Still Got Legs

June 7, 2011

As I write this, I’m sitting in a mixing room listening to Kiss The Girl blast at me through a huge pair of speakers, and I’m watching Michael and our mixer, Trevor, make the final tweaks to the album that we’ve been working on for about five months: Still Got Legs. We’re finally getting to a point now where this project is almost done, and I’m pretty darn happy, mainly because this is an experience that I’ve never actually had with a Chameleon Circuit album before.

Back in 2008, when we were in the process of recording the first CC album, I took a three-hour trip to the producer’s house (who I won’t name and shame here) so that I could record the vocals on my final song, Friends Of The Ood. When I turned up, however, I was given the files of everything that we’d done on the album up to that point and was politely told to go away. The producer didn’t want to finish it for us, and so it just never got finished. After months of trying to find someone new who could help us out, we were eventually forced to release the music uncompleted. I’m sure that we would have been inspired to make a second album at some point, but the urge to make the most decent Chameleon Circuit album that we could, one which we didn’t have any regrets about and more importantly one that was actually finished was definitely the kick-starter for this CD.

Still Got Legs has had its fair share of producer related problems, though just with a different twist. A lot of you have probably already heard about Michael’s forced vacation to France, but to sum it up: Michael, who came over from the US to produce this second album, got stuck in France for two months due to reasons that we’re all still a little unsure about. Basically, the people at the border just didn’t like him very much and initially wouldn’t let him back into the UK, and so production of the album was moved to Paris for a month. It was nice of them to eventually let him back in, though, even if it was just for a week so that he could wrap things up here. I guess it’s our own fault really that Chameleon Circuit is cursed; we just had to name our band after the one part of the TARDIS that didn’t work properly…

Regardless of all the obstacles that were put in our way this time, though, we’re almost there. On June 3rd and 4th we had a couple of listening events where people could come and hear the album in its current state. “The last album was a great album about Doctor Who” someone said “but this is just a great album in its own right.” This comment made me really happy, and I do hope that the rest of you feel the same way if you decide to get a copy. The physical CD is currently up for pre-order (you can get it here) and it’ll be released there and on iTunes etc. on July 12th. Also, here’s the album artwork and track-list; just click on it to make it bigger:

Dude it's so pretty looking

One thing that I should mention, something that I’ve seen a fair few people bring up, is Doctor Whats absence from the album. Unfortunately, this was one of the later songs that went through production, and we didn’t really feel like we could find a good place for it on the CD simply because it was too different from the other tracks. The choice was either to release a bastardised version of it to force it onto the album, or to release the song later and give it the treatment it deserves. It’ll be available at some point, but in the meantime you’re obviously welcome to listen to the version on YouTube as much as you like.

By the way, to the people who are nice enough to actually read this blog: sorry for neglecting you recently. As you can probably tell from the fact that my last video took me two and a half weeks to get up, I’ve been pretty busy recently and have had trouble maintaining all of my online spaces. I’ll try to be better. Over the last couple of months I started to convince myself that I wasn’t updating my blog because I didn’t really like writing blog posts, but I have actually quite enjoyed putting this one together. So, you know, maybe I’ll make a written comeback now. Maybe being the key word in that sentence.

  • CoryB

    I was worried you had decided to give up the website, but I’m glad you’re back (no matter how temporary it is)!  I can’t wait to hear the album when I finally get it in July.

  • Iftheshoefits32

    haha nice job!(: 

  • Mathew

    I’m Sure you will be fine Charlie, Keep up the good work, and you will go much further than you expected :D

  • Archana

    Can’t wait for Still Got Legs to come out! It feels like we’ve been waiting for it forever, but I’m sure it’s well worth the wait. My friend went to a listening party and said it was great, much better than the first one too! And also looking forward to seeing more blog posts in the future!!

  • Rebecca Kristin

    I realise that my comment will be bogged down by the thousands and thousands of fangirls+ fanboys that Charlie gets, but just wanted to say the artwork for the album cover is gorgeous, and I pre-ordered it yesterday…as every Doctor Who loving Charlie/Alex/Liam/Ed/Michael fan should get around to doing. 

    And to Charlie, if he ever actually reads this comment, you should really get around to blogging more often. Insight is nice.

  • Katie…im British…YAY :)

    Can play Big bang on guitar!! so exited for the new CD!! got the 1st one twice, because im cool like thaat!! x love you and your videos :) 

  • Joe Miller

    I’m really looking forward to this album. It looks and sounds like it’ll be a lot more of a focused effort, whereas the first album sounded like 4 different people playing different songs. Out of interest, which album did you guys find harder to record?

  • George Lyddiatt

    Charlie, I love your blogposts, their informative, yet hilarious :) Honestly, you should release a book about who to start your own vlogging career, and for every month, put how many subscribers you were at at the time, and the reader put’s their number of subs in and compare xD I have a feeling who will have the larger number ;P Charlie, you inspire my work and I loo up to you. Sincerely, a 14 year old boy who lives 7 mins away from you on the train… Awkward. :)

  • louis pinto

    i thought the last album was good in its own right any way

  • Jennifer

    I’m glad to see you writing on your blog again, but I can completely sympathize with getting busy and just deciding to do other things rather than keep up your internet presence. Still, it’s nice to know what you’re up to. Also, congrats to you and your bandmates on the album, I cannot wait to get mine!

  • Laura

    Yay you’re back! :) Also, in the last sentence of the 2nd last paragraph you put “I’ll” instead of “It’ll”, just thought you’d like to know :)

  • Ellie

    Kiss The Girl is an AWESOME song!! :D

  • Ellie

    The Listening Party on the 4th was awesome, it was really cool, as someone who doesn’t have any Doctor Who fans as friends IRL, to suddenly be in a room full of them and to be able to geek out for 2 hours.

    The album is absolutely amazing and it’s really cool to see how you guys have changed in your ~songwriting style~ over the last few years. It was a privelege to get to hear it early, and I’m looking forward to hearing it in all its finished glory with Knock Four Times and Big Bang Two as well. :)

    Also, it was really cool to meet all of you, despite being a horrifically awkward person. Thank you for filming a video outro for me! c:

  • Jammy_jemima

    I’m looking forward to buying it on Itunes (as i never use CD’s) but the album artwork is really impressive! I’m very glad you decided to update your blog as I was getting bored of checking every day to see if you had :P love you Charlie <3 x

  • Abrilchu

    OMG you made me remember that River Song is Amy´s doughter!!! 

  • Stacey

    Well charlie, i am glad you wish to write again.
    and cant wait to hear all the songs from your album which i may actualy buy ! seen as well i think you lot are darn pretty good musicians and i love Doctor Who.
    So anyway thumbs up for you :D
    - Stacey

  • Yi Ming Kong

    Nice to see you  back :)

    The album cover is purdyful. And I wanted to go to the listening party but Mum wouldn’t let me wander about London on my own x_x

    And will definitely get round to buying the new album on iTunes when it comes out.

  • Christine Scheller

    Excellent. Looking forward to it. Thanks, Charlie.

  • Maximharding

    Is “Pull to Open” a song, or just there because it’s on the TARDIS’ sign?

  • KarinWolfe

    Don’t worry about it. :) If you start updating more often, we’ll read it, and if not? Well, that’s fine too. I can’t wait for the new album, though! I’ve already pre-ordered it.

    And I laughed really hard at the Chameleon Circuit being the faulty part of the TARDIS comment…

  • Megan

    “we just had to name our band after the one part of the TARDIS that didn’t work properly…” I enjoyed that bit.

  • Leyli Jafarova

    I’m really glad that you’re back. I like your videos and stuff but writing is a completely different way of expressing yourself and you’re really good at it. So keep going please. And congratulations on the new album!

  • Amy x

    I think ‘bastardised’ is the funniest word in the whole world, ever. xx

  • Ellie

    Oh man, same name!

