatures over 105F (40-41C) all week. (bleh…) Just thought I’d let you know that you’ve convinced me to give Dr. Who a fair shot. I honestly don’t know that much about it except what I’ve heard in passing, but if it’s good enough to write songs about, I’d say it’s definitely worth looking into.

    Keep up the good work! :)

    P.S. Bodies is so awesome.

  • Oliver

    Youre so very nice :) And I love your music!

  • Kp.

    I think #4 on the rock charts and #50 on the overall charts says more than the losers on YouTube who don’t like your music :) x

  • http://twitter.com/motionocean Siv


  • MrMesozoic

    charlie, we WANT to hear about chameleon circuit!! and cos of that video i discovered liam’s channel:) so ffanks :D

  • SarahTW

    That’s horrible that people is saying bad things about your still got legs video i have watched about 4 times (nerimon’s voice is funny). I have always wanted to go to USA and the blind thing sounds cool. Doesn’t MIcheal Aranda live in the US

  • LGx

    What?? I love hearing about Chameleon Circuit and the Still Got Legs video was my favourite of yours in a while (which is saying something). I know the negatives stand out, but it’s literally, like 1% (at most) of the viewers. As Alex Day once said, ‘It’s your channel, you can do what you like.’ :) We love all of your videos and appreciate all of the work that you put in and don’t you ever forget it <3

  • http://twitter.com/millieefagan Millie Fagan

    I liked the Chameleon Circuit video :) 

  • Lgirvitz

    I love u charlie and I love your music and I love to hear about it. <3

  • JaneArt

    Charlie, hi. I thought to write a video response to you. Can you answer me? =)

  • Kellyktan1

    I just wanted to say that I really liked the Chameleon Circuit video.  You made it informative and entertaining at the same time :)

  • ellie

    please post vpictures of that museum its sounds amaaaazing! :)

  • Lea

    That Edward Cullen-comment is just too funny :-D
    And by the way: I’m sorry about all the bad comments – I know how the bad things always seem to be more realistic or just easier to believe, but you’ve got so many fans who write positive comments – just try to trust the wisdom of the crowd (and maybe read this book by James Surowiecky: The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few [...] ;-) ).
    Well, to put it like Liam would: Stay groovy! :-)

  • Mei Zi

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, and all those places you visited sound amazing *w* Don’t let those negative comments get you down next time. The most important thing in life is to be happy with what you do and if you are, I believe that’s a step in the right direction♥

  • Sophielovesbacon

    Charlie, I know the negative comments stand out, but your true fans are the ones who love whatever you are willing to make for us. That still got legs video is actually one of my favorites, it answered all of the questions that I had about the album all in one! I sure hope you don’t listen to those comments, because the ones who are willing to criticize your videos obviously aren’t the people who you are making these videos for. So pretty much, in a nutshell, your true fans love you, and the others have no right to criticize. I can wait to see what else you come up with! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hope-Kristen-Burke/694919032 Hope Kristen Burke

    First off, I will always love all your videos as all your true fans will! I think the majority of us fans love to hear you talk about your music, that’s part of you after all! And also, I quite agree with your assessment of Georgia, I love it though, I lived there for the first 14 years of my life! I love the aquarium and the World of Coke but haven’t been to the other two. They sound awesome! :)

  • Evin

    DONT LISTEN to them Charlie! If they watch you in the first place they should know that music is a party of your life and that it ACTUALLY is good, so what we can say about the haters is that they gave no sense of what good music actually sounds like. And that they should just bugger off! Cause we like hearing about you and your music and not just the funny videos, it’s all good! 

    Anyway, you probably wont read this, but if in fact you do awesome! And take it all in! I’m not a fan of doctor who but I still enjoy Chameleon Circuit, alot! 

    Bye bye!

  • Mawa

    Oh Charlie. Don’t listen to them. Heck, don’t listen to me. Do whatever you want and to hell with everyone else. It’s your life.

    Love you, take good care.

  • Jo Walshe

    Ooooo errr Charlie, if I could make music like yours I’d be running around skipping for joy, just ignore them, you’re not here just for our amusement you know, do what makes you happy and the rest will follow as it were :)

    I think I went to that bodies thing when it was in London. The Giraffe one was mental.

  • An

    Thanks to the video you mentioned above I decided to give Still got legs a try (I’m a new fan) and now I can’t live without it (even though I’ve never watched Doctor Who!!) :D You have every right to be proud of your awesome band, and I’m happy that you share with us what you’re proud of. So please PLEASE ignore all the haters… Well I know it’s hard and  I’m not doing any help here but well.. >_>


    never been to America but “Georgia = Edward Cullen”? WIN XD

  • An

    * typo: Looking FORWARD TO *feels stupid* ._. 

  • -K

    Charlie, it’s stupid to ask you not to care about them, because you always will, but, please, realise that the good comments are more :) Keep doing what you love, that’s happiness.

  • Em

    Dear Charlie,
    Next time you come to Atlanta tell us while you’re here! I live there and would have been willing to give the grand tour! Seriously. I can’t believe you were down the street from me and I didn’t even know it. Don’t do it again! :)
    A Concerned Georgian

  • weepingangel

    *evil smile and gun at hand* who exactly are these haters???? say the word charlie … but srysly dont let them get you.. what can possibly be wrong with the still got legs????doctor who+charlie=Awesomeness… 

  • Bethanmklavender

    is the cat in the yours he/she is cute

  • http://twitter.com/sotto_le_stelle Nikki

    Well, I have to say that I am really, really jealous of you. I had the opportunity to go to Atlanta and I did. However, I didn’t get to see the HUGE aquarium due to the conference we were at. And I love aquariums. But if I ever go again, that’s where I’m starting. I’m glad you had a good time in America. :)
     Keep up the fabulous work in your music and Youtubing(?) life!  

  • Hannahmw

    Charlie, I understand that most people will say that you shouldn’t listen to the haters or whatever, Ive seen some of these comments myself and they are very hard not to ignore and even harder to take. But really, as you said, not all of them are negative and you DO have aLOT of supporters (like myself) who are love you ( in a completely fan-based non-stalkerish way) and if some people can’t share your pride with you over something you and your bandmates have clearly worked your backsides off on and not let you all have your moment and be happy for you all- they’re REALLY not worth bothering your head about.
    There always wil be haters and it’s something we all have to deal with.
    Chin up. Love your work

    <3 love you ( in a completely fan-based non-stalkerish way)
    From your biggest northern Irish fan
    Ps. You rocked vidcon

  • Isabel M from Canada

    I enjoy anything you talk about Charlie! And honestly, you are living the life (or “the life” according to a nerdy teen like me)! Don’t listen to those silly Negative Nancy’s (Nancies?), because for every bum-who-has-the-time-too-much-time-on-their-hands-and-be-mean-to-someone-they-don’t-know are a million fan girls who would mostly faint at the very thought of you singing to them. So Charlie, perk up, life is good! :)

  • sannachi

    Okey first of all: I LOVE your accent.
    My friend recommented your Youtube channel to me weeks ago but it took me this long to actually come around (I know, I know) and I seriously wish I’d visited it earlier. I enjoy your videos and I think you are absolutely fabulous. Err…I mean awesome. :D You are such a great singer and did I mention how much I adore your accent? I did? Oh well anyway.
    Your Justin Bieber Fever video cracked me up. And that wasn’t pretty. Now I sound like total psycho. Which I’m not.
    Hugs from FINLAND! You rock and that’s all that matters!

    p.s. I still love your accent ;D

  • Gigi the Cat

    I’m sorry to hear that there are so many people who feel the need to be negative about your music, that would bother anyone, so don’t feel as if you’re moaning :)  I, for one, really like Still Got Legs and I’ve even ordered it from DFTBA (my first DFTBA purchase!  Woot!).  Please keep making your music, as there are many more people out there who enjoy it than the ones who dislike it =D

  • http://toastyness.tumblr.com/ Colleen

    It’s so sad that people are so negative about some things. Especially when it’s obvious that someone is so obviously excited/ passionate about what they’re talking about (like you were in your video about Chameleon Circuit’s album). Excitement is contagious (at least it is for me) and it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world, so thanks for spreading it :D

    PS: The bodies exhibit was AWESOME (with the exception of the baby room).

  • ashley :)

    Charlie, just know that God has blessed you in so many beautiful ways, and that no matter how many harsh things SOME people have to say, there are so many other wonderful things that even MORE people have to say that are positive and true.

    The people telling you to stop making videos about your music either don’t know what they’re talking about or don’t really know how you feel about their comments.

    If it makes you feel any better, just think about all of your fans (and friends :) ) who are here to support you, not knock you down. Hope you feel better, hon.

  • Carlee

    I’d just like to say that I bought Still Got Legs and I think it’s amazing. You guys did a fantastic job on the album and you have a right to proud of it. I can’t even pick a favorite song off of it because they’re all so good. I also enjoyed your video about it, I thought it was very well done, so you should probably just ignore any negative comments because you definitely didn’t deserve them. 

  • -M

    I just wanted to say, Still Got Legs and This Is Me are now my “monday music”. You know, the sort of music one has to listen on repeat to stay happy despite crappy summer job and rude people in public transportation. Especially on mondays. Thank you, it makes me smile. :)

    And greetings from Finland, my national pride forced me to mention this since you used the only finnish word you are ever likely to learn, sauna ^^

  • Zen

    I’d just like to say that I actually like your videos a lot more (and I really liked the earlier ones). I find your cinematic progression really interesting and I love the way you’ve been putting videos together recently.

    I’d also just like to point out that it is really not your job to to cater to what other people may want. You make something because you want to, and that’s fine.

  • Jenna

    Charlie, I just have to say that when I have bad days or get really stressed out I always listen to your This Is Me album. It always manages to make me laugh no matter how upset I am. Also, your Still Got Legs album is totally amazing, so don’t let the haters get you down. :)

  • Jessica

    I live in Georgia, and yes, it is constantly hot this time of year. Ridiculously so. I’m a little bit outside of Atlanta and I’ve been to everything but the Bodies exhibit (planning to go next time I’m home from college) so it was neat to hear what you said about it all! And your videos are all great. I wish that people would appreciate the person that makes it more than criticizing whether it fits their interests or not. Ultimately, it’s your channel to put whatever means something to you and what you can be proud of. So keep it up, Charlie. You and everything you are doing are awesome.

  • Lou

    I was about to go all crazy and intellectual like A WHALE IS A MAMMAL WAWAWA but then I realised a whale shark totally isn’t a whale it’s a shark and therefore is a fish not a mammal blah blah blah moral of the story: Charlie is always clevererer than everyone. Full stop. <- Literally.

  • Angel

    Hey :)
    don’t feel sad about that shitty comments, they are just NOT the most part for your 239084673092thfw0e8t820 subscribers! Come on boy, you are an awesome guy and your band is incredible! 

    Let me tell you something: i am from the south of chile. yeah, that is very in the south. CHILE, do you actually know where is it?  (im just trying to do my best writing this in english, ha) and i’m 20 just like you. a time ago a classmate show me the video about “duet with myself” on class and i loved it, but i didn’t see more videos of your channel in that moment because i was doing my stuff. but weeks ago on my winter vacations I remembered you and i started to see your whole channel and well… here i am! and if i am still following your videos and your music knowing that i’ll never win an ‘i found charlie’ pin because im too far away, is because i can see how much it is worth it.

     I love making music, i actually used to have a band, and about chameleon circuit i just can say that the way that everybody does everything is just amazing and it shows your talent. And i don’t know anything about doctor who and however, i really enjoy your music! that means that you guys are doing it well. 
    Viva Charlie – not the unicorn – McDonnell !!

  • Zule

    I Love you Charlie!

  • Ashley C

    I’ve lived just north of Atlanta all my life and I STILL have to hide away inside all summer long because of the heat or else bear swimming through the humidity :) Spring is nice though!
    But anyway I just bought Still Got Legs and love it to death, so no complaints here!

  • Camila

    Be Positive!! It helps the world from falling apart!! I mean not YOUR world, although that might be a side effect, I mean THE world. So if you want to keep us ALL from going into the vacuum of the universe don’t forget being positive!!
    Don’t forget to spread the word with your friends!! ;)

    -A special message from the association of prevention of the falling apartiness of the world, A.K.A.
    The association of “We want Charlie to smile and be happy and realize how awesome he is everyday” =D

  • oksana6

    don’t let the hatters bring you down
    they outta appreciate
    your videos are brilliant just as the music you create and if others can’t come to that realization so be it, but there is a handful of us who support you no matter what!
    congrats on Still Got Legs and hope you are perky again (:

  • Sophie

    Do you remember that one mom from Chicago, who’s daughter flew to VidCon to see you and all that & she was telling you to be more approachable…remember her? 

    I hope you don’t.

    Oh dear Charlie, you’re just so freakin’ awesome. 

  • Abigail Tess


  • Kayla

    Dear Charlie,

    1st: Don’t spend time thinking about the haters. It doesn’t do you any good. Trust me I know!!!!
    2nd: I can’t believe that you were in Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in here(in Atlanta) and I’ve been “following” you ever since I lived in Europe!!!!! I was so bummed that I missed you!!!!! You’re so awesome!!! So yeah… And I totally know what you mean about the World of Coke! :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AQYCOQQBQVPC5CSVSGPX5NQZ2A Leanne

    Hey Charlie just a small note. I live in Georgia and yes it is a very hot state but…  The Atlantic ocean is on the east side of us touching our fair state :) we do though as you said have no natural lakes

  • Aquarium Enthusiast

    I counted four whale sharks when I was there.

  • Katie

    I’m glad you enjoyed America, sometimes I feel like we’re the rude kid on the playground that nobody actually likes. Anywho, you need to know that I am at least one person who thoroughly enjoys ALL of your videos, including the ones where you’re sharing your current projects. All of your material is worthwhile. Don’t doubt yourself.

  • The Doctor

    Come to Canada soon :)  I hope you feel much better now :D
    REMEMBER THE BOY PLAYING WITH AN OTTER VIDEO? Yep. Remember how happy that little boy was :)

  • Jessie

    Haters gonna hate.  I love your videos about you music just as much as the funny ones, or the ones where you just talk.  c:  

    Oh, that Bodies thing is so cool.  And creepy.  Did you see the baby room?  Euh, that was…interesting.  x)

  • ummmkate338

    Hi Charlie. My name is Kate and I am from Vermont which is a tiny little state in the US right below Canada. I’ve been following your youtube thing since I was about 16 and it’s kind of awesome. I thought you would enjoy knowing that your band’s version of “Here Comes My Baby” has made it all the way to my current workplace. It is a pleasure getting to listen to it :). 

  • Huntergrimm90

    Charlie I wonder how many people in your life you know who are good “Mastermind Material” it sucks that you’re famous. Otherwise you’d probably chat with me.

  • lynseyf

    Charlie: Chameleon Circuit is great, and I’m not even a big fan of Doctor Who (although, it’s quite an amusing show). Haters gonna hate but that and right. You’re fantastic and lemme tell you, This Is Me is my go to when I need to be cheered up. My friends and I wait for your videos to come out like its out own brand of crack (or heroin, for Edward Cullen). If you ever decide to head to DC or the Northern Virginia area, LET ME KNOW…me and about a hundred other people would love to show you around the town :D. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad (they’re just jealous). less than three :]

  • http://twitter.com/AMDSCrain Angela Sala Crain

    you should come to Florida. Not during the summer but autumn/early spring when its not extremely hot and humid. Have a nice beach day and go to Universal/Disney/Busch Gardens. There’s some other cool places too that not a lot of people know about (like the beach town I live in). Just a suggestion of places to go for your big trip next year! If you have anymore questions i have a twitter @AMDSCrain. Thanks for reading this if you do! :)

  • http://twitter.com/elenagabr Elena

    I always enjoy your videos, no matter what they’re about! :)

  • Meg

    Charlie! I know it’s not easy to see in the presence of all the haters, but there are so many of us that   support everything you do! If you’re proud of it, it may be hard to listen to the mean comments, but for God’s sake be proud of it! Whether one person or one million people like your music shouldn’t matter, it should be that you like doing it!

  • Crea-tive

    I think you’re at the point in your YouTube career where you can make absolute garbage and people will still like it. Kind of like Lady Gaga. Not that you do make garbage, I love your stuff and you introduced me to nerdfighters (♥♥♥) 

    You’re the Lady Gaga of YouTube except like I said before, I like you and you don’t go arounf wearing an explosive bra 

  • Erin[:

    Charlie, I love you and your music. I also think you’re totally amazing. :D

  • http://twitter.com/yrusocoollike Gii Smiley

    i love ur Chamillen Curcit music! ^_^ and you can tell us about hings you are proud of when ever you want! just think that the likes wiegh out the dislikes. i would also like to tell you that i am Georgia and you went 2 me… that didnt come out right… but u should come to me in Australia that would be groovy… ooh yerrr. bring groovy back.

  • Renee

    Hé Charlie, I like the new album very much, I first had to get used to it because it is so different from the first one. But I think it is a great album! Big Bang 2, still not ginger and teenage rebel are one of my favorites.
    You all did a great job!

  • Erin

    I’ve been watching your videos for around 3 years now and I’ve loved every single one :) Regardless of what they’re about they’re always entertaining because it’s just you enjoying what you do! 
    So just remember there are heaps of people who think you’re brilliant :)

    PS. I’ve been listening to Still Got Legs and Big Bang Two is my favourite, especially the ‘oh my god he’s wearing a fez’ part :) 

  • Zimachitika

    Cheer up Charlie! We love you! But even if we didn’t you shouldn’t care, the big guy up stairs loves you more than we ever could. Just keep enjoying what you do, that’s what matters. That’s one of the main reasons I watch you, not only because of your creative talent but also because it’s great to see someone just enjoying what he does!

  • georgia!

    Fell the need to post another ”I love you charlie and will watch your videos no matter the topic and its cool that you do what you love not what others want you to do” comment. :)

  • http://twitter.com/ananasnyymi Mirella

    Whoa! I remember listening to your previous album, but I don’t really remember much of it, so I assume it didn’t hit me hard…? But hey, Still got legs is simply AWESOME! I’m listening to it right now and I have liked every song so far (track 9 playing atm). Keep on going! Greetings from Finland, my friend here beside me said that she is absolutely going to watch more your videos and listen to your music when she gets home :) Hahaa, I’m advertising you!
    PS. I totally agree with georgia! below. xoxo.

  • Batik13

    Keep on going Charlie! Ignore those people, they’re are just jealous cus you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Keep doing what you love and georgia! is 100% right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura <3

    I hope that you’re feeling better and I’m glad you had fun in America!
    Additionally, I bought the new Chameleon Circuit album and it’s AMAZING! Don’t listen to anyone trying to put you down. You are an incredible person.
    Also, if you want to come up to Canada, we wouldn’t mind! :D

  • Lauren<3

    I totally agree that he should come to florida. Its amazing here, and I would love to see him:)

  • Lisa

    i’m glad your feeling better Charlie :D 
    ps you have a typo: in your paragraph about Dialogue in the Dark it’s I’ll be able to understand not I’ll be to understand

  • Loveyoucharlie

    Dont worry about ty idiots that hate chameleon circuit you still have me:)<3

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trina-Lesins-Bills/525394210 Trina Lesins Bills

    please CONTINUE to make videos and post about any and all new albums! whoever is telling you to only make “funny videos” is just plain silly! your videos are about you… and your music is part of you. and therefore your videos should BY A RULE contain your music.

    i bought your first chameleon circuit album… your solo album. so i guess i should get on still got legs, huh? thanks for letting me listen to it first though! i’m a broke college student… so i like to know what i’m spending my money on. i like it a lot though! you’re all really creative. the songs are so different – but you’re right. they do fit together well. and i’m not sure if doctor what would have fit as well as all the others do.

    side note – will you ever be coming to new york city? be sure to let people know beforehand if you ever do! that’s where i’m living now… and it would be fantastic to meet you if you (or your band) is ever around there!

