Still Got Legs

June 7, 2011

As I write this, I’m sitting in a mixing room listening to Kiss The Girl blast at me through a huge pair of speakers, and I’m watching Michael and our mixer, Trevor, make the final tweaks to the album that we’ve been working on for about five months: Still Got Legs. We’re finally getting to a point now where this project is almost done, and I’m pretty darn happy, mainly because this is an experience that I’ve never actually had with a Chameleon Circuit album before.

Back in 2008, when we were in the process of recording the first CC album, I took a three-hour trip to the producer’s house (who I won’t name and shame here) so that I could record the vocals on my final song, Friends Of The Ood. When I turned up, however, I was given the files of everything that we’d done on the album up to that point and was politely told to go away. The producer didn’t want to finish it for us, and so it just never got finished. After months of trying to find someone new who could help us out, we were eventually forced to release the music uncompleted. I’m sure that we would have been inspired to make a second album at some point, but the urge to make the most decent Chameleon Circuit album that we could, one which we didn’t have any regrets about and more importantly one that was actually finished was definitely the kick-starter for this CD.

Still Got Legs has had its fair share of producer related problems, though just with a different twist. A lot of you have probably already heard about Michael’s forced vacation to France, but to sum it up: Michael, who came over from the US to produce this second album, got stuck in France for two months due to reasons that we’re all still a little unsure about. Basically, the people at the border just didn’t like him very much and initially wouldn’t let him back into the UK, and so production of the album was moved to Paris for a month. It was nice of them to eventually let him back in, though, even if it was just for a week so that he could wrap things up here. I guess it’s our own fault really that Chameleon Circuit is cursed; we just had to name our band after the one part of the TARDIS that didn’t work properly…

Regardless of all the obstacles that were put in our way this time, though, we’re almost there. On June 3rd and 4th we had a couple of listening events where people could come and hear the album in its current state. “The last album was a great album about Doctor Who” someone said “but this is just a great album in its own right.” This comment made me really happy, and I do hope that the rest of you feel the same way if you decide to get a copy. The physical CD is currently up for pre-order (you can get it here) and it’ll be released there and on iTunes etc. on July 12th. Also, here’s the album artwork and track-list; just click on it to make it bigger:

Dude it's so pretty looking

One thing that I should mention, something that I’ve seen a fair few people bring up, is Doctor Whats absence from the album. Unfortunately, this was one of the later songs that went through production, and we didn’t really feel like we could find a good place for it on the CD simply because it was too different from the other tracks. The choice was either to release a bastardised version of it to force it onto the album, or to release the song later and give it the treatment it deserves. It’ll be available at some point, but in the meantime you’re obviously welcome to listen to the version on YouTube as much as you like.

By the way, to the people who are nice enough to actually read this blog: sorry for neglecting you recently. As you can probably tell from the fact that my last video took me two and a half weeks to get up, I’ve been pretty busy recently and have had trouble maintaining all of my online spaces. I’ll try to be better. Over the last couple of months I started to convince myself that I wasn’t updating my blog because I didn’t really like writing blog posts, but I have actually quite enjoyed putting this one together. So, you know, maybe I’ll make a written comeback now. Maybe being the key word in that sentence.


    i  like    your    albem     go     CHARLI  I LOVE  U 

  • Julia

    it took long enough. it felt like i waited CENTURIES for this album! whatever, at least i know.

  • Kaitlin

    I am getting this CD for Christmas. I have been looking forward to it. I am excited to see that you all have become fine young men and I am proud to see your music develope into great things. Thanks for being you…

  • Leticia_appa

    I want to buy this cd, but as I live in Brazil I don’t know if it is deliveried til here :/

  • Sullifer the Timelord

    What I want to know is who sings which songs and why Liam doesn’t sing more!! He has such a beautiful voice and I love listening to him. More Liam Please!!
    But otherwise, incredible album. Bought it on iTunes as I live in the states. More Songs Soon!!

  • Phil

    I’d want to get this just cos of the album art, even if the music wasn’t awesome (which it is).

  • Lexi

    I really hope you guys put ‘Doctor What’ on iTunes soon – or even just Charlie’s YouTube version. I relate so much to that song and have been listening to it on YouTube for hours now. Please and thank you! <3

  • Kiwigirl2

    I wrote a song about doctor who at band camp :P its pretty timelord :P U GUYS ARE SO GOOD AT SINGING I WANT A CD FOR MY BIRTHDAY EVEN THOUGH I’M AMERICAN!!!!!

  • Daisygrawee

    This is actually epically awsome xD

  • skye

    i luv doctor who and think Matt Smith has been the best of all. but of course, my brother disagrees :P HE thinks David Tennet (sorry for spelling it wrong) is better but whatever we all have our own opinouns.

  • mrs charlie


  • Hope


  • Alyniliana

    Why not just get a girl to sing Doctor What? and say it was from Donna Noble’s perspective?

  • Cohocrules

    I am quite happy to learn that you live in the UK. That is an amazing place. As far as i can tell, that (and America) is where all fairy tales take place. That is pretty cool if you ask me.

  • Jenna marbles

    But who’s Sophie from ” kiss the girl ” ?????

  • TBH

    Jenna: watch the episode The Lodger (5×11 IIRC)

  • Kkhh252010

    eheh you said barstadised

  • Jimin Everdeen

    I’m obsessed! <3 

  • Megpie61298

    Hey, i cant find the album anywhere, i tried the links and the stuff cant be found ;-; I think Im gonna cry, help?

  • Fran

    My gosh… Since I’m not a doctor who fan yet, it was a bit of a shock to me to see the Maltese cross on your cover. But then I found out that it’s actually the tardis :)

  • Antisilence

    Wow I love the album. Probably just because I like finally understanding all the references!:)

  • Eric

    Hey! One problem! I bought Still Got Legs from iTunes, and 4 tracks, namely: The Doctor is Dying, Silence and the end of all …., The Sound of Drums and Still Not Ginger, won’t allow me to play them offline. Why is this??

  • Tara

    It was bryarly, you can find her on YouTube (Charlie’s girlfriend)

  • Deb Alverson

    Coming late to the party and I’d love to get a physical copy of “Still Got Legs”. Is this possible? I can purchase digital if I have to but like having a real CD :-)

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