  • X Buzzybee X

    Yay you’re back :) We’ve missed you hear Charlie! The album artwork is gorgeous and I pre-ordered the CD yesterday, can’t wait to get it :).

    P.S. Charlie you really should blog more, they’re lovely to read :) <3

  • Rebecca

    Looking forward to the album Charlie bet it will be great! What you need is someone to follow you round and write your blog posts for you. Kind of like a PA but cooler of course. I’d happily be the creepy blog post writer (that sounded so much better when i thought it :S  ) but i don’t think i’d make it as Charlie-awesome as you (oh new word XD ) Speak to you soon. LOADS of love Rebecca xxx

  • Ellie

    Ah! Someone else is called Ellie and went to the listening party on the 4th?! :D *HIGH FIVE*

  • Alex Sword

    loving the cover dude

  • Hope Kristen Burke

    Ah, Charlie, I love your videos and blog posts. :) It makes me happy whenever you update either of them but you should do it however often you feel like it! :) Also, I loved the bit about naming the band after the part of the TARDIS that doesn’t work. :)

  • Sophie Legg

    Hey charlie, I your reading this, Im the annoying little girl who keeps mentioning you on twitter ;) (sophisocoollike) But anyway, Dont worry, My brother and I are desperate for still got legs, I think the artwork is brilliant qnd its a shame about Doctor what. However I love Teenage rebel and can’t wait to acctually own it :)
    As long as your blog posts are as interesting as this for me to read, It doesn’t matter how often they come :)

    ahh its nice to be able to write more than twitter!

  • Aud Kaizers Stokka

    Hey, a blog post :D
    The album looks so pretty, but unfortunately I won’t be able to buy it Though I’ll definitely by it on iTunes.

  • Bethany

    i was at the listening party (the girl who gave you the toy car :D)
    and the album was amazing and when we were listening to it i turned to my mate and said way better than their last album you can see all the effort and love involved in this :D
    well done chameleon circuit, still got legs, was awesome <3 bethany x

  • Casey Norlin

    LOVE THE COVER-LOVE THE BAND-LOVE you, CHARLIE!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Rhys Groombridge

    The comment that made you happy, that was me. I’m also the guy who got Alex to take a picture of me with his phone. Also tell him to put that picture up I want to show my friends. I’m really happy it made you happy

  • Amy

    The album cover looks so amazing… Woah… x

  • Samwaaal

    To be honest the wait to the videos make them better :)

  • Clara

    I was hearing Kiss the girl and then I entered to your blog and I was like … woooh :D  I’m so proud of you Charlie for everything you do !
    Hugs from Mexico City

  • Luna Wine

    Not to be rude, as I would hate to insult you, but might I recommend you get an editor for your blog? I’ve found several typos, grammar, and spelling mistakes reading this, and others, and your song lyrics. Sorry.

  • Oliver Chettle

    The blog posts are very welcome, and if you do more they will be appreciated by many, but it is the videos and the music that are important. In fifty years time, you will judge yourself, and be judged by others, so far as your working life goes, on the music you have made, the videos you have made, and hopefully the television series and films you have made. No-one will care a fig whether you satisfied their grandma’s fangirl cravings by writing a blog post to go with every video back in 2011, when you were young enough to have fangirls. Though perhaps you will have fangrannies then. My mum is a granny now, and she is just a little too keen on that boyish fifty year old who does antique shows.

  • Delorfinde Telcontar

    So wanted to come to that listening party … *sigh* couldn’t get tickets. Looking forward to listening to this!

  • Vic

    I’m sure there are many parts of the TARDIS that don’t work properly, and, it being Doctor Who based I’d be surprised if anything went exactly according to plan. It all worked out for you in the end thought right- just had a few adventures along the way- how Who like.

  • Elita Aristocleous

    Even though you may not update your blog often were all here to read it when you eventually do :) and i have pre-ordered my copy of ‘still got legs’ so im all set, just a little upset wont be listening to ‘dr what?’ during boring math lessons, your music makes me want to survive my GCSE’s. =D

  • Louie

    Pre-Ordered ;)

  • CameronJT

    I love these blog posts, as well as Alex’s. I like how in your videos you have moved away from straight up vlogging, but it’s nice to hear just you talking about something in full here. So I certainly hope you continue doing this.

  • Jondevlog

    Pull to open is not a song. It’s there because (as you guessed) that’s part of the TARDIS sign they wanted to keep in. It’s supposed to look as much like the TARDIS sign as it can ( and that’s why the titles are formatted like that :D ).

  • Jondevlog

    Do you remember hearing the Subwave Signal? I cannot remember it at all, but it’s on the DFTBA Records website and not in the lyric booklet?
    I thought it was only Big Bang 2 that wasn’t played?

  • Jondevlog

    Charlie, I’m confused about the Subwave Signal? I was at the listening party, but I cannot remember it at all. It’s on the DFTBA Records website as a track, but not in the lyric booklet?
    Maybe it wasn’t ready, but I thought it was only Big Bang 2 that wasn’t played?

  • Susieee :)

    Pre-ordered now, and i cant wait for it. hopefully you will have more time for more frequent videos soon ;) i missed you an awful lot in those 2 and a half weeks :(

  • Abrilchu

    The Big Bang Two is one of mu favourite  :)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but is PULL TO OPEN a track song, or did you just put it there because of the actual door sign? Sorry, I’m an idiot :/

  • Jessica

    Get as far as Kiss the Girl. Turn on Disney playlist.

  • Lalala

    I hope he wouldn’t that. Charlie is Charlie. We’ll take all of him we can get, typos, spelling mistakes and all. To get an editor would be so un-Charlie like, it’s too polished. Nah I don’t like it.

  • Amanda

    Yay, a new blog post! 
    As nice as it would be for you to update more often – there is no rush. Write when you can. 

    Anyway, I’m super excited for Still Got Legs. I’ve read some blog posts from people saying that the unfinished version was wonderful and that they’re looking forward to the final one! :)

  • Kali

    I’m sorry to hear Doctor What isn’t on the album because I think that’s a great song, but I’d rather listen to it on YouTube than hear a forced version that fits on the album, like you said.

    Are there any plans for music videos to go with some of the songs on the album?

  • Audreymecki

    We forgive you Charlie :)
    Take all the time you need, I can understand you are really busy these days
    Good luck on the album, I can’t wait xx

  • Carolina

    Thanks for sharing, Charlie :)

  • Samantha Willey

    Might I ask, will there be an option to buy the CD in (maybe a record) store in London? I’m not from GB and I don’t have means to shop online but a friend of mine is going on a trip to London this summer and she could buy it there, if that’s possible.

  • Liberty

    The cover is crazy awesome. :)) That is all.

  • Tamflummox

    Sigh was going to go to the listening party, but the tickets were all sold out =’(
    (and also my dog ate the £10 i would of been able to get a train with ¬¬ )
    Also have mailed you but no reply are you and Alex going to comic con in london?

  • elphie21

    Just because of the actual sign I think
    But maybe… :D

  • Cecile Fulop

    Don’t stress too much, Charlie.

    We don’t want you to get fed up once and stop doing this. You started it for fun and now it became your job. Please don’t feel pressured. I’m sure you have lots of people asking you when you are going to put up the next video or when you are going to update your blog, but don’t feel bad just because you cannot work fast enough for their standards.You have your own life too.
    Please remember that we love you, and we will always support you even if you do not upload a video every other day. 

  • Ashby

    Your welcome for being nice enough :D

  • Cecile Fulop

    I agree with Lalala. This blog is about Charlie. It is not an official website, not a released book (those have typos too many times). No need for editor.

  • Lellah

    Hey Charlie, you are ace, and I know that you know that.
    I just wanted to say that I hope that you don’t get all bummed out by “fan” demands that you should make videos more often or write more on this website. Because you are (as far as I can tell, which is not very far through the internet..) a really good guy and it would be sad to loose the company that you can bring when you feel like it.