  • shh

    Make the videos you want charlie anyone who said “only make funny videos” are just being RUDE

  • i’llReadWhatYoullNeveWrite

    I love chameleon circuit, i love your music as much as i love your funny videos.
    one thing i feel bad about…is the fact that you started to upload videos with progressive delay..and that’s not judging you or whatever…is just my personal need for daiyly(weekly) doses of charliness…its something kinda selfish i know xD
    i dont know if you can imagine the JOY that shows up on my face whenever i see that you just uploaded a video. it sounds so lame and stupid but it is TRUE. and i cant help it (and i dont want to)
    i’m a thinker not a talker,as david bowie says…and i find happiness in A LOT of things in which, i noticed..many people of my age dont.(and viceversa..i dont find happiness in many things in which many ppl of my age do)
    you are one of those things charlie..

    i feel like you are coming from a planet similar to mine xD..and thats new for me.
     and thats what i had to say about the first part of your blog.

    for the second part…….You deserve all those cool thing that are happening to you. i felt sincerely happy while reading about your trip to Georgia. 
    ..and i’ve spent my whole vacation in my house..
    ..and i havent done anything cool…
    …and i dont even frikkkkkin really know you!!!!!!!! 
    hahhah yeah you got some sort of power. its A FACT

  • crymsonblue

    I really enjoyed your blog post, very funny and interesting.  :)I really think it’s okay for you to feel down sometimes, Charlie!   It’s understandable; I imagine you’re under alot of pressure sometimes!  I think it’s wonderful that you reach out to your fans for support and encouragement.  You give so much to us, it’s great that we can give something back to you!

    Btw, I’ve almost never seen any type of promotional blog or video where people weren’t given a hard time by commenters for promoting.  There’s a weird sort of thing that happens when people are used to getting something for free, and then suddenly, the person turns around and begins to promote their work.  Some people get really indignant.  I see it all the time on the internet.  It’s interesting to think about why that happens - a longer discussion – but what’s important is that it’s totally cool to try to make a livelihood doing what you love. 

    I’m sure you already know this, but I’ve seen self-effacing humor work well to soften the flack….for the next time you promote.  Because I hope you do!  I really hope this doesn’t in any way discourage you from letting the world know about all the terrific things you have to offer.

    And imho, the editing and entertainment quality of your Still Got Legs Video is stellar, and someday folks will fondly remember when they got to watch your terrific videos for free, instead of paying for entrance to the movie theatre, or the concert hall, not to mention popcorn and a Coke….if that’s the type of thing you want to do someday – I have no doubt you’ll pull it off splendidly!  :)

  • Jessie Hannah

    I’m very sorry that you visited my oh-so-beautiful state now in July. It really is very hot, and you were just in Atlanta. (and our saunas can be hotter than its is outside but only sometimes.) And honestly I love ALL of your videos. Oh and hey Charlie? (I can’t believe I’m typing this BUT) I have a little happy dance every time I see a new video pop up in my sub box. 

  • Aud

    AH, don’t worry about people who criticize your videos. There are far more wholesome, intellegent people who LOVE your videos, and you in general.

  • http://twitter.com/DreamerBridge Bridget O’Neill

    :) I loved that video :D then again, i always do, whether you simply vlog or vent or do a challenge or skit: I love it! please keep doing what you’re doing!

    also!! im glad vidcon was awesome for you <3

  • Ana

    First time I write to you!
    Just saw your speech at Vidcon in Youtube :D, made me happy. Also, today I listened your album Still got legs, and although I don’t know a thing about Dr. Who ( well except for the information in your previous videos :D..), I really enjoyed it, especially Travelling Man, and The big bang 2.  

    Don’t worry about those comments in your music, you can’t please everybody….it’s just kind of unhuman :).

    Chameleon Circuit’s music is awesome so congratulations to you and all the band members :D, I bet it takes a lot of work ( and fun-ness) to put everything together and make a song,

    Thanks for everything, videos, songs…they say that laughs make you live longer, so…I guess i’ll live longer because of you !

    Keep smiling! Greetings from Perú. (Did you even know that your videos and music are seen/listened here too? :)  ) 

    PS: I love all your videos ;)

  • http://twitter.com/gelingeling ling

    Don’t let the bad comments get to you. Your videos are brilliant. As John at the Nerdfighter Meet-Up at VidCon said: “Charlie is as amazing as you think he is. Every minute I don’t talk to Charlie is a minute I want to talk to him.” I don’t know you personally, but since you have friends like him everything should make you smile. Don’t stop making the videos you want to do. The important thing is that YOU are happy with your work – and that’s something the viewer feels (:

  • jamie

    I am so bord.I sed the same thing on alix’s website.

  • jamie

    When I tern 19 I am going to move to England……………Hopefully

  • Emily

    Welcome to the South.
    Additionally, it appears you managed to hit all four of the fantastic tourist destinations Atlanta has to offer, so well done there.
    Y’all come back now, ya hear?

  • Michelle

    If it makes any difference I did enjoy your video about Still Got Legs. I do love your music, and if I had the cash I would most definitely buy that album. 

  • foreverkanade

    I’m glad that you really like America! There’s so much to see and do so I hope you travel to lots of different places!  

    I would not worry about the negative comments on your videos. There’s so much more positive comments than there are negative ones.For every negative comment there are three positive ones taking it’s place.  I would look at it as constructive criticism and not take it personally but I believe that you already understand this. 

    I personally like your videos and think that your videos are getting better each time. The one thing I like about your videos besides the fact that they’re funny is that you include things that you care about. I really admire that. Whether it’s Charmeleon Circuit, Vidcon, Stickaid or something personal like your sister’s birthday or Christmas it’s all things you care about and would like to share with your viewers. You have made a lot of creative videos and I’m really looking forward to your future videos.

    Good Luck Charlie ;) 

  • Georgia W

    My name’s Georgia and I hate Edward Cullen. “I have discerned from these two things that Georgia is in fact Edward Cullen: Not only is it hot, but it also wants to suck my blood.” =

    I’m pretty jealous! That all sounds so fun! >.<

  • Liz Wisler

    I’ve been to that aquarium and the world of coke! (:

  • Sophie

    Oh Charlie, you are the best. <3<3 

  • Eni

    It’s ok Charlie, because WE love you, so you can ignore all the crappy people that say mean things about you, cos their either evil, have no friends, or are just having a really bad time. Don’t feel bad about yourself cos you’re AMAZING. And English…

  • Meganturner927

    My five uncles are all blind and once when i was little my mum blind folded me and took me in the car for an hour and i had to listen to people say everyday comments like look out the window and stuff and realise how frustrating it was to be blind even in little scenarios like that. It’s pretty thought provoking those experiences

  • Flavia

    Good post.Charlie, could you, please ask your subscribers to vote for Cassandra for King of the web? She really needs help, but she doesn’t think is right to ask friends in youtube to do this, but if you want her do win the prize, please give her a hand.So far, she was in 1st place, but now came a gay asian with negro accent and took her place :Sbasically,VOTE FOR CASSANDRA KING OF THE WEB!!

  • Maria Eugênia

    Charlie, you ARE amazing and your videos still as good as ever!

  • http://twitter.com/EilidhGow Eilidh Gow

    dont worry about the chameleon circuit haters!! their sad! you normal videos are awesome but the chameleon circuit ones are great too!!! Maybe just alternate between them or something… Your awesome charlie! :)

  • Aashna

    Charlie forget about the Chameleon Circuit haters. When I read the comments, I feel like screaming at the haters. They have no taste at all.
    Georgia sounds really cool! But promise me you won’t actually go into a road and get hit by a car anytime soon?xxx

  • PondHopper

    While I have only followed you for just over a year, it strikes me that what sets you apart from the rest of the YouTube noise is that you are engaged and passionate about your videos. If you see fit to share that passion with us, we are in no position to be critical of what you are passionate about. Please don’t censor yourself and your exciting new life experiences. We all grow and change; pity that some people in your wider audience want you in a static state.

  • Cadi :D

    Charlie, if you went to the aquarium on the 8th, I MISSED YOU. I WAS AT THE AQAURIUM ON THE VERY SAME DAY. But if you went on the 7th, then you went on the day BEFORE I did. Darn it, and I really wanted an I found Charlie button. SDGFLHSVSFVFSVKN.

  • Anonymous

    It’s rubbish that people tell you what to do with YOUR channel.  I often wonder how you YouTube folks are able to keep doing what you do, since when I scroll through the comments sections I am always struck by how much ridiculous/demoralizing/unkind stuff people seem to be able to come up with.  

    In any case, I’m always glad to hear about what you’re doing musically.  I admire those who can write their own stuff in addition to simply playing, and your writing has gotten increasingly better, if your work on Still Got Legs is any indication.  

    PondHopper got it pretty spot-on–you’re delightful to watch because you very clearly love what you do and are indeed very passionate about the things you share with your viewers.  

    To summarize, don’t let the dregs of the Internet get you down.  The rest of us quite like you.

  • Ironically Indie

    I hope your having fun in America, but please come back to england soon, we miss you:(

  • Brightie

    Hullo. I wasn’t commenting because I do not have a YouTube, but I do want you to know that I quite enjoyed your video. And I SQEEed on your behalf over the Tennant quote. ^_^

  • Megan


    you are incredible. it’s slightly weird how much im in love with you…your videos are amazing, you’re funny as hell, when im sad, i watch your old videos and wish like crazy that i lived in England (i will someday). You are talented, witty, and really REALLY hot, so don’t listen to the hate when theres so much love!!!

    you’re my favorite youtuber by farrrr, and i watch a lot of youtube. and btw, i noticed you have a thing for redheads and i happen to be one soooo if im ever in London….loljk but a girl can dream can’t she.

    Love from your #1 fan <3

  • Emily

    Does the kitty have a name? :)
    Also I just wanted to say that you are the first youtuber I ever really watched religiously and you still are to this day no matter what you post. If your audience can’t grow with you then they aren’t worth troubling yourself over. 

  • Noodlescakeandcheese

    Every youtuber gets hate, Charlie. It does suck! But we have to just forget about it xD do things to make us happy happy happy!! Besides, people pretty much worship you (god I hate that word!! Lol soz xD) so don’t let em getcha down Charlie xD
    Luv Rebecca (noodlescakeandcheese)
    Who wishes she never moved out of gorgeous England! xD

  • Amanda

    Hey Charlie! I’m glad you had a great time in America. You should come to Portland sometime, then maybe I would get to meet you (now I’m dreaming).

    Though I’ve only been watching you for the about the past 6 months, you have made such an difference on my life. Whenever I feel down on myself, I go and watch your videos, and within minutes I’m cracking up laughing again. Thats a fact. And “Still Got Legs” specificly I find hillarious.

    You have every right to talk about Chameleon Circuit in your videos, considering how amazing your music is. I’m really sorry about the negative comments you’ve been recieving; some people are just jackasses. As long as your proud of your videos, that should be all that matters.

    Keep up the great work Charlie

  • A Silvery Blue

    portland or, or portland me?
    cause if its portland me, i totally agree! :)

  • Simon Clark

    Haters gonna hate Charlie, but if they didn’t they we would never know if we were making mistakes.
    I’m not saying that you’re doing anything wrong (far from it, I absolutely adore SGL) but if we didn’t have people pointing out our mistakes at some point in our lives, we’d be doomed to repeat them forever.
    Besides, fuck em.

  • Amanda

    portland or. lol

  • Yisel

    Charlie, Georgia might be Edward Cullens but Florida is way hotter and always out for your blood…and your dead body…so if you can figure out a character that fits this description, then you win a gold star because my brain has shut down from the heat.
    Anywhos, next time you’re in the states, visit Florida! Or Gainesville, Florida to be more specific. My friends and I can show you around…mainly Gainesville and Orlando…we can go to Disney World! :) Or something…yeah…okies…bye!

  • Superstar317

    Come to West Virginia! I want to meet you guys and get a pin! :D “Noone can make you feel inferior without you consent.” -Eleanor Rosevelt Don’t consent, Charlie! Keep up the good work and do what makes you happy! screw the rest of them!!

  • zoe blair

    **BEAR HUG** :D

  • Fonse

    I love you! I’m so glad you feel better! <3

  • Catherinelynnpayne

    you were in Atlanta!!!!!! I live like an hour away and I go there all the time! I just missed the only chance in my entire life to get an “i found charlie” badge. now i have no reason to live

  • Kimlaidler

    charlie im really dissappointed , i live in atlanta why didnt you tell us you were here. :( im going to go cry myself to sleep now. come back again please

  • Maral

    I seriously love  you and your music! Please, don’t be sad!

  • Aquariousspirit2479

    I went to something similar to the Bodies Exhibit. It was brought temporarily to L.A. and it was easily one of the coolest things i’ve seen. Looking at all the muscles and organs of actual people sliced up so that one could see what it all looks like. I’m rambling now, but it was AMAZING!

  • Aquariousspirit2479

    So true. I never subscribed to anyone until I started watching your videos, Charlie. I think that more than just liking the content of your videos, which i do, i like you and your personality and that’s what keeps me coming back. Just saying. 

  • Uniquecrunchiefreak

    Hi Charlie! Ignore those haters and just carry on making videos! I know that your videos always make my day what ever they are about :) I am still smiling after seeing one of your videos! I love your music and I always will simply because you are ‘like cool’!!

  • Uniquecrunchiefreak

    ‘like cool’

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002634633454 Anna Burger

    I can understand what you mean. There are people who try to stand out from the masses of viewers by being completely idiotic and unfair. I bet that this blog post motivates some of them to keep commenting negatively because they’ve caused a reaction… please don’t take them seriously! As a matter of fact they are massive fans and just want to be ‘seen’ by you.. if you know what I mean (if you even read this).

    Your concert was absolutely  p e r f e c t !  I’ve watched it on Youtube and now I’m really annoyed that I wasn’t there ^^ Thank you so much for the music you guys make! We all here love both your fun videos and your music related ones and that’s what counts ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002203299717 Luísa Maciel

    Hey, do not worry about the critics! Some are constructive, others less so. The non-exposure (by not exposing their faces to the public) can also leave them susceptible to more intense criticism evil, but do not let it affect! After all, who would have the ability to express themselves and videos as well?

    Sorry if I wrote something wrong (google translator mode on) and good luck with everything! – Brazilian Reader here.

  • http://www.lucybrownphotography.co.uk Lucy

    You write really well, you should keep up with this blog more often it’s a really nice and honest read. x

  • johnbello05

    hey charlie you are hysterical on most of your videos, people can’t force you to be making funny videos. I really enjoy watching you. When i saw your latest video i though the cat was so cute next to you, and i was expecting a funny video, then i heard you talking about your music which made me go into iTunes and check the band you are in, loved the music and i think you guys are doing great, wish you the best of luck, and sadly there will be a lot bad comments coming in your near future since you are so popular and thats kind of a deal package when you are known around the world…but just don’t forget about those guys who love your videos in general, funny or not, selling music or making people wonder about the universe, which i wonder when the next video about science will come, because even thou they’re not funny, i found myself very interesting with those video.

  • Yousuf Mehmood

    You’re the only person I follow on youtube, keep it up mcdonnell

  • http://twitter.com/PurpleMonster_x Sachini J (INI)

    Hey Charlie, I really enjoy your videos. It’s nice to see that you are proud of your accomplishments and projects. But some people don’t see how nice it is. Some people consider you as the funny, random guy and want to you stick to that label :/ I’ll still watch you’re videos no matter what because I’m a fan of Chameleon Circuit, you and you’re music :)
    - Sachini

  • Allimc4883

    Well…not sure why people were being jerks. But it was because of that awesome video that we bought the album off  itunes. You win…keep up the great vids and music!

  • Connor

    I have to admit that I love all of your videos and I love your music as well. Listening to Chameleon Circuit is what got me started watching Doctor Who! Keep making your awesome videos be they funny or about your projects because your dedicated fans will watch them no matter what! 

  • Daniellebrooket

    definitely Portland, Oregon :)

  • http://twitter.com/#!/LanaVonMonroe Lana♥

    I actually love Still Got Legs and Chameleon Circuit- Don’t let stupid people make you sad:(
    Thats why they’re called stupid people
    Because they’re stupidP:Keep up CC! ♥

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Miller/652415612 Joe Miller

    Over 97% of the reactions to your Still Got Legs video are Likes, outnumbering the Dislikes by a ratio of about 32:1. Ignore the people who say stupid, nasty things to you. The people that like you outnumber them OVERWHELMINGLY, and they’re the ones you should focus on.

  • Eve McEwen

    Don’t feel down Charlie! We all love you! Watching your videos is a ritual for me (and no doubt most of the other people that have even heard of YOUTUBE!) You shouldn’t worry about the old hags that say rude comments because they have the meaningfullness (<—– is that even a word, i dontevenWUT?) of a couple of ants compared to . . . i don't know . . . three whale sharks in a humongous tank in Georgia? I just wanted to say that we all love you (ESPECIALLY MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!) and that you shouldn't worry about people like them because they are just looking for attention. :) 

    P.S. You should come to sydney, Australia some time :) I think you would really enjoy it. And I might even then be able to fulfill one of my biggest dreams (which is to meet you!!!!! And maybe even hug you!!!!) :) 



    P.P.S. I emailed you once, but you never replied :( 

  • Mommadayday

    I enjoy you & your music. Unfortunately most of my friends do not share my enthusiasm for Doctor Who. This is one of the reasons you are a favorite in our house. My daughter was the one to introduce us to you. You are almost like family now & wish you the best in all you do.

  • Soleil Smith

    Don’t let those jerks get to you Charlie! Still Got Legs is probably the only album I’m listening to right now. I love every single song on there! Wish I could gone to vidcon though. Would’ve been able to see my fav band in the whole world sing and just be the amazingly talented ppl you guys are. I hope you cheer up real soon! And I hope you guys will come to Colorado! We need some Trock out here! :D <3

    Me and my sister love you and the band so much you wouldn't ever know. (y does wouldn't have an l in it? its just rlly odd. lolz I can't stop getting off track lately. Anywho) With lots of hugs! -Soleil

  • Nicole Haynes

    Here’s another joke if you missed the ones from your previous blog.

    Q: How do you make a hot dog stand?

    A: Steal his chair.

    Here’s another :)

    Q: What’s the similarity between these jokes, and a can of corn?

    A: They are both corny :D

    There is a slight chance that I looked these jokes up :)

  • Grace

    Hey, Charlie, I hope you’re still here in the US. London looks dangerous right now. I’m a big fan of you guys, and I hope you stay safe.
    Love & Allons-y!

  • Eline

    @coollike Did that guy really died or was he just leaving?

    By the way, I LOVE YOU!

