The Story of the Wardrobe Face

March 9, 2011

It's my face. On a wardrobe.

In a video that I posted about about a month ago, My Crib 2, I made the mistake of mentioning to you all that I had a story to tell, and then decided not to tell you said story – a decision that seems to have left many of you in a state of dire frustration. It’s like when someone tells you that they have a secret, but follows straight afterwards with an oh, I wasn’t supposed to mention that – forget I said anything. It’s always massively maddening, and they’re lying in a sense anyway, because they know that if they really, truly, honestly couldn’t tell you the secret, then they wouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place. And then of course, eventually, they give in and spill the beans anyway, which is exactly what I’m going to do now. So, with all of that in mind, here’s The Story of the Wardrobe Face. But be warned, it really is a bit odd.

It all starts when I was in my early teens (probably) being forced through the ritual of getting your school photos taken. I say forced, but school photos were never really that big of a deal for me. We got to miss first period, I was always pretty ace at pulling the right smile, and unless it was a milestone year for me, my Mum didn’t particularly mind if she received a copy of the photo or not anyway. On that particular year though she decided that, sure, I’d like one of them, and so the photos arrived in due course. The important thing to point out here though is that we didn’t just receive a single photo that particular year, but also a bunch of little, passport photo sized versions of the main photo. Which were all completely useless as actual passport photos, because I was smiling in all of them. But, you know, we bought them, so we kept them.

Months, or possibly years go past. If you haven’t already noticed, I don’t tend to remember the dates of events like this very well, just the events themselves. I was a bit older, not at all wiser, and in the middle of a prank pulling phase – a phase out of which I’ve never really escaped. My Mum was dating a guy called Lee at the time (who’s a jolly nice bloke, I still see him sometimes) and they’d been seeing each other long enough that she had a few pictures of the both of them in her bedroom, and in other areas around the house. And so, seeing pranking opportunities where nobody else would, I decided to cut out all of the passport sized photos of my younger, uniform clad self, and replace any photo including Lee’s face, with my own face. Yes, just like how some kind of insane, serial killer would. It was very creepy, I was very proud of myself, and the reaction from my family was one of confusion, followed by “oh, Charlie” chuckles.

Over time, for no particular reason, one of the the little photos from the prank made it’s rounds around my house. I stuck it to our front door at one point, on the inside just above the handle, so that everybody could leave with a little picture of my head in their, well, heads. It actually stayed there for years, because we completely forgot that it existed for the longest time. However, after rediscovering it later I stuck it to my bedroom wall, and then later still took it on the journey to London, where it now resides. For the most part, I now use it as an aid for framing my videos correctly. And now you know.

Although that story is a bit weird, to be honest, my main reason for not mentioning it in the video was that I just wouldn’t have been able to fit the entire tale in there. I think I kind of needed to put it in a blog post, so that you could all have the freedom to sit back and digest the mad thing that I did. Because it is still a bit weird. But you asked for it, and you’re welcome.

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  • Hannahismee

    Thanks. I know want to get as far away from your videos as possible, but alas, the internet is everywhere.

  • Ally

    Oh Charlie…your slightly mad, but I guess thats what keeps us viewers interested.

  • Alex

    Haha Brilliant Story!

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  • Petra van den Hoven


  • James Foster

    Over Christmas we had a ‘NOEL’ sign, all the letters were separate, so my dad changed the letters around everyday, my mum had no idea and was getting really freaked out :3

  • Kristen

    You’re crazy. It’s awesome.

  • Katie Mclaren2

    aaah i love you :’)

  • Kirsty Anstee

    wow. haha. i think you should make it a point to keep it and tell this story to your children on day (:

  • Joe Miller

    What an epic tale.

    Charlie, do you think you’ll ever re-record the song you did with Mr. Minchin?

  • Rebecca Edwards

    That’s brilliant! Why have I never thought of that? Actually, my sister got into my room once and put a smiley face sticker over my face in my whole secondary school photo! I didn’t notice for about a week until my boyfriend pointed it out to me!

  • RandomJellybeanz

    Love it! That is a brilliant story :)

  • Rebecca Edwards

    Also, you got to meet Tim Minchin!! I really felt your pain when I realised the microphone was off =( but look on the positive side – you got to meet one of your favourite comedians! That’s pretty awesome =] xxx

  • Caroline Walthinsen

    Well, now I know :-)

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    You are a honest guy

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  • Allison

    At least you didn’t replace your mum’s face with your face….I feel like that’d be slightly creepier. Maybe.

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    OMG hahahahahha!!!

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    that.was.brilliant :D

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    Nice, but that might have been strange seeing pictures of you and your mum EVERYWHERE..

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    Haha that’s really not that weird. Nice to finally know the tale.

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    Thats awesome i have to do this too.
    youre such a creeper charlie.

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    I think I like creepy stories :)

  • JazzRain

    I’ve done tons of stuff like that, so if you’re a little weird and crazy, then I guess I am too? hahah

  • Samantha

    I laughed, reading this entire thing in your voice and drawing out the correct words. Talk about weird.

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    Hahaha, that’s so funny xD

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    You’re my hero, Charlie~

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    I see now.

  • PanicMoon

    i would have loved to have been in your family while growing up…i did stupid stuff like that all the time and my Mam just constantly seemed irritated and concerned for my well being. My Mam always made a point about giving EVERYONE in my family a school photo, which is really embarrassing when you can tell the uncle you haven’t seen for three years couldn’t give a toss about what you look like in a school uniform :)

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    “Charlie, the Storyteller” Sounds fun^^- You’re AMAZING!! <3

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    That’s a brilliant story.

  • Laura Rigby (:

    Wow, your cool :’)

  • amanda

    i can’t say it’s creepy cause i did the same thing. also i read this in your voice. i suppose that’s creepy

  • Meghan Brianna Richards

    I find it hilarious how had anyone else done this it would have been considered “weird”. Charlie does it, and it’s “brilliant” haha. I think it amusing to imagine no matter, along with being both weird and maybee a bit clever. :)

  • Delorfinde Telcontar

    Firstly, I read this while listening to “Journey’s End”. Secondly, you said “one of the the little photos from the prank made it’s rounds around my house” when it should have been “its”, and because I’m a grammar pedant, I’m going to point that out. And thirdly … I’m going to shut up now ;)

  • Eline Hulspas

    That was the most awesome story i’ve ever read! :)

  • Caitlin.

