The Story of the Wardrobe Face

March 9, 2011

It's my face. On a wardrobe.

In a video that I posted about about a month ago, My Crib 2, I made the mistake of mentioning to you all that I had a story to tell, and then decided not to tell you said story – a decision that seems to have left many of you in a state of dire frustration. It’s like when someone tells you that they have a secret, but follows straight afterwards with an oh, I wasn’t supposed to mention that – forget I said anything. It’s always massively maddening, and they’re lying in a sense anyway, because they know that if they really, truly, honestly couldn’t tell you the secret, then they wouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place. And then of course, eventually, they give in and spill the beans anyway, which is exactly what I’m going to do now. So, with all of that in mind, here’s The Story of the Wardrobe Face. But be warned, it really is a bit odd.

It all starts when I was in my early teens (probably) being forced through the ritual of getting your school photos taken. I say forced, but school photos were never really that big of a deal for me. We got to miss first period, I was always pretty ace at pulling the right smile, and unless it was a milestone year for me, my Mum didn’t particularly mind if she received a copy of the photo or not anyway. On that particular year though she decided that, sure, I’d like one of them, and so the photos arrived in due course. The important thing to point out here though is that we didn’t just receive a single photo that particular year, but also a bunch of little, passport photo sized versions of the main photo. Which were all completely useless as actual passport photos, because I was smiling in all of them. But, you know, we bought them, so we kept them.

Months, or possibly years go past. If you haven’t already noticed, I don’t tend to remember the dates of events like this very well, just the events themselves. I was a bit older, not at all wiser, and in the middle of a prank pulling phase – a phase out of which I’ve never really escaped. My Mum was dating a guy called Lee at the time (who’s a jolly nice bloke, I still see him sometimes) and they’d been seeing each other long enough that she had a few pictures of the both of them in her bedroom, and in other areas around the house. And so, seeing pranking opportunities where nobody else would, I decided to cut out all of the passport sized photos of my younger, uniform clad self, and replace any photo including Lee’s face, with my own face. Yes, just like how some kind of insane, serial killer would. It was very creepy, I was very proud of myself, and the reaction from my family was one of confusion, followed by “oh, Charlie” chuckles.

Over time, for no particular reason, one of the the little photos from the prank made it’s rounds around my house. I stuck it to our front door at one point, on the inside just above the handle, so that everybody could leave with a little picture of my head in their, well, heads. It actually stayed there for years, because we completely forgot that it existed for the longest time. However, after rediscovering it later I stuck it to my bedroom wall, and then later still took it on the journey to London, where it now resides. For the most part, I now use it as an aid for framing my videos correctly. And now you know.

Although that story is a bit weird, to be honest, my main reason for not mentioning it in the video was that I just wouldn’t have been able to fit the entire tale in there. I think I kind of needed to put it in a blog post, so that you could all have the freedom to sit back and digest the mad thing that I did. Because it is still a bit weird. But you asked for it, and you’re welcome.

  • Isabel Codá

    Dude, you’re sick. But I loved it. BRILLIANT, CHARLIE! You deserve an award.

  • katie

    that was a really good prank! and it would have been even funnier if you told the story in a video! your so funny charlie <33

  • Samantha

    This is legitimately one of the best stories I’ve ever read. An A+ for you, sir!

  • Jess West

    lol lol lol lol lol lol

    teehee. :) <3

  • Ravenclaw Girl

    not at all weird little crazy though but not at all weird it would be like if i danced in those and there were pictures now that would be crazy

  • Isabelsommer

    haha, Brilliant, Charlie, Brilliant! 

    -a girl from Norway.

  • Franky Hallworth

    lol i can imagen you doing that!!!

  • Josie-Jump

    hahahaaa :D

  • Vicrules

    HAHA your so funny. you should have made a separate video about it :)

  • Awsome Girl

    Love the storry though i wish you made a video about it! XD

  • Lily38

    Aha you are hilarious. :D I am american but i love your accent and your videos always make me laugh

  • Squelzy

    I love how even your WRITING sounds british. Je t’adore <3

  • Gigglingha

    I’m a little jelous that I cant be so creative..

  • Sarah J Watkins

    Wat happened to all the others then if u ended up with just that one left xxxxxxxxx

  • Emma

    Ur amazing

  • Carol Q

    you’re so cute


    That’s an odd but funny/creepy/short story.

  • iloveyoucharlie

    your adorable…yes.

  • Daisygrawee

    You look so much like my friend it’s scary xD

  • Daisygrawee

    It’s a cool adventure for a photo tho xD

  • Animegirlkristen

    Your so cute Charlie…

  • Rabbie

    Haha lol you should make a video of evil Charlie doing this to people or something. I love that idea, I just might steal it!

  • Sue

    This made me giggle more than it probably should have 


    aww was litteraly laughing my head off!!

  • Tillious

    i really like your videos but i should probably stop watching them as i have a huge spanish test tomorrow which i need to revise for!…. oops

  • chicken alfredo

    Hahaha that sounds like something I would do, :D

  • Hi

    The teacher next to my classroom came in and did that with pictures of himself years ago. It’s very… odd.

  • Drt2903

    And now we know. Horray.
    I love you Charlie.

  • Jasminalbakar

    haha xD I think I just got some aps, I cant stop laugh

  • Joy Nakahara

    you should try it again with everyone from chameleon circuit’s face and pace them around your house…in random areas like a milk carton or that one certain area right below the model board above the stairs, just so it would be like, ‘wow. good morning beautiful! *then look down and see a picture of yourself or someone else and giggle.* 

    ….i would so do that. and it would be AWESOME~

  • Cohocrules

    I technically didn’t ask for it, but it was entertaining enough. isn’t it cool to look back at what we do when we are younger. we can’t change the past things that we think that are weird, but we can sure make fun of them to ourselves.

  • Gisella Jeanfany

    hahahahaa… little insane.. but that’s cute.. hahhaa

  • justinbiebersogay

    Hey Charlie! Why you didn’t post anything here during all those 2 years!??? Don be boring!!

  • Timmynarbeth

    “In a video I posted about about”? isn’t there something a tiny bit wrong there?

  • I’m Just an Alpaca.

    Hello, dear Charlie ! ^.__.^

    That was a weird story x) But, you know, we all have a little secret like this one, maybe far, far away in our memory… Well, I think you do pretty well at telling stories and you’re really funny haha :) SO DON’T STOP :D

    Good luck with everything and I’m pretty happy that you’re better now… I think so… I wish so, though… Thank you very much for all, Charlie. Every video you made makes me happy, when I see you. I’m proud of what you are now, you little vanilla cupcake, covered with pink icing, with sparkles and candies, and a red cherry on the top, and stuff x).
    Don’t give up !

    With love,
    Sasha xx

    P.S. I already sent a message to you, and I don’t want to stalk you but… I wish I knew you before you became so famous and busy, so you could read my messages and MAYBE reply… But I understand and I keep believe in your talent and I’m following your public actions, so, yeah… Stay yourself, little pogo, ’cause this is how we discovered and liked you the first time, and from now on ;)

  • Lilerton

    WOW…Cool story bro….

  • AprilLikeTheMonth

    I want to try that! :D

  • sortofweirdo

    My family would do that for so many things. Ducks, toy spiders, the Joker, even my dad’s college roommate.

  • Adriana

    As soon as I saw the photo with its caption I started singing: This is my face, on my head, on my warrrdrobe.

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