  • SPKasabian

    I visited a sort of Dialogue in the Dark, except that it was a “Dunkel Bar” in Germany, in a museum dedicated to sensations (the whole museum was really interesting). We had to test different drinks and guess what it was. But I didn’t have the occasion to get hit by a car ;) That, by the way, must have been seriously scary ! I mean, it was of course not a real car, but then what did you feel ?I should think of going there if I ever go to Georgia.

  • Thea

    Hey Charlie,
    Don’t let no one get u down! You r GREAT and I love ur music xx

    Thea xx

  • Duckpondwithoutducks

    Yes, the negative commenters are in the minority – don’t listen to them!  I love Chameleon Circuit’s new album – it is great!  I loved the first one and this one is even better!  And it’s your channel, you can talk about whatever you want!

  • BoggerLevis93

    Just hope you know that you’re real fans aren’t shallow enough to not let you have a moment to be proud of something amazing that you did. You have spent so much time entertaining us, you deserve to have something that not only your fans can enjoy but that you can too. Don’t worry about the haters, they obviously have nothing better to do with their lives but complain about things that makes pretty much everyone else happy. :) 

  • Amethyst

    Charlie, don’t let all those right foul gits get to you :P believe me I deal with a lot of them. You’re talented, and that’s all there is to it. BTW, if you think Georgia has high temperatures and too many pests, you should try visiting Texas sometime :P

  • http://twitter.com/martnevi Martine V

    You know, The haters see you rollin’, they hatin’. You’re my favorite youtuber! :D Lots of love from Scandinavia!

  • Mdltep333


  • Flosey

    Will we be seeing any clips from vidcon thennnn? <3

  • Hayleyy

    Good for you! The music that you make, as cheesy as it sounds, is what makes you, well, you. I among many others appreciate your music. Why can’t you do both? You already do, so don’t let it bother you so much because there will always be people who don’t like you. You can’t please everyone so make yourself happy first. PLus, you are amazingly awesome so you shouldn’t have any worries. :]

  • Buddingviolinist

    what? you were in my state? :O Why did you not forewarn anyone? … well I guess you prolly wanted to just enjoy yourself without people screaming “I FOUND YOU CHARLIE!!!” frequently…. or did you want this? gah, oh well
    btw geogia isn’t that bad for heat… sometimes…. when it’s not summer…. but I will immediately agree with you about the annoying mosquitoes….  
    And don’t be so self conscious of negative comments, it’s your channel and you should do what you want with it whether it be only music from now on, only funny from now on, a combination of the two, or just doing something new that is random … like perfume selling? idk this was a terrible example… but the main note is: Don’t worry! Be happy! Cuz every little thing is gunna be all right! (sorry Bob Marley)

  • http://twitter.com/agosc Agos

    I’m really sorry that you’ve been feeling bad, and I know how negative comments gets someone more than positive ones, but think about all the albums that you’re selling and how many people love your music – I’m one of those people- but apart from that, there’re a lot of people that actually loves your music and they’ll love to go to a concert of yours! So don’t pity those people who try to take you down, pity how much you love and enjoy playing and making music :D
    This comment it might be kinda corny, but, anyway lol 
    Be happy, Charlie n.n

  • Georgia

    *loose your sight.
    Lose. LOSE YOUR SIGHT. Come on Charlie, I know you know the difference :p

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002634633454 Anna Burger

    I really hope you guys are safe in London!!! Best wishes and good luck.. :/

  • http://www.harthads-haven.com Hayley H

    Charlie, don’t let those negative comments get to you. I, for one, love your music and know that only an awesome person like yourself and the other members of Chameleon Circuit could have made songs like that. Cheer up, be happy, and wear a fez. :)

  • L E

    I agree don’t let those bad comments get to you. You are a popular artist, you make famous you tube videos, and you totally rock! Love the slap at the end. XD

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JOZ3TMIZIZVH54BA37WRB64VLU Gwyne Richard

    There’s nothing wrong with being excited about your music. People get this idea that the people they listen to on the radio, watch on tv or see on the internet are one dimensional, that they exist solely to perform that action which they are watching them for. As silly as that is I think it’s true. You have a life outside of Twitter and YouTube and even outside your music. That’s a GOOD thing. Don’t let other people get you down. Be happy that you’re doing great things with your life. 

  • emma

    Once, when I was little, my parents dragged me to the “Bodies” exhibit. It was very terrifying for a six year old. I ran around and screamed and hid under a case with one of the bodies in it. A security officer escorted me to the gift shop. God, that was scarring.

  • Julianne

    Charlie, you are so much more than just “hot” and just “funny and weird.” I’m sorry the negativity has gotten to you, but I hope you don’t put too much faith in what others say about you to define who you are. People who are actually taking the time to post such horrible nonsense are probably very, very lame.

    -Dallas, Texas.
    (Which by the way… is MUCH hotter than Georgia.)

  • Janet (Corona, CA)

    You are right sometimes the negative comments do stick with us a lot more but there are many more people out there that enjoy watching you express your self doing what you love. It amazing that you get to share all your experiences ! Enjoy Cali :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000670882242 Morgan Lewis

    Naww… It’s ok. Personally I love it when you talk about your music, I love your music and people that hate on you for showcasing a tallent are probably making up for the fact that they don’t have any. I think you’re amazing and I love everything you do. <3 Love and telepathic hugs from Aussie!

  • awktopus ~~~~(._.)~~~~

    I’m sorry if I’m ruining everything, but I just noticed that this post had 365 comments, and I wanted to bring it up to a leap year. Yay leap years! Boo Gregorian calendar for being all confusing. :(

    Have fun at VidCon! And them haters who are hating on your music? They are consuming too much Haterade. And as we all know, Haterade just isn’t good for you: it lacks sufficient electrolytes. Glad you’re feeling better :)

  • Alex

    Charlie, i love you and i love your music i know when people get negative comments they do stick and effect us more than the posotive ones but charlie if youcount em up i gurantee there will be many many more postive comments than negative dont let their comments put you down, their just upset they dont have the talent you do.

  • Kirsty

    Was it much cooler in the aquarium? Actually I was really interested about the whale sharks remark, because they are huge!! I wish to go to Georgia now.

  • Guest

    I really enjoyed this video for a few  reasons..
    1. Closeup of your face 
    2. Brilliant use of effects 
    3. Information about the band (about time!)
    4. Doctor Who on radio 
    5. Brisk and to the point.
    6. CAT!
    Your Chameleon Circuit fan base love it too I’m sure.
    As for the Charliissocoollike fan base, maybe you can make us little 20 second nanovids of yourself inbetween the bigger productions to please the masses. I would be happy for that! It’s true that I miss those pointless lo-res videos. I think this is how parents feel when their kids grow up. They stop putting mud on their heads. (the kids, that is. just to be clear)
    “Why does everything have to change? 
    I wish it all could stay the same. 
    I don’t like this comments game. 
    Why does everything have to change. -Ze Frank”

    But on the upside, I saw your band at VidCon and you guys were hard-rocking, punch you in the face awesome. (face wasn’t the first word that came to mind, mind )

    You are talented and smart and your music is great, so don’t stress it too much and DFTBA.
    PS – I met you in the Hyatt elevator when you were going down to play RockBand. I asked how you were enjoying it so far. You said you hadn’t written your speech yet. Perhaps you remember me and perhaps not. Anyway THAT was ME :) Cheers!

    f e l i c i t y h e l i x 
    (my channel name)

  • Uniquecrunchiefreak

    I just want you to make more videos so that you can make people like me smile everyday! :)

  • Guest

    I, like everyone else I’ve seen, really loved that video. It’s always good to see someone talk about something they enjoy and are talented at. On top of all that, it was great to hear more about Chameleon Circuit as well! :) Your music is amazing and so are you. Don’t let the stupid gits get you down, they’re just… OK, turns out I’m not eloquent enough to think up a decent insult, but you get the picture. On a brighter note, America sounds brilliant!

  • m.

    your videos about your music are as good as your other ones you do because it isn’t just some crap you want to profit from, you can tell that you care about what you do so ignore people who watch videos just to slate them because they are lame :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1580450792 Shannon ‘Sockling’ Birch

    Charlie me and my friend stayed up til 4 in the morning watching every single one of your videos, from your Challenge Charlie to ones about your band, and we thought they were all great! Keep up the good work and ignore the crappy comments.. Your amazing! and you make me and my friend laugh (ina good way!) so much! :D much love! :D <3

  • Courtneys2309

    Well, if negative comments stick out more than the positive… Charlie, I’m so upset, disappointed, and angry that you’re getting upset over a few troll negative comments! Grrrr!

    Reverse psychology working? Hmm, well, if not, most of us love you Charlie, not only for your “funny videos”, but for who you are and for everything you do. You’re an inspiration to so many of us, and if you ever stopped making videos, a million plus people would be tremendously sad. 

    One among many in a sea of faces, some happy and some not so much so. This one, I assure you, is very happy.

  • Fulia Julia

    i don’t no why anyone didn’t like that video it was funny, interesting, and well edited!
    actually I wish charlie made more videos like that :D
    (thats the first time I’ve ever tried spelling people like that lol)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1429532010 Annabella Boatwright

    Aww, Charlie :( I’m sorry the commenters are being mean! I love hearing about your music! Every time I see one of your videos (no matter what it’s about!) it makes my day a little better :) So just think of how many people you’re making happy with your videos instead of the idiots who just want to be negative. I’m also glad you had a good time in America! <3 

  • Nick

    You’ve said it yourself Charlie, make stuff you’re proud of. You’ll make a few mistakes as you go, and adjust as you learn. Your fans and subscribers will grow along with you.

  • http://twitter.com/wheights37 Bianca Moreno

    i live about an hour and a half from Atlanta, and yes, it is very hot in Georgia. im glad you liked it here! 

  • Jojo

    hey charlie you should make a new vid now and i got your album and i looooved it well… i actually got both your albums and plus david tennant is sheer hotness and awesomeness

  • Sophie Stabb

    Ohhh Charlie! thats terrible! i think thats very rude of people! and i think that it was totally uncalled for considering youve been making this album for a long time and have to right to be excited about it! and in my oppinion i loved the video, cuz it did tell me a lot about the band that i wasnt sure about and i thought it was funny <3 dont let what other people say get you down. only focus on the positive, because im sure there are a lot more people who like all of you work, than people who dont.

  • danirose

    In respect to those on youtube that hate, i also follow you on youtube, You are your music, dont feel bad about random peoples rubbish, if they can’t respect that you have grown since your first videos they aren’t worth it :) 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000195502045 Lindsay Olvera

    The negative always sticks out more than positive, and it’s unfortunate that the human mind likes to work that way. Just remember that you make videos that YOU’RE proud of, and the trolls and haters do not matter; your true fans will always follow. :)

  • Val

    The people that want you to “stop talking about music and make funny videos” are not really your fans, you know. They’re just losers looking for cheap entertainment. They don’t really care about you or your life and are just pointless little robot children.
    Okay, rant over. But really Charlie, your real fans love you and actually want to hear about Still Got Legs. I loved this video, despite what the trolls think. And I’m so glad that you enjoy America and our states that are similar to Edward Cullen. I hope that you loved Vidcon and I can’t wait for you to tell us all about it in your next video!
    Remember Charlie, we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how funny, serious, or even boring your videos are. Just kidding, your videos are never boring! Much love, Val <3

  • yuetching

    Hi charlie, couldn’t agree more with what your fan- Val posted,

    ‘ The people that want you to “stop talking about music and make funny videos” are not really your fans, you know. They’re just losers looking for cheap entertainment. They don’t really care about you or your life and are just pointless little robot children. Okay, rant over. But really Charlie, your real fans love you and actually want to hear about Still Got Legs’

    Hope you have had a blast at Vidcon~~and hope all is well~~

    Hope I remember to go on Itunes to buy Chamelon Circuit’s songs or listen to them after I come back from holiday next week~

    I always make it a point to visit your channel periodically, so I guess I am a supporter.~~^^~~

    Take care, Charlie!!! & all the best to Chamelon Circuit!!!~~~^^~~~


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500413974 Joan Edoimioya

    I and hundreds (possibly thousands?) of others like your music, so please don’t ever question promoting it because some people don’t. You have over a million subscribers after all, and unlike so many other youtubers, your views actually match up with that pretty well. Point is, with THAT many viewers it’s only natural that some, perhaps even more than you expected, will not care for everything you do and promote. I don’t really need to tell you this but I will anyway: You’ve just got to accept the overwhelming positive with the negative. Just be logical about it and remember that nothing ever gets unanimous approval. Nothing. Ever. And that more people enjoy your music promotion than don’t. More people would miss you not talking about your music than welcome its exclusion. It’s just the reality of the matter.

  • Hilary Milne

    Charlie, I absolutely loved your video about still got legs, I have watched a number of times, so take the good with the bad

  • http://www.facebook.com/kaylakablowee Kayla Wonderland

    Charlie, if your music and the videos you make about that make you proud there is nothing any trolls can do about it. I wouldn’t change a thing about any of the videos you post, and I for one love watching peoples personal achievements, in fact I love anything about people that they love about themselves. Enjoy the company of your friends, have fun and maybe grace us with another video soon, no matter what it may be about. (:

  • Jane

    I don’t think those people who say negative things about your music really are your fans. I mean, we all know that you worked hard on Still Got Legs, and that you are proud of it. I think that should be enough for any of your real fans. Anyways, that video was funny and people can listen to the album for free, so they shouldn’t be complaining.  So, keep being yourself and any video you make, as long as you are proud of it, will be awesome!

  • Jessica

    I was just listening to your music before I order the CD and I was wondering, how do you guys not get copyright issues? You use a lot of tracks from Doctor Who, like in Nightmares and The Sound Of Drums.

  • Madirose02

    maybe on your way back to britan, you should stop in Colorado ;)

  • Angharad

    Abseloutely LOVE your videos.  Highlight of my day when i see a new video of yours.  You have so many fans I can guarantee they out number all of the negative people that watch you so please keep your cheerfulness and awesomeness up. 

  • http://timedragoninthevortex.blogspot.com RazerTheTechDragon

    YOU AND YOUR VIDS RULE! DON’T LISTEN TO THOSE NASTY COMMENTS! What I do when I feel down is: do more of what I enjoy. I draw when I’m down. Or imagine all that nasty sadness getting eaten by, oh, I dunno….a T-Rex.

  • Ninabj3

    I really enjoy your music D: I come to the site to listen to your songs all the time!
    *cyberhugs* people are reatrds sometimes. I dont think  they actually dislike your music (well some of might) but are feeling like you are slowly leaving youtube,  and thus saying you should stick to making videos. As i I alredy said I really like your music, but I wouldent mind seeing new videos from you pop up in my sub box.

    Love and support all the way from Finland.

  • Anonymous

    Charlie thinks Edward Cullen is hot…?

  • http://twitter.com/tonyeceso Tonye

    You got run over???

  • Kelley Glasgow

    Charlie! Don’t feel down! Your music is awesome and I enjoyed hearing about something your passionate about in your videos!!!!!!!

  • lb

    Do you think I could get your CD in stores in Australia?

  • http://twitter.com/JelloDVDs Angela Lott

    Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t like your Doctor Who music. They just have to deal with the fact that you aren’t just a guy who does funny videos. You are a creative person with interests other than entertaining us. You are funny (I laughed out loud at that edward cullon comparison) and you are a great entertainer but no matter what there will always be someone who doesn’t like you, even if you are Charlie McDonnall the most popular YouTuber ever. :) Seriously I haven’t been able to find anyone with more suscribers than you and I’m been looking! You have more suscribers than What the Buck and way more hits!!! Okay Smosh has more Suscribers than you but they don’t count. Cause they suck while you are totally awesome!

  • Ayeshahaha

    you think EdwardCullen is hot?! YOU ARE HOTTER THAN HIM CHARLIEEEEE!!!!

  • http://carouselsalesblog.blogspot.com Cara Celli

    Hi Charlie:) I have to be honest, I didn’t really know much about Dr. Who before I saw you talking about it. My Mom used to watch it when I was little, and I remember little bits of it, but it didn’t really get picked up here in America:( That being said, I’ve had a chance to listen to Chameleon Circuit’s new album, and I liked a few tracks on it. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d be that into it, but I like it. And the funny thing is, my son’s heard me listening to Travelling Man, and now you’ll hear him singing it around the house! I just thought you’d get a kick out of that:) 

  • Hannah

    People are always going to kick you down while you’re up. Not to sound like a broken record (but totally doing it anyway, yeah?), do what you love. People are always going to hate on it, and that’s just an unfortunate fact of life. You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. C’est la vie. One of the sure-fire ways happiness will seep into your life is if you keep doing what you love. Anyway, you’d basically have to be a robot to not let negative comments ever affect you, so it’s okay if you get disheartened. After all, you’re only human (right…?). Take care, love, and thanks for cheering up millions of people. Hopefully something or someone will do the same for you. Cheers. <3

  • Priscilla Nishiyama

    I’ve always wanted to shout “I FOUND YOU CHARLIE”… in fact, I actually put that down on my bucket list.. klajSLDKAJLASKDJjdksdkajsdlkJALKSd

    … im.. im … wow. Okay.
    Well.. nice haircut!

  • Becky

    Charlie, you are absolutey amazing, and although I know it must be hard for you to put up with a few nutters who want you to make ‘funny videos’ instead of talking about what you love doing and are passionate about, think of all the other 999992 people who love everything you do, no matter what it is.

    You are not just a remote control to do whatever certain people find funny, you are a person who is kind enough to make us amazing videos, and even if they are about your music they are about something you are passionate about, and even then you don’t go overboard advertising and you still manage to make them awesome! Try not to worry about those people, they have no manners!

    It makes me feel sad knowing that you are sad and it also makes me angry at those people who are just completely insensitive and idiotic, so please enjoy your time in America, because we all love you! I know I can vouch for (most of) your subscribers when I say that we are happy for you to talk about anything in your videos, the subject is for you to decide and we will love it anyway. You can’t please eveyone, so do what you feel like and it is bound to please someone! (Me)

    Your music is amazing, it’s new, it’s unique, and you should be very proud, and if some people have no sense of what humour, a good video maker, and good music looks like, that is their problem and not yours. So smile Charlie, WE LOVE YOU!

    Love Becky xx

  • ColieAnne91

    ok You know more about Georgia my home state than I do. && yes it is too hott here. When I was outside one day I thought the same thing about it being like a sauna(i just copied && pasted this from your blog cause i didnt know how to spell it). Skeeters (mosquitos) are horrible too. well glad you liked my home State~! && glad you know how horrible the heat is here. when i try to explain to people on the net how hott it is, i dont think they really understand just how hott im talking about.

  • Shelly

    Charlie you are quite lovely but you’re utterly inept when it comes to geographic details. Georgia has multiple bodies of water within it’s boundaries and just there on the eastern coast is the Atlantic Ocean. Just incase you wanted to know.

  • Lozridge

    The ‘Who Does What’ page thing says Nightmares has supporting vocals by Brian Cox. Brian Cox! Is this THE Brian Cox? :O

  • Purplelapin

    Don’t worry Charlie, most people love whatever type of video you do and if they don’t then don’t beat yourself about it, you can’t appeal to everyone all the time. America sounds incredible!! I can’t explain how much I want to go to vidcon next year, but every time I mention it to my parents, they look at me as if I’m insane :( I’ve still not managed to explain to my mum that when I get a message on youtube, it doesn’t mean it’s a creepy 40-year-old pretending to be 15 :) Still got legs is fantastic, you should be proud of it!! 