    What a lovely wee story :) I want to do that now butt instead replace my sister’s faces with mine. So then it’s all just me and my parents. That would be awesome. (it is just me and the parents IRL due to the siters leavign home)

  •!/doctorscmpanion TheDoctorsCompanion

    Oh Charlie. >.<
    …That's a pretty good idea, actually. I might have to do that :)

  • Eline Hulspas

    That was the most awesome story i’ve ever read! :)

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    loool im so doing that!! :) <3

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    lol cool story! I thought it was weirder.

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    Sooo weird. Oedipus-style story



  • Sophie Worgan

    Nope i also read it in his voice :) you’re not alone in that

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    really phsyco charlie .__. hahahahaha but it’s a cool story ♥

  • Wee Mad Tube

    Your amazing !

  • Matthew Vickers

    Ah now i know what to do with the little passport size pictures i got from school, where just like you i can not use them so they just linger around my room

  • Robin cleary

    i went through a prank pulling phase, i made every picture in my house squify because my mum hates squify pictures, oh the hilarity

  • Islabojkova

    I…I have no clue why or.. what

  • Jared Peters

    I agree, it is truly weird.

  • TheSophMB

    So all families have this kind of “insider-story” which keeps the family-life alive :) Thanks for sharing though!

  • Sofia Blixt

    Some pointless fact: Odd is a name in Sweden :D

  • Amber

    Just imagine waking up to find that the faces in all your photos had been replaced…

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    Epic Face-Replaced?

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    that is so funny *D

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    how did you came up to this? ;D

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    This is hilarious!

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    OMG hahaha <3 , well now that explains it all :D

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    What encouraged you to make the spur of the moment decision to Replace all of that guys photos with your own??? Or were you just THAT bored?

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    oedipus complex, anyone?

  • Marie Helle

    :D LOVE IT! I wish I had such a prank-tale…

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    That was….yeah o_O I can understand why you didn’t want to tell it xD

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    I think that prank is hilarious :D

  • Moow.

    I was watching the Crib-video just yesterday, saying to my best friend that I NEEDED TO KNOW THAT STORY. thanks so much :D I can sleep now!

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    *cough cough* Oedipus complex *cough cough* :D
    Oh,Charlie, you lovely boy!

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    So you’ve always had too much extra time? ;)

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    Thank you Charlie! ;D

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    Oh charlie :’) You do make me chuckle

  • Angela Lott

    That is great! I find stuff in my house like that all the time. People ask me where I got something and I can tell them is that I found it in my house. :) Thanks for sharing.

  • Charlie Hill

    who read this in their heads with charlie’s voice? xD

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    Haha! That’s amazing :) I wish I had thought to do that when I was younger

  • Natalie :P

    I don’t think it’s weird at all…..but that’s probably because I am a very weird person! Thank you for finally sharing the story of your face!

  • Well what can I say…

    I read his blogs with Charlie’s voice in my head….. Is that weird :L
    The prank is Epic though I wish my life was as interesting as yours xx

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    you are still the nicest guy in the world i love u plz do another serve for a video!!!??

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    Haha, you’re so weird, but it works for you.

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    plz follow my twitter account??? i love u!!

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    Awww, not that weird.. I am weird, so.. from my point of view it was a pretty funny prank xD

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    why am i weird??? :@

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    HAHA love this

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    Lmfao oh gawdd. That sounds like something I’d do.

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    oh ok…

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    love u charlie xoxo!!!

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    :L that is one cool story. :D

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    Lmao… I wouldn’t want to wake up with the image of my face on the wardrobe :P x

  • Well what can I say…

    Am I weird for reading this blog in Charlie’s voice because my friends say I am :L
    I <3 Charlie ( A bit too much sometimes :') )

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    Haha what a sexy tale any others??

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    Haha thank you for sharing, Charlie. Till next time. :)

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    so funny, i’m happy you shared!

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    aahh finally, so glad we know now XD

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    hilarious! though i thought it was a little wierd anyway love the picture :D

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    You’re right. That is a bit weird. A bit weird indeed.

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    Insane serial Killer *chuckle*

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    Of course, this now needs to be turned into a meme like Terrifying!Pertwee

  • Maiu :D

    Sorry charlie, but that’s not wierd, actualy it sounds like something i would do too……well but that’s just me; there are many people that think i’m a little bit wierd…. even my mother (who is worried about it). Ok, maybe it is a bit wierd …. but it’s funny :D, cool story charlie!

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    Anytime I read something you’ve posted, I read it with your voice in my head. It’s quite amusing.

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    haha awesome story Charlie! thank you :)

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    Not that weird Charlie. But I lol’d at the insane killer comment. Haha

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    Oh, my gosh! Me, too!

  • Femke

    awesome! I love the story haha =)

  • Olive

    My friend and I did that, except we replaced all the photos in her main hallway with pictures of Megan Fox because her dad called Megan Fox “hot” one time. Just a joke. It was fun because her parents didn’t notice for two days :P

  • Vic

    Ahaha, that was quite a weird yet wonderful story to digest – MY FAVOURITE KIND!
    ps. charlie, you’re very eloquent on screen and in written text. i love reading written text with full punctuation and no spelling errors (is that weird?)

  • Alex Palacio

    Oh my god! So do I. Haha.

  • HelloImAwesome

    Hahahahahaha! That was so genius! – I think I will try the same thing as you did. Now .. where did I left my passport photos?

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    I should really learn to prioritize my time better – I should have been reading up on stuff for tomorrow at the university and in stead I’m reading Charlie blogs… can’t be good :p

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    Yeah, you’re right. That is a bit odd. :P

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    …That’s something I would have done if given half a chance.

  • Rachel

    You are amazing.
    There is a misplace apostrophe there, but I still love you.
    Even if something belongs to , you still write it as without an apostrophe.
    But Charlie is lovely and amazing.

  • Kennyjmcdaid

    wow…that story is so pointless but thats cus it did annoy me wen ya said ur not goin to tell us in the video :) THANK YOU CHARLIE :Dcaps for the craic :P

  • Ashby

    I like the reference to the serial killer, it made me crack up. And that was a little odd, just think about it; “Yeah, nice guy I just felt like replacing his face with mine ;D” – That’s so creeper.

  • Anonymous

    You would expect a story like this in a good children’s book (you know, with a rascal (is that the right word?) as main character who is funny but also very kindly.. I loved such books :)
    And you are very good for my english vocabs! I learned a lot by reading your texts and watching you videos (but maybe my English is more terrible than I thought, than just ignore the last sentence).
    And one last thing: When you think of England, you think of Gentlemen who are intelligent and kindly and very polite, all these things.. and I always think of you, like a modern version of this Gentlemen ;)

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    my mom thinks you are cute

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    you are awesome

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    I read a couple of things you wrote, and I find them excellent, really funny. I hope to meet you one day, Charlie McDonnell. Greetings from Argentina:)! Myrna.

