Purple Man T-Shirt

March 15, 2010

Today is the day that I finally launch my Purple Man T-Shirt, that’s right, the one that I’ve been needlessly hyping up all week! Hooray! Be warned however, as this is my first T-Shirt I’m only printing a limited number of 540 shirts – just to test the water.

They’re going to go quick, so visit my shop if you’d like to get your hands on one! First come, first served. The shirts ship worldwide and cost $20 (about £13).

Purple Man T-Shirts are now sold out. Thanks guys!

  • Lianne1907

    OMG YES!!!

  • http://youtube.com/randomisrachel Rachel

    FIRST! Looks awesome Charlie! I hope I'll get to buy one. :)

  • India

    Buying one now! :)

  • http://youtube.com/randomisrachel Rachel

    Damn I wasn't first. :( Sorry

  • asimplecadence

    Yayayaya! T-shirts for all…I mean…t-shirts for 540 people!

    ( So excited for you Charles, you get to do what you've always wanted to do :3 )

  • http://www.twitter.com/deano858 Dean Houston

    OMG! I <3 it xD

    Ordered mine :)

  • MaryG

    Wow! First comment! *all nervous*
    I <3 the T-shirt!!!!!!!!!! and yes, you do ;)
    [not really, though your eye colour was definately cool -> I <3 green eyes]
    have a nice day!

  • Parker

    It's 3am here. They'll probably all be gone by the time I get a chance to buy one D:

  • http://sarahjaneadventuresnews.wordpress.com/ Sarah

    They aren't in women's sizes! So it'll be all baggy on me, even a small size! If you're going to be making more, please make them in women's sizes, even though yyou have an irrational fear of women! Pleeeeease!

  • spoongirl

    just as you released them, my card magically disappeared -.- but I found it, and ordered it :D

    Im a really skinny girl, size S is gonna make me look ridiculous, but meh :P

  • http://charliemcdonnell.com/ coollike

    I couldn't get women's fitted on this order :( only unisex, for some reason they wouldn't do the fitted ones in purple. Next time though, promise!

  • Abby

    i just got one!!
    1 of the lucky 540 (:

  • chrisdkemper

    I just bought one of these =] Great times, shame about me having to pay so much for delivery considering its in the UK :/ ah well :D

  • http://twitter.com/PrincessMeg1328 Megan Montoya

    I just bought one too! Who cares if I don't get to eat this week? I just got a shirt designed by Charlie!

  • Aggeeenes

    Can I reserve one? ^_^
    (Charlie: No.)

  • http://eplusco.com.sg/ EplusCo.

    What font is it called? Looks good! XD

  • Deano858

    Is there a photo of this shirt. Just wondering what it looks like irl :)

  • http://charliemcdonnell.com/ coollike

    I drew it myself! :)

  • byrnebabybyrne

    Muahahah I just bought one.

  • lalucyification

    Heh, just waiting for my grandad to order it – he's the one with the credit card :3

  • lalucyification

    You should make a font out of it *if you know how to*. I would totally use it for all my schoolwork. :)

  • mrflibberflobber

    hey i was wondering if there is anywhere else you can buy this t-shirt because it won't work on my browser

  • chrisdkemper

    Do you have any way of knowing how many you have left, a counter or something? I've got mine, but would be cool knowing which one you got :)

  • Steph!

    argh have to wait till tomorrow I think to order it…. :s not cool!

  • http://www.cynthiascotch.blogspot.com/ Cynthia

    aaaww i really want one, the bad thing is i live in argentina and it might be too expensive :S
    i really hope you success with ur t shirts :D love you charlie

  • kaðlín

    just bought one – love the design! Hope it doesn't take too long to ship :)

  • chrisdkemper

    Switch to Chrome or Firefox, they always work :)

  • saaaam

    Damn it Charlie, fitted tee's are what I need! I find I look terrible in baggy non fitted ones =/
    *doesn't know what to do*

  • Deano858

    Buy one anyway :)

  • Taz

    and the funny thing is, i do look better in purple! =)

  • Aliceissocoollike

    aah i just bought mine!
    will you be designing any more tshirts? also do you get a signed business card with the tshirt ? thankyou charlie :D:D:D

  • alexisreallycool

    got mine! But 7 dollars shipment? That's ridiculous!

  • http://twitter.com/jonesownss Jones

    You should've done a quote from the video like “I am the purple man & that is what I am” or something similar!
    Either way, I still adore the hand-drawn font. It's quite nice.

  • atsirk

    Dangit, I wanted your purple face on it.

    Don't think I'll get one cause no one around here really knows who you are thus they would just think I'm vain with my purple t-shirt :/

    But it definitely looks good, Charlie. Well done :)

  • http://elinious.wordpress.com/ Elinious

    Ordered :)

  • http://twitter.com/BBC_Fangirl Laura Blakemore

    I've just ordered a T-Shirt. :)
    I absolutely love the design, as well as the fact that the shirt is bright purple. Purple is a GOOD colour. (Also, I love your handwriting font too).

  • Hans

    if you drew that font yourself, you should put it into one of those font maker thingies and make your own charlieissocoollike font!

  • Lianne1907

    My mum doesn't trust Paypal :( And I don't have a credit card… *dies*

  • http://internetgems.tumblr.com/ Sarah

    In principle, I like it muchly – but as an idea could you not go down more the Johnny Durham line? In terms of specifying what sort of tshirt it was (eg American Apparel) and also having a photo image of the actual tshirt rather than a cartoon.
    Looks good, though =)

  • princess_marzipan

    WOW amazing i totally want 1!! :O

  • emydii

    I'm exited about this shirt ;D
    but you should have put on some quote or just charlieissocoollike thing(ish) ;D it would have made this shirt more charlie(ish) because then other people who don't watch your videos would understand that this isn't just a purple shirt ;D (either way I will buy it and to everyone I meet with this shirt on I will tell about you and how they need to watch your videos :D )
    Anyway – make more shirts!! I love your designs and your personal touch to them :)

  • jubealee

    :D I would SO order it. But I cant use my moms credit card D': boo hoo :c

  • dharmesha

    I would buy it but it's just a bit boring and i would of preferred a quote or a picture because having a t-shirt with 5 words on it really isn't worth £13 for me

  • http://twitter.com/LexiLuvsHP Alexa Consiglio

    just bought mine!! Thank GOD for my mom who has paypal!!! yaaaaayyyy!