  • Martha

    I used to go to Georgia to visit my cousins.  I love the red soil and the magnolia trees!  Also,  I love your videos.  I am a teacher from Iowa and I really need your sense of humor after a stressful day with the kids.  Oh, by the way,  my niece told me about your videos.  I love your beautiful eyes and smile.  Keep up the great work!!!!!   Martha

  • Audrey

    YOU DON”T HAVE MOSQUITOES IN THE UK!!???!!??? That’s it, I’m packing my bags and moving there tomorrow.

  • Sharmaine Dawn

    “Insecure lang sila”.. that what I’ve just said after reading your blog. They didn’t know on how you made people smile while watching your videos and wonder on how you do those. I really admire you as well with the band. Even though Still Got Legs were not out here in the Philippines, the Internet gave a way on how I will reach your music. Go on Charlie. Don’t lose heart. God Bless You!

  • Courtney

    OH WOW WHAT. I live in Georgia. There can’t be anything cool going on here :P

  • Courtney

    AWH MAN. August 4th was my birthday too. Darnit.

  • Zoemew

    I actually quite liked the video. Thank you for making it. Just forget about all the haters. I hope you had loads of fun at Vid-Con. I wish I could have been there, but from what I’ve seen, you were awesome. DFTBA

  • Maimaiking95

    If you think its hot in Atlanta the try coming a bit more south to Mobile, Alabama. My god it is hot down here.

  • Marian Berthoud

    I enjoy all of your videos… I don’t understand why people bitch about your videos, they’re all funny, and when you want to be, the videos are enlightening and entertaining at the same time. Are you enjoying California?

  • http://twitter.com/aliceGpeck alice courtney

    You were an hour away from me and I didn’t even know it. 
    Well it’s alight, I saw you at Vidcon :D 

  • Hannah

    Hi Charlie! I’ve become really obsessed with your youtube channel recently! I loved every one of the videos I’ve seen especially the purple man and the balloon animals ones! I think some of your songs are great although until today I didn’t understand anything what was going on. I was on a website provided by Netflix I don’t know if you know what that is but it has the entire collection of Doctor Who series 1-5 and I just watched the first episode Rose! I enjoyed it a lot thanks to you! Keep up with the videos and enjoy California (which is on the opposite side of the country from me but oh well who would visit tiny Connecticut?!)

  • Maple

    The only week I EVER go to London England, You are less than 10 hours from my home town.

  • http://www.justliketheunknown.blogspot.com Jacquie

    Hi Charlie, I am a huge fan of doctor who, and last night at my Doctor Who Day, I was introduced into the wonderful world of Charlieissocoollike! So yeah.  As for your music, it’s amazing.  I love the way you guys work with the show and how you guys do it because its fun. Your group is really inspiring.

    As for the heat in Georgia, it depends if it was humid at all.  If you come up to Wisconsin earlier this summer, the heat itself was in the 90s and with the humidity, the temperature outside felt like 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  Twas awful!  I couldn’t even bike to work because a heat advisory was out!  So I had to drive :(

    As for the negative comments, look at them as how you can improve.  If they are about making more funny videos, then that is a person’s preference.  Just be flattered that they like the videos so much! ;)  As for your videos, they are yours, not the people looking at them.  Just because you have a following, don’t change what you want to do.  You have such cool thoughts and everything, don’t forget that! Otherwise you wouldn’t be in California right now!

    I have seen body worlds 2 as well. It was just amazing.  We visited as a class field trip for our Science class.  I am big supporter of it.  It is very educational! :D  As for the Coke thingy, I am an avid Diet Coke drinker! haha :P  I’m glad you are enjoying your visit to the US and next time you come, you should visit the great lakes area (like Wisconsin or Chicago! )

  • rachy

    N’aww charlie, i think your music videos are awesome, and i also watch them along with your rnaomd funny videoa :D keep making them, dont listen to other negative people :D 

  • Jin

    i love you charlie XD

  • E gordy

    i cant believe you were in my hometown and i didn’t see you! i was so looking forward to running up to you pointing  and screaming “I FOUND YOU!”

  • Lexa7D7

    Awe Charlie don’t be sad! I personally find any video you post to lovely and very fun to watch! Don’t let the obnoxious haters get you down!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chelsea-Katlyn-Andrews/727395158 Chelsea Katlyn Andrews

    Charlie anyone who thinks that you can just be silly all the time is silly themselves. People love you for your quirkiness and that doesn’t come from nowhere. Anyone who gets distressed at you for talking about something your passionate about is incredibly rude!
    Personally I like seeing your videos where we’re offered an insight into the man behind the mask, or the man behind the “coollike” lol.
    You rock Charlie, keep them coming :).

  • http://www.facebook.com/jenarae93 Jena Rae Andrews

    Charlie; I admire you and your quirky personality immensely, and whether you are posting amusing or informative videos, you are staying true to yourself (well, I assume so, as I don’t actually know you personally), and if those people only want to watch you when you’re being deliberately funny, then they do not deserve to bask in your presence. Basically, my point is, it’s your Youtube channel, you can post whatever you wish and the criticisers will just have to deal with it. Anyway, I hope my words had some form of positive impact, and didn’t just come across as creepily personal or some other strange something or rather (my mind just went blank.. must be all that Physics work I did!) I look forward to seeing what other interesting ideas/musings you come up with in the future. Keep Youtubing! :)

  • Катюша

     Charlie and she may get to know you in real life?

     ”If I knew more about what you’re saying in their video)))

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1629042379 Amy Pearson

    Charlie, hello! Right, whoever tells you to shut up about your music obviously has nothing better to do then hate on somebody else’s AMAZING talent. I understand the negative sticks out more (been there!) and I know this may not mean anything to you but…I think you’re amazingly talented. Yes the funny videos are absolutely awesome but so are the music videos. You just need to remember how amazing things are going for you. You can vlog, sing or amuse us with whatever you choose. I love your band! Stay awesome Charlie!
    -Amy :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002603117337 Keyt Oliynyk

     Charlie and she may get to know you in real life?  ”If I knew more about what you’re saying in their video)))


  • Cheryl S

    Dont let others bring you down with their negitive comments. you have a special talent that allowes you to be yourself and thats what people like about you. and some day that talent will pay off. as far as the band thing goes. the music is a little diffrant but thats what sets you aside from all the rest. its good to hear something diffrant instead of the same old stuf over and over. Never give  up on your  talents thats what make you “you”. 

  • Catsdominate47

    Oh Charlie! I love it when you talk about your music because you always seem really proud of it and that’s a great thing. :) You also manage to make your videos about your music as funny and entertaining as your other videos, so I would love watching them even if I didn’t even care about your music (but I do care). So don’t let ‘em bring you down Charlie!!! <3

  • soyeon@@

    I Found You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh i mean your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shayflower

    Please don’t be sad. I enjoy being informed of the other facets of your life that are not associated with making “funny videos” even though they are very funny. Whatever makes you happy is most important. :)

  • Janistonfan

    I, and very many other people, is really fascinating about your music and what is happening around your life than the mass of comedy. (It is obviously fun, you’re like a stand up comedian):) but try not to take the negative comments in a bad way. I feel sorry for those who can not appreciate who you are, what interests you as a person. All they want is a laugh, while we – who want a laugh, also want to know you. You have talent! And they do not have to waste on people who do not appreciate them. You can think of ourselves as more than willing to listen to your musilk, when you talk about it and about other stuff that interests you. It is also interesting to most people.Take my translation with a pinch of salt. I’m not English, or American. but I just want to, with so many other people here, make you feel better.Longed for a new video.Love.

  • Nazzanell

    I love doctor who i think you should make your own movie about doctor who and charlie could be 11 doctor

  • Lydia Galbraith

    I know, as well as many other people that you are very very funny, but we also know that that’s not all you are, you’re musical, interesting, creative, and judging from when I met you the other day, generally a really nice person, and not forgetting you’re hilarious, but that doesn’t mean you have to be funny in every video like some people think. Of course everyone likes a laugh, but people like me have no problem in watching a video where you talk about your music, and how proud you are of it, because we are also proud of you. I know the haters stand out more than the good comments, but making stuff you’re proud of, and most of your fans are proud of, is much more important than trying to please the few who are just there for the funny side of you.
    I hope to make you feel better, so much love and respect to you. <3
    P.S meeting you the other day at SitC, was most possibly the best day of my young life

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675842667 Alexys Oosterhouse

    Charlieee! I just wanted to say Hi. I’ve recently started watching your videos, and ever since then I’ve found myself thinking in a British accent. It’s kind of fun, not going to lie.
    So yeah. You’re kind of sort of really amazing and I think you should stay that way.

  • your biggest fan.. ;D<3

    Yesss, the insanity of VidCon, Hungry Witches?! Whaaat were you thinking! Oh WellI look forward to you smashing up a computerr ;) youu looked so nervous on stage blesss. (; xx

  • your biggest fan charlie!

    awh, youu are so lucky to meet him, must have been amazing i sometimes have dreams about meeting him.. (; im so obsessed <3

  • Guest101

    You’re awesome. Yes you are.

  • ILoveYouCharlesJosephMcDonnell

    Helloo Charliee! well, i know your obviously not going to read this but I just wanted to say I have so much love and respect for you, I was so excited when I found probably the only youtuber that is funny without being rude, i find myself crying with laughter at your jokes :) i’m so happy i live in London I actually have chance of meeting you and if i do.. wow, my life would officially be complete in fact I made 5 youtbe accounts just so I could subscribe to you 5 times! that also meant making 5 email adresses too.. but anything for you! loads and loads of love to youu, and just for notice pleaseeee dont do anything like ‘Hungry Witches’ again! >:( loads and loads of lovee your biggest fan everr .. ME :D<3 xoxoxxox

  • Lize

    It’s actually pretty funny how many people (mostly girls) say that you’re cute and handsome and that they want to live in the UK and marry you (and the person underneath made 5 youtube accounts?). That is probably a bit of an overreaction, but I can’t blame them though. You are cute, that is a fact. And I enjoy your videos very very much, so I also hope you will keep on posting until you’re 30. That being said, I’m going to London in two months time and I will be looking for you (if you’re not in America then yet) and I hope you have some of those ‘I found Charlie’ badges left, because I want one! See you then, or in your next video! :)Ps: Do bother to reply if you see this. ;)

  • Lize

    PPS: Love that you call Edward Cullen ‘hot’, while he’s actually freezing cold. But I guess he is ‘hot’. :)

  • A French Fan of Charlie !

    Hi Charlie !
    I’m french, I understand almost nothing in your videos but I laugh nevertheless because you’re cute and very funny! :D
    So, you have twenty years old,you live in England, you love music, toy story, doctor Who and ..your friends, You have one sister, one mother( yeah! you’re lucky ! ^^)  and a big brother?
     :) I love your videos, continue like that!
    My cat love you too! ( I don’t know why I say that..) Well! 
    God save thea !
    See you later ;)
    Byyyye !

    Charlie est trop cool ! ( It’s Charlie is so cool.. in french ^^)

  • Tybalt

    I am sorry for the part of the youtube community that tear you down for your music. I know you cant read all of your comments, but somewhere I hope you find a group of people really happy and excited about your music. I know I am, although personally I still like This Is Me the best.

  • http://twitter.com/ninjasandpandas Wyatt Pandakins

    i am very sorry you got smashed into the road by a car….although aperently you are doing surprisingly well for a dead person. seeing as you were on twitter…and posted this. anyway i hope that being dead doesn’t stop you from making awesome youtube videos AND MUSIC, [i only say this because I'm a total nerd], and keep just generally out awesomeing the hell out of everyone. wow. i just made a new word. 

  • Peanut eating Penguins

    Oh Charlie the people that make you sad are not your fans and you should just ignore them. Their heads are screwed on backwards-One minute they are asking you to make new music videos and the next they drag you down because you did what they asked. There are a group of people out there who adore you no matter what you do!!!

  • Jess

    As a native from Georgia I have to say you are right, it is Edward Cullen. We try to keep it on the DL though so we don’t equally scare people off and attract massive amount of squirming tweens. Oh the horror. Glad you had fun in my home city of Atlanta though!
    Feel Better kiddo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Titaneumice Shyla Palmer

    ^.^ Good luck with vidcon then. Also if the mere coincidence happens that you read this (which you probably won’t) I think you should try to make a movie! Not a real one. Just what seemingly be a movie :L Sorry that I can’t say this on twitter though. You should probably start reading what people say on your website. Maybe you already are o.O

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675842667 Alexys Oosterhouse

    I still don’t see how on Earth you don’t have a girlfriend.
    You’re charming, witty, funny, smart, quite attractive, are in a band and are just… cute.
    I mean, I don’t know you personally, but you seem like a rather pleasant person.
    Who likes nerdy video games, such as Zelda (:
    I don’t know, but it puzzles me.

  • charlie<3

    you are just amazing. i dont know how anybody could not absolutly love you. but piece of advice:make a challenge charlie. then all of your audience will be satisfied. especially me :P

  • saga

    I think you are really good on making videos, you are funny and cute. It’s just stupid people without a life that dislike and leave bad comments.

  • Chip

    Would all of those negative comments be worth it knowing your music put a smile on a stranger’s face? I find myself wanting to sing your songs while listening to it for the first :|

    P.s. I went to Body World when it was in Baltimore a few years ago and I found it very intense in the best way.

  • Kay

    Charlie! I have a requestttttttttttt
    its one of my really good friend’s birthday tomorrow, and she LOVES YOU! if you could please send her a birthday shout out, that would make her life.

    Her name is Rachel Gerald from Georgia USA.

  • Sprintintosummer

    Charlie, there are always going to be people who don’t like what you are doing, but you have to go with your own guts. You are excited about Still Got Legs, and you should be! It is fun and unique and great for everyone, especially Doctor Who fans. You are a person doing good and serving as a role model, so don’t feel like rubbish! You are wonderful and talented and hilarious, no matter what they say. :)

  • Megbacon6

    My grandparents live in Atlanta and the aquarium is amazing! I love it. And yes it is very very hot this summer :( and the Mosquitos are very annoying but you get used to it.

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/MyAlterknits?ref=si_shop Janine

    Being around the same age as you (I’m twenty) I do enjoy your videos, but it’s more of the kind of aspect that I grew up with you. I watched you when I was younger and you were silly and nerdy and a kid but now you’ve grown up into this young man and that is reflected in your videos. You don’t want to make just a lulz video that took you an hour to record and edit, you put time into planning and making something that you are proud of and has quality.
    Those people who say you are now lame and unsubscribe are dumb, you are a person not an animated character, you grow up, you evolve and you change. I can’t begin to describe how ragetastic I get when I see those negative comments rated so high, not because I’m a massive obsessive fangirl (just a casual watcher for like four years, I think) but because they are so ignorant to the fact that you are a person, simply that, and we need to grow up and change in order to move forward in this life.
    I have to admit that I enjoy your new videos more then the old ones. They have great quality and great content. I love the fun science ones because those small dumb facts are so intriguing (next one dinosaurs! With toy dinosaurs). I think your audience has shifted from teenagers to young adults, who enjoy seeing you trying to be an adult, for example the melting chocolate for the brownies incident, just because it is so relatible to a young adult having to feed themselves and making their way in the world.
    Don’t be discouraged, what you are making is amazing and you should be proud of what you do. I’m a twenty year old knitter, who makes the most nerdtacular things, and I won’t let anyone say I’m a grandma or lame because as it is tattooed on my wrist, DFTBA. Don’t forget to be awesome Charlie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675842667 Alexys Oosterhouse

    recently stumbled upon your videos, and since then I have taken any opportunity
    I have to inform others about you.

    the other comments, there are clearly many different reasons to like you and
    what you do. As far as I’m concerned, the people that are unsatisfied with you are
    unsatisfied with themselves and don’t deserve to be a part of

    You’re smart and awesome and cool and well.. just you. Please, remember that and stay that way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675842667 Alexys Oosterhouse

    recently stumbled upon your videos, and since then I have taken any opportunity
    I have to inform others about you.

    the other comments, there are clearly many different reasons to like you and
    what you do. As far as I’m concerned, the people that are unsatisfied with you are
    unsatisfied with themselves and don’t deserve to be a part of

    You’re smart and awesome and cool and well.. just you. Please, remember that and stay that way.

  • AntuanetRivTheWhovian

    LOVED That Second Album.

    Doctor Who Is One Of My Favorite Shows.
    Where Can i Get The First Album Though.?
    Besides iTunes. I Kinda Want The Physical Copy. 
    On The 2nd, I Heard The Doctor Is Dyeing, When I Heard the Name “Rose”
    I Seriousely Wanted To Cry.

  • Katy

    Everyone has their opinions, but your music is fantastic.  It’s witty, meaningful, quirky and everything I like, so everybody else who hates on it can suck it. 
    I remain a true fan of your videos and your music!  Good luck at VidCon and I hope you’re having a great time in America!(:

  • Sam:)

    You should make music videos for all of your songs I bet they would be amazing!

  • Laura (:

    In Israel there’s a blind museum and a deaf museum where you find out what it’s like to be blind/deaf. Just thought I’d let you know ^_^


    >:( why didnt u say u were going to the aquarium??!! i live like 5 minutes from there!!!!1 GAHH!!!

  • http://www.doctorwhovids.blogspot.com DoctorWhoDragon

    HI im appelé charlie, il est tellement cool isnt
    il, mais je ne sais pas s’il a un frère… je ne sais pas si im traduire à
    droite (im anglais) j’ai juste pensé id Essayez ceci…
    Au revoir

  • http://www.doctorwhovids.blogspot.com DoctorWhoDragon

    why do i keep running into you? lolz.

  • Mrsdradc

    Charlie you are  amazing, don’t listen to those trolls, they’re just taking their insecurities out on other people – the tall poppy syndrome is always going to be around. Chin up!!! xoxox

  • http://twitter.com/stephstrawberii Stephanie Bill

    Hey Charlie, I love your music and your videos, never stop and dont let people get you down!


  • ali

    After reading this I wanted to post something to help get your spirits up, but as I started to read the comments from other people I realized that words in general are not a strong point of mine. @b99d84c2e3fafe59439c0ec93468efc8:disqus in my opinion said how a lot of people feel (including me). So, just keep doing what you love. Best wishes.

  • Manuboy251

    your awesome charlie :D

  • A French Fan of Charlie

    Hi DoctorWhoDragon :)
    It’s A French Fan of Charlie ,
    That’s very nice to have try to reply to me in French! :)
    Thank you :D !

    if a have just one advice for you, change your translation site web ^^
    But thank you again ! 
    Byyyye !

  • http://www.doctorwhovids.blogspot.com DoctorWhoDragon

    Yeah, I’m not 100 per cent at French bit I myself noticed mistakes after posting ;)
    Subject: [charliemcdonnell] Re: Happy Things #2

  • Kate

    Hey Charlie, I don’t know whether my comment will be read amongst the many other positive comments, but I wanted to add to the number of people who are showing that they love you for being the creative prsn that you are, as well as showing you are clearly passionate about mking videos, and you are kind enoughh to encorperate the ideas of your fans into your videos. The people who criticise you obviously do not see all of these things which the majority of your fans do. Please don’t be upset by the minority who just want to bring yu down, as there are a million or so more that appreciate everything you do to make our lives just a little bit beer ever time we see you have made a new video.