    Shit, I don’t know why this comment got all sad. But I just wanted to make a sincere and non-fangirl-ish comment, if you get my drift?

    Just keep being yourself, we love you for it.

  • iLoveCharlie!

    It was worth the two and a half weeks wait! The end of that video was just awesome :) by the way, i love you <3

  • Alice Goodenough

    Its great to hear from you! Especially in relation to the new album (which I can NOT wait to hear.)
    Maybe extra comments will influence your feelings on blogging? Maybe…

  • Mortadelle

    Hi Charlie :) I’m off to preorder CC. I completely love the first album even though you all said it was not what you wanted. And since I simply love Michael’s style and yours all, I can’t wait.

    Did I mention I’m not a Doctor Who fan? I just love your music, guys. I’m in it for the music. :D

    By the way, your videos have been so good lately, it’s incredible. The last one, the moon, the light, the brownies, the flat… Wow, just wow. You’re good at this, Charlie, for real.

    Ok, off to DFTBA records!

  • AgirlnamedChewbacca

    So is The Little Mermaid your favorite Disney? 

  • Anonymous

    To be completely honest I don’t know what I’m more excited about, more songs about Doctor Who or the “properly finished music” of yours. I guess the latter. And from Michael’s production, looking forward to hear it for the first time <3
    Also, yay, for the blog posts in here. I enjoy reading these a lot. Can't say that more than your videos, but I just really like reading them. <3

  • Jillie

    yes charlie you are forgiven :) and this i think is a nicely written blog post 

  • Alice Goodenough

    Oh! Also, please come and do a gig or something in Southampton so us little south coastals can come. :)

  • sara jane


  • Judy le

    It’s so nice how thoughtful you are but also how much effort you put in not only to the albums but the videos. I’m sure some of the other fans agree that you should feel any way guilt-ridden.. Also your ‘work’ as you say, is very much appreciated. ;)

  • Melissa U

    I love reading your blogs! They make me feel like I actually know you =)

  • Moondragonness

    That’s okay Charlie, usually it’s worth the wait and, quite frankly, I enjoy listening…or rather, reading, your blog-thing posts. [insert smiley face here]

  • Geórgia (:

    eu te amo, muito, charlie, espero que um dia nós possamos nos casar. hahahahaha’
    gosta de uma brasileira?

  • Cecilia Oehl

    Don’t worry about making us wait Charlie. Things take long because you want to make them good, and in the end it’s worth it. Keep doing what you do ^_^

    Can’t wait to hear this album! You guys have worked so hard on it and I know I’m going to love it! <3

  • Dolly_j28notw

    You are very awesome Charlie!!
    All the people that enjoy watching you and hearing from you are willing to wait for you to make something new(:
    We know you work hard on making it all good and your fans appreciate it!(:
    Love Youuu! And your awesome music:D

  • Holly

    Can’t wait.

  • silvercircuit44

    i love the album artwork! that is just so darn clever!

  • Elise J

    you have no idea how excited i am for this.
    also, i think u shouldve had a song called “Pull to open” (jk lolz, i love u guys,) :) <3

  • Oliver Chettle

    This is a personal blog, not an academic journal.

  • April

    yay i love reading your blog!!

  • M.

    The album artwork is amazing! 

  • g2 the Irish Pianist

    As bummed out as I am that “Doctor What” isn’t going to be on this album, I highly respect your decision not to release it until it gets proper attention.  Props to you, good sir!  Can’t wait for the album!

  • JC

    It’s all cool, Charlie. We understand that you do have other things going on in your life; it’s just nice to know that you are still determined to always present quality work because that is what we love about everything you do.

  • Irina

    Yay, a new blog post!
    I hadn’t ever seen any episode of Doctor Who before I heard Chameleon CIrcuit. And your songs inspired me so much that I started to watch Doctor Who ;)
    I think your music is really good. And I pre-ordered the new album, of course. It must be awesome because you’ve been working on it so hard…
    Thank you for being so cool, like :)
    Greetings from Siberia!

  • Thea

    Hi :) Did Alan do the cover art? It’s amazing :)
    I quite like reading your blog post thingys, but I understand you have to balance your life :)

  • Alexa

    Don’t you dare worry about anything. We all understand that you have a lot on your hands right now and that it may take longer than usual to post/upload/etc everything on every site you stay active on. And, just as a random little side note, ‘maybe’ and ‘yet’ are the two key words that should be listened for when talking to anyone. They can make a big difference between one thing and another. I’m saying this because (yet again) I recently had to see their effects. Not fun my friend, not fun at all.

  • Nicole

    Charlie your so amzing. I found you yesterday on youtube, randomly, and thought you were hot so i clicked on the hello video and i loved it. I have now spent the last 24 hours watching all of your videos. Yes,I need to get a life, but it has givenme a good laugh :) Best of luck to you and your band. I LOVE YOU CHARLIE :)

  • Ciara

    I can’t wait until the album comes out! I already have it pre-ordered and everything! ;). I hope that you do get Doctor What up on Itunes because I really did like the song. The album cover looks really cool! Who made it? We all tottaly get that you can’t always post stuff on here all the time, and no one blames you. Can’t wait until you come out with your next video! :)

  • Robert Taylor

    Am i the only male that watches your shows. Seems likeevery one below is a women. Might need to re think my plan here

  • Gii

    i am so excited  the album to come out! :) i am SO getting it!!!!!

  • Robert Sando


  • Adam Matthews

    Im quite glad, I didn’t really pike the song “doctor what”. No offence


  • Selina

    Ah, don’t worry Charlie we love you just the same. remember “The people that mind don’t matter, and the people that matter don’t mind” hehe sry i had to xD

  • Esmé Beaumont

    it doesn’t matter that you’re not updating as frequently because what you do update is always more awesome than if you’d rushed it :) 

  • Clarissa Day

    finally you posted a blog

  • Kaarina

    The album is amazing i seriously can’t wait for it to come in the post asdfghjkl you guys should all be seriously proud of it :)

  • Ekaterina Boiprav

    Wow, how cool. I want it right now! The album artwork is amazing! Great work everyone! 
    I sure it will be successful album. Good luck, Chameleon Circuit.

  • Caryn

    Hahaa, I like how you said “Maybe being the key word in that science” because me and my friend says that all the time =P
    Aww.. it’s ok we really missed you here but we know how busy you are =D
    Stay awesome.
    PS. I enjoyed the first CC album even though I’ve never watched Dr. Who. Yes, you guys are just THAT GOOD. =D

  • Rosianna

    “I guess it’s our own fault really that Chameleon Circuit is cursed; we
    just had to name our band after the one part of the TARDIS that didn’t
    work properly…”

    at least you didn’t call your band “Rory”, it would have died a thousand times by now.

  • Andi

    Finally I can sleep at night . . .

  • Hayley

    all a can say is YAY! and congrats!! :)

  • Claire

    With an awful lot of reunion videos on YouTube.

  • Vicki Robinson

    Will be Pre-Ordering “Still Got Legs” asap :D..
    You actually got me into Doctor Who so thank you : D

  • Rhianna. But call me Vamp


  • Rhianna. But call me Vamp

    “I guess it’s our own fault really that Chameleon Circuit is cursed; we
    just had to name our band after the one part of the TARDIS that didn’t
    work properly…”

    I lol’d *rofl* Ohhh dear. Well, at least you’ve actually got it finished and whatnot XD

  • Madeleinegs

    This sounds exiciting! Keep up the good work charlie, you make my days a bit lighter :D

  • Your worst nightmare! èoé

    I personally prefered “The Big Bang 2″ to “Doctor what” (even if it was really good too!) so I’m really happy with the final track list. I really can’t wait to listen to this CD!

  • ILoveCharlieMcDonnell<3

    Charlie you are so adorable will you PLEASE possibly do maybe a tour around the UK?<3

  • Nightstargazer1574

    Update your fact sheet dude. Honestly.