  • nikibee

    I just ordered a tee : )
    I think the design is really cute, & kind of an inside joke which is fun.
    In the future could you have a size chart?
    I didn't know which one to buy ;u.u;
    Thank you for the shirts.

  • princess_marzipan

    I just bought 1 now!!!..im sooooooo excited!!!!…i cant wait to rub it in my friends face….!!!!

  • electraas

    I want it so much… my mum is too angry with me right now… I hope she'll buy me one:/

  • Jeaneva

    Just ordered mine!!! Love your original font, it is really cute and I can't wait to see more t-shirt designs come out of the creative factory that is your mind!!!

  • http://twitter.com/waitingforthe Ewa Pruchniewicz

    I want to order mine, but i can't, cause my parents won't let me pay with paypal. :(

  • spoongirl

    theres a sizing chart on the DFTBA website, its just a little lower on the page :)

  • Erica

    I really want a T-shirt you've designed, but I'm a little low on money right now. I think I'll wait until I have more cash and you've designed an even better T-shirt. :D

  • melina

    I love it! I will get one, but when the ladies one comes out – I don't really want to go round in a men's top!:P

  • melina


  • captn_kidd

    we want a shirt with a PICTURE of you, charlie…

  • http://charliemcdonnell.com/ coollike

    There won't be any ladies fitted sizes for this T-Shirt, we have what we have and once they're gone, they're gone! The T-Shirts aren't men's sizes though, they are unisex :)

  • http://www.andapaige.dphoto.com/ Amanda Paige

    done and done. love purple, and Charlie, so I defiantly just got one!! Woot

  • http://twitter.com/kittehgonewild logan shutt

    just bought one! Cannot wait!

  • Molly

    I can't wait till mine comes :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSabby22 Sabrina

    wahhoooo I just ordered one!

  • http://yvanne-love7.hyves.nl/ Yvanne (:

    yay just bought mine :D :D
    And now just wait 'till it flies all the way to Holland :( *cries*

  • Catriona

    One of the best tshirts i've ever seen :) can't wait for mine

  • Zoe

    WOOT! I'm going to order one :)
    but I want one with your face on it too!!!

  • nikibee

    haha, I'm smart x-x
    thank you for clearing that up!
    I really need to stop getting so excited about limited edition items on the internet…

  • gracie1990

    I ordered my t-shirt just now =D Can't wait to get my hands on it.

  • melina

    okie dokie, i'll get one of these then :)

  • http://twitter.com/mebee_ Bethany Wright

    So very tempting. I'm a big fan of that font – but I'd feel like a walking contradiction.

    *whispers sadly* I don't look very good in purple.

  • smarch8

    ordered my shirt earlier…cant wait till it comes!!!

  • Fastone

    Mind the size chart, Americans are huge people!

  • Skibanna

    I love the shirt! However, I think it would have been funny if the shirt was blue or something. (P.S. The font is amazing, but you should know that by now, considering several people have told you!)

  • Seaphire

    Tempting, oh so tempting. But, alas, I have no money :(

  • chrisdkemper

    Find money :D I wonder how many are left…

  • Matika Liptrot

    Silly Charlie. Like you really need to “test the water”. Deep down you know that your shirts will be a success, but you are afraid to show it. Oh, and in America, twenty bucks is hard to come by so regretfully I don't think I can afford a shirt. Darn pounds to dollars ratio.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, I’m confused. On twitter you said, ‘Yes, I’ll have women’s fitted in the future. For some reason I couldn’t get that style in purple this time :(‘


  • C Cash

    By chance is there going to be a second wave of shirts? As much as I'd like to support you Charlie I have too many things at school I need to buy first Dx

  • emilyelektrik

    These are really cool. I hope I can get one before they run out. If you made an entire line of shirts, my wardrobe would consist entirely of coollike shirts. -ponders the idea-

    That. Would. Be. EPIC.

    Anyway, I like how you respond to people's comments. It shows that your fame hasn't gone to your head.


  • tahtahtahtia


  • Helen x

    Just ordered one! Now the only problem is deciding whether or not to wear this one when it comes or Alex's “117%” T-shirt… hmmm

  • Anonymous

    Woops, just kidding. I got it :) Haha, sorry.

  • Meghan

    Stupid dad that doesn't let me buy things with his credit card…
    Actually, that's probably smart on his part but still. I want a shirt =[

    Oh well. I guess I'll just have to wait for a holiday or something.
    [The shirt is awesome by the way.]

  • Engelik

    ah, there is going to be a problem here…
    don't take me wrong, the shirt is amazing (as you can tell), I love the design and everything, it's just… well… it's… it's…

    a guy design :(
    I look bad in t-shirts because of my… chest area… and can only wear form fitting ones or I look pregnant :/

    so, if you could get a “girl version” of this Tee, and consider that us unemployed American teens with prom arriving in like, a month or so (oh boy) have trouble getting $20… no, I take that back! I'm just being silly about ze prize, ignore that please :)

    but yeah, a girl version… think about that. make the world a better place :P

  • Engelik

    speak for yourself! there's always Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen! you never know if they might buy themselves one of these ;D
    and then there's the skinny people with the amazingly high metabolism…

    darn it! it makes me jealous just thinking about it! >.<

  • Engelik

    ignore my comment! I went back and saw what has already been said about “girl sizing” and how it's UNISEX… *sigh*

    I guess I'll just have to wait until next time :/

  • Katya

    Just got one (: It's really good. Nice and simple. Love your Exterminate, Regenerate video. Favourite song <3

  • Lottie

    I jealous of you, I couldn't buy alex's 117% T-shirt D=
    I hope I can get this one though ^_^

  • http://twitter.com/Cosmic_Creepers Emma

    I don't wear tshirts, but I'd still like to support you by buying merchandise. I understand that this is a first time test-the-waters situation, for future projects maybe you could consider badges or canvas bags, for those of us not inclined towards casual wear.