  • ValiantFay

    Aww dont worry yourself with the negative comments! You cant have good without bad. And all you need to worry about is being happy with what you are doing no matter what anyone else says! Besides, there are PLENTY of people who love you even tho they never met you! <3 Charlie, you are so cool!

  • Mimimousey

    To LOSE your sight Charlie! You, of all people?


    Love you really.

  • Rebecca Marie

    Have you been to Berlin? And if yes, have you visited “Unsicht Bar”?  it’s kinda like “Dialogue in the dark” i think, but here you have to eat blind, and the waiters are blind too. I’ve actually never been there myself but some of my friends have and they said it was really interresting especially because you dont know what you are eating :)
    love you, and you always make my day when i’m feling the way you did, like a friend who’s there always.. literally XD
    thank you :)

  • Ejhannigan

    If you ever need a place to film a chameleon circuit music video, stop by Minnesota when you are in America and you can use our tardis tree house. We just spent a whole week transforming it into the tardis, and it looks pretty good!! Just google “operation tardis treehouse” and you can see how we did it on my blog (event horizon). It would be a very unique music video because it is the only tardis tree house that I know of (try “google”ing tardis tree house and nothing else will come up except the one we have made!!!!) we were pretty excited when we discovered that. Anyways, if you ever want to come and see it just send me an email (its on the blog)! 

  • A French Fan of Charlie

    That’s not a big deal !
    That nice !
    Thank you again :D
    I know, French is hard ;) ;) ;) !

    Byyyye !
    I love english people ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002159811859 Kayla Lizzybeth Lee

    OMG! I saw the bodies exibit in Chiago wen i was in 5th grade!

  • $@r@h

    Love u Charlie!!!! Don’t worry about the negative comments!!! We love watevr u do!!!! ;)

  • http://www.doctorwhovids.blogspot.com DoctorWhoDragon

    Yeah it is I’m studying it hard, as well. I even went and bought an app for French. So yeah. ;)
    Subject: [charliemcdonnell] Re: Happy Things #2

  • June

    Hey, Charlie!! you’re giving me so much laugh and positive energy everytime I check your video.
    you are soooo cool. please keep working for every fan around the world xx

  • DuckLovesBeans

    I actually loldolphined to this:’) you actually remind me of myself which is weird seeing as I’m a female? Perhaps I should look into sex a change…..

  • Isabelle

    charlie, i just love your songs. please don´t stop makin´them :} 

  • Legolad

    That’s what I get for getting too involved in work. Man, I would have loved to show you the Atlanta I know. 

  • A French Fan of Charlie

    Oooh ! :) 
    That’s nice and cute :)
    For my english, I working hard because I love it ! :)
    An App For French ^^that’s good! 
    If you want, I can give you some word in French ^^

    À très vite ! Salut !
    ( “See you soon/ quickly ! Bye !) ;)

  • JJ :)

    You can always make my day, Charlie. :)

  • http://www.doctorwhovids.blogspot.com DoctorWhoDragon

    I have a english/French dictionary as well and yeah there we go.

    Merci, je vois plus tard ;) Thank you I see you later ;)

    Subject: [charliemcdonnell] Re: Happy Things #2

  • ilovebrucelee

    Hey Charlie!

    Negative criticism comes with praises and good reviews…as human beings we get them ALL the time! And frankly speaking those people who DO NOT appreciate what you do are just plain jealous that you are such an awesome guy (cute, nerdy, funny..etc etc)…Keep Up The Good Work!

    Now could i request that you make a video or blog about your 2011 Vidcon experience…that would be cool to read too ^_^

  • Mal is awsome!! lol!

    Coolies, thats aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwssssssssoooooommmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee! i like america too, ive been there 4 times, and im 14 lol! more than myfriends!

    you are reeaalllyyy awsome charlie, keep making videos please (i dont care what kind, cause i love chameleon curcuit)!

  • shannonofawesomeness

    You (almost) always seem stressed out by the end of your videos. Cheer up, Charlie. You’re awesome and Chameleon Circuit is definitely worth talking about!!!!!!!!

  • A French Fan of Charlie

    Good! I’m very happy that people can be interesting with french!
    I mean, Yeah french seems difficult, but it’s a beautiful and very rich language :)
    And English seems more easy.. but that’s just different. me, I loooove english…I don’t know why… :) Maybe because of sonority…
    Thanks! and see you later!
    That’s nice to speak with you ^^

    Byyyyye :)

  • http://www.doctorwhovids.blogspot.com DoctorWhoDragon

    its nice talking to you to. may i ask what your name is. (i gave mine ages ago, charlie just in case you forget) Subject: [charliemcdonnell] Re: Happy Things #2

  • Sherrie Allison

    If you think Georgia is hot, try Texas :/ Everytime I step outside, I think “Oh dear God, why did I have to be born in a state with the environment of an oven?”
    Anyways, I don’t know why anyone would give you negative comments. I personally love watching all your videos, whether they’re funny, music related, or just about everyday life. The fact that you’ve gone from writing songs in your bedroom to having an actual band inspires me to keep writing my own songs and poems.
    Even if you’re a stranger who lives thousands of miles away, you still brighten my day :)

  • Matilda C Mc

    You can always do music videos then you get to do your music and funny videos. Will be as we say in Sweden “två flugor i en smäll” or in english two birds with one stone. Love your new haircut / / Matilda

  • Hiitpl

    Youre in CA!? 
    Maybe I’ll get a button after all 

  • Kathleen

    Screw the haters, you’re brilliant!  Also, its good music, and despite my recent disillusionment with Doctor Who, its still really enjoyable music. Your video is entertaining and focus on what you will, you can’t please everybody and shouldn’t want to.  So…. rock on! Cause you’re… like.. cool.

  • missbliss

     Ignore the haters, man – anyone who doesn’t appreciate you for all of the awesome skills you present to the youtubisphere (ESPECIALLY Chameleon Circuit) isn’t worth your time. Cheer up!

  • Imogen Watson

    It’s your work, you have the right to discuss whatever you want. And no one can command somebody else to just do ‘funny videos’.

    I want to hear about your music, anyway. Keep it up, Charlie.

  • Supapenguin98

    Woo! 500th :)  Come one, Charlie, upload a video already!

  • A French Fan of Charlie

     Hum…I’m just a French Fan of Charlie ! Mystery is good…isn’t it? ;)
    I’m young. And that’s it !
    Oh, I’m a girl.

    Okay…My name is Magali :)

  • Rosamín

    Congratulations for your videos (all of them). You’re brilliant and inspiring. :)
    Regards from Brazil.

  • http://www.doctorwhovids.blogspot.com DoctorWhoDragon

    thanx ;)hi magaliSubject: [charliemcdonnell] Re: Happy Things #2

  • $@r@h

    Cheer up, Charlie! That totally reminded me of the Song in the old wille wonka!!! Haha, do they have that in Britain?

  • http://twitter.com/kaleidoscopstar Shelby

    We love you Charlie! Just ignore the haters! <3 You inspire me! And I'm sure I'm not the only one!
    You make so many of us smile! Just do what you love and what makes you happy, and we will stay by your side! Part of why your videos are so great is that you are YOURSELF! You are not fake and you do what you love. So don't stray from that…its what makes you so great! Anyways, I know I posted this a little late but I hope you are feeling better now :) And if you feel like this again in the future, just smile, because you are loved by so many people! <3
    Glad you enjoyed your stay in America!

  • random chick

    (even though you might not read this…)

    It’s been 16 days since you last uploaded a video and I’m a little curious why… I sincerely hope you are not feeling down again because of people who only want to see your funny videos and do not support your other projects; a little while ago I would have said that it’s not like you to get depressed over things like this (because most people see funny people as happy people and could not imagine them otherwise; yes, I was wrong, sorry), but since it’s human nature to feel sad at times, it’s only natural you would feel the same – especially since we are talking about your work and something you really enjoy doing.  
    I honestly hope you’re feeling better. Most of your fans miss you and are worried about you.

    Cheer up! (:

  • Anya

    For the record, I thought it was among your best videos.  :D

  • A French Fan of Charlie

    your welcome :-)

    so,yeah, I’m Magali;-)
    nice to meet you! And see you soon:-)

  • sonny m

    don’t worry charlie. most of us love your music and i even dun bought me your new album (which is really amazing btw) keep up the good work. :D

  • http://www.zmacseyerollers.com Zmac

    CHARLIE!!! If nothing else YOU love your music. And you’re the only thing that you can be positive is real in the world anyway. So, you’re the only one who matters.
    And… since we’re on this topic… CAN YOU PLEASE REPOST THE UKE CHORDS FOR YOUR SONGS?!?!?!?! PLEASE!?!
    <3 you!!!

  • Lucy M

    I love your music and  i am shocked that people wouldn’t want you to talk about a big part of your life. You were great at vid con as well :)Lucy x
    P.s. how ever i was dissapionted after i went  on holiday for two weeks to a place in france with no internet (:O) and i came back excited thinking that there would be a new video to watch when i got back. When i checked yesterday there wasn’t one :’(.
    P.P.S OMG i am so excited about the new series of doctor who tonight i am such a fan i have seen all of the episodes including the really old ones that were made before christopher started paying doctor who. PLEASE make a new video i have post holiday blues and need cheering up.

  • Karoliina

    I love you music and the way how you speak :DD

  • guest

    How could people complain about your music!?!? CRAZY PEOPLE. 

  • Fruit_face

    I like the ending how your all like “Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye!! <3" hahaha and I actually never saw the show "Doctor Who" what channel would that come on? I live in america so it might be a different channel but I'll just look up a clip of the show on wonderful YouTube haha(: I LOVE YOU CHAMELON CIRCUIT!!!! I hope I get the CD soon haha BYE! – Taylor F.

  • Rebekah <3

    Awwwww Charlie :( You know the haters are bound to be there when you have over a million people watching you all the time, seriously ignore those comments they’re just anonymously trolling the internet enjoying seeing you upset :( You’re loved all around the world and those few people who say nasty things should be ignored and “thumbed down” ahaha xD Just remember next time you see one of those nasty messages think of all the “likes” you get on your video and vidcon when you got all those cheers for saying “so… how many people here actually know me?” You’re music is amazing and  you’re videos are amazing, you do videos because you enjoy doing them, not because of what anyone else thinks of you :) <3 Love you Charlie! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Marta

    It’s kind of arrogant of them to let you think and that you should show your people (I’m one of yours, I certainly am) just this funny stuff while you’re spending so much time making music for passion. There is no other way to share it with the rest of the world and better then becoming a weird TV celebrity for one season, right? And I’m sosososo impressed with your songs, I was in touch with professional music education for quite a long time. And you’re doing really awesome without it! Even though it’s not the music I usually enjoy- congratulations.

    I’m writing here for the first time and I’m aware my english sucks a bit, but since I’m watching, reading and listening to your works (your friends are also filling my time) I can see surprisingly big improvement. Anyway, I’m able do it without any linguistic problems and I’ve passed one of the most significant exams here in Poland so well, I don’t believe it was just because of studying or something. It feels soooo good. Thank you, teachers. <3

  • http://annieforpresident.blogg.se annie

    hey charlie! you are the best, you’re so funny and I think we, as viewers shall be greatful that you show us so much of your life. Don’t be sad for the nasty things people are posting to you, their probably just stupid persons who doesnt have the sence for music. I love your music and if I would have been a crazy fan, I would say that I love you! I am a fan and I’m quite crazy…. ooooh, well I think you should update this webpage more often. that was all ! Keep going – you rock!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1267023324 Katie Kreutz

    charlie, you are so adorable. <33

  • MyTreehouseOfSally

    I know you cant ignore the haters, but pay more intention to the ones that love your videos whether your riding a kangaroo or singing a song about it, because we are the ones that want your attention, and to be noticed because we love you and want you to know it  :P I LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU, YOUR FAMILY LOVES YOU, ALEX LOVES YOU (Not in that way :P), YOU LOVE YOURSELF! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Apt6109

    Haha oh the heat…yes, well, the temperature today in Southern Louisiana was about 101F–which is basically impossible for an Englishman to tolerate…I know this, because my boyfriend (who is English) comes here and says that he loves the sunshine and hates the sweltering heat. XD

    AND, as for those who wish to let you down with mean words…you are incredibly intelligent and sweet-natured, and simply cannot accept what they say as anything of importance. Be a strong, happy fellow. :)

    And lastly, in the words of Master Yoda: “Remember, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force.” 

  • http://www.facebook.com/lumartinetti Lucia Martinetti

    loveee u Charlie! kisses frommm Argentinaaaa

  • http://twitter.com/amzina Amy F

    I know this is a pretty late response, but take care of yourself, Charlie.  While we like new videos, we like happy healthy youtubers more. 

  • Leah B.

    Your fans love your videos.  Don’t listen to those f*ckheads, s’cuse my french but that seemed like the best possible way to describe them.  They are just jealous.  You are handsome, funny, you have a great voice, and you are charismatic.  My sister is completely in love with you.  You make her happy, and that is all that is all that matters to me.  So, thank you so much.
    xoxo Leah B.

  • AmberFaux

    I think you’re amazing, don’t listen to the hate. :)

  • 6i9i

    put ads on your website so you can earn some money

  • Kelssocool

    You know you should go to florida… I live there :D

  • Kimgibson

    Hello there, I’m watching your videos for the last year or so and never really felt like posting or commenting anyhting, but now I do. If you ever read this even though I won’t know it’s gonna be worth it!

    If there’s anything I’ve learned in my life is that if you don’t want to be criticized you must do nothing. Every and each thing you do is gonna have good and bad comments. It’s your call to change your videos in order to get less bad comments or to maintain what you’re doing (which is great) and face the consequences.

    Remember that time when you rubbed your nipples and people told you it was disgusting? Well, some think this way, so what?! If you feel like it, just do it. Of course you must listen to your fans as you’ve created a certain bond with them, but there are some comments that are made to be ignored and you must distinguish the constructive criticism of the rest.

    And PLEASE, do not turn yourself into a douchebag because of your great sucess. Your sucess resides exactly in your humbleness and kindness. Just keep that way and transcend the picky people. Always keep in mind: lots of trolls are born every day in the internet. Don’t ever listen to them.

    I wish you the best and I hope I could help somehow.

    Cheers from Brazil! :)

  • Jchow

    You should come to Australia, Charlie. I’ll be waiting….

  • Greekmythkid

    Don’t get down, Charlie!! I love your videos just the way they are!  

  • Hprules

    Charlie! Don’t let those haters get to you!!! You’re great and so are your videos. As you so wisely said in a song: “You need to be able to love yourself… (but not in that way- what way?)

  • Amanda D.

    Charlie, I know that it’s been said about a million times in the comments section here and a lot earlier than nearly a whole month later as well, but don’t let the people that are jealous of you get to you.

    A good deal of us might only know you from your blog and from your videos, including the videos from your friends that you appear in, but over the years you’ve been making a name for yourself and building up quite a number of devoted fans that I imagine would gladly beat down the people that try to push you down in the comments on your videos. Even though violence isn’t the answer and we’d probably just beat them down with our words.

    The point is that the people that try to make you feel bad are just a bunch of bullies and aren’t considerate of your feelings. I should know I got bullied a lot all through high school and before that. It made me mean and it made my self-worth and my image of myself plummet to a few unbelievably low points. The people that comment give you negative comments are just like that. So please, please, Charlie just keep your head up when it comes to them because they just aren’t worth it.

    Now on to the good stuff, I hope you had an absolutely amazing time while your were over here in America. I’m sure that you did while you were with the rest of the Cham. Circuit guys. All of your experiences from Georgia sound like they were things that everyone needs to experience someday.

    I hope that you’ve had a great month Charlie, and I hope that September starts and ends alright for you as well.

    Keep your head up.

    Much love and support from New Mexico,
    Amanda D.

  • Amanda D.

    also, attempt to ignore my three in the morning typing on my IPhone grammar. >.>

  • Fiona

    Seriously love your videos Charlie, keep posting videos. I’ll be honest, I just started watching your video like one week ago. And it seems like I always learn something from your videos. :D
    (not to sound creepy) but. I seriously want to meet you, but.. I don’t live close to United Kingdom, so yeah. :D Keep rockin’ on bro!

    -Love, stranger you don’t know.

  • http://twitter.com/milamesmo Mila Mesmo

    Hi Charlie,
    I just discovered you when my niece was watching your videos. You’re amazing! I hope you enjoy America and come to Brazil soon.
    Lots of kisses, seu lindo!

  • Lzaabrams

    Hey Charlie, 
    Um… this is weird… I’m just gunna stop typing now, because I don’t know what to say to you without sounding crazy… So bye?….(I’m so crazy)

  • Sophia:D

    Hey, Charlie!!!
    We love your videos! You are so funny and adorable!!!! 
    We love your band very much and we think people all around the world should hear you. You need to advertise your band more and then go on a world tour! 

    Sophia and your best fans from Ukraine

    P.S Don’t forget to come to Ukraine if you will go on tour.We’ll be waiting!   ;) ;D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001306587457 Laura Neate

    Are you still doing the “I found Charlie” badges?? I really want one.

  • Jessie

    thank you so much! you made a rainy day alot lighter. After a few of your videos a rainy afternoon didn’t look like that much of boring day after all :)

  • http://yellowkokoro.blogspot.com Tülin

     Keep strong, have fun in America, don’t let the haters get to you. Your experiences seem unique, and very important to you. Good luck with everything.

  • mary-jane

    Aw, you’re adorableee. I love boys who can admit that their not superman and have feelings too. You know you’ve got a billion of people who love you and maybe one or two snobby nobodies who are are jealous.

  • Flora Spread

    charlie, did you see that your recent vid about sound made it to the front page of youtube like under the music jiggy thing it said rhianna something and then it was YOUR video.  hope your proud you should.  never pay attention to the haters they just don’t know how to love. 
                                                   flora spread

  • Flora Spread

    btw if you could show up on my doorstep one day that’d be real nice my brother and i love you and he’s tried to order one of your albums but it never came. still love you though

  • Becky L

    I hope you’ll still keep having fun making your videos. That’s why you started it, right?! I love them, if that helps. You’re doing great and keep it up. Btw, love the mad editing skills you have.

  • don’t mess it up

    If you ever feel down about the hate you get just think to yourself. The hate mail/comment and such that you get is just a world of hate. The love mail/comment and such is a world of love. would you rather live in the world of hate or the world of love.
    -it’s your choice, don’t mess it up

  • Riana B

    Hi Charlie!
    Personally, I think you should whatever YOU want with the music; it is yours!
    Anyways, hope your having an awesome time in America! Bet it’s a bit of a change from the temperature over here! (England)
    I don’t need to say ‘don’t forget to come to england’, but when you do come back, I hope the weather won’t be too much of a disappointment!

    From, a fellow British nerd :)

  • Riana B

    Lol-magical land of America! :D

  • Raychie

    you are amazing charlie! dont let them get you down <3

  • Kuni

    Hey Charlie,
    I think you shouldn’t think to much about what some people are saying because you’re videos are awesome! Btw, love the new hair thing you’ve got going on. What matters most is that you like the videos you post and have a good time with your music. Just do you bro, some peeps like to be jelly (jealous-excuse the weirdness!)