  • Guty

    Great job Charlie! Congrats!

  • Abbey

    I love the cover. It is awesome. I love the sexy :)! <3

  • Cece

    Love the album cover it’s pretty awesome! Can’t wait for the album to come out =]

  • nonsensicalrubbish

    write more often please :D

  • Danielaaa

    Woop Woop! I loveee all the Chameleon Circuit songs sooo much! Im so excited to get the album YAY! The album cover looks amazing, I even got my younger brother to come and look at it (He’s a major DW fan) and he thinks its great! Good luck for whats to come next.. xx :)

  • marilia

    Awwwww, i want this album, bat i can’t buy )))))))))))))))))))))))))):

  • NoNamer

    You should make videos more often! I know this is an annoying comment but all of your videos don’t have to be perfect and just if you try really hard doesn’t make them awesome. Your best videos were  the random ones, like video blogs, just talking about your life and stuff that are going on in the world, I don’t know. Don’t try so hard!

  • cheeseballsftw

    Hey Charlie :) , Congrats on (pretty much) wrapping the album! I think you guys deserve something good to happen for you once in a while, and I’ll tell you what that should be… ME buying your highly anticipated second album of blatantly PURE AWESOMENESS :D boy am i looking forward to rocking out in my room to a nice juicy bit of… oh hang on, some geeks playing songs about Doctor Who… oh.
    DO I CARE?! doctor who is my life babeyyy :D

  • Lookslikeiwin

    Your blog proves that my generation CAN have decent grammar. Thank you.

  • Charlotte

    I wish my parents approved of me listening to Trock!! I want this CD so bad!!! D:

  • Mergytuke

    WoW.. it took so much to get that cd done.. hope everything will be okay.. :) well it can not be bad because I think it is clear that You dont bring stuff in public if it is not good.. soo. DONT WORRY EVERYTHING WILL BE OK! 

  • Mergytuke


  • Millie Croom

    NEW album yes EXCITMENT =)

  • Inès Maes

    in case you read or comments just like we read your blog (what we do with a lot of pleasure), I have a question. I loved the previous album and I loved the fact that we could listen to it on youtube. So is it me or can’t we do the same this time? Is it just the little track on the site of DFTBA? I would LOVE to hear more of it!

    a fan from Belgium

  • Niki

    Just saying, I think we all look forward to reading your blogs, Charlie :).

  • love_lovely_laura

    Yay! Lots of cookies for Charlie for updating his blog and putting up awesome videos on youtube! :D

  • Bella

    Good luck on the album’s release, Charlie!!

  • starkid-lover915

    that cover looks sooooo legit.

  • Hello


  • Flavia

    I wanna hear this… cant wait !

  • Sarah

    Oh Charlie, I read this shortly after you first posted it and noticed the people commenting on the typos and things. And I just read it again and noticed that you fixed everything. This makes you all the more endearing, because it is yet another example of how you care so much about doing things right, and it shows that you read all the comments you get, which is so nice.

    People will love whatever you do, Charlie, as long as you keep doing what you love.

  • iloveyou…coolike


  • Ruby

    I don’t know if you’re still doing challenges.. but you should play one of your songs on today’s Google Doodle

  • LBB

    It’s good to have you back and you are very much forgiven for slightly neglecting us on your blog. I always wonder if you get annoyed when your fans insist *cough* demand *cough* that you do or do not do something. Anyway, congratulations for finally getting your second album finished, I’m proud of Chameleon Circuit especially because of the troubles you faced trying to complete it.

  • Marshy

    Love your name. Is it actually your name or are you a HUGE Doctor Who geek?!

  • Anna

    The album cover is my computer background :D All of my friends think I’m nuts!

  • Connie Smith

    Can’t wait for the album :D

  • 조서윤

    My birthday’s coming soon!!!!

  • Hanni

    We missed you, Charlie!

  • Olly

    “So, you know, maybe I’ll make a written comeback now.”

    I’m not sure the word “now” belongs there, I heard “Charlie McDonnell” is synonymous with “procrastinator”. :0 I KID, I KID.

  • Kjersti

    So totally going to boy that album :DDDDD

  • Starshine Shelby

    I can’t wait to get the new CC cd!!! My friends and I love your first songs, which I am currently listening to while procrastinating in summer school as I write this post. (Oops. Haha. Oh well.) I love reading your blogs and watching your youtube channel. :) Don’t ever stop being you, because you are incredible.

  • Karina Pond

    Charlie, don’t ever do this to me again! I’ve been checking your blog almost every day for two months  and getting just as disappointed every time! But heck, now you made my day again^^
    Oh and I pre-ordered the album and a t-shirt a couple of days ago! Yaaay, so excited! 

  • Marta Llamas

    Missed you Charlie! Glad that you’re taking the blog up again :)

  • Jessica

    umm some peps r obbssed w/ charlie… bit weird…. im here by accident. kind of creeped out, though. ya thats all i have to say… no wait, its he-larious that peps r obssed w/ charlie. Plus i bet not half of these peps r 17yet…werid … umm im gonna go and leave charlie’s obbseive fans to obssess now, oops i spelled obssesive wrong, my bad. PS: 4 charlie u do a horrible american accent

    - Jess, FL

  • Peter Nicholson

    I was surprised you didn’t blog about your last video, the amount of planning and effects that must have gone into it. Ah well :)

  • Sharkman102

    Hi :D

  • Natalie

    I’m so glad you did write it i’d almost given up coming to check! I did leave a comment to your procrastination video about you neglecting it and I feel now like I can take credit for you writting again! — even though I have nothing to do with it ;) xx

  • Maiulein

    Yes Charlie, we know that we push you to do things like this, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Anyways, i’m glad that at least you enjoyed writing this one :)… I enjoyed reading it. By the way, poor CC, seriously, something’s wrong with it…..just kidding, it’s just a little bit of bad luck or coincidences, nothing meaningful. That shows how much effort you guys put onto the band to make it work, to let it “still have legs” and keep it walking :P. That’s commitment.
    Well, this is getting to long….i can’t think of any other awkwardless ending for this, sorry lol, goodbye Charlie :D

  • Lindsey Ellis

    I can’t wait to hear it! ♥

  • Blulapis

    I just discovered you, Charlie, and I am so impressed by how talented you are!  I found myself drawn to post here though……….I read some of the comments on your videos,and it must feel like so much pressure! I wonder if you put pressure on yourself, too, to live up to your ideals, and so all of that must be hard.

    I hope you don’t mind a complete stranger making these comments to you.  Please ignore if they don’t fit for you.

    But what I think is impressive is that you’re clearly staying true to yourself and your values, and just having that as a goal is good enough.  There’s no way you could possibly meet the demands of millions of fans, or match your ideals perfectly – just impossible – and I think it’s okay to find your center and make choices from there, letting the rest go.  You’re talented, and you’re human, and both things are just fine.  It’s all good enough.

  • 15oghigiann

    Hey Charlie. I have been a big fan of your blogs and videos for quite some time now. I have been playing the guitar for awhile, and you have inspired me to take up the Ukelele. I was wondering if you had Chords for your song Melody for Melody. If you could post them somewhere I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks for doing what you do, making every day a little bit more special.


  • Iggidbeaux

    I had always liked reading your blog but I get the impresion that you only post when you have something to promote. 

  • lily13

    It’s cool to hear again from you, that’ll be a disstressful thing to do while working all day long on my baccalauréat exam =P
    so thank you!! ;)

  • Catarina

    It´s very nice to have you back here Charlie!!! I love reading you!

  • Emma

    Hey Charlie. As a member of St John Ambulance , can i say you’ve imroved our logo a lot!!

  • Qurahni

    Yay! Charlie updated! I’m bummed doctor what isn’t on the cd :( I really like the song, I catch myself singing it involuntarily sometimes :) the cd will be amazing anyways, I’ll just have to wait. Love you charlie!