  • Triani

    agree : ) !
    I would be more than happy to have the canvas bag and wear it to school !

  • Triani

    I really really want to get this simple yet cool plus awesome t-shirt. but $ 20 is hard to get (and the currency conversion to IDR, wow) since I'm only a student. well, I just have to save some money, then. perhaps you'll make a new t-shirt at that time : )

    p.s. love the design !!

  • gemlovesalexday

    he is making a canvas baggg????????

  • Anonymous

    I thought about it for a day and….

    I JUST BOUGHT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I thought about it for a day and….

    I JUST BOUGHT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • http://twitter.com/Cosmic_Creepers Emma

    No. That was just a suggestion I made. I don't want to start a game of comment chinease whispers.

  • gemlovesalexday

    ohh, shame though.. i agree, rumours are the worst!

    However, Charlie, if you're reading this… you should make a canvas bag. x

  • Saaaam



    and I really do look good in purple :)

  • sharon

    i agree. to all of the above :)

  • electraas


  • flissyr

    I REAAAAAAALLLY want one,….. hmm perhaps a visit to the bank tomorrow and the bribing usage of my mothers credit card…

  • hannie929central

    i REALLY REALLY REALLY want one but I havn't got the money to buy one :( but my friend bought one :D i will send you a picture :D

  • sissi1

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo excited! Fanks!

  • sissi1

    YEah! DO that!!!!

  • sissi1

    No but he should!

  • emmamansfieldxx

    please bring out a whole range like johnny durham :)?

  • YumMyFool

    Make a T-shirt with Chameleon Circuit

  • Emily

    Got mine :)
    Should be here by next week ^^ x

  • zoezoezoe89

    just bought one :) and purple's my favorite color…WIN
    i love you charlie <3

  • Cllaudiia

    hi! the t´shirt is really great! I´m from Portugal, and if you know where this is (close to Spain) , well is pretty far from you live, so remember, that even far away,i watch all of your videos and i think that you are great on what you do!
    Muitos beijos (many kisses) XP
    Continua assim…vou continuar a ver os teus vídeos!
    Ps: can you please, please, please say something in Portuguese in one of your videos, if you need any help, please say something…lol

  • Stephanie

    You should make a t-shirt that says “Take my mug!”

  • christinakins

    yayy :) i bought one haha and i will be sure to send you the pic wearing it like you said on twitter. congrats on finally doing something youve dreamt about!

  • http://sarahjaneadventuresnews.wordpress.com/ Sarah

    Woah what happened to the home page??

  • zoewishesshewascoollike

    YAY! I just bought one wooo! and i just wanted to let you know Charlie, that you have huge fans in New Zealand (thats where i'm from obviously! haha) Keep being awesome and hopefully i can get the chance to visit the quaint town of Bath (my mum says its coolness!) Much love! x :D

  • lauraissocoollikeornot

    I have bought one along with the Alex Day bundle. I want it to come NOW!

  • meggie

    just bought one *.*
    need that shirt now. and charlie, you've got a lot of fans in austria. nearly everyone knows you here xD

  • meggie

    just bought one *.*
    need that shirt now. and charlie, you've got a lot of fans in austria. nearly everyone knows you here xD

  • lucyisnotascoolascharlielike

    just bought one!!! ^_^
    it's as part as my birthday present so i cannot wait :D
    thank you for releasing them and having a small left charlie x]

  • everyonelooksbetterinpurple

    Just bought one! My birthday tomorrow so my parents treat xD Thank you <3 ;)

  • backslacerveza

    i want one but i have no money D: !!! I'M DISTRAUGHT.

  • naah faris

    Wish I could have one! But my mom just freaked out about the idea of buying online, from another country. I'm from Brasil, bit far, I guess… :D For my mom you're a liar, Charlie, and you will steal her money! Rawrrr. haha
    Anyway. As long as I'm still 7teen and just CAN'T afford it by myself, I'll suffer for eternity 'cause I didn't bought this one in particular. You see, I do look better in purple! :D

  • Parker

    My mum agreed to buy it but she hasn't had time yet. I hope they don't sell out before she gets home tonight. You should really find a way to let people reserve one, just for 24hours or something.

  • LizWall


  • Ag

    So true. I mean, my parents always think online shopping is a fraud. Hahaha. Trying to convince them to buy it as birthday present. :P

  • Ellinor

    I whant one sooooo bad!! but no I live in sweden and theres no way my mum would get me one :( I'll have to make one myself, not such a challenge i guess ;) But I WILL make one here is my mindmadeup-face ()_()/

  • Melissa

    I really can't wait for this to arrive.
    Purple man video is awesome. :)

  • lizzyp

    yes! i got ordered one yesterday. i am excited!!! it hope it's here soon.
    :D you should send me your autograph and a pin with it. :D that'd be sooo amazing.

  • annickypoo

    I ordered one on as sooooon as they came out :)

    cant wait for it to flyyyyyyyy overseas and arrive in CANADA :D

    ps. youre the best :]

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/48400217@N04/ Saaaam


    (if you need a photographer, hire me yes?) :P

    Seriously I'm really poor, I must be a fool to be buying random shizz off the net from weird youtube peoples o_O

  • beccabickler

    ugh! you dont have my size anymore. this sucks, I really wanted one. Will you be producing anymore more of these, or maybe making another one??? hmmm.

  • James (printerface)

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be purple, i know i havn't!!!!!!!

    No but seriously, i want one.

  • Thomas R.

    oh my god bro ! you have a LOT of girlfriends ! you must be so… happy, yeah ! Oh and i don’t know, nice shirt but too lazy to buy one ! continue your job, it’s nice !

    Applauses from Switzerland,
    Thomas R.

  • Coolbiscuit

    Just bought one for my birthday present well my parents actually bought it for me but I still get one all that's matters to me

  • O.o

    When are they supposed to arrive? I ordered mine Monday and now it's Saturday…

  • Amanda

    Yay! I am so happy my size was still available now i can finally be cool like

  • Rhema

    I'm so excited that I was one of the ones to buy this tshirt when it came out. Can't wait to get it. I will wear it proudly.