    Love, your friend from the states :)

  • Finley

    I actually PREFER the videos that you make about what your doing at the moment, but I really, really like the funny stuff too! I don’t see what peoples problems are because all of your videos are awesome!!!! :D

    Good luck in the feature’
    From a fan like

  • Elise

    Charlie don’t let anyone get you down, its like tearing you to the ground … these negative comments from people shouldn’t be the reason for you to stop doing what you love. We are still here for you  :)

  • Knt7898

    Hey. After i discovered Charlieissocoollike on you tube i started having a high interest in video editing. yup. you inspired me. anyway………i have a huge question i would appreciate being answered ASAP. I would like to know what video editing software you use. It looks amazing and i am trying to search for that software that is right for me. If you like keeping that information confidential i understand. I would love to know though. 

  • Sophia:D

    Hey, Charlie!
    You are amazing and everybody can see it but some people are happy that they can see your videos and they know you. But others just become jealous. Hope that helps.

    Sophia from Ukraine

  • Susie <3

    Every person I have shown you to has loved you!Keep posting videos!

  • Annabel

    I love your videos and would watch them even if your band was rubbish (which i bet it isn’t) i would still watch them. Your cat is really cute by the way.

  • Hopeful202

    I love your videos and even if your band was rubbish(which i bet it isn’t) i would still watch them. My favourite video is the things to do with long hair one. Take no notice of people who tell you not to do music- if you want to do it,do it!

  • Kendra

    Charlie, don’t you let them get you down. People say music isn’t cool because they aren’t open minded enough to understand that there’s something beyond Big Brother and sport. Keep playing, I love your music. Also, I’m not sure if you know, my brother has recently been to the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden and met a lot of Norwegians who love your stuff! Norway, America – you truly are an international sensation. But in all honesty, your music is amazing, all praise the day when you started to procrastinate from your GCSE revision… Charlie is so cool like forever! Wahoo! :) And Doctor Who IS awesome, no matter what anyone says. Charlie for the win. :D

  • Mells

    Awww…you were in Georgia and I missed you. Dang it all! It would have been pretty awesome to see you since I only live an hour from Atlanta. :/

  • Llaabb

    Hey there charlie, I think you are amazing and you should never ever let people get to you (unless they have nice comments) !!! You obviously put a lot of time and effort into each video (unlike me) and you deserve nice comments. But with lovers come haters. And just keep in mind that a lot more people love you than those who don’t like you. And they are wrong anyway!!!!
    Yours, girl in Australia that you don’t know 

  • kiz

    i think you should keep making videos about your music AND your random sense of humor! All the people who are asking you to be funny are NOT true Charlieissocoollike fans! They’re just imposters! But im not! i love you charlie! Im so jealous of Haley G hoover! How about doing a video on your scottish accent(through a song) it would be funny and have something to do with songs!

    your probably never going to read this comment but oh well. You still rock!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002551383847 Antoine Dodson

    Charlie! Don’t let the haters get to you. They’re all just jealous. You’re handsome, smart, very talented, hilarious, and ALOT of other things. But on the internet, please try not to take things like that seriously….they’re just mindless strangers. The best thing to do is try to ignore it or just laugh at it. Haters gonna hate! Keep doing what you’re doing making videos and stuff. I and over a million other people enjoy watching you. Sorry for the long comment, I hope you see this. <3 (and please excuse my name lol)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001740401622 Gemma White

    I only just started watching your videos a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve already watched pretty much all of them, and I like/love every one of them! I think it’s great that you have made it for yourself in the music industry as well as being an adorable youtube video maker. It’s just another part of your talent (: I know it’s hard to ignore haters, but they’re useless, spineless losers who have nothing better to do than insult people who they’re jealous of, i.e. YOU. So, don’t worry about it and just keep being awesome (:

  • Katie Mcmahon :)

    ahhh that all sounds so inspiring! i have watched ALL of your vids, and just read all of your blog, your such an inspiring person bruv. honestly dont listen to what the haters think or say, MANY people love you and find you amazing and very adorble :) keep posting and making vidoes, i love you! :)

  • alena

    Ты мне нравишься)

  • Green Beauties


  • Green Beauties

    You make me happy when i am sad!!! I watch ur videos when I shuld b doing Home work!!! Come to America Chrlie!!! :) We <3 u!!!

  • Katherinecricket

    Wow I just discovered your videos today and I think you are totally adorable and funny. Thank you for coming to America!

  • Nettiers2

    Oh you were in California?? I wish I had seen you!

  • Mei

    The people bringing you down are the people who suck at life…..yeah.

  • ABC123

    Just stumbled across this and as I currently live in SC, I’d just like to say, you haven’t had the true southern experience until you walk into a sauna and it’s actually cooler than outside b/c you don’t have to wear clothes in a sauna.  Although I guess you technically don’t have to wear clothes outside, but I guess you couldn’t buy anything from those no shirt, no shoes, no service people, but they freak me out anyway because I’m a big believer in pants being more important than shirts and who gives a fuck about shoes if you’re naked… Also my roommate went to dialogue in the dark, i think we’ve got a cup from it somewhere… and except for her sister who kept stepping on her feet she said it was awesome too. If you ever go back you should go to netherworld it’s supposed to be the ultimate in haunted house experiences.  Anyway, i’m going to end this long and weird comment now and probably stop stumbling on things and get some actual work done…

  • http://twitter.com/ScottBennett3 Scott Bennett

    I’ve been keeping up with your YouTube channel, but haven’t visited here in a while, so I just now read about your visit to my hometown, Atlanta, GA. I just went to the Dialog in the Dark and Bodies exhibit last weekend – incredible! Glad you enjoyed your visit. As for the heat, we’re finally getting some relief now, so you should come back! 

  • http://twitter.com/Andrada94 Andrada94

    “the negative always sticks out more than the positive” it’s true, but only if you let this happen. Just look at how many positive comments you recieve! Each of them come from people that want you to feel better and keep on doing whatever you want to do if it makes you happy. Remember that you’re doing all this for you and for those who enjoy your stuff. Even if there are people that are ‘dislike-ing’ on every video of your’s, what else could they do? They can’t force you to stop doing what you like!

    Hope that helps,
    the 569th virtual hugger

  • Cal, The Orange Sasquatch

    I think you’re just trying too hard. You’re the great Charlie McDonnell, and you know how to make awesome youtube videos. You just need to let them happen. Don’t try to force them out for our enjoyment. Plus, you have a million shiny subscribers, you’re bound to find some that are unsatisfied. But let them unsubscribe. You still have a million even without them. Just get out there and have fun! Good Luck Charlie!

  • NesterovaMaria

    Чарли, жаль что я из России..
    С радостью поболтала бы с тобой на твоем языке.. :D
    Ты лучший. ^^

  • Lucy

    add a new entry

  • Labrohsm

    Charlie, charlie, charlie…. On behalf of the rest of the WORLD…. YOURE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny, smart, Talented, patient, Nice, gorgeous and perfect. I was showing some of your videos to my dad, and he is an associate professor in chemistry and he said you were “pretty accurate, actually” with your fun science: sound video and I’m like: “Dad, he’s completely accurate!!!!!!!!!!! can’t you tell that he’s amazing?!?!?!?!?!” so yeh, just wanted to share that with you… bye

  • Labrohsm

    Oh its me again, just saying that when dad says stuff like: “pretty accurate, actually” he really means: “wow, he’s smart! that was completely accurate.” And my dad didn’t even know all the senses. So you are amazing charlie!!!  

  • mccgl

    I’m French, I understood almost everything that you said and you speak fast, and that was cool, thank you making my mood better today :). But I still don’t get all of the end of the message with the other voice :S.

  • JustHaveFaith

    Maybe, just maybe you should ignore the person you used to be, i think that you’re getting held back by thinking that everyone watches your videos because your this funny, confident teenager, but youre not a teenager (obviously you know this). what you are is you, not you when you were 16, making videos to distract yourself from your GCSE’s, not you when you started getting these thousands of subscribers, you are a twenty odd year old young man, with his whole life ahead of him. You can be whoever you want to be. And when you were 16 you used youtube as an escape, but now you feeling like you have to escape youtube is something completely different, and you shouldnt feel like you have to please everyone. Your style doesn’t have to stay the same, and you don’t have to workreally hard to try to keep it that way. Whatever, it’s noit like you’re gonna read this anyway and i’ve just been babbling this whole time, but the one thing i’d tell you if i could (well, apart from the fact that i fing you extremely incredible and evertime i go to london i keep an eye out for you (i still want one of those i found charlie badges)) well anyway, the one thing i’d tell you is to have faith, because nothing in the world matters more than believing. if we didnt believe we’d have nothing, and you really don’t want to go there.
    With all the faith in my heart, Arizona.

  • Flavia

    Are you dead? =(
    It’s been such a long time !!1

  • Maggie

    Oh wow, you’re in America, why don’t you come to Argentina?(SouthAmerica). I miss you so bad. Thank you a lot for being so you, you make my day always. I don’t know, maybe you’re tired of listen/read this stuff, but well, you’re so coollike! You get older, and i like you very much. I hope,dream of meet you someday and share a laugh and a beautiful moment with you, or maybe just say hi to you. ThankYou and ILoveYou :3

  • Amanda

    ,,Leaders worry less about being liked than living their vision.” :)

    - Robin Sharma

  • Toni – Jay

    It’s ok Charlie :) I love ur music,along w/ ur funny videos :D

  • AntigoneStrange

    Hey ! I started to watch charliesocoollike three months ago and that make me like … cool. But (there always a but) i’m french so even if i try very hard it’s impossible for me to find the disc of “Still got legs”. I suppose ou will not answer me but if anybody has a way to help me to get this album (wich is not to come to London just for this) i’m begging him !!

  • Angelpussx

    Oh, Charlie. You gotta remember that those negative comments are just being written by some heartless beings who only seek out getting a reaction from human beings. Think of them as Daleks, if you will! Except they don’t kill things to conquer…or stuff like that. They’re the enemy!

  • Angelpussx

    I can’t believe that I didn’t go to VidCon! Man! Are you going to be there next year? Because I’m going there, and I’d like to see you I.R.L and officially say that I’ve met two celebrities. Though meeting Taylor Swift was an organized thing. And I saw Janett Jackson in NYC while I was meeting Taylor Swift as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maenum-Chagasik/572442282 Maenum Chagasik

    Hey! Charlie, i like your song man! 

  • LUCY

    :) love the random cat 

  • Rachael

    i constantly have your songs stuck in my head (good thing by the way) and i think that anyone who leaves a negative comment is a) jealous of your awesomeness b) just trying to get attention or c) both. don’t let little things bug you. 

  • Allie S

    Charlie!!! If you & Alex are going jazz, you should check out Jamie Cullum- he’s playing Autumn at the Abbey in Bath on Oct 8th. He is one of the best piano players and jazz musicians right now. I can’t wait to hear your saxaphone playing! One of the best things about jazz are all the corny innuendos & puns. Like the band Four Play and the song “Sax Appeal”…

  • Ellen

    Charrrliee. I RUV ROO! (:

  • Molly!

    You’re cool.

  • Lololsks

    Every day I come home from school, jump on my computer and first check your youtube videos, to see if 134 has gone to 135 videos. Then i go on your website to see if you’ve put a new blog up. Then I watch your videos again

  • Ravenclaw Girl

    Charlie you should do a video on the harry potter musical… LOLZ so funny

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000512341766 Emily Graves

    charlie would you want to marry me? because i think i am in love!!! <3

  • Kirbie!

    Charlie, I don’t know if you read this or not, but seriously, don’t listen to the haters. Just like with your last video you posted on your ‘bored-like’ youtube page, you don’t have to make a super fancy video with tons of effects and stuff, just talking to the camera is awesome, all your real fans love anything you have to say! Especially your music! I personally go around singing Chameleon Circuit songs, and songs you wrote on your album, all the time!  The people who rag on you for doing what you really love to do aren’t worth you time, so just ignore them and focus on your REAL fans! :)

  • Ssaded

    I love you…. seriously. We have to make a pillow at school and mine is decorated with the words: Charlie is so cool like. I have you as my wallpaper, and all over my diary are the words: charlie mcdonnell, and charlieissocoollike. I can now type the word “Charlie” faster than my own name

  • Ssaded

    sorry that was a bit freaky

  • Music_consumed

    you are amazing. people will talk no matter what you do. my thoughts are the people who are so negative towards you have too much time on their hands…otherwise they would be traveling, playing live music, and putting up videos.
    i wish i had a briliant mess of words to cheer you up, but there’s my attempt. :)

  • cierralynnx3

    you posted this on my birthday. *winning* xD

  • Aaoaosodh

    Happy birthday for august 3rd!!!! Hope you had a good day

    From random person that you don’t know ( Birthdays  are a big thing to me, no matter whose they are)

  • Lovecharlie

    I love you. I can’t help it, i’ve fallen for you deeper than anyone else

  • almw

    Do whatever you want to do. Just go for it :)!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675842667 Alexys Oosterhouse

    The saddest part about every video is you saying byee :(

  • Rebekah

    Will you be in London in March? (I like your videos, don’t be discouraged you’re great.)

  • Ally

    So this is going to be a bit random, but having been frustrated by the annoying web of the internet, I though I would give this a shot: 
    Dear Charlie, 
    I was watching some of your past confidentials about Doctor Who, specifically the one where you give Matt Smith the Badger. He mentions having a line in the next episode about badgers and it is driving me crazy as to what the line is? I feel like it is on the tip of my tongue but I can’t remember it…if it even exists. So please, do you know what episode, what part in that episode, and what the line is? Thank you so much! BTW: Your videos are amazing. =)

    A very big fan

  • SophiaLovesLifex

    Dude, at the end of the day, it’s your life and there’s always gonna be people that disagree with you. I know it sounds easy to say but just don’t let it bother you, I’m serious; some people are just twats and you have to let them get on with there own twatty lives. :D Jeez, i’m sound like an old woman -.- (i’m not) never realized I could be this mature… Sorry please excuse me, I’m off to play Sims 2 and regain my childhood ;) x (p.s. I don’t mind how long it takes you to make videos etc. but please don’t stop making them, they make my day) x 

  • I can’t believe there are people that hate doctor who! That’s preposterous :@

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cosmin-C-Albu/100000531851755 Cosmin C. Albu

    Hi Charlie !
    I just found your videos on youtube and I really really love them! You got in to my country also (Romania) so that it’s just cool ! I wish you the best and you just got another viewer…me :P

  • SallyR

    I really liked this video i thought it was so funny, and the haters can stuff themselves.

  • Anna

    “Haters gonna hate” please don’t let idiotic comments let you down, it’s just words from humans who feel bad about themselves and have to take it out on others. Everyone on youtube gets negative comments because people just can’t shut their mouths. I don’t know, they’re probably jealous because they can’t be as wonderful as you. If someone has a problem with your videos they don’t have to watch them, simple as that, so please don’t let the negative comments bring you down because true fans, friends, family and whatever don’t leave the ones they love just because they don’t do everything in exactly the same way they did before.You are the best

  • Lauraabels

    If you’re ever on This Morning on ITV please tweet it in advance because my mum works there and I’d be able to come say hi ;D 
    I’d tweet you but you can’t see my tweets ’cause they’re on private (I don’t really wanna get stalked by a paedo… ) but it’s @lauraSFG .

  • Rei McMuffin

    I just realized something! How many Challenge Charlies do we have left?!

  • Ashley

    My friend wants to know if you still give out buttons, because that is the only thing she wants for Christmas. Please answer back so she will stop bugging me about it. =)

  • Emily98

    charlie, do u still give out buttons??

  • Georgia:)

    Charlie. Haii >.< <3

  • Gotobedpond

    The world of bodies is really cool!  I’ve been there, too.  Did you see all the veins in your cheek?  That was weird.

  • Valerie

    If, in your tour of America, you can make it to Alaska…you would make a lot of people up here very happy!

  • Gri

    Hey Charlie,

    Just started watching your videos about a week ago and i think you are just hilarious. But apart from that, you are honest and very open hearted.
    It’s easy to get cought up in someone elses emotions (negative or positive) and it’s easy to let it affect you. But always remember that these are their emotions, not yours, and those people need to deal with their emotions themselves.
    Whatever the circumstances are, you need to continue doing what you are best at with a clean and open heart. :)

    Good luck with everything! ;)

  • Shniffmoa

    Tu me  fais bien rire mais tu es vraiment trop bavard Charlie! ;)

  • Ritikat

    ur awesome

  • gabby

    If you came to Texas, it would legitimately mean the absolute world.

  • http://twitter.com/rachhlal Rachel Wang

    Hey Charlie, could you please please sell more t-shirts? I would love to buy one! Or two, or three, or twenty…

  • http://smellygrapes.blogspot.com/ kelvin

    Update pls~

  • Emmalundh

    I don´t really know where to write this so I will just write it here. I have a challenge for you to do. I wa t you to eat a whole red chilli… Maby i should have write it on youtube but i don’t have a youtube account, but I hope you will do it anyway. Love from Sweden! :D


    I know! I think there are two left


    OUI. wow, im learning french but failing too! .. Comment Ca Va? x]

  • Sunnygirl

    charlie, as i look through these comments i realize that almost none of them have to do with your blog post… so heres one about your post. i loved the video and i think its great that you are creating music :D i sound like a doting mother but really, i love to hear about what you are doing, so dont try to cheer yourself up, i will cheer you up! i know you prob. wont read this but… just shouting it out there… YOU ARE FANTASTIC!

  • Nine

    youre stupid

  • doudoune

    I’m agree with you, but I just think it could be better if there was some french subtitle because sometime i feel like ” oh, I’m sure that’s a joke ” but I can’t understand ( you guys speak too fast ) ! 
    Ps: désolé pour l’orthographe et la grammaire :) bisous 

  • Briony

    My dad used to say to me if someone was mean, ‘well they’re not invited to your birthday party!’
    He’s very Welsh, which makes this funnier. Anyway, think of that when people are mean. Think of my Welsh dad saying ‘well they’re not invited to your birthday party!’
    This also applies to if someone doesn’t invite you to their birthday party.

  • Briony

    Also, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the popular aphorism ‘hater’s gonna hate.’
    Think on.

  • Lilly

    Hi, Charlie! Whenever my mood is less than happy, I watch your videos–both music-oriented and comedic–for a quick pick-me-up. Thank you! I truly hope you never stop making them sheerly on account of what other people say. As EYE always say, defeat them with your smile! Have fun in America! 

  • Kendra

     It’s disgusting how common rudeness and jealousy is nowadays, and that’s really all it is, stupid people who want what you have, but aren’t willing to do the work, so they make you feel bad.