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    Haha, brilliant story! It’s so much fun doing something mischievous ;)

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    That was the epic tale of Charlies Little Wardrobe Photo.

  • Maisie Gilbert-Rolfe

    That was… weird…

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    Yes, this is kinda weird, but funny xD

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    hahaha so funny xD

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    My family hides my sisters old id card round the house and whoever finds it, moves it.

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    ‘OH, Charlie’…… ^_^ DO you GET it?!?!

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    I could more easily understand you replacing the face if you didn’t like your mom’s boyfriend, the fact that you like him makes it more whacky and amusing!

  • Abby Sosna

    It’s nice to know that there are others out there who dedicate time to tedious little projects such as this simply for fun and personal satisfaction :)

  • jozxyqk13

    after the weeping angels episode of dr who last year my housemates and i ended up playing this game where you moved one of the wooden giraffes from the lounge so that people would enter/leave a room/sit on the loo/wake up and be greeted by a giraffe staring at you…

    yay creepy fun.

  • KirstenPwns

    Well then, that was a neat little story.
    I’m sure we all have a few of them.

    PS – You’re awfully good at writing :)

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    I was wondering what was up with the photo too, but I didn’t expect that lol
    Oh Charlie, you’re too funny :)

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    Charlie you just made my whole entire birthday! your hilarious.. :)

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    That’s not weird at all, Charlie. Just funny. We do things like this all the time in my house. :)

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    you are so cool just as i expected! :D

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    Hahahaha I still have a million of my little passport-sized school photos. You were more creative than me in finding a purpose for them lol.

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    I want a wardrobe face too !!!

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    I don’t think it’s as creepy as you think it is…at least, I was laughing the whole time while reading it.

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    Oh Charlie.

  • dualdestiny

    Thank you for following through on a promise. And to be fair I don’t think it’s all that weird. Maybe the bits where you put it on your mother’s boyfriend’s face, so it might’ve looked like she was dating you, but regardless.

    How exactly do you use it to properly frame your videos?

  • Jan

    you’re not allowed to smile in your passport photos?

  • Tian

    you are? they dont allow it in most places…

  • Natalie

    No your not allowed to smile, have a fringe/ bangs and you have to be a certain size

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    I think I just had a heart attack.
    He said jolly nice bloke.

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    Well that’s poo. I asked the lady who took I and she said I could..

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    Haha that isn’t nearly as weird as a few stories I have. Like the peanutbutter and condoms story. . .

    Eh? Did I just win?

    I think soo!

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    haha thank you for posting this story :) its funny and wierd, yet entertaining as always :P

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    Happy Birthday [insert name here]. Congratulations on living another year.

  • Jennifer Clark

    My GERM-X has a little holepunch protector thingy that reads ‘C—- wuz here’ stuck to the top of the dispenser. Unfortunately I failed to notice this little memento until after C—- had graduated from my class, so I never got a chance to correct his spelling. :(

    See? It’s like faces being stuck to doorknobs, only the faces are tiny notes, and the doorknobs are ethanol disinfectant dispensers, and there’s really nothing in common at all other than LOOK AT ME I AM POSTING A COMMENT ON CHARLIE’S BLOG.

  • Allison Villaizán :D

    lol, you are too funny Charlie :D

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    See? That wasn’t hard. It was very entertaining.

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  • Molly

    I do love your story. I was wondering if you would read the last chapter of the American Classic, There Eyes Are Watching God in a video. No it’s not religious. But my English teacher is so dry when she reads it, and we’re almost finished the book. I don’t think there would be a better was to end it, than to have you read it.

  • iwannagotolondon

    Thank you for sharing your story charlie!!! :) That sounds like something i would do but instead i use suze ormans face!- scares people more.. Once i cut out a lifesize picture of her face and put in on the bottom of the toilet seat cover. so when my brother lifted it up, suze would be staring him right you know where! you should try it sometime! (putting the picture there, not actually staring at someone…)

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    Charlie, you are adorable. Also, yes this was quite amusing. :)

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    My god that seriously is just the funniest weirdest thing I’ve heard all day. Although I have done much worse.

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    I have been waiting the whole time since you published the video for you to tell us about that… and I am finally satisfied…

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    That’s is the most adorable and amusing story I have ever heard. Just made my day. (:

  • Kayla

    That is the most adorable and amusing story I have ever heard. Just made my day. (:

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    To be perfectly honest I completely forgot about it!! So seeing and reading this was like a little cherry on top of my perfect ice-cream day :) thanks!!

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    thanks for sharing that. I never saw THAT story coming.

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    No-one would’ve cared if telling that story made your video “too long.” In fact, I doubt people actually care about whether or not your videos are really morally sound either, which you seemed to be concerned with in your last blog post. I would rather get more personal vloggish videos (like Alex’s) than just one video every fortnight. Not that you read these comments anyway.

  • Izzyduzit00

    i think what makes you different from most guys is that you are very thorough and communicative in your videos. Most people would say, “yeah, that’s me there” and leave it at that, but you have an entire story about a single picture which you could easily have made a video about. It seems to me you could do interesting vlogs with ease if you tried rather than 3-4 minute skits. Your alot more interesting than most and your wide audience is intersested.

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    It’s not that weird really,I have seen weirder, come on Charlieissocoollike, fan girls want weirder.

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    thats pretty random but still awesome and hilarious it would’nt surprise me if my brother did something like that =]

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    I would love one of those stuck to my front door too. lol

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  • Ali

    sounds like you do the right things in life: confusing people and forgetting a lot! :D just like me.

  • Surfing_rockz

    I think you seem pretty cool, however, I was wondering why you type and use words as if you’re American? (such as period instead of lesson, dating etc), when you’re definitely English. I know a lot of American people watch you, but I think you should embrace your ‘Englishness’. After all, one of your first videos was about how to be English…

  • FoxesPlayingBanjos

    We do say periods instead of lessons here… Oh… And hey, Charlie! My cousin is a friend of your brother’s, or he’s a friend of a girlfriend, but whatever, I know you by association! :D

  • Lucie

    Kind if needed? Oh, Charlie *chuckles*.