  • Ester

    No!! You don't have my size anymore =(
    I found this t-shirt way too late… I know there won't be more purple man t-shirts, but I'd be happy with some other cool t-shirt like this one! More soon?? =D

  • Nick

    I ordered and waiting anxiously by the mailbox for it :D CANT WAIT

  • Sarah

    Dunno if anyone noticed, but the add you have on the front page of your website in the upper right hand corner says “Limited Run only 540″, but in that font it looks as though you are saying, “Limited Run only $40″ for all of us using American dollars. Just thought you should know, given that $40 is pretty steep for a t-shirt and might scare people off of buying them. But then, maybe that was your plan, given their limited number. :)

  • Lorena

    I absolutely can not wait to get my purple man t-shirt, my mailman will become my best friend.

  • Ag is the one in 7million?!

    Wow! Sold out! :3
    I think I might be the only person in my city that owns this T-shirt. I am so coollike.

  • http://sarahjaneadventuresnews.wordpress.com/ Sarah

    I'll buy another of your lovely t-shirt designs in the future, but you can't tell this is a Charlie t-shirt and they weren't in women's sizes. :( Cause unless I say to people 'yeah, charlieissocoollike designed this t-shirt', people won't know it's by you!! :P

  • Aliceissocoollike

    has anyones tshirt arrived yet?? :S mine hasnt but i cant wait!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/48400217@N04 Saaaam





    (for those wondering, yes, I do superlatively enjoy capital letters and explanation marks)

  • Noodles

    Ahh damnnn, i didnt get one, im gunna have to defenatly get one next time… that is if they are going to be in the shops again :D i hope so xxx

  • nikibee

    Mine just arrived YAAAYY!
    I <3 it:)
    I had my doubts, but I really do look better in this shade of purple.
    It's really reallly purple!

  • Abby

    My shirt just arrived!!
    Its lovely!

  • xx9leah9xx

    are you making any more t-shirts? all sold out :( and i really hope to get another :)

  • Isabell

    Oooo i gotsa ma shirt:D Charlie ur awesome! PLEASE make more t-shirts xxoo!

  • zoeisnotascoollikeascharlie

    yayayayayayay! im so super happy that i was able to get one of these very limited edition tshirts! :D i knew they would sell out fast haha! im pretty sure im going to be the only person in my COUNTRY (New Zealand btw) with this tshirt. cant wait till it arrives!!! eeeeepp! xx

  • Coolbiscuit

    Can anybody tell me when they ordered there's and the. Recieved them??

  • Jeaneva

    yay!!! my shirt came in today!!! I'm going to wear it to school tomorrow. If only I had purple pants to go with it… ;D

  • Tayla

    I don't think I would good in the t-shirt plus everytime I wore it everyone would be wtf? coz they don't know what it means.

  • Tayla

    but I was gonna buy one but I didn't know if the '$' was australian or american and I didn't know my measurements and couldn't find a measuring tape. :( just coz it limited edition but then, I probably wouldn't have worn it. :P

  • Livie

    NOOOO!!!! i really wanted one! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make more charlie!!! plllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeee

  • Lottie

    I can't wait for my T-shirt to come, seems like I bought one just in time ^_^

  • Nicki

    Come oooon tshirt, i'm waiting for youuu! :(

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/48400217@N04/ Saaaam


    Yes. Mine has arrived. I've donned it at this very moment :D :D :D

    I do love this shade of purple n__n

  • zoeisnotascoollikeascharlie

    it said 2-7 working days!!!
    Why is it still not here!! arrrghhh!! :(
    p.s love you charlie <3

  • Mello

    Whoa my shirt got here today! I love it.
    Wore it under my uniform for school. But could see the writing and people were like “WTF?”
    Still amazing though. :)

  • O.o

    I ordered mine Monday and go it today

  • Rhema

    I got my shirt today! I was bouncing with excitement! I'm wearing it now! It's definitely one of the coolest shirts I own!

  • http://twitter.com/caitlynsays Caitlyn Sarmiento

    I REALLY wish I had my Purple Man T-Shirt, but I bought it along with the 117% bundle. The DFTBA shop site said they'd be shipping all bundles, along with whatever items you bought, in early April. EARLY APRIL?!?!?!?!?!? UGHHHNFWJENG:ONWEOI ;KLsdf aowiej pawejt 2309t!!!

    It's okay.
    It'll be a great Spring Break present. Can't wait to wear the Purple Man shirt and the Pokemon, What Happened To You? shirt (and the buttons, while holding the CD) and update my Daily Booth.

  • http://twitter.com/caitlynsays Caitlyn Sarmiento

    I REALLY wish I had my Purple Man T-Shirt, but I bought it along with the 117% bundle. The DFTBA shop site said they'd be shipping all bundles, along with whatever items you bought, in early April. EARLY APRIL?!?!?!?!?!? UGHHHNFWJENG:ONWEOI ;KLsdf aowiej pawejt 2309t!!!

    It's okay.
    It'll be a great Spring Break present. Can't wait to wear the Purple Man shirt and the Pokemon, What Happened To You? shirt (and the buttons, while holding the CD) and update my Daily Booth.

  • Matthew

    WOWZER!!!!!! Got my Purple Man T-Shirt today and put it straight on!! :) Fits like a glove!

  • ullneverknow

    pfffft… okay i see how it is..sold out… well whatever…its not like i wanted one in the first place… or like.. cared if i had one..

    but uhhh u know… just out of pure curiousity..when are u making more? ..just wonderin…

    aha ur awesome

  • galacticdraco

    Petition for a re-run! XD
    With Charlie's signature on it, maybe? @@

  • Chelsea

    Sold out! That makes me so sad! More, please!

  • sorrelleeч

    I HAVE ONE!! i screamed when i saw it! :L x x

  • agirlcalledemily

    OMG!! I sooo want one, u have to make more! Purple is like my favourite colour xD

  • rockerrocks

    COOL i want a purple shirt so bad now! x]

  • Aimee

    This makes me mad. I oh so dearly wanted a shirt. You should come out with new ones soon.