    I love your videos, my roommate and I freak out whenever you make a new one, regardless of what it is, and I especially love your music. I think it’s so great that you can go out there and make things happen for yourself in your music career. I’m sorry to hear that the douche-bags of the internet have been bringing you down, but there are a lot of people out there that really support you, including me, and I think you’re doing great. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to smile :)

  • Sarah

    CHARLIE!! I love youuuuu(:

  • Jessie

    Please update your blog… I’m bored. I want to procrastinate any school work given to me, and your fun to read and you brighten up my day. On the off chance you read this, I thank you for posting that video of you shocking yourself the other day. It gave me something to do besides study and I failed my algebra two and trig test with the rest of the class. -__- oh well I would of failed anyway. At least I had a good laugh… And now I want to go buy that game because it brought back so many childhood memories. :)

  • Atomicemilycrook

    I recieved my signed copy of Still Got Legs today :D Hello Charlie (if you ever see this)! I want to thank you for making awesome videos because they make me smile :) My friends and I started a Doctor Who Club at our high school and we always listened to Chameleon Circuit and we watched your Doctor Who video on our first day. I think you are a really great youtuber and person in general. If you Alex, and Michael ever come to Texas you are always welcome to stay with me, not creepily though I’m 16 and still live at home haha. Can’t wait to see what you do next! :D

    Emily Crook (yes that’s my last name, I know like the thief lol)

  • Murderstrawberry

    Norway loves you, Charlie!:D

  • trololol

    Happy birthday you old fart! No, just kidding, have a pleasant birthday Charlie! :D

  • DragonSky

    Happy birthday Charlie ! I hope you will have a great day ! Go on the nice work, you are awesome !

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002634633454 Anna Burger

    Happy Birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Wir haben dich lieb :D

  • Flora Spread

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!!!!!!  i am a firm believer that if you ever met my older sister (who is twenty one  in feburary) you would fall in love with her, sing her a song, and then marry her.  she’s the person that introduced you to me and i’ve been in love with you ever since but seeing as i’m 13 that would be sooooo inapropriatefor me to marry you :(.  but anywho i’ve decided to celebrate your birthday by watching every single  video on your channel… today.  so wish me luck as i wish you a very happy birthday.

  • Sonia

    Happy Birthday Charlie! You make life so cool like! :) Have an awesome day!

  • megan:)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!!! ily hahaha

  • Ju.

    Happy Birthday Charlie! I like your video even if I don’t know them since a long time ago and sometimes I don’t understand everything (I’m french, I think you can see it with all mistakes I am doing!) But the few I can understand, I laugh so… thank you for that! Good bye and happy birthday! =)

  • Em

    Happy Birthday!! Hope ur prezzies are so cool like! ^_^ See Ya! ^.^ >._< T_T *_* =_= -_- O_o =D! Love ur vids too! Plz make a new one soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emmalundh

    Happy bday Charlie! 

  • Em

    Also I have a challenge for u If you get this…. You have to eat a whole plate (or a bowl) of the food you hate the most! EG. Eating a plate of mushroom ect. Then you have to wash it down with your least favorite drink too! I know I mean!! lol well hope u can do it and hope you get this!

  • Momna

     Happy Birthday Charlie!!! :) it’s my birthday too lol. hope you have an amazing day :D

  • Kirbie :D

    Charlie. I wish you an amazingly epic and Totally Awesome 21st birthday today!! I hope you have a fantastic time! :D Love ya! (But not in a creepy stalker way!) -Kirbie :DDD

  • TinaJuhul

    Happy birthday Charlie! :)

  • Hannah

    It’s been like two months since you wrote anything on your blog! PS new episode of Doctor Who today :) :) :)

  • Nelly)

    Happy birthday, Charlie! I was late with congratulations, excuse me ^^

  • DragonSky

    Oh, I’ve just seen I’ve forgotten some words in my sentence, I wanted to say : Go Charlie and keep on doing your amazing and great job because you are so cool like :) !

  • Chloe

    By the way, what did you think of the Doctor Who final? (:


    Happy Birthday!!!!! Doctor who finally was awesome!!!!!!!

  • Emmely Visscher

    Gefeliciteerd! (congratulations in Dutch) ;)

  • Bianca

    People shouldn’t be upset about you talking about your music. I love how you’re so passionate about it…

  • Bianca

    oh and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i hope you have the most FANTABULOUSERRIFIC day EVER!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  • Loza Hprules

    Happy Birthday for Saturday Charlie!!!! I know you were doing stick aid then, so I hope you had fun! Me and My friends got together on your birthday (not FOR your birthday, but for the AFL grand final which we have here in Australia), but I did bring a cake and we sang Happy Birthday so happy birthday charlie!

  • Juliane

    Who is the kitty? That was so random… I love it. Until today I had never heard of you, Charly, since I am not much of an internet/computer/tv-focused kind of person (and maybe because I am German..that might have been a criterion as well :)) but I watched some of your videos tonight and I really enjoyed them. So thanks for entertaining me, how exceedingly kind of you^. I would love to run into you (doesn’t sound as pathetic as Let’s meet for a cup of tea and this is not a pick-up line, I’m taken) in London some day. It should be very fun talking to you. Take care. Juliane

    PS.: Oh, and don’t be sad…the people who criticised you are either bored, stupid or jealous.

  • Niki

    Charlie! You really are so cool. Like. ;) First of all, your YouTube videos are hilarious and I’m completely addicted! Second, I’ve been listening to your band’s music. I sincerely think you guys are fantastic! I’m from California and lately most people in LA only listen to very similar music (dance pop/hip hop). Being a rock lover, it was so cool listening to a rock album with such a cool and unique sound. Do not listen to anyone having attitude because you wanted to inform your viewers of Chameleon Circuit because they are clearly just envious or super retarded. And I’ve never watched Dr. Who, but now I’m definitely going to! Congrats on the album and I can’t wait to see new YouTube videos! :)

  • Niki

    Oh… and happy birthday! :)

  • wehavenolife

    Talk about your music allllll you want. ^-^

  • http://twitter.com/laceyschweppe Lacey Schweppe

    Your music is absolutely brilliant! Happy late birthday! You’re
    wonderful and just coming to your website cheers me up! Oh and please
    stop being so charming with your hair and your smile and your accent and
    your personality and just you all the way over in London. Like really,
    stop it, you’re making all of the guys here in America look like


    Oooo! Did u want some cake 2?!

    , , , , , , ,
    _| | | | | | |_
    + * + * + * + * + * +
    } {
    + * + * + * + * + * +
    ) (
    I hope itz yummy!


    O darnit. Itz lapsided!

  • charlieissocoolandhotlike


  • Isa

    Sorry, Charlie, but I have to write something not so happy. Steve Jobs passed away today. It’s a sad, sad day in the nerd world. :,(

  • Caroline Rose

    It is a bit hot here in Georgia, isn’t it?! 
    I can’t believe you came here!
    Love the CD and love the videos! 
    You rock Charlie! <3

  • MaryM

    Don’t let the haters get to ya, Charlie! Love your music, and you’re awesome!
    -Mary, CA, USA.

  • hello

    where are you live?

  • xOliviaXDx

    Charlie, there are people around the world who lvoe you and want to meet you!! Haters are just jealouse that they arnt as popular as you!! and dont have as much talent as you! xx

  • http://twitter.com/tina77101432 Weiyun Chang

    Hi, Charlie, I think you are amazing awesome!
    Love your video & music very much and I can’t help but keep watching them one after one since last week I found them on youtube! They really cheer me up and give me lots of pleasure! You really do a good job and I am looking forward to your new works. :)

  • TheFlutification

    I really hope you come to ohio whenever you’re coming to america :) You should announce where all you’re going before you go so we know where to go to see you (my best friend said you were coming to america with chameleon circut, AHHH!!) so i hope that’s soon, and… yeah…we heart u!!!!

  • Lqmcclure07

    Yes, Georgia is very hot. And this summer was kind of cool compared to past summers. I would have loved to know you were in Ga earlier because there are still some cool things (ALL of Atlantic Station where Bodies for example). If you ever come back to the Peach State be sure to eat at the Marietta Diner which is Greek, Italian, Southern, breakfast, just about whatever you want they have it and cheesecake slices so big you can eat off it for 2 days! Love ya Charlie!!

  • KehhKehh(:

    You should really come to Colorado. I NEED one of those charlie pins.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001508461134 Taylor Ratcliff

    If you didn’t like the heat in Georgia don’t come to Florida. xD
    We do have beautiful skies though. I’d suggest you come during winter or fall. It’s a little less hot ^-^ more breezy, nice on the skin.
    Anyways, if you haven’t been to Disney World you should come down in Orlando and go ^.^
    then go to universal studios. It has the Harry Potter ride. I’m sure you’ll love it :)

  • Loza Hprules

    yes charlie! go to Harry Potter theme park, I haven’t been there, as i live in Australia, but you should go!!

  • http://twitter.com/JTimelord Jacob Tompson

    Aww, Charlie! Don’t listen to the haters, I honestly don’t know how people could say bad things about your videos, you’re flippin hilarious! Also, good luck at vidcon, sounds like its gunna be pretty awesome.

    Peace! :D

  • Erica

    Listen, Charlie… you’re the man, okay? Despite the unnecessarily negative and whiny comments, people love your videos. I mean, you have… what, like, over a million subscribers? How many is one million anyway?! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be able to list one million people over the course of ten years if my life depended on it. That many people make the effort to stick around for a reason. And besides, I get that this is kind of your life and your job now so you probably feel the need to please your audience, but when it comes down to it, they should essentially be for you. Like you said in a few of your videos, you like to share things that you are genuinely proud of, and you truly enjoy making these videos. Shouldn’t that be enough? I know this all sounds abnormally corny and unbearably generic, but Charlie, I mean it from the bottoms of my hearts. Your stuff is great. Don’t ever let anyone make you think otherwise! STAY STELLAR MCDONNELL.

  • Martha

    Hi Charlie my name is Martha and i am 8 years old and I love your videos.
    YouTube is my life and you are my favorite YouTuber. (2nd is ijustine.)
    I think you shoud have more like 5,000,000 subcribers.
    Anyway its my birthday in november 13th and the best birthday present wold be you to give me a shout out on my birthday k thx bye xx          

  • Doctor who geek

     You were in Georgia? Come to Mississippi or Alabama! It’s awesome over here, and it’s getting colder, though since your British, you may find it a bit warm. My cousin and I would love to meet you, and we are huge Chameleon Circuit and Doctor Who fans! I have memorized Big Bang 2 and Exterminate Regenerate!

  • Doctor who geek and cousin

    We love Chameleon Circuit, Doctor Who,and your song ‘A Song About Monkeys’! We think your videos are brilliant!

  • Yeti

    Hang in there Charlie!! :)

  • DragonSky

    Hi Charlie please give us some news about you (and make a video “My Crib 3″ when you will be in your new house !) ! I love your videos and I love sciences, that’s why I adore your “fun science” videos !! I learn lots of things ! You are a genius Charlie :)

  • http://twitter.com/Atemorizado Cindy

    You can’t please everyone, Charlie. There will always be people who will find some videos better than others. And yes, some will complain and I can understand that  that hurts.
    But we all love you! Never forget that! 
    You always make me smile, no matter how bad my day was. 

  • Lucy

    hey charlie would u right more blogs im trying to avoyed doing homework (yes im procrastinating) and i cant do that if theres nothing new to read here or watch on youtube. well thats my kind of small rant but just remeber i still find u really funnny and will never stop watching u..well byeeeee xx

  • girlwithpaintedwings

    Hi Charlie, I remember a few years back when I was over at friend’s house and they were on youtube watching your videos and fawning over you. Lol. But here I am years later making a youtube account and I decided to look up your channel! I’ve watched enough of your videos to ‘get to know you’ and have realized how great and creative your videos are! TALENT. You’ve already done so much with your life and you care. That is really admirable.
    Your band’s music is
    a w e s o m e.
    …so try not to let the negative comments get you down even though those are the ones that hold your attention. You started a youtube channel to put on whatever you wanted. We decide whether we watch them or not. Your channel. For our entertainment. Your music is part of who you are (CHARLIE MCDONNELL, THIS IS ME..) and your loyal fans will love anything you post!
    So cheer up Charlie!
    We love your funny stuff but even more we love when you feel you can share what is truly important to you and what you really, really are proud of (in which you should be). That’s what. Is. So. Cool. Like.

  • Mardi Mcfly

    Hey charlie! Ur awesome and i like ur cat!! :D im
    Really bored rite now….i hope u dont read this….hehehehrhhrhrr!!! My cuz broke her coller bone from playing football, and i dont mean soccer, i mean football, with the weird shaped ball and all. Shes kinda sad, bcuz now she cnt play her fav sport, hockey. I am watching spongebob rite now….itz an old 1, but itz pretty good! :)! Im so happy! My volleyball team 1 all 3 games against a team we thought we wuld never beat! :)! My sisters and bother are putting on pirate costumes, plz…dont ask y. Ugg, well i hope im not boring u out….if u even read this, :)! Hehhehehehheeee! Byeeeee!
    ~mardi (yes this can b a girls name…)

  • tardislover123

    Hi, Charlie! I love ur album, and Dr.Who, by the way! Its okay to feel down, everyone has their bad days!

  • gi

    You are very talented and your videos are awesome, even the simple ones. I’ve seen each one of them many many times, and they always make me smile.
    I’ve got depression and everyday when i get up i say to myself “you need to be able to love yourself” and that helps me to get through the day.
    Thank you, Charlie

  • Joni

    I have just got into your videos and all i can say is i can’t stop watching them. Your Intelligent, funny, cheeky and highly amusing. Also a great looking chap! Don’t stop what you enjoy doing because you deserve everything good that comes your way. :o)

  • Daria

    there are too many flattering words. Just thank you for your videos, because
    this way i really can improve my english
    and much more comfortable with you.
    Good luck:)
    Dasha from Russia

  • Kelley Glasgow

    Dont feel sad charlie! We all have our bad days but we all love to hear about something you passionate about! come to Ohio, well, I know its boring but theres a couple things to do…

  • Cecilia

    apparently it takes 9 positive encounters to compensate for one negative encounter. Don’t worry Charlie!! there are plenty of people who would be happy to spend hours extolling your virtues until you are the happiest person in the world no  matter what the haters say.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000787150772 Theresa Mayo

    I always love your videos even when they aren’t comedy thingies, charlie!! and also, you came to atlanta?? and i didnt see you?? D: 

  • AtomicKittenBaby

    Charlie, as I said in one of your videos (a comment, obviously), you don´t have to apologize for anything. This is what you are, and you´re amazing, and that´s it. Dude, you have A MILLON SUBSCRIBERS!! And counting! Don´t you think that´s enough proof of how much we love you?
    You need to be able to love yourself. You told us that. Come on, follow your own advice, you deserve to love yourself, ´cause there´s so much to love in you…
    We are here, Charlie, don´t get down!! :)

  • lila lola

    hi charlie! do you actually look at these comments? well anyways I was wondering if your friend (sorry I cant remember his name) who was stuck in france well got out…or back…or what ever that would be…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1447607353 Kira Tingay

    Keep smiling, you’re awesome.

  • Vans

    Charlie do things htat make YOU happy! Your happiness should come FIRST!
    btw i absolutely adore your music so please keep making them!

  • Becky :)

    I know I’m just one girl in the world, sitting in her room on her laptop, but I thought I should try and cheer you up even a little. Your videos make me and thousands of other people laugh and smile and cheer us up to the point where we not only love your videos but we love you and want to know about you and your life.
    We’re all your friends really, that you just haven’t met yet.

  • Kenlaras51

    charlie. . really nice video. .
    i love all of your video

  • Alexandra

    I don’t have the power of cheering people up – but at least I could provide you with some fun facts that might, or might not, make you smile a bit. Here it is: You have a huge group of fans… in Finland! I live here and you can’t go to a single party without someone yelling “IT’S CHARLIE TIME” and everybody cheers. (Except for some of the boys. Naturally, a little healthy competition, even over the internet, is a bit too much for this nordic machostuff.)

    I know, it’s a bit embarrassing. I know that Finland isn’t as cool as… anything. But we love you over here. If you ever decide to visit the north, you will have the greatest welcome ever.Lots of hugs/Alex

  • Harolda


  • Gjforreal

    just wanted to say that it is really awesome that Barrack Obama follows you on Twitter(i do as well)

  • Emma

    As much as I disagree with those people who are being rude and ungrateful, I don’t think you should let it get you down. There are always going to be those people, and without the bad times you wouldn’t appreciate the good times as much. I hope you had an amazing birthday on the 1st and that you like your house when you move in. I could ask you to marry me right now, but I think that’s probably lost the effect on you by now :) Instead I was wondering if you could mention the Save Doctor Who Confidential campaign in a video, to raise awareness for the petition that closes on the 28th October 2011. I know you hate shout-outs, but I genuinely think this would be well justified :)


  • supercrazyawesomegirl

    oooh i went to the bodies exhibit! its was half the creepiest thing in the world and half one of the awesomest things in the world! also, WOO! GO CALI!!!

  • Jenny Wallflower

    oh charlie, don’t feel bad about bad comments. i’ll always think your cool…like

  • Jularoo1


  • Josie

    I’ve done the dialogue in the dark before! don’t worry about getting hit by a car- when i did it my friend & i went in the  completely wrong direction when trying to cross the street. i think we some how went back the way we’d come (after walking right through the “traffic”) & ended up really confused in a corner until the guide found us. it was one of the coolest experiences ever(:

  • Esther


  • Saul Campion

    That **** of a kitten
    ILY ALEX <3

  • Hannah

    Where have you been?! It’s nearly November and no word from charlie :( it’s so very upsetting.

  • mellybug11

    Cats are perfect objects for videos, LOL :D!

  • Rachel

    I have a legitamate question…actually I have two, first of all, is Michael Aranda still in France? And also What happened to Sons of Admirals? I mean I know you are still doing Chameleon, but I just watched one of Alex’s videos and he metioned that it isn’t around anymore, so what happened?

  • Polyanalima1996

    Hi Charlie, I am a Brazilian girl and wanted to talk to you, you know to chat online, and I had to translate everything I’m writing.Well if you do not believe it send me an invitation to this email strange that my friend did: polyanalima1996@yahoo.com.brOh anything I translate what you write, I am just to finish in the Northeast of Brazil and my name is Polly.And one final comment is that I think you’re all well and good though I do not understand anything you say in your videos.and goodbye to our first conversation if you want, as we say here: Tchau e até logo !

  • Amy

    Don’t worry about the haters, Charlie. Your true fans will love you no matter what videos or make or what you decide to do :) I think these comments definitely show this. You will always be cool like to me… :D

  • Rachel

    Where are you Charlie, this post is from August….and unlike some people, I actually like to hear about what’s going on in your life (even though I like the challenges and all that too) please post (also tell me what happened to Michael and Sons of Admirals)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002634633454 Anna Burger

    They don’t exist anymore. Charlie mentioned it in one of his videos :(

  • Emily

    Hey, you should sing the Elements Song. It would be so awesome….In fact I challenge you! I challenge you to sing the Elements Song! It’s a challenge Charlie and a fun science mix!

  • Anniie Ingelsten

    Hey, I think you should try to do a song on swedish, like a cover or something. It would be soo awesome if you guys could do that :)
    I totally loved your album, so keep up the good work :)

  • becca harper

    charlie we miss you!!! but hope you had fun! just come back now :) please.

    oh and i was looking at one of your old vidoe’s on youtube and was wondering what happened to the black book/ scrap book thing you were making, it was really cool, you finish it? :)
    take care xxx

  • Kbomb

    Hi, I recently purchase the chameleon circuit album and from this found and watched a few of your videos and from the videos I’ve seen you seem to be quite quirky, entertaining and laid back with life, the universe and everything. Congratulations on being awesome and I’ll be looking out for more science videos because science is pretty brilliant!