  • Maxxraiff

    lol lol lol…LQ LQ LQ

  • Brianne

    my family and i did this too!! we would find old pictures, cut out the face, and put them on other pictures or around the house and see who would find it first, haha you’re not weird ;) unless i am for doing that too….. haha

  • Lulu

    its not that wierd haha
    you should have told the story in your video, we don’t mind long videos :P X

  • Sani Evans

    Haha, funny ^
    It reminds me of that picture of all DW cast wearing Master’s faces from behind the scenes of “The End of Time”

  • Saskia

    A few months ago, I had the excellent idea to go around my flatmate’s room putting pictures of SuBo’s face on every face in her room. Not just a particular member of her family, but every member of her family, and the various postcards and CD covers. This was not the entire flat, but her small, fairly cramped room. It wasn’t until we stepped back that we realised how creepy it was to have over a hundred versions of SuBo staring back at us.

    My flatmate saw it and burst into tears. Fail.

  • Eli

    Lessons are called periods in secondary school in England, it’s just a thing that must have hopped across the pond and entered our common use language (:

  • Susie

    My flatmates and I did a similar thing to another flatmate, but with pictures of Susan Boyle. It took over an hour to cover her room, and she’s still finding them to this day. She wasn’t happy.

  • Nelly Shevchenko

    I liked that part in the end, where you say that helps you to frame the video. very practical! )

  • Brian

    The Prank, The Scissors & The Wardrobe! by Charlieissolionlike! :) No it wasn’t a Oedipus Complex! Since your the oldest sibling in your family, you probably felt you were the man of the
    house! Since your the oldest your Mom probably relied on you more to take care of your sister and brother when they were little. Most of the time a parent will favor the oldest or the youngest child for different reasons. Maybe because you were used to being the center of attention maybe you felt insecure at the time because your mother’s relationship with Lee was getting serious! You acted out by cutting out pictures of your face and replacing Lee’s face in photo’s with yours! You liked Lee but maybe you weren’t ready for a father figure or willing to share your mothers love or attention with anyone at the time. My Parents had six kids and I was second to the last!
    My mother favored my oldest brother and my father favored my oldest sister which made me very independent as kid! My mother made me take care of my sister who was the baby of the family! When my oldest siblings moved out or got married, me and my baby sister finally got the full attention we always wanted but something had changed we didn’t need it as much! Your mother is great and I hope she finds someone when your sister and brother are on their own!
    One thing I love about you is your so open and honest about everything! Your not weird! Your
    Charlieissohonestlike! :)

  • Georgie

    I think I’m in love with you.

  • Kai Stevens

    Ha I said “oh Charlie” and laughed to be for I read what you did lol I just knew that was coming as soon as you said there were pictures of him :)

  • James MA Bowling

    Im glad I follow you on twitter, because on twitter I found the link to this blog post.
    I watch all you videos but on the one you mentioned this I always wanted to know the strory so thanks for telling us all.

  • Alewawa

    You’re odd. I love you.

    200th comment. I feel special.

  • Hannahs_a_man

    I did the same thing.
    Only I did it with pictures of old mens faces cut out from newspapers and stuck them all over my sixth form room. Including the kettle. He keeps it safe from noodles.

    I think we know who the real psychopath here is…

  • Patricia Andrea


  • Meems386

    Is it weird that while I read this, I whispered it to myself in a British accent?

  • Claudia Ciotti

    Nice story! LOL!
    I love how you include your british slang in your story! :) <3

  • Pietra

    Wow. This story is kind of weird, but nothing compares to these comments. Really.

  • Caitlin Soprano

    That is brilliant!!!

  • Albthy

    Adorei a historia :)

  • Samantha Justine

    I actually have the same photo of my face cut out and was placed over a picture of a small doll… but it wasn’t me who did it, it was my brother… -_____- hmmmm should take a picture of it sometime… :P

  • Shortymel2

    over-analyzing a bit too much perhaps?? guys just pull pranks, its what they do.
    &waayy too many exclamations points, dude! gives it a weird sound… hahaha

  • Brian

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  • Cyberwoman

    LOL! That’s not a weird story Charlie. Well… not compared to some stories I could tell. I would love to start YouTubeing myself, but don’t know where to start, I’m afraid I’d bore people and nobody would watch them. What’s the secret to your success?

  • JellieDink

    We’re reading Hamlet at the moment so this sounds so much like creepy Oedipus Complex Charlie.

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  • annie kressel :)

    story of my life.
    Actually. I put a picture of my face on the door to the garage so that everyone will leave with my face in their minds. It helps everyone get through the day :) We are so much alike! Twinsies! It’s like the parent trap! You’re in england and I’m in california!

  • annie kressel

    except actualy i’m not in california so nevermind. hahaha

  • Courtneyjayneryan

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  • Leticia Alonso

    first: you’re really weird
    second: I love it! haha
    third: and if you’d like to send me a picture of your face in a reduced size for passport, i wouldn’t mind a bit to fix it on my wardrobe hahaha

  • Amanda

    Oh, Charlie. *Chuckles*
    Haha, anyway! This was really funny. Weird? A bit, but whatever. Weird is a good thing. :)

  • Nat

    i kinda did something similar with the body of my mom’s favourite singer. i drew little penises in all his albums… my poor mom never said a word, i love her.

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  • Leah :D

    Make a YouTube video called ‘The passport sized photo’ ! At least let your school boy-self star in his own video :-)

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    Hi Charlie!
    My name is Emma and I am from the magical world of Richmond, Virginia (USA). I have never left you a comment before because I am forbid from creating a YouTube account. I just wanted to say that I love you videos and look forward to seeing a new one. Please reply some how (maybe via video). Thank you for you time (I know you are probably very busy).

    Btw: We have the same phone!!!
    Gooo Apple!!!
    (could not survive without my IPhone 4- actually on it right now)

  • BoredGirl

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  • Abby

    Hey Charlie!! I’m from Rhode Island (USA) and I just love your videos!!! I could never comment on your vids though I am forbid to make a youtube acount and I would never know what to talk about! I would just like to say that your awesome and brilliant and keep doing what your doing because …well your just amazing! all my friends love you too!!!! thanks for you time, I know your extremely busy!!! – Abby from RI

  • Lou :P

    Hummm interesting! I thought that you have cut your picture only to stick it in other people´s bodies in magazines or sthg like that…but not, was just to replace ALL the pics of your house!

    Oh Charlie, you r unbelievable :P… First time that I´m writing a comment n your page :O
    My best friend told me about your youtube vdeos years ago (stlproducciones on youtube)
    I watched all …”so cool” …Also “My american accent” was a huge success in my 2010 X-mas dinner ..yeahhh creepy…but i´m not a stalker…only wanted to share that A-M-A-Z-I-N-G & funny video with my mates…
    Humm sorry for not having a “proper” english, of course I´m not from England…I´m from faaaaar faaaar away not Wonderland but close lol …Uruguay…a small coutry between Argentina & Brazil (I hate having to explain this over and over again..but I dunno how ir your geography) :P

    Well….I wrote too much…

    Jajaja sos todo un caso!!