  • ashweee

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE print out some more T shirts! I so badly want one.

  • zoee33

    love zoe <3

  • http://twitter.com/NATissocoollike Natasha Meah

    Charlieeeee, we want this T-shirt! Print more, please? (;

  • seraphinaaah


  • HaroldAlsoKnownAsClaire

    I'm really jealous of everyone who has one and by reading quite a few of the comments everyone who hasn't got one really want more to be made!! So, if you could could just make some more, it would be much appreceated, i'll give you a hug if you do (As theres very little chance of me ever meeting you, you would have to imaginge the hug but you get the general idea!!) =D

  • HaroldAlsoKnownAsClaire

    Reading down there are seven people who have commented after me all asking for more (the 8th person is really lucky and already has one grr!!) but come on Charlie SEVEN PEOPLE all after each other are asking for more, that has to mean something!! and there's more after that!!

  • bigredbutton261

    Would love one of these tshirts! Any chance of more?! Much gratitude will be thrown in the general Bath direction :))) Please??! x

  • Izzy

    i am extremely upset that there are no more ):
    if you don't mind making more, that would be greatly appreciated !

  • nattyyy

    charlieeee, please make some more of these t-shirts! or design more new ones! please, i'm really upset that i didn't get the chance to purchase one! );

  • iloveurmum

    make moreeeeee :D x

  • kellyxd

    blimey, there are sooo many people saying
    “make more, make more”, so what are you waiting for??
    just take that into consideration… :D please…?
    *we'll be well chuffed if you do ;]

  • ConnorXD

    :( OMG i rly wanted one so bad i just got the money for one and now they are all so bad pls pls pls pls pls can u make some more prints many thanks will come you way XD

  • charliissocoollike…myteacher

    you are cool like the purple ninjaturtle :)

    …und ich will ein tshirt…NOW :)

  • Vicktur Garcia

    Arg you need to print more!

  • lizzyp

    im so happy i got one. i've recieved lots of complements about my shirt. :]
    you are so cool like, Charlie!
    :) ….sorry that was akward.

  • Grumpy

    :( i wanted one… i was going to put it on my birthday list (yes, i still make them! my parents would probs get me tickets to go see that bieber kid if i didnt give them a list of totally awesome books and merch that i want) Your album better be ready soon! :(

  • Jamie


  • http://www.facebook.com/thebaomeister Bao

    Hey Charlie!!! Could you please please please print more of those I look better in purple t-shirts.. I just found out about it today and i want it so bad!! March 15 this year was actually my 21st birthday, and my school color is Purple!!! So I really really want one!! Pretty please?

  • Kim

    Hi Charlie!
    Are you going to be printing anymore of these shirts?! I'm dying to get my greedy hands on one!

  • Kelsey the coolest name EVAR!!

    dude i want one of those shirts!!!! I LOVE the color purple!! YAY u should make more cuz that would be sooo totally incredable!!!!! (annoying american teenage girl voice) : ))))

  • Donna

    pleaseeee make some more ;(
    i want one. x

  • bea

    I WANT A TSHIRT SO BAD… but i live in Portugal so…

  • lydia xx

    omg i want one :(( :,( i luv the colour purple and i luv charlie please please please make some more (cute puppy dog face xP)

  • morgor

    ok so charlie, your awesome and all, but isn't it kind of weird how you're marketing yourself here? Please don't become Charlie Inc!

  • stephie1232009


    I really want one! Not that the want of one person would be enough to spend the money required to relaunch this fantastic work of art…
    But look at all the comments below me! (or above, depends on your sort by set)

    Waiting anxiously for something that really shouldn't mean so much to me…
    Steph :)

  • RuthLovesMushu

    i was really upset that i didnt get a purple man t-shirt, please make more i actually physically need one! well not really i'll just be very sad without one

  • sweettea911

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  • aisakamiju

    The text is so cooool!!!
    what is it called?? ^____^
    please answer<3

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    ~ from your desperate fans in Finland ♥

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    I so want this t-shirt it rocks!
    Charlie I love YOU!

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    aarrgg! I want one >.< (i love the purple man song xD)

  • immichelletoday

    Ok, so I'm pretty sure you're water is tested. People like this whole idea, so some other shirts are a definate go. It would be awesome. I totally want one….but damnenit they're all sold out. Ok, some more for sure! Please. From all of your FANS.

  • lil_miss_sunshinee

    can u print sum more t-shirts plz? i reali want 1, and i will actually wear it in public. i already hav many weird and wonderful t-shirts
    thank u

  • http://twitter.com/sophie_kk sophie

    i luv ur t-shirt =Xxx i love ur hair boy! :)

  • carolpt

    pleeeeeease. print more t-shrits. by the way, i live in portugal. can i still buy your t-shirt? (if you print more)

  • Sergio Marquina

    Please print more shirts!!!!

  • http://thecolorme.tumblr.com/ Sarafina Johnson

    dear sir,
    i disagree greatly with the green text above.
    no, i will not beg, but i will ask; please mister Charlie,
    print more shirts, i'd be quite thrilled, and would be sure to buy one,
    or two, whatever i feel like at the moment. :)

    but at this moment in time, i'm feeling rather disappoint.
    so, my challenge for you sir. print print print, and make us proud. :)
    because in all honesty, the shirts were very very enjoyably creative.

  • http://twitter.com/Janedalek Jane Ganberg

    Please print some more, they are so nice, and do they really travel worldwide, i mean i live in Russia can i get one? Thanks

  • Esther

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  • jessicaGreen

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  • Amanda

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  • http://twitter.com/lineeerd eluned ashwood


  • Chloe.

    can you make some more tshirts pleeassseee :)
    i think you're very funny :')
    highlight of my day is watching your videos xD
    how amazingly nerdy am i? :P

  • emeryissolamelike

    He had t-shirts i had no idea
    every time i comment I'm sarcastic but no seriously i had no idea
    hahaha i'm a very dumb little 18 year old

  • coireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    please make more t shirts! i dident get a chance to get one :( please! :3

  • Hattie

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    but totally forgot to order one before they all went.
    will there be any more available?
    coollike (Y)

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    PLEEEASE make some more, I really want one of these!