  • RamyaRani

    Glad to hear you had a good time (No sarcasm there intended :D) and I really like Chameleon Circuit (actually listened to you quite often before I watched your videos, and then my friends told me about a guy called Charlieiscoollike, which is you (thought you’d like to know btw XD), and now I listen to you a lot). I don’t know if you do challenges anymore, but I was at a party today and it inspired me : Could you ever do a show using the helium from balloons- you know it makes your voice go really high :D You don’t have to do it if you think it will make you look stupid or anything but I thought I’d just suggest it ;) Good Luck in doing what you like doing most and remember to have fun and ignore the haters (who are probably just jealous or don’t like the colour purple/ hate chameleons :)

  • Kendra

    Just rewatching some of your old videos (again!) and I got to the chartjackers. And I have that t-shirt!

    Sorry, I was just really hyper that I saw my t-shirt.
    You have loads of awesome t-shirts, I love them! Especially the tetris NERD t-shirt, I want that so badly – where can I get it? Please please tell me where you get all of your cool t-shirts from! Tell us about Charlie style. Because CharlieISsocoollike! :)

  • Eirian Rowlands

    by the way, great videos, good job! :)

  • Ymmas97

    Hello Charlie! I don’t know if you read these comments or not, but if you do, PLEASE respond to this! I’m an aspiring musician like you (if slightly less successful :D) and I’m trying to make a video with a split screen like you did in Doctor What. I was trying to find his feature on Movie Maker, but it wasn’t there. Which video editing program do you use?

    Also, I noticed you were wearing ear phones. I thought you were listening to yourself singing, but you were wearing them while you were singing, too.


  • thea

    Just want you to know you have fans in Norway too! Love your blog and videos, you make my days! ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=699874490 Lauren Flower

    Hey there! I don’t know how he does the split screens, but Charlie wears the headphones to listen to different layers of the track he has recorded so he can sing along on cue. Basically he makes a backing track then sings to it. Try Googling the split screen thingy. I don’t think he looks at the comments, he must get loaaaads and no replies to any yet, although we can keep hoping! (I hope that didn’t sound too sad)

  • Charlie is so hot like

    Did anyone else read that in Charlie’s voice in their head?

  • anon

    This album is amazing and got me to start watching Dr Who

  • Micah

    I live in  Metro Atlanta! If you ask me, the world of Coke is a waste of money. Anyways, I have never heard of the other two places (not the aquarium, I’ve been there). You learn stuff about your home town everyday! :)

  • catherinestwitter

    okay i think 3 months is a little much. please update

  • Rachel

    Ok so you say the negative sticks out more than the positive, but what if I put an excessive amount of positive? YOU’RE AWESOME!! I <3 YOUR MUSIC! I'VE LISTENED TO EVERY SONG!!! YOU SHOULD MAKE MORE SONGS!!! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU PUT MUSIC ON YOUR YOUTUBE!! NEVER STOP MAKING MUSIC!! YOU GOT ME TO WATCH DOCTOR WHO, AND NOW I LOVE IT!I WOULDN'T HAVE KNOWN YOU MADE A NEW ALBUMN IF YOU HAVEN'T MADE THAT VIDEO!! I REALLY LIKED THE CAT!! I'M SUPER HAPPY THAT YOU ACTUALLY FINISHED THE ALBUMN (although it probably took awhile since Michael was stuck in France)!!!! So yeah I think that should be enough positive!!

  • Megan

    please do another blog… tell us about your new house annd shizzaaa

  • http://twitter.com/Carrie3897 CarrieeeDickinsonn;)

    that was on my birthday ;) muahahaa

  • Rachellelikeslife

    I was in Georgia at the SAME TIME!! :D And I also went to the Georgia Aquarium and the Bodies Exhibit! 

  • Nika

    give us more charlie, charlie! 

  • Charlie Louise

    I love your Music as much as your funny videos <3

      Just remember that all of those idiots that tell you to "Shut up about your music and just make funny videos again" reaaaaally are NOT dedicated fans. Most of us that are REAL fans, watch you on YouTube because we like YOU! Not just for the comedy you give to us XD
      So don't be too sad, you still have thousands of people who WANT to know about Chameleon Circuit  ect…  xxxxxxx
     Hope this cheers you up a bit! 

  • Charlie Louise

    I think he got them from DFTBA but not certain. Although I remember either Charlie or Alex saying that the T-Shirts are only available one or two weeks after they come out :S

    So you might not be able to get the same ones that he has. BUT! They will make new ones that as just as awesome XD
      I hope this helps!!! 

  • Charlie Louise


  • Charlie Louise

    I’m sure that’s more then enough! LOL 

    Loved the bit where you said “REALLY LIKED THE CAT” …. IT was so random XD !!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love your videos and music…. but i HATE cats…. nuff’ said…

  • Inky

    Aww, Charlie. You sound like you need a hug.
    Don’t worry about the negative comments, because there will always be people who don’t understand the pressure of being so popular that you’re expected to update on a weekly basis. I’ll wait as long as it takes, as long as you always go for quality over quantity. :)

  • Shauna

    I rarely have time to pop onto youtube even the internet for extended periods of time. Now that I found your vids, whenever I need a smile or a laugh I just play one. They are perfect in length and you are completely adorkable which I love. There will always be the negative, can’t make everyone happy all the time.

    Just don’t change. People love you for you and you being you on the vids. Make sense?

    Thanks for brightening my days! :)

  • Ivette Z

    I’ve been to the bodies exhibit! it really is an amazing thing!

  • Han Hue ju

    I love your videos and music :)  I want to tell you that you have many fans in Korea.
    I’m waiting you in your video! (please understand my little awkward English.)

  • Sebas

    Korea have fans for every country  :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/sebas.a.gomez Sebastián Andrés Gómez

    Charlie, what you do on you tube is great, but don`t be discourage by negative feed. I’m sure you can do both and if not, go for that making you happier.

    PD: “America” is great, but Argentina is way better ;)  hugs

  • VEvergreen

    Well as this is clearly going to be positive i hope it sticks out more than the negative feedback, here goes: i like the funny videos and the songs and whatever you most enjoy doing is clearly what you should do no matter what other people say or think. and come on, a band about Doctor Who…. it’s going to be awesome from the word go. Loving the videos and the music :)

  • Taylorswiftfanmay

    OMG where did Liam get that shirt….I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • anaMasreya

    Hey Charlie.. im from.. (guess where?) EGYPT!! :D and here i am a huge fan if urs.. I know its useless saying dont mind the negative feedback coz its not ii uour hands really.. but honestly think about how lucky u r to have this opportunity in life to entertain in an original way.. keep rockin.. Egypt luvs ya :) <3

  • džejn

    MG, I really don’t understand how is possible that u’re able to speak so fast!;D it’s kinda amazing and not so comfortable for me as well ’cause I’m from Czech republic so english is not my mother language… anyway, I love your videos and stuffs you’ve made. Your optimistic and really handsome face makes my day much brighter:) xo from CZ

  • PurpleToaster

    Hi Charlie, you probably won’t read this but I just wanted to say thank you soooo much for all your brilliant videos!! I am a thirteen year old girl and me and my friends find you extremely funny, fun, and a really nice person! We also love Chameleon Circuit and think you are a brilliant musician (I am very musical and your music is really clever and inspiring.) Keep up the good work Charlie, and once again THANK YOUUUU!!!!! x

  • LameLikeVanilla

    hey charlie, on the off chance you actually have time to look and these comments and see mine, i absolutely adore you and personally, people that JUST like your funny videos and DEMAND them when you try to do something else are just…kinda…pointless? i dunno how to phrase it really but i mean, they shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the parts they enjoy if they’re going to complain when there’s something they aren’t as big fans of…i hope that completely made sense and keep doin what your doin :) <3

  • Liana

    You know what, if humanity ever needed a hand up or a spokesperson for the good and best of us all, you would be it. You’re so positive and charming, it’s really awesome. Keep pursuing what you love and keep the negative below you. You’ve got a lot of fans and you deserve them. 

  • Amethyst

    Charlie, when are you going to post again? It’s almost December. This is from August…

  • Anya S.

    Being from New England, I am used to cold weather, so when I have been down south, I also found it to be way too hot. Not like Edward, however :)

  • http://twitter.com/raque_08 Raque Mayorga

    You’re so amazing, and you are very original and funny, you have much talent, I personally like the album, my favorite song is Mr. Pond, can not always please everyone, so encourage, do not listen just keep doing what you like to do, there will be thousands of people who like what you do.Regards from Costa Rica (probably do not know it)

  • Nyatasha

    Hey… Im a BIG fan of yours.  In my science class we watch your videos according to the topic.  Currently we’re learning about conduction, convection, radiation, specific heat and etc… I was wondering if you could do some more fun science… Also your a crazy awesome person and no one should bring you down. YOU ARE SUPER COOL… you shouldn’t be bummed from negative comments… they’re just turds… And if your in america or was, next time come to New york and visit my school or something.

  • Ben stainton

    Don’t get bogged down by criticism. You are a talented young person, and millions like you. Also, where are your hoodies from? 

  • Jeroen Geeraert

    Hi there Charlie, I go to grad school here in Atlanta, and it seems like I’ve been missing out on some of the things to do around here!  Don’t worry about those negative comments, just keep doing what you like doing.  I even watch your fun science videos and I’m a rocket scientist :), no for real. 

  • Hayden_rolland

    v~v I wish I knew you were in Georgia…I would drive 6hrs just to meet you. And if you think Georgia is hot, you should visit Florida haha

  • Arely

    Don’t worry Charlie!! I love all of your videos!! I’ll always be here for you! xD

  • http://twitter.com/Silver_he Silver he

    your music is great,screw those people
    BTW,when you talk,you look like the freddie from SKINS.
       the kitty is very cute,so do you ~

  • Carmen

    i love ur voice!!

  • Elli

    Don’t worry Charlie, you’re an absolute genius when it comes to making funny vids, and I was actually looking for some info about Cameleon Circuit when I stumbled across this vid, so just do what you like, 90% of your fans love it all :) 
    And you’re trip to America sounds great, I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

  • Haley

    I live in Georgia :) I love your perception of the weather here lol.

  • http://twitter.com/XHollsterX Holly Boxall

    The people that say things like that are not worth the upset, they obviously don’t know how much those comments affect you, and also, they can’t speak because they haven’t accomplished any of the things that you have, you are an inspirational person, DON’T LET THE SMALL PERCENT OF COMMENTS THAT ARE NEGATIVE GET YOU DOWN!!! Just look at the 99% of comments that are positive! We love you Charlie!!! :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

  • Mel Drake <3

    Charlie… When the music played out of your mouth I thought of the Charliebot video… xD Good luck with the new CD! <3 <3

  • sarah

    after finding out about chameleon circuit and the fact that you are a huge doctor who fan, i liked you about 10 times more, so just know that even though some people are complaining, others (like me) love these kind of videos just as much as the usual funny ones. 

  • Hogan

    I’m sorry you’ve been a little down lately, Charlie. As for those people who leave negative comments saying they don’t like what you do, I think they’re just jealous that  you have so much talent. ;) You keep it up, okay? Don’t let them get you down! You are an inspiration to those of us who want to live our dreams and show the world what we can do.

    You never fail to make me smile!

  • Mindy

    Wow You’re in California! I am too. My kids turned me on to you and I really like your videos for a young guy such as yourself you are doing great. I haven’t checked out your music yet. Bye.

  • Phoebe

    hey charlie I’m so sad that people are so mean to you about doing more musicy things than videos cos i watch both and there both amazing!!! me and my sis are like obsessed with ur new albums (actually there probs not that new now) but they’re new to us… have fun in america… never been tho :P also how disappointing was the doctor who christmas special?? but the outnumbered mum was in it!! hope u had a good christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! write more songs (i prefer the ones just by you but chameleon circuit are awesome too)

  • XxGuestUserxX

    My mum hates Doctor who but cos she knew Sue whatever was in it she watched it. :)

    Charlie I love you’re singing and i to enjoy it. I would like to release an album some day.  Keep it up. Lucky you in California when the weather in England was rubbish as ever. Don’t worry about you’re videos they’re funny and entertaining and you’re a great singer. 

    Good luck with the new Cd xx 

    Aw Yeah xx :)

    Love ya, 

  • Lolo

    Did One Of the band members really die???

  • Jason

    We are a species with a brain that can imagine perfection, but with eyes that can never see it, nor hands that can ever create it.
    Feeling anxiety, frustration, and having a predisposition towards negativity is only human, but don’t let it dampen your enthusiasm or hamper your own artistic pursuits, and trust me on this one, it is not beyond you to brace yourself against the negative comments. I was bored and over the course of couple years, and taught myself quite a bit about psychology and philosophy, because I’m kind of a dork.
    Your most viewed video isn’t one of your comedic uploads, it is a very positive song that you performed. Trust me, if people liked you only for your funny videos and not your online persona or your music, you wouldn’t have half of the subscribers that you do.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip to America, it is an interesting place to live. As a side note, I agree, the bodies exhibit is amazing. I drove 3 hours to visit it when it came to Philadelphia a few years ago.

    Have a good one.

  • Rachel

    The people who leave negative comments I am sure do that to all the videos. I have decided that they go around trolling people and trying their best to make people feel as bad as possible! Wow that was a long sentence! Anyway I just wanted to say you are probably my favorite youtuber and whenever I watch your videos I smile. When I feel down a little I go to my subscriptions and click on a random video of yours. I honestly enjoy the blogging ones because it shows the real you.
    I am very curious how people mail you things. I would like to mail you something for you to put on your wall! Can you put on your blog something about that? K bye:)

  • Letseitram

    Hey Charlie, dont be upset 4 the bad comments, you’re just BRILLIANT! I started watching u because I love Doctor Who and since I “discovered” I dont feel alone in my “freakism”. ( in Barcelona its not quite normal to find people who likes Doctor Who as I do…). If someday u come to the sad south of Europe I’ll invite u to eat good staff! Adéu i segueix fent vidios! ( just in case u read this and u try to translate it, not spanish but catalan).

  • http://twitter.com/crystalchow0202 Crystal chow

    Don’t be sad charlie!i am from Hong Kong, but i love watching your video!!!!!you are awesome!!!Don’t be upset  about the bad comments!!!I love your music,video….!!!!you are my favourite youtuber!!!!

  • Cleo

    That’s complete and utter stupidity! People can’t just tell you not to make music, partly because they are jealous and also because your music is MADE OF AWESOME(although, being English, I should say excellent) so are your videos. People just don’t have any taste in good music anymore!!!

  • Cleo

    Actually, made of excellent doesn’t sound too good, but Still Got Legs does!!!!!

  • Liz

    If you think Georgia’s hot then visit my state: Florida! Its about 5 degrees hotter with 3 times as many mosquitoes. :D

  • Gracie

    Your the best Charlie!!!  And I dont even notice the heat down here in the South anymore. Mosquitoes do still suck though!  Love you!

  • Annabelle Snaith

    hope you have cheered up, and i love the sound of the museums and what not, you have made me really want to visit them!

  • Sam

    I absolutely love Chameleon Circuit! It’s all I’ve been listening to for the last two weeks, and I showed all my friends!! You guys are great!!!

  • Samayatiger

    Would you rather be hot or cold Charlie? If you want cold, come to Washington during winter. It’s FREEZING over here!

  • Sophiestraw

    Hello Charlie! Where did you get your Zelda top from!

  • M. E. L. Gott

    Haha, get it? They suck! Badum-tsch!

    ….okay, I’m sorry for that.

  • Jessica

    you have a really big voice on youtube and you have the power to be very influencial. i think you should use your power to make a video about Kony 2012! people will listen to you and you can help a really good cause


  • Molly

    I live in Alabama and as far as I know, we don’t actually go to saunas. Summers in the Southern United States is pretty terrible what with all the mosquitos and the extreme heat and humidity combined. But Georgia is a beautiful state and I’m glad you liked it!

  • candy

    damn i can’t help myself i can’t stop laughing and i don’t even know why i’m laughing :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/meggiez33 Megan Milford

    I am really, really sad that you have been so close to me and I didn’t know it. :( Sad day. 

  • Cohocrules

    Do your albums sell in actual hand held coppies or just on the internet; cause i saw you holding an actual album. if so, do they sell all the way out to Canada? That would be really cool and i would try to support you.

  • Meg

    Charlie, you should come to Rhode Island next time you come to America. I mean, we have…the oldest carousel in America, I think. And, er, you’ll never get better clam chowder. Or seafood in general. Or you can just go to Newport and enjoy all the historical stuff I’ve never seen, since it’s quite far (well, in my fallible opinion) from where I reside in the northern part of Rhode Island. 

  • Anonymous

    Georgia is on the east coast. It borders the Atlantic ocean. It also has several natural lakes and rivers.

  • Terriny Lewis

    I live in Georgia, Charlie, but only in the middle of it… You’ve should’ve come to Warner Robins instead!

  • Emma

    Hope your feeling better now! Me and my friends all really love the album and videos so keep on going!! :D

  • Ana :)

    Hello Charlie,
    I live in Atlanta and I was on vacation during that time. Please visit again! I would love to meet you and I’m not sure I can go to England, so please visit again :)  
    Also if you could bring nerimon and khyan1 it would be much appreciated,

  • annali79

    Noooo!!!! Pennsylvania is the best state! We have mosquitoes too! And it’s warm…. in the summer…. Please visit!  Yes, I have seen the Body Exhibit. The Franklin Institute (I think the Franklin Institute started it… or maybe that’s just in PA) is one of the best places ever, but I threw up after seeing the bodies. Well, not really. But I wanted to… Didn’t see the Dialogue in the Dark thing though…. I will look that up because it sounds awesome. And ignore the mean comments! I like it best when you sing! I don’t understand why you say you can’t get a date…. you can sing, play guitar, and play other instruments. And you’re funny. That sounds pretty awesome (because you’re made of awesome like all nerdfighters!) to me. Anyway, my older sister is dead set on marrying you somehow, so maybe you should stay out of Pennsylvania unless you want a crazy 16 year old screaming rabidly and trying to hug you. Even if you visit somewhere far far away from our  town, she will find you. Trust me.

  • Dalynn

    So there I was, reading a blog post from last year on Charlie’s website, and I just happened to get a glance at the date right? And then I did a double take at the date. Because, guess what! This blog post was posted on the exact day I turned fourteen last year. :D

  • Zite Cannottell

    ….oooo sorry charlie about the negitave reviews, i personally love all your vids :P u r so lol

  • Nea

    okay, so I just feel I need to write this down.

    I don’t believe in fate, but last week I stumbled across the album, and fell for it completely, and then today I just happened to see one of Charlies videos while scrolling through youtube… Maybe not fate, but at least weird.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001820386253 Charlotte White

    I rather liked it…silly trolls… 

  • http://twitter.com/Nurilen Nurilen Yakobistan

    ahah! bet you visited Georgia to see your gurrrrlfrend XP

  • crescentbloom

    bahaha i agree!! its absolute perfection

  • crescentbloom

    Charlie, i hope you felt better! because you are too awesome to feel sad :) sorry i didn’ comment back when you first posted this but your music is fantastic and i love it even though i don’t watch Doctor Who and i just purchased a copy woot woot! So yeah, you did convince me however to watch the first episode which wasn’t too bad. BYE

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