  • AnnaBumbleBee

    I hope you think about writing me, you always cheer my day up, but, if you’re in the written format, i can sometimes say i’m reading one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written, and my parents don’t question it =P 

    i’m really, really excited about your new album! With Doctor What, maybe… just maybe it’ll inspire a whole new album altogether! XD I saw Teenage Rebel! I have to admit, i’ve listened to that at least once a week =) whilst doing homework. Hope to see(… and read about?) you soon!

  • Samantha Lynn

    While I love “Doctor What,” I trust you (and the rest of Chameleon Circuit’s) artistic judgement, and if you say it didn’t fit but will be available for download at some point in the future, then I believe you and look forward to it.

    As for writing, just update when you feel like it or have the time.  No pressure.  :)

  • Buubs :)

    You do not get tired of being so beautiful?):

  • Apples

    yaay! i’ve missed u! :D

  • hauntedcrew

    I LOVE THE ALBUM ARTWORK. It’s so gorgeous.

  • Karla

    I really really missed your written posts. And this is not because I’m such a fangirl, but I think you’re truly good at this, so don’t leave us again :( As to the album, I’m sure it makes us all very very excited!!! And the artwork is amazing! OMG I just realised tomorrow is 12th! YAY yaay yaaay :)

  • Bluemonkeys_7

    Wow that’s some pretty amazing artwork! :D You should add me on mario cart wii! lmao I saw that crazy video on youtube yesterday and I want to give you my friend code! i am also a bit of a nerd! lol! But I am only 16. :P My friend code is 1034-2097-1760. lol but then I also live in Canada and there is a time zone difference by what I think is about 5 hours. idk but u rock!

  • Bluemonkeys_7


  • Courtneys2309

    Don’t apologize, man. You have a life. And that is why we love you, because you do such wonderful things and we know that eventually you’ll be back to share them with us. So keep up the awesome, Charlie. 

  • Miss Nerd Pink

    Don´t worry Charlie , we know that you have more live outside of the internet !!!! And I still telling you:We love you Charlie Mcdonnell !!! P.S :a Spanish Girl

  • Ashleigh Dowling

    I absolutely love the artwork, it’s amazing! Sad to hear that Doctor What won’t be on the cd, I always seem to be singing or humming it when no one’s around. But as long as it gets released someday it’s quite alright :)

  • rachel

    I’m really excited to listen to the album! I preordered it and I’m ready to jam to some Doctor Who tunes, man.

  • <3

    Oh my god, reading this blog post is making me tear up a little. You’re growing up, Charlie. :’)

  • friendofhowl

    Appreciate the blog, Charlie.
    Go & have a refreshing glass of lemon juice. . . .

  • Sarah 

    I really hope u continue blogging because u r actually a very good writer and it shows ur youtube audience more about u, which makes ur videos and music seem even more personnal which definately brings u more fans

  • Star

    thanks for posting this ;) whoever reads this HOPE U HAD A GOOD WEEKEND xx

  • guest

    thanks charlie! can’t wait for the new album! :)

  • dualdestiny

    Key word or not, I hope that maybe means that you will. I always enjoy reading this and congratulations on getting the album together! Can’t wait to listen to it =)

  • guesty

    So it’s July 12th already, when do we get those download links?

  • guesty

    never mind, i’m dumb, totally thought it was July 12th and not June today. Could have happened to anyone. Shut up XD

  • Sally Brownjohn

    I was at the listening party on the 3rd and I just wanted to say how impressed I am by Still Got Legs. It’s fantastic, so a big well done to you guys!

    Also sorry for accidentally stalking you and Michael through the tube station…

  • Beckylouisedowning

    Great blog :) Good luck on CC :)

  • Hannah Stevenson

    Your blogs are great Charlie! Good luck with Chameleon Circuit… having better luck :P Beyond excited to get my hands on the new album! Cheers! 

  • AmandaWadsley

    Chuffed that the new album is out on the 12th of July because that’s my Birthday :D! x

  • ninjaplatypus

    I love lemon juice! It’s awesome!

  • Bookworm Leila

    hi charlie good luck and congrats on Still Got Legs the art work is the best!! soo excited to hear it!! and please keep writing blog posts!!!

  • Fr0zenRoses9

    J U L Y 12 !!! J U L Y that like a whole moth away charlie i never dreamed I’d ever say this but i totally hate you right now. i really really can’t wait for the album it looks so good and iv’e been wating forever to buy the big bang 2 and doctor what but i guess ill have to wait a little longer oh well (p.s. i still totally love you ,post more vids please)

  • Brian

    I was wondering when you would update your blog. I knew you were busy working on the Chameleon Circuit album and knew Michael Aranda was stuck in France! Things sometimes have a way of working out for the best, now that you had enough information to write about it in your blog.:D The Glass is Half Full! :) I was wondering, what would you tube be like without Charlieissocoollike? You would truly leave a black hole in the you tube universe! :( Maybe you would be at a college working
    on a undergraduate degree in film directing, theater, or maybe get more serious with your music
    and decide to have a career in the music business. I don’t want to look back on my life and say, I should a would a could have and neither should you. You have to move on someday because these
    are the best years to persue your dreams. You can’t wait until your thirty to get an education unless
    college isn’t your thing. I guess its true growing pains suck, like they say no pain no gain, you can’t
    let the world pass you buy, your you tube audience will move on,  time doesn’t stand still, its always
    in flux, constantly moving.

  • Cibell-resch

    That maybe is always th key word in my  sentences…

  • Isabel Roberts

    LOVE IT <3 Can't wait to get one! (ill get it when it comes out)

  • Madamadness

    It has been a while since you’ve last posted something, but we all have lives (even you Charlie and its good to hear from you ;-) ) so its all cool. Anywho, just wanted to say that im am excited for the album to come out XD <——thats my excited face (incase you wanted to know)

  • Benisurrender

    Ah can’t wait for Doctor What :) I can’t stop listening to it on YouTube it’s amazing :) x well done in everything you have achieved I look up to you :) and you have motivated me to try and do more :) (and buy a ukulele) anyway thanks Charlie :) x

  • Ben Trickey III

    No! Why can’t Doctor What be put on the CD? That’s probably my favorite Chameleon Circuit Song!

  • Anonymous

    You can ignore that advice Charlie, though I’m confident you would anyway. There is no reason why you shouldn’t continue on your current path. You are making a good living, and there is every chance your career will continue to develop well if you work hard. You already have experience, contacts, and possibilities that most people plugging away at creative arts degrees can only dream of. 

    No-one knows the future of YouTube, but I would say you are as secure as any one ever is in the creative industries, which is not very secure, but well, that’s something you just have to cope with as a creative person. Your audience will change, but it already has, while also growing. Your work is improving, and it isn’t hard to imagine half a dozen different ways things could develop successfully, none of which would become more likely if you went to college. Hardly any of the major creative talents of the past went to college, the silly urge to turn everything into an academic course is a modern plague. Just keep trying to improve, and with a little luck here and there you will have a good career for decades to come. 