  • madelosangeles

    question: are the Purple Man T-Shirt sold all over the world? me and my friend(both from argentina) want them. pleeease answer!!! great fan of your videos.
    ps: your hair look good but i prefer your natural colour (L)

  • Ashley

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  • Mollyyyy

    I think you should either,
    MAKE MORE or
    It'd be epic! =D

  • Doodbelbe

    Print more please!

  • Doodbelbe

    We need them for a friend don't we Esther :)

  • your best friend.


  • Nikki

    You should order more of these, since so many people are asking, and design a new shirt! Maybe something relating to one of your songs? Or perhaps just one generally about you that just says “Charlieissocoollike” on the front and then on the back says “Eeh, you've had the almost inponderable joy of watching Charlieissocoollike… which makes you, like, cool!” … Just throwing ideas out there.

  • Azia

    please make more! i love purple and you are awesome as well….

  • EbonyC

    Charlie, pretty please with a cherry on top can you make some more t-shirts.. *puppydog eyes*

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  • Bryanna

    oh sorry i was talking about my friend and i haha

  • EmmmmmY

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    Or make some different just as AWESOME ones!!!!

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  • Mishelee


  • Mary Catherine

    Make more! (:


    can you please please please re-print this shirt????? be and my friends were so upset that we couldn't get one… WE FLIPPING LOVE YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL
    and i just checked for the 'its imporant to love yourself' t and it was gone :(
    if not, i guess the only other option is diy…
    please help me and print more beautiful t-shirts charlie :)

  • hana <3

    CHARLIE !! i am the friend charlotte was talking about . WE REALLY DO LOVE YOU !! please can we get your shirt ??

  • Graciee


    please pleease make more of your shirts!
    thanks ;]

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  • Elizabeth

    Please make some more!! I'd so wear that like everywhere! You'd have no idea how jealous my friends would be xD

  • Kassi

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    So I'm pretty sad youre not selling these anymore. I actually do look better in purple. :(


  • Robin Cleary

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  • IFakeAnEnglishAccent

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  • Maddieadams

    Charlie + T-shirts = Happiness!
    Make some more t-shirts… you know you want to ;) My life would be complete with one of these t-shirts!

  • Maddieadams

    Charlie + T-shirts = Happiness!
    Make some more t-shirts… you know you want to ;) My life would be complete with one of these t-shirts!

  • Rux

    uhm.. yeah, i don`t wanna be mean or anything.. the Tshirt is good [ i actually made some too, a bit different... for B-days] so, i like what you did … but dude: £13? really?:)) isn`t that just a bit too much?
    greetings from Romania!! [this may complete very well what i just wrote before...hmmm]

    oh, some “kids” [i`m 18..myeah..] around here are pretty desperate… maybe you should make some more:))) but cheeper :D

  • SammyJ

    Any more t-shirts coming? ppplleeeeasseeee!
    Or design some new ones eh? I'm thinking fish custard..

  • Purplepenguin18


  • http://twitter.com/jenny43miller Jennifer Miller

    you should make new/ more shirts!!! Fan of only 1 month, but i love your videos i've watched them all! (: A charlieissocoollike shirt would be great for the first day of school/ year book photo lol (:

  • Love

    bože kako ste svi loši tu..neče vam dat majica više i gotovo.
    i jedno pitanje kad ćeš doć u Hrvatsku.(Croatia)

  • Isabelle

    Make more t-shirts ? :)

  • Smellie(:

    Yes,Please Charlie! :) <33

  • Hande

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    yeah please do more t-shirts! i love your vlog, and you friends alex day and tom milson! you guys are so cool, i love your music!

  • Karatemonkey101

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  • missy14253

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  • SuperAwesomeChick

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    Aw, Are you going to make more? You have pretty cool shirts. Well, they are in my opinion. XD Okay, That is all I have to say. You should some more t-shirts. Good Ideas! :]

  • stargirl

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  • baananashake

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    Charlie, my friend and I JUST found out about you today, and we BOTH really want one of your t shirts. You should make some more please! :D

  • Kayla

    Charlie!! I feel like it’s about time for a new shirt. Yours are always amazing and I’m dying to have one!! … Please?

  • http://www.marleaxx.hyves.nl Marlea

    I want that shirt too! <333

  • Tara F

    Charlie, you could do a suvery of who would actually but the T-shirts and order them accordingly.

  • Karina

    Yes, please make more. I would love to have a purple man t-shirt :D

  • http://hugmein.tumblr.com May

    Please re-stock those Tshirts again? I desperately want one :3

  • Prathika

    Can you PLEASEE PLEASEEEEE make another T-Shirt????? I REALLY WANT ONE!!!!!!!!

  • the public

    SELL THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sell them again sell them again sell them again sell them again sell them again sell them again
    pretty please??

  • http://twitter.com/AlisonYipper Alison Yip

    Charlie!! Please add more tshirts! Everyone wants one!!

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    Charlie make and sell more tops and in diff designs; I REALLY WANT ONEE!! ;D x

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  • Justinbieberreally bites):

    Please make more t-shirts I really want one… I don’t have ANY this is a pure in justice. Phahahahaha(: Sorry if I spell something different I am american.

  • Hattie

    Aww please bring these back?? Purple is my favorite color and I love Charlie :)

  • swissandi

    everyone wants to have a T-shirt and hey, I am from switzerland!

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  • Hello Charlie

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  • Shirts PLEASE =)

    Can you please make more PRETTY PLEASE!!!

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    And can you tell me how much it cost to get one of your Sons of Admirals t-shirt in the Netherlands? I really want to give one to my best friend.

  • purplecat

    please make more of them! i need some as xmas prezzies (and for me…) DESPERATELY.
    they are so awesome and so are you =D i love your channel

  • http://twitter.com/broadwaybabex94 Natalie C

    Please Make more :)

  • Charlie’s Biggest Fan.!(:


  • clone#1

    i want one…. please make more of both shirts!!! just think of all the money you’ll get! so get a move on it boy!