  • Lourdes Blanco

    Oh dear! :( My internet sucks! Face account : Lourdes Blanco…


  • Lourdes Blanco

    Hummm interesting! I thought that you have cut your picture only to stick it in other people´s bodies in magazines or sthg like that…but not, was just to replace ALL the pics of your house!

    Oh Charlie, you r unbelievable :P… First time that I´m writing a comment n your page :O
    My best friend told me about your youtube vdeos years ago (stlproducciones on youtube)
    I watched all …”so cool” …Also “My american accent” was a huge success in my 2010 X-mas dinner ..yeahhh creepy…but i´m not a stalker…only wanted to share that A-M-A-Z-I-N-G & funny video with my mates…
    Humm sorry for not having a “proper” english, of course I´m not from England…I´m from faaaaar faaaar away not Wonderland but close lol …Uruguay…a small coutry between Argentina & Brazil (I hate having to explain this over and over again..but I dunno how ir your geography) :P

    Well….I wrote too much…

    Jajaja sos todo un caso!!

  • kaylaissocoollike

    I would do somethinglike this… In fact. I have…

  • Flora17

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    YOU LOOK LIKE YOU COULD USE SOME BEEF STEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I’m so glad I am not crazy when I thought the picture had moved! (if that made any sense. I hope it did.) Thanks Charlie for keeping me sane through the last few weeks of my college semester!!!!

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    Mystery solved. although i wasn’t one of the people who wanted you to tell the story in case it wa boring, and i am glad that you didn’t waste such an unimportant thing asa challenge, because i fear you only need about 4 challenges to go. ahhhhhhhh. i love your challenges (:
    Hugs from Germany

    Ps: i think i might have crush on you, i would tell you in person, but unfortunatly i don’t have the pleasure to live near you :(

  • Cibell

    And YES, cibell is my real name.

  • Darcynussey

    Hello Charlie!
    Im 17, and a Dr Who fan like you, im still adjusting to Matt Smith (I loved David Tennant) so I was hoping that when the new series begins, that you could do a video stating your thoughts? Hopefully im not the only fan who is still in the adjustment faze!
    Anyway, this comment isn’t entirely pointless; I have a suggestion for the Comic Relief Fail video! As you maybe able to tell in a moment, im not the greatest with computers – although I am managing to get through A-Level IT. So my idea was, could you record yourself singing the vocals and possibly get in touch with Comic Relief via the email address you previously contacted them on, asking if they could ask/beg/plead for Tim Minchin to rerecord his own vocals and email them to you, and then somehow combine the video and the audio? I don’t know if you’re rolling your eyes… or perhaps banging your head on a desk right now but hey, its just an idea! :D
    Hope you’re well and will be looking forwards to your next video
    Ps. I know this has nothing to do with the Wardrobe story, but clearly it is too long to post as a challenge Charlie and I didn’t know how else to get in touch!

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  • *~Sophie~*

    Ha ha! That’s the funniest/weirdest prank ever lol! Our family do a similar sort of thing, except we attach pegs to each other and hide them around the house… I suppose they’re not really that similar but, yeah… :¬D

  • Kendall <3

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    LOLOLOL that’s not weird! Ok a little… but I’d totally do that for a laugh!

  • Halley

    Sorry if this is irrelevant (which it is).
    So I don’t know if they have this in UK schools, but in the US, whenever we go on the internet, there are some sites that are blocked. Like Google Images and YouTube (and all of the other fun sites). But, I am glad to announce, YOUR site is one of the good ones that has slipped under the radar. We now have a fun way to pass time at school. :) Thank you!!

  • Ashley

    I don’t get how you suppose to be different from other “celebrities” if you barely look at the comments and NEVER reply them… Maybe you’re too busy pretending you’re someone else, someone who actually care about what people say (:

  • Erica Putze

    Oh the pranks that await for you when you get a girlfriend. However, hopefully any face photo cutting be initiated by your family instead of a serial-killing-deranged-teen-fan-girl.

  • Taz

    Irrelevant comment about This Is Me which I got as a very late birthday present yesterday: It’s bloody amazing. Kudos to you Charlie :) That is all.

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    Ha! Cute story Charlie. Don’t worry, everyone goes through an “insane serial-killer-like stage”. Perfectly normal, right? Or at the very least period of oddity durring their adolescent years. Anyways, at least your mini face is of some use to you now.

  • LaurenParadis_111

    Good use of those annoying mini-pictures. I’ll keep that in mind ;p

  • WingedRivers

    XD It’s not all that odd, it’s quite an endearing story!

  • Stevie :)

    Thanks a lot for mentioning the face charlie, now every time i watch one of your videos I just keep staring at it -.- <3
    PS: I am sooo going to do that now. Stick little pictures of my face like everywhere. and i mean EVERYWHERE. fun times :)

  • stevie :)

    Ahh, angry rant alert D: lighten upppp, he does have a life ya know. It’d take him like a year to read every single one of his comments… hes 21, maybe a bit older, he has other things to do with his time, methinks.

  • stevie :)

    yeaah the uk have that too, and its extremely annoying ;) i suggest you add this to your favourites on the school computors so that if its blocked you can still view it ;) magicccc… but why the hell is Google images blocked? Thats rather strange :L

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    thanks charlie man thats a relefe now i no there will be not sleeplessnight love u x night

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    Oh, Charlie. Silly Charlie. This is why we love you. You’re so adorkable- which is, in fact, a wonderful thing. I can’t see you as being shy, even though you’ve said you are! Then again, I don’t actually know you… Anyway. This may seem off topic and just weird, but I really love your accent. And yes, I’m sure you hear that all the time, but it’s true. I’m an American girl that just happens to really be fascinated by accents. And I was wondering- Are you all over there in England just as in love with our accents as we are with yours?


    LOL I love you :D



  • MonikaTanaka

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  • cucumber shoes

    oh how many times i have wished i had enough photos to stick to every picture in the house. Now i wish it even more.

  • Becky

    Just thought I’d casually pop by to say:
    me and my friends lovee you! keep doing what you do pleaase!…;)

  • Teighlor

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  • Katy Stegosaurus

    You need a tiny sticker of a wardrobe to stick on your actual face. A beautiful dichotomy.

  • Meg!

    Ahhh charlie i think you are really cool! when ever im sad i watch your videos to cheer me up! but sadly i just wasted a hour and a half watching your videos! oh well :)

  • Help a good cause!