  • muh

    love your written posts. you atleast have one reader if you keep it up :)

  • Iain Harris

    Woooo! The new album is coming out on my birthday : ] Think that’ll be a present for myself hehe

  • mollyissocoollike :0

    i am a massive fan! MASSIVE i have your ‘this is me’ album and want to buy a ‘i look better in purple’ shirt, along with my friend tilly, but we cant find them anywhere?! :’( also i have just picked up ukulele, and being self taught, as there is NO-ONE who wants to learn ukulele :D i have learned loads of chords and can now play ‘a song about acne’ and learning ‘exterminate regenerate’ although bm confused me,  BUT i was wondering if you could possible upload a few tabs and chords and everything of your songs on your album, because it would make my day, and i would feel honoured that you actualy read my comment! also my friend tilly corbbet has emailed you or something? about doing a equality video on youtube, she has sent loads of people she loves these offers, including gavin creel, and i just want you to do it please :D its literaly just taking a picture of yourself holding  ’equality’ writen on a bit of paper. please it would make her live complete and i would feel so happy to make HER feel so happy!! and we are both massive fans of tim minchin and, your so lucky to have actualy met him!! :D thats all i have to say! have a great day! cant wait for the new album next month!! :D

  • AraTheAlien

    Am I the only person who thought of the Little Mermaid when reading “listening to Kiss The Girl blast at me through a huge pair of speakers”? I was all yay charlie! :D Then I realised you were being sensible and relevant and not that random and in love with Sebastian….But I’m still yay charlie, don’t worry – go on and keep being marvellous with your bear-like qualities….I’ll shush now and leave you to float about in the sea of comments below :P

  • Grant

    Repeat after me Charlie, “Charlieissocoollike is not a computer simulation

    for the aperture science entertainment program!, Charlieissocoollike
    is not a Charlie Bot, Humanoid, or Android!, He is Charlieissocoollike
    aka. Charlie J. McDonnell with over one million subscribers! There is no
    place like you tube!” Now snap out of it! Now tell that crazy alien
    robot lady if she doesn’t stop with her computer mind control, you and “The Doctor” will throw her into a deep black hole in the universe! Congratulations Charlie J. McDonnell on your one million subscribers you deserve it! Charlieissooneinamillionlike! :D

  • Bri

    The ONE part? The TARDIS never works though…

  • Karina

    Great album cover! :)

  • Vika-superb_12

    практически не понимаю английский,но ты крутой

  • Kelsey Carter

    But it always takes the Doctor where he needs to go.

  • Sammy

    I love the name of the album! I honestly didn’t get it at first, but then I remembered when the 10th Doctor just regenerated into the 11th…

    Your music is AMAZING, and makes me even more obsessed with Doctor Who! You have a great vlog which has gotten over a MILLION subscribers and one of the reasons it’s so popular is that you’re so darn talented! In music, video editing, and just talking. Thanks for making these because whenver I see a new video it just makes my day!
    (I love your nerdiness, too! I keep looking at your wall in the backround and pointing out stuff- I especially love the Weeping Angels and Penny Lane :D)

  • Julia

    Hello charlie this is my first time reading your blog and Ive watched you on youtube and Ive loved your music. Ive only got one thing to say and this is pretty much for eveything you have done… AMAZING!!!!!!!! And just remeber we all LOVE you!! XD

  • Lorenzo Pagano

    That album cover really is excellent. Good work guys.

  • Guest

    That logo is the St.Jhon Ambulance logo

  • Anonymous

    Hey Charlie, 
    congratulations on hitting one million subscribers! My whole class, which consists merely of girls, loves your videos and especially your music. We so much want to meet you one day… but unfortunately we’re Austrian and have to take our A-Levels next year, which is why we won’t have any time to travel!Anyway, wish you a nice day :-)

  • Anonymous

    He wrote that he wanted to have more time to work on it because it’s such a good song. :-)

  • Charlottef97

    Heey Charlie!
    I have been watching your videos for some time now and you have really inspired me over the years! I love your stile of music and feel we have that in common as i have loved music all my life and want to persue it as a career! Congrats on the 1 million subscribers as well! it must mean alot to you! I would really like to meet you one day as you are my idol and just really seem like a really nice down to earth person!

    Keep posting! Charlotte fellow YouTuber!

  • Anonymous

    So excited to hear this! Nice job with Chameleon Circuit, and congrats on the 1 million subscribers! You never fail to impress me, Charlie!

  • Dulcimer

    AWESOME. Enough said.

  • Dulcimer

    AWESOME. Enough said.

  • Dulcimer

    AWESOME. Enough said.

  • Serajay


    The album art is awesome, and I can;t wait to hear the music.


  • Elizabeth

    Hey Charlie! 

    I can’t wait to listen to this music!!! 
    I was also wondering if you were going to be at stick aid 2011?! I hope you are!


  • Agnees Love

    ooh, my gosh, you’re the most beautifull man in the world, I`m compleatly in love with you, I’m brazilian, i love you too much, so , I can’t belive you are reading this , please , if you read this pleeease send me an   e-mail, , if you do this will be the most happy day of my live, I  just have 13 years old but I’m compleatly in love with you, I wanna know every thing about you cuz I’m your biggest fan!!!!                                      xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo     I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH!              this is me , ooh, sorry, I’ve forgot, my name is AGNEES and my e-mail :   I<3 YOU

  • Bowsnozzle

    The album art looks amazing! I can’t wait to listen to the album! I love Doctor Who, and I’m hoping I’ll love this album! I’m sure I will. Very excited!

    Oh, and congrats on one million subscribers! 

  • keysy

    I enjoyed this blog post SO MUCH! :D you should definetly do a blog post per vid, it was quite nice when you did.
    PLUS! I preordered Still Got Legs. CAN’T WAIT!

  • Kim chen

    i saw ur video and ur blog in chinese website,hahaha,is my first time to check a strange blog because the video,thank u for teaching us english~

  • Kaitlin

    Heyy Charlie, I am looking for a flat in London, because I want to attend University there. I am not quite set on a school but I know I want to be in London. Do you have any advice or anything about where and where not to live? I would be greatly appreciated, thank you
    (I only ask because none of my friends know anything of the sort about living in London and you obviously do,(I’m moving from Dublin))
    Thanks again!

  • Gracegroovy

    Hey great blog and vlogs, just saw your video last week and managed to work my way through all of them in a week-wooo :) I really want to know what editing software you use( how you do that clone thing )
    GraceIsSoCrazy X

  • M.

    I must say, I actually really enjoy reading your blog. I have been watching your videos for several years now (three..ish, I believe). but it’s only recently that I’ve checked this out as well. Whilst your videos always seem to be really funny, intriguing and brightening one’s day in one way or another, your blog posts feel more.. cosy and personal. These posts tend to include all the details and thoughts which you might have left out of your videos, and I just.. appreciate that you give us (or well, I should speak for me) a chance to do that. 

    I know it’s not very likely (if even possible..) that you read all of these comments, but I do hope the general message gets through. We all love what you do, whether it’s in videos, music or here, and I hope that you’ll continue doing as much as possible of each and every one of the alternatives.

    Yours sincerely,

  • Tom Ankcorn

    you should make lists. just get a whiteboard write all your on-line places (blog, youtube, ect.) on there. Then put the date next to the thing when you last updated it so you will know really quick if one is getting behind? i do it for a level revision because with 5 subjects its easy to neglect some without even realising it.

  • Zoe A.

    Thanks for writing a new blog. I really like reading them, not that I don’t enjoy watching your videos, which I do, your blogs let us in on your thoughts and stuff, and they’re not as thought out necessarily as your videos. Hopefully that makes sense? I guess I like the spontaneity of the blogs.
    *waves* have a nice week, weekend, have a nice everything. 

  • caroline

    hello charlie! I love the first album! it was awesome and so are you. I can’t wait untill the next album comes out so i can get it on itunes and rock out so my brother can walk in the room and look at me like i am stupid. Yay:) You and your friends are great musicians (i have no doubt in my mind that i miss spelled that) and you should keep doing what ur doing… i just wanted to say that. That’s all i have to say about that..and the war in Vietnam. Haha! i stole that from a friend

  • KFBlackBelt

    I watched your YouTube video “One Million Subscribers” and you had the album art on there. It had “Doctor What” and I was wondering which one was accurate, the blog or the video.

  • SaNina Wayland

    Is it strange that I made the album cover of “Still Got Legs” my desktop picture?

  • lillyissosweetlike

    I like reading your blogs because its a creation all your own. And HEY whens YOUR album coming out? OH WAIT! You stopped making your own music :O

  • Pete Heslop

    Was it NSG?