  • Eris_Strife13

    please make some more! sell them for christmas or something, please! my sister wants one for christmas, and in truth I would quite like one as well. Please, please, please make more!

  • Gina M

    please make some more of the- you need to be able to love yourself t-shirts! i reallllyyyyyyy want onee!!

  • The Purple Woman

    plleeaassseeee make more! <3… I NEDD ONE!

  • Justinbieberreally bites):

    All right Charlie Mcdonnell I don’t have any of your t-shirts but I really want one… I am getting the ‘Cloning Charlie” one and “The Sons Of The Admirals… BUT SERIOUSLY MAKE MORE “I LOOK BETTER IN PURPLE ONE! I WILL DIEEE IF I DON’T GET ONE… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER(: (YEAH, I DON’T FEEL LIKE TAKING THE CAPS OFF SO, SORRY. AND I AM AMERICAN SO SORRY IF I DON’T SPELL SOMETHING IN BRITSH. THANKS LOVE(:

  • ilookbetterinpurple<3

    cant you see how many people would buy them if you made more?!
    what is stopping you?!
    I’m sorry for being rude but i really want one and hundreds of others feel the same way!
    I’m getting sons of admirals shirt for me and 2 friends as well, it’s so cool
    I <3 you and Alexso much, keep posting :) xxx

  • Tabitha

    Charlie, if you actually cared about your fans you would make more
    i really cant see what’s stopping you, thousands of people must have commented on this page saying they’d buy one
    i can guarantee you’d sell them
    i just dont see why you’re not listening to any of us?!
    i would really like an ‘i looks better in purple’ T-shirt for my friends birthday, it would really make her day and it’s in less than 2 months
    please, i love her a lot and want to do this for her
    she loves you and is your biggest fan :)

  • Rosie Hill

    Charlieee, pleasepleaseplease make some more!
    P.s your tottaly and completely awesome.. for the last week i havent gotten to sleep before 1 becasue i have been watching all your videos!

    rosie xx

  • Nicki

    Charlie can you pleeeease make some more of these t shirts and the cloning charlie t shirts???? it would make my christmas :) xx

  • norma

    Charlie please order some more, so that I can wear one too.

  • Seamus

    Please sell the Cloning Charlie T-Shirts again! My friends and I love you, and we were all going to buy them!!

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    i REALLLY want this shirtt!!! when is it coming back in stock?!?!?

  • Ebony-grace

    i got a shirt but its slightly too big if your gonna make more can u make them in (like ) small,medium and large please plz plz plzplz xxxx

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_43LAX4QFPIPE7RCSTP6FSN5VIE Robert

    I’ll buy it off you? :)

  • DavidTennant4EVER

    I need one of these shirts!!! When are they coming back into stock???? :D

  • alice_is_laughing

    Charlie I hope soo much that you or some of your people read this! I want, no, I NEED a you need to be able to love yourself tshirt! Please can these be able to buy again?? Xxxx(love you)

  • http://twitter.com/ylimenoxid Emily Dixon

    i really want charlie to make more or his t shirts – the purple man shirt and the cloning charlie t shirts :)

  • http://twitter.com/xfallingovermex charlie™

    Charlie, you should print more ‘I look better in Purple’ and ‘Love Yourself’ shirts. I’d buy them in a heartbeat.

  • YesIAmAGuest

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    Please, oh, please! This is like the shirt of dreams as purple is my favorite color, and you are one of my favorite youtubers. But I didn’t like you oh, SO much until recently. Before I was more of a Nerimonster than a TeamCoollike. PLEASE MAKE MORE! I NEED ONE!

  • Absterie

    okay i need this shirt.

  • Léa

    A french fan needs one and this is.. ME !! please !!

  • Jadecollins13

    seriously, i’ll give you like £30 for it! Maybe more, it depends
    Please sell it to me. ?! :DDD

  • anon

    If anybody has one of these t shirts and for some crazy reason is willing to sell it, i will buy it from you for a discussed price. ?! I am willing to outbid. :DDD

  • anon

    Charlie, i love you, but if you really cared about your fans you would look on this page and see the THOUSANDS of comments from people telling you that they would buy this shirt!!!
    It really isn’t too much to ask, you have GUARANTEED buyers.
    PleasePleasePlease. :D <3

  • Yuki and Takara


  • Sophia

    oh… so thats what that shirt is about.. right :)

  • Estefanía


  • InsanelyAwesomeGuy

    Come on, Charlie, please sell it again. I’d like to wear it in public and see if there’s anyone out there who knows you as well … The good thing is: People who don’t know about that shirt won’t assume it to be of youtube origin, so the groups are staying together ;-)

    SELL IT, SELL IT ! ! !

  • Draco’sPrincess

    Please sell it again, PLEASE Charlie? I soooo want one!!!

  • Draco’sPrincess


  • Random Elephant

    no! you need more! ugh!

  • Random Elephant

    i know, and irs so sad that not too many poeple know who he is, and if he sells more we can tell every one about his pure epicness. maybe if we badger him enough …

  • Laurien

    Please, we need more!

  • Bromm002

    make more.

  • http://twitter.com/baiaboo Naia Goodman

    You should have your own t-shirt line.

  • Cato_cat

    please please PLEEEASE sell these t-shirts again Charlie… it’ll match my purple braces!!!

  • Rachel


  • AlexisIsSoCoolLike

    Please resell this?
    I actually do look better on purple and need a way to tell everyone without wasting my breathe.

  • Roro!!!!


  • Rosie

    :D!!!!!! Same

  • Klaoconn44

    please resell this!:) or the blue”you have to be able to love yourself” shirts??

  • Serene Shahzadeh

    pleasee make more, and make sure they ship to ALL countries? They don’t ship to mine =/

  • lildancinmorgan

    CHARLIE MAY YOU PLEASE SELL MORE TSHIRTS? i like just found out about you and im like in love with you now! your videos are amazing, your websites awesome, you music is great, and i love you! even though your almost ten years older than me…..SO how about some fish custard shirts?