    Hi Charlie,
    After hearing about your videos by a friend, I’ve done a little of research, and I realized that you are famous in many countries, which is really interesting for one of my projects.
    I am actually working on a project of “silent wish” in my school (sorry for my horrible english, my first language is french… in french, what I’m trying to say is called a “voeu du silence”). We (the members who are organizing that event) won’t talk for 15 hours to represent the 15 countries that are in revolution in North Africa and in the middle West of Asia. I really hope that you know what I’m talking about, even if my english is the most terrible thing you’ve ever seen.
    I am in charge of everything that is related to the promotion of this project.
    I would like you to make a video to promote my project, so it won’t only be at my school, but all around the world! It would be a great way to incite people to participate.
    Also, it would be awesome if you could do the silent wish too, and make a video of it! That way, people who watch your videos will more be aware of what’s happening in the world, and will know that some of those revolutionary countries need help.
    I didn’t knew any other way to contact you other than your blog, and I really hope that my comment will not be only one of the 173684187623871545 comments you get everyday, because this project is really important for me.
    If you are interested to participate, you can write me on the msn of the project: , or if you didn’t understood what I’m trying to say, I can write you another e-mail in french and you could google-translate it (I tried, but I didn’t thought it was better than what I can write by myself… but if you don’t understand, we can try it).
    Thanking you in advance!

  • Rachiiroo_01

    for a Charlie Challenge you should dress up as all eleven doctors, in celebration of the fast (or in my case slow) approaching new season of doctor who.

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    supporrei quasi che tu sia egocentrico oppure …
    …per eccesso, Narcisista! ..potresti addiruttura essere, il nuovo HannibAl Lecter huahuu
    complimenti , poichè ,hai ancora la reliquia del tuo ”fatto il misfatto” (termine della mappa del maladrino <—- Harry Potter)

  • Anonymous

    Charlie, you’re kind of a nerd, if you don’t mind my saying. That’s really weird. Also, why do you still talk to your mom’s ex-boyfriend? I mean, sure, I still talk to my sister’s, but I wouldn’t still talk to my mom’s. That’s just weird.


  • Eve ƁƠƝƘЄƦƧ Ozouf

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    Just thought you should know.

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    Stop saying it’s awful :D

  • Help a good cause!

    When I write, it’s not that bad, but when I talk… It’s the apocalypse.
    But thanks :) I hope that Charlie will understand (if he takes the time to read…)

  • Rocks_YourSocks

    Serial Killer….wow….everyone totally ignores THAT part…

  • Boogie

    I discovered that my flatmate had read this blog post when I opened my cupboard in the morning, and there was a little charlie face stuck to EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the cupboard. The nutter had spent three hours cutting, sticking and sellotaping charlie faces to my baked beans.

    Personally, I’m a bit worried about her mental state. Just as much as I am about yours, in fact… putting your face over your mum’s boyfriend’s face?! WWFS*?!

    *what would Freud say

  • zeynep irem

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  • Jael

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  • Jolie

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  • Neru Botacochina

    not offend at all, but did you use drugs at that time, dude? XD

  • Maddie Valley

    in second grade my parents somehow accidentally ordered hundreds of copies of my school picture, in every possible size–the smallest of which was, for some reason, stickers? i’m not sure why there even WAS an option to order pictures of your eight year old child’s face, but there it is… and i found one the other week stuck to the side of my bookshelf.

  • Herzblut

    That prank sounds like it was both hilarious and slightly oedipal.

  • Jolie

    still waiting for your new video…

  • Jolie

    still waiting for your new video…

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  • Andreea

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    *wink* You’re welcome!

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  • potterlover

    Im the friend she’s talking about!!!!!! go éliie! its a great project i hope it’ll work!!

  • Patrick

    i agree jajaja i am from Costa Rica (Latin America9 and also wanted you to know that there are fans here, so is my cousin and many friends friends! We are your fans charlie

  • h. cleland

    In response as to why the royal mineral hospital is called so, it is just a normal hospital but has links from the past with the roman baths and the mineral water in that. (I live in Bath)

  • Krafron

    That is a rather weird story, you should make a video telling the story (because I can’t read, I get lost when I’m reading)

  • Help a good cause!

    Merci Alinou!
    En ce moment, mes muets truchement t’expriment une fois de plus mon amour à travers l’ordinateur :) Aaaah vivement Molière.
    Hoping it’ll work !

  • Domodino23

    i think that story was funny, not to mention the prank…. it seems like something one of my family members would do.

  • Danielle Hanifin

    It’s funny that people always say they could never use a picture for their passport because they were smiling. The passport that I have now definitely sports a picture of me smiling. No one cares and I don’t look like a thug. All’s well that ends well, I guess. :)

  • Casey Norlin

    Charlie, I would like to know more about your siblings sometime. They seem nice, and I’m just curious about how you get along with each other and such. Thanks!!

  • Savannah Banks

    Hm I did this, except round our school, and with plastic army men. I still have a few… :)

  • Savannah Banks

    Hm I did this, except round our school, and with plastic army men. I still have a few… :)

  • Danyiel Loves You

    yeahh, i did this once. I (thinking that it was okay) cut out a picture of my brothers head while i was bored at home and taped it on a picture that was laying closest to me and for some reason it was my princible’s picture…? and so i taped my brothers head on to Mr. Brown and my brother came home and discovered the remains of his picture with no head and everyone thought i was planning to kill my brother… Lmao. it didnt go the way i planned..

  • Carrie

    As I read your posts your little voice is reading everything… It’s kinda funny ;D

  • ElleShayna

    You have the cutest quirks!

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    That story is actually a charming look into your past.

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  • Lea !!

    haha, that’s a pretty good story !! definitely something i would have done if i could ;)

  • justi

    I didn’t really noticed that photo but after this story (quite weird story) I’ll probably look for it on your new films. Do you think it’ll disappear some day?

  • Hanna

    Dear Charlie,

    I know it’s not possible to contact you the way we could at the beginning, when anyone could write you something personally, not in a comment box or anything. I understand you are much too popular for that now, but I really have to drop you a few lines, so please forgive me I’m trying to contact you through a comment. This is not gonna be about your blog post (although I love all of them, and this one is no exception), and I really hope you can forgive me. I don’t know if there’s any chance you’ll ever read this or not, but I’m okay with the tiniest chance. I know that’s all I have.