  • SophiaLovesLifex

    Dear Charlie, judging by the song titles this album is a mixture of songs from David Tennant’s last series and Matt Smith’s 1 and a 1/2 series’… are you sure that’s a good idea? :S btw if you don’t like writing blogs then don’t, it’s your life after all :) x

  • RandomCharlieFan

    Does anyone think this is a more private place to give Charlie our thoughts?

  • Stella :)

    you are shwkd

  • Lily

    you are awesome! :D  I thought I was a lesbian my whole life until today when I started watching your videos. Omg you have changed my life.


  • Aileen Ma

    It doesn’t matter to me if you take forever to make a video since right now, I’m in China and youtube is blocked. *headdesk* (but this blog isn’t so that’s fantastic!)

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the new album to come out! The album looks so gorgeous (and pretty, I guess)! I’m excited to hear the new songs and get to hear the official big bang 2 version! (I frackin’ love that song. so much, my family kinda hates me for it.)

    Post more stuff so I can have a Charlie marathon when I get back to the States! Actually, even if you don’t, I’ll still have a Charlie marathon sooooo….yeah.


  • Kassandra Smith =)

    About that caption, on the picture of the album cover: It is DEFFINATELY pretty looking. I WANT IT. It’s …. It’s amazing actually. Kthxbai.

    P.s. Sad that ‘Doctor What’ won’t be on it.

    Now to see how many of the previous comments were exactly like mine. =D

  • Sara

    If I were to come to London within the next year or so, and somehow obtained a way to get in touch with you, would you like to have coffee or something sometime?

  • Aud

    I feel like like a pretty significant portion of Doctor Who fans exist because of you. At least this one does. Thanks.

  • Gurrashpal

    I cannot wait untill this album comes out I LOVE CHAMELEON CIRCUIT

  • Zerita

    So exited for this album!

  • Jack E Allan

    I live in the US and i wouldnt even know about Doctor Who (which is my fav show) without charlie

  • S__

    I dare you to make a video on useless things, that have most likely travelled back in time through some accidental wormhole, and which usefulness has been, or will be proved in the future. E.g.  gloves without fingertips -> touchscreens. :D

  • Piamingkwan

    Congratulations on reaching the finishing stretch of the album production! I can only imagine how much hard work has gone into it. I think you have extraordinary creative and musical potential and it’s been a pleasure watching and reading about you as you grow and develop as a thinker and an artist. I’m in London for a few days and so I wish you the best of luck at a closer range!

  • Caitlin Harbach

    I’ve always been a fan on your music, Charlie. And when I heard about you doing a CD for CC I was very excited! The problem for me at first was that, well, I’ve never watched Doctor Who before  *cue dramatic music and gasp*. So now after watching it with some friends for the first time, who are HUGE Doctor Who fanatics that would constantly be quoting the show and tell funny bits from it that I frankly didn’t quite grasp, well, I love it now! Thank you, Charlie, for bringing out my inner Doctor Who fan! DFTBA! :)

  • ashley :)

      Hi Charlie! :) I hope that you read this, and if you do I’d like to say that this has…nothing to do with your blog post? Sorry.

      But anyway, I want to say that a lot of the girls here would think it, um, AWESOME if you would make some CONTEST or GAME or SOMETHING for a chance to simply have the opportunity to talk to you in real life? It really wouldn’t take that much effort or time, and it would definitely become a big, fun topic really quickly!! I’m sure that it has the chance to be fun for you, too, if you please just give it a chance.

    So pleeeease think about it, make a post about it, and we’ll see what happens!

  • Lucy

    I have pre ordered still got legs can’t wait for the release. Congratulations on hitting a million subscribers and explaining time travel to that million.

  • Tati Gmz K!

    :) In my opinion I think this album is incredible lml
    good luck :D

  • Spadeisms


  • crymsonblue

    Hey Charlie, this isn’t about the post – although I’m sure your new album is terrific! – but about your tweet today.  I’m not on twitter, so I hope it’s okay if I post my comment here.

    First, I think you’re wonderfully talented!  :)  Thank you so much for sharing your work – it’s not only very enjoyable, but I often find it inspiring.

    But I also wanted to say that J.K. Rowling made the world wait YEARS for her books.  I hope you’ll take your time to do what you want to do!  

    I hope you can ignore some of the comments - if I were in your position, I might not even READ the comments (except this one, of course :) while I was working.  It would make me nuts.  You might be better at that though.

    Thanks again for your creativity and artistry and please keep us waiting until you’re ready.

  • bluepine96

    Hey Charlie, Your awesome and Ive got a challenge for you that I hope you will see and like

    I challenge you dress up like your favorite Harry Potter character in honor of the final movie. (If its Ron get a whig, Im not challengeing you to die your hair red again) If you dont like Harry Potter then dress up like your favorite Lord of the Rings character. If you dont like LOTR then dress up like Link (You know who that is. Ocarina of time fans stick together)


  • Jamie Iain

    What’s with the Maltese Cross though?

  • Inès Maes

    3 houres until new album on itunes …
    can’t wait!

  • Heather_batch

    Hello there Charlie, I just came across you video “How to be famous” on youtube and it gave me a good laugh, and also your Magic mars bars one actually made me want to try one (ive never had one?? Never even seen one really) so just wanted to say thanks and keep it up 

  • Julia

    I don’t understand, why is it called “Still Got Legs”? @_@

  • Alli Thomas3

    i love the album:)
    you worked really hard on it, and it is awesome:)

  • Tabitha

    Those were some of Matt Smith’s first words as the Eleventh incarnation of the Doctor. 

  • Tabitha


  • Elliexydiasrobert

    Hello Mr Mcdonnell!!  I was wondering why I was so bored, then I realised you hadn’t done a new video for a while.. Please do one soon!!
    A french fan =)

  • Rachel Van Pamel

    listen to the track “Eleven” on the album

  • Vicki Robinson

    Just want to say, you guys did a fantastic job with “Still Got Legs” it really is a brilliant album :D

  • Denisse

    God! I loovee “Still Got Legs” you guys and Michael have done an amazing job! It is brilliant!! and i’m truly loving it not just because i love doctor who but also it is an awesome record itself! Congrats to everyone! Love u charlie,
    hugs from South America! =)

  • Quentin O’Brian

    Doctor what should have been the first track

  • Tori Tucker

    As I was reading this, I found myself using an English accent.. I guess what I’m trying to say is I love you Charlie!!

  • Anna

    Do you have to buy it from america, because the price is in dollars?

  • Saoirse

    Kiss the Girl is actually a brilliant song!

  • Hannah Wick

    Haha, I have enjoyed that album quite a bit,  the screaming part in “The Sound of Drums” is a bit off putting, however generally it is a great album.  Thanks for making it, and trock on. 

  • The Uruguayan

    kiss the girl makes me want to cry i love it so much.

  • Dominic Quinn

    Loved the album, The Doctor Is Dying sounds much better than the acoustic version did. Excellent work!

  • Jummi

    I’m listening to the album in this very moment and can only agree with the guy you’ve mentioned in your text. This one is really a fantastic album in it’s own right. All you guys and Michael have done an adorable job!
    The songs are all so …. good. :)

  • Sauske

    I’m listening to the album on Alex’s website, and it’s really epic. Way better than your first album. Great job! I love all of them! (: I’m going to convince my mom to let me get the physical CD, just because the album artwork is EPIC. And so are the songs. :D I love it, it’s….. Fantastic. (Ahh, 9th Doctor reference!)

  • the doctor

    Hey charlie! My friends and I are huge fans from America! It’s because of you that we started watching doctor who. We’ve become such big fans that, last week, we added a layer to our tree house, and then painted it like that TARDIS!!!! I put the whole process up on my blog, so if you just “google” TARDIS Tree house, it will be the first blog titled “event horizon”. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m just listening to this now. Every song is bringing joy. Was so worth dipping into my London saving!