  • Hesly

    im sorry if these comments are getting annoying charlie but will you PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE make more of these shirts i didnt even know u sold these and i love them and i want one SOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad! but even if u dont make more we’ll all still love u!

  • Gjjf


  • http://profiles.google.com/foxemily70 emily fox

    start selling them again because I WANT ONE i am charlie’s no.1 fan.and i watch all of his videos. when i am older i am going to post blogs on youtube.

  • http://profiles.google.com/foxemily70 emily fox

    it is true we will still love charlie even if he doesn’t sell anymore tops, also do you watch his blogs??????

  • http://profiles.google.com/foxemily70 emily fox

    make t-shirts about loads of your blogs and get the people to vote the top they like best. E.G when you died your hair red you could make one about CHALLENGE CHARLIE thats if you are reading my message anyway!!!!!!!

  • Fayeissocoollike

    where can you buy other Charlie related shirts from? like Sons Of Admirals? (:

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=624732032 Emily Harvey

    DFTBA Records website – it should be under Artists –> Charlie McDonnell :)

  • Haaatty.

    I want a t shirt :( I was too slow…

  • Kitty Halls


  • AmyPond

    I want one! :(

  • Timeforme2fly

    Charlie, you should really make more of these shirts and the cloning Charlie shirts. I would totally buy them. Please make some more for your adoring fans! :D

  • 911chazza

    please make more, i REALLY REALLY want 1

  • Angel

    i want one

  • Tinis

    Please make some more of the purple man t-shirts! They’re so awesome and we all just want them. Please Charlie

  • Indistar

    Please Charlie can you make more of these t-shirts? Pretty please? I mean, without them, how are we to know if we look better in purple or not? Wraahhhh :(

  • xaraowlx1

    PPPLLLLEEEAASSSEE make more!! i need to let evveryone know how good i look in purple!!! plus you r awesome!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000177790087 Devon Paige Whiteley

     please make more

  • http://twitter.com/revathi_g Revathi Gopalakrishn

    You should totally reprint this! :D

  • Guest

     You most definitely should reprint this tee! ^^ should reprint this tee! ^^

  • Betsy M

    Re-Print! I want one! Or two.. or three :)

  • http://twitter.com/gingerbreaks Rose Lozada

    me want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so odes my friend

  • Ben

     PRINT MORE!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Emmie

     DUDE! You should totally make more because i seriously want one!

  • hi


  • Somoschidos


    Enserio. Espero que hagas mas camisetas, porque México -si- necesita de esas. México no tiene ese tipo de asombrosidades. Y has para mujer también. Tenemos derechos. ¡¡¡GIRL POWERR!!

    No, seriously. You really gotta print out more of these shirts. Liek, right nao. :)

    KTHXBYE youre awesome. <3<3<3

  • Emily

    CHARLIE, IF YOU SEE THIS PRINT MORE OF THESE T-SHIRTS! *shouting and flailing arms to attract his attention across the internet*
    I would love to be the proud owner of one of these awesome t-shirts. I was too slow to get one the first time round :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/captaincrashizle Jessi Post

     You should definitely make more of these. I reallyyyy want one.

  • Tiffanystephens(:

     please make more!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vicki-Robinson/1197237939 Vicki Robinson

    To add to the many people asking for more… yes please I would like to get my hands on this t-shirt also :D

  • Jess

    PLEASE PLEASE make more as I’d absolutely love to buy one and I was too slow the first round to get one

  • Laura

    Please make more of these!!!

  • Daisy

    Mr McDonnell, pleaseee make more of these! :P

  • Cee

    Please Make More!!! I finnally came across money!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/omaradelgado Omar A. Delgado

    Aw man, I wanted to buy one for my friend’s birthday. Make more please! :]

  • iLoveCharlie!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I beg you make more!!!! I reaaaaally would like to buy one because it is so cool like! :) :)
    by the way, I LOVE YOU <3

  • bazingama


  • Shannon Gordon

    Make more please…I’d like one

  • B E V

    Please sir can you make some more

  • Andrea Marcano

    Woooow you’ve receive a lot of comments asking you if you could print more, don’t you feel guilty that you haven’t  do it? i would feel guilty hahaha:) i’d love to have one really. I’m from venezuela and im going soon to england and i want to wear it there dude so hurry up

  • http://twitter.com/CraziJess Jessica Bromley

    please, charlie, please make more….

  • Febe222

    I Would Like The Love Yourself T-Shirt to Come Back Please! I’ve Been Dieing For It Ever Since I Saw It. :)

  • Febe222

    PLEASE!!!! Make More Of That One Or The “Love Yourself” Shirt Because I Really Wanted One For My Birthday! That’s All I Want In Life Haha. It Would Complete Me! Like and Reply If You Think He Should Make More Shirts!

  • Wish4luck95

    Please Charlie! Make more shirts. I reallyyy want one!

  • Beatlesforever100


  • Chet

    Please make more! I want one!!

  • Cwilson843

    Please make more shirts! If you don’t I WILL EXPLODE!!!! Yeah you heard me…or you can see that on your computer screen…! *wiggling my arms around like i am retarded* I am a red head so I do look better in purple and i would like everyone to know it!!!

  • jesstrafford

    Can you get some more in? ;/ 

  • KaitlynAdams(:

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  • caroline wilson

    there was supposed to be a smile at the end. :)

  • Cj Mills

    A few days ago in german, we were describing mythical beasts, and my friend made her’s only eat purple people. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE CHARLIE!!!!!

  • Kaitlin

    I just wore your cloning charlie shirt to school and let me first say, the whole school knows who you are and have been watching you, so the entire SHAPE, Belgium community loves you. And secondly the breast patches on your cloning charlie shirt got me sent to the headmaster’s office.
    Thanx a bunch, It was worth it.

  • kathy

    I’m from Austria too, I thought I’m the only one from here who knows him :D

  • Jaclyn :)

    Please make more! The U.S. loves Charlie! 

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  • Thpurpleninja

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  • Charlotte

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    pretty please with a cherry on top !

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    This shirt is on my wishlist of things I want, and I really want to complete this list! 

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    Hello Charlie! Would you mind telling me what font you use for your shirts and your YouTube channel???

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