    I’ve been watching your videos almost from the beginnings, so I’m kinda an old fan, which is weird and cool, because I could see all the interesting stages of your career. I even wrote a paper once for one of my uni classes that included you, it was about videoblogging in general, but there was a whole section about different aspects of what you do. Anyway, I really like, enjoy and respect your work, I wouldn’t say I’m a proper fan, cause I’m not squeaking for you or anything, I just love what you do and I’m grateful, because you inspire me greatly. I even tried to create an animation for your song ‘Bread’, cause I love it so, but then I saw it already got an animation, so I gave up.

    Anyways, I’m writing to you now because this week I got a letter from an English friend of mine who met you for a couple of minutes on Oxford Street not long ago. I’m a Hungarian girl and she knew how much I like you, so she was really nice and got a badge from you to send it to me. I don’t know if you remember anything of this or not (probably not, but I cannot know), but she said she mentioned to you that she has a Hungarian friend who watches your videos, and I just want to say that I was really happy about the badge, and even though I could never meet you in person, now it’s a bit like we’ve met, so thank you! It must have been an irrelevant and everyday thing for you, but it meant a lot for me, and I really want you to know that. I was very surprised and very happy about the badge, and I’m really proud to have it.

    That is all I wanted to tell you. Thank you for reading it.
    I wish you only the best things in life, as always.

  • Stephanie Chong

    I love your little stories Charlie!

  • Coolwindowshopper

    You know your story isnt all that bad or wierd at all:)
    my mom is actually a big fan of yours thats how i found this website and i thought i should read something of yours so i did:)
    so yea watever i just wanted to say that your story isnt wierd at all….

  • Cathrine Elena

    marry me?

  • ash ketchum

    this is something I would do! yeah you’re not weird, you’re just a nerd. like me.

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    Charlie! Are you going to turn off your lights during Earth Hour??

  • Katie (:

    Hahaaa…. You’re cool (: pranking ftw (: xx

  • Kitsybitsy

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  • Dora Kavcic

    I loove your videos Charlie :D
    I just wanted to ask a bit akward question…
    Are your parents divorced or something? cause you never mention your father
    sorry if i’m to nosy… i’m just curios
    anyway sorry for my bad english and again I LOVE YOU :D

  • Julia

    You should make this into a video, Charlie. This would be a hysterical video!

  • Buttress Root

    This made me laugh stupid amounts!

  • TheSophMB

    this is a lovely story :)

  • Sarah <3


  • Heather Swarthout

    One of the options for my second grade school pictures was a sheet of stickers. Eventually my sister and I had put our faces all over the house: same end result without the creaticity and scissor skillz on our part.

  • ilona

    I have two or three big photos with different kinda frames, a sheet of sticker photos and a sheet of those passport kinda photos from every single school year, and sometimes actual passport pics or some trying-to-be-cool sepia pics. And a class pic from every year too. It’s just how the school pics are in Finland.. Though you can ofc decide if you want them or not. Sticker sheet is to give away to your friends, it’s a tradition. I’m actually now collecting a old sticker pics from my friends to my calendars back cover, it’s fun to laugh at them when they were like 7 or 10.

  • Shana Briddock

    would it be awkward to ask you to prom?

  • Briallyn Rose

    I think that’s hilarious, not creepy! It was a genius idea :) I kinda want to do that now

  • Rob Ackers

    well that isnt odd at all (note the sarcasm in my typing)

  • markelathestrangeone

    And that is why, you Charlie McDonnell are the single most greatest guy known to man!
    And aliens and stuff… :D

  • Amelia Pond

    That isn’t that creepy. A tad odd, but more creative and LOL worthy than just odd. What is more creepy is that I just love reading quirky, useless stories about people like this. They make me smile.

  • Jamesc Griffin

    Thankyou for answering my request charlie !! :L

  • Luiza Maia

    It must have been really creepy to go to your home and see little Charlie’s faces all over.

  • mishfish3

    hey charlie,
    this is probably off-topic and completely random, but after hearing you talk about Doctor Who so much, I caved and watched the first episode!

    I’ve always felt like life was missing something. Thanks to you, I now know that it’s Doctor Who haha ;)

  • Gez

    Hi Charlie,

    To be honest i really only found out about ur vids yesterday! And today I have spent most of my morning watching them (im not a freak really! well maybe just a bit XD )

    I was out with work people yesterday for a few drinks and a beautiful lovely L.A spoke about her children and told me to check out one of her sons youtube page! she said that her son is really funny and man u really are!

    Take care man and keep posting vids!

    Ciao :)

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  • Alex Henderson

    Peeing :’)

  • Alex Henderson

    peeing :’)

  • Alex Henderson

    I posted peeing twice not it looks like i have a bladder problem :L which i dont just to clarify


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    hi charlie i’m a little bit new to this *internet stalking* business so I’d just like to mention that I would really like to meet you one day (insanely original right?) if I ever get out of Yorkshire… I reckon that your crib is immensely cool and I have the same sort of thing going on, on my wall too :) I tried to add you on facebook but you know, you have too many friend requests and all that :’( email me sometime or just contact me in any way that you deem appropriate because charlieisveryveryverycoollikesoidon’tevendeservetobewritingonhispagethereforehecancontactmehoweverhewantsbutfacetofacemightbedifficultbecauseIlive200milesor3hoursandahalfawayfromhim (that turned out to be a MUCH longer word than anticipated…. *awkward moment* ummm so yeah “drop me a line (not the sexual manoeuvre) if you have time between your many awesome videos :D
    yours sincerely
    Lizzie Cherry (the pink haired bitch from up north)
    xxxx (>^_^)> <3 <(^_^<)

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    that wasnt so unsharable! ive surely done much creeperish things! when u said you didnt want to share it i thought it was gonna be a realllllly awkward story haha

  • Tori Jarosh

    that wasnt so unsharable! ive surely done much creeperish things! when u said you didnt want to share it i thought it was gonna be a realllllly awkward story haha

  • Jessie

    lol. My cousins and I would go around and write things under picures that were hung in my grandmother’s house. The other day I lifted a picture up to find that the wall still read, “poopy doodle”. We were all about 8 at the time…so don’t feel bad.

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    I just wanted you to know that i really love your videos and that they are the onyl things that have kept me sane the past couple of months. lots has been going on and every day i come home and watch your videos and they never fail to make me smile. i really wish you would post on your blog more.
    I thought your little picture story was actually very funny.

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    My name is Lucile and I come from France. I wanted to thank you for your hilarious videos ! It really helped me improving my english :D Who would have thought that your videos could be educative ( I’m not sure this is a good english sentence). By the way, you should try to practise french accent like you did with american one ( it definitely taught me the difference between the american and the british accent) !

    Bye or “Salut” :D

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    greets from holland :)

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    in a positive way <3

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    I think it stems from my childhood hobby of making paper sweaters for the pin up girl posters in my brother’s room. Hm.