  • Rin

    If I wanted to buy it from you guys, would you sign it?

  • Bethany Klick

    This is actually perfect timing for the album release. My birthday is Saturday, and my best friend is getting it for me ;) we’re both Dr. Who obsessed and big fans of you and Alex.

    Listening to the new album on Alex’s page and I’m having a hard time picking favorites XD I think I’m going to have to go with Nightmares or Still Not Ginger though :D

  • amelia brougham (te insane

    loving the new album it is seriously amazing!!!!!! i bought it my friend as a leaving prezzy and ended up keeping it :D yup its that addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lovng it and

    TROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Rosser-Bright

    Very good job, lads! Glad to see it doing well on the iTunes charts!

  • Time_lord_24

    charlie i think the new album rocks ,my favourite song is The Sound Of Drums as it is really emotional and it makes me cry when ever i listen to it ,keep up the good work :) p.s. i really like the variation of “I AM THE DOCTOR” in BIG BANG 2 and 11

  • Sara

    Chameleon Circuit has been added to my list of favorite bands! You guys did great on Still Got Legs ;-)

  • Robin Jane Stewart

    Love this album so much, can’t wait for the next one. *w* the story behind Still got Legs is amazing.

  • Abby

    So, I’m not usually into any type of pop/rock sort of music (I’m more of a classical/orchestral nerd lol) but I listened to a few songs from this soundtrack, and you guys have done an outstanding job! :D I would love to buy this cd, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

  • Benjamin Bartemes

    I had no interest in the first Chameleon Circuit CD because to be honest, other than a few episodes of Tom Baker era Dr. Who, I’ve never been all that interested in the series.  But after watching the latest video on charlieissocoolike describing the album, I decided to just listen to some of the songs and ended up buying the album.  So, I guess what I’m trying to say here is Good Job!

  • Ellis Macaluso

    Hey Charlie
    the album is awsome!!!Who is singing Sound Of Drums? because the voice is different from any other song …is deeper … nickelback style.. which is american, is that Micheal?


  • Michelle Bicknell

    Hey Charlie!
    I loooooooooooove this album! I can’t stop listening to it!! You all just sound so amazing xD
    Thanks for the constant grin! =D

    From Michelle, New Zealand

  • apwald

    If I buy the fisical CD, will you ship it to Israel+ will it have lyrics?

  • mia

    does anyone know the chords to kiss the girl? i really want to learn how to play it

  • Micaa♥

     i love it… it so cool

  • Micaa♥

     i love it! so cool

  • Isabela’S

    Charlie we are missing you =) xx

  • DoctorWhoStar

    I love doctor who and chameleon circuit, but may I make a request for a song?
    A river song song?

    A melody for melody? Lololol

    Love the album I bought the last one off iTunes imma buy the next now!!

  • Aud

    I desperately want to buy these albums, but, unfortunately, I do not watch Doctor Who. This is probably a flaw, and i should start. I feel like I would be utterly confused if I bought the songs. But I still may. Opinions anyone?

  • Beth

    I have listened to your album about four times in a row within the past 24 hours. I genuinely like every single song on the album, and not just because of the wonderful Doctor Who-ness of it, but because it is genuinely good music. :)

  • Rubikscube42

    ‘you can get a physical copy here’.

    What are the downloads made of?  Antimatter?

  • Robert

    You won’t be confused. I’ve never seen an episode of Dr Who in my life and love Still Got Legs. Most songs have interpretations you can relate to, so being a Dr Who fan isn’t necessary. :)

  • Cara Brianne

    Please, never quit making music. I heard people have been telling you to just stick to your normal videos, but I disagree. I’ve been listening to This Is Me and Still Got Legs on repeat for the past few days. Your voice is amazing. My favorites are “Chemical Love” and “A Song About Love”. They’re quite lovely. Never quit, please (:

  • Daisy

    Great album ;)

  • Guest

    YAY i bougt the CD!

  • elisa

    When I read “Kiss the Girl” my mind went straight to Ariel and Eric in a row boat but then I read          ”blast at me through a huge pair of speakers” and I thought it was a rock song but its not, it’s more like a song I would listen to on a nice rainy day-which it is and I’m listening to it-Great song by the way :D

  • Samuel Okun

    I got my copy of Still Got Legs last week.  Even though I’ve never watched an episode of Dr. Who, I can honestly say I love this CD so much it’s been playing pretty much non stop in my car, and the digital download on my PC as well.  Keep up the good work… Also, I will start watching the Dr. on Netflix :)

  • Xxlisa Xx

    Is is in HMV?<3

  • nihaasif

    can i actually buy this album in england? cause everywhere ive looked its from america and i dont want it from america:/ <3

  • charlotte

    LOVE  Chameleon Circuit, Doctor Who, Charlie, Alex, Ed & co., Still got Legs. <33

    <33333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD ALL BUY THIS (:


    i  like    your    albem     go     CHARLI  I LOVE  U 

  • Julia

    it took long enough. it felt like i waited CENTURIES for this album! whatever, at least i know.

  • Kaitlin

    I am getting this CD for Christmas. I have been looking forward to it. I am excited to see that you all have become fine young men and I am proud to see your music develope into great things. Thanks for being you…

  • Leticia_appa

    I want to buy this cd, but as I live in Brazil I don’t know if it is deliveried til here :/

  • Sullifer the Timelord

    What I want to know is who sings which songs and why Liam doesn’t sing more!! He has such a beautiful voice and I love listening to him. More Liam Please!!
    But otherwise, incredible album. Bought it on iTunes as I live in the states. More Songs Soon!!

  • Phil

    I’d want to get this just cos of the album art, even if the music wasn’t awesome (which it is).

  • Lexi

    I really hope you guys put ‘Doctor What’ on iTunes soon – or even just Charlie’s YouTube version. I relate so much to that song and have been listening to it on YouTube for hours now. Please and thank you! <3

  • Kiwigirl2

    I wrote a song about doctor who at band camp :P its pretty timelord :P U GUYS ARE SO GOOD AT SINGING I WANT A CD FOR MY BIRTHDAY EVEN THOUGH I’M AMERICAN!!!!!

  • Daisygrawee

    This is actually epically awsome xD

  • skye

    i luv doctor who and think Matt Smith has been the best of all. but of course, my brother disagrees :P HE thinks David Tennet (sorry for spelling it wrong) is better but whatever we all have our own opinouns.

  • mrs charlie


  • Hope


  • Alyniliana

    Why not just get a girl to sing Doctor What? and say it was from Donna Noble’s perspective?

  • Cohocrules

    I am quite happy to learn that you live in the UK. That is an amazing place. As far as i can tell, that (and America) is where all fairy tales take place. That is pretty cool if you ask me.

  • Jenna marbles

    But who’s Sophie from ” kiss the girl ” ?????

  • TBH

    Jenna: watch the episode The Lodger (5×11 IIRC)

  • Kkhh252010

    eheh you said barstadised

  • Jimin Everdeen

    I’m obsessed! <3 

  • Megpie61298

    Hey, i cant find the album anywhere, i tried the links and the stuff cant be found ;-; I think Im gonna cry, help?

  • Fran

    My gosh… Since I’m not a doctor who fan yet, it was a bit of a shock to me to see the Maltese cross on your cover. But then I found out that it’s actually the tardis :)

  • Antisilence

    Wow I love the album. Probably just because I like finally understanding all the references!:)

  • Eric

    Hey! One problem! I bought Still Got Legs from iTunes, and 4 tracks, namely: The Doctor is Dying, Silence and the end of all …., The Sound of Drums and Still Not Ginger, won’t allow me to play them offline. Why is this??

  • Tara

    It was bryarly, you can find her on YouTube (Charlie’s girlfriend)

  • Deb Alverson

    Coming late to the party and I’d love to get a physical copy of “Still Got Legs”. Is this possible? I can purchase digital if I have to but like having a real CD :-)

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