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    Hehe! Weird things like that happen to me sometimes, like I’ve got a picture of my brother dressed in an alien costume hidding a banana skin in my mums bed when he was little! STraNge! XD xxx I never say this but, follow meee!! @stephedwards4 xxxx

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    *i’m poor at English ,hope you can understand my mean. :)

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    I must agree; posting this odd, yet lovely, little tale on your blog was definitely the right choice!
    Must be pretty awesome to receive some help from your younger self, the framing I mean, good job little Charlie!
    Oh, and you too, present Charlie!

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  • teleportingfatguy

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    please consider this comment and love you as always!

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    Greit nok, du skulle bare oppdatere hvis du hadde noe å skrive om, men det skjer vel litt mer i England? Det er jo det fineste landet som finnes!

    Try to figure that one out!

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    Poor with updates to your blog, boy! Not good.
    Fair enough, you should only update if you had something to write about, but it’s a bit more in England? It’s the nicest country ever!

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    I suggested it to my cousin Teo, he will probably do the same thing as soon as he can find the perfect photo…

  • Roberta Barone

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  • Roberta Barone

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    must say im hating that you have moved even further away from me now, but loving the story ! :)
    Btw, if your still doing the challenge charlies (which i love !) could you do one were you dress up like a women with make-up, heels, a dress, bra, hands and toes painted pink with shaved legs and you hair in fancy clips ? – i think it would be pretty funny to see you do it !
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    tah-tah for now
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  • Alexander Serebriansky

    Hi Charlie, can you introduse yourself in the Ukrainian language in one of your new video?

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    And all the singing and stuff. Is that just a music video? I thought you all
    looked pretty spiffy :) anyway… Please don’t stop posting videos! I can’t
    see them ever getting old. My friend also thinks you are awesome! Haha
    PS: i am a girl and i do make jokes that I have telepathic powers and can
    Read minds but i just call them lucky guesses. ;)

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    @CharlieIsSoCoolLike:disqus From a psychological perspective, I don’t find this story to be all that weird. In fact, as an early teen doing this, given the dating situation of your mum, it is quite understandable. At some level, you saw Lee as encroaching on your territory which, included the affections of your mother. His face was beginning to appear in many places around the house. You needed to reclaim your territory by replacing Lee’s face with your own.

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    Sini from Finland (no I don’t have a polar bear and I do not live in an iglu)

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    loved your video yesterday, it was good to re-introduce yourself to everyone and those vlogs are what youtube is lacking, at the moment some people are all about getting views rather than just about you and making something for that one person on the other side viewing it

  • LonelyBlackButterfly

    I’d love it if you would update here but I understand that you are probably busy either with youtube related things or other life things. Just wanted to ask nicely not to forget to update sometime okay? Thanks! I enjoy our mostly one-way conversations, just so you knwo :)

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    i love your videos, just thought you should know that

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  • eLizburyDoughgirl

     I stumbled upon your channel a few days ago and have now looked at sufficient videos to be able to read this post in your voice in my head. You know like when you get letters etc. I think that mind boggling! What random voice do you read comments in? Anyway, shout out from a Trinidadian now temporarily residing in London! :)

  • Grace Muir

     hey charlie! just saying that this sounds like something that i would do. also i think your lovely. and yeah. you should come to america (more specifically charleston, south carolina). it would be awesome to see you. i would do the “i found charlie thing” and get a pin badge if you still have any. but yeah. come to the states. love you! also very excited for still got legs!

  • Willie Piyamas

    No estoy segura que sea raro, pero si un poco fuera de lo comun, me agradan tus videos eres muy talentoso, suerte. (:

    Which means: I’m not sure if it’s a weird history, but it’s a little out of the common, I like your videos you are really talented, good luck.

  • Hanna

    God, Charlie, I really have to share this with you… (You ask me why? Ah, I don’t know… maybe the same reason you share your life with us..? What is the simplest explanation? (this is an Occam’s Razor situation, right?) We live in a crazy world. Yeah, let’s go with that.)

    Actually, I just wanna say THANK YOU. I’ve been crying so much today and now I’m laughing. Wanna know why? (well, of course you don’t, but.. let’s pretend you do!) I’m in the most messed up state imaginable, working simultaneously on two essays, a workplan for my university workshop and my thesis, and I’m sad, I’m scared, and I’m freaking out, and as always, I’m using your videos as procrasination. And what happens? You suddenly upload a new video (yay!), and it’s about.. procrastination! And what am I doing? I’m watching you talking about procrastination as procrastination. Between two tea breaks. Because I’m constantly having tea breaks.. of course. And I’m starting to feel that this is bloody weird.
    And as I’m sitting there, absolutely devastated, crying my eyes out.. I realize that I’m laughing. Especially at the “back to work” part. And of course, I know that I have to obey. (Isn’t it nice that you have such a huge power over us? It must be pretty cool.)

    So, anyway, thank you. I laughed until I cried again. It’s nice to know that when everything is hopeless as hell, we’ve still got you. I’m proud to carry your badge on my bag. And please create more videos for us. I know you’re procrastinating, but don’t forget that we’re doing that as well, and how can we do it without you? Please don’t be selfish, Mr McDonnell. I hope someday there is gonna be a video of people watching your videos and then you’ll see how much we all need you. I mean, we really need you. Not because of your looks, or your accent, or any part of you that gets those neverending “hot” comments on youtube, or whatever. We need you because of who you are, no matter how cheesy that sounds. I think it’s cool that your actual job is helping people. Thank you for being our Doctor. There are so many of us watching you from the camera you’re talking into and we are hoping that it keeps on rolling forever.

    And of course, I’m sure you aren’t reading that. Still. Writing to you is as good for procrastination as anything else.

    take care, Charlie.

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    unfortunately my mum finds it odd and slightly irritating……… not kidding, they’re everywhere.

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    ….i would so do that. and it would be AWESOME~

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    Good luck with everything and I’m pretty happy that you’re better now… I think so… I wish so, though… Thank you very much for all, Charlie. Every video you made makes me happy, when I see you. I’m proud of what you are now, you little vanilla cupcake, covered with pink icing, with sparkles and candies, and a red cherry on the top, and stuff x).
    Don’t give up !

    With love,
    Sasha xx

    P.S. I already sent a message to you, and I don’t want to stalk you but… I wish I knew you before you became so famous and busy, so you could read my messages and MAYBE reply… But I understand and I keep believe in your talent and I’m following your public actions, so, yeah… Stay yourself, little pogo, ’cause this is how we discovered and liked you the first time, and from now on ;)

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